IdleOneanybody awake?01:39
ubottuaeon-ltd called the ops in #ubuntu (IthinkImightbega)07:22
ubottuIthinkImightbega called the ops in #ubuntu ()07:22
ikoniawilee-nilee: is basically the random wheel of support spewer18:55
avallarkwhy am i here?19:12
ikoniabecause I've forwarded you from the core ubuntu channel to the operator team channe19:13
avallarkwhy was the question, i know what happened19:13
ikoniafew reasons19:13
ikoniabut basically to talk to you without disrupting the hcannel19:13
ikoniachannel even19:13
avallarkcool, are you going to fix my issue?19:14
ikoniano, not at all19:14
ikoniathe first thing I wanted to talk to you about was your language19:15
ikoniaif you could please keep the swearing out of the channel, it would be very much appreciated19:15
ikoniais that ok?19:15
avallarkyou know this is the first time i have been swearing.. its cos you've been ticking me off.. you took offense at a joke I started off with..19:16
ikoniayou didn't make a joke19:16
ikoniaplease show me the joke ?19:16
avallarkyou are tiring.19:17
ikoniado you wish to resolve your ban in #ubuntu ?19:17
ikoniaas I'm confused at why you swore because I ticked you off, when your first line in the channel was to call your laptop a "bitch" before anyone had spoken to you19:18
avallarkis that that big a deal for you? I have so little energy left in me for banter19:18
ikoniaok, then lets leave it then and not bother19:18
avallarkwhats wrong with me calling my laptop a bitch .. actually i called it an over-sensitive bitch .. referring to the over sensitive touch pad i had19:19
ikoniait's rude, it's not polite, people read the channel from all ages and backgrounds19:19
ikoniaI let it slide and asked you to tone it down19:19
ikoniayou then said "what the fuck is this !!!!"19:19
ikoniaso again, you come back with unacceptable language19:19
ikoniaafter I'd already asked you to tone it down please.19:20
avallarkok, girl, listen to me.. if you ban me, i ll just rotate ips and come back with a different id.. but i dont troll channels and for sure i dont follow people and annoy the hell out of them even though you are not an ops in #debian19:21
ikoniaok, then lets leave it here and you are banned19:21
ikonianot really interesting in negotiating threats19:21
ikoniaplease leave the channel19:22
ikoniayes, you've just threatened to try to evade the ban19:22
avallarkwhat is wrong with you? got out of the wrong side of the bed?19:22
ikoniai'll make sure freenode staff are aware that you will use your account to break freenodes policy on bans19:22
ikonialets leave it there,19:22
avallarkno i wont, i dont care much, am just an ordinary user trying to get his machine working.. and you just wasted so much of my time cos you do not understand a joke.. its people like you who freightens people away from linux..19:23
ikoniaok, sure19:23
ikoniaplease leave the channel19:23
Myrttiit would actually be beneficial if you'd try to assume good faith and good intentions, avallark. We expect people to behave in a certain way, respectful, mature, clean and concise way. Foul language and name-calling of any kind isn't generally tolerated on any Ubuntu IRC channel.19:25
avallarksee, you do not know me, i do not use foul language.. what she is complaining about was a joke..19:26
avallarkask khmar19:26
ikonia20:26 < avallark> but now that i am working (mba shit) i needed to get my19:26
ikoniaconsidering you don't use foul language, you sure use it a lot19:27
avallarkand who was offended by that?19:28
Myrttiavallark: the thing is, #ubuntu is a support channel, and since people come from different cultures, ages etc, such 'jokes' are often misinterpreted19:28
Myrttiand so we kindly ask people to refer making them19:28
avallarkMyrtti: understood. That was a nice and polite way to make people understand. thank you.19:29
avallarkon #ubuntu , i'd be careful. thanks19:31
IdleOneavallark: At this time the ban is going to stay in place. Please part this channel.19:37
avallarkcool mate :)19:37
avallarkhow come you cant kick me out of this channel?19:37
IdleOneBecause I can ask you nicely. There is no reason to add to the problem by...nevermind19:38
IdleOneBecause I can ask you nicely. There is no reason to add to the problem by forcing you to leave19:38
avallarki just wanted to see what happens if i join #ubuntu19:38
avallarki see i end up here..19:38
LjLchu: ^ ;(19:39
ikoniaha ha ha19:39
chuOh man :(19:39
IdleOneI didn't want to say anything but LOL19:39
chuLeast he's not an #emacs'er19:39
IdleOnewant I should let him know about the channel?19:40
chuDamnit, he joined.19:40
bazhangemacs has a channel? whatever for?19:40
chuOh well.19:40
IdleOneI swear it wasn't me19:40
bazhangVIM I can understand...19:41
IdleOnetroll detected ^19:41
avallarkhello guys.. I just came in to have a word with ikonia19:43
ikoniaavallark: then you can send me a message19:43
ikoniathis channel isn't a chat channel19:43
avallarkdo you know how to chat a private chat?19:44
avallarkif so please do19:44
ikoniaI'm not going to start a random private chat with you19:44
IdleOneavallark: either /msg nick or /query nick19:44
ikoniaooh I see19:45
ikoniayou're asking how to do it19:45
ikoniaavallark: please /part the channel now20:06
bazhangbit rot!21:44
bazhangfresh install!21:44
ikoniawould someone consider speaking to nannes22:12
ikoniahis advice is a disaster and it's actually just random bad advice22:13
ikoniaI've pulled him up on it already so would rather someone else did this time22:13
ikoniahey nannes22:15
nannesikonia: what's wrong now?22:16
nannesI cannot express my opiunity?ut nions abo22:16
ikoniaI'd just really like you to consider the advice you're giving22:16
nannes*my opinions about unity22:16
ikoniait's not really very well thought through and has more serious implications to peoples systems22:16
ikoniaif you could really think about what you are saying / advising before advising it and really try to help the user with their problem to a working solution, I'd very very much appreciate it22:17
ikonianannes: do you know what I'm refering to ?22:18
nannesthat's what I'm doing22:18
nannesI know what you're refering to22:18
ikoniayou're really not22:18
ikonia23:06 < ubuntucrashes> hello all22:18
ikonia23:07 < ubuntucrashes> my ubuntu 12.04 lts freezes very freuently22:18
ikonia23:07 < nannes> ubuntucrashes: throw unity to the trash. Switch to another DE22:18
ikoniaplease tell me how you worked out unity was the problem in under 20 seconds and advise him to drop unity to resolve his problem22:19
nannesyeah, that's right, maybe it was too quick. But just because I've been solving so many problems with users and spending so much time finding, at the end, that the problem was unity22:20
ikoniasorry that's just nonsense22:20
ikoniahe's given no information, and you've just told him it's unity - dum pit22:20
nannesBut after that, I asked him something to understand better his problem22:20
ikoniayou've not done any investigation22:20
ikoniait's not good22:20
nannesit's not all black or white ikonia22:20
nannesread how I continued the support22:21
ikoniait is black and white22:21
ikoniayou told him to remove unity with no reason or troubleshooting22:21
ikoniain the same way you give this advice to someone22:21
ikonia18:58 < nannes> Gnjurac: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38622:21
ikoniathat's going to cause a conflict22:21
ikoniayou then give the correct URL22:21
ikoniabut at that point the damage is done22:21
ikoniahe's already done the bad advice22:22
ikoniathat's why I'm asking you to stop - think, get the information and then make a reasonable comment to help the user22:22
ikoniarather than this scatter gun random approach and then try to tidy up22:22
ikoniait can't really continue like this, you're doing more harm than good.22:22
ikoniaif you don't know the answer, it's ok to not comment.22:23
nannesanyway, please read the rest:22:23
nannes(23:09:12) nannes: ubuntucrashes: so it happens only when browsing?22:23
nannes(23:09:35) ubuntucrashes: often yes22:23
nannes(23:10:03) nannes: what are the others situations it freezes, except while browsing the web?22:23
ikoniaI'm not interested in the rest22:23
ikoniayou've already done the damage22:23
nannesikonia: ok I'm sorry I admit I exaggerated22:23
ikoniait's not a problem22:23
nannesbut believe me, there's a reason behind22:24
ikoniaI'm sorry there is no reason22:24
nannesanyway, I'll try to care more22:24
ikoniayou've just made up a problem - there is no reason for that22:24
ikoniayou just gave out terrible/dangerous instructions - there is no reason for that22:24
ikoniabut that would be great if you could apply more thought22:24
ikoniait would be most welcome and appreciated22:24
nannesI've already answered22:24
ikoniayes, and I'm confirming and thanking you22:24
nannesI can go now, see you. Hopefully not in this chan, cause it would mean something got wrong22:25
ikonianot always22:25
ikoniaif you need something clarifying, just ask in here22:25
ikonia@mark #ubuntu-ops nannes giving terrible / dangerous advice in #ubuntu, asked to stop and confirmed he would22:25
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:25

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