p01nt3rgood morning. get an error if i try to install nvidia-173 on an tnt-2 card under lubuntu. this is what the installer says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5920163/00:41
p01nt3rlubuntu is version 13.04, kernel is 3.8.0-26-generic00:42
p01nt3rhow will i get the right kernel-headers to work?00:43
p01nt3ruups - it's version 71.86.15, sry.00:44
EmilioHi everyone. I'm trying to set deluge to auto download to a shared network drive, but the path is smb://blahblahblah and deluge won't accept it. Is there anything I can do?02:56
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p01nt3rhello. get an error if i try to install nvidia-173 on an tnt-2 card under lubuntu. this is what the installer says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5920163/12:37
p01nt3roh, not 173, it's 71.86.1512:38
p01nt3ron lubuntu 13.04, kernel
p01nt3rso how do i configure the required kernel-file(s)?12:39
p01nt3rand at this point i have to say: very greatful work is done with lubuntu - best os i've ever seen for older hardware ;-) THX!12:45
p01nt3ris anyone here? xD13:23
Unit193p01nt3r: You pasted the wrong log, but do you have the linux header files?13:47
p01nt3rget an error if i try to install nvidia-71.86.15 via .run-file on an tnt-2 card under lubuntu. this is what the installer says: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5920163/. any idea?13:49
joshuhey Unit193 do you know how to get xbindkeys or similar to start before lightdm, so that the shortcuts are available prior to logging in?13:49
Unit193I'd think you would use a upstart job for the event login-session-start13:50
joshuUnit193 I've tried starting xbindkeys & with that in a script and calling it at both desktop-setup-script and session-setup-script13:52
joshubasically I want to be able to change display brightness at the lightdm greeter and also once a session is started. I can change the brightness by calling echo 10 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/radeon_*/brightness13:53
joshubut I can't get the keyboard keys to work without logging in.13:54
Unit193And if you drop to a TTY (export DISPLAY) and set them does it work?13:55
joshuyep don't even need to export display13:56
joshujust ctrl+alt+F1, login and run /usr/local/bin/myscript and it will change the brightness to that level13:56
Unit193I was thinking the keybinds mapping.  Alright, and does it have any output in /var/log/upstart/ ?13:57
joshuoh sorry misunderstood13:58
joshuso drop to TTY export DISPLAY=:0 and then try the keyboard shortucts?13:58
Unit193The idea is to test and make sure you can set the keybinds when you're trying to.13:58
joshujust tried that and nothing happens.13:59
Unit193So there you go.14:00
joshuUnit193 in /var/log/upstart/lightdm.log14:01
joshuError: //.xbindkeysrc not found or reading not allowed14:01
joshuwhat do I need to do to fix that?14:02
glennopi have a question about application dock... i have been using docky with lubuntu.  Is that OK?  any issues with docky?14:02
Unit193Ah, you seemed to not have a full path in your script or you aren't calling it pointing it to the rc file.14:03
Unit193glennop: If you like it, use it.14:03
joshuUnit193 I can't figure it out :(14:07
joshuUnit193 when I clear that log file, reboot and try again I see no errors14:10
joshujust "215"14:10
joshuwhatever that means14:10
joshuit must be possible to get keyboard shortcuts working somehow14:11
joshuI can't be the first one14:11
p01nt3rUnit193, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5921818/14:12
Unit193sudo updatedb && locate xbindkeysrc    Yeah, I'd guess different methods.14:12
Unit193p01nt3r: Is that /var/log/nvidia-installer.log?  And did you check the one in Software Sources > Additional Drivers?14:13
joshuUnit193 your commands return /home/test/.xkeybindkeysrc and 5 entries in /usr/share/doc/xbindkeys14:13
Unit193(I'm about to head off.)14:14
joshuUnit193 so you think that this is possible or should I just drop trying to solve it?14:14
Unit193Well my thought is that you could find where it reads it from if run from  lightdm, but guessing /root.  Have you checked xmodmap?14:16
joshuno idea what xmodmap is? so you mean that the .xbindkeysrc should be in /root instead?14:17
p01nt3rUnit193, yes it is and i don't have any drivers under "additional drivers" listed.14:19
p01nt3rUnit193, that was the reason why i tried to install a .run-file. remember: it's lubuntu, not ubuntu.14:20
xubuntu514İ have a questıon14:56
xubuntu514Can ı use ubuntu's program in wıth same performance14:57
xubuntu514in thelubuntu14:57
p01nt3rxubuntu514, sources are (mostly) the same, depends on what hardware you use15:00
p01nt3rxubuntu514, maybe perfomance is better with lubuntu, because it's optimized for older computers15:01
p01nt3rxubuntu514, but maybe  openbox will react different with some software because it's not unity/gdm15:07
p01nt3rUnit193, noch eine idee wegen meines nvidia-treibers?16:40
p01nt3rUnit193, got any else idea for my nvidia-driver?16:41
Unit193(Additional Drivers isn't just a Ubuntu thing, it's for Lubuntu as well.)  I'd give a guess that you don't have header files.16:44
Unit193!info linux-headers-generic16:45
ubottulinux-headers-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel headers. In component main, is optional. Version (raring), package size 2 kB, installed size 33 kB16:45
Unit193You have linux-libc-dev ?16:45
Dalvini`hello there16:56
Dalvini`I wonder if anyone can help me16:56
Dalvini`I incidentally removed the “shutdown” application from the bottom launchbar on my lubuntu16:57
Dalvini`and I can’t find a way to put it back :(16:57
p01nt3rUnit193, yes i have linux-libc-dev installed17:31
p01nt3rUnit193, http://postimg.org/image/cuom1wxbv/17:42
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melodiehas someone tried lxappearance in Raring? It seems not to work19:31
melodieany idea about it?19:32
krismaguiremelodie: what sort of problems are you having?21:37
melodiehi krismaguire the problem is lxappearance just does not have any effect on the .gtkrc-2.0 file and on the .config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini file21:39
melodiein Precise it works, it modifies both files even if I would want it to ask me which gtk theme I would like to change21:39
melodieI tried to use it to change the fonts, and nothing happened: in Raring21:39
melodieI use lxappearance out of the Lxde suite. (In Openbox standalone)21:41
krismaguireNot something I've come across or heard about so far.21:41
krismaguirephillw: Is this a known bug?21:42
phillwkrismaguire: melodie I do not recall this, but I suggest asking on the mailing list as it has wider coverage.21:44
melodieI have not tried to start lxappearance from console yet, to see if something comes out21:45
melodieI'll try that before going to post to a mailing list21:45
krismaguireLet us know how it goes21:46
phillwmelodie: have a look at bug 106258621:46
ubottubug 1062586 in lxappearance (Ubuntu) "lxappearance not setting gtk theme for any user" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106258621:46
phillwI found that on a quick search21:47
krismaguiremelodie, phillw is a google-fu master21:48
phillwkrismaguire: not really, I actually receive an email for every bug associated with lubuntu so can do a quick search of my e-mails. There are a couple of the QA team as well as the devs who do :)21:50
phillwthe bug team are actually faster and better at finding reported bugs than I am :)21:52
krismaguiremelodie: hope that answers your question, it seems it's a known bug and undoubdetdly will be getting worked on21:52
melodiephillw oh ok I look, thank you22:01
phillwwe are all committed to keeping duplicate bug reports down and it's always worth asking before filing one.22:03
melodieIt looks very much like my bug, so I'll add my feedback to the thread with my version and setup22:05
melodieI'll just login to the ubuntu version in the machine next to this one22:05
phillwmelodie: thanks!22:21
melodiephillw krismaguire, done, I just added my comment: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxappearance/+bug/1062586/comments/622:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 1062586 in lxappearance (Ubuntu) "lxappearance not setting gtk theme for any user" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:21
melodiephillw you got it instantly! amazing!22:21
phillwIt will be arriving, I was otherwise engaged in my delayed answer to you.22:22
krismaguireGlad we got there in the end, hopefully it's fixed soon melodie22:25
phillwmelodie: I will add it to the list of bugs to be discussed at the next monthly meeting. It has been languishing there and the head of dev for lubuntu has actually left a comment on there.22:25
* phillw hates unloved bugs22:25
melodiephillw krismaguire while I'm here:22:32
melodiethe keyboard configuration does not work either, so I added a desktop file with a command line to set it up with dpkg-reconfigure, in a spin I did22:33
melodieI think that must be lxkeyboard?22:33
melodiesomething of the like22:33
phillwmelodie: I've asked the dev team as to where they are up to on said bug. From my not perfect memory, there is work going on in Saucy. If this gets worked out, then it can be SRU'd back to the earlier releases.22:34
melodievery good22:35
phillwmelodie: as you seem to be competent user, can I suggest that you give 13.10 a try so as to see what bugs are squished and which remain.22:36
melodieI am thinking about it22:36
melodieI intend to install Ubuntu Mini Remix Raring in a Ubuntu Builder built and then upgrade to saucy, then add my list of packages22:37
melodiethat should work22:37
melodieunless there is a Lubuntu 13.10 daily I could download? Is there one?22:38
phillwmelodie: have a look at  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/ We hope that there is now enough information available in digestible bits (we hope). The pure lubuntu area is still at between https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/ I've still got to finish off linking in our lubuntu area into the new wiki structure on Activities.22:40
phillwmelodie: there is indeed a daily for lubuntu :)22:40
melodieI'd prefer to get a daily22:41
melodiean alpha2 is behind the daily, is that right?22:41
phillwmelodie: yes, the A2 was a milestone step. We are back to dailies... do take the time to learn about what zsync can do.22:42
* phillw checjed and I had updated the lubuntu area to say we are back on dailies :)22:43
melodieI don't have a lubuntu that's recent, neither alpha nor daily22:44
melodieI 'm ok to learn what zsync can do for me, but what about me starting a wget right now ?22:44
phillwmelodie: if you just install zsync it will do a wget for you (it will say it has nothing to reference against), it also then does an automatic md5 checksum for you, thus saving that step :)22:45
melodiehow can zsync possibly know what I want?22:47
phillwif you ever have any questions, head over to #ubuntu-quality22:47
melodiehere I am in an Archlinux box, and on the machine at my right it's Ubuntu Openbox Remix updated to Raring.22:48
melodiewhat arguments should I provide to zsync?22:48
melodiethe one big question apart from that is: where are the lubuntu dailies ? :)22:49
phillwmelodie: it does not, the 1st time. But if you then ask it to update an existing ISO, it will get on with the job, instead of having to download the entire ISO from scratch... think of it as an apdate for your ISO for if you want to test from install.22:49
phillwthat is the area for everything ISO related, click on the CD icon and you will be given the methods of downloading.22:51
melodiethank you very much!22:52
melodieI'll see what I can do tomorrow22:52
phillwmelodie: do have a read of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Activities/ It has only recently been re-written and hopefully is easier to follow. Please do let me know how you find it.22:53
melodie"There are many different types of testing availible "22:55
melodie"to people interested in QA. "22:55
melodienewcomers might not know what QA is22:55
melodieexplain in parenthesis ?22:55
melodie"The below link is more of a quick overview of the things mentioned in more detail on this page. "22:57
melodiemaking the sentence more simple would be nice22:57
melodie"the link below is a quick overview, then the rest of the page provides more details"22:58
melodie(this is a suggest, I'm not English native and the sentence on the page seems complicated to me)22:59
melodiephillw do you need more?22:59
phillwmelodie: altered... As you may have guessed, I'm the chief editor for that new structure.23:02
melodieyes, you act in a very chief way, and I congratulate you for such a good work!23:03
melodieI am the "mayor" of a virtual village on the web. Linuxvillage :)23:03
melodiehttp://linuxvillage.org, fr and en, and http://forum.linuxvillage.net23:04
melodiefr and en too ! ^^23:04
krismaguiremelodie: Nice forum, hope it works out23:07
melodiethanks krismaguire23:07
melodieyes it does work23:07
melodiewe all like the friendly basis which leads the forum spirit23:08
krismaguireHow long has it been around?23:08
phillwmelodie: I'm the QA person for lubuntu, but as I am also a wiki editor; Nicholas (Head of QA for all everything) does ask me to do wiki stuff. That page had become like frankentiens' monster :D23:09
melodieoh so23:10
melodiephillw about virtual machines and testing...23:10
phillwmelodie: I'm not familiar with SMF, I use phpBB23:11
melodiemy companion has recently tested btrfs in his machines23:11
melodieI have not but, I have retained what he told me23:11
melodiehe had never cloned a system so fast23:11
melodieand doing so many things with the partitions23:11
melodieyou might want to try23:11
melodieI like phpbb, and I don't mind smf : as long as I don't have to do all the first configurations myself :D23:12
melodiewhich I didn't have to23:12
phillwI used to only use kvm for virtual machines, but there are some bugs in the GUI side of it. although I must say  that using Virtual Box is a complete pain on my link as it relies too much on graphivs which take for ever for to update on my remote machine.23:14
krismaguirephillw: you still on that 3 dongle?23:15
phillwkrismaguire: niope, back on my ~500 Kb/s "broadband"23:16
krismaguireOh wow, that's slow!23:16
phillwcomes of living in lovely country side :)23:17
krismaguireThere's more people in London than in my whole country you can't be that far away from civilisation! Lol23:18
phillwI'm too far away from an upgraded telephone 'box' and too far and remote for fibre optic / cable :)23:19
krismaguireAh, I don't get fibre here or cable but I do live just across from the telephone exchange :)23:20
phillwlucky for some!23:21
krismaguireI still have 3 chasing me though!23:22
phillw3 still works well for me :)23:23
krismaguireI told them where to go!23:24
melodiephillw what I am saying is that using a normal machine for tests is probably easier for someone who understands fast what he can get from a btrfs partition23:26
phillwmelodie: btrfs is still 'dev' mode; much like ext4 was at the 11.10 was23:27
phillwmelodie: do the btrfs team consider it stable enough to have it as the / partition (i.e. the boot sector)23:29
melodieI don't know about the btrfs team, what I can say is I saw my companion using it for a while without meeting with any glitch and testing several distros, cloning one to reinstall it elsewhere later...23:30
melodieI don't know more about it, except that as you say, it's provided as "dev" mode and not stable23:31
phillwyeah, until they are happy for it run as the boot area, ubuntu kernel will support it.23:34
melodieas the boot area?23:35
melodieI just finished reading the activity page in the wiki, I didn't find anything else to improve23:35
melodiemaybe "thank-you" does not need a dash; that's all23:35
melodieI would like to ask a question to you23:36
phillwthe /boot area contains the kernel, the initrmfs system etc.23:36
melodieI wonder if one day the dev team will consider restarting the development of the job-admin gtk gui which is the poorest of the known distros around23:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 774206 in jobs-admin (Ubuntu) "All operations fail" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:37
ubottuUbuntu bug 647314 in jobs-admin (Ubuntu) "jobs-admin crashed with DBusException in call_blocking()" [Medium,New]23:38
phillwmelodie: I've never heard of it... So cannot really give an opinion.23:38
melodiethe dev who worked on it a few years ago said he would provide new files23:38
melodiethen in another related thread he said he lost all his upload! the server where he had it had disappeared23:39
melodiethen at the end he said he'd come back to fix it, but never did23:39
melodieand it seems nobody took over23:39
melodiephillw if you know someone who could consider reading this, here is a summary of the whole story:23:41
god__how do remove icons on desktop in lubuntu?23:52
god__do i just delete ?23:54
melodiegod__ you can delete, do you mean after install?23:56
melodiewhich version of lubuntu is that?23:56
god__lubuntu lxle23:56
melodieyes I know lubuntu is a lxde brand23:56
melodiewhich code name ? when has it been published?23:57
god__this is long term support23:57
melodiethere is no lubuntu long term support for now23:57
god__lxle is the distro23:57
melodieand the 12.04 version had no icon on the desktop as default23:57
melodieI know because I asked gilir if lubuntu could add some later, and he said the lubuntu users generally don't want any23:58
god__the guys over @ lxle was no help23:58
melodielxle is not a distro, LXDE is a Desktop Environment and Lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE23:58
melodiejust remove icons by hand23:58
melodieright-click : remove23:59
god__lxle is on distrowatch23:59
god__ok i'll try23:59
melodiegreat, can you point me to the page?23:59
god__distrowatch.com search "lxle"23:59

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