solstagare mobile data connections working in recent releases? it doesn't seem so to me.00:44
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AskUbuntuUbuntu edge/touch Laptop shell | http://askubuntu.com/q/32510601:35
NoizeWhen will Ubuntu-touch or Ubuntu for Android run on the New Nexus 7?(eta)02:04
crs353rules dont ask for eta02:07
Noizelol ok fine :P02:08
Noizehas Ubuntu for Android been released for community development ?02:08
crs353im not sure.02:11
crs353but back to your first question lol I will be one waiting eagerly also.02:13
Noizelol :P I really want to falsh to ubuntu for android or ubuntu touch, considering a lot of the dev has been on the n7, if i'm not mistaken02:16
solstagweird, mobile data doesn't work for me... it used to when rsalveti's manual recipe worked.02:24
crocketWhat languages will ubuntu phone apps be developed in?02:42
crocketWhich ones can I choose?02:42
Namidairo(all of thems)02:50
crocketall of thems?02:51
crocketCan I even use haskell?02:51
Namidairoherp I thought you were talking about multilingual support02:52
crocketNamidairo, programming languages02:52
crocketCan I develop an ubuntu app in japanese?02:53
crocketOh sure02:53
wilee-nileeshoot I was hoping for klingon02:53
solstagNamidairo: I guess you'll be able to use any language that has the Qt stuff02:54
dcopeis it possible to change the system clock?03:15
dcopeinstead of only having london?03:15
s1lenceQuestion about app navigation patterns: Would it be appropriate to use the header space for breadcrumbs instead of tabs to make deep navigation structures easier to navigate without constantly pulling up the toolbar?03:18
s1lenceThe lack of a way to do breadcrumbs seems to be hurting the file manager03:19
dcopeno way to change the system clock seems like one of the first things that would be done for ubuntu touch03:22
s1lencedcope,  The settings app is still in progress. The functionality is slated: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeAndDate#Phone03:24
dcopes1lence: thank you03:24
s1lenceno problem03:24
dcopes1lence: how open are the maintainers to patches?03:24
dcopei wouldnt mind helping out contributing in any way i can03:25
dcopethe contribute page just mentions source & bugs03:25
dcopeoh nvm i see it now03:26
dcopederp :)03:26
s1lencedcope, try contacting Sebastien Bacher, he's  in charge of the settings app03:26
dcopei've bookmarked his g+ profile, thank you :)03:27
s1lenceno problem03:28
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s1lencei guess london's asleep right now haha03:33
dcopeyep, it's about 0433 there :D03:33
s1lencewrong time to direct questions at canonical design :303:34
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xiangzhai83Hi developers :)04:33
xiangzhai83I am a newbie of libmtdev04:33
xiangzhai83when I process the absolute motion event, there are duplicate ABS_MT_POSITION_X/Y04:35
savagejenCould ubuntu-touch run ontop of replicant instead of android?04:57
wilee-nileesavagejen, Isn't replicant android?05:01
wilee-nileesavagejen, you better get on that then were waiting. ;)05:04
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crocketIs anyone excited about ubuntu edge?05:54
ogra_stgraber, system-image.ubuntu.com seems to be down09:02
purezenHey guys..! I am using an N7 16GB and want to install Ubuntu-touch on it..10:08
purezenI have unlocked the bootloader.. and have enabled and checked USB debug. on it..10:09
purezenHowever, when I finally boot into recoery mode to flash the images.. adb says 'error: device not found'..10:09
purezenPlease help..!10:10
crocketDoes anyone want to get ubunutu edge phone?10:11
w-flopurezen, I've never used it myself, but.. are you using the phablet-flash tool?10:15
purezenwflo: Hey..! Well.. I am just following the instructions for manual installation from here..10:16
purezenSo, yes.. I have installed the phablet-flash tool.. but am not using it now...10:17
w-flocan you use adb in android?10:17
purezenwell yes.. I could use it while it was running android..10:17
w-flohmm.. purezen, maybe try "adb kill-server" and then try to "adb devices" again10:19
purezenwell.. did it many times..10:19
purezenAlso, fastboot does list my device..10:19
w-flostrange, I've never seen that. when you reboot into android, does it work again?10:20
purezenw-flo: Yes..10:21
* w-flo shrugs.. there are a lot of canonical guys around here on work days, so maybe ask again on monday10:22
purezenw-flo: oh well.. though is there a way to do it using fastboot.. since it is detecting the device right now..10:24
w-flopurezen, I've only used fastboot once (to flash my custom recovery), I don't really know. I'm afraid it won't work, since the phablet-saucy-preinstalled.zip file has shell scripts in it that must be executed, and I guess fastboot can only copy images and doesn't support scripting?10:25
purezenw-flo: Oh well.. maybe.. am just a newbie..:-)10:26
w-floand the system images have edify scripts as well, so.. not sure if fastboot supports that10:26
purezenhmm.. well..10:26
w-floyou could push the zip files using adb from android10:27
w-floto some place in.. i dont know, /sdcard or whatever it is for the nexus710:27
crocketFund http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge and get an ubuntu phone10:27
w-floand then go to recovery and select the files from /sdcard, if your recovery supports that :)10:28
w-flopurezen, ^10:28
purezenok.. I shall try that..10:28
purezenAlso, I have everything stock right now.. so should all this work (i.e. getting Ubuntu touch on my N7) in case I install a Custom recovery..?10:29
w-flofor me it works using a custom recovery (4ext), but this is not a nexus 7 and I'm not using the officially recommended phablet-flash tool10:30
w-floI believe that phablet-flash will flash a custom ubuntu recovery10:30
w-flomaybe that's why it doesn't work for you? hum10:31
gemapurezen: N7 is not visible to adb?10:31
gemapurezen: what happens when you run adb devices10:31
purezenw-flo: Maybe..10:31
purezengema: I can find my device via adb when running android..10:32
purezengema: though not in recovery or bootloader mode..10:32
gemapurezen: why aren't you using phablet-flash?10:32
purezengema: Oh that.. cause I have a miserable net connection (slow and discon. now and then)..10:33
purezengema: So, I downloaded the images using a download manager..10:33
gemapurezen: it's been a long while since I have tried to adb manually without phablet-flash, but my mako is not visible either when in recovery10:35
gemapurezen: sorry, it is visible in recovery10:36
purezengema: Ok..10:37
gemabut not on the start screen10:37
gemawhen I press power and volume down10:37
gemapurezen: the best people to help you with that will be here either later in the day or monday after midday10:37
gemapurezen: or you could try the mailing10:38
purezengema: well.. sure..:-)10:38
gemapurezen: unfortunately10:39
gemaI have to go now10:39
purezengema: Sure.. goodbye..:-)10:39
w-flopurezen, if you're adventurous, try a custom recovery and see if it supports adb. or just transfer the files from android, then flash from recovery (if the stock recovery supports selecting arbitrary files from the file system)10:40
purezenw-flo: Hmm.. thanks..! On it..10:40
* w-flo crosses fingers10:41
purezenw-flo: looks like the stock  recovery doesn't support the file seletion stuf..10:50
crocketI just funded ubuntu edge $805.10:50
w-flopurezen, :(10:50
purezenw-flo: Shall try it with a custom recovery..10:50
purezenw-flo: No probs..:-)10:51
w-flopurezen, good luck ! :)10:51
purezenw-flo: :-)10:51
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w-floFetched 23.2 MB in 12255d 22h 21min 57s (0 B/s)                <--- haha, thanks for correcting my time, ntp :-)11:29
purezen_w-flo: hey.. tried it with CWM.. boots regular android..!11:29
w-flopurezen_, so does adb work in CWM?11:29
purezen_w-flo, yep.. adb does work..11:30
w-floso.. happy flashing? :)11:30
purezen_w-flo: No, it just boots regular android again.. though it did some install stuff with the ubuntu image..11:31
purezen_w-flo: and it has installed stock recovery yet again..11:32
w-flotake a backup, then wipe/format the /system and /data partitions, then flash both, the ~340mb "preinstalled-armhf" zip file, and the zip file specific to the nexus 711:32
w-flohuh, stock recovery? that's strange. where did it come from? :o11:32
w-floor just wait until monday and ask how to use phablet-flash with local files11:34
ogra_purezen_, wget http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/saucy-preinstalled-recovery-armel+grouper.img ... boot into bootloader mode (holding both vol keys on power up) ... sudo fastboot flash /path/to/downloaded/saucy-preinstalled-recovery-armel+grouper.img ...  then reboot into recovery mode11:35
ogra_from there the manual instructions should just work11:36
AskUbuntuPls explain the media architecture of ubuntu touch | http://askubuntu.com/q/32525811:37
AskUbuntuUbuntu For Smartphones | http://askubuntu.com/q/32526012:03
purezen_w-flo, ogra_ shall follow..12:13
w-flopurezen_, ogra has ubuntu touch expert knowledge, so I'm sure it will work that way :)12:14
purezen_w-flo: Oh.. that's great..!12:15
gemayah, if ogra_ cannot make it work,  then we start getting concerned :)12:20
iBelieveIs the System Settings app going to get a Suru theme or a dark background? Currently, it isn't themed, and the designs released on design.canonical.com have a light background, but I'm assuming those are just wireframes.12:21
w-floI'm actually reading through old ubuntu-touch logs right now (from may) to find out how ogra fixed "cant find eglconfig" on his flipped image :D12:21
purezen_Well.. I was able to install the recovery fine this time..12:31
purezen_and I flashed the 'armhf.zip' as well..12:31
purezen_though it restarted with android again..12:31
purezen_Do I need to disable resetting the recovery to stock which the Ubuntu recovery asks for after installing the arhf.zip file..?12:32
ogra_you need to flash the armel+grouper.zip first (like the manual instructions say)12:33
ogra_after that is done, reboot into recovery again and *then* flash the armhf.zip12:33
purezen_ogra_, I am able to flash the armhf.zip in the Ubuntu recovery.. but it somehow reboots with android...12:44
purezen_Something I need to do with wiping data..?12:45
ogra_you need to flash the armel+grouper.zip first (like the manual instructions say)12:45
ogra_after that is done, reboot into recovery again and *then* flash the armhf.zip12:45
gemapurezen_: it seems you are doing it in the wrong order12:45
* ogra_ points to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install#Manual_Installation again12:45
ogra_it is two files ...  not just the armhf one12:46
w-floso.. yet another question, is getprop supposed to work in the android container?12:46
ogra_not wif you are chrooted via the android-chroot script ...12:47
ogra_it is supported from the ubuntu rootfs12:47
w-flookay, so that's not my problem :) somehow the sensor service doesn't start12:47
w-floyeah, it works in the ubuntu rootfs12:47
ogra_check if /factrory is mounted12:47
ogra_(though thats unlikely since that operates based on labels too)12:48
w-floogra_, no, it's not. I'm not sure if my device even has that partition (or is that some ubuntu magic?)12:48
purezen_ok.. so do I need to install the grouper.img as well..? or shall I just boot into recovery again..12:48
w-floi.e. I have no /vendor partition, its a /vendor -> /system/vendor symlink12:48
w-floI've changed the lxc-android-boot init script accordingly12:49
ogra_purezen_, read thew manual install instructuions12:54
ogra_no more img files needed12:54
ogra_juet the two zips12:54
ogra_w-flo, vendor is fine12:55
w-flomy init.rc has "service sensorservice /system/bin/sensorservice".. should "ps" show sensorservice as running in the android container? somehow it's not :o12:56
ogra_w-flo, use android-chroot to chroot into the container and see what happens if you start the sensorservice manually12:56
ogra_ps should show it12:56
w-flookay.. so when manually starting it within androd-chroot, it's still not in ps of the container, only in "ps aux" of the ubuntu rootfs12:57
ogra_yeah, butt thats fine12:57
w-flothe good thing is, logcat stops complaining about "waiting for sensorservice"12:57
w-floso that seems fine. now i'm wondering why it isn't started by android init12:57
ogra_does the UI session start ?12:57
ogra_because something accesses a sensor before the service is up12:58
ogra_so it cant attach12:58
w-floCant find EGLConfig, returning null config12:58
w-floW/libEGL  ( 3587): eglInitialize(0x1) failed (EGL_SUCCESS)12:58
ogra_thats fine12:58
w-floW/Adreno200-EGL( 3587): <qeglDrvAPI_eglChooseConfig:594>: EGL_NOT_INITIALIZED12:58
ogra_that not :)12:58
ogra_the EGLConfig warning isnt fatal ... the rest is12:59
w-flomight be a permission problem12:59
w-floE/Adreno200-GSL( 3587): <ioctl_kgsl_driver_entry:268>: open(/dev/kgsl-3d0) failed: errno 13. Permission denied12:59
ogra_you will need a udev rule12:59
w-flois that for the vision-70.rules file?12:59
ogra_have a look at the initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch package13:00
w-floI think I've seen those13:00
ogra_it ships the ones for the nexus devices13:00
w-flojust need to figure out how to use them :)13:00
ogra_you dont want to use them13:00
ogra_you want to create one fo your device, derived from ueventd.rc from the container13:00
w-flookay, will do, thanks so far :)13:01
ogra_should be relatively straightforward to see what you need from there if you look at one of the nexus ones13:02
w-floyeah, seems like a scriptable task13:04
ogra_yeah, i once started a script but then something else came in my way13:05
batmitedoes the ubuntu touch project accept donations of any amount?13:05
ogra_it is a relatively simple sed task ... but you need to ignore the sysfs mangline stuff13:05
ogra_batmite, the best you coudl do if you want to donate to something bringing the project forward would be http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ubuntu-edge13:06
batmiteogra_: thanks13:08
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w-flocrw-rw-rw- root     root     242,   0 2013-07-27 13:14 kgsl-3d0    open(/dev/kgsl-3d0) failed: errno 13. Permission denied      ... I've converted the ueventd.vision.rc file to 70-vision.rules and it seems like the permissions are now world-readable.. but it still fails with permission denied? hm..13:20
* w-flo fixes things13:23
w-floso that works now, yay :)13:27
w-flonow I'm getting "W/Adreno200-EGL( 3379): <qeglDrvAPI_eglSwapInterval:3645>: EGL_BAD_CONTEXT" which doesn't sound right...13:33
w-floso maliit-server and unity8 keep on segfaulting apparently. :o14:15
crashshello everyone, i'am french so my english is not very acceptable but i want to know when we will have the chance to have ubuntu touch on the htc desire hd ( ace), someone have information to share with me ^^14:17
vicQUERY: Anyone out there is able to do a re-build of kernel for Nexus Galaxy phone(tuna) and able to boot?14:32
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rigvedhi everyone14:38
rigvedi am using "adb shell system-image-cli" to update my nexus 7. but it's not working. i am getting this error message: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5918521/ . can someone help diagnose the error?14:39
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rigvedwell, i filed this bug for this issue: #120565715:07
rigvedbug #120565715:08
ubot5bug 1205657 in Ubuntu system image "system-image-cli raises KeyError: 'dbus'" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120565715:08
stgraberogra_: yep, slangasek filed an RT about it. Apparently the server just died completely, we need to get someone in the DC to investigate...15:51
Tassadar_ooh, there's a game between coreapps, niice16:02
* Tassadar_ is playing "Dropping letters" and is amazed16:02
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GeniusWorkHi ALl16:55
GeniusWorkbuild/core/envsetup.mk:115: build/core/product_config.mk: No such file or directory build/core/config.mk:153: *** No config file found for TARGET_DEVICE .  Stop.  ** Don't have a product spec for: 'cm_yuga' ** Do you have the right repo manifest?16:56
GeniusWorkHow can that be fixed??16:56
user82hi sidiney17:43
sidineyhi, i had a problem in qtcreator,17:44
sidineyresolve! heheh!17:45
sidineyi want development apps for ubuntu touch, but have any doubs, read the foruns, but a live chat help=me more!17:46
slangasekogra_, stgraber: system-image seems to be back up today18:03
danpalmerHi there, is this the best place to talk about QML development for Ubuntu Touch or is there a development specific channel?18:22
w-flodanpalmer, there is a development specific channel. But I forgot the name.. :D18:26
w-floah, #ubuntu-app-devel ?18:29
danpalmerw-flo: cheers, thanks!18:29
RobbyFyou guys think the Oppo Find 5 resembles the Ubuntu Edge in appearance ?18:35
nicenslowHey alma !19:14
nicenslowalmaidinajad   ! ! !19:15
nicenslowlong name man19:15
almaidinajadhi nicenslow19:32
mhall119RobbyF: there's only so much variation you can do with a black rectangle20:28
w-flohm, something is probably wrong with the accelerometer in my port. the first param to ua_sensors_accelerometer_set_reading_cb is NULL and then things crash. sigh :)20:31
AskUbuntuactionSelectionPopover only displays properly on selectedTabIndex == 0 | http://askubuntu.com/q/32542121:07
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Shaikhanyone knows how to install Ubuntu on Lenovo A706?21:11
Shaikhis anyone knows how to install Ubuntu on Lenovo A706?21:16
wilee-nileeShaikh, All the install stuff is in the channel header.21:17
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CatbuntuYes it does22:11
wilee-nileeCatbuntu, user long gone22:12
CatbuntuYou have to be at -offtopic to understand me22:12
wilee-nileeI avoid the offtopic like the plague. ;)22:13
wilee-nileeI can volunteer at the mentally disabled local if I need that stimulus22:14
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