superflymicadeyeye_: you need to contact TENET00:01
superflyand apart from weirdos like me, everyone else is sleeping at a quarter to 1 am00:01
Squirmsuperfly: not everyone was sleeping at 205:48
SquirmI hope there is still food in the dining room06:06
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Kiloshi micadeyeye_ 06:36
Kilosmorning all06:36
Kiloslo dreen06:37
Kiloshi Squirm captine 06:45
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za06:45
captinethnx Kilos.06:46
captineis this channel used actively or primarily for the LUG events?06:46
captineam new to the LOCO concept etc..06:47
captine(am even mixing LOCO and LUG up)06:47
Kilosdunno what happened here but was typing your welcome and half went to pm06:47
Squirmcaptine: it's an active channel06:47
Kilosthis is our help channel06:47
SquirmOfficial Ubuntu channel of ZA06:47
Kiloshelp with all linux systems06:47
SquirmI know the Gauteng LUG is at #glug.za, but most of the guys are here anyway06:48
Kiloswe also just chat sometimes too06:48
SquirmKilos: a lot of the time :P06:48
Kilosits our family channel06:48
Squirmbut yes, if there is a question to be asked, just ask it and someone would be likely to respond06:49
captinehow long have you all been using linux?  I just moved back to ZA from Philippines and "converted" my personal machine to ubuntu there… but it is in a container so i am on a macbook now06:49
captineKilos: no worries on the PM.  Things are ok.. cold, but ok06:49
Kiloscold here too. you in the tvl?06:50
Kilosive been on ubuntu since 8.1006:50
Kilosyeah winter up here sucks06:51
magespawngood morning06:51
SquirmKilos: you know what it's like down here :/06:51
Squirmand then there's magespawn who probably dies of heat daily06:51
Kilosyeah i know mooiriver squirm06:51
magespawnnot in winter, but still walking around in shorts and a t-shirt06:52
Kilosi loved hluhluwe06:52
Kiloshi magespawn 06:52
magespawnhey Kilos 06:52
Squirmmagespawn: ...06:52
Kilosmagespawn, try 2 tracksuits and a big sheepskin jacket06:52
Squirmyou suck06:52
magespawnhad the aircon on yesterday06:53
captinethat was me in Philippines.  8am in "winter" and it was 30 degrees06:53
captineloved it06:53
Squirm8am in winter and it's close to 006:53
magespawni like cold weather too, so i am easy to please most of the time06:56
captineam not a fan.  although running zircon 24/7 is pricey in the heat06:56
magespawncaptine a bit of a change the jhb temps then06:57
captineyip.  what a terrible time to move back06:57
Kilosi go feed sheep06:59
Kilosstupid animals only good as chops07:00
magespawnanybody have any problems from the ubuntu forums hack?07:01
captinei don't think i had an account and if i did, i cannot remember07:03
captinebut didn't receive an email and heard they were sending mails to each person with an account… or am i wrong07:03
magespawnlooks like they will be up and running in the next couple of days07:03
magespawnnot sure, i think i got one07:04
captinedo any of you use ubuntu for business?  and if so, what business / applications07:08
captineI am an accountant and starting a new job on Monday in a company looking to rollout new BI tools etc.  They just signed with Microsoft for Exchange etc, as they were running some old system before07:09
captineand i am hoping to influence in the way of open source ;)07:09
magespawni run an internet cafe and pc shop, most of my computers run a version of ubuntu07:10
magespawni think there are a couple of the others doing work only on linux07:11
captinenice.  I was looking to buy a small PC business that was for sale, but broker hasn't gotten back to me07:11
captinemagespawn: are there any linux specific PC vendors in SA like System 76?  they didn't seem too keen to expand shipping to SA07:12
captineand I am tired of fighting with hardware on laptops07:12
magespawni have not seen any, dell has just brought out a ultrabook developed for ubuntu from the start07:13
captinesaw that07:13
magespawnironically sa is still very windows focused07:14
captineyes.  we are used to paying and lock in07:15
captineseems lots of people are jumping on the mac train too07:15
magespawnyup linux is still in the dark area of computers for most people07:17
magespawni have some who are highly suspicious of something that is free07:17
captineyip.  07:18
captineso do you use some sort of squid setup at the cafe for the internet access timing?  or manually monitor how long people have been online?07:19
* not_found is playing with the beta ubuntu touch sdk... pity I am not a dev because it looks pretty awesome :)07:20
captinenot_found: all these cool looking things make me want to be a dev too07:22
Kiloshi not_found 07:23
not_foundalo uncle Kilos 07:23
not_found*sigh* come now interwebs or is the issue flash player... grrr...07:24
magespawncaptine, manually at the moment, most of the business income is through repairs etc of pc, internet, faxes, photocopies etc just a way to bring extra money07:31
captinemagespawn: do you do second hand equipment (1U rack's etc)07:32
magespawnno i work mainly on small business and home pc07:35
magespawnif you search G&C Net, Hluhluwe in google maps you will see my shop07:37
captinemight come to you for some help should i get the store up here in JHB… :)07:38
magespawncaptine what sort of business is it? repairs etc or more business type services?08:07
captinethe one for sale is a small shop with internet cafe08:07
magespawnahh so very similar to what i am doing here08:09
Kiloshi psychicist 08:29
captinepossibly.  I would want to grow the small business support side08:32
captineget some contracts etc in place08:33
captinebut will see.  08:33
captinehave contacted the broker but am waiting to hear back in terms of the details I asked.  08:33
magespawnsince when do youtube videos have ads in the middle?08:38
magespawnit is just like watching sabc now08:39
Kiloshi mazal 08:45
mazalMore oom08:45
mazalBesig met my 12.04 install08:45
mazalUpdates drame klaar , nou moet ek die apps bysit wat ek nodig08:46
mazalNee , Ubuntu08:46
mazal" recovery install " en terselfertyd vir die apps wat nie werk in 13.04 nie08:46
mazalAnd now ubuntu forums is down. Now I don't know how to get the command for multimedia support :-(08:48
mazalThere is a thread there for multimedia support install I always use08:48
mazalIsn't sessentials something ?08:48
mazalessentials even ?08:48
mazalNo wait , restricted-extras ?08:49
Kilosonce youve installed you can get that in synaptic or software centre08:49
mazalI know , but I can't remember all the package names08:50
mazalAnd there is stuff for dvd support also that I can't remember the name08:50
Kiloswhere is your dejadup?08:50
Kilosdidnt you backup it before08:51
Kilosback it up08:51
mazalI have the app names in a doc , must just find that in all these partitions now lol08:52
mazalThink it's libdvdread or dvdnav4 or something08:52
mazalAll these stuff is in one command that thread I always use08:52
Kilosi have the same prob with 3 drives in here and each with its own partitions08:52
mazalThis is why I hate a pure new install. So many things you need to add to make it work :(08:54
Kiloswhere is your remastersys dvd08:55
mazalMy 12.04 one doesn't want to boot mos remember. Grey screen08:56
mazalProbably a drivers thing , although drivers is not supposed to be included in iso08:56
mazalThis one not gonna install any screen drivers and make new iso08:57
mazalIF remastersys is still installable that is08:57
mazalStill nothing going on at the guys that took it over08:58
Kilosmy 12.04 dvd works fine08:58
mazalI think he took down his repositories , if that be the case I don't know how I'm going to install it ?08:59
Kilosdont you have the package anywhere09:00
Kilosi only see 2 packages for it remastersys and remastersys-gui09:02
Kiloscan send to you and you can install them with gdebi maybe09:02
mazaldebs might be in my apt-cache backup09:02
mazalWill look09:02
mazalHow do I enable mediubuntu repositories ?09:03
mazalAnother thing I need that was in that thread :(09:04
KilosMaaz, google how to add medibuntu to 12.0409:04
MaazKilos: "How to add Medibuntu repository in Ubuntu 12.04 Precise pangolin ..." http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-add-medibuntu-repository-in-ubuntu-via-terminal-and-gui/ :: "Medibuntu repositories available for Ubuntu 13.04 Raring Ringtail ..." http://www.unixmen.com/medibuntu-repositories-available-for-ubuntu-12-04-lts-precise-pangolin-ppa/ :: "Enable Medibuntu09:04
MaazRepository and Install Multimedia Codecs in ..." http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/05/enable-medi…09:04
Kilosits a long command09:04
Kiloshi Vince-0 09:04
mazalFound ta oom09:07
Kilosdont forget to do the next command as well to add hooks09:08
mazalhooks ?09:09
mazalThe command that allows those apps to show in software centre ?09:09
Kilos sudo apt-get install app-install-data-medibuntu apport-hooks-medibuntu - See more at: http://www.unixmen.com/how-to-add-medibuntu-repository-in-ubuntu-via-terminal-and-gui/#sthash.ybomX2YM.dpuf09:10
Kilosi cant copy paste it here09:11
mazalI see it on the site , is ok09:11
mazalBut still waiting for restricted-extras do dl and install **sigh**09:12
Kilosi wonder why copy paste dont work properly09:12
Vince-0Gday Kilos09:12
mazalMOrning Vince-0 09:13
Vince-0Gday mazal09:14
Vince-0So I've been trying to get hold of the universities here in KZN regarding a free software talk - and nothing09:19
Vince-0not a peep09:19
mazalOk I THINK that is enabled and installed09:24
magespawnVince-0, do none of the dlug guys have contacts?09:25
Vince-0ya I got contacts for the compsci dept peeps09:25
Vince-0Emailed, called etc09:25
magespawnyoh, and no reaction? maybe they are all busy with exams or something09:26
Vince-0who knows09:26
mazal"unable to locate package synaptec" Anybody can help me with the correct name please ?09:26
magespawnfor sfd?09:27
Vince-0uh, something bigger than sfd09:27
magespawnwhat did you have in mind?09:28
Vince-0I'm not sure if I can say just yet but RMS is planning a trip to SA09:28
magespawnwow that would be interesting09:28
Vince-0yep, so keen - I want to even fly to cpt or something to hear it09:28
magespawnare there any details yet?09:30
Vince-0not that I know - only that the dates are in September09:30
Vince-0there really does need to be publicity so I'm trying to find out the details so I can spread the word09:31
magespawnsfd is in September09:31
magespawnwould be awesome if the two events happened at the same time, even close together would be nice09:38
magespawnVince-0, how did you find out?09:39
Vince-0I was contacted by some guys in Jo'burg09:39
Vince-0as soon as there is concrete info I will ask to send it around asap09:42
magespawnwell as soon as there is more info available, i am sure we can help with the publicity09:42
Vince-0time is running out09:42
magespawnindeed, it always does espicailly when you have to work for money09:42
magespawnespecially 09:43
captinecheers all09:53
mazalgotta reboot09:59
Kilosyay at last09:59
Kilosyo Dreen 10:17
magespawnlater all11:12
Kiloslater magespawn 11:13
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Kiloshi superfly 13:20
superflyhi Kilos13:20
nlsthznNou die Blou!14:26
nlsthznhiya all :)14:26
psychicisthi nlsthzn 14:27
nlsthznI chased uncle Kilos away14:29
nlsthznhow are you psychicist14:29
psychicistI am doing fine nlsthzn 14:30
nlsthznnot seen you on this channel before psychicist, welcome :)14:30
psychicisthow are you14:30
psychicistyou have :)14:30
psychicistI am normally known as psydroid (on mobile) or psyatw (at work), but this is my original nick14:31
nlsthznah ok :p was thinking it might be something like that :)14:34
nlsthznI've only seen you on your mobile :)14:34
psychicistsometimes I'm too tired to switch on this laptop in the evening, but now it's weekend and I want to use a full-fledged operating system instead of a tablet or phone experience14:36
nlsthznSeems you need Ubuntu Edge... then you have both :p14:47
psychicistyeah, maybe :D14:48
psychicistI will check it out14:48
psychicisthi Kilos 14:48
Kiloshi psychicist 14:48
psychicistthe hardware is definitely becoming powerful enough for it14:49
Kilosyou gonna watch nlsthzn 14:52
nlsthzn@work so going to read...14:52
nlsthznoh well :)14:55
Kilosbulls struggling some nlsthzn 15:52
Kilos1/2 time and behind by 16/1115:52
nlsthznyup, following it online15:52
nlsthznreading rugby better than nothing :)15:53
nlsthznbut thanks uncle Kilos :)15:53
Kilosand morne got his boots on wrong feet15:53
nlsthznhmmm... I guess his head already over-seas too...15:53
Kilosnot if he carries on like this15:54
nlsthzncontract is signed and money is in the bank (so to speak)...15:57
Kilosoh you mean he is gonna play overseas15:57
Kilosnext year?15:57
nlsthznAFAIK yes...15:58
nlsthznNow to see if the Bulls truly are unbeatable at Fortress Loftus!!16:01
Kilosoh my then the bulls are gonna battle16:01
smile4everhi :)16:06
Kiloshi smile4ever 16:07
smile4everhow are you? :)16:07
Kilosgood ty and you smile4ever ? sorry im watching rugby as well16:29
smile4everdon't worry :D16:36
smile4everI'm fine too16:36
smile4everbye :)18:31
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:09
kbmonkeymorning o/23:13

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