[Ch4m3l30n]How can I tell which version/release of BlueZ is in the kernel I'm running?06:23
[Ch4m3l30n]I'm trying to pair my OUYA controller to my desktop PC so my wife and I can play Trine 2 together and it seems like the controller requires the "Auto-pairing (PIN lookup) support" introduced in BlueZ 5.5 released on May 14th 2013. Two subsequent releases within the last 7 days have further improved that controller support and fixed bugs.06:25
mjg59[Ch4m3l30n]: bluez is in userspace, not in the kernel06:27
[Ch4m3l30n]kernel modules = userspace?06:28
mjg59I'm not seeing any kernel modules in the bluez tarball06:30
[Ch4m3l30n]I wouldn't expect that you should... wouldn't they come from kernel.org?06:32
[Ch4m3l30n]http://www.bluez.org/about/ says "Currently BlueZ consists of many separate modules:06:32
[Ch4m3l30n]Bluetooth kernel subsystem core06:32
[Ch4m3l30n]L2CAP and SCO audio kernel layers"...06:32
ohsixbluez us entirely userspace, the radios have a socket interface06:33
[Ch4m3l30n]Let me ask my question a different way... the website http://www.bluez.org/ lists the latest releases as 5.x and the Ubuntu 13.04 package manager lists the latest available package for bluez as 4.101-0ubuntu8b1. Is that an indication that the bluez distributed in Ubuntu is incredibly old or what?06:35
mjg59It is06:35
[Ch4m3l30n]OK, I see that 4.101 was released about 1 year ago and the new 5.x versions are only 7 months old...06:37
[Ch4m3l30n]I will compile from the latest release source code. Thank you for your time and helping me understand the architecture to rectify my confusion. Cheers!06:39
ohsixtheres a reason they're still using 406:40
ohsixyou will break your system, not in a way that can't be fixed,  but in a way not many people are willing to walk you through06:42
[Ch4m3l30n]It's so frustratingly paradoxical that Linux is so far ahead of the competition in many ways, yet also so far behind.06:43
ohsixbig number changes imply a lot of change, takes time; most of the bluetooth work is use driven, and people are trying to get audio and stuff for phones/in vehicle entertainment work a bit better in the transition06:45
[Ch4m3l30n]Yes; I agree.06:48
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