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jbichadarkxst: ping01:39
jbichaI'm curious how much you know about bug 1187981 and if there's some way you can think of that we can work around it01:42
ubot5bug 1187981 in gnome-control-center "symbol conflicts in libtimezonemap1" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118798101:42
jbichaI think it's the biggest blocker bug to getting g-c-c 3.8 in to Saucy (besides the whole running out of time issue)01:42
darkxstjbicha, the easiest option would be to just rename the symbols in libtimezonemap so they don't conflict with g-c-c01:43
jbichaI had trouble looking up the symbols in g-c-c that matched the same names in libtimezonemap01:44
darkxstthings like cc_timezone_location_new01:45
jbichaalternatively we could patch g-c-c's panel to use different function names right?01:45
darkxstwell all the symbols have a cc_ prefix01:46
darkxstwhich makes sense for g-c-c, but not a standalone library01:46
jbichaI think I was grepping the wrong repository before because I didn't see matching functions01:49
jbichais it possible for you get me a list of the date-time symbols g-c-c uses or show me how to make that list?01:50
jbichaI think GNOME will eventually fix https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=702194 but it's not clear whether it will happen for 3.10 or sometime later01:51
ubot5Gnome bug 702194 in Date and Time "make timezonemap a system library" [Major,Unconfirmed]01:52
darkxstits basically all the public symbols in cc-timezone-map.h01:55
jbichagtk+3.0 finally migrated02:00
darkxstyes I noticed!02:01
jbichait was a big headache but this was all that was needed: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/145852087/notify-osd_0.9.35daily13.06.12-0ubuntu1_0.9.35%2B13.10.20130725-0ubuntu1.diff.gz02:03
darkxstoh i see, totally unrelated to gtk then02:11
jbichayeah, new uploads now trigger autopkgtests for their rdepends, see http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html02:12
jbichalike the gcc-4.8 upload02:13
jbichanotify-osd had actually been broken for a week already https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Saucy/view/AutoPkgTest/job/saucy-adt-notify-osd/02:14
jbichaI'm thinking about bribing people to do gtk uploads for me next time :)02:16
jbichalike for instance I was glad Laney did the evolution 3.8 update and not me so I won't get blamed for any issues with it :)02:16
darkxstseems like a plan!03:10
darkxstjbicha, what do you think of the new wallpaper?03:33
jbichaI'm still on 3.8 so I haven't really used it yet03:42
jbichaI'm not sure whether it will be confusing to ship gnome-backgrounds 3.10 for Saucy when we will be 95% 3.8 but I am a bit tired of Stripes03:45
jbichaI'm ok now with us shipping a different wallpaper as default03:46
jbichamy wife likes the Ubuntu animals such as https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Cacomixtle_Ubunte%C3%B1o_by_Carlos_and_Paula_Morales.jpg03:49
roastedaw, Saucy isn't getting 3.10?03:50
jbicharoasted: GTK 3.10 will be rather disruptive like usual03:50
roasteddang, GTK isn't doing us any favors03:50
roastedthey really need to stop doing that.03:51
roastedI don't recall seeing complaints from the KDE crowd with 4.9 vs 4.10, etc. :(03:51
jbichadarkxst: I know I should try it for myself but how well do the fancy new titlebars work with Unity/Ambiance?03:52
jbichaI expect the answer is badly https://bugzilla.gnome.org/70297103:53
ubot5Gnome bug 702971 in general "GtkHeaderBar - pick up window controls from the system settings" [Normal,Unconfirmed]03:53
roastedyou wouldn't think a version bump within 3.x would be that bad03:53
jbichaseb128 really doesn't like all of these https://git.gnome.org/browse/gtk+/log/?qt=grep&q=deprecate03:55
jbichahttps://git.gnome.org/browse/gtk+/commit/?id=fbbcb is disruptive but I expect Debian & Ubuntu will override that since it's easy to do and disabling it does more harm than good03:57
jbicharoasted: the new HeaderBar looks something like these screenshots: http://worldofgnome.org/gnome-weather-3-9-3/03:59
roastedI was just reading an article about why there is such a severe lack in gtk3 themes04:00
roastedwhich seems largely due to gtk devs breaking compatibility with each release04:00
roastedsounds pretty... awesome :/04:00
jbichaunfortunately the X is in the top right and GNOME doesn't care to make the window buttons customizable and of course they want to convert as many of their apps as possible to it04:00
roastedI hope gnome gets their act together with that.04:00
jbichaI like my X in the top left04:00
roastedYou can only irritate users for so long04:00
jbichathe Ubuntu devs obviously can't use inconsistent stuff like that04:01
roastedhence their Qt move?04:02
jbichayeah but I think they'd prefer using well-tested and fully featured stuff like Nautilus on the desktop04:03
bjsniderwhat advantage does the x on the left get you?04:04
jbichaif you read through https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SystemSettings mpt clearly envisions using gnome-control-center (or a fork of it) on the desktop and not just ubuntu-system-settings04:04
jbichabjsnider: for one I use Unity part of the time04:05
jbichabut it also makes it faster to close windows from the Activities Overview04:06
jbichafor opening or closing (fullscreen) windows I can just throw my pointer to the top left corner04:06
jbichagsettings set org.gnome.shell.overrides button-layout 'close:'04:07
bjsniderwell,  you know what the gnome devs say, engage them in a spirited discussion (heated flame war) over the issue and convince them they're wrong04:09
darkxstjbicha, arent those  wayland only though?04:19
jbichadarkxst: I don't think so but like I said I didn't try it yet, maybe tomorrow I'll try it out04:20
darkxstjbicha, right, they look a little odd w/ Ambiance but otherwise do work https://www.dropbox.com/s/9f6aezag334w7pd/Saucy%20-%203.9%20%40%202013-07-27%2014%3A27%3A04.png04:29
darkxstoverview search box is busted in ambiance, btw04:30
jbichabut seb128 will see that as more than a "little odd", especially for core Ubuntu apps04:36
jbichait solves a problem that was also solved by Unity's appmenu04:37
darkxstwell apps don't automatically get it, I think04:38
jbichaapparently, gnome-control-center got it https://git.gnome.org/browse/gnome-control-center/log/?qt=grep&q=header04:40
jbichait looks like nautilus doesn't yet but I expect they'll add it to a lot of apps04:41
darkxstgnome-control-center still has the old titlebar04:44
darkxsti.e. there are no window controls in the headerbar (yet)04:44
jbichaoh ok04:45
jbichaI like that listbox and libgd are now part of GTK 3.904:45
darkxstyeh, but its going to be a pain building 3.8 apps against 3.9/1004:45
darkxstoh unity appmenu is broken also04:47
jbichabug 1191345 ?04:48
ubot5bug 1191345 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "all menu items are disabled with GTK 3.9.2" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119134504:48
darkxstyeh thats the one04:50
darkxstricotz, hi06:46
darkxstricotz, think its ok to loose the gdm fallback greeter (in saucy)06:50
hombibiHi All, just broke my ubuntu-gnome installation with an standard "dist-upgrade", It removed "gnome-shell" and "ubuntu-gnome-desktop". Trying to get it reinstalled gives me the error "gnome-shell : Depends: libgdm (>= 3.5.90) but it is not installable). Anyone encountered this issue already? I can't find any reference with google.08:58
darkxsthombibi, raring or saucy?09:00
hombibiraring, gnome 3.809:00
darkxstright I probably broke it ... oops!09:02
darkxsthombibi, uploaded a fix, give it 10mins or so to build09:05
hombibiSo quickly! Great. I'll check in 15 and revert with my experience. Thanks very much!09:06
ricotzdarkxst, please testbuild things like gdm -- dont forget to add back consolekit support09:34
hombibidarkxst, my error message trying to reinstall "gnome-shell and ubuntu-gnome-desktop" remains the same: "gnome-shell : Depends: libgdm (>= 3.5.90) but it is not installable)".09:53
hombibidarkxst: "sudo apt-get install libgdm" returns "E: Package 'libgdm' has not installation candidate."09:58
darkxsthombibi, sorry build failed, I will check once I have had dinner10:18
hombibi:-) Enjoy dinner, Thanks.10:23
darkxstricotz, yep pre-dinner brain-fade. Should be fixed now ...10:49
Ponch0Hey guys another "partial-upgrade" that removed my desktop and is now unusable11:19
Ponch0removed 4 packages, upgraded 311:19
Ponch0whats up with that11:20
darkxstPonch0, you shoud always check before doing a partial-upgrade11:26
darkxstif it looks like its removing important packages just wait11:26
darkxstPonch0, that said should be fixed now, just reinstall gdm/gnome-shell11:28
darkxsthombibi, ^try again now11:29
Ponch0got it, i should know.  I'm a slow learner11:29
darkxstPonch0, I would generally suggest avoiding the partial upgrade button ;)11:29
Ponch0I get it when clicking software update.11:30
darkxstPonch0, but there are two buttons right?11:30
Ponch0I have 3 options, cancel, partial-upgrade or continue11:30
darkxstcontinue is 100% safe11:31
Ponch0Got it now thank you.11:31
darkxstand I guess cancel is also pretty safe11:31
darkxstbut partial-upgrade will sometime try to remove important packages11:31
Ponch0hahah right.11:31
darkxstwhen dependencies don't work out11:31
Ponch0Ok I should probably write this down for the future, how do I fix my issue now?11:32
darkxstPonch0, sudo apt-get install gnome-shell gdm11:33
Ponch0thank you.11:33
darkxstPonch0, apt-get update, first of course11:34
ricotzdarkxst, i see ;)11:38
darkxstricotz, its been a long Sat. Should have just gone riding.....11:43
hombibidarkxst: installation now worked, rebooting, long wait at "init: failsafe main process killer by term signal" , then a blue screen with nothing for several minutes already.12:10
darkxsthombibi, logs?12:11
hombibiOne sec, had to ssh in, can't get a terminal at all.12:14
hombibidarkxst: what do you need, all of it? or only the last greeter, slave and default log.12:16
darkxststart with the greeter (assuming there are no errors in the X log12:17
hombibicat :0-greeter.log gnome-session[1860]: WARNING: Failed isActive call to ConsoleKit: Rejected send message, 2 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.24" (uid=114 pid=1860 comm="/usr/bin/gnome-session --autostart /usr/share/gdm/") interface="org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager" member="IsActive" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination=":1.21" (uid=0 pid=1728 comm="/usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon --no-daemon ") g12:20
hombibidarkxst: once more, the former was not complete12:22
hombibidarkxst: cat :0-greeter.log gnome-session[1860]: WARNING: Failed isActive call to ConsoleKit: Rejected send message, 2 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.24" (uid=114 pid=1860 comm="/usr/bin/gnome-session --autostart /usr/share/gdm/") interface="org.freedesktop.ConsoleKit.Manager" member="IsActive" error name="(unset)" requested_reply="0" destination=":1.21" (uid=0 pid=1728 comm="/usr/sbin/console-kit-daemon --no-da12:22
hombibidarkxst: limit on text length, you want me to post in parts?12:24
hombibidarkxst: or just the error messages.12:24
darkxsthombibi, paste.ubuntu.com12:25
darkxst^i.e. put the whole log there12:27
hombibidarkxst: done.12:27
darkxsthombibi, link?12:28
darkxstand that is off a clean reboot?12:32
darkxsthombibi, :0.log?12:35
darkxst(EE) open /dev/dri/card0: No such file or directory12:37
hombibidarkxst, the computer won't power down on sudo shutdown -r now, need to hold the powerbutton to power it of.12:37
darkxstthat sounds like a kernel issue12:37
hombibidarkxst: thus not a clean boot.12:38
darkxstso force a clean boot, this doesnt seem related to gdm/shell updates12:39
hombibidarkxst: agreed, how do I force a clean boot: sync;  sudo shutdown -P now ?12:43
darkxstsync; hard reset should be fine12:44
darkxsta.k.a reset button12:44
hombibidarkxst: gui is back.12:46
darkxsthombibi, good! because I am going now ;)12:47
hombibiThank you very much for your help.12:47
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