jonoballoons, around still?00:03
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nlsthznquick everyone, marcoceppi is planning to upgrade Discourse without interrupting the site... we are all here to cheer his effort and poke fun if it doesn't go so well... no pressure ;)19:26
pleia2yay marcoceppi :)19:27
nlsthznwas jcastro 's post on Discourse that prompted me to come, who brought the popcorn?19:38
rreedno popcorns. but here to act as a supporting cheerleader, as well :)19:46
jcastrothat an mainteance isn't for another ... 7 hours or so?20:03
nlsthzn:'( international time is a cruel mistress indeed...20:05
nlsthznsound like yoda do you?21:05
mojo706yes and no21:06
* nlsthzn isn't the droid you're looking for...21:06
mojo706chalcedony`, no one yet22:06
chalcedony`mojo706, how long until the time?22:07
mojo706chalcedony`, what time is it?22:08
mojo706meet is at 3 a.m London time22:09
chalcedony`mojo706, 18:09 or 6:09 pm here22:09
chalcedony`about 8 hours from now?22:09
chalcedony`i'll be around22:10
mojo706I'm leaving for a while too22:10
chalcedony`he's going to try burning a 13.04 cd on my windows box22:10
chalcedony`i look forward to seeing you at the meeting22:10
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