wrstwow over 6.5 million on the ubuntu edge already00:22
piratehow are you there chat666300:46
Unit193He quit.00:48
Unit193He quit too.00:52
wrstbunch of quitters01:09
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Unit193Yep, latest news is in #ubuntuforums, when not talking about cookies.16:19
wrstcookies as in cookies like you eat?16:34
* wrst sees Unit193 is a big cheese there!16:35
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wrstthanks Unit193 they had a much better link16:37
* Unit193 isn't a big person. :P16:40
Unit193Heh, sure.16:40
wrstha ha well big in influence Unit193 how is that16:46
Unit193Still nope. :D17:05
* Unit193 just randomly got voiced by a mod, and hasn't been kicked yet.17:06
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wrstha ha Unit19318:48
Unit193wrst: No, I've been kicked before, but not in a bad way!  I've been kicked from #kubuntu-offtopic, #lubuntu-offtopic, and I *think* #xubuntu-offtopic... :P19:53
Unit193(IS expects the forums to be back up on Monday.)19:56
Unit193fastforward: Howdy.20:51
fastforwardHey, how's it going?20:54
Unit193Alive, and have coffee.  You?20:57
fastforwardNo coffee today. Some sweet tea, but that's about it.21:10
fastforwardTrying to cut back on caffeine...21:11
Unit193Ah, bummer.  Tea is good though.21:12
Unit193(May not be the best before bed. >_> )21:12
wrsthowdy fastforward21:12
fastforwardNope. I try not to drink any caffeine past 4 or 5... I can't sleep otherwise.21:12
fastforwardHi, wrst21:13
fastforwardIs there usually someone in this room? I'm new to the group.21:13
Unit193I'm normally here, but don't always "speak"21:13
wrstfastforward: yes usually a little slow on the weekends21:14
wrstlots of us lurkers also :)21:14
fastforwardWell that's a little creepy... :D21:14
wrstfastforward: you an Ubuntu user?21:14
wrstfastforward: Unit193 and I resemble that remark :P21:15
fastforwardYes, have been using it since 10.04. Went full time at 12.04, using it at work and home.21:15
wrstcool fastforward21:16
wrstthe LTS releases are solid especially 10.0421:16
fastforwardYeah, I noticed over the years that upgrading away from an LTS wasn't always the smoothest transition. I re-installed 12.04 at work, replacing 13.04 and it's been much less frustrating to use.21:17
fastforwardI did try Mint 15 w/ Cinnamon. It was slick, but honestly, I missed Unity. (Don't hurt me for that remark!)21:18
Unit193Me?  Creepy? Nooooo, never! :P21:18
* Unit193 uses 13.04, and hears Unity is better with newer releases. :P21:18
fastforwardI had issues with 13.04, but it could have been my messing around with it that jacked it all up!21:19
Unit193And, of course use whatever release you like best. :)21:20
fastforwardI'm in the Nashville area, btw. What about y'all?21:20
Unit193I'm a little more North, and wrst is poked to answer too! ;P21:21
wrstfastforward: cookeville21:23
fastforwardCookeville? I'm sorry...21:23
wrstI was thinking the same about Nashville :)21:24
fastforwardHa! I grew up in McMinnville and went to school at TTU for a little while.21:25
fastforwardSo I know the area a bit.21:26
wrstha ha21:27
fastforwardI'm happy I found the group. I don't know anyone who really uses Linux around here.21:28
wrstcool fastforward  I'm not as much of an Ubuntu user as I used to be but support it a lot with my family21:46
Unit193(For now. ;) )21:46
Unit193I use Xubuntu.21:46
wrstI think xububtu is probably the best one right now if mir doesn't blow it up for everyone21:47
fastforwardI think I'm going to try Xubuntu out soon on an old laptop. I loaded Arch on it a couple weekends ago, but I've gotten stuck trying to install a DE.21:52
Unit193Xubuntu isn't Unity, that's for sure.  Some think it's like Gnome2, but I did not like Gnome2. :P21:54
Unit193(Xubuntu isn't made for old desktops, but works pretty well on some.)21:54
fastforwardYeah, I was looking for a lighter distro to install, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Peppermint, etc. Just haven't gotten around to trying them yet.21:56
fastforwardTrying to install the Android SDK now and root and flash my Nexus 7 with CyanogenMod.21:56
Unit193AntiX is pretty nice and Debian based, Flux by default.21:57
chris4585just my personal preference, any distro or remake with a ubuntu base I don't really call light lol21:57
Unit193Kind of, yeah, but Lubuntu isn't so bad.21:57
chris4585oh definitely21:57
fastforwardI've recently read about a few others, not Ubuntu based, that were lighter.21:58
Unit193(Hence why I said AntiX.)21:58
Unit193I have SliTaz in my PXE setup! \o/21:58
chris4585slitaz is nice21:58
fastforwardHadn't heard of AntiX21:58
fastforwardI was also considering CrunchBang. Any experience with  it?22:07
wrstfastforward: you said arch??? :)22:09
wrstnot that I like that sort of thing ;)22:16
fastforwardYes, I installed arch on a 7 year old laptop a couple weekends ago.22:26
fastforwardIt's cool idea. I just don't know that I want to sit there and install every little thing.22:27
wrstarch is my desktop os of choice, I install debian on servers, and ubuntu on everyone else's machines (for the time being depending on how crazy they go)22:27
wrstfastforward: I can get it going now with a desktop gui in around 30 minutes if my internet is working as it should22:27
wrstthen "theoretically" you shouldn't have to do it again22:28
wrstI usually go at least a year before I blow it up for the fun of it22:28
fastforwardI got stuck installing the DE, didn't have the time to sort it out.22:28
wrstdid you install your video drivers? that's usually the only hiccup22:29
fastforwardI believe so. I was trying out Enlightenment and I messed up the configuration. I got to the login screen, but it wouldn't load the gui because I saved something incorrectly, file path or something. I've slept since then and can hardly remember.22:30
wrstoh yeah well E is its on little beast in itself :)22:31
wrstI see the appeal just not for me I use boring ol' gnome22:32
fastforwardIt looked nice. Thought I would try it. What desktop do you use w/ Arch?22:33
piratesmokin smokin tree22:33
wrstfastforward: gnome22:34
wrstas crazy as they have made it I still like it22:34
fastforward2 or 3?22:34
wrstthe extensions really help22:36
cyberangerPersonally I'm an openbox fan22:50
fastforwardOpenBox is cool. I tried out #! in VirtualBox and it's pretty awesome.22:53
wrstyeah fastforward some people like awesome also ;)22:56
Unit193And sawfish.22:57
Unit193...And ratpoison.22:58
cyberangerI liked #! better in the older releases (9.04 comes to mind)22:59
cyberangermy build is inspired by those years23:00
cyberangerbut they beat unity IMHO23:00
cyberangerfastforward: my expirence with it has been great, but what makes openbox great is it's customizability23:02
cyberangerfastforward: are you a work user, home user or both? (for linux)23:05
fastforwardI use it for both. I use Win7 and OSX some too, but mostly I'm on Ubuntu 12.0423:06
cyberangerchris4585: agreed, but it feels like for somebody who's just given a disc, lubuntu and xubuntu is a good balance on lightweight and mediumweight, respectively, while still being easy for them, what is it you run nowadays23:07
cyberangerfastforward: webdev I'm guessing?23:07
fastforwardcyberranger: No, QA for a web dev company. Close. :)23:08
fastforward(can't spell...)23:08
cyberangerI got the jist, to me that's an improvement23:08
cyberangerless customer hassles, same for design headaches23:09
fastforwardI have some security apps that require Win7. Otherwise, I would drop Windows completely.23:09
fastforwardYup. :)23:09
* cyberanger bites his tounge, trying to hold back a comment about oxymorons23:10
cyberangerno QA for IE23:10
fastforwardWe use BrowserStack and MS also free VMs for IE.23:11
cyberangerah, that works23:11
cyberangerI've done sysadmin work, about to head to college again, not sure I want to keep on that path23:12
cyberangerit's not about dislike, just thinking I may like something else more23:12
fastforwardI'm accidental QA, I was working towards sysadmin and life happened. :)23:12
fastforwardAre you looking to get out of IT completely?23:13
fastforwardOr just something different in tech?23:13
cyberangerpossibly, I'm going back as undeclared to help decide23:13
chris4585cyberanger, oh definitely23:14
cyberangerbroadcast engineer isn't too different, it's one of the things on my radar23:14
chris4585cyberanger, I'm currently running latest mint with cinnamon23:14
fastforwardcyberanger: Are you near Nashville?23:14
cyberangerchris4585: nice, nice23:15
cyberangerfastforward: athens, tn, for a few more days at least23:15
cyberanger(college includes a move, guess this is news in this channel come to think of it)23:16
fastforwardIt was nice talking and meeting everyone. About to go meet the fam for dinner.23:20
wrsthave fun fastforward, hang around anytime23:22
cyberangersee ya fastforward23:22

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