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manchickenDo people know about the problem where apt-get and aptitude both - in French - show O/N instead of Y/N, but O doesn't actually behave as Y?04:12
SpamapSmanchicken: that sounds like a bug to report with 'ubuntu-bug apt'05:17
manchickenSpamapS: I just wanted to make sure it wasn't an obvious known.05:17
manchicken(it seemed like it would be)05:17
SpamapSmanchicken: there are many French speaking ubuntu devs so it would probably come to their attention rather quickly.05:19
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jbichacould someone retry these builds? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/alsa-utils/
spstarrso can someone tell me why Ubuntu does *not* have the newest Samba 4 packages?18:57
spstarryou're pushing me into an uncomfortable position with PPAs18:57
Ampelbeinspstarr: I'm sure the Debian samba maintainer team appreciates any help in getting more recent version in Debian and by that in Ubuntu.19:03
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houseofbeanjoin #drupal-contribute19:26
penguin42it's worth watching out for apps that break/change in behaviour now that stuff gets mounted under /media/username rather than /media20:26
ScottKjbicha: doing20:28
spstarrAmpelbein: except sid has 3.6.16 just fine20:52
spstarrno excuses on Ubuntu's part for not just taking it and building it :P20:52
Ampelbeinspstarr: saucy has 3.6.15, is that really too old?20:53
Ampelbeinspstarr: Or, if you want samba4, saucy has 4.0.320:55
spstarr4.0.3 is old too21:07
spstarr3.6.9 in raring caused 100% CPU in winbindd21:07
spstarrim trying 3.6.16 with debian package in raring to see if its bug21:07
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