smallfootCan someone update Wayland and Weston packages to latest in saucy?02:57
IdleOnesmallfoot: you are banned in this channel and know it, eveading the ban by not identifying to your nickserv account is against channel and freenode policy03:00
smallfootbut I am identified to nickserv03:01
smallfootbut I have a new nickname03:01
smallfootwithout the - at the end03:01
smallfootcuz some jerk have klined me, so i cant even get online on whole freenode network03:01
smallfootcuz soon as I identify, i get connection closed03:01
* wilee-nilee remembers now why I had them in ignore03:02
IdleOnesmallfoot: so you are evading by using a different nick, same difference.03:02
smallfootyes, but im not evading the ubuntu ban, im evading the network ban03:02
smallfootso thats different03:02
smallfootalso, i've changed cuz i was bad before, but now am good03:02
smallfooti wont cuss anymore in the ubuntu channels03:03
IdleOneyou are also evading the ubuntu ban by joining this channel using a different account. The ban is not placed on the nickserv account name it is placed on the user, in this case, you.03:03
IdleOneSo, I would ask that you not evade the ban and first resolve your kline with freenode and when that is resolved you can join #ubuntu-ops and resolve the bans in the ubuntu channels03:05
smallfooti emailed em, they didnt reply03:06
smallfootand im probably banned from ubuntu-ops, idk03:06
smallfooti didnt come here make any trouble, im changed, i just came here to say u guys put new wayland and weston, so that ubuntu will be a better product so that mark shuttleworth can get more money to buy a new crib and stuff03:06
IdleOneYou will have to wait for freenode staff to reply, until then you are ban evading and I am asking you to please part all ubuntu channels you are banned in.03:07
smallfootsee, usually u wud tell u to fuck off, but am nice, so i listen to u, i've changed03:07
smallfootbye and take care!! keep it real!03:07
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penguin42hmph, where did my USB thumb disappear to over night10:56
penguin42back if I go to previous kernel11:02
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penguin42yep, definitely fine on previous kernel11:20
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BluesKajHiyas all11:29
penguin42Hey BK11:30
penguin42what kernel are you on?11:31
BluesKajI'm experimenting with a debian custom kernel atm, l 3.9-11.dmz.1-liquorix-amd64 #1 ZEN SMP PREEMPT11:34
BluesKajerr 3.9-11.dmz.1-liquorix-amd64 #1 ZEN SMP PREEMPT11:34
penguin42ah, ok, I can't see if you have the same+1 as me11:34
BluesKajworks well , it's fast, but everything still works11:35
BluesKajpenguin42, the latest 13.10 default is 3.10.0-5.15 in my list11:44
nyuszika7his there an alpha or something for 13.10 already?11:44
BluesKajnyuszika7h, alpha 2 is out11:46
* nyuszika7h likes testing alphas11:46
BluesKajclick on the topic url11:46
nyuszika7hin VMs ofc :P11:46
nyuszika7hok, thanks11:48
penguin42BluesKaj: Looks like this one is from saucy-proposed12:00
BluesKajpenguin42, the kernel I'm using is 3.10.0-5-generic12:03
BluesKajI chose the default in grub after this last reboot12:04
penguin42I should grab that and see if it works12:09
penguin42BluesKaj: What does your /etc/modprobe.d/qemu-kvm.conf look like (if you have one?)  does it have nested=1 ?12:11
BluesKajpenguin42, I don't have one , no qemu installed here12:12
BluesKajwas using Virtualbox , with W7 guest and guest additions, but it was just too slow and clunky for my taste12:18
SuperLagIs there something funky going on with the mirrors this morning? getting a bunch of 302 errors.14:29
penguin42g seems ok14:30
SuperLagHmm... still getting it, even with a slightly modified sources.list (to reflect a local mirror, as I happen to be in NL this month, and not US)14:35
penguin42I think that's your mirror saying the data has moved14:37
penguin42unless your isp is doing something odd14:38
SuperLagoh dammit14:40
SuperLagit's the "isp" alright14:41
SuperLagI forgot, I have to go through a captive portal for every connection14:41
SuperLagand I hadn't done it yet, for that VM14:41
SuperLagI'm in a "hotel"14:41
SuperLagshort-term apartments, kind of thing14:42
penguin42all the inconvenience you can have at home but none of the comforts?14:47
SuperLagyeah, and I didn't get to bring my wife and daughter with this time, either14:52
SuperLagOur daughter was born over here. They put me in the exact same room we stayed in, when we were here for my assignment.14:52
SuperLagUnfortunately, the Dutch are not as generous with their citizenship as the US or Canada.14:53
SuperLagso she's American, and we can apply for dual citizenship with Canada, as that's where my wife is from14:54
SuperLagbut no Dutch citizenship, even though she was born here14:55
penguin42oh that's a bit nasty14:55
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