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joshuhi I'm trying to use ubuntu check install with the following string I have the following command string: "sudo checkinstall -fstrans=no -install=no -pkgversion="1.1.0-beta1" -pkgname=freerdp -y -requires=libavcodec53"11:00
joshuwhen I copy this package to another machine and install it with sudo dpkg -i *.deb I get an error that the dependency libavcodec53 is not met. I thought that the package would install this automatically?11:01
Senoresp changee unexpectly11:38
Senoresp changed unexpectly11:38
Senorafter this instruction : mov    %eax,(%esp)11:39
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zahjaI've got an iscsi target that's acting up on me.  It's been fine since I set it up, about a year ago.  Two days ago, I lost 3 disks in a 4 disk raid 10 and had to rebuild the array.  These bad disks are not part of the iscsi, but it's the only change that has occured.  I can login to the node, and login reports successful, however, no new devices show up in /dev on the initiator side.  dmesg...15:14
zahja...and syslog output from both the target and initiator can be found here.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5918611/  Any ideas what would cause the disk to not show up on the initiator side?15:14
zahjaSorry, I should also probably include the command used to login and the output from the command.  Can be found here  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5918628/15:19
zahjaI just got it working!  I've done this probably a half dozen times already, but restarting the target service and logging back in, now the new disk is showing up on the initiator!  I have no idea why it worked this time and not any of the others, but I won't argue with it.15:32
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brendan-hello.. im looking at setting up a dkim key for a postfix/dovecot mail server running 12.04.2 LTS… i see there is an opendkim package as well as an dkim-filer package that some tutorials reference.. which is the preferred package?18:15
brendan-sorry, dkim-filter*18:15
chris|brendan-, there is no dkim-filter package in 12.04, so that should make it pretty clear18:52
brendan-lol ty chris|18:55
brendan-didnt actually attempt to download was going off of the tuts18:56
brendan-thanks again18:56
nate15329ok i have tried quite a bit of testing for acpi issues i've been having with server x64 13.04 on hp dl385 g1 just recently...worked before fine; "noapci", "acpi=noirq", "pnpacpi=off" = boots, but no external pci-x sata drives; "pci=use_crs", "pci=nocrs","nolapic"  ends up with acpi error; soon ill be testing 10.04 since its older hardware20:10
Monotokois there any way to start the apache server without its error log folders being there? (so it can either create them or ignore errors...)20:23
MonotokoI need to get this server up ASAP, will deal with error logging later...20:23
nate15329ErrorLog /dev/null20:24
Monotokonate15329, how would I apply that to every file?20:26
Monotokothere's hundreds of sites... each with their own folder that's currently non-existant20:26
nate15329place that into the main apache config file20:26
Monotokonate15329, apache2.conf?20:27
nate15329monotoko yes apache2.conf20:28
Monotokoit's failed to start still20:28
Monotokonate15329, it's still requesting all these folders...20:30
nate15329monotoko, does each of the virtualhosts have an errorlog setting customized? try commenting out this line while still having errorlog /dev/null in apache2.conf20:35
nate15329i gotta go srry20:36
joshuwhat's the best practice for saving passwords on an ubuntu server for use my scripts?21:23
Patrickdkwhy would a script need a password?21:28
mojtabaHi, I was in thunderbird and suddenly the display become black and showed a message, Kernel Panic - not syncing: Attempt to kill init! and after I restarted my computer it gave me I/O error, but it asked me to press f to fix the problem. I almost many times restarted my computer, but the problem still remains. Does anybody know what should I do? I cannot do almost anything, e.g. I printed screen, but it did not allow me to save the file. Also I can n22:26
patdk-lapI would suggest trying #ubuntu22:27
patdk-lapthunderbird doesn't run on ubuntu-server22:27
patdk-lapbut sounds like your disk is bad22:28
ikoniaalready cross-post spamming it in #ubuntu22:28
RoyKor your memory22:29
patdk-lapwhat? my memory is bad?22:30
patdk-lappretty sure the doctor checked it22:30
patdk-lapget hit in the head often though22:30
RoyKpatdk-lap: thinking more about the computer memory of mojtaba's22:39
shaunois there a current guide for an all-in-one openstack install on raring?  devstack is asking for 12.04, and the serverguide appears to be out of date22:53

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