TwitchTEKHowdy!  Anybody awake?02:05
prompt32hi !02:05
TwitchTEKI was wondering if anyone has come cross some of the same problems I have been as of late.02:06
TwitchTEKno one else having any trouble with UbStudio huh?  good to know.02:10
prompt32problems like ?02:11
glwdjstudiohello all04:20
glwdjstudiowondering if anyone got firefox (flash) going with jack?04:22
SunStarhow do i get studio bootable after installing windows?  cant do boot repair, no inet connection (installed b43-fwcutter and linux-firmware-nonfree_1.11_all) tried update-grub and got "failed to get cononical path of /cow"  tried grub-install and got " Path /boot/grub is not readable by grub on boot. installation is not possible"07:42
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Guest59338hi everyone ! is someone having trouble with all the reverbs on a "vanilla" ubuntu studio 13.04 ? it seems the buffer used is extralarge, it sounds like cheap delais more than reverbs :/12:07
Guest59338nobody :( ?12:30
DanielDhi !12:58
DanielDis someone had a problem with the quality of the reverbs on US13.04 ? Any plug-in reverb ?13:01
ElforHow to make 24 pictures (jpg/png) per second with the motion (program for cams)?13:21
cfhowlettElfor, openshot can convert stills to video.13:22
cfhowlettElfor, as can ffmepg13:22
ElforI need just make few photos from the cam13:23
Elfor~24 in sec13:23
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sushanthey which linux is best for audio production17:00
holsteinsushant: ?17:00
holstein"best" is a matter of opinion and use case17:01
holsteintry ubuntustudio live17:01
sushantwhat abt av linux17:01
holsteinTBH, most of the applications are the same, in all the repos17:01
holsteinsushant: try AVLinux live as well17:01
holsteinsushant: avlinux is older, that might be a factor17:01
sushantim currently using ubuntu studio17:01
holsteinand, its more of an "appliance" that you dont upgrade17:01
holsteinubuntustudio is currently developed17:01
holsteinAVlinux is not going to be developed anymore17:02
holsteinsushant: you can get literally a "pro" opinion about *any* OS17:02
holsteinor a "con"17:02
holsteinthe software is the same.. JACK, ardour.. all the tools17:02
holsteini say, whatever OS you are more comfortable with is going to be "best"17:03
sushanti just switched to linux17:03
holsteinso, you are used to a different operating system, or no operating system, which is pose its own "issues"17:04
sushantyes i am actually a windows user17:04
sushantbut linux somehow got my attension17:04
sushantso thought would give a try17:04
holsteini switched a few years back on my production rig.. from XP/cubase to linux/JACK/ardour17:05
sushantso which did you find more comfortable17:06
sushantor suitable17:06
holsteinsushant: as i said, the software is all the same17:06
holsteinsushant: i learn the tools, and use them on whatever17:07
holsteini am more comfortable with a debian/ubuntu base, so i prefer ubuntustudio17:07
thenasathose anyone  know how to install vm here19:48
cc_INCVirtual Machine?20:34
katty_hi everyone21:11
katty_olá eu sou portuguesa, Boa noite a todos21:21
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.21:21
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.21:26
Unit193Howdy, katty_.  Just ask whatever question you have here and you should get an answer in time (This is the English channel, yes.)21:27
katty_thank you for the information21:29
katty_I am Portuguese and i would like to introduce myself because It's the first time I enter in the irc ubuntu studio channel so if I can help with anything can I ask questions? I would like to help and practice programming from now on, I am on a beginning level.21:38
OvenWerksYou can always ask questions. just be aware it may take some time to get answered.21:40
OvenWerksManyu times we are hooked up to IRC but not right at the computer... maybe even sleeping.21:41
OvenWerksBut it means when we next look, we haven't missed anything and can look at the back scroll.21:41
OvenWerksWhat kind of work would you like to do?21:42
katty_any work you may need about software, web or search21:46
OvenWerksHmm, hard for me to answer that one. I have been rather focused on my own little corner :)  Mostly menus and the last few days an installer script.21:48
OvenWerksThere are some blue prints though, if there is something there that looks interesting, just pick one and work on it.21:49
OvenWerkszequence is the lead here so anything goes through him at some point.21:49
katty_zequence is about what kind of art?21:51
katty_music? video?21:51
OvenWerkszequence: is a person21:51
OvenWerksSorry, I guess that is not clear. :)21:52
OvenWerksblue prints: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntustudio/+spec/topic-flavor-ubuntustudio21:52
katty_what a mistake21:52
OvenWerkseach oval at the bottom leads to another page.21:52
OvenWerksAnother page about developing in ubuntustudio: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio21:54
OvenWerksIs there one type of artistic workflow you enjoy doing? (music graphics, photography, etc.)21:54
katty_I usually compose songs and I work on design and publications22:08
katty_but I am quite new in linux22:08
OvenWerksOne of the areas we are looking for is someone who can refine our publishing workflow.22:09
katty_but what is the name of the project?22:10
OvenWerksThough of course any contribution is helpful. There are not really very many of us and all are volunteering.22:10
OvenWerksWe have a menu set aside for the various areas that we support.22:11
OvenWerksThere is Audio production (which so far has had most of our support because most of us do music)22:12
katty_(about the blueprint page I downloaded the framework and I will start learning, and using it to understand the dependency tree)22:12
OvenWerksthere is Graphic Design, Video Production22:12
OvenWerksPhotogrphy and Publishing22:13
BLKOh hi! there's lots of people here22:14
OvenWerksNot really... just looks that way ... I would say almost half are sleeping right now :)22:15
BLKHi Katty22:15
BLKaww man :(22:15
BLKIs anyone here an artist on Ubuntu Studio?22:15
OvenWerksScattered around the globe22:15
BLKvisual, not audio22:15
OvenWerksThere are a few, but none are here right now.22:15
BLKAww man22:15
katty_about publishing what link can I enter to help?22:16
BLKI had some questions to ask T.T22:16
BLKthat I can't find on the forums (which are still down) and it's annoying22:16
BLKno it's not about publishing, it's about setting up a G-Tablet22:16
OvenWerksYou can ask anyway... who knows I might even know22:16
BLKDo you know about setting up a Graphics Tablet?22:17
OvenWerksWhat kind of setup?22:17
BLKWacom Intuos 5 to be exact22:17
BLKI hear that they aren't officially supported but still work22:17
katty_I am an artist :) I) compose22:17
OvenWerksNo, I don't ... It should show up. Similar to a touch pad.22:18
BLKKatty That's great, is Ubuntu Studio replacing your old rig?22:18
BLKand According to the forums, it's buggy with the interface22:18
BLKalso there's no GUI yet22:18
BLKWe need an ubuntu artist forum22:19
BLKnot just the deviant art page22:19
katty_BLK yes, I don't know what is rig but i suppose it's a distro or OS22:21
BLKA rig is, like... your setup22:22
BLKlike maybe lower specs and a different Operating System22:22
BLKIm implying that you were on a different OS befor22:22
OvenWerkskatty_: not much I can find about publishing, the list of SW we include to support it is at: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntustudio.saucy/view/head:/publishing22:22
katty_I used windows for several year, vista and 722:24
OvenWerksscribus is the major SW there unless you are doing music typesetting then musescore.22:24
BLKOvenWerks are you a developer?22:24
OvenWerksSort of.22:24
OvenWerksI help around here22:24
BLKI want to help as well D:22:25
BLKI know what I'll do... I've got an idea22:25
katty_but then i started to use ubuntu 12.0422:25
OvenWerksTo call us developers is not quite right. we don't really code for example. mostly we take packages and put together a distro.22:25
katty_because I had some problems with my machine22:25
BLKby the way... I'm a Digital artist, Traditional artist, Graphic Designer, and Web Designer/developer. which is what I use Ubuntu for22:26
katty_and then I started to use Ubuntu studio because I love arts22:26
BLKkatty same thing for me22:26
BLKI just can't put down Ubuntu now22:26
OvenWerksMy last OS before Linux was OS/2 2.1 :)22:26
katty_Like me22:26
BLKalso it has the BEST Digital art software22:26
katty_I love this operating system22:26
BLKKrita is just... ubelievable22:26
BLKit replaces Photoshop, its better than Manga Studio and Corel Draw22:26
BLKit's just a ridiculous software, and it's free AND Opensource22:27
BLKThis is one thing I love about OpenSource... when projects like Krita beat out there "for-profit" counterparts22:27
BLKGIMP is on it's way to beating out PhotoShop as well.22:27
katty_I will try krita22:27
BLKand Inkscape is arguably better than Illustrator, ('cept when it comes to typesetting T.T)22:28
BLKyeah Kat's you should, you definitely should22:28
BLKanyways... OverWerks22:28
BLKso is there anything that needs to be done? for UbuntuStudio that is?22:29
BLKI wanna help22:29
OvenWerksLots :)22:29
BLKI wanna Help!!!22:29
ubottuIf you want to contribute to Ubuntu Studio, please visit #ubuntustudio-devel or join the mailing list from https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/Ubuntu-Studio-devel22:29
OvenWerks I am not the best person to ask is all.22:29
BLKThanks Ubottu22:29
BLKokay :D22:29
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntustudio's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots22:30
BLKI can do a bunch of stuff for you guys... and my friend is a C and C++ coder... he wants to help Ubuntu as well, Studio might be a good place to start for him22:30
holsteinBLK: did you see the link i gave?22:32
BLKHolstein, I just saw the one from the Bot22:32
OvenWerksThere are a number of projects that are not specific to ubuntustudio, that are not being maintained and so we are loosing them as the libs are changing.22:32
OvenWerksThats the one he means.22:32
BLKoh yeah, I saw those22:32
katty_oh thank you ubottu22:33
holsteinso, from the link i gave, you /j #ubuntustudio22:33
holsteinalso, there are linkes to the dev mailing list22:33
holstein /j#ubuntustudio-devel22:34
BLKyeah I already signed up to the mailing list22:34
BLKIs it cool if I make the website for the mailing list better?22:34
BLKa bit stylized?22:34
BLKsorry... I'm a designer so... Aesthetics are the first thing I notice hahhahahaha22:34
holsteinBLK: i dont think we have access to that22:35
BLKaww darn... should one of the developers do it?22:35
BLKI mean I can just write the code and e-mail it22:36
BLKI don't have to upload it lol22:36
holsteinBLK: its a list serv22:36
holsteinBLK: we dont have access to it22:36
holsteinBLK: you are free to go up as far as you want, and try and do whatever22:37
BLKAhh I see22:37
holsteinBLK: we dont have the resources to look into that for you/us22:37
BLKYeah I 'll find a way22:37
holsteinBLK: i wouldnt know where to start, and it looks like every other listserv i have seen, so im not sure its possible22:37
holsteinand its not on my radar22:37
holsteinwhat can you do? iso testing is *always* appreciated22:37
holsteinand well documented22:38
BLKtest the installation? Yeah I can do that on my spare machine22:38
BLKThe specs are enough to run it at full capacity.22:38
BLKSo yeah, sign me up for iso testing lol22:39
holsteinBLK: no22:40
holsteinBLK: let me get the links for you22:40
holsteinBLK: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/22:41
katty_BLK if we could have permissions to make the mailing list website can I join you to make it?22:41
holsteinthere are tests, that are defined, that *must* get dont22:41
BLK@Katty: of course, it'll make things easier, I could design most of the pages for the Ubuntu Studio stuff22:42
BLKThanks Holstein, give me a second to read through22:42
holsteinBLK: when milestone releases happen, we *must* test them, for them to be released22:43
holsteinif they are not tested, we dont get a release22:43
holsteinthat is *key*.. and quite helpful22:43
BLKahhh I see22:43
katty_I could make some other pages we could divide tasks and pages22:44
OvenWerksAlso there are always thing you might see that no one else does22:44
holsteinkatty_: im quite certain we dont have access to that page22:44
holsteinkatty_: you should go upstream and ask before you potentially waste any efforts on it22:44
holsteini dont think its an option server-side to change the aesthetic22:44
holsteinnot sure22:45
katty_I didn't know it22:46
BLKWell it's fine, I'll do what I can22:46
BLKin anyway I can22:46
holsteintry joining the dev channel22:47
OvenWerksBLK: the big thing around here is patience. Things don't happen quick22:47
holstein /join #ubuntustudio-devel22:47
katty_I will work with blueprint and then I can help on something22:47
BLKbut for now, it's late so I'll be seeing you guys. Nice meeting everyone. I hope I can find some digital artists tommorrow to ask about the G-Tablet situation.22:47
BLKYeah Holstein, I'll join!22:47
BLKOvenWerks: yeah, that's a shame... I want to get rid of the whole "Linux is only for programmers" stereotype22:48
BLKI would like to see Ubuntu become just as acceptable a proffesional standard as Windows or Mac22:48
OvenWerksOver 90% of the people who use linux don't program even now.22:48
BLKyeah, most just hop on cause it's free and they wanted an upgrade22:49
OvenWerksOr its on their phone or tablet or whatever.22:49
BLKMost people don't have Ubuntu Touch yet though22:50
BLKoh you mean Linux being Android? yeah that too22:50
OvenWerksThat and a lot of telephone switches use linux.22:50
BLKTicks me off though that there's so little conveniance between Android and Linux distros T.T22:51
OvenWerksalmost all the wireless routers are linux.22:51
holsteinthe channel name is #ubuntustudio-devel22:51
BLKOkay Holstein, I'll check the page out tommorrrow22:52
BLKgood night guys22:52
holsteinBLK: its not apage22:52
holsteinthats the dev channel22:52
BLKyeah, it's the chat for freenode right?22:52
BLKor IRC or w/e this is called22:52
holsteinBLK: sure22:52
BLKsee you guys.22:53
OvenWerksholstein: ^^^ "page closed" :)22:53
katty_blk I agree with you22:55
OvenWerkskatty_: BLK is already gone.22:56
katty_yes, I haven't noticed thank you22:56
katty_He was talking about the his will of linux becoming efficent as mac x or windows and that is my will too22:58
OvenWerksIt's all in the eyes of whoever is doing the work. I have never had Windows on any of my machines or any Apple HW/SW so I can't really compare23:01
OvenWerksMy wife had both Win and linux on her box, but ended up never using windows.23:01
OvenWerksShe is not a programer at all.23:02
holsteinmy mom started on linux23:02
holsteinshe's not a programmer23:02
katty_I am just a programmer in a begging level and I think that linux is a good OS, and fast23:04
katty_it's good for all the kind of users23:04
katty_but I will work on blueprints thank you ovenwerks23:06
OvenWerksno prob.23:06
katty_I will go to sleep to23:07
OvenWerksOK, good night then.23:07
katty_for you too23:07
katty_what is it right there?23:07
OvenWerksAlmost time to get supper for my kids23:08
katty_ok so good evening23:09
katty_bye *23:09
katty_thank you for the help23:09

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