ubuntivityI'll do the same, then. lonewulf8500:02
lonewulf85I have this from my /etc/fstab file http://paste.ubuntu.com/5916628/ when I start my system says failed to find swap  press m to manually retrieve or s to skip. Any ideas00:02
ubuntivityWhat do you get on "mount"? Is your swap listed there with the same UUID?00:04
lonewulf85ubuntivity, My mnt folder is empty.00:05
ubuntivitywhat about the output of "mount" in terminal?00:06
lonewulf85ubuntivity, I got this http://paste.ubuntu.com/5916639/00:07
lonewulf85So no swap there.00:08
Celerity_Linuxx_what happens when I intsall multiple kernels with different arch's00:09
lonewulf85Celeriy_Linuxx_, Windows lol no but it could cause some instability.00:09
lauratikai change the name of my pc and now everytime im using terminal get this message sudo: unable to resolve host RLAB00:10
lonewulf85ubuntivity, That issue with my swap is the only part of my load that is slow.00:11
Celerity_Linuxx_lonewulf85: what is the worst case scenerio? I am trying to make my own distrobution based off debian and you guys are the closest I've got00:11
ubuntivitylonewulf85: it seems that "mount" isn't showing swap here too :/  Would you try Disk Utility to see if your swap exists on sda5?00:11
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lonewulf85Celerity_Linuxx_, I have never attempted my own distro but there could be some stability issues, I would try to google making my own distro. that might have some good information on it.00:12
Celerity_Linuxx_I've done that00:12
Celerity_Linuxx_not much help, google is on this.00:13
LinXNutHey guys has anyone installed Itunes on 64-bit Ubuntu? I can't seem to get it to work.00:15
lonewulf85ubuntivity, where my pointer is is where is should be http://picpaste.com/upload.php00:15
rypervencheLinXNut: I would use something else.00:15
LinXNutOh sweet I can use something else?00:15
rypervencheLinXNut: Sure, there are plenty of alternatives. I'm not the guy to give you a list though, I use a music player that uses the terminal only.00:16
ubuntivitylonewulf85: I didn't get your image, only a picture-upload site :|00:16
LinXNutOh. Okay no worries! I'll google some stuff lol00:16
lonewulf85ubuntivity, My bad here http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_from_2013-07-26_18_13_25-QK8pX4Y5.png00:19
ubuntivitylonewulf85: never mind, can you click on that 4GB partition and show me its details please?00:20
lonewulf85ubuntivity, one sec00:20
lonewulf85ubuntivity, http://picpaste.com/Screenshot_from_2013-07-26_18_21_15-8wqW4Pdp.png00:22
ubuntivityIt seems correct as it is sda5, but I've just noticed that the swap line in your /etc/fstab is commented with a #, were you the one who did that on purpose??00:23
lonewulf85ubuntivity, not that I can remember.00:24
ubuntivityOr in fact I see there are apparently two swap lines, the first one (which is supposedly made during installation) is commented.00:24
lonewulf85ubuntivity, So just delete the # and all is good right?00:24
ubuntivityCan't confirm that 100%, I need to find out what is cryptswap first (so as not to cause some sort of conflict)00:25
lonewulf85ubuntivity, yeah the error is about swapt100:25
ubuntivityIt seems that you have activated an encrypted swap at some point of time, does that make sense for you?00:26
lonewulf85ubuntivity, Maybe when I told my system to encrypt my home partion during installation?00:27
ubuntivityI believe you should uncomment the first swap line, and comment the second swap line that starts with /dev/mapper/...00:27
lonewulf85ubuntivity, alright I will try that thanks.00:28
ubuntivityBut before rebooting, expect the worse cases which might require you to boot into command line and restore the file to its previous condition! (I'm obsessive, I know)00:28
lonewulf85ubuntivity, yeah but very helpful thanks. gtg /quit00:29
ubuntivityI've found a page that might also help you, its about encrypted swap http://www.logilab.org/blogentry/2915500:30
ubuntivityYou are welcome, lonewulf85 :)00:30
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kaffienso my brilliant friends mother removed ubuntu unity on her toughbook.00:57
kaffieni reinstalled  it but its still giving me low graphics mode00:57
kaffieni wonder if it took out the xorg.conf or something00:58
ubuntivityCan you login in Unity 3D mode?00:58
kaffieni cant login at all i get an error before the login screen .... one sec00:58
kaffienthe system is running in low-graphics mode, your screen graphics card, and input device settings could not be detected.00:59
kaffienshe removed unity and whatever disappears with it00:59
kaffieni reinstalled unity but something is not right still getting the same error00:59
reisiokaffien: did you reinstall ubuntu-desktop?00:59
reisiothat would be the fairly comprehensive way01:00
kaffiennope but i might try that ... i have a intel mobile 4 series chipset.  would that require special drivers?01:01
kaffienback in a bit i need the ethernet cord01:02
reisiounless you have an intel _and_ another device from ati or nvidia01:02
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savagejenCan anyone tell me what could cause this to show up in dmesg? ACPI Warning: 0x0000000000000428-0x000000000000042f SystemIO conflicts with Region \PMIO 1 (20121018/utaddress-251)01:13
=== Maple__ is now known as tbhroernnats
Dr_WillisACPI bios issues. :() can be very hard to track down. often theres kernel boot options to work around them01:23
cmck193hello all01:23
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cmck193i'm installing xubuntu :)01:24
=== kevin is now known as Guest48520
bejkernice u install ubuntu ;]01:25
cmck193not the first time, but i think i'm going to attempt a permanent switch from windoze01:25
bejkeri try01:26
bejkerand something its fuckd up01:26
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:27
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zivesteris there a command to raise/lower system volume?01:42
Dr_Willisalsa* type commands like alsamixer, or alsaconf or alsactrl perhaps01:42
Dr_Willisalsa       alsactl    alsaloop   alsamixer  alsaucm01:43
squelchso ubuntu vs gentoo?01:43
Dr_Willissquelch:  try them both. and decide for yourself01:43
Dr_Willisthats like compareing a  Build it your self home kit. vs a Prefab home.01:43
IdleOne!polls | squelch01:43
ubottusquelch: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.01:43
squelchso usability. ubuntu01:43
zivesteralsamixer, awesome01:44
NeroonHi! Can anyone tell me why fdisk -l shows"does not start on physical sector boundary" although it starts at sector 2048?01:44
reisioNeroon: different strokes for different... disks01:45
Dr_Willis2048 may not be a physical boundry. of course fdisk is getting a little of date in ways. Why does it matter?01:45
=== lazors is now known as lasers
Neroonreisio: what?01:45
reisiouse parted if you want to avoid stuff like that01:45
moondogdid I miss something, or does the latest LTS release of ubuntu not handle installation onto an LVM partition?01:46
zivesteris there a way to wake up a screen from command line?01:46
Neroonreisio: I did partition it with parted01:46
reisiozivester: yeah01:46
reisioNeroon: then you're all set01:47
reisioNeroon: sorry, actually :)01:47
reisiowhat I meant to say was use parted and % values for start & stop ;)01:47
Neroonreisio: so, it's normal that fdisk -l and df both say "... not start on physical..."?01:48
reisiozivester: look into xset/dpms/etc.01:48
trismmoondog: I don't believe that was added until 12.10 for the livecd, I think you still have to use the alternate for 12.0401:48
reisioNeroon: df?01:48
Neroonreisio: well i tried unit tb and unit s01:48
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest50143
zivesterreisio thanks, I found `xscreensaver-command -deactivate` which works well01:49
moondogtrism: ok, thanks :)01:49
reisioNeroon: try #%01:49
reisiozivester: yes indeed01:49
Neroonreisio: df -H to tell how much free space there is01:49
Neroonreisio: if i use % how would i tell it where to start from?01:51
irssi-mikesavagejen: give this a try acpi_enforce_resources=lax01:52
reisioNeroon: 0% 50%, etc.01:53
Neroonreisio: sorry, my bad. didn't think of 0 ;-)01:54
Neroonreisio: And you think that would fix the issue of fdisk reporting that "error"?01:54
reisioprobably, although fdisk wouldn't bother me; df would01:55
Neroonreisio: well, both report the same thing01:55
reisioyous aid01:55
reisioand you said01:55
rednaksHello, can anyone tell me who is in charge of libopencv-dev at ubuntu ?01:57
reisiorednaks: packages.ubuntu.com should be able to01:58
rednaksreisio, it said that the maintainer is : "Ubuntu developers"02:01
reisioit says a little more than that02:02
rednaksreisio, indeed, I found a place where I can ask :) thanks02:05
tigranesHi! I'm trying to install 13.04 on MacBook Pro (late 2010 13" model) and am having hell of a time with the video card (GeForce GT 320M). Nouveau drivers make it run hot and cause visual artefacts. Nvidia drivers cause black screen on boot. I've been trying to follow various forum and blog posts to no avail. Does anyone have any good experiences with Ubuntu on MacBook Pro?02:06
Neroontigranes: did you try nomodeset or modeset=0 at boot when using the nvidia driver?02:12
SuperLagIs there some app or method I can use for generating passwords on Ubuntu? I still use 1Password quite extensively on my Mac, and I miss the password generator feature on my Linux box.02:13
tigranesNeroon: I had nouveau.modeset=0. Is that what you meant?02:13
jribSuperLag: pwgen?02:13
reisioSuperLag: everything you need: http://xkcd.com/936/02:14
jp__hello all, I am having trouble with this message:  The volume “boot” has only 0 byte disk space remaining02:14
Neroontigranes: yes, but you might try modeset=0 too02:14
reisiojp__: sounds like your system wants to add something to the /boot partition, but it's full02:14
jp__I try to remove old linux kernals with synaptec but it fials02:15
tigranesNeroon: Okay, will try.02:15
reisiojp__: probably have to use rm02:15
jp__riesio, can I just rip out the old .gzip files?02:15
wilee-nileejp__, dpkg -l | grep linux-image  to see kernels then sudo apt-get purge02:15
SuperLagreisio: haha, that's awesome02:16
wilee-nileejp__, Or ubuntu-tweak has a a gui called janitor.02:16
reisioawesome in many ways02:17
reisiojp__: technically you don't need anything other than the file/s you're using right now02:17
RichardRaseleyHello. I inhereted a server with a software RAID1 configuration. However, only the "/" and "/boot" volumes are mirrored across the two drives, not the swap space. I would like to add the swap space after the fact. Can anyone point to an authoritative procedure for adding this volume?02:24
RichardRaseleyOr any "gotchas" that I might face in adding the swap volume on a running system?02:24
jp__how do I get ubuntu-tweak?02:25
Dr_Willisyou can add swap files and partions on the fly. done that befor. not sure how being ona raid would matter02:25
wilee-nileejp__, There is a PPA.02:25
Dr_Willisjp__:  get it from its homepage. its deb adds a ppa for it i recall02:25
xmetaltrobuleshooting a liveusb boot issue02:25
xmetal, here02:25
cmck193what down side is there from running windows virtually?02:26
wilee-nileecmck193, what is your definition of downside everyones is different02:26
e0jehi all, I have a laptop with a vga port and when I plug in my only vga monitor xrandr detects it correctly but its wavy, not real noticiable but gives a a headache. When I move the touch pad or mouse the waves increase in speed. Any idea whats going on? HDMI and internal display work great02:27
RichardRaseley @Dr_Willis so this would likely be a matter of creating a new, mirrored swap space, adding it to the list of swap spaces, then removing the old?02:27
reisioe0je: is it a monitor, or a tv?02:27
xmetal(i admit its a different distro) but it is similar to ubuntu i think (you can probably take a good guess) .. one pc boots and runs or install fine with the liveusb ... this other pc is having issues when (i think) it gets to the "detecting screen or graphics" step02:27
e0jeLED monitor02:27
xmetal(gray background, mouse cursor in middle ...  but unresponive)02:28
reisioI didn't ask what the backlighting was...02:28
xmetaljust "sits there"02:28
Dr_WillisRichardRaseley:  im not even sure you would really want to mirror it. You can have more then one swap partion active at a time02:28
e0jereally reisio ?02:28
Dr_WillisRichardRaseley:  you could put it on a non raid partion if you wanted. Im not sure what you gain by having swap on a raid02:28
xmetallooking on the forums now02:29
cmck193wille-nille:  I want to install windows for work programs.  I just need to be able for the virtual machine to have it's own ip on the network and access to the usb's02:29
RichardRaseley@Dr_Willis: I do want to mirror it because, although there is a slight performance hit, if the system tries to reference a swap page that is non-existant (because of disk failure) it can cause the system to crash.02:29
reisioe0je: both tvs and monitors come with leds, either it is a monitor or a tv02:29
SuperLagcmck193: easy. Just make sure you use a bridged interface02:29
SuperLagcmck193: bridged is what VMware calls it. Your virtualization solution might call it something different.02:30
Dr_Willisif you got disk failure going on. i imagine swap will be the least or your worries02:30
cmck193SuperLag: would virtualbox or vmware work better for what i want02:30
e0jereisio: i realize that I was volunteering more information dont get snappy02:30
RichardRaseleyNot if everything is mirrored.02:30
RichardRaseleyThat is the point of RAID02:30
RichardRaseleyIf one disk in a mirrored set fails you don't lose the system.02:30
reisioe0je: it's just not a great sign that someone understood your question when they volunteer more information :D02:30
SuperLagcmck193: either would work. Personally, I prefer VMware. Had crappy experiences with VirtualBox, but to be fair... it was in a much earlier version.02:30
Dr_Willisi see so many people having total disasters with raid in here, i sway away from it. ;)02:31
reisioabout 150% of people using raid don't know what it's for02:31
e0jereisio: I really just want to talk about my question02:31
cmck193SuperLag: thanks.02:31
reisioe0je: right, just saying02:31
RichardRaseleyIf everything is mirrored except swap I am still at risk because a reference to a non-existent swap page can cause a fault that will bring down the system.02:31
SuperLagreisio: I thought RAID was just for the "cool factor"! :D02:32
reisioraid is not about data redundancy02:32
reisioit's about access redundancy02:32
RichardRaseleyIf the entirety (including swap is mirrored) I can handle a single disk failure without putting the system at risk (in terms of availability).02:32
RichardRaseleyreisio: That is a non-sensical statement.02:32
Dr_Willisreisio:  i thought it was about moar and moar speeds!02:32
reisioSuperLag: yup, and for destroying hardware02:32
SuperLagreisio: say whaaaaaaat?02:32
reisioRichardRaseley: nope02:32
RichardRaseleyreisio: Yep02:32
SuperLagreisio: what do you mean, access redundancy?02:32
RichardRaseleyreisio: You can't preserve access to data if you don't preserve the underlying data.02:32
reisioraid is about more things making more reads at once, and not about your data being preserved02:32
RichardRaseleyThat is so blatantly wrong.02:33
reisioRichardRaseley: it's a subtle but important distinction02:33
* wilee-nilee reminisces the old raid tv commercials02:33
e0jerenato_: do you help anyone or just pick away at peoples questions?02:33
reisioe0je: both02:33
Random832reisio: do you have any citation for this at all?02:33
reisioe0je: it's wavy as in non-straight lines?02:33
RichardRaseleyreisio: I'm not interested in getting the uninformed positions of a jr. sysadmin.02:34
ubottuThe people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:34
reisioRandom832: I just said 150% of people using raid don't know what it's for02:34
reisioit shouldn't be surprising then that you might be one of them :D02:34
Random832reisio: has it occurred to you that it might be for more than one thing?02:34
e0jereisio: its wavy as if you threw a stone in a pond02:34
xmetal(was getting coffee, so yes i know that was a late joke)02:34
RichardRaseleyIt appears that you may not be one of them. Different RAID levels have different performance and data integrity characteristics.02:34
reisioRandom832: more than one thing? That's unpossible02:34
reisioe0je: that sounds more like the wrong signal rather than something simple like the wrong frequency02:35
reisioe0je: like a computer monitor signal going into a TV, for example02:35
Random832if it were only for "access redundancy" as you say, there would be no reason for any raid level to incorporate parity02:35
RichardRaseleyThe most major consideration when choosing a RAID level is data integrity. If it were just speed of access, then everything would be RAID002:35
reisioxmetal: a-ha, I remember those commercials :p02:35
reisioRichardRaseley: nope02:36
RichardRaseleyreisio: lol, you are just embarrassing yourself now. I suggest you go ahead and take a basic A+ certification course - you'd really benefit from the remedial knowledge.02:36
RichardRaseleyl8r all.02:37
reisioI'll get right on that02:37
Random832reisio: where the hell did you get this idea from?02:37
dlwneed help with network. network was okay yesterday. Does not work today. clicking on 'network' in unity gives error, 'the system network services are not compatible with this version.' 'Network Connections' shows no connections and everything is grayed out. Any help appreciated, dlw02:37
reisioRandom832: the same place I get them all02:37
e0jereisio: xrandr reports resolution and refresh rate.02:37
reisiodlw: you update something?02:37
reisioe0je: what make/model computer?02:37
e0jereisio: xrandr reports correctly res& refresh rate02:37
e0jeSony Vaio z21TGx02:38
dlwsystem update did an update, yes, I did not.02:38
reisiodlw: :)02:38
reisiodlw: does dpkg -l | grep -i 'network-manager' show anything?02:40
dlwwhat should be in /etc/network/interfaces? currently has; auto lo eth0; iface lo inet loopback.02:41
jp__sudo apt-get -f autoremove02:43
jp__hopefully does the trick thanks all02:43
dlwreisio yes, i'm on a netbook using a live cd PC can't connect to net02:44
reisiodlw: sorry, what are you saying 'yes' to?02:44
reisioe0je: might ask #linux02:45
dlwreisio yes, the command dpkg you listed shows four 'network-manager' listing.02:45
reisioha, way ahead of me :p02:45
guicps89hi there. ive just fresh installed ubuntu some minutes ago (and i choosed the option to encrypt the whole system + encrypt home folder). but everytime i turn on the pc, after entering my password to unlock the system, a message appear saying: "the disk drive for /dev/mapper/ubuntu--vg-swap_1 is not ready yet or not present". i have to wait 1 minute to dis message dissapear. Any ideas to get rid of it?02:48
dlwreisio is there a way to attach a jpg here.02:48
ubottuScreenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.02:48
reisiodlw: http://imgur.com/02:48
cfhowlettdillondillon, greetings02:54
dillondilloncan someone answer a samba question for me?02:54
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.02:55
Dr_Willisdillondillon:  ask it and see. ;)02:55
cfhowlettWally, greetings02:55
dillondillonhere goes, I have a machine running Ubuntu 13.04 that is always on, with Samba always running so that I can stream videos to other computers in the house. After a period of inactivity of I don't know how long, the samba shares are no longer discoverable by other computers, I cannot SSH into the Ubuntu machine, and I cannot remote desktop into it either. The machine is always connected to the network, and the only solution I've 02:55
WallyAnyone here got some good reasons why Ubuntu could replace FreeNAS?02:55
dillondillonying. Can anyone help?02:56
cfhowlettWally, perhaps you might want to debate relative merits of such in #ubuntu-offtopic rather than the support channel.  thanks.02:56
=== james_ is now known as Guest12834
Dr_Willisdillondillon:  i think your info got cut off.. the ubuntu server basically vanishes from the network and you have to reboot?02:57
dillondillonthe machine itself is still connected to the internet, but the samba shares disappear from the network02:58
=== karen is now known as Guest18595
Guest18595I want to change the army time to regular clock time on top of my screen. How do I do that?02:58
Guest12834I'm trying to connect to nicotine, and minUPnPc wont work. no idea whats going on here. Anyone know whats going on?02:58
Dr_WillisGuest12834:  its under the time and date settings when you right click on the clock.02:58
Dr_Willisoops that was for Guest18595  ;P02:59
Guest12834it fails to start every time02:59
Dr_WillisGuest12834:  what fails to start? minupnc?03:00
dillondillonany ideas on my issue Dr_Willis?03:01
Guest18595I changed it, but it won't change up top.03:01
Guest18595Oh, never mind, I see it. Sorry03:01
Dr_Willisdillondillon:  not without more testing of the network.  I cant think of what would kill off ssh, samba and other services from the lan.03:01
Dr_Willisdillondillon:  other then some firewall rules.03:02
cachenchosomoebody speak spanish?03:02
arquebuscachencho: I do03:02
Dr_WillisGuest12834:  no need to msg me. keep it in channel. and you may want to select a real/better nick.03:02
dillondillonhmmm. i was told disabling SELinux might lead me down the right path. Thoughts on that?03:02
ubottucachencho,: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.03:02
cfhowlettcachencho, :)03:03
Dr_Willisdillondillon:  ive never seen selinux mentioned in here as being such a problem03:03
=== Guest12834 is now known as JamesScrog
ubottuSELinux is available on Ubuntu, but not officially supported. Ubuntu uses another security framework by default, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor03:03
Guest18595O.K. got that time right, finally! Thanks!03:03
Dr_Willisdillondillon:  selinux is not installed by default.03:03
JamesScrogI tried to port forward to connect to nicotine, but it continues to tell me the port is closed03:04
dillondilloninteresting...i have no idea what to do then03:04
dillondillonrebooting everytime is such a pain03:04
Dr_Willisdillondillon:  you have installes selinux? what else have you done to the system?03:05
Dr_Willisdillondillon:  its possible a 'sudo service network restart' may kick them all back in also.03:05
JamesScrogI tried to port forward to connect to nicotine, but it continues to tell me the port is closed03:05
wilee-nileeDr_Willis, That is always the key question. ;)03:05
dillondilloni haven't installed selinux, and other than some applications like sickbeard i haven't done much to it03:05
dillondillonis there a way to keep them from going down though? because i'm not always able to go to the machine and plug in a keyboard and type in commands03:06
mr44anyone able to help with vnc on a headless machine?03:06
JamesScrogI have a problem and I need help. The port I have opened is not behaving like an open port should03:07
Dr_Willismr44:  ssh in, run the vncserver, is how ive normally dont it.03:07
Dr_Willisdone it03:07
Guest92528Could someone please tell me if in the latest LTS release 12.04, that a send error report  message box (which subsequently then asks for your user password) is a normal function or a scam virus...??? I seem to get this error box alot; it has little keys in the ledt upper corner.. It just doesn't feel right though.03:07
mr44so, it isn't an issue with X? I can just start the server?03:07
JamesScrogI have a problem and I need help. The port I have opened is not behaving like an open port should03:08
Dr_Willismr44:  with vnc - you do NOT need a X server running on the local display/monitor at all.. SOME VNC servers however DO share the current visible display (thats how windows vnc  works also) you can have several (dozens+) vnc sessions that are totally hidden03:08
Dr_Willismr44:  with vnc - you do NOT need a X server running on the local display/monitor at all.. SOME VNC servers however DO share the current visible display (thats how windows vnc  works also) you can have several (dozens+) vnc sessions that are totally hidden03:08
mr44forgive my ignorance, but how do I start the server/03:08
Dr_Willisinstall a vncserver, and run it. normally via 'vncserver'03:09
mr44I'm using the default desktop sharing built in to 13.0403:09
mr44only works when monitor is attached03:09
Dr_Willisyou DONT share the 'default/visible desktop' on a headless server03:09
Dr_Willisyou ssh in, and run a vncserver, you then connect to.03:09
mr44so, I have to download vncserver03:10
Dr_Willisor set it to run automatically. You dont run X/lightdm at all on a headless server03:10
Dr_Willis!info xtightvnc03:10
ubottuPackage xtightvnc does not exist in raring03:10
Dr_Willis!info tightvnc03:10
ubottuPackage tightvnc does not exist in raring03:10
Dr_WillisHmm what is its name.. i forget.03:10
JamesScrogI have a problem and I need help. The port I have opened is not behaving like an open port should03:10
Dr_Willis!find tightvnc03:10
ubottuFound: tightvncserver, xtightvncviewer, tightvnc-java03:10
dlwreisio having problems uploading jpg, only part of the jpg shows up. will try to work this out later once I can get jpg uploaded. thanks for your help. dlw03:10
mr44so, tight tightvncserver, and ill have to find it's conf file and set it up there?03:11
Dr_Willisit should be in the users .vnc/* dir. most vnc serers use that dir03:11
mr44I"ll have to report back. I'm talking from that hsell now and need to close irssi to do it03:11
Dr_Willistheres several differnt vnc servers out there.03:11
Dr_Willisvnc4server is anopther i used in the past03:12
mr44pok. I'll be back soon hopefully from Xchat03:12
mr44lemon out03:12
Dr_Willishmm.. Using cheese to 'preview and record' my usb-video capture dongle. it captures video and audio. but the preview window dosent play audio to my speakres.. anyone seen this and know of a work around?03:13
Dr_WillisI want the audio. so i know when the vcr is done being recorded. ;)03:14
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streetlighthey all03:41
streetlightanyone out there?03:41
streetlightvery cool03:41
cfhowlettstreetlight, nope.  we all went home ...03:41
streetlightjust checking, I thought my IRC was on the fritz03:42
streetlightjust installed a new client03:42
Dr_Willisbut... i am home! ;P03:42
Dr_Willisstill toying with recording shows from my usb-video capture dongle.03:45
Dr_Willischeese does a good job.  just a little annoying in a few ways03:45
cfhowlettDr_Willis, pretty sure there's a way to direct those audio video streams to record in VLC but ... don't ask me how.03:46
Dr_WillisYea - vlc can record them. But i cant 'watch/preview' them as its recording that ive figured out..03:46
Dr_Willisand my 'main' feature i want. is to bveable to record for like a set time.. ie:  record  for 1 1/2 hrs.. then stop..03:47
Dr_WillisI got vcr tapes i am recording.. want to set themto play and get recorded.. as i am elsewhere in the house.03:47
Dr_WillisI dont want to forget and have a 12 hr recording of static wheni come back ;P03:47
Dr_WillisI filled up my HD last night because of that.03:48
Dr_WillisIm glad i was actually able to get this usb capture dongle working in ubuntu. with no hassles. (well very few)03:48
tigranesI'm trying to get a MacBook Pro to run Ubuntu 13.04, but having major issues with the Nvidia driver (nouveau runs very hot and unstable). During boot or startx (starting with 'text' kernel option), the laptop screen simply switches off. There's a flash and then backlight is off and everything. Pressing Ctrl-Alt-F1 does nothing. Does this sound familiar to anybody?03:49
Dr_Willisa lot of the guides/docs i am finding for using ffmpeg/mencoder and so forth say to capture from /dev/dsp for audio. but  thats outdated..  im getting video from /dev/video0 but some apps dont seem tog et the audio from there.03:49
ubottutigranes,: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages03:50
Dr_Willistigranes: ive seen a few weird cases where the system defaults to the external monitor. (not seen it on a mac however)03:50
Dr_Willishitting the toggle monitor fn-XXX keys may kick it into gear.03:50
tigranesDr_Willis: Thanks, but no luck.03:52
Dr_Willistigranes:  long shot. ;) had a friend with a laptop ages ago that for some weird reason defaulted that way. it was a fluke we hit the fn-XXX keys and got it working.03:52
Dr_WillisI cant think of much sles that would disable the console text.  you could try disabliong the framebuffer also tigranes03:53
Dr_Willis'noquiet nosplash nofb text' for the kernel boot options i recall03:53
tigranesDr_Willis: Will try, thanks!03:53
usr13Dr_Willis: Here is some stuff I've done b4:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5917106/04:01
smgordonso when does this place get hopping?04:04
Dr_Willisusr13:  in your last example.. we dont have a /dev/dsp anymore do we? ;)04:05
Dr_Willisffmpeg -f oss -i /dev/dsp -f video4linux2 -s 320x240 -i /dev/video0 out.mpg04:05
Dr_Willisor does the -f oss somehow make it?04:05
Dr_Williswas trying this earlier..04:06
Dr_Willisavconv -f oss -i /dev/dsp -f video4linux2 -i /dev/video0 test.avi04:06
Dr_Willisand couldent read from /dev/dsp04:06
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smgordonquestion:  Does ubuntu allow me to share folders and files on a private network ( to 3 other PCs in the house) that run windows 7? like windows homegroup??04:09
Dr_Willissmgordon:  samba allows you do to that yes.04:09
Dr_Williswindows homegroup however is like a suped up samba setup.04:09
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.04:09
smgordon sorry new to irc & ubuntu04:09
Dr_Willisso you may need to twiddle with things a bit. and access the ubuntu server via its ip#. not its servername.04:10
Dr_Willisyou 'should' be able to right click on a folder on ubuntu (as a user) and select share and make a guest share and it 'should' work.04:10
Dr_Willisif you are not transfering a lot of stuff, and dont need a full time share. you may want to look into using 'winscp' on windows and installing the ssh server on the linux box.04:11
Dr_Willissamba and shares can either work.. or be a real pain. Sadly.04:11
Dr_Williswhat is the linux box shareing/serveing to the windows network?04:12
smgordonI right clicked the LOCAL DRIVE  ( the one i want to share) and was prompted to install samba.  installing now04:12
Dr_Willisdont use a local drive as a first time test.. make a directory in the users home name it 'test_share' (no spaces in the name) and see if that works first04:12
Dr_Willisshareing whold hard drives, can be confused by permission/securty issues04:13
Dr_Willisand just a tip. dont use spaces in share names, or server names. ;)04:13
Dr_Willisanother tip. users can have a seperate Samba password thats differnt then their login password. often this needs to be set for some shares to work. set it via the command.04:13
Dr_Willis'sudo smbpasswd -a YOURUSERNAME  password'04:14
smgordonI tried to run a pc with redhat about 15-20 years ago and it was confusing to say the least. installed ubuntu and haven't had any major issues  or comprehension problems LOL .04:14
Dr_Willis15 yrs ago - we were recompilign our kernels just to get cd-rw drives to work.04:14
Dr_Willisand winmodems where the biggest issue04:14
smgordon the LOCAL drive i have is just to store downloads, separte from the 80 gb drive i use for just  the OS and add ons..04:14
alfreddbaplease guide me to learn advance in monit on ubuntu..04:15
Dr_Willisif you really want to share the drive. you may want to edit your /etc/samba/smb.conf and make a proper share definition for it. not share it AS A USER.04:15
Dr_Willis a 'user defined share' is a relatively new feature in Linux/samba :)04:15
Dr_Willis!info samba-doc04:15
smgordonok   thank you ...04:15
ubottusamba-doc (source: samba): Samba documentation. In component main, is optional. Version 2:3.6.9-1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 5615 kB, installed size 13734 kB04:15
Dr_Willisthe samba-doc package has several Books on the topic. :) some are a bit out of date. but the core info is still good.04:16
alfreddbaplease guide me to learn advance in monit on ubuntu..04:16
smgordon gonna have to start reading   ...04:16
Dr_Willis!info monit04:16
ubottumonit (source: monit): utility for monitoring and managing daemons or similar programs. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:5.5-6 (raring), package size 270 kB, installed size 737 kB04:16
Dr_Willisstart with the monit man pages and  see if theres any guides on the ubuntu wiki, or its homepage perhaps.04:17
Dr_Willisfirst google hit for 'monit tutorial' ->  https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-install-and-configure-monit04:19
alfreddbaguide me monit in ubuntu04:23
Dr_Willisalfreddba:  see the url posted above?04:24
alfreddbaDr_Willis: thanks04:25
Dr_Willisfirst google hit for 'monit tutorial' ->  https://www.digitalocean.com/community/articles/how-to-install-and-configure-monit04:25
cmck193can someone please assist me with getting my audio working?04:32
Dr_Willisgive the channel details04:33
Dr_Willisbut rember its a slow night here. ;)04:33
cmck193I just installed xubuntu 12.04 on my HP DM4 laptop and have no audio04:33
cmck193It uses an Intel HD Audio onboard card04:33
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:33
Dr_Willisim not sure if the help.ubuntu.* sites are up or down right now. theres also the askubuntu.com site that may have info for specific chipsets04:34
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:34
HexagoniteAnyone know an app/program to edit LiveCDs?04:36
Dr_Willisnormally you 'remaster' a live cd..  and build a new iso04:36
Dr_Willisyou mean alter the .iso file directly?04:36
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility04:37
cfhowlettHexagonite, eh? can't be done so far as I know.  Once burned, that image is burned ...04:37
Dr_WillisYou dont know what you mean ? :) or dont know what you want to do?04:37
Dr_Willisthere used to be a neat web site that had a web interface and would build custome isos for you. but i think it closed down ages ago. ;(04:38
cmck193I think he wants to remaster a live iso and create a new one04:38
Dr_WillisIm not even sure how well the remastering tools and guides work with the 13.x and 12.x releases.04:38
HexagoniteUCK doesn't work for newer releases :(04:38
Dr_Willisthere used to be a 'remastersys' site/tool. but not tried it in years.04:39
HexagoniteDr_Willis it closed for some reason04:39
Dr_Willis'I have re-enabled the repositories for now but don't know how long I will be able to keep them up.'04:40
Hexagoniteohh, I thought you were talking about the web app04:40
Dr_Willishttp://system-imaging.blogspot.com/   seems the continuation of remastersys04:40
Dr_WillisYea. the web service went down like 3 yrs ago. ;)04:40
Dr_WillisI had made a nice little custome iso of my own with it .. then they went byebye04:41
cfhowlettDr_Willis, I don't have details, but seems the remastersys guy burned out over the typical BS ... complaints, trolls, bitching, kvetching ...04:42
Dr_Williscfhowlett:  yea. the url i posted mentions its forked. and some binaries for  ubuntu - dated april of this year.04:43
loopedhi, im trying to install an older version of rabbitmq-server (3.0.2-1) on ubuntu 13.04 (than the one available in the repo) + an exact version of erlang-nox (14.b.4-dfsg-1ubuntu1) that it depends on. ive added the precise repos in my sources, and though the old versions of the packages are available - i cant seem to get the dependencies to resolve correctly04:43
cody_so how goes the cell phone market?04:44
loopedthe reason i need exact versions is because rabbitmq won't cluster with another node unless its the exact same version04:44
wilee-nileecody_, The edge is #ubuntu-touch04:44
Dr_WillisI havent even tried to put ubuntu on my Nexus7 tablet.. :) not sure why i really need ubuntu on the tablet. and what it would offer diffefntly from android. (this may be a big hurdle for the edge/ubuntu touch  to get into the marketplace)04:46
wilee-nileeDr_Willis, Saucy or the touch install easily, but yeah I found it no really needed.04:46
=== dacs_ is now known as dacs
Dr_WillisI do have android on several 'desktop' devices. ;)  and have some tablets setup as desktop/pc/laptop type setups with mice/keyboards.. so they  really are going to have a fight on their hands i think to get people to stand up and notice ubuntu touch04:47
Dr_Willisof course im a bit of a cynic with all this new hardware.. ive bought several 'devices' over the last few years that were basically washouts. ;)04:48
wilee-nileeI like android for the phone and the nexus, I even loaded lubuntu on the saucy, that was not to bad.04:49
* Dr_Willis stares at his Chumby sitting on his desk.. with now.. exactly 1 clock applet. where it used to run hundreds..04:49
Dr_Willisim getting so used to how android works..  i almost think they need to start taking features from android and putting them into ubuntu.. but i guess thats what the touch stuff is all about.04:49
wilee-nileeThe edge with the phone or desktop plugin might be nice.04:50
wilee-nileejust need a fold up soft monitor04:50
Dr_Willisi recall those android phones with the tablet/laptop-dock   from like 2 yrs ago. ;)  neat idea.. but overpriced. friend got one on clearance for like $100.04:50
Dr_Willisnow everyone wants the laptop-dock for their raspberry pis. ;P04:51
Dr_Willisbe nice to see some standard 'lap-dock' for a phone  so if i invest $300 in a monitor-keyboard dock for a ubuntu phone.. it wont be obsolete a year later.04:53
wilee-nileethat would be nice, without trying yo keep up with the joneses04:53
wilee-nileeI got a little case and keyboard for the nexus, the keyboard only works effectively if removed from the case, otherwise it multi types,04:55
Dr_Willisits not like the laptop monitor-keyboard stuff has improved that much over the last few years. ;) better res, highre res.. but still  once you get over 1080p.. i have to wonder whats the point.04:55
arandurHaving problems with my Broadcom wireless card... any brave soul want to try and help me out?04:55
Dr_Willisheh. I got some Motorolla bluetooth keyboards on clearahce last year when  Motorla dumped them. was $90 - on sale for $10 - bought 3 ;P04:55
wilee-nilee!Broadcom | arandur04:56
ubottuarandur: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:56
arandurAlready been there; thanks, though.04:56
arandurAnywhere else you recommend before I bug you guys?04:56
Dr_Willisi still cant figure out how to get a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse working with Ubuntu, or my raspberry pi.04:56
wilee-nileearandur, Cool, tell the channel what's up.04:56
arandurWell, it looks like my WLAN card is hard-blocked.04:56
Dr_Willistheres always askubuntu.com also.04:56
arandurThe hardware switch doesn't turn on the wireless, though.04:57
arandurThe switch physically works, because it turns on and off my Bluetooth.04:57
arandurBut not the WLAN.04:57
wilee-nileeI use wireless with ubuntu I have found bluetooth problematic04:57
arandurI haven't ever used bluetooth; it's just kinda there.04:57
arandurIv'e reinstalled teh bcmwl-kernel-source; I've reinstalled Ubuntu; I've gone into the BIOS to look for problems.04:58
arandurEverything tells me that it should be working, but it's still hard-blocked.04:58
arandurHence my problem.04:58
arandurHard-wired ethernet works fine, and my USB wireless adapter is working.04:58
arandurSo the problem is isolated to the internal wireless card.04:58
varunendraarandur, one brave soul just woke up, but kinda dizzy....04:59
arandurvaruendra: Take your time, of course.04:59
varunendraarandur, do you know which wireless chip you have? and what driver?04:59
* wilee-nilee slipps varunendra a triple espresso04:59
* varunendra looks around and wonders what was that.. :/05:00
arandurForgive me; I've forgotten the commands to find those out.05:00
arandurDo you mind reminding me?05:00
varunendraarandur, is it by any chance an HP laptop? or Compaq?05:01
kingbeastisn't it "lspci | grep Network" ?05:01
arandurThanks, kingbeast!05:01
arandurvaruendra: It's... a Dell.05:01
arandurInspiron n7xxx05:01
arandurPlease excuse me while I die of shame a little.05:02
varunendraactually - "lspci -nnk | grep -iA2 net"05:02
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varunendra(finally) dizziness fades..05:02
kingbeasti haven't had to lspci anything in a while05:02
arandurBroadcom BCM4313 802.11b/g/n05:02
varunendraresults to pastebin of course....05:02
kingbeastb43 cutter isn't it?05:03
varunendraarandur, Ubuntu 13.04?05:03
greyhatpythonhi is there anyway to get certified in Ubuntu? I don't like Redhat and it's certification.05:03
arandurYeah, 13.04.05:03
varunendrakingbeast, no, it's either wl or brcmsmac05:03
arandurrfkill is now telling me that it's no longer hard blocked.05:03
arandurLet me see if the pixies fixed my computer while I was away.05:04
arandurbrb, sorry.05:04
varunendraarandur, the first thing to do without a doubt then - "sudo apt-get purge bcmwl-kernel-source"05:04
varunendrathat will remove the proprietary driver..05:04
varunendraok, quit.. :/05:05
arandurWell, call in the cows.05:05
arandurIt fixed itself.05:05
arandurI'm going to assume one of you ninja-sshed into my computer and fiddled with it.05:05
arandurSo thanks, ninja.05:06
wilee-nileeit was the shadow05:06
arandurThe shadow?05:06
kingbeastif it was that simple more would be using Ubuntu, imo05:06
wilee-nileean old radio show05:06
arandurWell, now I won't sleep tonight. Thanks a bunch.05:06
arandurNight, y'all.05:06
wilee-nileereally old05:06
varunendraarandur, if you are using the "wl" driver, you should remove it. It's not good with that card.05:06
varunendranight !05:07
wilee-nileegreyhatpython, A quick google search shows this. http://www.ubuntu.com/news/ubuntucert05:11
oooaaaoooois the forum still offline/05:12
kingbeastoooaaaoooo, yep05:12
wilee-nileegreyhatpython, Appears to have been discontinued as far as I can tell though.05:14
varunendraoooaaaoooo, updates here : http://ubuntu-discourse.org/t/update-on-status-regarding-re-opening-the-forums/754/4205:14
varunendrado I look scary ?? Everyone I try to answer runs away... :/05:15
* varunendra goes to wash his face..05:15
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kingbeastjust a bit intimidating varunendra05:16
=== Guest49415 is now known as Lonix
kingbeasthey Lonix05:19
Lonixwhats new?05:19
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varunendraOkay, a hopeless question - Does anybody know of some internet speed monitoring applet that runs within the panel? The tray?05:24
Dr_Willisvarunendra:   theres a list of 'indicator-applets' at the askubuntu.com site05:24
Dr_Willisi recall there being networkj monitors in the list.05:24
varunendraDr_Willis, thanks, taking a look (searching there..)05:25
Dr_Willissort by 'votes' :) shows the big ticket items05:26
varunendra:D Thanks for saving me the search time !05:27
Dr_Willisthat list may not be totally current.05:27
Dr_Williswebupd8.org and omgubuntu also may have their own lists, or posts on new ones05:27
goddardanyone know how to remount server drive with sshfs if it timesout05:35
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest42195
Guest42195braden is here05:41
e__has anybody has issues with tint2? I'm trying to install it with apt-get but I can't use tint2conf, making it kind of useless. It just tells me that I can get tint2conf by installing tint2, which is already there. Ideas?05:43
resureHi. I've added self signed root certificate as described here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/73287/how-do-i-install-a-root-certificate but when I'm trying to visit site that protected with that certificate browser still gives an error05:43
reisioe__: dpkg -L tint2 | less05:43
varunendraDr_Willis, for a moment I though I found it in the 2nd answer of that askubuntu link you gave me - "indicator-multiload", but evidently, it's useless with my "Mobile Broadband" connection (was already mentioned in the footer of the answer) :/....05:51
* varunendra buries head into synaptic once more..05:51
goddardanyone know how to remount server drive with sshfs if it timesout06:05
reisiogoddard: same command06:05
goddardreisio: or just keep it alive06:05
goddardi mean automatically so i dont have to do it06:05
reisiooh :p06:05
Dr_WillisHmm. not sure how well sshfs would handle that.06:09
Dr_Willisyou might want to look into that 'autofs' but i still wonder how tye sytem would know  the sshfs timed out.06:09
reisiowell if it happens that often...06:09
Dr_Willisyea - not a good thing.06:09
reisioI mean for something long term I don't think I'd use sshfs06:09
Dr_WillisIve had very few issues with sshfs. but i dont use it for anything critical06:10
ubuntu89how can i build my modified ubuntu distro via virtualbox as a hosting for the modified distro?06:16
reisioubuntu89: a hosting?06:17
reisioubuntu89: yes?06:20
ubuntu89i'm working on ubuntu distro now .. i need to make an engineering distro based up on ubuntu via virtualbox06:20
ubuntu89i intend to install ubuntu on virtual machine and install packages on my virtual machine ubuntu >> get me?06:21
reisioyou can basically just tar up an install and extract it elsewhere and it'll work as long as the required hardware drivers are enabled06:21
goddardDr_Willis: reisio i tried gvfs i think it is for awhile, but it has a odd bug so i couldn't use that i will look into autofs06:21
reisiogoddard: you could probably just run a cron with -o reconnect06:23
ubuntu89reisio:shall it be successful?06:23
reisioubuntu89: ?06:24
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ubuntu89i'm on ubuntu machine with virtualbox installed .. i'll install ubuntu inside my virtual machine .. i shall install engineering packages on my virtualbox ubuntu .. when finishing install my packages i have to take a cope of my installed ubuntu virtual machine06:27
reisioubuntu89: to use in VirtualBox elsewhere, or as an installation to metal?06:28
ubuntu89no .. i need to extract it from virtual maching putting it on CDs for distributing it to my friends06:30
Dr_Willisand how are they going to run it?06:32
ubuntu89via booting it06:32
Dr_Willisand then do what? clone it to a real physical machine?06:32
Dr_Willisor run it in virtualbox also?06:32
ubuntu89clone it to many real physical machines06:35
Dr_Willisyou may want to look into mondo/mindi to make a bootable 'image clone' cd/dvd set.06:36
Dr_Willisbasically like a system restore cd/dvd set that windows would use. boots and clones to the hd.06:36
=== fwil|away is now known as fwilson
Equinox3hi, is there a command to create a pop up in Ubuntu06:37
ubuntu89Dr_Willis:please give me a link or youtube videoo..sorry for my bad english .. thanks06:37
chunkyheadis there a command by which i can list bluetooth devices from the command line?06:38
reisiochunkyhead: yes06:39
reisioEquinox3: zenity?06:39
reisioEquinox3: there are lots, actually, but zenity is probably the most GUI consistent06:39
chunkyheadreisio, may you tell me/ i be pointed to a link or something like that?06:39
Equinox3thanks, i'm already trying it06:39
Dr_Willisubuntu89:  mondo/mindi has its own web site. i havent used it in ages.06:40
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning06:40
reisiochunkyhead: they keep changing them06:40
reisiochunkyhead: probably dpkg -L bluez | grep bin will get you there06:41
Dr_Willisubuntu89:  also check out clonezilla06:41
reisioor dpkg -L whateverTheBluezPackageIsCalled06:41
santhoshhai ubuntu kvm is support for .vxdm image06:41
ubuntu89reisio , Dr_Willis and ubottu:thank you so much ^_^06:41
chunkyhead-L is for reisio ?06:41
dacsokay so i am currently running 13.04 xfce and installed nomachine nx , but when i connect to my box it pulls unity why?06:42
santhoshhai ubuntu kvm is support for .vmdk image06:42
reisiochunkyhead: --listfiles06:42
reisio(installed by package)06:42
chunkyheadreisio, there has to be a native linux command right?06:44
reisiochunkyhead: I just told you how to find it06:45
Dr_Willisi think theres like 3 differnt bluetooth 'systems'   but i rarely mess with them06:45
Dr_Willisbluez,  and 2 others.. ( been ages since i fought with bluetooth)06:45
chunkyheadhci tools i guess is the linux one. thanks!06:45
Dr_Willisbtscanner - ncurses-based scanner for Bluetooth devices06:46
chunkyheadDr_Willis, refresh your memories XD http://screencloud.net/v/ly3106:46
Dr_Willisi basically have given up on using bluetooth with the pc.06:46
chunkyheadDr_Willis, why06:46
Dr_Willistoo much hassles06:46
Dr_Willisworks fine with my android tablets.06:46
Dr_Willisbut for the pc. I  dont care to bother.06:47
chunkyheadactually i just wanted to backup everything which is there on my phone. i lost the USB cable soo..06:47
Dr_Willischunkyhead:  what kind of phone?06:47
chunkyheadDr_Willis, old sony ericsson c510 :O06:47
santhoshhai ubuntu kvm is support for .vmdk image06:47
Dr_Willissanthosh:  you mean to ask 'Does ubuntu kvm support the .vmdk image format?'06:48
santhoshthat is my question sorry for mistake06:48
chunkyheadjai santhoshi maa :P06:48
reisiohi Wulf06:49
wilee-nileesanthosh, virtualbox does06:49
santhoshwhat about kvm <wilee-nilee>06:49
ubottukvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM06:49
reisiosanthosh: IIRC it's not a too complex process to get the data from a vmdk to boot from kvm06:50
reisiotalk to #kvm about it06:50
WulfI activated automatic security(?) updates in 12.04; now I have 10 kernels installed and /boot is full. What's the proper fix?06:50
santhoshso it is possible for kvm06:50
Dr_WillisWulf:  remove the kernels you dont need06:50
Dr_Williskeep like the last 206:51
Dr_Willisaskubuntu.com has several methods to clean out the old kernels06:51
WulfI don't want a manual way for it06:51
Dr_Willisthere is no automatic way that ive seen06:51
reisiosanthosh: it might not be as simple as kvm -foo path/to/bar.vmdk, but it should be pretty simple06:51
Wulfdamn :(06:51
santhoshok thanks06:51
Dr_Willisexcept for the scripts and tools i have mentioned at askubuntu.com06:51
wilee-nileeWulf, You can use ubuntu-tweak's janitor for a gui clean.06:52
Dr_Willisand be carefull with those scripts.06:52
lotuspsychjeWulf: ubuntu-tweak can cleanout stuff06:52
Dr_Willisbe VERY VERY carefull with ubuntu-tweak ;)06:52
Wulfgui is bad06:52
Wulfit's like 20 machines I only have ssh access to06:52
wilee-nileehmm no manual and gui is bad06:52
lotuspsychjeDr_Willis: never had issues with ubuntu-tweak myself cleaning out kernels06:52
wilee-nileeWulf, dpkg -l | grep linux-image  to see kernels then sudo apt-get purge "image"06:54
Dr_Willislotuspsychje:  i seem to recall once it removeing a kernel that was in use for me.. along with all the rest. ;P06:57
Dr_Willisbut thats a feature they seem to add/remove./readd to ubuntu tweak. I dont really use the app much any more these days06:57
Dr_Willis'no manual and gui is bad' ? huh.. you do use the manual way.. theres no automatic way that ive seen06:58
lotuspsychjeDr_Willis: thats not good indeed removing an in-use kernel, i more use it for handy little tweaks06:58
Dr_Willislotuspsychje:  i may be thinking of that disaster of a tool 'computer-janitor' also ;)06:59
lotuspsychjeDr_Willis: also tryed unity-tweak and pleased by it06:59
Dr_Willisi just rarely seem to tweak things much with any of them these days06:59
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chunkyheadhow to send input from 1 file to a command? like i want to do "cd <input from1 file>"07:01
Wulfcd $(foo)07:01
chunkyheadWulf, foo being the file name?07:02
Wulfchunkyhead: oh, input from a file. cd $(cat file)07:02
chunkyheadwhat was foo for07:02
Wulfa command07:02
chunkyheadman foo doesn't gimme anything07:03
Wulfchunkyhead: note that this will not work if the file has spaces07:03
chunkyheadWulf, what if i want to load up entire file with spaces07:03
Wulfchunkyhead: dir=$(cat file); cd -- "$dir"07:03
=== Companion is now known as companion
Wulfwilee-nilee: I found that "apt-get autoremove" may work for me07:06
wilee-nileeWulf, Cool, I use it often.07:07
Keslernew to unbuntu07:07
lotuspsychjeWulf: here's an interesting thread about your issue: http://ubuntugenius.wordpress.com/2011/01/08/ubuntu-cleanup-how-to-remove-all-unused-linux-kernel-headers-images-and-modules/07:08
WulfKesler: welcome!07:08
Keslerany suggestions for faster speeds07:08
Wulflotuspsychje: thanks07:08
WulfKesler: more CPUs!07:08
SunStari need help. i just installed windows and need to run boot-repair to get ubuntu working again.  boot the live CD and no internet. installed b43-fwcutter and linux-firmware-nonfree_1.11_all and rebooted. still no wifi. what now?07:08
aeon-ltdKesler: what spec pc?07:08
lotuspsychjeKesler: install an ssd drive and re-install ubuntu :p07:09
Keslermac 10.5.8 intel 4GB07:09
aeon-ltdthat told me almost nothing07:09
varunendraSunStar, please show us the output of "lspci -nn | grep 0280"07:09
SunStarvarunendra, BCM4312 LP-PHY07:11
aeon-ltdKesler: processor + it's clock speed, what gpu, how much ram?07:11
lotuspsychje!b43 | SunStar07:11
ubottuSunStar: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx07:11
varunendraSunStar, Do you also have the wl driver installed? (lsmod | grep wl)07:11
SunStari am well familiar with that article lotuspsychje07:11
Kesler2 GHz Intel Core 2 duo 4GB 1087mnz ccr307:12
mumpitze1SunStar: you don't need internet access to boot repair your PC07:12
mumpitze1Kesler: buy a SSD07:13
=== C-ASS is now known as StealthBastard
aeon-ltdKesler: i'm guessing intel integrated graphics? is this a macbook from 2008?07:13
SunStarmumpitze1, its normally the quickiest easiest way, but this time its not, your right i should update grub07:13
mumpitze1there is no need to update it either07:13
mumpitze1you need to install grub into the MBR again, not a new version of grub07:14
SunStari thought u were gonna teach me something07:14
lotuspsychje!polite | SunStar07:14
ubottuSunStar: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines07:14
mumpitze1boot a live cd, mount your ubuntu install, bind mount /dev and /proc into it too, chroot to it and rand sudo grub-install /dev/sdX. done07:15
IthinkImightbegaOkay so I just installed Linux07:15
IthinkImightbegaany advice?07:15
mumpitze1IthinkImightbega: use it07:15
reisioIthinkImightbega: rejoice07:15
IthinkImightbegahow do I use it?07:15
IthinkImightbegaLike, boot it into a betamax07:15
mumpitze1IthinkImightbega: you power on your PC where you installed it07:15
reisioIthinkImightbega: a betamax? :p07:16
IthinkImightbegaOn my Windows 7 Samsung TV07:16
aeon-ltdKesler: in short your only options [that cost nothing but time] is to use lighter software, e.g. lxde or xfce instead of gnome/unity. to reduce the load and free up resources to be used elsewhere07:16
reisioIthinkImightbega: iApple? :p07:16
Dr_WillisIthinkImightbega:  if you want a home theater app. try out xbmc07:16
IthinkImightbegaDo I have to root my home television set?07:16
IthinkImightbegaTo get access to Napster?07:16
mumpitze1IthinkImightbega: please stop07:16
Dr_Willis!manual | IthinkImightbega07:17
ubottuIthinkImightbega: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/07:17
reisioIthinkImightbega: heh07:17
IthinkImightbegaI have a mac07:17
Dr_Willissorry to hear that.07:17
IthinkImightbegaI was just joking, but I am interested in linux and shit.07:17
varunendraSunStar, you said - "boot the live CD and no internet. installed b43-fwcutter and linux-firmware-nonfree_1.11_all and rebooted." -- really??07:17
reisioboth interesting things07:17
lotuspsychje!language | IthinkImightbega07:17
ubottuIthinkImightbega: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:17
mumpitze1IthinkImightbega: expressing your "interest" this way was not a good idea07:17
SunStarvarunendra,  yes because i have a copy of linux-firmware-nonfree_1.11_all.deb07:18
IthinkImightbegaYeah, sorry :/07:18
theoshi! i upgraded to 13.04 and my mouse doesnt work. i get the error "cannot enable port #, cable maybe bad?"07:19
IthinkImightbegaQ: Do I have to uninstall Windows in order to install Linux?07:19
varunendraSunStar, but the changes get lost if you reboot. You have to modprobe the b43 driver without rebooting.07:19
IthinkImightbegahow do I do it then?07:19
aeon-ltdIthinkImightbega: google dual booting07:19
IthinkImightbegaIs that like DLC07:19
theosMaybe the USB cable is bad?*07:19
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot07:19
SunStarvarunendra,  i am using 4GB casper persistence partition to save settings across boots07:20
lotuspsychjetheos: usb mouse or ps2?07:20
theoslotuspsychje usb207:20
dortizhi all I was wondering if anyone had issues installing ati driver for 4000 series for ubuntu 12.0407:20
IthinkImightbegaSo wait07:20
reisiodortiz: ...you? :p07:20
dortizi have been trying for days to figure it out07:20
lotuspsychjetheos: ok what brand of usb2 mouse? (did it work on previous versions?07:20
IthinkImightbegaIs Linux compatible with HD DVDs?07:20
mumpitze1theos: go to a console (ctrl+alt+f2), install and start gpm. check if the mouse works there07:20
lotuspsychje!ot | IthinkImightbega07:20
ubottuIthinkImightbega: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:20
IthinkImightbegaif you're too embaressed to answer in public, i'll give you my fax number07:21
varunendraSunStar, so do you have a /lib/firmware/b43 folder in your next boot? That's all that is required for this device you have.07:21
dortizbut keeps showing up as vesa rs880m07:21
mumpitze1IthinkImightbega: please stop. or hopefully there is an op near07:21
theoslotuspsychje yes it used to work on 10.04. then i upgraded :( its an IBM mouse07:21
aeon-ltdIthinkImightbega: crash course, you can run linux either by virtual machine[on top of another OS; referred to as a host]; dual booting, both on one or multiple hdds only one os is selected at boot; or a special type of dual boot known as wubi which doesn't need a linux bootloader to run.07:21
IthinkImightbegaSo my telegraph is a few years out of date and it's not properly sending my morse code. Can I install some sort of telegraph program on my iOS 4.0.107:21
dortizoh sorry i will check support channel07:22
IthinkImightbegaand will you please tell my why my father left me07:22
dortiznew to the channels07:22
SunStarvarunendra,  yes that directory exists07:22
aeon-ltd!ops | IthinkImightbega07:22
ubottuIthinkImightbega: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!07:22
SunStarno wifi07:22
IthinkImightbega !ops07:22
IthinkImightbega !plsrespond07:22
dortizhow do i get to the support channel07:22
IthinkImightbega !kick FaggotsRUs07:22
mumpitze1dortiz: ati fglrx drivers don't work anymore for 4000 series. your videocard should be supported out of the box by radeon however07:23
varunendraSunStar, it should be something simple, but if your main target is boot-repair, why not use one of the live CDs that come with it preinstalled ? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair07:23
Dr_Willisdortiz:  support channel for what? this is the ubuntu support channel.07:23
theostry #ati07:23
=== johntash_ is now known as johntash
SunStarim downloading it now. was trying to get up up and running before it finished but thats not gonna happen07:23
Dr_Willisati/amd has a bad habbit of dropping support for older (or not so old hardware) from the fglrx drivers as quick as they can  get by with it.07:24
mumpitze1dortiz: so #ati won't be able to help you07:24
Dr_Willisoften dumping the 'card' onto the open sourced radeon/ati drivers befor those drivers are ready for the card07:24
theosya ati drivers dont work after upgrading from 10.04 to 13.0407:24
elkyIthinkImightbega: that's not acceptable behaviour in this channel07:24
dortiz@mumpitzel what route would i go07:25
IthinkImightbegai'm sorry07:25
dortizor just get a new laptop07:25
lotuspsychjetheos: maybe a clean install would fix the mouse?07:25
mumpitze1dortiz: as I told you: do nothing and it should work. if it doesn't show us the Xorg log07:25
theoslotuspsychje yes its a clean install. it worked on 10.0407:25
mumpitze1theos: have you tried gpm?07:25
Dr_Willisit worked with a very differnt version of the drivers, kernels, and xorg  :)07:25
theosmumpitze1 will it kill X?07:26
dortizit doesn't use the driver ati because im not able to run steam games on here but in windows i use the driver and it runs fine07:26
theosoh ok07:26
mumpitze1dortiz: read all of what I wrote07:27
dortizI also get error when i install the driver from amd website 13.107:27
mumpitze1dortiz: trying to install that driver was a very bad idea07:27
dortizi havent done it yet07:27
dortizi just reimaged pc07:27
theosmumpitze1 i started gpm. but no output07:27
dortizso fresh image07:27
mumpitze1theos: why would there be any output? try the mouse in your console07:28
dortizim on it now and video graphics says unkown07:28
Dr_Willisgpm should give you a little 'box' cursor on the console07:28
Dr_Willislike in the old dos days ;)07:28
mumpitze1dortiz: pastebin your Xorg.0.log then07:28
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest3469
dortizhow do i get that im new to linux07:28
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com07:29
mumpitze1and the file is /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old07:29
mumpitze1sorry: /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:29
sharpshooterhi friends i'm having a big issue in my ubuntu 13.04 the system is freezing after a few minutes, I thought it was the unity problem and tried resetting the unity by using the commant dconf reset -f /org/compiz nothing help then I installed gnome and used that and the system freezes after a while , what is the main problem of this is anyone else experienced this ??07:31
mumpitze1define "a while"07:31
sharpshooterafter 10 min or07:32
SunStarcheck the S.M.A.R.T. logs and make sure the hard drive isnt dieing sharpshooter07:32
theosmumpitze1 nothing happens. cant see mouse cursor in console.07:32
mumpitze1theos: check dmesg and syslog maybe?07:32
mumpitze1sharpshooter: generally check your hardware and especially look at temperatures of your CPU and videocard07:32
dortizstill trying to find xorg log07:33
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=== duncan is now known as Guest76307
theosi see router logs in dmesg. how can i disable those?07:33
mumpitze1dortiz: I gave you the full path. /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old07:33
=== Guest76307 is now known as DuncanNZ
mumpitze1damn. /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:33
mumpitze1theos: what "router logs"?07:34
Dr_Willisrouter logs?07:34
theosmumixam like this [ 1521.606819] [UFW AUDIT] IN= OUT=eth0 SRC= DST=64.32.xx.xx LEN=64 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=64 ID=43079 DF PROTO=TCP SPT=55365 DPT=7000 WINDOW=331 RES=0x00 ACK URGP=007:34
Dr_Willissome routers support syslog ive noticed on my dd-wrt router07:34
mumpitze1theos: if you mean stuff from netfilter: don't let netfilter log07:34
theoserr mumpitze107:34
dortizi get this07:34
mumpitze1theos: change your ufw configuration not to log various events07:34
ubottuUbuntu, like any other Linux distribution, has built-in firewall capabilities. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UFW | GUI frontends such as Gufw also exist. | An alternative to ufw is the 'iptables' command - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo07:34
theosoh thanks07:35
dortizit says missing07:35
e0jehi all, I have a laptop with a vga port and when I plug in my only vga monitor xrandr detects it correctly but its wavy, not real noticiable but gives a a headache. When I move the touch pad or mouse the waves increase in speed. Any idea whats going on? HDMI and internal display work great07:35
e0jewavy like ripples when you drop a stone in water07:35
dortizunexpected error07:35
Dr_Willise0je:  sounds like interfearance in the signal.07:35
mumpitze1e0je: change the horizonzal frequency of your vga output07:36
mumpitze1dortiz: it can't be missing when you have run X at least once07:36
e0jeDr_Willis: how can i check for interference?07:36
dortizdo i type that in terminal or search07:36
sharpshooterSunStar:  mumpitze1 , sorry i freezes again so restarted my system07:37
mumpitze1dortiz: ls -l /var/log/Xorg*07:37
e0jemumpitze1: how do i adjust horz frequency???/07:37
mumpitze1e0je: xrandr should be able to do it07:37
theosthanks that solved logging problem. now i have [ 1763.228158] ehci-pci 0000:00:1d.7: setting latency timer to 64   [ 1764.220058] hub 2-0:1.0: Cannot enable port 2.  Maybe the USB cable is bad?07:37
sharpshooterSunStar:  how to check the S.M.A.R.T logs??07:37
dortiz-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 48487 Jul 27 00:20 /var/log/Xorg.0.log07:37
dortizi get that07:37
mumpitze1sharpshooter: with smartctl from smartmon-tools07:38
dortiz-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 55913 Jul 27 00:11 /var/log/Xorg.0.log.old07:38
theosmaybe latency is too high?07:38
dortizand that one also07:38
mumpitze1theos: what mouse is it?07:38
dortizI guess I wil just sell this laptop and get nvidia one seem to have no issue with nvidia07:38
theosmumpitze1 its an old IBM mouse. was cheap. but it worked fine on 10.04. then i installed 13.4 and it didnt work07:39
Dr_Willistotally depends on the exxact chipset i find theos ..07:39
mumpitze1yes, throw money at the problem. learning to solve problems is for losers, POOR losers07:39
Dr_Willisif getting a new laptop - avoid ones that have the dual gpu optimus stuff07:39
dortizim will to learn07:39
SunStarsharpshooter,  try running from a live USB so you arent dealing with the computer freezing, then go into terminal and type "sudo apt-get install smartmontools" (no quotes, you can come in here while booted into the live CD in case you forget that command)07:39
mumpitze1dortiz: impossible to get them really. except maybe for crappy ones07:39
mumpitze1Dr_Willis: ^^  and it should be "impossible not to get them"07:39
dortiznvidia on my desktop works great but i need laptop to bring to ruby rails meetups07:40
Dr_Willisdortiz:  if you are wanting a ubuntu only laptop. check out the various sites that sell them preinstalled with ubuntu.07:41
dortizi guess i can use desktop for games and laptop mainly for coding07:41
mumpitze1dortiz: so can you pastebin the file or not?07:41
sharpshooterSunStar:  ok i checked the smartctl command and it show me ERROR" smartctl requires a device name as the final command -line argument which argument should i provide ?07:41
dortiznot sure sorry have to figure how to do that07:41
sharpshooteri mean device07:42
theosDr_Willis oh so i have to find the chipset. let me see. thanks07:42
mumpitze1you want to program for the web but don't know how to open a file?07:42
Dr_Willisdortiz:  install the pastebinit command 'sudo apt-get install pastebinit'07:42
mumpitze1or use a pastebin?07:42
Dr_Willisdortiz:  then 'pastebinit /path/to/the/file'07:42
mumpitze1sharpshooter: the devicename for your harddisk07:42
SunStarsharpshooter,  i dont know i've never used it through the command line, i always use the graphical utility07:42
Dr_Willissharpshooter:  such as /dev/sda   or /dev/sdb07:42
dortizit is installing07:42
mumpitze1sharpshooter: usually /dev/sda. but that won't help you, you need to do a long SMART test to test the harddisk afterwards07:43
sharpshooteryes I check it is /dev/sda07:43
Wulfapt-mark auto $(dpkg -l|awk '/^ii *linux-(image|headers)-3\.2\./{print $2}'); apt-get -y autoremove --purge07:44
theosDr_Willis i have this mouse http://www.ceimall.com/sitefiles/product-780/IBM/MO32BO07:44
Dr_Willistheos:  i got a whold box of mices. ;)07:45
sharpshootermumpitze1:  this is the output of smartctl  -a /dev/sda : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5917548/07:45
dortiznice im learning few things07:45
theosDr_Willis same model? :)07:45
dortiznice community can't get this for windows07:45
dortizthats why i love ubuntu07:46
Dr_Willistheos:  i must have a box of 30+ mice from over the years.. cant say ive ever had an issue with any of them on linux.07:46
Dr_Willisexcept for an occsional extra button or 2 on some of them.07:46
theosthis used to work fine :(07:47
Dr_Willisdoes it work on other pcs?07:47
dortizwere is good site to buy laptop with ubuntu already installed07:47
Dr_Willisdoes it work on a live cd?07:47
theosalso. kworker takes up 40-60% of cpu07:47
Dr_Willisdortiz:  system76, perhaps others.. i havent kept up with whos offering what these days07:48
theosi think its related to my connecting the mouse to the port07:48
PukeTibet420waddup cunts.07:49
theoshmm didnt try on other pcs. but it used to work on this same laptop in 10.0407:49
Dr_Willistheos:   untill you can prove otherwise.. assume its a hardware failure on the part of the mouse, cable, or usb port.07:50
Dr_Willisprove its not a hardware faliure. :)07:50
Dr_Willistest with a 10.04 live cd perhaps. and on other pcs07:50
theosthats a better option. i will try it on 10.0407:50
mumpitze1Dr_Willis: Cyborg RAT mice apparently do however (not a fault of linux but how they were designed)07:52
ffio_in ubuntu i can't use su ? i have to use sudo to get admin rights ?07:52
Dr_Willissome of these weird gaming hardware are just weird07:52
Dr_Willisffio_:  you can su to users. but not to root. since root has no password by default07:52
Dr_Willisffio_:  sudo is how you get to root in ubuntu.. its by design.07:52
ffio_Dr_Willis: ok :)07:52
ubottuThe Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/07:52
dortizso no way to get my ati driver to showup on the graphics detail07:53
theoskworker is using all of the cpu. is there any way to stop that?07:53
Dr_Willisdortiz:  if the drivers no longer support that chipset - i wouldent think so. but i havent beenpaying attentionto your specifics. i dont use ati any more07:53
Dr_Williskillall kworker   (to kill it perhaps)07:53
ffio_thanks Dr_Willis07:53
* Dr_Willis wonders whata kworker is.07:54
Dr_Willis!find kworker07:54
theosits a kernel process i assume. is it advisable to kill it?07:54
ubottuFile kworker found in qtdeclarative5-private-dev07:54
Dr_Willistheos:  one way to find out. ;)07:54
Dr_Willisif its a kernel process - your user cant kill it i imagine07:54
Dr_Willisps ax | grep kworker07:54
Dr_Willisseems i have several dozen kworker processes07:55
=== hakunin_ is now known as hakunin
theosyes and one of mine is taking 47% of cpu07:55
mumpitze1dortiz: what is the output of glxinfo?07:56
Dr_Willisps ax | grep kworker07:56
Dr_Willis    5 ?        S<     0:00 [kworker/0:0H]07:56
Dr_Willis    6 ?        S      0:00 [kworker/u:0]07:56
Dr_WillisNone of them seem to be using any cpu here at all.07:56
dortizit says currently not installed07:56
Dr_Willisif im reading that right07:56
theosmaybe its a bug07:56
mumpitze1dortiz: what is the exact output?07:57
dortizThe program 'glxinfo' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing: sudo apt-get install mesa-utils07:57
dortizi guessill try that07:58
mumpitze1isn't that a helpful error message?07:58
Dr_Willisnight all.07:58
wilee-nileetheos, There are numerous threads on kworker at askubuntu http://askubuntu.com/search?q=kworker07:58
mumpitze1dortiz: it's nothing to laugh at07:58
theosdortiz after installing it, do glxinfo |grep -i render07:58
PenyulapI just arrived on this planet and when I typed "Find" to find a file and / as the path and the name of the file, it spits out completely everything. I didn't want everything, I just wanted to find the one file i was looking for on the hard drive. why won't 'find / filename' work ?07:59
theosthanks wilee-nilee07:59
dortizno im laughing at myself for being such a noob07:59
dortizbut i have to start somewere07:59
ffio_dr_willis_: do ubuntu support if ubuntu based distro is made ?08:00
ffio_dr_willis_: can i pm you ?08:00
dortizit says E: Invalid operation istall08:00
wilee-nileeffio_, He is gone.08:00
PukeTibet420waddup cunts.08:00
ffio_wilee-nilee: :908:00
ffio_wilee-nilee: :(08:00
dortizso that didnt work08:01
mumpitze1dortiz: cause you did it wrong08:01
dortizi copied exact words08:01
mumpitze1no you did not08:02
dortizyour right i tried again08:02
mumpitze1dortiz: you need to READ and ACT on error message. I won't handhold you08:02
dortizit is done08:02
dortizsorry no hand holding i can certainly figure error messages out08:03
dortizdirect rendering: Yes OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on AMD RS880     GL_NV_conditional_render, GL_AMD_conservative_depth,08:04
dortizi get that now08:04
ffio_can i setup root for ubuntu ?08:04
dortizthats much better than unknown08:05
ubuntu89how can i detect my friend's IP address while we message each others?08:06
bekksffio_: What do you mean by "setup root"?08:06
bekksubuntu89: Ask him.08:06
ubuntu89bekks he would refuse :D08:06
dortizI should be ok with that driver i think08:06
bekksubuntu89: Then you are not supposed to do what you are intending to do.08:06
mumpitze1ubuntu89: depends on the way you are messaging08:07
ffio_bekks: i don't want to use sudo always to do system related work. for that i want to setup root account by which using su i can log into it.08:07
bekksffio_: You have to sudo once, only. sudo -i08:07
ubuntu89he is on my friends list .. i wanna jokking him only08:07
dortizthanks mumpitzel have good night08:07
mumpitze1ubuntu89: friends list on what protocol?08:08
bekksffio_: The root account is up and running and already setup. It has no password set, so login is deactivated for that account.08:08
bekks!root | ffio_08:08
ubottuffio_: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo08:08
mumpitze1ubuntu89: you can't08:08
ubuntu89i was in a neatchat room app yesterday .. somebody told me my IP address08:09
bekksubuntu89: That wasnt on Facebook.08:09
mumpitze1ubuntu89: do you have a ubuntu support problem?08:09
cc0deHi there :)08:10
exalthello i have a problem, when i run a command by cmd it works, when i make crontab run the same command it fails08:10
exaltwhy is this ?08:10
Atlantic777Hi guys! I've got an interesting situation. Something went wrong and I tried to restart X but then funny things started to happen. Computer is stucked with broken X, I can't go into tty and firstly I could log in through ssh but when I tryed to restart X from there, that ssh session got stuck too. Now I can't even log in through ssh, it prompts me for password, responds if the password is wrong but when I enter the right password, I can't g08:10
ffio_bekks: thanks for the info mate08:10
Atlantic777Here's ssh -vvv log, but I can see nothing interesting: https://paste.lugons.org/show/301joNKEOPI9J98e3thJ/08:10
ubuntu89mumpitzel:i wanna nobody detect my IP on my ubuntu08:10
bekksexalt: Then you are not issuing the full path to the binary you want to run. the crontab does not know anything about the PATH variable.08:10
gordonjcpAtlantic777: have you tried just powering the thing off and back on?08:11
gordonjcpAtlantic777: it sounds like you've tried everything else ;-)08:11
exaltbekks: /bin/bash -c "/usr/bin/python /srv/nieuws/backend.py grabber run"  >> /var/log/script_output.log 2>&1 ??08:11
cc0dei wanna update my source.list , any advices?08:12
gordonjcpAtlantic777: if you can't ssh in and can't log in from a console, that's often because something is using so much processor power that it takes forever to even get a terminal up - which usually indicates that things are really, really stuck there08:12
mumpitze1cc0de: why would you want to do it?08:12
Atlantic777gordonjcp: ah, and another thing... it's a laptop and I started uptime marathon. It's been 45 days now and I would like to try really everything before powering it off. Geek stuff. :/08:12
cc0deHi mumpitze1, Cuz i'm using an old version of ubuntu, i need to install some packages using apt-get .. & its says theres no packages available on this source .. :/08:13
Atlantic777gordonjcp: no, I think it's not the case because if cpu is on such load, ssh wouldn't prompt me for password and probably wouldn't respond immidiatelly if I enter wrong password. Right?08:13
bekksexalt: Uselss use of bash I'd say :) Just run: /usr/bin/python /srv/nieuws/backend.py grabber run >> /var/log/script_output.log 2>&108:13
lotuspsychje!eol | cc0de08:13
ubottucc0de: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:13
sharpshootermumpitze1, hi i just testing my system with live session yet there is no freezing problem i found , and the smartctl  - a /dev/sda output is here : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5917603/ is my system hardware having any issue or it is any videodriver issue ?08:13
e0jexorg searches for fglrx, i had it installed at one point but i removed it however it still tries to load it, how can i stop xorg from detecting it?08:13
lotuspsychjecc0de: we would recommend you installing a version from topic08:14
mumpitze1cc0de: generally your ubuntu has all repos it can have in its sources.list. upgrade to a newer, supported ubuntu version which provides the software you want08:14
cc0deThanks .. but i'am using a penetration testing distribution, i'am using BlackBuntu08:14
mumpitze1e0je: by editing your xorg.conf. normally you can delete xorg.conf08:14
bekkscc0de: Which is not supported in here at all.08:14
bekkscc0de: Ask the balckbuntu support please.08:14
cc0deOkay :) Sorry 4that08:15
ddsschow do I empty the trash. I can't believe im asking this... lol08:15
lotuspsychjecc0de: also keep in mind older version might get you the target of pentesting :p08:15
e0jemumpitze1: I dont have xorg.conf its detected automatically by Xorg08:15
cc0deno .. LOL everything is updated, i just wanna update its source list08:15
mumpitze1e0je: chekc /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/ then08:16
Slartddssc: either using nautilus (right clicking on the trash icon on the desktop or I think you can go to "trash:" and you'll get an "empty trash" button there08:16
mumpitze1cc0de: we do not support blackbuntu. please respect that08:16
lotuspsychjecc0de: why not installing latest and install pentesting packages from regular ubuntu?08:16
e0jemumpitze1: no dont have those dir08:16
cc0deI wanna do that :D (y) thanks for advice guys08:17
mumpitze1e0je: then how is it looking for fglrx?08:17
e0jemumpitze1: http://pastebin.com/7A8xJ7UW08:17
e0jemumpitze1: i dunno08:17
e0jethats my xorg log, mind you i have a lot of heads and two gfx cards 1 ati and 1 intel.....the VGA1 is giving me issues08:18
mumpitze1e0je: no problem there then08:18
mumpitze1unless you actually describe your issues08:18
lotuspsychjee0je: 2 grafix cards in one pc?08:19
e0jelotuspsychje: yes08:19
e0jeits a meda dock actually08:19
sharpshootermumpitze1, when i rebooted my system last time the08:20
sharpshooter    The system is running in low-graphics mode08:20
sharpshooter    Your screen, graphics cards, and input device settings could not be detected correctly. You will need to configure these yourself.08:20
e0jemumpitze1: xorg spits tries to load fglrx and errors like crazy then when everything is running VGA1 gives me wavy horizontal lines08:21
e0jeVGA1 runs on intel i915 opensource08:21
sharpshootermumpitze1,  should i reinstall my system or is there any solution that should i use ??08:22
MarcWillisHello, I am having trouble booting ubuntu from a usb flashdrive onto my laptop which currently is running windows vista. I was wondering if its even possible to run ubuntu on a laptop, and if so, is it possible that my BIOS just does not support booting from a USB?08:22
mumpitze1sharpshooter: this is not windows, reinstallation is not a solution.08:23
ubuntu76you can run ubuntu on laptop08:23
mumpitze1MarcWillis: unlikely, very unlikely that you can't boot from USB. and it's normally fine to run ubuntu on laptops08:23
sharpshootermumpitze1, ok I checked with alt+ctrl+f1 that is working perfectly i guess it the problem is related to my system video card ??08:24
ubuntu76check your bios to see if it shows up on the boot order if it does make it first to boot08:24
sharpshootermumpitze1, and there is no freezing in live session !08:24
theosso nobody else has kworker problem? :S08:25
ubuntu76if it is not there then bios does not support it08:25
mumpitze1sharpshooter: could very well be. again: check for heat problems and do some troubleshooting08:25
MarcWillisIt doesn't even show up as an option on the boot menu, it only displays "windows vista"08:25
sharpshootermumpitze1, i checked the heat all  temperature  shows below 65 only08:26
mumpitze1sharpshooter: what videocard(s)?08:26
ubuntu76i would make a cd if you can be easier to install that way08:26
mumpitze1MarcWillis: it needs to show up in BIOS, not on the boot menu. what laptop is this?08:27
sharpshootermumpitze1, if the live session is working perfect means it not related to hardware right ?08:27
mumpitze1no it doesn't. drivers in the live session might be different08:27
mumpitze1!pm | MarcWillis08:28
ubottuMarcWillis: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.08:28
MarcWillismumpitze1: sorry, I am quite new to IRC chat08:29
mumpitze1so what laptop is it?08:29
MarcWillisit is a compaq08:30
mumpitze1compaq is not a laptop, is it?08:30
sharpshootermumpitze1 : i use psensor in my ubuntu system and i check with that and also i enabled the notification in that app it is in below 65 only08:30
ubuntu76made by hp08:30
mumpitze1hp doesn't make a single laptop either08:31
mumpitze1and neither is hp a laptop08:31
ubuntu76oh thought compaq was hp brand08:31
MarcWillissorry, its a presario CQ5008:31
mumpitze1it is. but hp hasn't made laptops for many years. clevo, foxconn, pegatron do08:31
MarcWillisbut the brand is a compaq08:32
mumpitze1MarcWillis: that one certainly can boot from USB08:32
sharpshootermumpitze1, i got a solution in this post http://askubuntu.com/questions/141606/how-to-fix-the-system-is-running-in-low-graphics-mode-error i'm going to try it !08:32
kafeehi everybody08:32
mumpitze1sharpshooter: is it running in this mode right now? of so, pastebing your Xorg.0.log instead08:33
MarcWillisSo, I need to access the BIOS before the startup correct?08:33
sharpshootermumpitze1, sure08:34
kafeewant to connect two monitors in my system, both should show half -half of my system screen, can any one help me out08:36
kafeei am having ubuntu os in it.08:37
elkykafee: plug them both in, then search for "displays" and choose that app, then un-tick "mirror"08:37
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DestinyAwaitsGuys.. I am having some issues with ubuntu08:40
Guest48113la mejor distro es xubuntu08:41
DestinyAwaitsI see connection established with my wifi but still not able to access the internet08:41
DestinyAwaitsI don't know the reason08:41
kafeeis this option present in Ubuntu08:41
Guest48113ubuntu vs xubuntu08:42
Guest48113win xubuntu08:42
mumpitze1DestinyAwaits: what wlan chipset and what does sudo iwlist scanning   spit out?08:42
sharpshootermumpitze1, this is my Xorg.0.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/5917673/  (taken from my system that having freezing issue)08:43
DestinyAwaitsdunno.. :( I haven't checked it for that I have to shutdown windows and boot into ubuntu again08:43
mumpitze1DestinyAwaits: so what chipset?08:44
DestinyAwaitsUsing netbook 1215B Asus08:44
mumpitze1that's no chipset.08:44
DestinyAwaitsah ok08:44
DestinyAwaitsI have given the model no. Will that help?08:45
DestinyAwaitsAsus Netbook 1215B08:45
mumpitze1so if you have a connection established: do a "ping" if that works it's probably your DNS resolver that is broken. if it doesn,'t ping your router IP. if that doesn't work either then you have no connection and should show us your dmesg output08:45
DestinyAwaitsok what I do is shutdown windows again boot into linux and do the following..08:46
mumpitze1DestinyAwaits: it does not. e.g this eeepc 1215b has a ralink chipset: http://www.notebookcheck.com/Test-Asus-Eee-PC-1215B-Netbook.55266.0.html08:46
DestinyAwaitsone thing here if the ping is the problem ie the DNS Resolver how can i fix it?08:47
sharpshootermumpitze1,  ?08:47
ikoniaDestinyAwaits: ping is nothing to do with dns08:48
DestinyAwaitsah ok08:48
mumpitze1DestinyAwaits: put putting "nameserver" into your /etc/resolv.conf file and coming back here under ubuntu08:48
ikoniaDestinyAwaits: don't do what mumpitze1 said08:48
DestinyAwaitsso shall i boot into ubuntu and check again?08:48
mumpitze1sharpshooter: your log looks fine08:48
ikoniaDestinyAwaits: ubuntu uses dnsmaq so putting it in /etc/resolv.conf conf won't help08:48
MarcWillismumpitse1: Thank you very much, it is working now. sorry for the PM's earlier08:48
mumpitze1ikonia: huh?08:48
mumpitze1ikonia: so ubuntu uses a different resolver than the one frm libc?08:49
ikoniamumpitze1: it forwards requests to dnsmasq, that's why is in resolv.conf08:49
mumpitze1ikonia: that wasn't the question08:49
ikoniaand constantly overwrites resolv.conf to re-point it to dnsmasq08:50
sharpshootermumpitze1, here is my sensor temp : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5917689/08:50
DestinyAwaitsSorry to interupt guys shall I try booting into ubuntu and check ping command and dmesg?08:50
mumpitze1ikonia: and where does it store the actual authoritative DNS server?08:50
ikoniamumpitze1: it's something like /etc/resolv.conf.d/$something08:51
DestinyAwaitsand if possible as dmesg is quite huge is there something in particular you are looking for?08:51
ikoniamumpitze1: I don't have an ubuntu box to check it at the moment08:51
DestinyAwaitsso I can tell you that part only08:51
mumpitze1DestinyAwaits: just put it into a pastebin. it's the part about loading the drivers and connecting to the AP. I dunno if you know how to spot it which why it's better to pastebin it all08:52
mooperdI am setting up socks proxies with "ssh -D2001 root@ip". I would like to be able to see how much data is flowing over this socket. It is possible to use netcat to "scan" what is going on here and pipe it into pv?08:52
mumpitze1mooperd: and you run which distro exactly?08:52
sharpshootermumpitze1, so what is the possible solution for me  if i want to reinstall my display drive how can i do it ?08:52
AnaxandridasHi, guys. I just installed Ubuntu a couple days ago, so I'm noob. I'm trying to get the latest stable version of Libreoffice, which is 4.0-something. The download off the software center only has LibreOffice 3,5. I tried installing it directly from the Libreoffice site, but the installer just doesn't seem to run. So I used the terminal code as it says here "http://www.webupd8.org/2013/03/install-libreoffice-40-in-ubuntu-1204.h08:52
Anaxandridastml", but it's still 3,5. Could someone help a noob out here? I don't know much about Linux, and most of my computer use is just typing.08:52
DestinyAwaitsmumpitze1: ah ok.. I will try to join it ASAP.. Thanks a lot.. :)08:53
mumpitze1sharpshooter: no need. there is nothing to reinstall with intel hd graphics08:53
mumpitze1sharpshooter: it might be the bug in the askubuntu link you gave. you can try that workaround if you are willing08:54
sharpshootermumpitze1, ok thanks for you help :) i helped me a lot .08:55
sharpshootermumpitze1, ok thanks for your help :) it helped me a lot . ** typos !! ;)08:55
chalcedony`my husband is having a terrible time getting his computer to run again. it worked, we were gone for a few days, wouldn't boot. he configured a new drive at home, came back and trying it, it will only go in read-only safe mode. it's ubuntu 12.04 i think08:56
megahoofGoood morning =)08:57
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: dpkg -l |grep libreof; apt-cache policy libreoffice08:57
Anaxandridasmumpitze1,  typed that in. I'm a complete noob to Linux, and not sure what any of that means, though.08:58
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: put the output of it all into a pastebin08:59
Anaxandridashttp://pastebin.com/ysmk0Nr1 mumpitze1 thanks for the help.09:00
sharpshootermumpitze1, one more question here is the bug i experience I guess it has effect by the recent update kernel can i revert back my update to last stable working condition in my system is there any way ? i would love to know because all my personal project workspace is in this system09:01
mumpitze1sharpshooter: you can use an older kernel of course09:01
lotuspsychje!cookie | mumpitze109:02
ubottumumpitze1: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!09:02
Anaxandridasmumpitze1, how did you know what it was that I needed to type in to the terminal to get that result? If I know that, I can save the next helpful person from having to tell me what to type into terminal.09:02
sharpshootermumpitze1, sounds good for me how can I accomplish that any command or tool ?09:02
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: I need to know what libreoffice versions(s) are installed and where your apt will get them from when you try to install it. these two commands will tell me that09:03
sharpshootermumpitze1, or i want to download that previous version and compile it in my system ?09:03
mumpitze1sharpshooter: you can but I wouldn't do it. downloading it from repos or packages.ubuntu.com is easier09:03
mumpitze1sharpshooter: what kernel do you want? which version?09:04
Anaxandridasmumpitze1, I was asking how you knew what those two commands were. That way next time I have a stupid question, I already know the commands to get the information they need.09:04
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: knowledge about how the packaing system works09:05
sharpshootermumpitze1, i have no idea about the version's that i used i guess it will be latest update from ubuntu OS 13.04. and i have to revert back the kernal prior to it right ?09:05
mumpitze1sharpshooter: IF it is a kernel issue. I was more thinnking about it being a displaymanager issue as described in that aksubuntu thread09:08
mooperdmumpitze1: osx, freebsd, ubuntu, debian and centos09:09
sharpshootermumpitze1, you mean lightDM ?09:09
mumpitze1sharpshooter: "The greeter is invalid" one in your link, yes09:09
mumpitze1!pm | Anaxandridas09:10
ubottuAnaxandridas: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.09:10
sharpshootermumpitze1, sorry this was the link http://askubuntu.com/questions/141606/how-to-fix-the-system-is-running-in-low-graphics-mode-error09:10
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: there is no other answer except what I already wrote09:10
sharpshootermumpitze1, anyway am going to fix the lightdm first and the kernal option will be the last option09:11
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: if you want to lear, read documentation about the two commands, dpkg and apt-cache, learn how to use pipes with grep to filter output. those are good things to learn for managing your ubuntu system09:11
chalcedony`the error he gets is longish: Verifying DMI Pool data, then The system is running in Low Graphics Mode, your screen, graphics card, and input devices could not be detected correctly.. then "what would you like to do?" - but it can't see the keyboard  to do anything. help?09:11
MathcubesCan anyone help me?09:11
karvenWhat's wrong09:11
sharpshootermumpitze1, i am installing kernel first time what things should i consider ?09:11
Mathcubes $A = "$(whoami)"09:12
Mathcubesecho $A09:12
MathcubesWhat am I doing wrong?09:12
DestinyAwaitFinally I have wifi working on ubuntu09:12
DJonesMathcubes: Probably best asking in #bash (Could be ##bash)09:12
DestinyAwaitIt's /etc/resolv.conf09:12
mumpitze1sharpshooter: probably the kernel is still there. dpkg -l |grep linux-image09:12
mumpitze1DestinyAwait: what was it?09:12
DestinyAwaitI addded nameserver
chalcedony`YAY DestinyAwait :)09:13
sharpshootermumpitze1, k09:13
sharpshootermumpitze1, thanks !09:13
chalcedony`hi KindOne09:13
DestinyAwaitmumpitze1: just added the nameserver entry thanks a lot09:13
DestinyAwaityea thanks09:13
DestinyAwaitone more question09:13
DestinyAwaitI do have some broken dependencies09:13
DestinyAwaitWhen I am trying to install a new package I was getting error to fix broken dependencies09:14
mumpitze1DestinyAwait: that's only a temporary solution ask ikonia mentioned what is the output of ls -l /etc/resolv*  ?09:14
DestinyAwaitusing apt-get -f09:14
ikoniaDestinyAwait: as I told you - that is not the correct fix09:14
mumpitze1DestinyAwait: pastebin the output of your apt-get command into a pastebin09:14
ikoniaDestinyAwait: it will keep breaking if you add things into /etc/resolv.conf09:14
DestinyAwaitok pasting the output09:15
ikoniaDestinyAwait: output of what ?09:15
mumpitze1DestinyAwait: for both commands btw09:15
mumpitze1DestinyAwait: I suggest you fix one problem first then the other.09:15
chalcedony`i'm afraid i really do need help?09:15
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DestinyAwaitposting second09:16
DestinyAwaitOne is this: http://pastebin.com/XHdiNJNH09:16
chalcedony`he keeps restarting the computer, it's not seeing his hardware - monitor or keyboard09:17
Anaxandridasmumpitze1, not really sure what you want me to do from here. I gave you the pastebin you said you wanted in order to offer a solution. You didn't offer a solution. I PMd you saying I had time (which I do), so let me know when you're ready to tackle it, and you told me to not PM you on the grounds that you would help me here. Will you do so?09:17
DestinyAwaitSecond: http://pastebin.com/zA8VXu8G09:17
mumpitze1Amandil: sprry. dodm09:18
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: sorry, didn't see the link09:18
ShotokanZHhi all09:18
DestinyAwaitmumpitze1: ikonia: Posted both the errors..09:18
chalcedony`DestinyAwait, part of the frustration of asking for help from volunteers who have work or real life things going09:18
DestinyAwaithi ShotokanZH09:18
chalcedony`hi ShotokanZH09:18
DestinyAwaitchalcedony`: Sorry Mate..09:19
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: sudo apt-get upgrade   should install the newest libreoffice09:19
AnaxandridasIt doesn't, though. I tried that, because I found that line while Googling.09:20
DestinyAwaitchalcedony`: they requested me to post the output so I did it.. I will not direct to individuals09:20
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: apt-get install libreoffice-write libreoffice-common libreoffice-gtk     that should do it09:20
Anaxandridasmumpitze1, thank you.09:21
mumpitze1DestinyAwait: install the java6-jre09:21
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.09:21
mumpitze1the openjdk should be in the repos and easiest (and preferred) to install09:21
DestinyAwaitmumpitze1:  I don't wanted to install it now.. as its not needed09:21
DestinyAwaitI just wanted the error to go away09:22
DestinyAwaitso I can apt-get install any other package09:22
DestinyAwaitone more thing here09:22
mumpitze1DestinyAwait: it is needed09:23
mumpitze1or you need to uninstall your weechat or whatever needs java via dpkg -r09:24
DestinyAwaitFirst when I issued the command sudo apt-get install weechat it said install dependency weechat-curses first.. When I said install sudo apt-get install weechat-curses it is saying me to install weechat-plugins first09:24
Anaxandridasmumpitze1, this is the result of your recent advisement. http://pastebin.com/NBYJ16R509:24
Anaxandridasmumpitze1, I AM using my main account,and have never had an issue installing anything. Not really sure why it's saying I don't have admin priviledge.09:25
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: a ubuntu user should know how to use sudo when installing software, no?09:25
Anaxandridasmumpitze1, I started using Ubuntu three days ago. Sorry. Trying again...09:26
DestinyAwaitAh resolved that jdk problem now using sudo dpkg -r davmail09:27
DestinyAwaitit's kinda making the mess09:27
Anaxandridasmumpitze1, it is my understanding that as long as I type "sudo" in front of it, it should be running the command as root. Please explain what I'm doing wrong there, because it has the same result. I DID use sudo the first time. It simply lists all packages "kept back", 17 of them. All the ones I want.09:28
DestinyAwaitSo I was asking about this problem09:28
DestinyAwaitFirst when I issued the command sudo apt-get install weechat it said install dependency weechat-curses first.. When I said install sudo apt-get install weechat-curses it is saying me to install weechat-plugins first09:28
cha0z1hi is there any way to force ubuntu 13.04 to use vpn dns server and not the ( routers)09:28
DestinyAwaitis there a way to issue the command such a way that all the depencies gets installed automatically?09:29
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: kept back mean it wasn't upgraded cause they would other packages to be uninstalled, or such09:29
mumpitze1*they would cause09:29
mumpitze1to quote a debian bot: <dpkg> i heard kept back is when packages have not been upgraded even though newer versions are available.  This happens if dependencies cannot be resolved, packages are on hold or you used "upgrade" not "full-upgrade" and old09:30
mumpitze1             packages need to be removed as part of the upgrade.  To investigate, "aptitude -s install <kept-package>".  See also http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/69 and ask me about <full-upgrade>.09:30
AnaxandridasSo, ultimately, how do I get an upgraded version of LibreOffice, mumpitze1?09:30
Atlantic777ssh nightmare update: I can exec remote commands with ssh -T. From dmesg it seems that fish (a shell) crashed so I tried to start bash and it doesn't work. From strace I can see that it fails on opening a tty. Very strange. If anyone has ideas... :D09:30
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: apt-get install libreoffice-writer09:31
Atlantic777cha0z1: is the localhost so you use your own DNS server. Check out /etc/resolv.conf09:32
AnaxandridasWe did that one, mumpitze1. It went through the motions of installing, but nothing had changed, which is why you gave me the update command.09:32
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: what motions?09:33
mumpitze1does apt-get install <package> install said package or not?09:33
mumpitze1and if you still don't understand how to prepend sudo to such a command you are on your own09:33
AnaxandridasWhere it says a bunch of stuff about unpacking packages, counts down percentages, whatever. It looks in terminal like it IS installing it. But Libreoffice remains unchanged.09:33
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: dpkg -l |grep libreoffice   to check09:34
Anaxandridasmumpitze1, no matter how patronizing or demeaning you make a reference to it, I'm using sudo just like anyone else, as already established.09:34
AnaxandridasYou already gave me that. I pasted the results...09:34
mumpitze1Anaxandridas: good luck solving your problems09:35
AnaxandridasI'll need it, considering the help I've gotten. Have a nice day.09:35
mumpitze1hint: after you do some stuff like installing packages, the installed package list might have changed, especially the versioning09:35
HexagoniteAnyone know an AMD driver with fast 2D performance?09:44
mumpitze1Hexagonite: which chip?09:45
Hexagonitemumpitze1: Radeon HD 629009:45
mumpitze1then you have a choice between radeon and fglrx. choose your poison09:46
mumpitze1radeon probably still has awful powermanagement09:46
Hexagonite'radeon' driver?09:46
innerandHi! I would like to have a wav-(or flac)stream as "sound card". Any ideas how to do this?09:46
mumpitze1then one where you don't have to do anything. ubuntu uses it out of the box09:46
Hexagoniteohhh. that's what I'm actually using at the moment, but there are horizontal lines at some colors.09:47
mumpitze1innerand: to do what exactly?09:47
HexagoniteI tried fglrx but 2D is too slow09:47
sharpshootermumpitze1:  great ! The system is working fine now I just used the advance option from grub and loaded the previous version of kernel now there is no freezing issue (uptime is 20 min now) :)09:48
innerandmumpitze1, I would like to use my squeezebox as sound output.09:48
mumpitze1sharpshooter: good luck09:49
sharpshootermumpitze1:  thanks man ! :)09:49
innerandmumpitze1, so everything what would go to the soundcard should go as a wave stream to the squeezebox09:49
HexagoniteIs the brightness problem in xorg-edgers fixed now?09:50
innerandor flac to reduce network load09:50
=== caleb_ is now known as bleb
blebI'm trying to disable my thinkpad's tap-to-click without using a gui. Looking at xorg.conf.d, does anyone know what to do?09:55
mJaykbleb: i dont think it will be anything to do with x?09:56
mumpitze1bleb: http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=110&t=111712  third post for example. is google so hard to use "Thinkpad linux disable tap to click"09:57
ShotokanZHhi all09:59
ShotokanZHanyone can help me with an ASUS k55vd?09:59
ShotokanZHi can't boot into kubuntu or ubuntu09:59
ShotokanZHwindows 8 has the priority on it, it seems09:59
ShotokanZHthe bios seems to boot directly the win8 partition instead of the mbr10:00
hewhomustShoto, do you even get a grub menu?10:04
mumpitze1ShotokanZH: is secure boot off?10:04
ShotokanZHhewhomust, nope10:05
ShotokanZHmumpitze1, yes10:05
hewhomustwhere did you install grub to?10:05
mumpitze1ShotokanZH: go into BIOS and make it boot from USB (that is if you want to install ubuntu)10:05
ShotokanZHhewhomust, /dev/sda10:05
ShotokanZHmumpitze1, it's already installed, it simply does not boot grub10:05
=== Elfix is now known as Felixdu94
ShotokanZHhewhomust, should be the pxe oprom boot disabled?10:06
hewhomustyeah i had the same problem when i installed by uefi too10:07
hewhomusti had to actually boot into usb or cd10:07
ShotokanZHhewhomust, there's no way to bypass that??10:07
hewhomustshoto, what boot option did you use, there might be two things for the same usb?10:08
ShotokanZHhewhomust, i choose the uefi one10:09
hewhomustthats the problem10:09
hewhomustthe installation is slightly different from uefi than usb10:10
ShotokanZHhewhomust, have i to choose the normal one so?10:10
ShotokanZHnot the one with 'uefi' in the name?10:10
hewhomustyes the usb option that should work10:10
chunkyheadhow can i chat to other users logged in into the server? like is there a chatroom app on linux?10:10
mumpitze1chunkyhead: you are currently chatting to other users10:11
=== cristian_c_ is now known as cristian_c
ShotokanZHhewhomust, now i try10:11
chunkyheadhow can i chat to other users logged in into the server? like is there a chatroom app on linux?10:12
gordonjcpchunkyhead: talk10:12
chunkyheadhow can i chat to other users logged in into a linux server? like is there a chatroom app on linux? im looking for a cli app to chat with other users on cli10:13
ShotokanZHso i boot "generic flash disk" instead of "UEFI: generic flash disk"10:13
mumpitze1chunkyhead: irssi10:13
cristian_cI've installed qt4-qtconfig10:13
cristian_cIf I open the tool and I edit the font settings, clicking on File->Save, this string appears in the statusbar: 'Saved changes.'10:14
chunkyheadnooo not on irc mumpitze1. i have a vps. there are people logged in into that. how to send them messages10:14
cristian_cbut if I close and reopen the tool, there are not the new settings anymore10:14
cristian_cHow can I solve it?10:14
cristian_cAny ideas?10:14
mumpitze1chunkyhead: maybe ytalk10:14
poppingtonicHi.. Using ubuntu 12.04 LTS on a Acer AO751h10:15
hewhomusthi popp10:16
poppingtonicMy sound just died after i woke my laptop, post-hibernation.10:16
poppingtonichi hew10:16
ShotokanZHpoppingtonic, why don't you upgrade to 13.04?10:16
hewhomustpoppington, does no sound source work?10:17
k1lShotokanZH: :/ please be helpfull10:17
ShotokanZHk1l, sorry but in ubuntu 13.04 they did a lot of bugfixing10:18
=== Zixy is now known as underscore
ShotokanZHi mean, they didn't change the graphic only xD10:18
hewhomustshoto, sucessfully boot into usb?10:19
poppingtonichew: it started out really low, and now I can't hear a thing. A quick look at my speakers, and it doesn't look like dust caused the problem. Plus, I cleaned it a few weeks ago.10:19
hewhomustcan you open alsamixer and paste the screen10:19
ShotokanZHhewhomust, installed the whole os again and now it's booting, thank ya dude <310:20
k1lpoppingtonic: sometimes moduls dont get loaded when waking up after suspend. you could searhc on that10:20
poppingtonichewhomust: which mode? Playback?10:20
hewhomustpoppington, how many reboots have you had after this issue started?10:21
hewhomusti would seriously try it first and see if it still doesnt work10:22
akaWolfhello! can you help me? I've got error: "Unprivileged user can not mount NTFS block devices using the external FUSE"10:29
=== c0de is now known as Guest5392
JainAmberI'll like to get the distro version name (e.g. lucid or precise) from a command (so that I can pipe this output to another command). How can I find the ubuntu version name?10:31
hewhomustjain type this into terminal lsb_release -a10:32
fecubakaWolf: when does it happen?10:32
hewhomustit should tell you the distro name10:32
utfans05JainAmber, you can also do uname -a10:32
dotcomHello there. I just looked at logs using dmesg. There is a constant message of some error like "76.168711] Buffer I/O error on device fd0, logical block 0" , "88.340566] end_request: I/O error, dev fd0, sector 0"10:33
dotcomWhat does this mean? And how do i rectify it?10:34
utfans05dotcom, may have a bad sector on your hard drive.10:34
WallyIs it okay to install Ubuntu into a VM and then use the USB stick used in the VM on another computer?10:34
akaWolffecub: when I try to mount device under user10:34
akaWolffecub: mount /dev/...10:34
dotcomHere's the complete log, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5917909/10:35
utfans05akaWolf, are you doing it as sudo?10:35
JainAmberThanks hewhomust10:35
akaWolfutfans05: no10:35
utfans05akaWolf, try it as sudo and see if it works.10:35
dotcomutfans05, are you sure fd0 device represents my hard disk?10:35
akaWolfutfans05: I see, but I not want do it as sudo...10:36
utfans05dotcom, im double checking your log. gimme a minute please.10:36
fecubakaWolf: i know this problem, you must install ntfs-3g and then you can mount it with sudo ntfs-3g /dev/<handle> <mountpunkt> -o force10:36
fecubakaWolf: test it before with "sudo" :) sudo mount10:36
akaWolffecub: I have ntfs-3g installed10:36
ShotokanZHdo anyone know if ubuntu now fully supports the nvidia graphic cards+intel hd ones?10:37
akaWolffecub: UUID=E614A27C14A24F7D /media/1.5Tb auto defaults,user 0 0 -- in fstab10:37
utfans05dotcom, sorry thats a floppy drive.10:37
akaWolffecub: it's right?10:37
utfans05dotcom, are you running on some old hardware or something special?10:38
SlartShotokanZH: I'm not sure if you can switch like you can on windows but, at least on my laptop, I can use the intel one and probably the nvidia one separately.. ie reboot inbetween switching10:38
dotcomutfans05: I am not running some special hardware and my pc configuration is also not that old. And by the way, my computer has no floppy drive.10:39
ShotokanZHSlart, do you've a bios switch for that or a linux option?10:39
utfans05ShotokanZH, it is possible, i have a few friends at work that use the built in optimus hardware in their laptops. I however do not know exactly how to do it. but there are some guides out there on how to do it.10:39
dotcomutfans05: Can i just disable that fd0 device?10:39
utfans05dotcom, check your bios and make sure its not trying to auto detect a floppy drive.10:40
SlartShotokanZH: I have a bios switch but I think I have to do stuff in linux as well.. ie set what graphics device X should use and so on10:40
SlartShotokanZH: it's been a while since I messed with it10:40
QTPieMandotcom, arnt u on the ##hardware ?10:40
utfans05dotcom,  you could also blacklist the driver for your floppy if you want to get into it.10:40
fecubakaWolf: i don't know. hmm try it with "sudo ntfs-3g /dev/sda /media/mountfolder" Create befrore a folder in /media. And for sda you look in your /dev/sd[a-z]10:41
akaWolffecub: I already try that, it't not work (10:42
utfans05akaWolf, is it producing any error messages?10:43
fecubakaWolf: http://askubuntu.com/questions/34731/howto-auto-mount-windows-partitions-using-etc-fstab10:43
dotcomutfans05: Thank you. Yes, maybe i should disable that module. And i will also look into BIOS.10:44
dotcomQTPieMan: Yes10:44
hewhomusthi stroodle10:44
stroodlepupare there ftp servers for synaptic10:44
utfans05dotcom, sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf < "blacklist floppy" will put in entry into your blacklist file that will keep it from loading.10:44
QTPieMandotcom, hm10:44
akaWolffecub: my fstab write accordingly this answer, but it's not work...10:44
Wulfstroodlepup: eh?10:45
akaWolfutfans05: yes, like at this link: http://askubuntu.com/questions/34731/howto-auto-mount-windows-partitions-using-etc-fstab10:45
Wulfstroodlepup: synaptic is touchpad, right?10:45
NanashiThis is what my ntfs partition mount looks like:10:45
Nanashi/dev/sda4 /media/sda4 ntfs-3g defaults 0 010:45
stroodlepupi meant synaptic package manager :)10:45
Wulfstroodlepup: ah, that one. Why do you want ftp server for it?10:45
marzWhere can I configure CLASSPATH for Java?10:46
Wulfexport CLASSPATH=... ?10:46
utfans05akaWolf, can you post the exact error please.10:47
stroodlepupmarz, you can add export CLASSPATH= on your .bashrc file :)10:47
marzstroodlepup: I'm sorry for asking, but what is the .bashrc file for?10:48
stroodlepupopen nautilus, then ctrl + h10:48
akaWolfutfans05: Unprivileged user can not mount NTFS block devices using the external FUSE10:48
akaWolflibrary. Either mount the volume as root, or rebuild NTFS-3G with integrated10:48
akaWolfFUSE support and make it setuid root. Please see more information at10:48
akaWolfsorry, larga text10:48
FloodBot1akaWolf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.10:48
utfans05no its fine.10:48
stroodlepupit will show .bashrc in your home folder :)10:48
utfans05akaWolf, stupid question, have you rebooted?10:49
akaWolfutfans05: for what, sorry? :)10:49
utfans05akaWolf, if you read the solution on the page that you just linked to me, a reboot fixed his error. it may fix it for you also.10:50
akaWolfutfans05: ah, that very strange, but I try :)10:50
utfans05akaWolf, lemme know if it works after reboot.10:50
akaWolfutfans05: yeah10:51
joshuhi I'm trying to use check install to create a package that I can distribute to other machines10:55
joshuI have the following command string: "sudo checkinstall -fstrans=no -install=no -pkgversion="1.1.0-beta1" -pkgname=freerdp -y -requires=libavcodec53"10:55
akaWolfutfans05: no, it's not work for user, but automount work10:55
akaWolf(after system start all drive in fstab mount automatic)10:56
nylhey has any got the new nvidia drivers to work properly10:56
joshuwhen I deploy this on another machine using sudo dpkg -i *.deb it gives me an error that the package dependency libavcodec53 is not met. I thought the *.deb would install this dependency automatically. What have i missed?10:56
utfans05akaWolf, so now the drive is there?10:57
akaWolfutfans05: but I (just user, not root) not have permission to mount/umount devices10:57
Raziel2panyone know of a way to get a notification in the shell when trying to edit a file you don't have write access to?10:58
akaWolfutfans05: drive after reboot here )10:58
utfans05akaWolf, im pretty sure you have to be sudo to mount/unmount a drive.10:58
akaWolfutfans05: KDE do it without root permission )10:59
babinlonstonalfreddba: u there11:00
utfans05Raziel2p, the file will not allow a user to edit it if they do not have the correct permissions. im unsure if it puts a log entry or command line message.11:00
mozaI want to make my radon 9550 (rv350) graphics card send in 16:9 to a TV instead of 4:3. I think i might lack som drivers. Is there a specific place to find them or is 16:9 another kind of issue?11:00
joshucross posting in ubuntu-server11:00
utfans05moza, have you already installed the ati drivers?11:00
Raziel2putfans05, I know that, I'm just sick of making edits to config files only to find out I've forgotten to sudo11:01
mozano utfans05, the drivers are those given with the cd, from the original 13.04 ubuntu install11:01
utfans05moza, you can either research how to do it through xrandr or you can install the ati drivers and try to do it through the ati gui.11:02
utfans05Raziel2p, i understand how annoying that can be.11:02
utfans05Raziel2p, but idk of any packages/addons that will do that for ya.11:02
utfans05Raziel2p, are you doing alot of editing in command line or all through the gui?11:02
nylon xrandr it shown me program version 1.3.511:03
nyland server version 1.411:03
utfans05nyl, thats fine.11:03
Raziel2putfans05, linux servers11:03
nylutfans05, had to reinstall ubuntu, and try again to install the new 319 nvidia drivers11:04
Raziel2pI was sure crunchbang had something like this out of the box, but I can't find out what it actually was11:04
utfans05Raziel2p, my suggestion would be to do a ls -alh before opening it in (insert editor you choose) and checking who the file belongs to.11:04
utfans05nyl, i currently dont run the nvidia drivers on my laptop i use for linux. as far as i know all you should have to do is "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current" and that will install the current stable nvidia drivers.11:05
tlopezI am trying to create a live usb stick11:05
tlopezwith 12 GB persistence11:05
utfans05tlopez, have you tried unetbootin?11:06
nylutfans05, the problem is that my laptop is optimus xD11:06
tlopezI have the stick in 2 parts 3Gb FAT and 15 GB ntfs11:06
utfans05nyl, oh....11:06
tlopezunetbootin is linux program?11:06
utfans05you have want to do some google searching, i dont know how to get it working properly.11:06
utfans05tlopez, yes.11:06
utfans05tlopez, in a command line type sudo apt-get install unetbootin11:07
utfans05that will dl it for you.11:07
nyl319 drivers have optimus support but i think they need 3.9 kernel11:07
tlopezand unetbootin can make a stick with persistence of 15GB?11:07
utfans05nyl, im unsure.11:08
utfans05tlopez, IIRC yes.11:08
nylis 3.9 kernel RC status?11:08
utfans05im unsure what you mean by RC status11:08
nylrelease candidate11:08
utfans051 sec. lemme see11:09
utfans05nyl, take a look here. http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=nvidia-current11:10
utfans05it should list what is included in nvidia-current.11:10
utfans05looks like its only 3.0411:10
nylyea, the new ones are still in beta11:10
utfans05you can always try going to the nvidia website and getting one from that.11:11
utfans05although i cannot guarantee that it will work.11:11
nylinstalled the newest one and xorg crashed not detecting nvidia card11:11
nyleven tough i specified the bus id of it11:12
utfans05you can try to uninstall nvidia-current and then dl the one from nvidia and try it.11:12
utfans05how fresh is your install.11:12
nyljust reinstalled it11:12
nylalso i got no hdmi sound11:13
utfans05im thinking a worst case scenario to where if something goes really bad you can just reinstall...11:13
utfans05the hdmi sound is a different issue.11:13
utfans05thats got to do with alsa and pulse11:13
utfans05hrm, ive seen a ton of guys that have had to swap which audio driver they were using to get hdmi to work properly.11:15
utfans05but i could be wrong.11:15
nyllol, i rather us aux out then xD11:15
utfans05yeah, even in my windows 7 box my hdmi audio is wacky11:16
je0rJeyhi, i'm not able to install ttf-mscorefonts-installer  package on my ubuntu 13.04 .  apt-get gives the error  "Traceback (most recent call last):11:16
je0rJey  File "/usr/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloader", line 234, in process_download_requests11:16
je0rJey    dest_file = urllib.urlretrieve(files[i])[0]11:16
je0rJey  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/urllib.py", line 94, in urlretrieve11:16
je0rJey    return _urlopener.retrieve(url, filename, reporthook, data)11:16
FloodBot1je0rJey: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:16
je0rJey  File "/usr/lib/python2.7/urllib.py", line 284, in retrieve11:16
utfans05!pastebin | je0rJey11:16
ubottuje0rJey: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:16
utfans05i believe it put you in a quite status so you may want to change your name and come back.11:16
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:17
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com11:18
utfans05je0rJey, run a sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade then try to reinstall11:18
=== erry is now known as Errietta
guest-wwnPFchello guys - i just got update from gnome-ppa11:27
guest-wwnPFcand it killed gnome-shell and libgdm ( some package conflict)11:27
ubottuguest-wwnPFc,: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge11:27
guest-wwnPFcnow im having issue forcing lightdm to use Ubuntu (unity) session11:27
guest-wwnPFccfhowlett, i dont want to purge a ppa - lightdm still tries to log me using gnome-shell that is not present11:28
dmfeld22anybody have a fix, other than 'apt-get <whatever>, for the ubuntu software center nightmare?11:28
guest-wwnPFci removed $HOME/.dmrc11:28
cfhowlettdmfeld22, "nightmare" ?11:29
cfhowlettdmfeld22, what is it you want to install11:29
utfans05dmfeld22, yeah nightmare? wahts going on?11:29
guest-wwnPFcand /var/cache/lightdm/username.dmrc11:29
guest-wwnPFcbut it still tries to log me using non-existant session :/11:29
dmfeld22yeah, it wont let me download, update or upgrade amything11:29
jostHi! I'm trying to build a Raid 1 here, adding a new empty disk mirroring my old main harddisk. The system has a Asus P5N-D mainboard with XUbuntu, the P5N-D has a NVIDIA nForce 750i SLI chipset on it. Now I can create a raid 1 from the two disks, but when trying to boot from the raid, I get a screen with a blinking prompt and nothing else on it. What is wrong?11:29
utfans05dmfeld22, are you doing it as root?11:29
ubottujost,: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto11:30
dmfeld22no, i should probably try that11:30
utfans05dmfeld22, yes it wont work unless you are root or add sudo before apt-get11:30
dmfeld22i am using sudo11:31
jostcfhowlett: thanks11:31
cfhowlettdmfeld22, minor detail like that actually matter sometimes ...11:31
luciiehi here11:31
cfhowlettluciie, greetings11:31
luciiei've lost my vista password :(11:31
dmfeld22I'm not that lame11:31
cfhowlettluciie, sorry.  this is ubuntu.  you want #windows.  good luck11:32
auronandaceluciie: windows help in ##windows11:32
luciieOh, sure.11:32
alfreddbahi mallus11:32
matrixa1http://igg.me/at/ubuntuedge/x/4082556 who has already bought one?11:33
ubottumatrixa1,: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch11:34
max64http://www.picpaste.com/Screenshot_from_2013-07-27_13_34_38-LrUg0V8h.png   need help plz11:36
dmfeld22cfhowlett, utfans, there's been several requests to fix this on both ubuntu and blackbuntu forums, no one has anything that works11:36
utfans05dmfeld22, what error is it throwing?11:36
cfhowlettdmfeld22, what is it you're trying to install?11:36
ubottudmfeld22,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:36
matrixa1max64, it seems crossover-pro needs to be uninstalled before you can install crossover11:37
guest-wwnPFcso any ideas how to set default DM to ubuntu again? its being overwritten from some place every time i log in11:37
dmfeld22internet commection failed11:38
max64matrixal:it isnt synaptic package..i installed it manually..how to remove it?11:39
dv-guest-wwnPFc: display manager? the default should be the last one you installed11:39
jostOk, I've read the wiki about fakeRAID (thats what I want). Is there a way to make it work _without_ reinstalling all my OSes? Especially Ubuntu?11:39
matrixa1max64, in a terminal type:  sudo apt-get remove crossover-pro11:39
dmfeld22and failed to download repository informayion11:39
matrixa1max64, wait, you mean that this isn't a .deb packadge at all?11:40
dmfeld22I'm running blackbuntu, latest release, the apt-gets return error 40411:41
cfhowlettdmfeld22, ok, I'll take a crack at this.  run sudo apt-get update and tell us what it says.11:41
cfhowlettdmfeld22, blackbuntu? not supported here.11:41
dmfeld22the install button in software center is grayed out11:41
guest-wwnPFcdv-, yeah but gnome-shell got removed (broken dependancy), and lightdm doesnt show session type picker, so it tries to log me into gnome-shell, when only unity is present, so i can only use guest account :/11:41
utfans05dmfeld22, ive never heard of blackbuntu.11:41
cfhowlettutfans05, superduper NSA proof distro or some such ... pen testing maybe?11:42
max64matrixal:it was .deb downloaded from 4shared.com not the official website11:42
=== guest-wwnPFc is now known as Ergo^
dv-guest-wwnPFc: it never shows which session you want or it's just broken now?11:42
matrixa1max64, oh, then "sudo apt-get remove crossover-pro" should work - it should also pop up in the synaptic package manager11:43
dmfeld22a whole boat load of 'failed to fetch... error 40411:43
Ergo^dv-, yes it just doesnt allow me to pick any session - because it performs a check if executable is present, so i have no UI to pick unity, and it still tries to log me using shell, annoying as hell :/11:44
max64matrixa1:i excuted what you told me .. it worked successfully .. 1.000 thanks to you ^_^11:44
dmfeld22blackbuntu is a kali/ BT version based on ubuntu11:44
Ergo^okk..... i performed dist upgrade11:44
utfans05cfhowlett, nothing is nsa proof... lol11:44
Ergo^and it seems gnome-shell is being installed again11:44
Ergo^that will solve it - kinda11:44
matrixa1max64, kickass11:44
cfhowlettutfans05, I know.  :O11:45
cfhowlettdmfeld22, sorry but we can't help you.   BB is not supported here.11:45
cfhowlettdmfeld22, ask in11:45
dmfeld22yeah, there's only one other lomely dude on the blackbuntu channel11:45
dv-Ergo^: if the problem is that gnome-shell executable doesn't exist you could just link /bin/true to it to pass the "test"11:46
cfhowlettdmfeld22, maybe that should tell you something ...11:46
dmfeld22and all the blackbuntu help centers take us to the ubuntu forums, which still in hack recovery11:46
James0r2what release of ubuntu would be best for a netbook?11:46
cfhowlettjames-ubc, depending on the age of the book... but xubuntu or lubuntu should run wonderfully11:47
utfans05James0r2, try bodhi linux.11:47
utfans05James0r2, its ubuntu based with enlightenment on top of it. its really fast.11:47
batmitebodhi is definitely worth a try.  great distro11:47
James0r2utfans05: yeah? i'm on Lubuntu right now and i'm not too psyched about it. it's simple and lightweight as promised but just too unpolished for me11:47
batmitejames0r2: just google around for hardware compatibility. I run multiple OS's on my cheap little netbook with no problems.11:48
James0r2utfans05: batmite : thx i'll check it out11:48
=== ghostcube_ is now known as ghostcube
James0r2batmite: yeah i messed around with a few, all ubuntu based, Linux Mint 13 xfce, Linux 15 Mate and now on Lubuntu11:49
utfans05James0r2, i run bodhi on a 3-4 year old dell mini with really shitty hardware and it worked great out the box.11:49
James0r2utfans05: nice i like the sound of that.11:49
James0r2I tried Fedora first but just couldn't get the wifi working. which was a killer.11:49
James0r2batmite: uhh i think so. or Atheros?11:50
James0r2i think broadcom11:50
James0r2i love my netbook actually. just bought a Asus x45c, i3 with 2gigs memory laptop and i just rather use my netbook most of the day11:51
batmitesame here11:52
utfans05James0r2, yeah right now im on craigslist trying to find an extra pc that in can take to work for a 2nd pc. I need an extra 2-3 monitors on my desk and i know that bodhi will run on just about anything. all id need to do was add in a decent video card.11:52
batmitewell, i bought a cheap acer lol11:52
James0r2got so comfortable with the small keyboard. i'm learning java and thinking eventually i'll appreciate the bigger workspace of the Asus though11:52
James0r2utfans05: that's the thing, i'm trying to avoid any hardware upgrades out here. i live in vietnam and getting stuff, reliable stuff, at a decent price can be rough11:53
James0r2well shopping in general. but yeah for cpu hardware especially11:53
James0r2batmite: so Enlightenment is the DE on Bodhi?11:54
utfans05James0r2, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16856119074 LOL it would work...11:54
utfans05enlightenment is the DE on bodhi.11:54
James0r2naw i'm pretty set for hardware11:55
James0r2if it doesn't work with the distro i find a fix or change distros11:55
utfans05James0r2, im looking at that for a possible work pc... doesnt need to be super fast. just needs to run linux and let me get on the web.11:55
James0r2utfans05: okay. i'll have to read up. i know nothing about it11:56
James0r2utfans05: there ya go. since ive found these lightweight OS's i've been thinking of the possibilities. Two systems is enough for me at the moment though :)11:56
batmite"needs to run linux" says your work? or you? :)11:56
utfans05batmite, i work at rackspace...im a linux support tech.11:59
James0r2utfans05: is Bodhi ubuntu based? can i run the Ubuntu software on it? probably a noob question but i'm a noob to linux11:59
=== bubulle_ is now known as leagris
utfans05James0r2, it runs synaptic12:01
batmiteutfans05: cool. i do telephone/voip systems and some networking. find it strange that no one in my company uses linux.12:01
utfans05i never use the gui to install anything.12:01
James0r2utfans05: i'm really new to linux but i'm not too unfamiliar with command line so i'm kinda split12:01
utfans05batmite, heres the thing... everyone thinks its hard to use...12:02
batmitei know!12:02
utfans05James0r2, command line lets you do soooooo much more~!12:02
batmite<3 bash12:02
=== zomnbio is now known as zomnbio_mobile
James0r2yeah and i've been finding the software managers / package managers to be kinda buggy12:02
utfans05James0r2, yeah they can be.12:02
je0rJeyhi i'm not able to install ms fonts through apt.. please find the error message  here - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5918131/12:02
cfhowlettje0rJey, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras12:03
James0r2i see a lot of this 'check the md5' stuff these days. is it really that common to have file integrity problems?12:03
je0rJey@ utfans05 , i tried update & upgrade as well.. and rebooted my system but still it crashes at the downloading of trebuchet font12:03
batmiteutfans05: my boss gave me a copy of xp sp3 and a bunch of proprietary software (term emulators etc) on my first day. never touched any of it.. now he thinks im a genius.12:04
cfhowlettJames0r2, sure.  so much data downloaded, so many chances of error12:04
je0rJeycfhowlett, ubuntu-restricted-extras is already installed but still i dont see the andale mono font12:04
James0r2i don't have that app to make live usb's on lubuntu. anyone happen to know the package i can download?12:04
cfhowlettJames0r2, unetbootin12:04
batmiteunetbootin.  but u should learn how to use "dd" in the terminal12:04
utfans05je0rJey, sounds line an issue with the package12:04
James0r2cfhowlett: thx12:04
James0r2batmite: man the gui i tried on LInux Mint worked like a charm though12:05
utfans05James0r2, i perfer dd over unetbootin. not that unetbootin isnt nice but dd is so much more powerful.12:05
je0rJeyi tried downloading the source , but its a virtual package, and there was no file in it where i could provide alternate source..12:06
James0r2utfans05: ahh okay. yeah i'm just making live usb's for trying different distros.12:06
James0r2utfans05: not much more12:06
utfans05James0r2, yeah unetbootin will work fine.12:07
batmiteJames0r2: yeah. ive run into a few distros that unetbootin cant seem to get right. trust me, google "dd linux" its one line of code :)12:07
James0r2so is this chan strictly for Ubuntu users? or is it kinda for linux users in general?12:07
utfans05je0rJey, yeah unsure whats going on there. probably a package issue.12:07
James0r2batmite: k i'll check it12:07
utfans05James0r2, this is strictly ubuntu. alot of the distros have their own channels.12:07
je0rJeyutfans05, is there is anywhere i can find a deb file for getting the ms fonts?12:08
utfans05je0rJey, a google search maybe... maybe...12:08
songtaohello everyone, I have using openvpn connect to my office, but it could not solve the cname. my first question is how do I find my openvpn dns server ip ?, and where did I add the dns to ? '/etc/resolv.conf' file ?12:08
utfans05but if the package is having issues then all the ones may be.12:09
utfans05songtao, does the vpn use cisco encryption?12:09
songtaoutfans05, do not know, I just download the client.ovpn, it all configed12:10
longcat__free coupon for codeschool, first come first serve :) http://go.codeschool.com/yp6ONw12:10
James0r2utfans05: is theming a big deal with Bodhi linux?12:10
DJoneslongcat__: Please don't spam12:10
utfans05James0r2, i run the stock themes so i havent played around with them. but if you join bodhilinux i bet theres someone in there that has messed with them.12:11
alfreddba30 4 * * * /bin/bash -l -c 'backup perform -t canvas_file_store_backups --config-file /home/sysadmin/Backup/config.rb'  -- not working as a root user...pls help me12:11
utfans05or check the bodhi forums.12:11
James0r2utfans05: yeah i slowly get into that stuff. i'll stick with stock at first.12:12
utfans05James0r2, the stock ones are really nice tho12:12
James0r2so when people say that Arch Linux is such difficult distro for beginners why exactly is that? question for anybody.12:13
cfhowlettJames0r2, rather offtopic, yes?12:13
batmitetry to install it, you'll see ;)12:13
utfans05James0r2, you have to do a command line install.12:13
DJonesJames0r2: Thats not a topic for #Ubuntu, might be worth asking it in ##linux which is a general linux channel12:13
alfreddba30 4 * * * /bin/bash -l -c 'backup perform -t canvas_file_store_backups --config-file /home/sysadmin/Backup/config.rb'  -- not working as a root user...pls help me12:14
utfans05James0r2, and it doesnt come with a gui, you have to lay the gui over it.12:14
James0r2cfhowlett: totally offtopic. just been hearing so many people mentioning that distro and i'm curious12:14
jribJames0r2: #ubuntu-offtopic12:14
=== dwatkins_ is now known as dwatkins
MonkeyDustalfreddba  did you put that in root's crontab, or in the user's?12:14
jribalfreddba: give full path to the "backup" program12:14
James0r2yikes. yeah i'll take that up somewhere else12:15
utfans05James0r2, if you have any questions feel free to pm me12:15
alfreddbajrib: i will try..12:15
whowantstolivef1hi, i use ubuntu 12.04 LTS and i have 25 gb size hard disk, i work on wmware and i dont know how to expand of my root path size ? i mount extra size from wmware. ?12:18
=== lux_ is now known as Guest32401
=== Simson-san|away is now known as Simson-san
jarcohello all. When trying to play the game Verdun I get this error when I try to start it: ./Verdun: error while loading shared libraries: libGLU.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. How can I solve this? I tried installing the package but it is not found12:19
=== whowantstolivef1 is now known as whowantstolivefo
=== Plinker_ is now known as Plinker
whowantstolivefohi, i use ubuntu 12.04 LTS and i have 25 gb size hard disk, i work on wmware and i dont know how to expand of my root path size ? i mount extra size from wmware. ??12:22
Slartjarco: sometimes games are just distributed as 32-bit binaries even for 64bit systems.. it might be an issue with you not having a 32 bit version of libglu installed.. but that's just a guess12:23
MonkeyDustwhowantstolivefo  "expand of my root  path size"?12:23
whowantstolivefoMonkeyDust: yes i have 400 mb left and it flashing me warning12:23
jarcoSlart, I was thinking in the same direction, a website I just found has offered a possible solution, trying that now12:23
jarcoSlart, i am installing apt-get install ia32-libs perhaps that will solve it12:24
Slartwhowantstolivefo: you're running vmware on one system and you have ubuntu installed as a guest? I think you will need to allocate extra disk size from the host12:24
Slartjarco: yes, give it a go.. see if it solves things12:24
santhoshcan any on e pls tell me does the .vmdk  image worked on ubuntu kvm12:24
jarcothats an awefull lot of libraries. Does loading all those 32 bit libs slow down my system?12:25
=== jan is now known as Guest31510
Slartjarco: not unless you're very low on disk space, no12:25
jarcook great :)12:25
joshucan anyone explain how to pass a user's username and password from when they login to Ubuntu to be used by a an executable which requires /u:username and /p:password to work ?12:25
Guest90831Hi, I have an issue on a clean ubuntu 12.04, where I when connected through ssh get a "Write failed: Broken pipe" after which I cannot connect for 5-10 minutes, due to a "connection refused"12:25
joshuI'm looking at PAM, but not sure12:26
jarcook great :), yay problem is solved :)12:26
Guest90831Any idea where to start?12:26
=== Guest90831 is now known as RandomSort
whowantstolivefoSlart: i did from wmware. it was 20 GB i gave 5 GB extra and it is there and mounted as 5 GB extra. how i will add this 5 GB to my root path for expand ?12:26
santhoshcan any one pls tell me does the .vmdk  image worked on ubuntu kvm12:26
=== poppingt` is now known as poppingtonic
santhosh<Guest90831> again install  sshd server and restart in kernal level12:30
RandomSortrestart in kernel level?12:30
santhoshuse chkconfig and service sshd restart commands12:31
RandomSortcool, thanks!12:32
santhoshcan any one pls tell me does the .vmdk  image worked on ubuntu kvm12:32
benzrfhey, if I put the installer on a flash drive but I just choose 'try ubuntu', will any files I add or change persist on the drive next time I boot?12:33
benzrfor is it all simulated in memory, or something?12:33
nannesbenzrf: Nope12:34
MonkeyDustbenzrf  it doesnt touch what's on your harddisk12:34
batmiteno persistence on a live usb. unless u made partition for it12:34
utfans05benzrf, its all on the usb it doesnt touch the hdd12:34
nannesEverything will be simulated in memory12:34
santhosh<benzrf> don't worry  don't change in config files12:34
nannesbenzrf: unless you create a persistent usb stick12:34
benzrfhow do I do that?12:34
nannesGoogle for it...12:35
benzrfoh, right12:35
nannesthere's an official guide on the wiki if I'm not wrong12:35
MonkeyDust!google | nannes12:35
ubottunannes: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.12:35
benzrfI have a tendency to ask obviously googlable questions in irc if I'm already there12:35
batmitegoogle for it. you can do it with the "dd" command in the terminal :)12:35
benzrfno, I have google fu12:35
benzrfI'm at a reasonably competent level with stuff like the CLI and how the system works12:35
nannesbenzrf: I wasn't wrong. Here it is (after googling lol)  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:36
benzrfI just don't know how bootable usbs do it12:36
benzrfoh, thanks, I was just about to google it myself :P12:36
=== benzrf is now known as benzrf|afk
BluesKajHi folks12:37
nannesMonkeyDust: I do not agree. I believe that users have to learn how to solve their problems themselves. AND GOOGLING IS A KEY-POINT ON THAT12:37
MonkeyDustnannes  they don't need our advice to "google it", if they are eager to learn, they do so themselves12:39
batmitepart of becoming a linux user is developing the confidence to learn and do things for yourself. if you cant bother to google and experiment than, your gonna have a bad time :)12:40
batmiteor a boring time...12:40
Abd_Allatifbatmite, +112:40
cfhowlettnannes, talking to the "experts" is more comforting for noobs than googling.  just sayin ...12:40
batmitei can see what you mean i guess..12:41
santhoshwhen a person ask to someone means he did not find any sloution in google12:41
nannesMonkeyDust: I think they do instead. Exactly because they're learning. they must also learn when it's the right moment to use google12:42
=== benzrf|afk is now known as benzrf
batmitesanthosh: thats what its SUPPOSED to mean hehe12:42
benzrfIt says you just have to give it space in the usb-creator options12:42
santhosh<batmite> yes na12:42
benzrfalso, I DO google most of my problems12:43
benzrfI just ask the ones that are hard to phrase in google or likely won't have results12:43
MonkeyDustbenzrf  let's move on now, shall we12:43
batmitebenzrf: no worries12:43
nannesof course benzrf I'm not blaming you for that. You didn't know that a persistent usb live was possible12:44
zhaotongxueI want to say how to make my own keyboard on xubuntu,like key down super the same as click application menu?12:44
zhaotongxuehow i can do it?12:44
utfans05!patience | zhaotongxue12:45
ubottuzhaotongxue: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/12:45
zhaotongxue<p>hello?is anyone here?</p>12:45
nanneszhaotongxue: http://askubuntu.com/questions/90513/how-do-i-change-my-keyboard-shortcuts-in-xubuntu12:45
santhosh<zhaotongxue> I want to say how to make my own keyboard on xubuntu,like key down super the same as click application menu? tell me clear12:45
nannesI think he needs to set his own keyboard shortcuts12:46
zhaotongxuewait ,i am using google translate12:46
santhoshcan any one pls tell me does the .vmdk  image worked on ubuntu kvm12:48
zhaotongxueHow in xubuntu on custom shortcuts?12:48
zhaotongxueJust click on super pretty and click the application menu.12:48
zhaotongxuei translate it12:48
nanneszhaotongxue: The translation is not very clear.. Anyway, you can check the link I posted above12:49
santhoshif u want any thing u just search in ubuntu left side first icon search12:49
nannesI think it is what you're looking for12:49
zhaotongxuemake my custom shortcuts12:50
zhaotongxueis it clear/12:50
FloodBot1zhaotongxue: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:50
nanneszhaotongxue: http://askubuntu.com/questions/90513/how-do-i-change-my-keyboard-shortcuts-in-xubuntu12:51
zhaotongxuewhy you say so?12:51
=== Felixdu94 is now known as Elfix
zhaotongxuesorry,this answer is not fit me12:55
stroodlepupso, are there ftp download servers for synaptic?12:56
utfans05stroodlepup, what do you need the ftp servers for? you can just apt-get install anything you want from the command line.12:56
stroodlepupbecause http is slow :)12:57
zhaotongxuesorry,I have not sen all12:57
me-1hi...if ubuntu forums can be hacked does it mean ubuntu itself is insecure...?12:58
MonkeyDuststroodlepup  no, it's syn-apt-ic, it uses apt12:58
nannes!ftpserver| stroodlepup12:58
batmiteme-1: no12:58
me-1batmite,  i am really concerned about my data12:59
nannes!ftpd| stroodlepup12:59
ubottustroodlepup: FTP servers: ftpd, proftpd, pure-ftpd, twoftpd, vsftpd, MuddleFTPd, wzdftpd - Graphical front-ends: PureAdmin, GProftpd (for GNOME), KcmPureftpd (for !KDE) - See also !FTP12:59
batmiteme-1: ubuntu releases security patches often. if you were a memeber of the forum and registered with a email/password you use elsewhere you should change them13:00
vadraoHi, I have both ubuntu-desktop and Kubuntu-desktop installed. I primarily use KDE. Now the problem is my notifications from ktorrent etc, are using Ubuntu system. I would like to use the defaul KDE notifications. Can anybody help in this13:00
nannesbatmite: I think you're missing me-1's question13:00
ElforHow to make 24 pictures (jpg/png) per second with the motion (program for cams)?13:01
santhosh  before login it can shown desktop type select gnome13:01
batmitenannes: quite possible :]13:01
nannesme-1: No, it doesn't mean that. Ubuntu forum is just a CMS put on a webserver somewhere, running a certain operating system13:01
stroodlepupI meant server urls13:01
nannesIf ubuntu forums has been hacked, it just mean the CMS on which they were based on are buggy13:01
stroodlepupones that use ftp or sftp13:02
nannesbut it has nothing to do with the ubuntu OS itself, or gnu-linux in general13:02
cfhowlettElfor, you mean a .gif image?13:02
me-1nannes,  you mean it was not running ubuntu..?13:02
Elforcfhowlett, i maen many pictures, one frame = one picture13:03
Elfor24 pictures in sec13:03
nannesme-1: It doesn't necessairly run ubuntu.13:03
cfhowlettElfor, show an example.13:03
Elforhelp pls i nub13:03
ubottuelfor: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:04
Elforcfhowlett, zoneminder for example, can make many pictores in sec or can make video file13:04
me-1nannes,  I had UF account and have half dozen accounts with similar username password and e-mail address what should I do..?13:05
Elforcfhowlett, video - bad qolitu, pictures is very good13:05
cfhowlettElfor, "quality"   ?13:05
nannesme-1: Oh, that's another issue. Ok then a good step you can do is changing all of them.13:05
nannesAnd it would be better to do it now13:05
Elforшь кгы13:06
Elforim rus13:06
ubottuElfor,: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:06
nannesanyway, password stored on the database are hashed, so you have some time13:06
Elforthere are need register13:06
Elfortry it13:06
me-1nannes,  thank you for the info . I appriciate your help13:06
santhoshclear every thing13:06
nannesme-1: You're welcome :)13:06
Elforhelp pls any13:07
batmiteme-1: good time to work on your password policies :]13:07
Elforwho work with cams?13:07
MonkeyDustElfor  better just ask your actual question13:07
ElforHow to make 24 pictures (jpg/png) per second with the motion (program for cams)?13:08
nannesElfor: You should state your question with a better english, or either join the #ubuntu-ru  to talk russian with your co-citizens13:08
nannesElfor: We've already told you we don't understand what you exactly mean with that sentence13:09
ElforHow create 24 pictures (jpg/png) per second with the motion (program for cams)?13:09
nannesElfor: This means nothing13:09
Elforneed make pictures from the cam13:09
th0rfunny...I understand what he wants perfectly13:09
nannespuppala_: ciao ragazzo13:09
cfhowlettElfor, use zoneminder13:09
Elforone picture per sec13:09
SonikkuAmericath0r: Ditto13:09
Elforzonem not for nubs13:09
Elfori cant13:09
puppala_i want to chat with girls13:10
th0runfortunately I have never used motion.13:10
cfhowlettpuppala_, wrong channel13:10
nannesth0r: well, if you understand you can write it in a better english13:10
th0rnannes he wants assistance getting the program 'motion13:10
cfhowlettElfor, so this, right?    http://www.gnulnx.net/wp-content/gallery/zoneminder_new_skin/events_calendar.png13:10
th0rto create 24fps video13:10
nannescfhowlett, puppala_: I would say wrong SERVER, either  :D13:11
Elfori not need video13:11
Elfori need pictures13:11
Elforcose video low quality13:11
nannesth0r: as you see.... you didn't understand, either13:11
Elforvideo have bad pictures13:11
th0rElfor, 24 pictures per second is 24fps video13:11
Elforjpg/png and other is good pictures13:11
cfhowlettElfor, cheese or guvcview13:12
Elforanalog cam13:12
Elforzonem for pro13:12
Elforreal hard config and other13:12
cfhowlettElfor, so you want to convert analog video to stills?13:13
Elforcfhowlett, u udecuate?13:13
cfhowlettElfor, do you want to convert analog video to still images?13:14
Elforcfhowlett, i can make just many photos per sec13:14
cfhowlettliono_man, greetings13:14
Elforwhat not undestand?13:14
=== admin__ is now known as mnvwrzc
Elforcfhowlett, i want get photos from the cam13:14
liono_mancfhowlett, hello13:14
MonkeyDustElfor  don't hit the enter key too often13:14
Elforvideo have bad quality13:15
Elforvideo convert to photos = very bad quality13:15
cfhowlettElfor, stills are unlikely to be much better.13:16
=== jono is now known as Guest13502
Elforcfhowlett, NO! photos the very good quality13:16
Elfortry it13:16
Elforor gooling for examples13:17
nannesMaybe I get what he means13:17
cfhowlettElfor, i cannot find any reference to zonem so ... don't think I can help here.13:17
nannesElfor:  well, you mean that extrapolating instant photograms from a video, the quality obtained is worse than the quality of a single shot (photo)13:18
Elforwhat other channel i can try?13:18
nannesyes that's undoubtable13:18
nannesyou can buy an High Definition Video Camera13:18
zhaotongxuewhere is the "Applications Menu"?13:18
cfhowlettnannes, not helpful ...13:18
ubottuElfor: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.13:19
zhaotongxueI menu this menu's location13:19
Elforim on motion channel but there not talking13:19
MonkeyDustElfor  try #ubuntu-studio13:19
Elfori ask but not any talk13:19
nannesso he wants to do many photos and put them all in a sequence of 24 fps to create a video... right Elfor?13:19
mefriohi guys. What is the IRC channel to ask developer questions about Ubuntu?13:19
Elfornannes, buy cam and try13:20
computerHi all! I'm Paolo! Is there someone here who knows if the CPU INTEL I3-2370M runs well on linux? I had overgeating problems with a intel i7 sandybridge and this time I want to be sure everything will be ok...13:20
MonkeyDustmefrio  #ubuntu-app-devel13:20
nannesof course Paolo13:20
mefrioMonkeyDust, thank you13:20
=== bubulle_ is now known as leagris
nannesJust install the latest version available, cause you need the last tested kernel13:21
liono_mancomputer, my linux runs now in P4. I guess it will do on i3 with no prob.13:21
nannescomputer: And I'm sceptic about your problems with the i713:21
computerok, I had in mind to try elementary os luna, but maybe the kernel is too old..13:21
nannesthey probably were another kind of problems, not about hardware interfacement (kernel)13:22
MonkeyDustcomputer  /msg alis list *luna*13:22
ph3onixcan anyone help me please?13:22
ubottuph3onix,: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience13:23
ph3onixoh sorry13:23
ph3onixis it possible to install blackbuntu with wubi?13:23
nannescomputer: Comunque, quando vuoi, esiste anche il canale italiano di supporto!  #ubuntu-it - fai un giro ;)13:24
cfhowlettph3onix, not directly.  install wubi (if you must).  install ubuntu.  then get the bb repos and install that13:24
computerSo it is strange that on an intel i7 sandybridge cpu I have overheating problems with ubuntu 1313:24
computer*ubuntu 13.0413:24
MonkeyDustph3onix  blackbuntu is not supported here and wubi is not a real installation13:25
nannescomputer: That's probably due to hybrid graphics.. you should disable the i7 gpu, possibly, if you have an external one13:25
liono_mancomputer, check this might help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/286792/overheating-problem-on-ubuntu-13-0413:25
ph3onixok thanks guys13:26
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=== fabio_ is now known as fabiobik
computeryes, I turned off the discrete graphic card, and overheating got better but was still present13:28
fabiobikhi guys, my internet is incredible slow. i need to refresh two or tree times the page to be completly loaded. Also it happens at chrome, opera13:28
fabiobikany solution guys? i mean, it was okay after13:28
Graf_WesterholtI want to install Kubuntu on an encrypted partition on a drive with Windows. I cannot use guided partition because it kills Windows. But I cannot set up an encrypted partition with the manual way. I got an error that the encrypted partition cannot be created. It does not ask for a key. Any help? Same with Kubuntu 13.04 and 13.10 alpha 2. It would be great to have a guided encrypted partition that use only the free space,13:30
Graf_Westerholtnot the whole disc.13:30
BenxyzzyHow do I make grub automatically enter the password for full-disk LUKS encryption, so I don't get the prompt at boot?13:30
liono_manian_: hello13:30
jribBenxyzzy: why even use encryption then?13:30
cfhowlettian_, greetings13:31
Benxyzzyjrib: Firstly, it's much easier to do this than reinstall the whole thing without encryption. Secondly, there is still a benefit to an encrypted hdd because the data can be destroyed much quicker. I only need to shred the encrypted header to render the whole lot unreadable.13:31
cfhowlettSc0tty-, greetings13:31
liono_manSc0tty-: Hi13:32
jribBenxyzzy: good point, that second one.13:32
ian_I'm newly converted in linux. I was a windows user before.13:33
tom_ohello evrybody13:34
cfhowletttom_o, greetings13:34
nannescomputer: Be precise, give us temperatures13:34
nanneswhile doing different kind of stuff13:34
tom_ohow to remove linux form hardisk? i wanna back to windows13:35
cfhowletttom_o, format with windows.  no more ubuntu.13:35
nannestom_o: Why?13:36
liono_mantom_o: just install windows and make it format the partition13:36
tom_oi cant boot to windows, i usb installer and windows7 on it, after boot form usb, it says, cant find myself on drive i booted form13:37
cfhowletttom_o, ask how in #windows13:38
jribBenxyzzy: http://wejn.org/how-to-make-passwordless-cryptsetup.html there's some discussion here that should at least point you in the right direction.  I imagine you can find a few guides on just using a file on a usb key and modify that to your liking.  I don't have any personal experience with this13:38
fabiobikany solution guys? i mean, it was okay afteranyone to help me please?13:38
BenxyzzyGraf_Westerhold: Sounds like you need to create the encrypted partitions yourself with a partition editor, and install into them. Before the installer support, it used to be the only way to do encrypted installs. See the old instructions like these: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedFilesystemLVMHowto www.tldp.org/HOWTO/html_single/Encrypted-Root-Filesystem-HOWTO/#setup-boot-device13:39
Benxyzzyjrib: Thanks, I'll take a look :)13:39
computernannes: I haven't measured but it is really hot13:39
MO_HandesI get broken dependencies error when I want to install wine-bin:i386 how to solve it?13:39
computeri read it is a really common problem13:39
BenxyzzyGraf_Westerholt: See above answer, I got your name wrong13:40
Graf_WesterholtBenxyzzy, thx. But is it a bug in the Installer that I cannot manually set an encrypted LVM?13:41
MonkeyDustMO_Handes  wine-bin is not in the repos, where did you get it? what's the output of    cat /etc/issue ?13:41
liono_mansuggestion for best linux distro for web server13:42
auronandaceliono_man: ask in ##linux13:42
liono_manI can not post in ##linux13:43
nannescomputer: Did you let it cool after disabling the hybrid gpu?13:43
auronandaceliono_man: you need a registered and identified nick13:43
nannesand are you 100% sure to having completely disabled it?13:43
nannesand also, can you post some info about the ram/cpu usage of the current processes?13:43
liono_manauronandace: how to register13:44
auronandace!register | liono_man13:44
ubottuliono_man: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:44
liono_manubottu: Thanks for your help13:45
ubottuliono_man: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:45
flickhi - i just installed the server version of ubuntu 12. i figure that i may not need it. does anyone know which are the server specific packages? please13:45
flicki will try to uninstall them13:45
joshuanyone know how to change lightdm PAM to pass the username and password to an exectuable13:46
nannesliono_man: just any distro. pick the one that has the PackageManager you're more confortable with13:46
flickespecially the heavy packages that take up hard disk space, in the server version13:46
BenxyzzyGraf_Westerholt: No idea. I'm going from memory, but did you free the space to hold the new partition first? If your Windows partition is currently taking up the whole drive, I can imagine the installer thinking it hasn't got anywhere to put new stuff. If I remember correctly, the manual process should be showing you the unallocated space you've got. You then add a (in your case) logical partition, either normal, encrypted13:47
mn2010joshu: you can, since the DisplayManager just authenticates with Pam Service13:47
Benxyzzyor LUKS encrypted. You then choose the filesystem. Did it go through all that, confirm what it's about to do and then fail at the last step?13:47
flicki need to uninstall them13:47
liono_mannannes: Thanks, I meant to say which one is the most stable for Webserver task13:47
joshumn2010 hi I've been googling but I don't know how to do this never messed with PAM before.13:47
computernannes: yes it's a long time that i'm experiencing this problem13:47
nannesliono_man: because the software you can use... it's basically the same in all distros. All with GNU license13:47
computernannes: and i'm seriously thinking to buy a new pc13:48
nannescomputer: nooooo absolutely not13:48
nannesstop, fermo e ragiona13:48
joshumn2010 I know there are config files in /etc/pam.d, but not sure what to change13:48
auronandaceflick: by default the server version doesn't come with much, ask nin #ubuntu-server too13:48
Graf_WesterholtBenxyzzy, the disc is free. No partitions. In the installer I chose the manual way and create an encrypted partition but it fails with an error message that the encrypted partition could not be created.13:48
flickhey thanks much auronandace13:48
nannescomputer: Is ubuntu the only OS you have installed on that notebook?13:48
nannesin that PC, I mean13:48
computernannes: no, I also have windows 713:48
mn2010joshu: well im no expert, but PAM uses a Configuration file and service. in the file contains a list of Supporting applications(.so) that are allowed to use the service. For instance samba_auth.so(Samba's authentication service).13:49
flicki think i should also uninstall the transmission client... someone said downloading movies "torrents" is illegal13:49
mn2010What are you trying to do with it joshu:13:49
flickis there any way to view all packages installed by the installation size? synaptic doesn't seem to have any installation size column which i could sort by13:49
computernannes: c'è un modo di spostarci in una chat privata, non sono molto pratico di IRC13:50
joshumn2010 all I want is for a user to enter username/ password at the lightdm greeter and when they hit enter the username/password is passed to xfreerdp13:50
nanneswell, then you're just exaggerating. If I were you, I would start with switching to another DE, firstly13:50
mn2010flick: -_- Depends on there license, Downloading Copyrighted Material without a license is always illegal. But torrents them selves are not, torrent is just a distributed file tranfer client13:50
auronandaceflick: i thought you were running server (synaptic and transmission are gui apps)13:50
mn2010joshu: use the user .xinit13:50
joshumn2010 I know that ubuntu has a remote login feature, but it seems to require UCCS account, which I don't want.13:50
nannesIf you have the classic ubuntu (unity) you're very likely to use too much system resources13:50
flickauronandace, i did install server. but i do have a gui. i installed it just now.13:50
flickis there any way i can validate that i am indeed running server version?13:51
mn2010joshu: thats part of LightDM, for remote DM communication.13:51
nannesflick: Why did you install the server version if you don't need any server package?13:52
flickmn2010, thanks... i don't understand the torrents thing well13:52
mn2010joshu: Dont get me wrong, thats all dragons to me, i never really messed with Pam or Lightdm(Specifically) im KDM/GDM user13:52
nannesI would think about that, if I were you13:52
joshumn2010 yep but without UCCS it doesn't work as far as I can tell. There are two different remote logins, lightdm-remote-freerdp and lightdm-remote-uccconfigure. No information online on how the former works13:52
computernannes: i switched to gnome shell13:52
joshumn2010 I understand13:52
flicknannes, i thought it will be lighter - and i could ask someone to get only packages i want13:52
nannesflick: also, bittorrent clients like transmission are totally legal13:52
liono_manthank you all13:52
computerbut it is a really powerful computer I don't think thats the problem13:52
MonkeyDustflick  a torrent is a small file that contains the information to download something13:52
mn2010flick: http://is.gd/AHXAp413:52
nannesit is the act of downloading stuff protected by copyright that's not legal13:52
joshumn2010 I don't think it's impossible to do, just not sure how to as I can't find any useful info online13:52
flicki think i will leave transmission then. it must be a small pakage13:53
nannesso just don't do it, and you'll live peacefully with yourself and with others :D13:53
BenxyzzyGraf_Westerholt: I thought you had Windows installed? No idea then sorry, but it does sound like funny business with the drive. Failing hardware or connectivity. In this situation (done it before with crappy USB sticks), you can try reformatting the whole thing and deleting all partitions in it, so you get back to 100% unallocated space. Can't really be trusted even if it works though. Unless... is this an installer running13:53
Benxyzzy within Windows, or booted from CD? If the former, it could be a privileges issue. That's all my ideas13:53
nannesflick: If you want a light system there is of course the way to get it, without installing the server version13:53
flicknannes, yeah - that's what i want. i installed xubuntu 12.04 server edition 32 bit13:54
Graf_WesterholtBenxyzzy, I tried an two PC and now a VM. VM fresh, no Windows installed.13:54
flicki want to remove bulky packages13:54
auronandaceflick: xubuntu comes with xfce, there is no xubuntu server13:54
flicki installed it to learn programming... python etc.13:54
mn2010joshu: depending on purpose you can just have .xinit send the pam login info via a hook.13:54
nannesflick: bad.. you'll have to reinstall a minimal client ubuntu13:54
nannesover it... because what you did is pretty useless13:55
nannesI'm gonna link you a guide, just wait 1 sec... :P13:55
mn2010flick: Transmission is tiny, less than 10mb, its one of the smallest Torrent clients in existance13:55
flickOH you are right. this is xubuntu desktop13:55
joshumn2010 do you have any example you can link to?13:55
nannesflick: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD13:55
BenxyzzyGraf_Westerholt: That's bizarre. Short of running the CD test in the boot menu (checks your CD image isn't corrupt somehow) I can't think of any other reason13:55
flicksorry. i am new to this. it is not server. it is desktop xubuntu 12.04.213:56
nannesok, then just get rid of what you don't need13:56
mn2010Get rid of ubuntu and switch to Xubuntu-Desktop if Size is serious issue ( apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop && apt-get install xubuntu-desktop )13:56
Graf_WesterholtBenxyzzy, I have tried with 13.04 and 13.10, same problem. ;)13:56
gordonjcpflick: how much space have you got to install in?13:56
flickgordonjcp, 6GB total space in the hard disk13:56
gordonjcpflick: that's plenty13:56
flickfastest way to bring up the command prompt?13:57
MonkeyDustflick  ctrl-alt t13:57
flickin windows, i could press Win, and then type "cmd" enter13:57
mn2010flick: minimum is only 2gb, and ive gotten away with less than 400mb on Xubuntu with Limited apps13:57
flickcool. thanks13:57
gordonjcpflick: in Linux the "win" key does different stuff13:58
flickctrl+alt+t isn't working13:58
nannesflick: it must work13:58
flicki have it in virtualbox13:58
flickis that why it is not working. i dont understand virtualbox well also13:58
gordonjcpworks here13:58
gordonjcpis virtualbox maybe capturing keystrokes?13:58
gordonjcpoh, I wonder if XFCE is different?13:59
mn2010You will never get decent performance out of Virtualbox flick13:59
flickyes i have xfce13:59
MonkeyDustflick  is that xubuntu in virtual box?13:59
gordonjcphm, don't know, I don't like XFCE13:59
flickyes - xubuntu in virtual box13:59
flickif 6GB is enough, should i ask my friend to reduce this to 4GB. I can free up 2GB that way14:00
MonkeyDustflick  what is your actual goal, what brings you here14:00
flickoh wow - Win+T works to open Terminal in xfce14:01
flickMonkeyDust, i wanted to have a unix system to learn programming. vim, terminal, python etc.14:01
=== Simson-san is now known as Simson-san|away
flickand hadoop. they have setup hadoop where i work.14:03
flickWow. 3.0G of 5.0G is in use already14:04
flickI did "df -h"14:04
babinlonstonflick ??14:05
flickthis is too much isn't it? do i have bulky unneeded packages. also it is showing 5G total in /dev/sda1...14:05
auronandaceflick: that looks right for a xubutu install14:06
flickbabinlonston, i had fresh xubuntu instlled in virtualbox 6.0G hard disk14:06
flicksomeone said he ran ubuntu with 2GB a while ago14:06
flickam confused14:06
babinlonstonflick: u selected default packages or u chooses by your own ?14:07
flickbabinlonston, default packages14:08
flickaside, how do i switch off the leaving/joining messages for this channel in xchat? it's cluttering up14:08
babinlonstonflick: 3 GB is not too much its seems alright ...14:08
flickokay thanks14:08
babinlonstonflick: Showing as popup ?14:09
napscflick: right click tab on bottm14:09
flickis there any other distribution that is lighter, and has python etc. i wonder where 3G is going14:09
flickbabinlonston, no i mean this -14:09
flick* Igramul (~black@der-ganz-normale-alltaegliche-wahnsinn.de) has left #ubuntu ("WeeChat 0.4.1")14:09
napscflick: under settings there14:09
xgeek-cubin terms of video and audio quality which one is better Mplayer2 OR VLC?14:09
napscflick:  hide join message14:10
auronandaceflick: lubuntu would be lighter but not by much14:10
babinlonstonhave a look at preference in xchat14:10
flicknapsc - tab on bottom? i have nothing below the text entry area where i am typing this14:10
auronandaceflick: if you really only want what you want then best to start with the mini install14:10
napscflick: or tab on side14:10
auronandace!mini | flick14:10
ubottuflick: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD14:10
flicknapsc, found it. hide part/join. thanks much14:11
xgeek-cubin terms of video and audio quality which one is better Mplayer2 OR VLC?14:12
flickauronandace, thanks - i should have asked my friend to use that instead14:12
auronandacexgeek-cub: depends on the codec in use14:12
flickis there any way to list all installed packages by size? to see where the space is going14:12
babinlonstonflick: untick logging in xchat , that what u asked i think :)14:12
xgeek-cubauronandace, what you mean;is it possible to have any of them with different codecz14:13
flickgot it14:13
flickinstallation size is displayed in synaptic package manager14:13
flicklinux headers is taking up a lot of space. i am gonna remove that14:14
flicksmbclient, thunderbird14:14
Graf_WesterholtBenxyzzy that error occurs when trying create a crypto partition: http://roy.5x8.de/encrypt-test0.png http://roy.5x8.de/encrypt-test1.png14:14
Ampelbeinflick: or in the terminal: dpkg-query -Wf '${Installed-Size}\t${Package}\n' | sort -n14:15
auronandaceflick: honestly, you are better starting with mini and adding what you want (stripping stuff from an existing install can be tedious and time consuming)14:15
babinlonstonAmpelbein: how to get it in human redable format  dpkg-query -Wf '${Installed-Size}\t${Package}\n' | sort -n14:17
flickinteresting - that works - i guess the sort -n sorts it14:17
flicki like how one can chain commands like this in unix14:17
BenxyzzyGraf_Westerholt: Looks like it is some bug with the install CD. They are suggesting using another Ubuntu version's CD and converting the install to Kubuntu afterward: http://www.kubuntuforums.net/archive/index.php/t-62536.html14:17
auronandaceflick: thats a pipe (not a chain)14:18
flickwhat is a chain?14:18
auronandaceflick: i don't know14:19
napscum chains are used in iptables14:19
daftykinschains can be done with &&14:19
ProjectBarksHelp a java application is forzen on my ubuntu server and I dont know howto tell it to terminate14:20
Graf_WesterholtBenxyzzy, but the bug is still in 13.10.14:21
babinlonstonProjectBarks:  Use top command to get the process and look at java and kill it using K14:21
BenxyzzyGraf_Westerholt: No doubt14:21
babinlonstonProjectBarks: Use PID to Kill the Process14:21
Graf_WesterholtBenxyzzy, do you know if there is a bug-report?14:23
Ampelbeinbabinlonston: I guess you could pipe it through awk to achieve that.14:23
MonkeyDustGraf_Westerholt  mind: 13.10 is unstable, support in #ububtu+114:23
mn2010flick: DONT DELETE THE HEADERS... there used any time something is compiled against the Kernel. Which means any driver that the system uses.14:23
MonkeyDustGraf_Westerholt  mind: 13.10 is unstable, support in #ubuntu+114:23
babinlonstonProjectBarks: top -b -n 1 | tee > top_output     get the Top output and look if u can less in a page14:24
Graf_WesterholtMonkeyDust, the problem is in 13.04, too.14:24
flickoh thanks - i have deleted some stuff. let me see if it reboots14:24
flickfreed 274MB, not much14:24
babinlonstonAmpelbein: ok14:24
z3roblockhello all14:27
richatholla all14:31
z3roblockhello all14:32
richathow to connect to available wifi in range? im use oneiric ocelot14:32
z3roblockyou can detect your wifi card?14:32
richathow to detect my wifi card?14:33
richatim use old laptop14:33
preekaI think lspci might work14:33
=== Guest71628 is now known as MichaelC|Percona
richatplease can u explain more details preeka14:34
z3roblockterminal lspci14:34
richati need to connect to this wifi14:34
MonkeyDustrichat  open a terminal and type    lspci14:34
z3roblockrichat can you scan the network?14:35
preekarichat: lspci is a utility for displaying information about all PCI buses in the system and all devices connected to them14:35
flick1.6GB is in /usr14:35
richatits ok im paste result to channel ?14:35
z3roblockkist Etherent Controller:14:35
preekapaste a link on pastebin.com14:36
preekaor at similar pasting service14:36
* preeka needs to get better at grammar14:36
flickout of 6GB, 1GB is used for "linux-swap"!14:37
flickis that normal? should i reduce it?14:37
sunredo@aaas hi14:37
richatcan i connect to this wifi network?14:39
richat<z3roblock> richat can you scan the network? <= yes i can with my android mobile phone14:40
richatbut dunno with laptop how to scan this available network14:40
z3roblockrichat: i mean can you scan the hotspot thrw the laptop?14:40
preekaflick: yes, the swap space is importand14:40
near88anyone here knows rootsh ?14:41
preekarichat: sorry I didn't get your question the first time14:41
richati dont know how to scan14:41
flicki want to read the information here, but seems ubuntu forums is down.14:41
preekawhat exactly do you want to do ?14:41
mn2010richat: open a terminal { ctrl - alt - t }, authenticate as root {sudo -s}, run { lspci | grep 'wireless' }, see if it sees a device14:41
flickpreeka, find out how much swap memory is needed for virtualbox installations14:42
richatnothing result14:43
richatroot@c0de-ID:~# lspci | grep 'wireless'14:43
richatplease please14:44
richathelp me14:44
flickrichat - you can't connect to wifi?14:44
mn2010richat: ok is wireless enabled on youre hardware (Wireless button)14:44
preekaflick: depends on what you need to run in the vm... http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-4-esx-vcenter/index.jsp?topic=/com.vmware.vsphere.resourcemanagement.doc_40/managing_memory_resources/c_swap_space_and_memory_overcommitment.html14:44
flickpreeka, thanks!14:45
richatso... how to connect then mn201014:45
preekaI think what the webpage says holds in general for any vm software14:45
preekacorrect me if I'm wrong.14:46
richatwhat tools must im use to connect and scan this network with my old laptop14:46
MonkeyDust!wifi | richat did you read this14:46
ubotturichat did you read this: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:46
preekarichat: you mean like, scan for available wifi networks?14:47
preekascan, like netmap?14:47
richatmmmm.... no14:47
richatim sure in my range have available wifi network14:48
preekaok, and what exactly do you need to do?14:48
Eoin_hey i need help my hdd with all my porno's say's corrupted and unreadable anyone know?14:48
richatcos on my mobile android i can connect14:48
richatbut i wanna connect with my laptop14:48
Eoin_need a fix it's a life time worth14:48
preekaso, have you intalled the drivers for your wifi card?14:48
richati dont know14:49
preekaEoin_: lol, good luck, try googling for free disk recovery tools14:49
preekagive me a minute please14:49
richatbrb read WifiDocs14:49
mareDoes anyone know of a live chat like this for linuxmint?14:49
auronandace!mint | mare14:50
ubottumare: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org14:50
MonkeyDustmare  http://community.linuxmint.com/ > Community > Chat room14:50
preekarichat: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo14:51
preekaI think this should cover you.14:51
marewell, irc.spotchat.org does not exist14:51
richatim on there14:51
near88anyone knows a good security irc ?14:51
mareand the link from Monkey does not take me to a chat room14:51
auronandace!alis | near8814:51
ubottunear88: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*14:51
MonkeyDustmare  click on the community tab, then on Chat room14:51
preekanear88: there are some guys on ##security right now.14:52
preekayou might want to ask them14:52
MonkeyDustauronandace  the !mint factoid should be updated, irc.spotchat.org is no longer available14:53
mareno one is there :(14:54
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
MonkeyDustmare  i'm there now, i see a lot of activity14:55
MonkeyDustmare  wait a bit longer than 2 seconds to get an answer14:55
ZedGama3I'm having some difficulty getting grub to work properly with a new windows 8 laptop, anyone here willing to help me out?14:56
auronandace!uefi | ZedGama314:56
ubottuZedGama3: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI14:56
ZedGama3I've been reading a bit about it and was able to get ubuntu installed, but after adding an entry for windows it now just boots directly to windows without an appearance from the grub boot menu.  Just very strange.14:57
ZedGama3I'll read the article you posted though.14:57
moondogI've setup the ubuntu software center to sync between computers. but I only see the local machine in the machine list... not the other one.14:59
moondogdoes this feature function?14:59
MonkeyDustmoondog  software center is a frontend for apt, it's not meant to link two computers15:00
moondogit seems to have that feature15:01
moondogyou are not aware?15:01
auronandacemoondog: no idea what you are referring to15:01
napsci just checked it does... didn't know it either15:01
moondogubuntu software center the file option in the menu bar has an item titled "sync between computers"15:02
auronandacemoondog: wow, i just use synaptic15:04
Bauerhey guys :) I habe copied my Ubuntu from old HDd to new SSD using clonezilla, however it also copied my old UUID. atm the Grub is booting old HDD, from which I am trying to mount the new SSD , and modify the UUI in fstab and grub.conf, but it mounts as read only.. even as root I cant edit15:09
MonkeyDustwell, didnt know the sunc option, either, we learn every day...15:09
Bauerhow to force write mode?15:09
WinstonSmithmount -o remount,rw /15:09
moondogseems like it might be a useful feature (perhaps a little better if it worked)15:10
WinstonSmithBauer: ^15:10
WinstonSmithi just use --get-selections and --set-selections15:11
BauerWinstonSmith: I am not sure that is correct to my situation. I am booted from old HDD as /sda1 mounted to /. new SSD where I need to edit the files is /sdb1 - I wanna mountit to something like /mnt/1 and edit the files15:11
WinstonSmithBauer: ah sorry misread. just mount it then, it should be rw by default15:12
WinstonSmithBauer: http://www.sudo-juice.com/how-to-change-the-uuid-of-a-linux-partition/ may be relevant to your problem15:13
=== _ffio_ is now known as ffio
BauerWinstonSmith: well it isnt: mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/iso/ and when I open it: "/mnt/iso/boot/grub/grub.cfg" [readonly]15:13
WinstonSmithas root/sudo?15:13
Baueras root, yes WinstonSmith15:14
=== StealthBastard is now known as DennyCrane
WinstonSmithBauer: does "mount -o rw,remount /mnt/iso" work?15:15
WinstonSmithBauer: or /dev/sdb1 insted of /mnt/iso15:16
BauerWinstonSmith: nope still red only.. sec I try 2nd15:16
skaDoes anyone use "keychain" with gpg keys?15:17
WinstonSmithBauer: did you try mounting into another dir? not /mnt/iso? like mkdir /mnt/sdb1; mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/sdb1 ?15:17
WinstonSmithBauer: maybe the duplicate UUID is messing things up, did you try booting from a livecd ? also i had mixed success with clonezilla, prefer dd myself15:19
BauerWinstonSmith: I just tried, same thing15:19
BauerWinstonSmith: nothing else worked for me, only clonezilla managed to clone and allowed new SSD to boot it15:19
BauerWinstonSmith: if no other ideas, I will boot from live usb key I have and try again...15:20
WinstonSmithBauer: boot from a livecd/liveusb, use the link i posted to change the UUID of the old disk15:20
WinstonSmithswap boot order in BIOS too15:20
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joshuI'm trying to use pam_exec to get the username and password during lightdm login anyone familiar with this?15:23
BauerWinstonSmith: I already changed the UUID using gparted, and choosing priority in bios does not help since both drives had same UUID until now :)15:26
=== totally-not-pp is now known as Maple__
WinstonSmithBauer: it influences from which drive GRUB boots15:27
Bauerok, be back soon going to reboot from usb key15:29
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StarOnDHow can I install libgruel in raring ringtail?15:40
ztane13.04 64 bit with almost all updates in, I have now had like 20 % of time the following problem: plug in an android phone by usb (2.3.6) and start usb tethering on the phone - both computer and phone crashes :? any idea?15:40
ztaneget a kernel panic but I was too lazy to take a picture15:40
JainAmberAnyone with Ubuntu 32-bit installed on a machine that supports 64-bit? When I run 'uname -m', what will be output? x86? x86_64?15:41
JainAmberDoes 'uname -m' tells about machine's 32-/64-bit support? Or, does it tells whether installed OS is 32-/64-bit?15:42
daftykinslooks like it refers to the capability, mine reports i686 when i'm running 32-bit15:42
ztaneJainAmber: it tells about the kernel15:43
daftykinsJainAmber: why not just read the processor type and look up its' support?15:43
JainAmberdaftykins, I'm writing some docs for Vagrant users. I want a command so that they can find out whether kernel is 32 or 64 bit. If it is a 32 bit kernel, I'll recommend them to setup a 32-bit Vagrant VM. Otherwise, they should use 64-bit VM.15:45
JainAmberSo this isn't about my processor. Different users reading my docs will have different processors (32 and 64 bits).15:45
daftykinsi see15:46
JainAmberThanks ztane daftykins, I will recommend them to use 'uname -m' then.15:46
lang_hi, i screwed something upwith 'startx' and now i cant log in - can you help me please15:48
lang_when i log in it logs me out right away15:48
napscJainAmber: why not just look at cpu: lscpu15:50
OerHeksnapsc, that will tell you the CPU, not the installed arch15:50
JainAmbernapsc, what OerHeks said^15:51
OerHeks"arch" will do the same as uname -m15:52
akaWolfhello! I've got strange problem: can not telnet connect to some ports to my local computer from Ubuntu, but to some -- can. in Windows all ok... I'm confused15:52
dem1Im using vpn with ubuntu but the dns server in use is the localhost (that points to my isp) and not to my vpn dns server.is there any way to change that?15:52
akaWolfI do not want go to the Windows...15:52
JainAmberOerHeks, 'arch' is even better. Thanks!15:52
usr13akaWolf: But you're only supposed to use one.  Why do you need more than one.15:53
akaWolfusr13 one computer?15:53
usr13akaWolf: And why arent you using ssh instead of telent?15:54
grenadecx-AscendAnyone here have experience with multiple graphic cards and triple screen monitor? I'm running a GTX 560 TI and 8600GT Nvidia. With Nouveau, it kinda works out of the box, but it's really slow: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/5182725/triplemonitor_nouveaudrivers.png anyone know how I would get the same setup using official nvidia drivers? I tried, but can only get two monitors working15:54
akaWolfusr13 telnet only for check, I'm using ssh and check ssh port15:54
usr13akaWolf: Please restate your issue, (I'm pretty sure I've missunderstood).15:54
CaseyHello, trying to gain permissions to my raid drives located in the /mnt/(raid drive folders)  not having any luck what so ever.15:54
OerHeksgrenadecx-Ascend, i hear more issues with nvidia/only 2 monitor setup.15:55
daftykinsCasey: can you explain what you're doing and what's going wrong?15:55
usr13akaWolf: Oh, you are not telnetting into your Ubuntu system, you are trying to telnet to another PC, (*from* the ubuntu pc)?15:56
usr13akaWolf: Is that correct?   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^]15:56
akaWolfusr13 I've got error "Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused" when I try to connect to something ports from my Ubuntu-PC. I connect to another Ubuntu-PC15:56
daftykinsgrenadecx-Ascend: run nvidia's own driver?15:56
usr13akaWolf: Scan the port with nmap15:57
Caseydaftykins: yes sorry. When trying to move/paste files into the drives, they say they are "read-only". I am logged in on the only account on the system (except for going in as root) using GUI to cut/paste15:57
grenadecx-AscendOerHeks, well, using nvidia 313 drivers from repo allows me to used twinview, but that only supports 2 monitors. Normally I could try to run twinview + 1 xorg, but that leaves me with a white screen, and enable xinerama wont work because of compiz15:57
usr13akaWolf: nmap -p <port-number-here>  192.168.xx.xx15:58
akaWolfusr13: Windows exist too on that PC. and work pretty well15:58
grenadecx-AscendNot sure how nouveau handles it, but it works. Just slow like hell and every 2 mins it freezes a few seconds15:58
daftykinsCasey: i'd be willing to bet that the RAID setup is being mounted read only in /etc/fstab15:58
Caseydaftykins: here is my fstab http://paste.ubuntu.com/5918759/15:59
akaWolfusr13: state: closed, service: unknown15:59
daftykinsCasey: change 'ro' to 'rw' in both your last two entries for sdb1 and sdc115:59
lang_does anyone have an idea what I should do ? I ran startx andnow i get logged out themoment i try to log in15:59
Caseydaftykins: thank you!15:59
usr13akaWolf: Ok then.  I would suggest the problem lies elswhere.15:59
akaWolfusr13: but not all ports...16:00
daftykinsCasey: np :) reboot or remount after that should sort it.16:00
mumpitze1lang_: when you run startx you shouldn't need to login16:00
dem1Im using vpn with ubuntu but the dns server in use is the localhost (that points to my isp) and not to my vpn dns server.is there any way to change that?16:00
akaWolfusr13: another port: state open, service svn16:00
Caseydaftykins: where it says users,users   and mask=000    why are those different?16:00
usr13akaWolf: Just do    nmap 192.168.xx.x    and see what is open or closed.16:00
Caseyboth drives should be the exact same, permissions, and setup wise....does that make sense?16:01
daftykinsCasey: not a clue, you could save a copy then edit them the same to experiment if you like16:01
akaWolfusr13: open only two ports, but it is wrong..16:01
Caseydaftykins: 10-4 thanks!16:01
daftykinsCasey: both being mounted to separate paths, there's no RAID at all though surely 0o16:01
akaWolfusr13: I think, it's a low-lewel problem with a driver or something like that16:02
usr13akaWolf: With a driver?  What driver could it be?16:02
Caseydaftykins: what do you mean?  2tb1 is two 2TB drives in raid1 and 2TB2 is two 2TB drives in raid116:02
Caseydaftykins: are you saying that neither are really in raid mode?16:03
BenxyzzyOK, nearly there. I'm going to put my current LVM password in a keyfile (on the machine) and add it to crypttab. I'm guessing the keyfile needs to go in /boot as that's the only unencrypted area initially. What would the crypttab kefile path look like?16:03
akaWolfusr13: I don't know, but in Windows all work good...16:03
Benxyzzysdb5_crypt UUID=xyz... /boot/mykey.key luks          ???16:03
usr13akaWolf: Are you thinking it may be the driver for the Network Interface?16:03
akaWolfusr13: yes16:03
usr13akaWolf:  I seriously doubt that.16:03
Caseydaftykins: they are connected to a raid controller card, not onboard raid.16:03
BauerWinstonSmith: thanks, booting from live USB allowed me to modify the UUID, I am now back from SSD drive, however now it says I have two SWAP partitions, first one is of course on SSD, and second: /dev/dm-0 - what is this?16:04
akaWolfusr13: but what else?..16:04
usr13akaWolf: Imporper usage of telnet command .... oh, I dono, there are others16:04
usr13akaWolf: you should also try nmap -PN  (no ping).16:05
WinstonSmithBauer: no idea. just turn it off with "swapoff" ?16:05
akaWolfusr13: I use telnet true :)16:05
* WinstonSmith shivers... telnet16:05
akaWolfusr13: right*16:05
akaWolfusr13: with "-PN" options nothing changes in output of nmap scan..16:06
WinstonSmithBauer: and delete the swap partition/change its UUID on the old hdd16:06
usr13akaWolf: What port are you trying to use?16:07
akaWolfusr13: 211316:08
ZedGama3Does anyone know if it is possible to get the windows 8 bootloader to load grub from a partition?  For instance if I installed grub onto /dev/sda516:08
akaWolfusr13: 8016:09
leshilVMs all the way16:09
usr13akaWolf: And so you can connect to the other port, Right?16:09
akaWolfusr13: I can connect to 369016:09
usr13akaWolf: What is the standard port for telent?16:09
akaWolfusr13: 2116:09
ZedGama321 is ftp16:10
akaWolfusr13: It's not that problem; I'm not so stupid )16:10
ZedGama323 is telnet16:10
akaWolfZedGama3: something like that16:10
akaWolfusr13: $ telnet 80 Trying telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused16:11
usr13akaWolf: So you are able to initiate a telnet connection via port 23  Right?16:11
akaWolfusr13: $ telnet 3690 Trying Connected to
usr13akaWolf: Looks to me like that PC does not have telnet listening on port 8016:12
akaWolfusr13: wrong, telnet -- universal util for receive-transmit data between two machines, not only for 23 port, but also for any else port16:13
joshuanyone know how to use pam_exec.so expose_authtok to get the user password?16:13
tigranesHi! I booted in text mode. Is there a way to start network manager without X? I tried 'service NetworkManager start' and variants, but it cannot find the service.16:13
akaWolfusr13: ssh -p 2113 ssh: connect to host port 2113: Connection refused16:13
usr13akaWolf: Well, yes. Most services are that way. You can tell them to listen on another port, other than the default one. But really, is that PC's service "telnet" really listening on port 80 ?  I dont know that.  And it appears that it isn't.16:14
usr13akaWolf: What kind of computer is on IP address  (An MS Windows PC or ____________?)16:15
akaWolfusr13: If something listening on that port, telnet show that, and not more )16:15
akaWolfusr13: Ubuntu 12.0416:15
brassmonkeyis there any possible way to sync music to a iphone 5 yet16:16
usr13akaWolf: So have you set the ssh deamon to listen to another port, (other than 22)?  (In the config file.. and then restart the service after changes made?)16:16
akaWolfusr13: ofcouse, in Windows all work16:17
akaWolfusr13: it's not a problem with server-pc with deamon16:17
akaWolfusr13: work only two ports, that very strange...16:18
akaWolfusr13: it must work about 5 ports listening16:18
usr13akaWolf: It will only work on the ports you tell it to16:19
usr13akaWolf: Take ssh for instance.  It will *only* listen on port 22.  You can change that in the config file and then restart the service, and then restart the service, but only then will sshd listen on a port other than port 22.  Okay?16:20
igw3my ubuntu 12.06LTS not shutting down16:21
igw3my ubuntu 12.06LTS not shutting down ...can any1 help out16:22
akaWolfusr13: ofc.16:23
usr13akaWolf: And I'm not sure what you are saying,  "in Window all work".  Not really sure what that means.  With MS Windows, it's pretty much the same situation, a service accepts connections on a particular port, and that is it.  That is not to say it can not be configured to listen on another port, but the default behaviour is to listen on that one port.  Let's say you install a webserver and an ftp server, the webserver will listen on port 80 and the ftp serve16:23
akaWolfusr13: mm... in Windows on that computer, not on server-pc16:24
Dr_Willistheres a 12.06 lts?16:24
macramDr_Willis: nope, 12.04 lts16:24
Dr_Willisigw3:  tell the channel what it is doing exactly.16:24
macramalmost all *ubuntu versions are launched in april and october, then they'll be numbered XX.04 and XX.1016:25
macramonly one Ubuntu version was launched in June16:25
akaWolfusr13: I not change anything at server-pc, and restarn only from one system to another on my work pc16:25
Dr_Willisthen theres the .1 updated (and occasionally higher)16:25
igw3Dr_Willis: when i do a init 0 it shutdown but never powers off16:25
macramDr_Willis: yep. Every six months there is a update to all LTS16:25
Dr_Willisigw3:  tried the shutdown and other commands?16:25
igw3yes i have16:26
macramso, in 2012-10 was launched Ubuntu 12.04.116:26
usr13akaWolf: What?  (Can you make that a little more clear, not sure I understand what you just said.)16:26
=== roasted_ is now known as roasted
akaWolfusr13: sorry for my english16:27
CiscoNinjahowdy, i keep getting crash report , "sorry, Ubuntu 13.04 has experienced an internal error. /usr/bin/compiz" can someone help me please16:27
igw3still the same problem Dr_Willis16:27
usr13akaWolf: I tell you what:  Tell us exactly what you want your Ubuntu PC to do.  (Above and beyond what it is not doing now.)16:27
Dr_WillisCiscoNinja:  if the system is working normally - it may be an old crash report -  You can clear out the 'apport' logs/crashes or just disable apport.16:27
akaWolfusr13: one moment..16:27
CiscoNinjaDr_Willis, how can i clear the 'apport'16:28
Dr_WillisCiscoNinja:  http://askubuntu.com/search?q=disable+apport16:28
=== user_ is now known as sternwanderer
igw3Dr_Willis: thanks gonna try it out16:29
usr13akaWolf: And make it one issue at a time.  Tell us what you want one service to do.  (And then you can move on to another.)16:29
ZedGama3Does anyone know how to change the boot entries for a UEFI system?  I've got ubuntu and windows working nicely, but there is an extra entry I'd like to remove.16:30
Kitt3nZedGama3, and that is?16:30
ZedGama3There are two entries for ubuntu16:30
Kitt3nZedGama3, does Grub show two entries for Ubuntu?16:31
ZedGama3That's the strange thing, it's not grub. I'm not sure where this menu is coming from16:31
akaWolfusr13: I install at server Ubuntu 12.04 lts and at my work PC Ubuntu 13.04 (after Windows 7). I install and configure sshd at server. and all work before I change IP settings in my router, but it's not really important, because at my work PC I can connect to any ports at my server (and sshd to), but not in Ubuntu 13.04. I want connect to my server in Ubuntu at my work PC...16:31
Kitt3nZedGama3, is there a title on the menu?16:32
ZedGama3The only way I can boot into Ubuntu is by booting into windows, holding shift while clicking restart, and selecting boot other operating system.16:32
usr13akaWolf: Mean time, I'd lke to show you a command that might be useful in your situation(s). netstat -pantu  #It will show all ports that your Ubuntu system is listening on and info about them.16:32
BauerI have a filed call .MircryptionKeys.txt in my home dir. However locate does not show when I search for MircryptionKeys.txt - why? and how to fix this?16:32
Kitt3nZedGama3, oookay, I don't know how Windows behaves in UEFI16:32
ZedGama3But when I go into windows boot options it only lists windows 8...  Very confusing16:32
akaWolfusr13: yes, but it hard to me -- run that command on my server...16:32
Kitt3n!UEFI < ZedGama316:33
ubottuKitt3n: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)16:33
Kitt3n...Stupid bot16:33
Kitt3n!UEFI > ZedGama316:33
ubottuZedGama3, please see my private message16:33
usr13akaWolf: From what you just said, you are trying to connect to this server from outside?  Right?16:33
akaWolfusr13: yes, from my work P16:34
Kitt3nZedGama3, my personal opinion is to just drop Windows unless you REALLY need it16:34
usr13akaWolf: From your work PC, to ________________?16:34
thiebaudeKitt3n, :)16:34
ZedGama3Unfortunately I do need it for some of the classes I'm taking16:34
akaWolfusr13: to -- server16:34
ubottuThere are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible: !QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega for Windows applications16:34
usr13akaWolf: Is it on a different network?16:35
guest-6384OnHelp! I cleaned installed Xubuntu onto my computer which really helped with the long wait of turning on and logging into Xubuntu. BUT... I have a broken computer screen, so I have my computer hooked up to a monitor. I accidentally hit the wrong screen set-up on the monitor 1 and 2 set up, so that makes my monitor black and my computer on. Ohhhh  what should I do. I am talking to you in the Guest log in.16:35
akaWolfusr13: not, it's a local network16:35
ZedGama3And I've read the article you sent.  However, it doesn't go into detail as to how UEFI determines boot entries16:35
AwakenI need windows cos even on 13.04 with the shiny 3.9 kernel displaylink USB for my 3rd monitor only works under noveau. Which is icky. Even more so with a displaylink 3rd display using the same GPU.16:35
usr13akaWolf: Ok, so both PCs are connected to the same router.  Right?16:35
ZedGama3Perhaps I'll just have to wait until more information becomes available :-\16:35
* Awaken wants fixed displaylink + proprietary (or better performing noveau)16:35
guest-6384OnIs there a command in terminal that I can fix it with?16:35
akaWolfusr13: not exactly... between them exist switch...16:36
Kitt3nZedGama3, the UEFI stuff is different on every computer, but virtualbox and Wine does exist16:36
akaWolfusr13: it's important?16:36
thiebaudeKitt3n, virtualbox is awesome16:36
akaWolfusr13: existing switch between them?16:36
usr13akaWolf: Not worried about the switch, (if it really *is* just a switch and not a router).  RIght?16:36
akaWolfusr13: it's really switch16:37
ZedGama3There has to be some kind of standardized setup because both windows is now aware of Ubuntu and able to boot it successfully.  It just doesn't seem to be well documented on how this process works.16:37
Kitt3nthiebaude, I agree! Well, the only thing I don't like is setting up network interfaces to link multiple virtual machines together, or perhaps I am just really stupid xD16:37
usr13akaWolf: Ok, computer A (client) is 192.168.1.?  Computer B (server) is
akaWolfusr13: client is
usr13akaWolf: is a Ubuntu 13.04 PC?16:38
usr13akaWolf: See my pm16:38
Kitt3nZedGama3, well, on my computer, UEFI starts GRUB2 which then lets me boot into Ubuntu, and on my school laptop, GRUB2 handles Windows, the laptop isn't UEFI based, but I should think it would work the same way on UEFI16:38
* Dell_the_Engie hugs you all16:39
ZedGama3I'll just have to do some more research on it.  I'm just not sure how ubuntu told windows that it was there, I'm assuming through the UEFI bios somehow.16:39
guest-6384OnHelp, someone! Does anyone know how to fix a monitor issue?16:39
Kitt3n!ask guest-6384On16:40
Kitt3nDANG it16:40
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:40
Kitt3n!ask | guest-6384On16:40
ubottuguest-6384On: please see above16:40
BauerI have a filed call .MircryptionKeys.txt in my home dir. However locate does not show when I search for MircryptionKeys.txt - why? and how to fix this?16:40
kostkonguest-6384On, describe your problem please16:40
Dr_WillisBauer:  you updated the locate database recently? Locate can also have custom databases if you want to specificaly use it to search the users home.16:41
mumpitze1Bauer: run updatedb ?16:41
Dr_Willislocate has a lot of features people never notice. :)16:41
BauerDr_Willis, mumpitze1  yes I have just ran updatedb again, and it still doesnt find the file16:41
Dell_the_Engieare there any other Windows users here? :316:42
r1d4a3me use wind16:42
bekksDell_the_Engie: Whats the ubuntu problem you are facing?16:42
guest-6384Ono.k.  I set up a clean install of xubuntu and spent hours setting it everything up nice again. I have a broken computer screen, so I have it hooked up to my monitor. I was trying to get the computer screen off so I can only see the monitor. I was doing this in the monitor section and turned off my monitor, so now I can't do anything, not even change it back. I am in guest log in talking to you right now. Is there a command in t16:42
guest-6384Onerminal that can fix it?16:42
thiebaudeguest-6384On, did you goto into display settings?16:43
Dell_the_Engieubuntu wont install in my virtual machine16:43
macramDell_the_Engie: you can simply download a preinstalled virtual machine16:44
bekks!details | Dell_the_Engie16:44
ubottuDell_the_Engie: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:44
BauerDr_Willis, mumpitze1: apparently ALL files starting with a DOT (.filename) do NOT show up using locate16:44
guest-6384Onummm display settings is where you can get a photo up onto your screen. I went into the monitor section.16:44
macramsorry Dell_the_Engie :) http://virtualboxes.org/images/ubuntu/16:44
Dr_Willisguest-6384On:  you mean the Lightdm/login screen works?  but not the users actual desktop?16:44
Dr_WillisBauer:  locate .bashrc here - works fine for me.16:44
Dell_the_Engieits stuck on running "update grub16:45
Dr_WillisBauer:  you using an encrypted home perhaps?16:45
guest-6384OnI went into the settings manager and then to monitor.16:45
thiebaudeguest-6384On, are you on ubuntu?16:45
BauerDr_Willis: yes I do actually16:45
guest-6384OnI'm in xubuntu16:45
Dr_WillisBauer:  just a guess - but its some locate option or the encrypted homes are goofing things up. Im NOT using an encrypted home.16:45
thiebaudeahh ok guest-6384On16:46
thiebaudeim not familiar with xubuntu16:46
thiebaudejust ubuntu 13.0416:46
=== Flynn_ is now known as Dorfrod
guest-6384Onshould I go to xubuntu chat?16:46
thiebaudeyes guest-6384On  good idea16:46
Dell_the_Engieim gonna get a new computer this year, should i install ubuntu on this one or keep it as a backup?16:46
thiebaudegood luck with your isse guest-6384On16:46
sushanthey guys i m using ubuntu studio16:48
* Dell_the_Engie is being ignored :\16:48
daftykinsDell_the_Engie: you're asking a question about a personal choice from what i can tell, so we can't answer :D16:48
thiebaudeDell_the_Engie, did you already download the ubuntu .iso?16:48
thiebaudeon virtualbox?16:49
Dell_the_Engieyes, its installing now16:49
Dell_the_Engiei got it working :D16:49
thiebaudeok cool16:49
anonymous_ai galera16:49
Ampelbeinguest-6384On: You can try renaming /etc/X11/xorg.conf to xorg.conf.back and restart.16:50
Dell_the_Engieand i have a couple more questions if you dont mind :316:50
thiebaudego for it16:50
Dell_the_Engiehow would a windows user like myself switch over? would my programs still work?16:50
thiebaudeDell_the_Engie, it depends on what you use on windows now16:51
Dell_the_Engiesteam, ventrillo, stuff like that16:51
Awakenyou're not going to be able to run all of your windows games16:51
jribDell_the_Engie: usually, you would use native programs.  But some programs are available on both (like firefox, chrome, etc.).  There's also wine which would let you run windows programs through it, but I'd suggest using a native app whenever possible16:51
Te3-BloodyIroni'm trying to use a repo for newer package versions of samba4, but my install still favors the main repos, what's the best way to make the other repo paramount?16:52
nyli chopped my ubuntu install again16:52
thiebaudeand not all programs run on wine16:52
Awakenbut there's lots more games coming to linux every day and steam is now available properly for linux - and it works quite well :)16:52
nylnvidia 319.32 drivers just won't work16:52
thiebaudeDell_the_Engie, when i started out i did dual-boot16:52
Bauerthanks for the hint Dr_Willis , I followed http://askubuntu.com/questions/20821/using-locate-on-an-encrypted-partition and once I modified updatedb.conf, it work :)16:52
Bauervery very stupid default :16:53
thiebaudenyl, i use nvidia :)16:53
thiebaudeon the desktop16:53
nyli use on both desktop and laptop16:53
nylthe laptop just hates linux16:54
Dell_the_Engiehow different is windows to ubuntu, or, any linus distribution for that matter16:54
BauerHow do I request an update on Ubuntu installer? so that when it offers users to make encrypted home, it would warn them that locate by default would not work? its a big  issue16:54
Te3-BloodyIroncan anyon help me with my repo issue? im sure it's an easy solution16:54
thiebaudeDell_the_Engie, big difference16:54
jrib!bug | Bauer16:54
ubottuBauer: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.16:54
daftykinsTe3-BloodyIron: i think it goes by order inside sources.list - did you add the new one to the top?16:54
Dell_the_Engiebecause ive been using windows all my life16:54
nylhas anyone installed 319.32 on 13.04  ubuntu16:55
tozenDell_the_Engie: same as cars looks similar but driving differently.16:55
daftykinsDell_the_Engie: there'll be a learning curve. just get trying it and you'll see, your questions can't really be answered easily16:55
daftykinsboot a LiveCD maybe16:55
* nyl <- optimus laptop16:55
thiebaudenyl, which card model?16:55
Te3-BloodyIrondaftykins: ill try that thanks16:55
nylthiebaude, GT540M16:55
OerHeksTe3-BloodyIron, what repo did you add, and did you perform sudo apt-get update before looking versionnumbers?16:56
Baueruhm jrib what package is locate/updatedb? it says not exists on updatedb, not installed on locate16:56
thiebaudemines the older nvidia 8400gs16:56
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nylon desktop 9600GT XFX16:56
randomaussiehi all... i've installed te nvidia drivers but when i run "sudo nvidia-xconfig" but i get the error " unable to locate/open X configuration file."    some advice please16:56
nylon desktop works great16:56
thiebaudenyl, in osftware center did you goto addional drivers?16:56
daftykinsrandomaussie: try running "sudo touch /etc/X11/xorg.conf" first16:56
Te3-BloodyIrondaftykins: no luck with that :/16:57
jribBauer: well the way you stated it suggested you thought it was an installer issue.  In any case, the answer to your current question is: dpkg -S $(readlink -f $(which locate))16:57
Dell_the_Engieone more question16:57
Dell_the_Engiewhats with the penguin?16:57
daftykinsTe3-BloodyIron: so you did it, ran 'sudo apt-get update' and then tried to install samba?16:57
randomaussiedaftykins: its automatically written a file at the location16:57
daftykinsDell_the_Engie: everyone needs a friendly mascot ;)16:57
Bauerjrib: well because they wont modify the defaults of updatedb due to security issues, but the installer must warn the user, that locate wont index /home if encrypted home is chosen16:58
Bauerits not obvious, I lost hours because I thought the file is somehow gone16:58
sushantdoes any body produce audio using linux?16:58
sushanti need sugestion16:58
Bauerjrib: so the only sensible solution would be to warn the user during installation16:58
MonkeyDustsushant  better ask in #ubuntu-studio16:59
OerHeksBauer, sounds logic to me, indexing is off in encrypted. maybe swap is also off.17:00
Te3-BloodyIrondaftykins : yes17:00
daftykinsrandomaussie: yep so now re-run sudo nvidia-xconfig17:00
jribBauer: personally, I don't think it's necessary to do so.  Most users won't use locate unless they are comfortable with the command line and config files.  If you see locate is missing results in your HOME, you'd likely investigate how it's configured17:01
BauerOerHeks: logically yes, but the non-experienced user might go with enecrypted home without understanding the meaning of it. and later like me, not understand why locate does not find files. I didnt even know what to look for at first until Dr_Willis  clued me in17:01
Kuroganeanyone can help me with this? http://pastebin.com/Q2E9GyX817:01
randomaussiedaftykins: when i tried touch it sayd no such file or directory... and when i try to rerun sudo nvidia-xconfig it just rewrite the file it created the first time17:03
daftykinsKurogane: this is as root i assume?17:03
daftykinsrandomaussie: its' objective is to create /etc/X11/xorg.conf - does it exist or not?17:03
Kuroganedaftykins, what you mean?17:03
Dr_WillisBauer:  theres DOZENS of things that dont  'work' due to encrypted homes.17:03
Bauerjrib: I didnt even know updatedb had a conf file, first thing I tried to do is google why locate does not find files beginning with . (obviously without any useful results.. I dont think locate is so advanced only the most experienced users use it.. I used it for long time17:03
daftykinsKurogane: are you running 'do-release-upgrade' as root?17:04
jribBauer: it warrants discussion; that was just my personal opinion on it17:04
Kuroganedaftykins, yep17:04
Dr_WillisBauer:  locate  has  some very advanced features. Ive rarely scratched 1% of its features ;)17:04
Te3-BloodyIrondaftykins: you're a busy beaver :P17:04
BauerDr_Willis: isnt it all the more reason to put a WARNING for users during installation? so they'd be aware of the potential problems17:04
CiscoNinjaokay, running 13.04 w/xfce and i have nx installed , but when i connect to my box using nxclient it opens the session with unity which i don't want , what is going wrong please help17:04
randomaussienvidia-xconfig seems to think it does but touch doesnt17:04
daftykinsTe3-BloodyIron: i prefer - masochistic multi-tasker17:04
Dr_WillisBauer:  you will have 1000 warnings and scary dialogs - so thats not going to happen.17:04
Dr_WillisBauer:  they have trimmed down the installer to the barest minimal questions over the years.17:05
Te3-BloodyIronjrib: i haven't found "locate" to be horribly useful, mostly because i haven't yet seen a distro with it working out of the box just yet, but that might just be my fault17:05
uvalahello, 36° greets to everyone! I am constantly receiving a partial upgrade message after update manager does updating, saying "not all upgrades can be installed..run a partial upgrade to install as many upgrades as possible"..how can I solve this?17:05
Dr_WillisBauer:  personally ive seen more people have issues with the 'auto login feature' because they cant seem to understand you can still logout. :)17:05
Te3-BloodyIrondaftykins: if you could point me to a method to force this external repo to take precedence i would appreciate it17:05
randomaussiedaftykins: nvidia-xconfig seems to think it does but touch doesnt17:05
Te3-BloodyIrondaftykins: or if you have other ideas17:05
Bauerjrib: what would be the best place to begin such discussion? and hopefully convince enough people to make at least some short warning?17:05
Bauerlol Dr_Willis  :)17:06
jribTe3-BloodyIron: ubuntu's locate works oob ;)17:06
Dr_WillisBauer:  the lightdm changes wallpaper - is one issue with encrypted homes. User defined samba shares in their home, is yet another problem. theres not going to be a 'secure' fix to any of this i imagine.17:06
BauerTe3-BloodyIron: locate always worked on pretty much every distro I every used... ubuntu, debian, centos, suse17:06
CiscoNinjaokay, running 13.04 w/xfce and i have nx installed , but when i connect to my box using nxclient it opens the session with unity which i don't want , what is going wrong please help17:06
Dell_the_Engieknow any good windows related chats17:07
heroeshow to install ubuntu on adroid phone?17:07
jribBauer: you could file a bug against the installer (or the package that provides locate) and see what happens.  You might also try mailing lists (lists.ubuntu.com)17:07
DJones!phone | heroes17:07
ubottuheroes: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch17:07
Dr_WillisBauer:  much bigger issue ive seen is users not underatanding how to access their encrypted homes from a live cd.17:07
bekksCiscoNinja: You have tell the sessions what you want to start17:07
daftykinsTe3-BloodyIron: i think i'm at the end of my experience i'm afraid, i can only imagine the repo you added doesn't have anything newer? *shrug*17:07
DJonesDell_the_Engie: ##windows for Windows discussion17:07
daftykinsrandomaussie: type "ls /etc/X11/" and see if it reports it there17:07
bekksCiscoNinja: start a custom command like "/usr/bin/gnome-session --session=ubuntu-2d"17:08
BauerDr_Willis: I also disagree that bare minimal installation without even a hint(s) and small explanation on every choice, is the best way to go about in a major and popular  distribution  for unexperienced users, which ubuntu serves a lot.17:09
CiscoNinjabekks, the only option there is GNOME,KDE,CDE and XDM and currently i am using GNOME on that session17:09
Te3-BloodyIronjrib: shush you17:09
bekksCiscoNinja: You can choose to start a custom command.17:09
CiscoNinjayes bekks17:10
bekksCiscoNinja: Then do it, at start whatever you want ;)17:10
Te3-BloodyIrondaftykins: that's the thing, it does have newer stuff. im doing 12.04 server, and it has samba4 4.0.0-alpha18, but the new repo is 4.0.717:10
Te3-BloodyIronthe very reason i switched to 12.04 instead of 13.04 is because the repo is set for 12.0417:10
BauerDr_Willis: small hit icon like in many websites, which pops up a baloon with a little information would not hurt a minimalist style, while giving the needed information to those who require it.17:10
CiscoNinjabekks, but am not sure what is the command line for xfce17:10
Te3-BloodyIronbut 13.04 has 4.0.0 release, and is the first ubuntu version where the main repos have a release of SAMBA417:10
randomaussiedaftkins: sorry mate rookie mistake... didnt have a capital X1117:11
bekksCiscoNinja: just look up whats the name of the session.17:11
CiscoNinjabekks, am not sure what do you want me to do here17:12
bekksCiscoNinja: When logging in, you can choose which session you want to start. That menu entry has a name - you need that name.17:12
CiscoNinjabekks, you are talking about my original box and not when i nx to it17:13
bekksCiscoNinja: Yes.17:13
daftykinsTe3-BloodyIron: mmm, perhaps there's an architecture incompatibility so it's hiding them - sorry not sure what to try next!17:13
bekksCiscoNinja: And for using nx, you need to know the name of the session you are starting on the original box.17:14
Dell_the_Engieanyone else here using xchat?17:14
bekksDell_the_Engie: Why?17:14
holsteinDell_the_Engie: i have, if you have a specific question, go ahead and ask it..17:14
CiscoNinjabekks, never had to do all of this when i was running 10.10 :S i missed 10.10 lol17:14
joshuhow do you execute a lightdm .desktop session from the command line and pass in arguments?17:14
Dell_the_Engietheres no one in #windws17:14
bekksdaftykins: Its intended, no error. The xorg.conf is gone for ages now. If you really need it, you can create it.17:15
holsteinDell_the_Engie: its ##windows17:15
DJonesDell_the_Engie: I didn't say #windows, I said ##windows17:15
randomaussiedaftykin: i have tried twice now to run nvidia-xconfig and restart the lightdm and the drivers still ar not loaded according to the nvidia x server program17:15
Dell_the_Engieand thats what i joined17:15
daftykinsbekks: you're telling the helper not the request-ee - i know how antiquated the file is but i decided to facilitate the task not fight the intention :)17:15
bekksDell_the_Engie: there are hundreds of people in there.17:15
bekksdaftykins: :P17:15
wilee-nileeDell_the_Engie, You made no post that made sense.17:15
holsteinDell_the_Engie: i would double check.. the windows channel is quite active.. if you are seeking xchat for windows support, this is not the channel, unfortunately17:16
daftykinsrandomaussie: is the file there then? and contains the nvidia details?17:16
CiscoNinjabekks, it is xfce session17:16
daftykinsrandomaussie: there might be a better way to go about it that's needed to be done17:16
Dell_the_Engieno one is talking in it though :/17:17
bekksCiscoNinja: Then replace ubuntu-2d with xfce in the command I gave you.17:17
bekksDell_the_Engie: Then ask a question that makes sense.17:17
CiscoNinjabekks, failed to start xfce session17:18
randomaussiedaftykin: yeah the file contains nvidia referances in it17:18
bekksCiscoNinja: Then try using "startxfce" instead, as command.17:19
bekksCiscoNinja: With the full path to the binary.17:19
daftykinsrandomaussie: can you pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log ? i'll bbs - need to take care of something17:19
flickhi... i want to install mandelbulber, but when i do it from the "Ubuntu Software Center" GUI, it gives an error saying package is in unauthenticated server17:19
=== user_ is now known as sternwanderer
wilee-nileeflick, Do you get a missing gpg key in the error17:20
Te3-BloodyIrondaftykins: looks like the package i was expecting was sernet-samba not samba4, the added repo doesn't replace the existing package name17:20
Te3-BloodyIronso that was a shortcoming on the repo documentation17:20
Te3-BloodyIronbut looks like it's working... so far17:20
Te3-BloodyIronthanks for your help17:20
daftykinsTe3-BloodyIron: np :)17:21
flickwilee-nilee, oh i turned on the "Canonical Partner" repository in synaptic package manager, and now it works17:21
flicki am getting good17:22
flickat troubleshooting17:22
nyleven tux loves the desktop more :))17:22
adornowhat is upstart-udev-bridge17:22
adornoand is it safe to remove17:22
randomaussiedaftykins: paste.ubuntu.com/591903217:22
CiscoNinjabekks, 'XDG_SESSION_PATH=/org/freedesktop/DisplayManager/Session217:23
flickhow can i check something 3D to see if my computer can display 3D scenarios?17:23
holsteinflick: do you need 3d? there is always glxgears17:24
flicki think it is called open gl or something...17:24
brassmonkeyhey guys, is there a way to remove all the bloat from ubuntu without corrupting the installation by removing shared packages?17:24
holsteinbrassmonkey: "bloat" can be a matter of opinion.. you might want to start with a "lighter" one.. xubuntu/lubuntu.. etc17:24
CiscoNinjabekks, and DESKTOP_SESSION=xfce , so am confused now17:25
flicki get 30-40fps fullscreen17:26
nyl319.32 nvidia drivers hate unity17:26
wilee-nileeflick, Cool, enjoy.17:26
nyli think17:26
flickgood enough i guess - with glxgears - thankx17:26
brassmonkeyholstein, by bloat i mean programs  installed that i will never use,  etc. i prefer to use the main flavor of distro's because i tend to have a few issues down the road with community for example xfce may have problems after ubuntu releases updates etc17:26
holsteinbrassmonkey: you can remove what you want, or start with something that doesnt ship things you dont use17:26
wilee-nileenyl, Really nvidia drivers are sentient.17:26
brassmonkeyholstein, how many packages share other packages now? like i tried to remove ubuntu help and got a warning that 25 other programs might not work etc17:27
holsteinbrassmonkey: xubuntu *is* ubuntu.. not "community" necessarily17:27
Dell_the_Engiebye guys!17:27
nyli've installed them and i only get mesa driver17:27
holsteinbrassmonkey: you would need to refer to a particular package for details.. you can remove what you like17:27
nylafter restart17:27
nyland no unity17:27
nyleven tough i did nvidia-xconfig, nothing changed17:28
wilee-nilee!enter | nyl17:28
ubottunyl: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:28
adornowhat is upstart-udev-bridge17:28
adornoand is it safe to remove17:28
brassmonkeyit's been a long time since i've used debian based distro's and am not a linux expert by any means. but i noticed on arch it seems almost all packages are individual layers to the gnu, is that the same for debian but ubuntu just has the warnings to prevent newbies from uninstalling things?17:28
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holsteinbrassmonkey: ubuntu packages have dependencies.. you can remove what you lik17:29
=== yllo is now known as NETfellow
brassmonkeyholstein, so when i remove say ubuntu help and it says 25 packages are dependent on it, its not actually true its just a warning that those other packages might have an option that uses the ubuntu help?17:30
holsteinbrassmonkey: i dont know what "ubuntu help" is, friend.. what packages are you trying to remove, and by what method? what is happening? and what you would like to have happen?17:31
holstein!info ubuntu-help17:31
ubottuPackage ubuntu-help does not exist in raring17:31
Kitt3nbrassmonkey, if you remove a package that other packages depends on, those other packages will obviously break or do weird things.17:31
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brassmonkeyKitt3n, i cant comprehend why ubuntu would have so many package dependencies compared to other distro's where the packages are completely separate17:32
holsteinbrassmonkey: all distros/operating systems willl have similar issues17:32
holsteinbrassmonkey: what specifically are you trying to remove, and how?17:32
wilee-nileebrassmonkey, If your trying to trim ubuntu you are wasting your time, easier to install with the mini netload and build up probably.17:33
=== z_ is now known as Guest8402
brassmonkeyholstein, i am currently using arch and am no way bashing ubuntu as i want a stable distro with a good community . i am basically wondering if it will be possible for me to strip ubuntu to the point of where my arch system is17:34
holsteinbrassmonkey: yes17:34
holsteinbrassmonkey: you would state "i want to remove 'package-name'" assuming, after you install, you cant sort that out on your own17:35
holsteinbrassmonkey: i suggest, as i have before, and wilee-nilee suggested, to try starting with something that fits your needs17:35
=== UnnamedUser is now known as naryfa
ikoniabrassmonkey: if you have to ask that question, you should really consider what you are doing17:36
brassmonkeyholstein, i dont have many needs, as linux is more of a hobby and OS that i use primarily use for security flaws of windows i just like the distro to run fast17:36
Flannelbrassmonkey: Instead of stripping it, just start with the bare system, install the version which is CLI-only (not the server install, you don't need the server specific stuff), and then build-up from there.17:36
ikoniabrassmonkey: "distro run fast" - that doesn't mean you need to strip it17:36
holstein!mini > brassmonkey17:36
ubottubrassmonkey, please see my private message17:36
Flannelbrassmonkey: This used to be done via the alternate CD.  I'm not 100% certain how you do it other than the mini or server CDs on versions without an alt CD17:36
holsteinilinoin: may i help you?17:37
brassmonkeywhen you run the minimal cd, do you have to manually choose display drivers, wifi etc? or is it fairly automated but you choose the packages you want to install and DE17:38
ikoniabrassmonkey: you will need to select what you need17:38
holsteinbrassmonkey: you *get* to manualy choose *everything* that is installed17:38
brassmonkeyright on17:39
ikoniabrassmonkey: I strongly advise you not to do this, as it will not make a "faster" system17:39
ikoniabrassmonkey: you will find there is no difference between your arch build and your ubuntu build in terms of performance17:39
holsteini would grab a lubuntu or xubuntu live CD and start there brassmonkey17:39
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Caseyany reason why ububtu does not let my 1Gbs lan connection, connect at 1Gbs? Nic card, router, are both 10/100/1000, cable is cat5e under 20 meters.17:45
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ikoniaCasey: how are you checking the speed ?17:46
Gnjurachi can somone help me i want to install doom317:46
pavepawsking boo  D:17:47
daftykinsGnjurac: there are guides online, a script on the disc i think17:47
Gnjuracwhen i rund setup doom3-linux- it seys setup file not find17:47
ikoniaguys, can you please try to talk in clear English sencences, rather than random words17:47
ikoniaGnjurac: you're not in the same directory as the file17:48
Gnjuraci think it hest to do whit i am using 6417:48
Caseyikonia: all data transfer move at a tops of 9MB/s, when i go into the "network tools" it shows connection speed: not available  and on my router, it displays an amber light for 100Mbps connections and green for 1Gbps connections.17:48
Gnjuracikonia:  ther is only 1 file17:48
ikoniaGnjurac: show me how you are trying to run it17:48
Gnjuracikonia:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Doom317:48
ikoniaGnjurac: show me how you are trying to run it17:48
daftykinsrandomaussie: is it an nvidia optimus laptop?17:48
Gnjuraci tryd terminal and dubleclick17:48
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Gnjuracikonia:  and it runs asks me for sudo password if dubleclick17:49
ikoniaGnjurac: then what happens ?17:49
ikoniaGnjurac: I think this is a terminal based installer17:49
Gnjuracikonia:  nothing it seys file not found17:49
ikoniaGnjurac: run it from the terminal17:50
Gnjuracikonia:  i did it seys same17:50
ikoniaCasey: can you run mii-tool against the interface please17:50
ikoniaGnjurac: please show me how you are trying to run it in the terminal17:50
Gnjuracmeybe beacuse i am 64 and  this is x8617:50
ikoniaCasey: or run ethtool against it17:50
ikoniaGnjurac: that will explain it17:50
ikoniaGnjurac: libraries will be missing,17:51
Caseyikonia: the only data tester I own just shows for pair connections, not speed. :-/17:51
Gnjurachttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Doom3 on this plage it seys if runing 64 to try sudo apt-get install ia32-libs17:51
nyli think i gonna remove ubuntu on my laptop, video is scruedup everytime17:52
GnjuracThe following packages have unmet dependencies:17:52
Gnjurac ia32-libs : Depends: ia32-libs-multiarch17:52
Gnjuraci cant apt-get install ia32-libs17:52
nannesGnjurac: you have to to all the stuff  add-architecture i386  etc. etc.17:54
kontagioushey my flash player crashes and locks my whole computer. any ideas?17:54
irssi-mikeGnjurac: well u need ia32-libs-multiarch17:54
Gnjuracso i  need to sudo apt-get install ia32-libs-multiarch17:55
irssi-mikeGnjurac: if it's there sure, i don't think it17:55
kontagiouswhen i press the physical power button it shows the power down options but the flash player stays full screen essentially locking it up17:55
Gnjuracnannes:  how to  add-architecture i38617:56
randomaussiedaftykin: no its a asus eeepc with a nvidia ion2 gpu chipset17:56
nannesGnjurac: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/32bit_and_64bit#How_to_Make_32-bit_Applications_Work_on_a_64-bit_Operating_System17:57
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Kitt3nGnjurac, open a terminal and type "sudo apt-get install ia32-libs"17:57
daftykinsrandomaussie: oh? the logs suggest it's using an intel driver, so the atom must have embedded graphics too 0o17:57
Caseyikonia: i am not familiar with ethtool, which command would I be looking to us?17:58
nannesGnjurac: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38617:58
kontagiousi saw in the forum (lol) that using 64-bit ubuntu has flash player problems. should i just format :(17:58
Gnjuracnannes:  yes but when i try ia320libs it givse erro17:58
nannesanyway, look at my link17:58
Gnjuracnanaes i just try thet17:58
Kitt3nGnjurac, what's the error?17:58
randomaussiedaftykins: yeah if i rememeber right it has 2 gfx controlers... one is a basic intel one for power savig and then it has the ion2 for gpu stuff... i take it linux doesnt work with this?17:59
Gnjuraci mispeld  sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38617:59
randomaussiedaftykins: but its 1 chipset17:59
babylone12hi everybody17:59
daftykinsrandomaussie: i have an ion1, but it just has the nvidia, no onboard intel. mixed chips tech with onboard intel tends to be called nvidia optimus, which doesn't work quite right under Linux - i'm just looking into it though18:00
ikoniaCasey: sudo ethtool $interface_name18:00
ikoniaGnjurac: do not do that !!!!18:00
Nimbledaftykins, bumblebee works pretty well18:00
randomaussiedaftykin: ok now i know what to look for i'll look into it too18:00
Gnjuracikonia:  what18:00
ikoniaGnjurac: do not do sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38618:00
daftykinsrandomaussie: here we are - http://joepcremers.com/wordpress/ubuntu-now-supporting-nvidia-optimus-ion2/18:00
Gnjuracikonia:  why i areadly did18:00
daftykinsNimble: i really need to get around to trying that :) ty18:01
Gnjuracikonia:  what to do18:01
ikoniathen your machine will end up screwed18:01
Gnjuracikonia:  how to undon it18:01
ikoniaGnjurac: remove it - why have you dont this ?18:01
ikoniaGnjurac: you've not done apt-get update or installed anything after doing this have you ?18:01
randomaussiedaftykins: you are fast my friend18:01
Gnjuraci have apt-get update but dident istall anything18:02
daftykinsrandomaussie: ;D18:02
Caseyikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5919160/18:02
Gnjuractry ia32-libs-multiarch but still same error18:02
ikoniaGnjurac: what do you mean "try ia32-libs-multiarch"18:02
Gnjuracikonia:  so what to do know18:02
ikoniaGnjurac: I'm afriad I can't support your machine after you've added x86 support18:02
Gnjuracikonia:  i try to sudo apt-get install ia32-libs-multiarch but it give me same error so18:02
ikoniaCasey: that looks like your router is not negotiating up to 1gb18:03
Gnjuracikonia:   nanes told me <nannes> Gnjurac: sudo dpkg --add-architecture i38618:03
NimbleGnjurac, what program?18:03
Caseyikonia: does it help if I tell you that it works on other machines, (windows computers) just not this ubuntu machine.18:04
ikoniaCasey: sort of, but not really18:04
ikoniaCasey: that at least shows your router is capable,18:04
ikoniaCasey: the problem is your router/ubuntu machine don't negotiate correctly to the max speed18:04
NimbleGnjurac, what program are you trying to run?18:04
SophayaQuestion, you know how when you install something via apt, it finds all of the dependencies needed, was there ever a time where to install anything on a linux distro, you had to manually find all the dependencies?18:05
Caseyikonia: I know for sure it does, one of the reasons why I bought it...also for the 128MB of RAM and 128 of Flash memory ^_^18:05
ikoniaGnjurac: then you have been give terrible advice18:05
GnjuracNimble:  i wanted to install doom 3 on my pc but it is x86 and my pc is x64 so on page seys to install  ia32-libs but when i try to install it gave me error then nanes told me to  sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 and i did  then ikonia told me thet i shoudent do thet thet it will screw my pc but i arad don it18:05
jribSophaya: yes, no one likes that time18:05
Nimblewhat error do you get when you install ia23-libs18:05
Nimbleyou might just be missing a package18:05
Kitt3nGnjurac, Yes, PASTE the god damn error18:06
Nimbleso there's no point in adding every i386 package18:06
ikoniaCasey: you can try forcing the network card, but that probably won't work unless you force the switch port too18:06
ikoniaKitt3n: tone it down please.18:06
Sophayasudo apt-get install ia32-libs usually works for me,18:06
Nimbleadding i386 is kind of like throwing spaghetti at the wall and watching what sticks18:06
GnjuracKitt3n:  i did18:06
Nimblebut if you give us the error we can see what you need to do18:06
GnjuracThe following packages have unmet dependencies:18:06
Gnjurac ia32-libs : Depends: ia32-libs-multiarch18:06
GnjuracE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.18:06
Kitt3nikonia, sure, sure.18:06
ikoniahow about researchign what's missing from where before randomly telling people to install packages18:06
Caseyikonia: do you know of a good help site that can take me step-by-step?18:06
* wilee-nilee wants someone to pet the Kitt3n 18:06
GnjuracThe following packages have unmet dependencies:18:06
Gnjurac ia32-libs : Depends: ia32-libs-multiarch18:06
GnjuracE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.18:06
Kitt3nwilee-nilee, <318:06
SophayaI'm assuming 64-bit ubuntu doesn't contain any 32-bit libs by default?18:07
Nimbledid you try sudo apt-get install ia32-libs-multiarch18:07
ikoniawilee-nilee: please, stop18:07
wilee-nileeno prob18:07
ikoniaCasey: you can use ethtool to force it, you can force it at boot depending on which kernel module it uses,18:07
jribI haven't followed the history of this conversation but all ia32-libs does now is try to use multiarch packages.  It won't work unless you enable i386 multiarch18:07
irssi-mikeGnjurac: if it were me i'd travel over to packages.ubuntu.com18:07
GnjuracNimble: yes18:07
ikoniaCasey: the hard part will be forcing the port on the router18:07
Nimblewhat error do yo uget?18:07
ikoniaCasey: what network card is this ?18:08
Gnjuraci will need a pastbin for this 118:08
Kitt3njrib, well, I installed ia32-libs not too long ago, and it downloaded the 32 bits libraries like usual ehh.18:08
jribKitt3n: then you either did that before multiarch was introduced or you have i386 multiarch enabled18:08
Caseyikonia: give me a second, its onboard so I gotta lookup the chipset.18:09
Gnjuracjrib:  i think you are the man18:09
=== zipper_ is now known as urbanslug
Guest52045Hi...I'm new to Ubuntu....I want to install a VM of a Xampp localhost and would like to know how to avoid Mysqll being on the same port as the host machine....can someone explain?18:09
Caseyikonia: Realtek 8111F18:09
joshuis there a secure way to temporarily store the user's password?18:09
jribjoshu: why do you want to?18:10
Awakenumm, Guest52045, if you use bridged networking the VM will have a separate IP from your host system and it wont matter18:10
Gnjuracjrib:  how to undon this dpkg --add-architecture i38618:10
joshubecause I'm trying to start a lightdm user session with Exec=somecommand -username user -password pass that requires the username and password as entered during login to ubuntu18:11
jribGnjurac: if you want ia32-libs installed, then you don't want to undo that.  There's nothing wrong with adding i386 support18:11
Gnjuracsudo dpkg --remove-architecture i386 did the job18:11
CiscoNinjaokay i have wasted almost a whole hour trying to figure why when i use nx from another machine to my current box the nx comes up with unity when i am using xfce in my box! could someone help me please18:11
Gnjuracjrib:  ok ikonia told me thet thet will f my pc18:11
jribGnjurac: I disagree18:11
Nimblehow is he supposed to know who is right18:12
Guest52045Thank you Awakening...I'm afraid I know very little about bridged networking but will look into it.18:12
jribjoshu: you might try #bash.  I'm not sure what your best bet there is.18:12
Nimblewhat error does ia32-libs-multiarch do you get?18:12
Nimblegive you*18:12
joshujrib ok18:12
CiscoNinjaokay i have wasted almost a whole hour trying to figure why when i use nx from another machine to my current box the nx comes up with unity when i am using xfce in my box! could someone help me please18:12
joshuikonia do you have any ideas ;)18:12
wilee-nilee!details > CiscoNinja18:13
ubottuCiscoNinja, please see my private message18:13
jribGnjurac: you can read about multiarch here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiArch and here: ttp://wiki.debian.org/Multiarch/HOWTO18:13
Gnjuracjrib: sorry was wc18:13
Gnjuracwill try18:13
pepper_chicohello people, can anyone help me? I setup a lot of stuff and variables at my .bashrc, which is also sourced by .profile but, when launching applications from launcher or by double clicking a file with associated application it doesn't inherent the environment from .bashrc/.profile. I've partially set some variables at .xsessionrc but how could I use the same environment as setup by my .bashrc?18:14
jribGnjurac: I'm just giving you reading information; not sure what you are trying18:14
jribpepper_chico: you need to log out and log back in18:14
Gnjuracjrib:  i want to install ia32lib so i can play doom318:14
jribGnjurac: then enable i386 multi-arch (like you had before), run sudo apt-get update, and then install your package18:15
pepper_chicojrib, it does nothing, I know setting stuff at my .xsessionrc does, but I'd like to have the environment from .bashrc for all apps, and not setup another env at .xsessionrc18:16
donnieblurrI am in need of a linux genius18:16
NimbleGnjurac, did you get that paste yet?18:16
Gnjuracjrib:  when i do sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 it passes ok but when i try sudo apt-get install ia32-libs it givs me error18:16
pepper_chicohow to reuse my .bashrc for that18:16
wilee-nileedonnieblurr, Arn't we all state your problem for help.18:16
microtuxI want to create a desktop application on ubuntu (with gui) that takes control of the machine from boot time and prevent users without authentication to close it or interact with any other part of the OS18:17
microtuxany idea please ?18:17
AwakenGuest52045, also, the port it's on shouldnt matter too much in the greater picture, because all access normally would be coming from apps on the same machine, and would never leave the box. It only needs to be accessible on the network if you want the database on one box and the web server on another box. It's firewalled externally on mine.18:17
pepper_chicowould turning .xsessiorc a symbolic link to my .bashrc work without problems?18:17
pepper_chicoI think I will try it18:17
donnieblurrI have ubuntu 12.04 on a gateway all in one zx4800 and there are black bars on the left and right sides of the screen, please help18:17
pepper_chicoif anyone knows the standard way for solving this, please share18:18
OerHeksmicrotux use the guest account :-)18:18
Gnjuracjrib: The following packages have unmet dependencies:18:19
Gnjurac ia32-libs : Depends: ia32-libs-multiarch18:19
GnjuracE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.18:19
randomaussiedaftkins: seems to have worked.. but i'm not sure how to test it :\18:19
wilee-nileedonnieblurr, Could it just be the resolution?18:19
Nimblewhat happens when you install ia32-libs-multiarch18:19
donnieblurri think it is18:19
donnieblurrbut the only resolution available is 1024 x something18:19
donnieblurrand its like a 22 inch screen18:19
donnieblurrthats the computer18:20
wilee-nileedonnieblurr, Have you made sure you have the graphics drivers available installed?18:20
GnjuracNimble:  here you go http://pastebin.com/20h65JTS18:20
Gnjuracjrib: http://pastebin.com/20h65JTS18:20
donnieblurrwell ive done the updates for the os but have no idea how to get those specific drivers =(18:20
Guest52045Awaken: I have a point of sales system on the host machine and I understand that Mysql shouldn't share ports...again, I'm a newbee.18:21
microtuxOerHeks, users must be prevented from running any other app (like firefox, vlc, ....)18:21
bekksdonnieblurr: Which graphics adapter in detail do you have?18:21
bekksmicrotux: Thats called a "kiosk system".18:21
NimbleGnjurac, so you added i386, did apt-get update, and then it did this?18:21
donnieblurrnot 100% sure i believe its an Onboard Intel® GMA X4500HD18:21
AwakenGuest21482, if you're running in a VM with bridged networking they are effectively completely separated18:22
bekksdonnieblurr: You have to be sure.18:22
Awakenwrong guest, lol18:22
donnieblurri dont know how to be sure other than the specs on the gateway site for my model computer18:23
CiscoNinjai am running 13.04 with xfce , i have installed nxserver , nxnode, nxclient on this headless box. when i try to access it from a different box using nxclient the session will start up but with unity. i have tried to use '/usr/bin/gnmome-session --session=xfce but it comes up and say failed to load session xfce18:23
donnieblurrtheres only one graphics card available for that model18:23
bekksdonnieblurr: lspci -nn18:23
bekksCiscoNinja: Then use "/full/path/to/startxfce" instead.18:23
GnjuracNimble:  no this is error form trying to install ia32-libs-multiarch,,  sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386 wokked ok no erros and i did sudo apt-get install update before i try to install ia32-libs and ia32-libs-multiarch18:23
Nimbleoh ok18:23
Nimblewelp jrib18:24
GnjuracNimble:  meybe i need to reboot pc18:24
NimbleI don't know why that would be the case18:24
Nimblebut you could try it18:24
donnieblurrbekks: do i just run that in the terminal?18:24
bekksdonnieblurr: Yes.18:24
Gnjuracidont know too but somthime it helps will try now18:24
OerHeksmicrotux, all KIOSK mode tutorials i know of, are build around firefox or chrome.18:25
bekksmicrotux: OerHeks: I fact, you can exchange that "core" application.18:25
=== james is now known as Guest29571
donnieblurrbekks: what do i do now?18:26
OerHeksmicrotux, you might want to check out users and groups for guest permissions on firefox vlc18:26
bekksdonnieblurr: You read the output of the command.18:26
OerHeksmicrotux, users and groups is not standard installed, AFAIK ( i am on Kubuntu)18:26
NimbleGnjurac, does it work?18:26
jribGnjurac: don't reboot18:27
CiscoNinjabekks, '/usr/bin/xfce4-session thats the one and it works18:28
jribGnjurac: run "sudo apt-get update"18:28
CiscoNinja^ thank you18:28
bekksCiscoNinja: Ah, ok.18:28
Gnjuracjrib:  i did and afeter thet i reboot18:28
microtuxOerHeks, bekks, thank you guys, I'll check the suggested options ;)18:28
microtuxthank you :)18:28
jribGnjurac: put it in your pastebin18:28
donnieblurrbekks: its a intel mobile 4 series18:28
CiscoNinjabekks, so what would be the propper way that i could 've asked to make you think ah, he is talking about his  'usr/bin/xfce4-session18:29
sam113101can I "bump" a askubuntu question?18:29
Guest52045Thanks...I think it will solve my problems Awakening18:29
bekksdonnieblurr: Whats the full, exact output regarding your graphics hardware?18:29
Gnjuracok w818:29
bekks!pastebinit | donnieblurr18:29
ubottudonnieblurr: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com18:29
jribGnjurac: why is your hostname "android-sdj34ska2221a" by the way.  What kind of install is this?18:29
Dr_Willissam113101:  i doubt it.18:30
bekksCiscoNinja: I havent dealt with XFCE for years now - idk.18:30
bekkssam113101: Dont swear, just ask your real question.18:30
sam113101why can't anybody answer18:30
Dr_Willissam113101:  i find that many questions people ask on askubuntu.com have allready been answered if you search teh site enough18:30
Gnjuracjrib:  it is install so the owner of wifi think his phone is meybe connected to his ruter and not some idiot who is stealing internet18:30
bekkssam113101: Because you did not ask any usefull question.18:30
jribsam113101: why don't you ask a support question in the irc support channel?18:30
sam113101I just want my gtk2 font to look the same as the gtk3 font18:31
ikoniaGnjurac: then your support here is done - we are not supporting theives18:31
sam113101jrib: I did18:31
sam113101multiple times18:31
Gnjuracikonia: omg hahahhahaomg18:31
Dr_Willissam113101:  cant say ive eer noticed the 2 being different18:31
sam113101Dr_Willis: http://i.imgur.com/RCzkXvV.png18:31
Dr_Willissam113101:  #gnome guys may be able to help with gtk stuff like that.18:31
Gnjuracjrib:  hire is my pastbin http://pastebin.com/FR1RS1SN18:32
ikoniaGnjurac: please stop18:32
sam113101Dr_Willis: can you take a picture of gedit and firefox side to side?18:32
Gnjuracikonia:  what18:32
ikoniaGnjurac: your support here is done18:32
sam113101like mine18:32
Dr_Willissam113101:  im not sure firefox is actually using gtk3 or gtk218:32
Gnjuracikonia:  wtf18:32
sam113101I'm pretty sure it's gtk218:32
ikoniaGnjurac: I've just told you why a few minutes ago18:32
Gnjuracikonia: it is just  a joke18:32
ikoniaGnjurac: no, it wasn't18:33
donnieblurrbekks: so i just run lspci -nn and type !pastebinit?18:33
sam113101look at its scrollbar, it's not the slim orange bar18:33
DJones!wtf | Gnjurac18:33
ubottuGnjurac: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:33
Gnjuracikonia:  omg18:33
Gnjuracjrib: hire is my pastbin http://pastebin.com/FR1RS1SN18:33
bekksdonnieblurr: No. You type: lspci -nn|pastebinit18:33
ikoniaGnjurac: final warning - please stop18:33
Dr_Willisfirefox has all sorts of font conversion/settings. so it may not be using the 'theme' font.18:33
DJonesGnjurac: Please stay within channel guidelines18:33
DJones!guidelines | Gnjurac18:33
ubottuGnjurac: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines18:33
Dr_Willisso it may be worth asking in #firefox also18:33
sam113101Dr_Willis: but thunderbird has the same weird font18:34
sam113101I think it's gtk2 apps, really18:34
sam113101or… I don't know18:34
donnieblurrbekks: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5919224/ here you go, thanks again18:34
Gnjuracikonia:  why dont let me ask my questiong18:34
CiscoNinjabekks, cool, thank you18:35
ikoniaGnjurac: because you've just told us you've setup your machine to steel internet18:35
Dr_Willisits not really clear which fonts you are refering to either in that screen shot.18:35
ikoniaGnjurac: not going to reward theft with support18:35
Elishasrbin hahaha :D18:35
bekksdonnieblurr: Your only option is using the ubuntu shipped intel graphics driver.18:35
Gnjuracikonia:  omg and i download torrents omg i am evil i must not be help18:35
sam113101Dr_Willis: the tabs' font, the bookmarks bar font18:35
donnieblurrbekks: so im always going to have those bars on the side?18:35
bekksdonnieblurr: Thats not what I just said.18:36
sam113101it might even be the same font, except the one on gedit is obviously bolder18:36
donnieblurrbekks: sorry im a noob with this linux stuff, what do I do to get rid of those bars?18:36
bekksdonnieblurr: Install the intel graphics driver which is shipped by ubuntu.18:36
donnieblurrbekks: how do i do that?18:38
dak0Hello, how do I remove/hide - Suggested applications when searching in Unity?18:39
bekksdonnieblurr: I dont knwo, I am not using Intel graphics adapters at all.18:39
sam113101Dr_Willis: here's an older screenshot of mine, picturing how firefox should look: http://i.imgur.com/9kWD8lV.png18:40
mr44I am having a problem, and google doesn't help! How can I get unity to start on a headless tightvnc? I'm on 13.04, and I;m hoping someone can hook me up with a good xstartup file18:40
mr44all I get is the wallpaper and a pointer, no unity18:40
napticexcuse me, i have a pretty stupid question... how can i change the appearence in gnome classic shell? cant find a solution with google...18:40
Dr_Willissam113101:  im not even sure firefox follows the theme fonts. I seem to recall it being differnt on other os's as well.  I notice this extension lets you change them - overriding any theme font settings --> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/theme-font-size-changer/18:41
rypervenchesam113101: I love how you've got porn in your bookmarks.18:41
naptichaha rypervenche18:41
napticgotta be careful what you show :D18:42
mr44"biggas white girl...18:42
sam113101I removed it a while ago18:42
ikoniaok, enough please.18:42
sam113101the screenshot is old18:42
mr44whats the rest? must be good if its bookkmarked18:42
IdleOnePlease move back to ubuntu support.18:42
sam113101Mostly things I intend to read later. Alright, back to ubuntu talk.18:43
mr44ok. anyone know how to get unity working on a headless 13.04 with tightvncserver?18:43
dak0Hello, how do I remove/hide - Suggested applications when searching in Unity?18:44
naptichmmm... why not stick with 12.04?18:44
sam113101Guys, what gtk2 apps ship with ubuntu by default? I want to make sure it's really a gtk2 problem and not a firefox problem.18:45
mr44naptic: talking to me?18:45
napticmr44: not exclusively ...18:45
thetinyjesusquestion guys, if i run apt-get upgrade, i had some updates, if i run the software updater gui, theres 62 mb of updates and if i run apt-get dist-upgrade theres 253mb of updates im confused18:47
Dr_Willissam113101:  well the global menu fonts for firefox here. are the same as the rest of the theme for me. with global menu disabled. firefox has its own font setting for what fonts it uses in the menu, it can ignore the theme font.18:48
thetinyjesusdoes the software updater use a different update tool than apt-get update?18:48
Dr_Willissam113101:  i was just playing with the extension i mentioned earlier and can set my FF fonts however i want for its gui bits. (not the web rendering fonts)18:49
ikoniathetinyjesus: man apt-get look at the differences between upgrade/dist-upgrade18:49
thetinyjesusikonia, i know the differences.. but i cant understand how apt-get upgrade and the software updater have 100mb in updates difference18:49
ikoniathetinyjesus: sorry, I'm confused, if you knew the difference, why did you mention it like you where surprised18:50
jribthetinyjesus: "update" just refreshes package information, "upgrade" upgrades packages to their latest version, "dist-upgrade" upgrades packages to their latest version and allows for packages to change dependencies (and then installs those).  You usually want to do a "dist-upgrade" (this is what the gui does) as here are some packages, most notably your kernel, that won't get upgraded otherwise18:50
dak0Hello, how do I remove/hide - Suggested applications when searching in Unity?18:50
napticjrib: so whats the point in just updating?18:51
thetinyjesusikonia, because im surprised theres a difference between apt-get upgrade and the software updater gui18:51
jribnaptic: what do you mean by "just updating"?18:51
reisiodak0: does dpkg -l | grep -i unity spit out anything that sounds like it provides that functionality?18:51
napticjrib: why would i want to apt-get update?18:52
donnieblurrcan anyone tell me how i can get intel drivers for ubuntu 12.04???18:52
dak0reisio: Hmm you saying to try and findout if that works?18:52
jribnaptic: so that your apt-get knows what's available on the servers NOW, not what was available last time you ran apt-get update18:52
ikoniadonnieblurr: they are already there18:52
thetinyjesusjrib, so what is the difference between using the software updater gui and running apt-get dist-upgrade ?18:52
Dr_Willisdak0:  the dash http://askubuntu.com/questions/271408/how-to-hide-unity-dash-more-suggestions-not-unity-lens-shopping18:52
jribthetinyjesus: there shouldn't be one18:52
reisiodak0: I'm saying that command might spit out some package with a name so obvious as to be what you want (to remove)18:52
donnieblurrikonia: I do not believe they are working properly on my pc18:53
thetinyjesusjrib, when i command line apt-get dist-upgrade its 253 mb of updates, software updater theres 63mb18:53
napticjrib: so its just there, so i can upgrade the packages, and they are the newest?18:53
mr44I am having a problem, and google doesn't help! How can I get unity to start on a headless tightvnc? I'm on 13.04, and I;m hoping someone can hook me up with a good xstartup file18:53
ikoniadonnieblurr: ok, that's  a different issue18:53
mr44all I get is the wallpaper and a pointer, no unity18:53
wilee-nileedonnieblurr, Have you run a update upgrade18:53
donnieblurrikonia: i get black bars on the side of my screen18:53
dak0reisio, Dr_Willis: thanks.18:53
Dr_Willismr44:  launch your vncserver as a user from /etc/rc.local would be one wau18:53
ikoniadonnieblurr: that suggests either your resolution is wrong, or your monitor definition is wrong18:54
mr44dr_willis: im sorry, im not sure how to do that18:54
Dr_Willismr44:  or set up a service to launch it on demand.18:54
donnieblurrwilee-nilee: What is that? I just installed updates today.18:54
jribnaptic: "update" refreshes the package lists.  apt-get queries these package lists when you ask it to install something (it doesn't go knock on the server asking what's available everytime)18:54
donnieblurrikonia: how can i fix it?18:54
Dr_Willismr44:  look at /etc/rc.local   its a script that runs stuff at the end of the boot process18:54
Dr_Willismr44:  you would use the su command to launch what you want as a user from that script18:54
ikoniadonnieblurr: I'd first look at the easy option and check what resolution my display was running out with ubuntu18:54
donnieblurrikonia: when ubuntu spash screen comes up when the pc starts its fine, just when i log in and use it18:54
napticjrib: ah, i see. thanks a lot, now i understand it :)18:54
jribnaptic: if you don't do update, then sometimes your apt-get will end up looking for a package that no longer exists on the server18:54
naptici see18:55
Dr_Willismr44:  http://askubuntu.com/search?q=run+vncserver+at+boot18:55
mr44dr_willis: well, im able to start vncserver from ssh, im able to start gnome and connect to the desktop. i just dont get sidebars like with unity18:55
donnieblurrikonis: ubuntu is the only os on that machine =( windows killed itself18:55
wilee-nileedonnieblurr, there is a softweae updater app, or in the terminal sudo apt-get update then sudo apt-get upgrade18:55
=== rekoil_ is now known as rekoil
donnieblurrikonia: ubuntu is the only os on that machine =( windows killed itself18:55
mr44dr_willis: i dont want it to start at boot18:55
donnieblurrwilee-nilee: i will try it now18:55
thetinyjesusjrib, i first ran apt-get update & upgrade did like 19mb of updates rebooted18:55
Dr_Willismr44:  then its not clear what you asked.  if you are having issues with unity in vnc. its because unity wants a 3d enabled window manager/drivers. and vnc dosent have all those features. I find it best to use a VERY light window manager, or minimal desktop in vnc. such as lubuntu, or jwm18:56
thetinyjesusjrib, now all 3 upgrade dist-upgrade and software updater gui show different updates available18:56
Dr_Willisunity and vnc - have issues with each other for numerous reasons. and it would be real laggy i imagine.18:56
thetinyjesusi understand why upgrade / dist-upgrade are different but not sure why the gui shows something completely different than the other 218:57
jribthetinyjesus: well either apt-get and your gui are doing different things or they are telling you different things. One could, for example, be telling you the size of the packages you need to fetch and the other the installed size.  But I don't know offhand exactly what the gui does.  I'm reasonably sure it is equivalent to dist-upgrade however.18:57
ikoniathetinyjesus: why are you doing upgrade/dist-upgrade when you know they are different18:57
reisiothetinyjesus: because it can18:57
mr44dr_willis: does 13.04 have any other window managers installed by default, that I could add to xstartup?18:57
ikoniathetinyjesus: you said you understood they are different, so why are you still referencing them18:57
thetinyjesusikonia, why are you attacking me? im simply asking why the gui doesnt match either upgrade or dist-upgrade i havent actually ran any of them18:57
ikoniathetinyjesus: I'm not attacking you18:57
avallarkhello all :)18:57
Dr_Willismr44:  no idea.I always install a dozen + wm's and desktops on my normal desktop18:58
ikoniathetinyjesus: but you keep compareing apt-get upgrade/dist-upgrade, I've asked you to check the differences, you said "I know the differences" yet you keep referencing them as "surprised" they are different18:58
Dr_Willismr44:  install jwm and test out vnc with it.. its about as minimal as you can get  :)18:58
mr44dr_willis: i only ask because I dont have a desktop and I dont know any of the package names!18:58
avallarki have a lenovo yoga with an amazing touchpad (in windows) but on ubuntu the touchpad is an extra-sensitive moody bitch of a hardware18:58
Dr_Willis!info jwm18:58
ubottujwm (source: jwm): very small lightweight pure X11 window manager with tray and menus. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.1.0+svn579-2 (raring), package size 110 kB, installed size 290 kB18:58
thetinyjesusim not comparing the difference between apt-get upgrade and dist-upgrade im comparing the GUI that doesnt match EITHER of the commands18:58
avallarkhas anyone tamed her?18:58
ikoniathetinyjesus: yes, but jrib has explained what the gui should do,18:58
ikoniaavallark: you can drop the bad language, please18:59
mr44dr_willis: ill give it a try. I have to leave because I need to exit irssi to get to a cl18:59
mr44and that's why sik porn really does it for me18:59
avallarkikonia: apologies. but the touchpad is sensitive18:59
thetinyjesusand it all boils down to, am i going to mess my system up running apt-get upgrade, than using the gui,18:59
Dr_Willismr44:  you may want to learn screen/tmux :)18:59
Dr_Willismr44:  so you wouldent have to18:59
mr44sikh porno18:59
ikoniaavallark: that doesn't warrent your references18:59
mr44wrtong chan18:59
avallarkikonia: sorry !18:59
donnieblurrwilee-nilee: what now? it says 0 for everything19:00
avallarkikonia:i am just really annoyed, everytime i type the whole thing goes bonkers.. why doesnt the palm detect work ? any idea ?19:00
avallarkanyone any help?19:01
donnieblurrUbuntu will not give me the right resolution for my display!!! Help me PLEASE!!!19:01
ikoniadonnieblurr: calm down19:01
ikoniadonnieblurr: I've told you to verify the resolution it's currently running at19:01
ikoniadonnieblurr: have you done that ?19:01
donnieblurrikonia: how else can i check it if the only os on it is ubuntu?19:02
=== SeySayux_ is now known as SeySayux
ikoniadonnieblurr: check it from within ubuntu19:02
donnieblurrikonia: im a noob, how do i do that?19:02
ikoniadonnieblurr: I'd suggest reading https://help.ubuntu.com getting a basic overview of how to use ubuntu19:02
vee_hey i just did a minimal install of ubuntu again, but it seems the grub boot loader installed on the usb instead of the hdd. someone once told me the command to install it on the other drive but i forgot it. help plox?19:03
donnieblurroh wait19:03
avallarkvee_: grub-install19:03
avallarkgrub-install <device>19:03
donnieblurrikonia: i have the current resolution, its 1024 x 76819:03
dak0How complicated is process removing Windows, it's installed on another NTFS parition ?19:03
ikoniadonnieblurr: is that the correct resolution for the monitor ?19:04
donnieblurrikonia: its too small19:04
ikoniadonnieblurr: ok, so setting it correctly would be the way forward19:04
=== Flynn_ is now known as Dorfrod
donnieblurrikonia: and that is the max setting available though19:04
avallarkdonnieblurr: press the windows key, type "display" select display settings and then change resolution there19:04
sam113101Dr_Willis: I partially fixed it19:05
ikoniadonnieblurr: ok, so either your card is not supported correctly, or your monitor is giving out the wrong information of what it is capable of19:05
avallarkdonnieblurr: if that doesnt show you more resolutions, that means you do not have the drivers for your graphics card. Run "Additional Drivers" and let it fetch the drivers for you.19:05
ikoniaavallark: it does not mean that at all19:05
ikoniaavallark: he's using an intel card,19:05
aswyhy. este vreun roman pe aici19:06
donnieblurrduring boot, the purple ubuntu screen fills the screen fine, just when it goes into the os it freaks out =(19:06
avallarkikonia: what i said is practically the same as what you did just now..19:06
ikoniaavallark: no, it's not19:06
ikoniaavallark: please show me where I tell him to get additional drivers, or that he's missing drivers ?19:07
=== sam113101 is now known as sam113101_afk
Dr_Willisdak0:  deleteing windows? just delete its partions19:07
=== sam113101_afk is now known as sam113101
vee_grub-install wasn't the command. it would show the available disks to install the bootloader on, and you'd be able to select it19:08
avallark"card-is-not-supported-correctly" << what the fuck does this mean then? if it doesnt mean that he is missing drivers19:08
dak0Dr_Willis just shift-delete everything in 100 GB Volume, there is my windows installed?19:08
donnieblurri ran additional drivers anyway, says no propietary drivers19:08
ikoniaavallark: your language is unacceptable19:08
dotnullDoes anyone have any advice for being able to select an airplay device as a sound output? I've tried installing xmms2-plugin-airplay but airplay still doesn't appear as a sound output option19:08
ikoniaavallark: and it does not mean he's missing drivers19:08
* avallark is getting annoyed19:09
ikoniaavallark: then get a grip19:09
* avallark whoops ikonia for her ignorance19:09
isank_guys a good download manager for ubuntu19:09
Ampelbeinavallark: The intel drivers are open source, there are no proprietary drivers.19:09
isank_and xubuntu19:09
donnieblurrok now is there anything else i can do?19:10
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: Can you put the output of "xrandr" to paste.ubuntu.com?19:11
donnieblurrampelbein: sure19:11
ikoniaAmpelbein: thank you for a logical approach19:11
sam113101Dr_Willis: can you give me your .config/fontconfig/fonts.conf file please?19:11
sam113101(in your home folder)19:12
Dr_Willissam113101:  i dont have that file. or a fontconfig dir19:12
sam113101Dr_Willis: really?19:12
donnieblurrampelbein: just xrandr|pastebinit ?19:13
Dr_Willisls -l ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf19:13
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: Yes19:13
Dr_Willisls: cannot access /home/willis/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf: No such file o19:13
donnieblurrampelbein: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5919363/ thanks again for the help19:14
Dr_Willisdak0:  deleteing the files  from your windows install will leave you with a big empty ntfs partion and take a long time .. why do you want that?19:14
Dr_Willisdak0:  when you can delet/remake/reformat the partion in mere moments via gparted19:14
OerHekssam113101, did you install msttcorefonts? > "I noticed that after installing msttcorefonts things don't look quite as good in Firefox" >> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Fonts#Manual_Font_Smoothing19:15
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: ok, the external monitor is reporting it's maximum resolution as 1024x768. What kind of monitor is it?19:16
donnieblurrampelbein: its native resolution is supposed to be 1600 x 90019:17
donnieblurrampelbein: http://support.gateway.com/s/desktop/2009/gateway/zx/zx4800/ZX4800sp2.shtml thats the pc19:17
dak0Dr_Willis: how to do that ?19:17
sam113101I don't think I did19:17
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: ok, one second.19:18
OerHekssam113101, it comes with restricted exta's19:18
donnieblurrampelbein: thank you!19:18
sam113101but the problem appeared when I was still on OpenSUSE19:18
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=== sam113101_afk is now known as sam113101
Dr_Willisdak0:  fire up gparted.. delete the partion. make a new linux one.19:21
Aprelhi is there some program like wget, that if my connection breaks at, say 50MB of a 200MB file download, it will reinitiate the connection and download from where it left off in the file?19:21
ogzyany reason why /etc/network/interfaces is not setting the network address and gatewway when the machine is rebooted, i am using 12.0419:21
Dr_Willis!gparted | dak019:21
ubottudak0: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php19:21
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5919379/ has 3 commands. Execute them one after the other, stop in case an error message comes up. If your screen shows the correct resolution after these commands, we make them permanent. If the screen shows nothing, you have to reboot. (The changes aren't persistent for now)19:21
bekksAprel: why do you want something else than wget?19:22
Dr_WillisAprel:  wget has a resume feature. it may have a retry feature. it seems to have more features then most people ever need19:22
donnieblurrampelbein: will do now, thanks give me a moment19:22
dak0Dr_willis: thanks19:22
Aprelbekks, Dr_Willis: sorry, didn't know wget had that built in. Do you happen to know the switch? Doesn't seem to do it by default. I'll look at the man....19:23
bekksAprel: wget -c19:23
bekksAprel: Just restart the download19:23
Aprelbekks: Thank you! Does -c also auto restart a download when it breaks, or do I need another switch?19:24
Dr_Willischeck 'man wget'19:25
donnieblurrampelbein: same size =(19:25
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: ok.19:25
jakimoJust saw the Ubuntu Edge video, nice.19:25
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: Do you actually have 2 monitors connected to your video card?19:25
bekksAprel: If it breaks, you have to restart it manually.19:25
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: ah.19:25
donnieblurrits an all in one machine19:25
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: xrandr --output LVDS --mode 1600x90019:26
wilee-nileejakimo, If you want more info try the #ubuntu-touch channel19:26
jakimoSo I'd like to try Ubuntu on my Mac - how to install?19:26
jakimoRelatively pain-free?19:26
jakimoIs rEFIi the best way?19:26
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1600x900 - sorry for typo19:26
ubottuFor help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages19:26
wilee-nileejakimo, ^^^^^^^19:26
jakimoThanks ubottu and wilee-nilee19:26
jakimoI'll cehck it out!19:27
wilee-nileeno prob good luck19:27
jakimoI'm curious, does Dropbox or Box work with Ubuntu?19:27
jakimoCan I dip into mac directories and drives?19:27
wilee-nileejakimo, I use dropbox not sure on the other19:27
jakimoI guess I'll find out ^^^19:27
jakimoagain thanks, off to the link19:27
donnieblurrampelbein: I will marry you one day, its working.19:28
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: ok, nice. Now, this is not persistent (if you reboot it's gone). We have to make it automatic.19:28
donnieblurrok so lets do it19:28
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: What are the current contents of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf? (Put on pastebin)19:29
donnieblurrhow do i check that?19:29
donnieblurrdo a cd and then list?19:29
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit19:29
bekkspastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf19:30
Ampelbeinor that.19:30
AmpelbeinSomeday I will win the useless use of cat award of the year.19:30
eoshi guys! Why can I move files that have permission -r--r--r--19:30
bekkseos: Because you dont have permission to write.19:31
miraki would to have a script ran each time i plug my hard drive.19:31
mirakIs it possible ?19:31
Ampelbeineos: because "mv" doesn't need permission to write to the file, it performs operations on the directory.19:32
bekksmirak: Yes, using an udev rule.19:32
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beaneos, why CAN you move it, or why CANT19:32
eosbekks: but I can also rm them!19:32
=== [Rainbow_Dash] is now known as isbestestpony
Ampelbeineos: Yes, rm also does act on the directory, not the file.19:32
eosbean: why I CAN .... I should not be allowed to19:32
=== isbestestpony is now known as [Rainbow_Dash]
donnieblurrampelbein: it says unable to read mario@mario-PC:~$ pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf Unable to read from: /etc/X11/xorg.conf19:32
mirakbekks, is there have a way to have this handled at user level and not root ?19:32
beanno, eos, having no write permissions just means you cant change the content of the file19:33
bekkseos: You should be allowed as long as you have permissions to do so on the directory.19:33
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: that's fine.19:33
eosAmpelbein: how do I protect precious files from being accidentally rewritten, and / or deleted?19:33
bekksmirak: Nope. You can run a script as specific user, in the udev rule.19:33
bekkseos: Create a backup.19:33
eosbekks: this is the backup ....19:33
Dr_Willisbackup the backups ;)19:34
Ampelbeineos: You set the directory to -w19:34
bekkseos: Then you still have the original.19:34
MonkeyDusteos  you can make them hidden19:34
beanMonkeyDust, bad idea.19:34
eosAmpelbein: if i set the directory to -w, then I cnanot add anything to the directory19:34
beancould make the file immutable19:34
beanchattr +i19:34
mirakbekks, so what gnome uses to ask what to do when a device is pluggued ?19:34
beani hate that though19:34
bekkseos: Because you need x on the directory to access it.19:34
eosAmpelbein: I just need to make sure that I do not not move, rewrite or remove existing files19:35
Ampelbeineos: Then set the sticky-bit on the directory so only owner can remove files.19:35
bekksmirak: I dont know. I am using unity, kde, and custom udev rules.19:35
donnieblurrampelbein: how do i make it persistent again?19:35
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: Just quickly checking how ubuntu does it.19:35
donnieblurrok np19:35
donnieblurrthank you again19:35
donnieblurrsoooooo much19:35
eosAmpelbein: no, I am the owner .... when an application is launched which may attempt to rmeove the file, I need to be sure that the application cannot do so19:35
eosbean: that sounds like a good idea19:36
vee_hey guys, just finished installing ubuntu minimal, but now the fans are going crazy19:36
vee_checked lm sensors and im at 47C19:36
beaneos, it's a gross hack though, the real solution is to just keep proper backups.19:36
eosbean: this is the backup!19:36
Dr_Willisoffline the backup19:37
bekkseos: Then you still have a source system. Create the backup and put it into a shelf.19:37
vee_the fans never seem to turn off, even though the laptop is running very cool19:37
Dr_Willisredundant stack of external usb hard drives19:37
eosbean: it is an integral backup by mirror .... hence, I need to make sure that every time that the original is synced it cannot oevrwrite or delete even by mistake19:37
RichardRaseleyHow can I see the mapping to between physical network interfaces and interface names, e.g. "eth0"?19:37
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: ok, hopefully this still works in ubuntu and hasn't been patched out. Create a file named ".xprofile" in your home directory and put the "xrandr" comand from earlier in it.19:38
bekkseos: Either you want everything snced, or you want to keep different states.19:38
eosbekks: yes, and buy a hangar to store all the backups :D19:38
bekkseos: Did you ever heard of "backup policies"? :)19:38
eosbekks: you lost me there ....19:38
donnieblurra text file19:38
eosbekks: ever heard of " people may have different needs from you or they would not be asking"?19:39
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: Yes, a simple text file with "xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1600x900" in it.19:39
ubottuTo reconfigure your X server, open a console and type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg » - To configure only the driver and resolution, type « sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg -phigh » - See also !FixRes19:40
bekkseos: Thats my daily job. And some of even really dont know what they want "keep it, but mirror it" is a good example for that. :)19:40
jribbad ubottu19:40
mirakbekks, ok ubuntu doesn't see my esata drive after power on of the drive19:40
bekksmirak: I dont have an eSATA drive.19:40
Dr_Willisive never seen an esata drive actually work. ;)19:40
vee_hey guys, my fans are going crazy on a fresh ubuntu install. how do i fix it?19:41
mirakthat's weird, i am pretty sure it already worked like an usb external drive ...19:41
Dr_Willisbut now i dont even have any esata drives any more.  they dident seem to catch on in popularity19:41
jribAmpelbein, donnieblurr: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution may be useful.  Also, other config options at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X may provide insight19:41
bekksmirak: Power it on, and plug it in before starting your box. See if that works.19:41
Dr_Willisvee_:  theres various fan control apps in the repos. not sure what ones you need19:41
donnieblurrampelbein: what do i do? continue with what you told me? if so, do i do it in libreoffice writer and give it a .txt extension?19:42
vee_Dr_Willis, which would you prefer? i'm not too familiar with fan control stuff19:42
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  use a basic text editor like vi or geany, or gedit. or nano19:42
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  and it dosent need an extension19:42
eosbekks: people cannot give you a full context whenever they ask a question, I am sorry .... and I have administered a few Lx based servers .... as said if it was something that could be solved with the usual backup policies I would not even have come to the room to ask.19:42
donnieblurr...never even heard of those19:42
Dr_Willisvee_:  no idea. i rarely have tofight with that stuff.19:42
donnieblurrim uber noob19:42
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: echo "xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1600x900" > ~/.xprofile19:42
eosbean: it looks like chattr may be the solution actually, thanks for pointing it out.19:42
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  you DONT use a word processor as a 'text' editor. ;)19:42
mirakbekks, it's detected as a device, it's just not automatically mounted. I can mount it from Nautilus.19:42
vee_Dr_Willis my previous install of ubuntu didn't have this issue. very strange19:43
bekksmirak: So it works, actually.19:43
smaug42_Does anyone here know of any good resources for getting a Bluetooth keyboard to pair?  I've got an Acer Iconia W700. Ubuntu can see the keyboard as a BT device, but pairing fails. Sometimes I can get it to display the 6 digit generated key, but even when I enter that, it still fails to pair.  Tried Ubuntu 13.04. 13.10, and Kubuntu and and...19:43
eosbean: I hope it is supported by btrfs .... I am going out and testing it. Thanks!19:43
Dr_Willisvee_:  differnt kernels perhaps.  I never do minimal installs.19:43
donnieblurrso how do i run a text editor in terminal on basic ubuntu install???19:43
mirakbekks, yes but it doesn't automatically mount it, like a external usb drive, or usb pen.19:43
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  i mentioned 'nano'19:43
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  its about as basic as you can get19:43
donnieblurrjust type nano then?19:44
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: echo "xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1600x900" > ~/.xprofile19:44
mirakbekks, it could be worse of course :)19:44
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  try it and see? you could have allready found out19:44
ubottuText Editors: gedit (GNOME), Kate (KDE), mousepad (Xfce4) - Terminal-based: nano, vi/vim, emacs, ed - For HTML/CSS editors, see !html - For programming editors and IDE, see !code19:44
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  in nano shortcuts the ^ is meaning the control key.. ^h = ctrl-h19:44
donnieblurri did !nano and event not found19:45
donnieblurrim sorry19:45
donnieblurri wish i knew more19:45
FloodBot1donnieblurr: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:45
donnieblurrabout linux19:45
bekksdonnieblurr: BEcause thats not a command. "nano" would be the command.19:45
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  because !stuff is not  a SHELL COMMAND you run..19:45
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: just "nano".19:45
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: but for now you can use: echo "xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1600x900" > ~/.xprofile19:46
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: That will create the file with the xrandr command in it. Use the command, reboot and see if it works.19:46
donnieblurrone moment19:47
eosbean: it seems to work, and it seems to be the lowest level solution .... do you know whether there are any intrinsic risks or problems with the approach?19:47
Dr_Willisi dident think .xprofile got ran in addation to the normal X boot sequence.19:50
donnieblurrampelbein: it reverted =(19:51
AmpelbeinDr_Willis: donnieblurr Maybe you are right. Damnit.19:51
Dr_Willisyou can make a script in the autorun directory19:51
=== [Rainbow_Dash] is now known as Maple__
Dr_Willisthats normally an easier way19:52
Dr_Willisits weird that the xrandr command is needed at all19:52
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: Just to make sure: The file is called ".xprofile" in your home directory?19:52
AmpelbeinDr_Willis: The card is reporting a second monitor with 1024x768 max res despite none connected. Do you have a better solution? Except hand-crafting a xorg.conf.19:53
lonewulf85is there any way to remove a nautilus extension?19:53
Dr_WillisAmpelbein:  that is weird.. its reporting a ghost monitor.19:53
donnieblurrampelbein: no there isnt one there19:54
BrightNewFutureI installed Ubuntu on my parents' computer Sunday and have been trying all week to get either the wired or wireless ethernet working with no success. (See https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/232886) The thing that seems to keep blocking me is that I try to modprobe a driver module or install a driver debian package, and then at some point it always hangs. I used strace, and every time they hang, they perfo19:54
BrightNewFuturerm 8 commands over and over. Here are 2 of those 8 that seem most relevant: [pid 16939] open("/sys/module/wl/initstate", O_RDONLY) = 3 ... [pid 16939] read(3, "coming\n", 4096) = 7.19:54
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: press "ctrl-h" . is it there now?19:54
=== DennyCrane is now known as Lajjla
thetinyjesushey im trying to remove help, and it wants to remove ubuntu-desktop ?19:55
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: ok. then you didn't create the file correctly.19:55
Dr_Willisthetinyjesus:  thats a meta-package - so it will get removed if you remove any of its parts19:55
Dr_Willisparts = packages it depends on19:55
donnieblurri copied and pasted what you gave me19:55
thetinyjesusDr_Willis, theres no way to remove these useless packages?19:55
lonewulf85Any one familiar with Bitdefender for Unices?19:56
trismthetinyjesus: nothing wrong with removing ubuntu-desktop, just remember to install it again before you upgrade to a new ubuntu19:56
Dr_Willisthetinyjesus:  huh? you remove them.. it breaks the dependencies for ubuntu-desktop which is JUST a meta-package.  its whole job is to make installing a group of packages easier.19:56
Dr_Willisthetinyjesus:  removeing ubuntu-desktop will NOT remove the whole desktop. (it wont really remove much of anything)19:56
thetinyjesusDr_Willis, oh okay19:56
Dr_Willismeta-packages are a bit of a kludgy way to do things. but it works19:57
thetinyjesusDr_Willis, will it prevent me from receiving updates that are important ?19:57
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: Are you sure? if you did you should have a file called ".xprofile" in your /home/$YOURUSERNAME directory.19:57
Dr_Willisthetinyjesus:  it will JUST remove that meta package..  so it shouldent affect anything19:57
donnieblurralso my screen brightness and background image keep reverting to their default settings19:57
thetinyjesusDr_Willis, okay cool19:58
Dr_Willisthetinyjesus:  removeing most anything installed by default will remove ubuntu-desktop19:58
Dr_Willissince it basically 'defines' whats installed by default19:58
thetinyjesusDr_Willis, should i reinstall ubuntu-desktop? or will that reinstall help and etc19:58
Dr_Willisthetinyjesus:  thats its whole goal in life.. it WILL reinstall all the default packages if you reinstall it..19:58
wilee-nileelonewulf85, Bitdefender is limited by the kernels it does not move as fast as they are released.19:59
Dr_Willisinstall house -> pulls in the doors and walls and ceilings.. ;)19:59
donnieblurrampelbein: its not there19:59
BrightNewFuturelonewulf85 how did you install the nautilus extension? If you used apt-get you should be able to do apt-get remove extension's_package_name. Or if you want to remove configuration files as well do apt-get --purge remove extension's_package_name19:59
donnieblurrbut nothing is saving properly19:59
Dr_Willisremove door -> removes house.19:59
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  what did you type EXACTLY?19:59
donnieblurrecho "xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1600x900" > ~/.xprofile19:59
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  now do a 'cat ~/.xprofile'20:00
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  you are doing this from a normal terminal window? not using anthing weird? ;)20:00
donnieblurrno just terminal20:00
donnieblurrthe cat returned this 'mario@mario-PC:~$  cat ~/.xprofile xrandr --output LVDS1 --mode 1600x900'20:01
thetinyjesusDr_Willis, last dumb question for now, online accounts (gnome-control-center) that doesn't link into ubuntu one and such does it?20:01
QTPieManvarunendra, hey hello hw r u?20:01
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  so the file is in fact there.20:01
BrightNewFuturelonewulf85 if you used dpkg to install the nautilus extension, you can use dpkg -r extension_package_name20:01
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  ls -al ~/.xprofile                      should show info about the file20:01
lonewulf85BrightNewFuture, I did it throw a download from a link that bitdefender support provided it opened in the software center. But my question is if I send the sudo apt-get purge nautilus-bitdefender and it runs then says that nautilus-bitdefender* will be removed is that going to be good enough?20:02
Dr_Willisthetinyjesus:  never noticed.  i use ubuntu one rarely.20:02
joshuanyone understand PAM and can help me figure out how to pass the username and password to the .desktop file Exec= ?20:02
donnieblurrthis is what came out20:03
donnieblurrmario@mario-PC:~$ ls -al ~/.xprofile rw-rw-r- 1 mario mario 38 Jul 27 15:48 /home/mario/.xprofile mario@mario-PC:~$20:03
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  so once again.. the file is there.20:03
guzzlefrydonnieblurr: Are you trying to save the output of xrandr?20:03
donnieblurrok dr_willis20:03
BrightNewFutureIf you see this repeated indefinitely in an strace, how do you fix that, generally? [pid 16939] open("/sys/module/wl/initstate", O_RDONLY) = 3 ... [pid 16939] read(3, "coming\n", 4096) = 720:03
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  you may want to make a simple script that runs that command, you can then run when you need to.20:03
donnieblurrhow do i ensure that these changes are persistent20:03
donnieblurrampelbein: any other alternatives?20:04
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  id make such a script and copy it to the ~/.config/autostart/ directory - it will then get ran at login20:04
lonewulf85something to the effect of http://pastebin.com/2pfeKYjE20:04
Dr_Willisyou can also have lightdm run startup commands but thats a bit harder to do20:04
donnieblurryea i dont know how to make a script for ubuntu20:05
donnieblurrthanks anyway20:05
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  you allready did make a script - just a few min ago20:05
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  a text file with commands = a script20:05
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: put http://paste.ubuntu.com/5919509/ in a file in ~/.config/autostart directory.20:05
guzzlefrydon't forget the shebang20:05
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  its not rocket-surgery ;)20:05
Dr_Willis#!/bin/bash  -> tells the script whats supposed to run the script, then the commands to run follow.20:06
Dr_Willisafter saveing that file to ~/.config/autostart/startxrandr20:06
Dr_Willisdo a 'chmode +x ~/.config/autostart/startxrandr' to be sure its executable20:07
Dr_Willisthen it SHOULD auto-run when you login20:07
* Dr_Willis spelt chmod wrong. ;) or did i.20:07
=== l is now known as py_can
Dr_Willisdo a 'chmod +x ~/.config/autostart/startxrandr' to be sure its executable20:07
py_cantransfering data from a sata300 to sata600 disk goes with 25mbps.. is this normal? I was expecting faster on my ubuntu 13.04 server20:08
py_cansata is configured in AHCI..20:08
py_can25mbps is like a little faster than usb speed20:09
lonewulf85py_can, I thought that usb speed was more like 250mbs?20:09
py_canis this ubuntu related or ?20:09
py_canlonewulf85: i never get above 20mb per second20:09
bekkspy_can: Thats normal for USB2.20:10
py_canbekks: yeah, i figured20:10
py_canbut not normal for sata300->sata60020:10
donnieblurrhow do i save a nano file?20:10
Dr_Willisnotice the help/shortcuts at the bottom of the nano window donnieblurr ?20:10
lonewulf85py_can< maybe it is just the 2.0 i use in my 3.0 soket never mind.20:10
donnieblurrim walking someone through this20:10
py_candonnieblurr, ctrl-o20:11
donnieblurrthank u20:11
Dr_WillisWrite Out =   ^o    i think it says20:11
py_canwas just wondering, is my problem OS related or20:11
py_cansomething in the bios20:11
lonewulf85py_can, I was also thinking of a usb thumb drive :)20:11
danny1Looking to hire a talented C ++ developer for a project that will benefit the public20:12
py_canno no, sata300 1TB to 2TB sata60020:12
donnieblurrdo i write the file to ~/.config/autostart/startxrandr???20:12
bazhang!ot | danny120:12
donnieblurror just startxrandr20:12
ubottudanny1: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!20:12
Dr_Willisdanny1:  this isent really the right place to advertise.20:12
donnieblurrthen move it20:12
danny1Where should I advertise ?20:12
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  if you write it there.. thats the right place for it to be20:12
py_candanny1: on the street, with a megaphone20:12
py_canoh wait you were already doing that20:13
lonewulf85py_can, the only setting in the bios that I can think of that would have an effect on speed is the AHCI setting for hard drives.20:13
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  so where would you move it to? :) you could also copy it to your desktop  or home directory so you can run it  easier by hand20:13
DJonesdanny1: You've been warned about advertising before20:13
py_canlonewulf85: Yeah, exactly. thats what i thought. It's on ahci atm..20:14
py_canso thats not the problem20:14
lonewulf85py_can, Do you have a USB 3.0 slot?20:14
=== DocGrooveAway is now known as DocGroove
BrightNewFuturelonewulf85 I'm far from an expert, but I think it will completely deactivate if not completely delete the extension. That's the impression I have from using it maybe 5 times myself and what the docs say if you type 'man apt-get' in Terminal.20:15
py_canlonewulf85: maybe, but i might not have an usb3.0 device20:15
donnieblurris the autostart folder in there by default?20:16
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  if not make it.20:16
Ampelbeinpy_can: You can do "hdparm -tT /dev/sda" (or the device you read from) to see it's read performance.20:16
Dr_Willismkdir ~/.config/autostart20:16
py_canAmpelbein: thx20:16
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr: $ ls -l .config/autostart/20:16
py_canAmpelbein: and if thats allright, it must be a caching/IO thing on the pc itself?20:16
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  and see if its there.20:16
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr: or more exactly       ls -l ~/.config/autostart/20:17
Vivekanandanick__: howdy20:17
Vivekanandanick__: I replied to you in the pm20:17
donnieblurrreturned total 020:18
lonewulf85py_can, Oh yeah then I have no idea sorry. have you tried lsusb that might help you by listing information about your devices and possibly ports.20:18
AmpelbeinAmpelbein: It could be a problem with the linux kernel and your sata controller. I had to manually set libata.force=noncq,1.5G as kernel parameter or else my sata performance would be slow as hell.20:18
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  so the dir is there.. and empty20:18
py_canAmpelbein: ill keep that in mind20:18
Ampelbeinpy_can: note that it sets sata performance to half of what sata300 is capable.20:19
Ampelbeinpy_can: but with full sata300 speed I had silly speeds like 10 MB/sec.20:19
lonewulf85Amplbein, That is weird20:19
Ampelbeinpy_can: It will show in syslog though if there are problems encountered.20:19
shahanso in windows you can change a usb drive's policies and make it faster with file transferring , how do i do that in ubuntu?20:20
reisioshahan: why would it be slower20:20
Awakenit disables caching in windows, u can set it to not do that20:20
Awaken(but then you'd have to eject properly to flush the cache before you remove the usb drive)20:21
shahanreisio:  its at abotu 14md per second... would diabling caching make it faster?20:21
Te3-BloodyIronno matter how hard i try my crontab will not run the script i've set it up to run20:21
shahani'm okay with ejecting20:21
Te3-BloodyIronthe script is 755, and +x and in a location readable20:21
Te3-BloodyIronand i've tried a few syntax changes20:21
shahan*14mb per second20:21
Te3-BloodyIroni want it to run every 5 mins, but i can't get it running even every minute at all20:21
donnieblurrdr_willis: im rebooting the machine now, gonna see if it works.20:21
Te3-BloodyIroni've tried 0-59/1 * * * * or */1 or */5 and no luck20:21
BrightNewFutureIf you see this repeated indefinitely in an strace, how do you fix that, generally? [pid 16939] open("/sys/module/wl/initstate", O_RDONLY) = 3 ... [pid 16939] read(3, "coming\n", 4096) = 720:21
py_canAmpelbein: http://pastebin.com/vWE1rmBk20:22
Te3-BloodyIronany ideas?20:22
Te3-BloodyIronoh and of course restarting the cron service each time20:22
MonkeyDustTe3-BloodyIron  try sudo crontab -e20:22
Te3-BloodyIronthat kicks me into vi, ew20:22
Te3-BloodyIronbut ill try it20:22
shahani also have an external hard drive , any way to make it... faster bin ubuntu?20:22
Te3-BloodyIronoh it gave me a choice20:23
lonewulf85I am out TTYAL20:23
reisioshahan: what makes you think it's slow20:23
Te3-BloodyIronyeah the file it opened is the one i was editing previously20:23
Dr_WillisTe3-BloodyIron:  you did give the full path to the script?20:23
reisiorather, what makes you think Ubuntu isn't utilizing it as fast as it can already20:23
py_canshahan: this is not an external harddrive20:23
BrightNewFutureI installed Ubuntu on my parents' computer Sunday and have been trying all week to get either the wired or wireless ethernet working with no success. Any ideas would be greatly appreciate. https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/23288620:23
shahan*inrei years, of using windows... :(20:23
Te3-BloodyIronyes i declared the full location to the script20:23
donnieblurrdr_willis: its not working20:23
shahanreisio:   years of using windows20:23
Ampelbeinpy_can: Do you get messages in the syslog when you copy files from drive to drive.20:23
py_canAmpelbein: ill checlk20:24
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  open a terminal type ~/.config/autostart/startxrandr and see if that works20:24
shahan:(  .. :)   that last thing you said made me realize once again why i'm using ubuntu20:24
reisioshahan: well it's true Canonical is a for-profit company, but they'd be insane to introduce Microsoft style limitations, particularly when they aren't using them as incentives for paid solutions to undo them20:24
shahansooo..  in summation, am i to understand that by default, ubuntu makes the most of flash drives and externals?20:24
Te3-BloodyIronDr_Willis: syslog doesn't even seem to try executing it :/20:25
donnieblurrdr_willis: permission denied20:25
Te3-BloodyIronahem, syslog reports nothing from cron related to it20:25
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  you did make it executable like was mentioned earlier?20:25
donnieblurri should do that20:25
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  there ya go.. it pays to follow all directions20:25
shahanreisio: sooo..  in summation, am i to understand that by default, ubuntu makes the most of flash drives and externals?20:25
Dr_Willisyou should do it.. if you want it to work ;P20:25
Dr_Willisdo a 'chmod +x ~/.config/autostart/startxrandr' to be sure its executable20:25
reisioshahan: it would be best to assume such things when using any free Unix system, yes20:26
Te3-BloodyIronif it's not executable how do you expect it to execute? :P20:26
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr: then       ls -l ~/.config/autostart/20:26
reisioshahan: until you have reason to believe otherwise20:26
AmpelbeinTe3-BloodyIron: What is your crontab entry?20:26
py_canAmpelbein: no errors in syslog20:26
=== eric is now known as Guest66416
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  to be sure it IS in fact executable and there20:26
py_canavarage transfer at 23mb/s20:26
reisiofree Unix systems are made almost entirely by enthusiasts, by people who want things to be done the best way they can be as frequently as possible20:26
py_cantransfer avarage*20:26
Te3-BloodyIronAmpelbein: 0-59/1 * * * *  /opt/sysvol_rsync_todc1.sh20:27
shahanreisio:   :')20:27
Te3-BloodyIroni also tried */5 and */120:27
donnieblurrchmode -x "file path" ?20:27
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  3rd time now -->   do a 'chmod +x ~/.config/autostart/startxrandr' to be sure its executable20:27
shahanreisio:  that's beautiful, i'm new to this if you couldn't tell...  but man that brought a tear to my eye, and made me step and think how Windows has perverted my computer experience20:27
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  -x would make it UNexecutable20:28
reisioshahan: yeah, it's worth knowing20:28
AmpelbeinTe3-BloodyIron: Is it a system crontab?20:28
AmpelbeinTe3-BloodyIron: Or a user specific crontab?20:28
Te3-BloodyIronuhh the root crontab20:28
reisioshahan: even the commercial distros, those you have to pay for, what you're actually paying for is at least 90% paid support, and not unlocking software restrictions20:29
reisionot that anybody sane uses those :p20:29
Dr_Willisive never figured out what paid support actually does. ;)20:29
Te3-BloodyIronit means yuo can call them20:29
Te3-BloodyIronand get a SLA20:29
Te3-BloodyIronand I suspect even hold them accountable20:29
AmpelbeinTe3-BloodyIron: Have you tried setting a username?20:29
shahanreisio:  i didn't even know there were those hahah,  i'm dual booting windows 7 and ubuntu20:30
Te3-BloodyIronAmandil: the script has to run at root level due to the files it works with20:30
Te3-BloodyIronso, no, i haven't20:30
Dr_WillisTe3-BloodyIron:  accountable? :) that definatly dosent fit in with the 'support' we get at our factory.20:30
reisioshahan: they're less popular, because they're basically just for people addicted to paying for things20:30
AmpelbeinTe3-BloodyIron: * * * * * $USERNAME /command20:30
shahanreisio:  is there  a way to like...  add something else to my grub?  like triple boot another linux distro to mess around with?20:30
reisioshahan: yup20:30
Te3-BloodyIronAmandil: I haven't tried that, but my understanding is the root crontab would just inherently be ran as root anyways.20:30
reisioshahan: the Ubuntu way is detailed here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Custom_Menu_Entries20:30
AmpelbeinTe3-BloodyIron: It should be, ye.s20:31
Te3-BloodyIronDr_Willis: sounds like you need a better SLA?20:31
shahanreisio:  so probably just make another bootable usb with my desired distro eh?20:31
Te3-BloodyIronso $root or?20:31
Te3-BloodyIrondo i leave it as $USERNAME20:31
shahanreisio: perfect, thank you20:31
=== Flynn_ is now known as Dorfrod
reisioshahan: basically you install whatever OS you please, where you please20:31
reisioshahan: and then you cleanup GRUB stuff if necessary20:31
AmpelbeinTe3-BloodyIron: No, the actual username the script should be run under.20:31
Te3-BloodyIronokay but im asking about the syntax20:31
reisioshahan: it's useful to have in mind which OS's boot loader (for example, Ubuntu's GRUB) will be in charge of booting all the others20:31
Te3-BloodyIrondo i include the dollar sign?20:31
AmpelbeinTe3-BloodyIron: no. * * * * * root /path/to/command20:32
Te3-BloodyIronlet me try that20:32
donnieblurrdr_willis: doesnt work20:32
Dr_WillisTe3-BloodyIron:  support for us - is the company that built the multi-million dollar cnc machine/drill/press/whatever helping trobuel shooting why its not working... Not   computer support figuring out why the audio is playing out the headphones instead of the speakers :)20:32
Te3-BloodyIronall of a sudden the script is running20:32
Te3-BloodyIronlet me verify my findings here20:32
FloodBot1Te3-BloodyIron: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:32
shahanreisio:  any reccomendation on which one to keep?  currently using GRUB and it's ubuntu + ubuntu safe options and then windows 720:32
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  again, run script from the terminal. see if that works.20:32
reisioshahan: to keep out of?20:33
reisioshahan: Ubuntu, Windows 7, and?20:33
Te3-BloodyIronDr_Willis: I know support can come in many forms, but it is shocking that support for a CNC does not include accountability, doesn't it shock you?20:33
donnieblurrit fixes the screen when it runs in the terminal20:33
shahanreisio: no no i meant which boot loader, like i didn't even know there were others besides GRUB20:33
Te3-BloodyIronthe only thing i did was crontab -e20:33
FredInDshellhow to connect nexus 10 to ubuntu for file transfer. Any apps recommended? thanks20:34
reisioshahan: oh, there are but GRUB is the standard for all GNU/Linux systems20:34
Te3-BloodyIrondoes crontab -e initialize when furst ran?20:34
reisioshahan: what I mean was for multiple OS booting20:34
Te3-BloodyIronbecause that's the only thing i've done differently20:34
reisioshahan: Windows has its own boot loader, Ubuntu has its own (GRUB), and you mentioned wanting to install another20:34
AmpelbeinTe3-BloodyIron: How did you do it before?20:34
donnieblurrwhy doesnt this work out the box?20:34
Te3-BloodyIronwell i manually made the file20:34
reisioshahan: ATM your system undoubtedly has Ubuntu's GRUB booting Windows' boot loader, optionally, which boots Windows20:34
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  now to trouble shoot why the script is not running at login.20:34
Te3-BloodyIronnano /var/spool/cron/crontabs/root20:34
shahanreisio:  right, i mean also.. any reccomendation for a 2nd year CS college student looking to learn most languages, really not proficient in either, and what I want to end up doing is more graphical stuff.20:35
Te3-BloodyIronand then restart cron daemon20:35
reisioshahan: if you want to install another GNU/Linux distribution, you'd probably want to tell it to install GRUB to whatever its own partition that has /boot on it is, that way it won't interfere with your existing boot setup20:35
shahanreisio:  yup,20:35
reisioshahan: recommendation of... distro?20:35
AmpelbeinTe3-BloodyIron: see, that's why you use the correct tool for the job ;-)20:35
Te3-BloodyIronshahan: I may get bitten here, but learning Java is not a bad thing.20:35
BrightNewFutureI installed Ubuntu on my parents' computer Sunday and have been trying all week to get either the wired or wireless ethernet working with no success. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/23288620:35
* reisio bites Te3-BloodyIron 20:35
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  first guess it its running befor X is ready. it should wait about 20 sec..   edit that ~/.config/autostart/startxrandr  and add 2 lines after the first #!/bin/sh  line.. (the following 2)20:35
Te3-BloodyIronAmpelbein: I will not have you badmmouth nano like  that! :P20:35
Te3-BloodyIroni didnt expect crontab -e to also initialize it D:20:36
Te3-BloodyIronbut i guess it makes sense20:36
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:    notify-send  "Starting xrandr stuff in 20 sec"20:36
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  sleep 2020:36
Te3-BloodyIroni dont know why that part is not documented, or so i've found20:36
shahanlol java has been what i;ve been learning last two years lol, i think we do C next at my college and than Android stuff20:36
Te3-BloodyIronAndroid is primarily java20:36
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  you will then have like a 4 line script. whenit runs.. it will post a message, then wait 20 sec.. then do the command.20:36
Te3-BloodyIronDr_Willis and Ampelbein thanks for your help :)20:36
donnieblurrwhat is wrong with the driver that it doesnt work normally?20:37
donnieblurrthis has never happened to me before20:37
shahani'm using Eclipse but i desperately want to learn to use Vim20:37
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  sounds more to me like its a monitor/hardware issue. but i only got in on the tail end of the problem20:37
Te3-BloodyIronvim is like climbing a mountain20:37
reisiovim doesn't take that look20:37
shahanreisio:  yeah i guess that distros question is an opion thing ey?20:37
reisioshahan: run 'vimtutor', you'll learn a lot in an hour20:37
mouthwashhi all. i just installed ubuntu 13.04, and the "startup applications" aren't in the settings menu. where do i find them, pls?20:37
donnieblurrwhen ubuntu loads up and the splash screen appears it fills the screen no problem20:37
Dr_Willisvim makes sence - once you get the idea of a modal  editor. :)20:37
reisioshahan: well, every GNU/Linux distro is roughly 90% the same code20:37
zykotick9reisio: +1 for vimtutor suggestion ;)20:37
=== kb3gtn|2 is now known as kb3gtn
donnieblurrbut when the os loads it resizes down20:38
reisioshahan: they only differ, really, in how they approach package management, general philosophy, and their communities20:38
shahanreisio:  yeaaah i guess most of the variablility comes from the user's macros and customizations20:38
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  if you want to start this problem from the total beginning go for it. others in here may have better ideas.20:38
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  your USER can have setting files that change the monitors res.20:38
reisioshahan: so what you can do on or with one distro you can on or with another, though how you manage it may be more or less tedious depending on personal preferences and other factor20:38
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  as a test case. make a new user. see if it works properly for them.20:38
shahanreisio: so why do say... some people use redHat because it's better for managinggg  like..  SSH and idk.. stuff?20:39
donnieblurri just installed ubuntu 2 hours ago on it tho20:39
reisioshahan: no, people use Red Hat because they're addicted to paying for things :p20:39
reisioor more technically: because they would rather pay for support than learn things / have their own support team20:39
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  if you want to PROVE its  not a user setting issue.. make a new user, see if the issue also affects them. 'sudo adduser testuser'   log out and back in as that testuser, and see if it works for them20:39
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: Which ubuntu version is it btw?20:39
shahanreisio:  ooh i didnt know red hat was not "free to play" lol20:39
mpa000Or they use RH because their dang vps host insists on CentOS instead of Ubuntu server.20:40
reisioshahan: it was once :p20:40
donnieblurrall updates are on it20:40
reisioshahan: back in the day they went pay and made everyone angry :p http://☃.colobox.com/despair-linux/redhat.jpg20:40
shahanreisio:  dang what was that, like recently??  i though most VM softwares offer redhat for free, so are those older versions?20:40
reisioshahan: what they actually sell is binaries and support, however; since essentially all the source code is GPL or similarly licensed, they have to release all their development changes under the same license20:40
reisiowhich is why CentOS is 99.999999999% the same distro, only 100% gratis20:41
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: Ah. bug 1156310 seems only fixed in raring.20:41
reisioshahan: no some time ago now :p20:41
ubottubug 1156310 in linux (Ubuntu Raring) "xrandr detects too many displays" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115631020:41
zykotick9shahan: be sure not to confuse Fedora with RHEL (centos is a free RHEL clone)20:41
shahanzykotick9: ?20:41
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: That pretty much sounds like your issue.20:41
reisioFedora is the testing version of Red Hat, you can use it for free because you're an unpaid beta tester for Red Hat, Inc. :p20:41
donnieblurrthe display panel shows only one monitor detected20:41
donnieblurrand does not offer the proper resolution for my screen at all20:42
reisioBrightNewFuture: so what does sudo lspci | grep -i net say? bcm4401?20:42
donnieblurrthe detection of multiple screens doesnt sound like my problem, as i would assume they would both pop up in the panel20:42
shahany'know what... think i'll just stick to ubuntu for now... still too newby.  will certainly look at that vim tutorial20:42
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: xrandr show 2 displays...20:42
BrightNewFutureI'll check again, need to turn the machine on. bcm4401 is the wired ethernet.20:43
shahanso just 'vimtutor' in terminal?20:43
reisioshahan: yes20:43
BrightNewFuturereisio: I'll check again, need to turn the machine on. bcm4401 is the wired ethernet.20:43
mpa000Shahan:  I've used linux since the beginning of time and Ubuntu won me over, if that means anything.20:43
donnieblurrthat is also my graphics card20:43
shahanthanks reisio !  and other people who answered me, 'preciate it,20:43
donnieblurrhow do i fix this?20:44
reisioshahan: you can always change later if you feel like, it, it's no big deal20:44
shahanmpa000: 0.0   good to know20:44
reisioBrightNewFuture: ok20:44
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: Update to 13.04.20:44
reisioBrightNewFuture: the driver name is 'b44'20:44
jhilehello, i am trying to open magnet links with transmission using firefox, having trouble doing so. it asks me what i want to use as default program and i cannot choose/find transmisison20:44
tlindsayCan anybody help me with an installation question?20:44
donnieblurrbut no lts =(20:44
reisiojhile: /usr/bin/transmission-gtk20:44
reisiotlindsay: yes20:44
jhilereisio, thanks20:45
shahanthanks guys have a good one20:45
reisioBrightNewFuture: if it's loaded as a module, then lsmod | grep -i b44 will show it20:45
reisiojhile: or, I should've said20:45
Bauerwhy are there some processes that pkill and killall is unable to kill? I own them, I see them as ps aux, but killing them is not working..  unless of course I do kill -9 pid20:45
donnieblurrampelbein: is this my only option?20:46
tlindsayI'm at the partition step, and I just want to make sure that I'm not about to overwrite my primary OS's partition. That partition doesn't have a K flag, but it's marked as "Do Not Use".20:46
reisiojhile: you can run dpkg -L transmission | grep -i bin to find it :)20:46
Ampelbeindonnieblurr: One second, trying something20:46
tlindsayI'm pretty sure this means I'll be okay, I just want to make sure.20:46
reisiotlindsay: K?20:46
jhilei tried doing dpkg -L transmission didnt know the rest of the code20:46
reisiojhile: grep, very useful20:46
reisiojhile: and pipes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pipeline_%28Unix%2920:46
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  if its a clean new install. id just install 13.04 and be done with it..20:47
Suqanyone have that laptop suspend problem that freezes the computer?20:47
reisioSuq: you?20:47
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  unless you have a real need for lts20:47
BrightNewFuturereisio: lsmod | grep ... shows b44 with size 31365 and used by 020:47
donnieblurrbut in a few months id have to install the new os20:47
zykotick9reisio: ;) +1 for "grep, very useful" i couldn't agree more20:47
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  woop-de doo.20:47
Suqreisio: yeah i do, on 13.0420:47
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  takes me like 20 min to do a new install.20:47
jhilei did try dpkg -L transmission | grep -i bin btw, it just goes to a new line in terminal20:47
tlindsayI'm actually installing CrunchBang (a Debian distro). I tried their IRC, but it's dead.20:47
Suqreisio: Do you know a fix?20:47
donnieblurrwith new install will it save settings from previous version20:48
jhile(problem is fixed) but would like to know about the grep20:48
reisioBrightNewFuture: okay, so your wired should technically work; maybe networkmanager is confused about something20:48
tlindsayThe K flag is supposed to keep the partitioner from formatting that partition.20:48
reisioSuq: nope20:48
reisiotlindsay: are you talking about gparted?20:48
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  you can upgrade to the next release.. or make a seperate /home/ partition and  it will keep your user files seperate if you do a clean install20:48
donnieblurrthank you20:48
donnieblurri appreciate your time and help20:48
Dr_Willisdonnieblurr:  reinstalling ubuntu is not a 'week long ordeal' that windows is.20:49
reisiotlindsay: this? http://i.stack.imgur.com/VcMAu.png20:49
reisiotlindsay: if it doesn't have an assignment on the right, /, /home, swap, /boot, etc., then it will probably not be touched20:49
zykotick9tlindsay: k is keep, and f is format - but cruchbang isn't supported in #ubuntu, you could try ##linux if you wanted...20:50
=== bro is now known as Guest78529
Guest78529hi guys20:51
BrightNewFuturereisio: sudo lspci ... shows 03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4401-B0 100Base-TX (rev 02) and 0c:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4311 802.11b/g WLAN (rev 01)20:51
tigranesHrm. When searching about Linux on MacBooks, I see references to "BIOS compatibility mode". Does anyknow know how to check if I'm running in BIOS compatibility mode or in EFI mode?20:52
tlindsayOkay, sorry. Thanks for the help!20:52
auronandace!b43 | BrightNewFuture20:52
ubottuBrightNewFuture: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx20:52
reisioBrightNewFuture: okay, so your wired should technically work; maybe networkmanager is confused about something20:52
reisiotigranes: your grub.cfg should make that obvious, I believe20:52
=== Guest78529 is now known as brotakul
tigranesreisio: Thanks, will check there.20:54
mpa000Tlindsay, while you are here asking about that, I figure we'd be remiss if someone didn't say, Why not install Ubuntu instead?  ; )20:54
BrightNewFutureubottu please see https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/232886#comment-520:54
ubottuBrightNewFuture: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:54
BrightNewFuturereisio do you have an idea how I can begin troubleshooting that?20:55
darksitewho is already wakeup20:55
BrightNewFuturereisio do you have an idea how I can begin troubleshooting that? (networkmanager is confused about something)20:55
joshuis there a way to store and access secrets in the gnome keyring from the command line only?20:56
BrightNewFutureauronandace would you please elaborate? I don't know what !b43 means20:56
jribjoshu: yes20:56
Dr_WillisBrightNewFuture:  read the url ubottu  sent you?20:56
joshujrib can you please explain and is this a suitable way to store secrets that can then be used in scripts securely?20:56
Dr_WillisBrightNewFuture:  !stuff are bot triggers for FAQ's20:57
BrightNewFutureDr_Willis: Yes I did. See please see https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/232886#comment-520:57
jribjoshu: this is how I store my passwords that mutt uses20:57
BrightNewFutureDr_Willis: bot triggers for FAQ's: oh, thank you. :)20:57
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots20:58
Dr_WillisBrightNewFuture:  or bash shell history features. :) but thats a totally differnt use of !20:58
joshujrib this might solve the problem I've been having all day trying to use PAM. Can you please explain what I need and how I can 1) store a username and password and 2) access these two things for use in a string20:58
joshujrib not string but in a command such as xfreerdp <username> <password>20:59
* zykotick9 mentions dist-upgrade (probably the least understood apt command), then runs away giggling...20:59
BrightNewFutureDr_Willis: that's pretty cool, thank you for explaining it to me. :)21:00
jribjoshu: I told you, for this you should ask #bash21:00
zykotick9post above - sorry, wrong channel.  my bad.21:00
jribjoshu: in my case I am using keyring (and was using gnomekeyring) modules for python21:00
joshujrib so gnome keyring how to use that I should ask on #bash?21:00
joshuI don't get that when it's an ubuntu thing21:01
jribjoshu: no, you should ask the question you just asked: "not string but in a command such as xfreerdp <username> <password>"21:01
jribjoshu: what's an ubuntu thing?21:01
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joshujrib ok fine but how to store and retrieve items from the keyring is ubuntu related and that's what I'm hoping to learn how to do from someone here21:02
jribjoshu: I use the keyring (and used to use gnomekeyring) modules for python21:02
XionkanaHey guys, in my auth.log file, I have an IP that constantly attempts connections to my server. How can I block him outright?21:02
reisioBrightNewFuture: is it installed? dpkg -l | grep -i network | grep -i manager21:04
zykotick9Xionkana: if you mean ssh, i'd suggest you look into fail2ban21:04
reisioBrightNewFuture: if it's a laptop, is there a hardware network disable switch?21:04
BrightNewFuturereisio: what the heck? The wired ethernet is working. This has happened to me a few times, where it seems to come on at random. The only thing I did was lsmod, sudo lspci, and then open "network tools" from the unity search thingy.21:04
Xionkanazykotick9: Cheers!21:04
zykotick9!info fail2ban21:05
ubottufail2ban (source: fail2ban): ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors. In component universe, is optional. Version (raring), package size 86 kB, installed size 434 kB21:05
reisioBrightNewFuture: mmm21:05
BrightNewFuturereisio: but when I restart it always gets disabled again, and I can't reproduce enabling it.21:05
BrightNewFutureMaybe it will work this time...21:05
reisioBrightNewFuture: it might be time to check: the cable-computer connection, the cable, the cable-wall port connection, and your ISP service in general21:05
BrightNewFuturereisio: eth1 was not listed in ifconfig last time I checked (before booting up this time), then it was suddenly listed in "network tools", then listed in ifconfig. Then I plugged in the ethernet cable.21:06
BrightNewFuturereisio: there is an LED for wifi and a little blue radio tower symbol on the keyboard, but pushing fn+radio_tower_button doesn't make the wifi LED light up.21:07
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reisioBrightNewFuture: well, I'd get wired working first21:08
BrightNewFuturereisio: I agree. For the dpkg command earlier, it prints libproxy1-plugin-networkmanager, network-manager, network-manager-gnome, network-manager-pptp, and network-manager-pptp-gnome21:09
reisioGuest15593: hi, run this: /nick somethingElsePlease21:10
Guest15593any one with log4j experiance?21:11
ikoniayes, I have log4j21:11
ikoniaoh, he's gone21:11
=== Guest15593 is now known as leo_
ikonialeo_: I've used log4j,21:12
smgordonumm,,, just  wondering. is there a sticker i can get to put over the Windows button on my keyboard?21:12
smgordon  is there a linux/ubuntu keyboard?21:12
leo_channel for java?21:12
jribsmgordon: probably, you could also just buy some ubuntu keys21:12
leo_related quires