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trippehStill no bind update? Sniff.02:10
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WhoopieHi, does someone of you have contact to a Dell developer. I'm still trying to find out how to get one of my special keys working on my Dell Vostro V131. It doesn't show up as a keyboard or wmi event.07:45
sladenWhoopie: hello Whoopie.  Would you be able to file a bug report.  I used to do a lot of work on laptop special-keys a few years ago, and there is a large variation in how the keys are implemented; so that it is necessary to know model/revision and sometimes even firmware version.07:52
sladenWhoopie: we can then work through those questions and keep all the details in one place, and work out what the fix is07:53
Whoopiesladen: sure07:53
Whoopiesladen: should I file it under "linux-image"?07:54
sladenWhoopie: can you link to http://www.notebookcheck.net/fileadmin/_migrated/pics/v131tastatur_01.jpg  (or a photo of your own machine) in the bug report07:54
sladenWhoopie: that'll do for the moment, we can redirect it when the actual issue has been debugged and identified07:55
sladenWhoopie: is it one of the three hardware keys visible in the top-right (cogs, no-entry, and star-box) ?07:56
Whoopiesladen: yes, it the right one, the middle key works with a udev quirk "keyboard-force-release". I'll post the patch in the bug report.07:57
sladenWhoopie: mjg59 seems to have had a look, I'm just reading through  http://www.mail-archive.com/platform-driver-x86@vger.kernel.org/msg03124.html07:58
Whoopiesladen: that's my mail. ;-)07:59
sladenWhoopie: so you're the same Peter Meiser as provided the udev patch for the lack of key-up?08:01
Whoopiesladen: right08:01
sladenWhoopie: (can you add this to the bug report, and anything else you're also aware of; again so it's all linked in one place)08:01
sladenftp://ftp.dell.com/Manuals/all-products/esuprt_laptop/esuprt_vostro_notebook/vostro-v131_Setup%20Guide_en-us.pdf  Page 1 names those keys with the intended MS Windows functionality08:03
Whoopiesladen: just mentioned the names in the report.08:07
sladenWhoopie: can you   sudo apt-get install acpidump iasl08:09
sladenWhoopie: https://wiki.edubuntu.org/BIOSandUbuntu#Buggy_DSDT  snippet here for grapping the ACPI DSDT (and if you are interested) decompiling it08:09
sladenWhoopie: this is the bytecode that is specific to that machine.08:10
sladenWhoopie: can you attach the acpidump.txt to the bug report08:12
sladenWhoopie: and then we can go hunting for the hotkey handling code in there08:12
Whoopiesladen: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/120579108:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 1205791 in linux (Ubuntu) "Dell Vostro V131: special keys not working" [Undecided,New]08:13
sladenWhoopie: ta08:22
sladenWhoopie: does the ACPI interrupt-count also increase for using the other keys too (i8042 0xee down, and WSMI) ?08:26
sladenWhoopie: can you attach an  lspnp  too08:33
Whoopiesladen: lspnp attached (btw, SMO8800 is the freefall sensor)08:49
Whoopiesladen: the ACPI interrupt only increases for the "not-working" key.08:51
Whoopiesladen: but the other 2, it's i804208:51
sladenWhoopie: are you seeing "unhandled WMI event" in the syslog?09:46
ari-tczewrsalveti: as you're the last upload of packages of eet und eina, I'd like to ask you whether can we sync these?11:24
ari-tczewThe remaining changes in Ubuntu are following: @ eet only Build-Depends on libeina-dev (>= 1.7.7) -> (>= 1.2.0) (builds fine, though)11:25
ari-tczewand @ eina is bumped on debhelper 9 in Ubuntu (without info in d/changelog, though); in Debian is still on debhelper 611:27
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Whoopiesladen: no13:17
Whoopiesladen: I also added a WMI dump to the bug report.13:34
roaksoaxmterry: working on a sunday huh?16:38
mterryroaksoax, I had some time  :)16:45
roaksoaxmterry: heh :)16:49
rsalvetiari-tczew: feel free to sync them, didn't have much time to get those synced with debian after I updated the packages18:35
ari-tczewrsalveti: ok18:40
ajdicksTrying to use bzr to get the raring branch of the gtk+3 sources: this should be possible according to <https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/raring/gtk+3.0/raring> by running "bzr branch lp:ubuntu/raring/gtk+3.0", but this gives "bzr: ERROR: Revision {[...]} not present...".  Is this because of a failure reported at <http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/gtk+3.0.html>, should I report this as a bug, or am I doing something wrong?19:09
penguin42ajdicks: I can confirm I also get that revision not present error19:16
ajdickspenguin42, Is what I did supposed to work?  I'm not very familiar with bzr.19:24
penguin42ajdicks: I think so, lp tells you to do exactly that!19:24
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