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htpc_what is the mysql root password?13:01
htpc_nevermind fat-fingered it13:29
htpc_Happy Saturday, Everyone.15:10
htpc_Is there a metadata source out there for videos that are not movies? (e.g. fitness, instructional, etc)15:10
htpc_I have some videos that are not movies (tmdb will delete this types of videos), yet have an isbn and are professionally produced.15:11
htpc_This seems like a big hole it the metadata market.15:12
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htpc_where is the weather?18:20
qwebirc48238Can someone help?  I just installed mythbuntu 12.04 add the system can't get any channels on the tuners.  I have a HDHomerun (3 tuner) and the system saw it, and even loaded the correct IP.  The setup for the tuner (Applications > Multimedia > HD Homrun setup GUI scanned ok, and came back with qam256.  But I can't get ant channels.20:18
AnthonyUKI am total nooby at this but I had same problem as you, for me it turned out to be the 2m aerial extension was faulty, hence the sigala strength was too low to find channels20:59
htpc_Under applications menu there is an HD Homerun Config GUI21:01
htpc_Other than that I don't know... I just use it for a media library.21:01
AnthonyUKOops I forgot IRC Lingo there, and put qwebirc48238: at the begining of the message21:02
qwebirc48238that config guitrength was 95% quality and the bottm one symbol were both 100%21:03
qwebirc48238Sorry, but I am not sure of the lingo, don't have an IRC setup, just using the web....21:05
qwebirc23486I'm new to IRC. why would there be so many in here and nobody talking?21:25
qwebirc23486That's a great question qwebirc23486. I'm not sure either.21:26
qwebirc23486Mr. qwebirc23486, Can I call you 86 for short?21:26
qwebirc23486That sounds great. 86. Has a nice ring to it.21:26

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