OvenWerkszequence: getting things to work in ubuntustudio-install with packages on the commandline was much harder. I finally gave up on bash and have moved to perl. perl deal much nicer with strings than bash does.02:38
OvenWerksubuntustudio-install now takes packages on the commandline checks to see if they exist in the repos the system knows about, grabs the description at the same time... 02:40
OvenWerksthen creates the selection dialog and installs whatever the user has selected.02:41
OvenWerksThe install progress screen is writen in perl, so no new depends are added as I am not using any special perl modules or extras.02:42
OvenWerks(30 lines of code, 20 lines of comments)02:50
OvenWerkszequence: new branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntustudio/ubuntustudio-installer03:37
OvenWerkszequence: I have uploaded ubuntustudio-installer to my ppa so I can see how it builds and installs.04:33
OvenWerksIt is missing an icon for the desktop file... I'll work on that unless one of our artists beats me to it :)04:35
zequenceOvenWerks: Nice. I'll try it out tomorrow06:33
zequenceWe also need to do something about -controls before feature freeze. My idea right now is to do a quick rewrite of it06:33
zequencemake it a simple indicator app, with launchers to system settings and your installer06:33
OvenWerkszequence: sure, I was thinking that a generic uninstaller might be nice too.14:23
OvenWerks(as in a generic kernel uninstaller)14:38
OvenWerksbut we should fix grub to default to low latency anyway.14:39
OvenWerksHmm, if a package/meta is already installed, I should probably not list it :)15:05
OvenWerksIt doesn't hurt anything to list already installed stuff... makes easier testing. I will put a switch in my code to turn it off and on.15:07
holsteinOvenWerks: its just like...22:54
OvenWerksYa I know.22:54
holstein"i want to help!, how can i help?!"22:54
holsteinand the first thing on the list is /join this channel ;)22:54
holsteinyou never know22:55
holsteinthey might test iso's22:55
holsteinthat would be helpful22:55
OvenWerkssmartboyhw started that way too.22:55
holsteinand he's quite helpful22:55

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