Noskcajthe strange moment when the loco team portal isn't localised. https://translations.launchpad.net/loco-team-portal/trunk/+pots/loco-directory/en_AU/+translate?show=untranslated06:22
jeaThere is not much in loco.u.c that needs translating, so I haven't been bothered06:22
NoskcajWhere is the translation script? i've finally worked out how to add scripts to chrome06:27
jeaoh, um, let me find it06:27
jeaone will open them in batches of 40 instead of 1006:31
jeathe other will show suggestions for some translations06:31
jeajust note that not all suggestions are right06:31
jeaeg. Trash should always become Rubbish Bin06:32
jeaand we use email, not e-mail06:32
NoskcajOne of the XFCE translators is making a script that does all the translating. I'll have a look at it tonight and see how well it works06:36
jeaI do not want to accept using that at all06:37
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