thumpermorning all21:34
wallyworld_thumper: i started implementing supported containers in machine state, but william didn't like the idea, since we can only fully know what the containers are when a machine is running but want to use add-machine/deploy/etc before a machine starts22:58
thumperthis is going to be a bit weird22:59
thumperI can see both sides of the coin22:59
wallyworld_i think i should hold off on any more work on this till we discuss it22:59
wallyworld_thumper: also, jools' son is in hospital so i'm not sure when he will be around today, so access to mass servers might be delayed. but maybe not, just depends on how things turn out23:01
thumperwallyworld_: yeah, saw a tweet about it.  which son?23:01
thumperand do you know what the problem is23:01
wallyworld_jake, on of the twins23:01
thumperPM is fine23:02
wallyworld_brathing problems23:02
* thumper nods23:02
wallyworld_i know a few other people of have had the same thing with their young kids. i think there must be a virus or something going around23:02
wallyworld_luckily it seems to gt better after a day or three, but a hospital visit is required, and pretty scary all the same23:03
thumperchildren in hospital is always terrible23:06
thumperre: work - I'm messing around with a local branch23:06
thumperthat will let me test out the bridged ethernet on maas23:07
thumperwhen that becomes available for testing23:07
wallyworld_based on what you tried with ec2?23:07
thumperbut more likely to work due to the way maas handles ip addresses23:08
thumperwith the simple dhcp server23:08
wallyworld_and then combine that with martin's work and it should come together hopefully23:08
thumperI also need to check pending reviews23:08
thumperto see if there is anything pending23:08
thumperthat I should look at23:08
wallyworld_i'll look too in case there's anything that needs a +123:09
wallyworld_i wonder if they got the bot working23:09
wallyworld_the whole canonistsack thing was a bit of a fiasco23:09
wallyworld_the other thing i started work on was removing the control bucker from env.yaml. but it needs additional work done to store the bucket locally after generation. and there's an outline of how that should evolve in william's document23:11
wallyworld_we also agreed that i should introduce a top level validation command and use sub commands for image and tools validation. so a bit more cleanup required on the simplestreams validation branch23:14
* thumper goes to the gym23:52

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