yax51I am trying to get my HDMI out to work, I get video but no sound. I'm sure it's address in the forums but those are still down02:00
yax51any ideas?02:00
dubz_anyone know why I am getting a screen with that looks like windows command prompt but instead its says Grub\ when I boot ubuntu?02:14
yax51does it give you some options to boot into?02:15
dubz_nope just a list of commands when i press the tab button02:15
dubz_tried to enter commands and they dont work02:15
yax51does it display a list at all?02:15
dubz_Im thinkin its because i have windows 7 on the same ssd?02:16
yax51grub is a boot loader, basically with the arrow keys you can select which OS to boot into02:16
dubz_yes a bunch of unfamiliar commands as this is the 1st time I ever try'd to use ubuntu02:16
dubz_gave commands like "normal" "clear"02:17
dubz_What command do I use to boot ubuntu?02:17
dubz_as I have to choose the OS before it even begins to boot thru my current bios02:17
yax51something like this?02:18
dubz_nope not that 102:18
dubz_looks like a commands prompt interface for ubuntu im guessing02:18
dubz_but it starts off with grub\ instead of c:\02:19
yax51try ctrl+alt+f7 just or kicks and giggles02:20
dubz_went to boot ubuntu for the 1st time it locked up on boot restarted it and got this screen instead of the ubuntu is starting for the first time screen02:21
dubz_shit dont have my virtualization enabled to boot it in atm have to restart and try it02:21
wilee-nileedubz_, Please don't swear02:22
dubz_sorry thought i was on the internet and not church my bad02:23
wilee-nilee!language | dubz_ Not my rules02:24
ubot93dubz_ Not my rules: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:24
wilee-nilee!attitude | dubz_02:24
ubot93dubz_: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:24
wilee-nileeAct like an adult02:24
dubz_o my bad guys I'll say gee golly gosh or something like that dont want any feelings hurt I apologize02:25
yax51dubz_: try this http://www.mepis.org/docs/en/index.php?title=GRUB_from_command_line02:25
yax51or this: http://www.novell.com/communities/node/12424/loading-linux-kernel-manually-using-grub-sles02:26
dubz_does it matter that I dont have ubuntu in its own partion because  windows 7 pro is on the same disk that hasnr bee partioned?02:27
yax51I would think so....it should have automatically created a partition upon install02:29
dubz_I did use the windows installer to install it02:30
dubz_let me uninstall and reinstall agian as it worked the first boot but froze up on the loading ubuntu for the first time screen02:31
dubz_I believe so this is all new to me have never used anything but windows since 1993 LOL02:31
yax51did you do a forced shutdown when it froze?02:33
dubz_yes sir02:34
dubz_I figured I got another bad Iso torrent02:34
yax51where are yyou downloading it from? and which version?02:34
yax51more then likely the forced  shutdown is the main cause of the issue02:36
dubz_utorrent version 1202:36
yax51what site02:36
dubz_I didnt realize it was free on there website02:36
yax51hehehe yeah, THE best place is ubuntu.com02:37
dubz_Yea like I said I have always used windows and I refuse to pay any company $200 for a OS that will be outdated in 6 months so I get ISO off of torrent sites02:39
dubz_seems to be the trend in the computer biz to build 100 different versions of stuff in 2 years to make more $$02:40
dubz_So I just take them for free than find a free product key and get free support why im at it02:41
dubz_call it  software welfare02:41
dubz_let someone else pay so I can eat, See how long those $$billions they have last02:42
dubz_When you buy a $1000 CPU seems like they would at least give you a copy of windows02:43
dubz_my bad wrong people02:43
dubz_lol confused02:43
SBoarderIs any one here active?03:14
yax51I am03:15
=== dad is now known as regor
regorGreetings...I just reinstalled my ubuntu from version 13 back down to 12. My question is this, I had a disc from when I first installed Ubuntu and it installs version 12.1. Should I have maybe looked for version 12.04?04:26
QIIIThere was no version 12.1.  There was 12.10.  the number after the decimal indicates the month of release, which is either April or October.  Are you sure it's not 12.10?04:27
regorok...yes, it's 12.10!04:28
QIIIOK.  Can you tell me a little bit about your computer, particularly the GPU?04:29
regorwell, it's a small system that I was given. that's why i selected a small operating system to use on it. it's an old dell optiplex-gx520 w/993.5 MB ram, intel pentium cppu 2.80ghz x2, 32 bit, with an 80gb HD....GPU? not sure!04:32
QIIIPretty sure that would be an Intel GPU on that model.  So that's fine.04:33
regori'm just putting this system together so to keep my kids off my own!04:33
QIIIPersonally, I would go with 12.04, since it is an LTS (Long Term Support) and will be supported until April, 2017.04:34
regorMmmm...that's why i asked...I keep reading that everywhere i go!04:34
regorok...so then, I'll have to go through the same procedure all over again but, download a copy of 12.04 instead of using my current disc?04:36
regormaybe burn another copy from my computer?04:36
QIIIOn older equipment, if you get an LTS to work it's best to stay with that.  If you go with the other releases, you have to reinstall/upgrade and you might end up with a broken system.  On the down side, you may not get all the latest software, but then you can always use PPAs.  Yes.  Download it again, or if you have the ISO already, burn it again from that.04:36
regorok....i'll be up the rest of the night anyway so, might as well get started. Thanks for your info!04:38
QIIIIf you have to download it again, you can get 12.04.1 at http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/precise/04:38
regorgot it, thanks! Anything else I should know?04:39
QIIIDon't accept rides from strangers? :-D  Not really.  But if you run into trouble you know where to come look for help!04:40
regorwhen i reinstalled earlier toady, I just mounted my other computer and transferred personal files over to there. So, no backup was really necessary04:41
regori guess that was a backup! :)04:41
regorthanks and i know where you folks are!04:42
QIIIThat was a backup -- the right way (sort of...).  On a different machine is the only real way to do it.04:42
QIIIHopefully we'll be back on ubuntuforums.org soon enough and you can reach us there.04:43
regoryep....another hd!04:43
regorok...still waiting on that! hope things are coming back together there!04:43
regorgoodnight and take care!04:44
QIIIYou too!04:44
pip__when I set my unity launcher to autohide the icons slide out of view but an ugly strip of colour remains.  Any body know why that is or how to fix it?08:33

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