yigalHow can I can I update keyboard shortcuts after modifying ~/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/xfce4-keyboard-shortcuts.xml to my liking?00:20
yigalfound a solution http://crunchbang.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=1789300:23
yigalYes, satisfactory answer pkill/killall xfconfd, which will automatically restart the daemon00:26
Malyndra_CrowHello, I need some help. I've completely borked my install and am having to use the live cd to chat06:07
Malyndra_CrowScrew this, I'm going back to windows.06:13
baizonsorry, but it's 8AM in EU so almost everybody is sleeping :(06:38
jostIs there a XUbuntu alternate installer image?12:01
jostI want to install XUbuntu on a fakeRaid, and the walkthroughs that the alternative installer should be used for that12:01
krytarikjost: Only for Xubuntu 12.04 (same for Ubuntu too, btw): http://xubuntu.org/getxubuntu/12:07
jostkrytarik: ok, will try that, and then update12:07
krytarikYeah, that'd work too.12:07
nantouI asked this quite a long time ago: how do I proxifty the whole os?12:26
nantoucan it be done?12:27
krytarik!hi | zhaotongxue12:43
ubottuzhaotongxue: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!12:43
zhaotongxueI want to say how to make my own keyboard on xubuntu,like key down super the same as click application menu?12:44
zhaotongxuenice to meet you12:44
bgardnerzhaotongxue, What you want is to go to Settings->Keyboard and remap (or add a map for) 'xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu'.  See the existing entry associated with Alt-F1 for how this should look.12:49
krytarikzhaotongxue: Also see here: http://wiki.xfce.org/faq#keyboard ; and for other cases, here: http://docs.xfce.org/faq12:51
krytariknantou: Have you already had a look at this?: http://askubuntu.com/questions/150210/how-do-i-set-systemwide-proxy-servers-in-xubuntu-lubuntu-or-ubuntu-studio13:03
nantoukrytarik, will do ,thanks, but, aint it a bit outdated? its for xubuntu 13.0413:11
bgardnernantou, I can't vouch for the GTK-specific part of the answer, but I'm on 13.04 and this is how my proxy is setup.13:13
zhaotongxue98where is the "Appliacations Menu" location?13:20
zhaotongxue98in 'usr' folder?13:21
zhaotongxue98please send email to me "zhaotongxue98@gmail.com"13:22
fabiobik hi guys, my internet is incredible slow. i need to refresh two or tree times the page to be completly loaded. Also it happens at chrome, opera13:29
fabiobikany solution?13:29
toraxdoes this happen on every OS or just in xubuntu?13:32
fabiobikanyone to help me please?13:38
krytarikfabiobik: See above; also, is it wireless or cable?13:39
cfhowlettfabiobik, answer the qeustion in THIS CHANNEL.  cross posting is just confusing the issue.13:39
fabiobikkrytarik, wireless13:39
fabiobiki have 3 bars13:39
krytarik!wifi | fabiobik13:40
ubottufabiobik: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs13:40
ompshi All14:11
ompswas wondering if there is a way i can stop the X from starting14:11
ompsi am really not looking forward for an X env14:11
krytarikomps: Please see here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/174312/how-can-i-set-my-ubuntu-12-04-lts-to-boot-to-console-without-gui14:16
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ompsthanks it worked14:29
nantouI am about to edit the environment file to proxify the whole system, can anyone confirm if that file has only one line? PATH="/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin:/usr/games:/usr/local/games"14:31
krytarikYup, by default.14:32
nantouok, hope not to f**k the system14:33
nantouhow many programs can use gtk3? I dont use rythmbox14:34
nantouand it doesnt have to be the port 8080 invariably, right?14:35
krytariknantou: Nope, whatever port the desired proxy offers; and well, just enter those commands, to be safe.14:41
nantoukrytarik, you are talking about step 2, right? gtk314:42
krytarikThe latter part of previous message, that is.14:43
nantouok, but It wont be a problem if I change just the port, will it?¿14:43
krytarikNope, see the first part of my previous message.14:43
krytarik*my previous14:50
nantouthx krytarik14:54
nantouill reboot maletr14:54
SunilJoshiHello,I need to acces my functional key (i.e. F1,F2....)without pressing Fn key. how can i do this?15:36
guest-6384OnXubuntu help! I cleaned installed xubuntu 12.04 which helped a lot with my long time wait of turning on and logging into xubuntu. BUT, I have a broken computer screen, so I'm using a monitor. I went into Settings Manager and went into the monitor thinking I could turn off my computer screen and only use the montior. BUT, I did the opposite and can't use the monitor which means I can't see anything, because my computer is broke16:50
guest-6384Onn. Sooo, I am using my guest log in to talk to you. How can I fix this without clean installing again. I spent hours last night fixing up my new clean install.16:50
[0gb_us]Have you done anything else with the broken account besides changing the monitor settings?16:52
guest-6384OnNo, just changed the monitor settings.16:53
[0gb_us]Try renaming your user directory while not logged into the account. You might need sudo. Next time you log in, you should have all the default settings.16:55
[0gb_us]There's probably a cleaner way, but I don't know where that is stored.16:55
guest-6384OnI'm new tihe linux. Please tell me how to do that.16:55
[0gb_us]WHat's your Xubuntu user name?16:56
[0gb_us]First, you're going to need a non-graphical login. Hold control + alt + F1 to get to a terming. Enter your login information, then hit control + alt + F7 to get back here for further instructions.16:59
guest-6384Ono.k. I went there and put in karen and my password.17:01
guest-6384Onis that right or should I have only put in karen17:01
[0gb_us]Entering your password was right.17:02
guest-6384Onnow what?17:02
[0gb_us]Go back, and type "mv .config .config.old", then hit enter.17:03
guest-6384Ono.k. I did that. It asked for my password which I gave. Now what?17:06
[0gb_us]Try logging in as you through the graphical interface, and see if you can use your monitor now.17:06
guest-6384Onk   uhhh I guess I will just get back on this line if I do, right?17:07
guest-7HjmzjNo, that didn't work. I tried to sign in to my user name karen and the monitor is off. The computer screen I use is broken.17:13
[0gb_us]Okay, let's pull out the bug guns.17:13
guest-7Hjmzjha k17:13
[0gb_us]Go back to the command line, and type "sudo mv /home/karen /home/keren.old".17:14
guest-7Hjmzjnow, there is a space between sudo and mv? and I don't use the quotation marks, right?17:15
guest-7Hjmzjk  did that   now what?17:18
[0gb_us]Now try logging in again to test the monitor.17:18
guest-7Hjmzjk be right back17:18
guest-GhL0NvNo, that didn't work either. I am logged in as guest talking to you.17:23
[0gb_us]Try "sudo ls /home/karen" on the command line, and telling me if you get an error.17:25
guest-GhL0Nvyes  it says, "log in incorrect"17:27
[0gb_us]Okay .... THat's not even the type of error we're looking for. Are you still logged in on the command line?17:28
guest-GhL0Nvwait  is that an l or a one? sudo one  or sudo l ?17:28
[0gb_us]L, the letter.17:29
[0gb_us]But lower case, it's case sensitive.17:29
guest-GhL0Nvohh hang on then    Sorry17:29
[0gb_us]No worries.17:29
guest-GhL0Nvstill says   log in incorrect17:30
[0gb_us]Are you logged into the command line still? Is it asking you for a user name and password?17:30
guest-GhL0Nvit only asked me for a password when I typed the command in and then it said log in incorrect and then ready for another command.17:31
[0gb_us]Try "ls /home/karen", without the sudo.17:33
guest-GhL0Nvo.k. that didn't work, BUT I just typed in    karen   and then it asked for my password which i typed in, and something worked. It said, welcome....17:35
guest-GhL0Nvthat didn't change my monitor probably though, right?17:36
[0gb_us]Okay, I think everything we've been doing has been while logged out, so no effect.17:36
guest-GhL0Nvohhh and?17:37
[0gb_us]Let's try "mv .config .config.old" again. THis time, it should work.17:37
guest-GhL0Nvo.k.  looks like maybe something worked. It just went to another command line.17:38
[0gb_us]Did you hit the wrong F key? F1 through F6 are six different command lines.17:39
guest-GhL0Nvummm I17:40
guest-GhL0NvI'll try it again.17:40
[0gb_us]Not what I meant. You said there was a new command line.17:40
guest-GhL0Nvno, I did it right on F117:40
[0gb_us]Okay, try "ls .config".17:41
guest-GhL0NvI put in your command in F1  and it took it and made another line for a new command.17:41
[0gb_us]OH! Got it.17:41
guest-GhL0Nvk  I'll try that.17:41
guest-GhL0Nvit says, "no such file or directory".17:44
[0gb_us]Okay, perfect. Try logging in and testing the monitor.17:44
guest-GhL0Nvk   so I'm going completely off and turning it back on to check. k?17:45
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Guest26521YEAH!!!! It worked!!!! I hope all my settings that I put so much time into last night spiffing up my xubuntu 12.04 are still there. You think?  and THANK YOU !!!17:49
Guest26521OOPS  It was supposed to say YEAH it worked up above!!17:50
[0gb_us]You said you made no other changes .....17:50
Guest26521not after I tried to do the monitor thing.17:50
[0gb_us]THat sort of wipe changes, because I thought you didn't make any.17:50
Guest26521ohhhh I'll look into it.   thanks!17:52
[0gb_us]Best of luck!17:52
Guest26521Thanks for your time!!!!!!17:52
[0gb_us]Yeah, no problem. I'm always happy to help people make non-Windows systems work.17:53
[0gb_us]I've been having an odd issue with the Ubuntu Software Center for about a week. Sometimes, software that should be there isn't, and I accept that. BUt this time, the entry for the software shows up in the list of available software, but when I click the "more info" button, I'm told the software isn't in my software sources.17:57
[0gb_us]If it's not in my sources, why is it listed? And f it is in my sources, why does it claim it isn't?17:58
TheSheepmaybe you modified the sources but didn't run the update?17:59
[0gb_us]I didn't modify my sources, at least not intentionally. And I tried running "sudo apt-get update" to fix it, but the issue persists.18:00
TheSheepwhat is the program's name?18:02
[0gb_us]THere are a few, but on is zsnes.18:02
TheSheep!info zsnes18:02
ubottuzsnes (source: zsnes): Emulator of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.510+bz2-5ubuntu2.1 (raring), package size 861 kB, installed size 4018 kB (Only available for any-i386)18:02
[0gb_us]Yeah, that one.18:03
TheSheepthat package is not available for the 64 bit platforms18:03
TheSheeptry snes9x instead18:03
[0gb_us]Okay, that explains it. THough it shouldn't be listed in the search results on my platform if it isn't available on my platform.18:04
[0gb_us]Also, since when is a 64-bit system unable to run 32-bit software? This is very odd indeed.18:04
[0gb_us]"snes9x" is not listed.18:05
[0gb_us]!info puzzle-moppet18:05
ubottuPackage puzzle-moppet does not exist in raring18:06
[0gb_us]!info puzzle-moppet precise18:06
ubottuPackage puzzle-moppet does not exist in precise18:06
TheSheepyou can /msg the bot18:06
[0gb_us]Okay, thanks!18:06
TheSheepyou can run 32 bit software, but to install it, you need to specify it (and it will need to pull in all the 32 bit libraries)18:07
[0gb_us]I'll use another emulator, but for my own education, specify it how?18:08
TheSheepsudo apt-get install znes:i386 <-- but in this case it still doesn't work18:08
TheSheepyou might want to try asking on #ubuntu what is wrong with it18:09
TheSheepor at #ubuntu-motu18:09
[0gb_us]Okay. I'll do that.18:10
isankhi guys!19:08
isanki want to about a good download manager for my xubuntu19:08
isankcan anyone help me plz19:08
TheSheepbekks: you are not very helpful19:10
isankyes buddy wget is there but i am talking about something in graphical thing19:10
bekksTheSheep: Because wget cant download things?19:11
TheSheepisank: the web browsers have them build in since a while19:11
TheSheepbekks: because it's not a manager19:11
TheSheepisank: why do you need a separate one?19:11
isankthat i don't need to keep my browser open while downloading or just for downloading19:12
TheSheepbut you would still need to have the manager open, so what's the difference?19:13
isankTheSheep: But i donot want my browser to be open19:13
[0gb_us]But you DO want the download manager open? That's the part we don't get.19:14
cc_INCWait...do you mean a torrent client or a download manager??19:14
TheSheepI found fatrat, kget, multiget, steadyflow and uget19:15
TheSheepbut never used any, so can't recommend them19:16
TheSheep[0gb_us]: I think it's similar to those cases when people really want to have an antivirus and a firewall19:17
TheSheep[0gb_us]: old habits die hard19:17
[0gb_us]Ah, I see.19:17
[0gb_us]I was never a Windows user, so I don't suffer from those. I was an OS X user though. I have to say, Xubuntu is a lot nicer.19:18
cc_INCI want to introduce Xubuntu to my mom19:20
bekkscc_INC: "mom, this is ubuntu." "ubuntu, this is mom." :)19:20
[0gb_us]As do I, but she refuses to consider anything but Windows.19:20
bekkscc_INC: Did you ask her yet?19:20
cc_INCShe heard the news about Windows XP going EOL in April 2014 and had someone install Windows 7 on her older hardware19:20
[0gb_us]Event though Windows gives her constant greif ...19:20
bekkscc_INC: And?19:21
cc_INCSometimes making the change is the biggest challenge.19:22
bekkscc_INC: So you didnt ask her yet.19:22
[0gb_us]No one in my house besides my mother is even willing to use Windows because of how bad it is. It's both sad and hilarious how the one thing we won't use is the one thing she will.19:24
TheSheepmost of the gried that people get is not from windows itself, but from computers in general, unfortunately -- the little fellows always find a way to take your commands and apply them in a perfectly logical manner to do something completely different than you wanted19:24
cc_INCYeah I did propose it to her and at first she was interested, but when I wanted to go and get her box she got stressed out :)19:24
cc_INCEhm...should we take this conversation to off-topic?19:25
TheSheepcc_INC: yes19:25
bekkscc_INC: So she said: "Dont do it."19:25
WalterNhow do I map a key to a different key?20:27
[0gb_us]In what?20:28
[0gb_us]Xubuntu? Keys? Does Xubuntu even have keys?20:28
WalterNwhat do you mean in what?20:28
[0gb_us]In what application.20:29
Sysixkb or xmodmap20:29
WalterNI just want to map something like the J key to the N key20:29
WalterNonly not that20:29
[0gb_us]OH! Keyboard keys.20:29
WalterNSysi: which one has shiny buttons to click on? XD20:30
SysiI doubt a bit there is something like that20:31
WalterNhow does xcb work?20:33
WalterNhow do I find out what a button is?20:55
GridCubehover it20:56
GridCubeplace your mouse over it and wait for the toolpit to pop20:56
Sysiit'll tell the keycode20:57
WalterNI have a logitech G500 mouse, and one of the buttons on it...20:57
WalterNwell, I'm not sure what it is...20:58
GridCubeyou can map it to what ever you need i think20:58
Unit193(xev, you mean.)20:58
Sysi(oh right)20:59
WalterNI want to use it for push to talk in teamspeak, but I cant do it... its like the button does not exist or something20:59
GridCubeWalterN, http://uwot.eu/blog/2013/05/logitech-g500-and-linux/21:03
WalterN"So what I suggest is plug G500 in a physical Windows machine..." except I dont have windows21:05
WalterNtrying to figure out what that button is21:29
WalterNand how to make it usable21:29
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