kgunnhaving intel fixed is less broken than right now00:21
kgunnsome effort on bisecting ati would be good tho00:22
bschaeferyeah, im not sure what branch it would be pointed out... i've also not tested nouveau, but im guessing its the same...00:24
bschaeferbregma, kgunn hmm so strange, I used the intel-fixup branch, with the testing ppa and it fixed my normal X problm00:46
bschaeferbut xmir failed with the no screen found error :(00:47
bschaeferand I wasn't even on the daily build ppa00:47
bschaeferdaily next ppa00:47
bregmanot sure I understand...  you mean the intel driver now works fine without xmir but xmir does not work?00:49
bschaeferbregma, yeaah00:53
bschaeferbregma, though I could need to move to the daily next ppa00:53
* bregma feels his head spinning with too many PPAs00:54
bschaeferbregma, also https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/xf86-video-intel-fixup00:54
bschaeferdoesn't mention xmir either00:54
bschaefersoo its not getting warpped...00:54
bschaeferwhich would explain why it didn't work00:54
bschaeferit would also explain why RAOF wasn't using it00:55
bregmafacts...  we need facts00:56
bschaeferbregma, kgunn i've got a fun idea. So since when I dget I see xmir all over the place how about I try to install that version on my ati00:57
bschaeferand if it fixes it, then its a packaging error00:57
* bschaefer goes to test that00:57
bschaefer:(, seems to still fail01:15
* bschaefer also wonders why fdev fails as well01:34
tvoss_RAOF, ping06:33
=== jono is now known as Guest13502
smintheuhi all - I heard mir/xmir are landing in the daily builds this coming week15:19
smintheuanybody have an idea when, exactly, and if there are going to be builds with mir and others without?15:19

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