jtayloris there a command to print everything related to locale?12:01
jtaylore.g. something smarter than: env | grep -E "LC|LANG"12:01
Ampelbeinjtaylor: Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but doesn't the "locale" command print that information?12:05
jtaylorto obvious for me :)12:05
jtaylorhm the parallel package in unstable dropped the --tollef option and added a conflcit with moreutils12:09
jtaylorI don't like that12:09
jtaylorhow aobut in ubuntu we split moreutils in moreutils with conflict and a moreutils-no-parallel which doesn't?12:09
jtaylorthat allows one to use the useful stuff form moreutils and the awesome parallel program12:09
[0gb_us]There seems to be an error in the Ubuntu Software Center. Some results (for example, zsnes), show up in search results but are unable to be installed, as the Software Center says they're not in the current software sources.18:12
NoskcajWhat do i do if an existing debian package doesn't have a watch file?22:42
jtayloryou can write one and send it to the maintainer22:44
jtaylorthough for ubuntu watch files are not important, I don't think we have anything that checks them22:44
NoskcajThere's one written, but the maintainer seems to be MIA. I've adopted the package22:44
Ampelbeinhttp://qa.ubuntuwire.com/uehs/ should query watch files in ubuntu22:44
jtaylorthen you can just add it22:44

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