lderanoo aweomse15:24
pleia2knome: copying etherpad text over to the blog, I think we'll wait until Monday to publish though17:23
pleia2(weekends tend to be lousy for social media)17:24
pleia2knome: made updates to flyer doc18:06
pleia2knome: I made this for you: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Marketing/Projects/XubuntuAt18:19
pleia2(very sweet and thoughtful of me, I know)18:20
pleia2GridCube: put a link to the wp draft in the etherpad20:30
pleia2planning on publishing it monday (weekends are not good for social media stuff, everyone is outside playing or something)20:30
Unit193We are?20:30
GridCubewe are?20:31
Unit193Hrm, the Xubuntu seed is a bit odd.20:32
GridCubepleia2, :) i like the wording20:38
GridCubecan we get a few images from our setups,  like yours or Unit193's or knome's to get a screen shot of the xubuntu-showcase page to add to the news post? so if we get the new repeated around there is some image for them to include20:40
Unit193In order to make mine more "pretty", I'd have to killall conky. :P20:41
pleia2GridCube: that would be good :)20:43
* pleia2 heads off to a wedding20:43
GridCubepleia2, there are two basic folders on the group, one its "proposed" and one its "featured"20:43
GridCubewe accept all the proposed images, and only move the ones we use to featured20:44
GridCubethe ones that don't go to featured go to the month folder20:44
GridCubei hope that makes sense20:45
skellatUnit193: What about the seed is odd?22:04

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