roastedIs there a way to remove the black box that comes up when you change workspaces with CTRL ALT up/down? I find it hangs around on the screen a hair longer than I'd truly prefer.15:56
ockhamwasrightDo you know how to change the default startup background?15:56
roastedockhamwasright: I am unaware offhand, besides of course changing the wallpaper itself, which doesn't sound like what you want.15:56
ockhamwasrightNo. I've changed the background to a very pleasant selection, but on startup and shutdown, I am still plagued with the hideous default wallpaper.15:57
roastedaw, I dig the blue stripes :P15:57
ockhamwasrightIts like an explosion at a tacky factory ...15:58
roastedbetter than the purple and blue swirly thing you see on KDE (not trying to pick on KDE, but it was a pleasant change when I came to Gnome)15:58
ockhamwasrightNo, I totally LOVE gnome - vastly improvement on any other Ubuntu I've used15:58
ockhamwasrightI may have a look at startup scripts. Thanks ... :)15:59
bjsniderstartup background is provided by plymouth17:17
Primit1v3is there a problem with the d/l sites for ubuntu gnome???20:46
Primit1v3all these mofos in here and no one is chatting???20:48
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darkxstjbicha, do we want to keep the fallback greeter in gdm?21:55
jbichamy opinion is no21:57
jbicha- it's been removed in 3.921:57
darkxstjbicha, is actually removed in 3.8.321:58
jbicha- if someone's hardware/drivers cause gdm to be painfully slow, then both the GNOME or GNOME Classic sessions offered in Saucy will be painfully slow too21:58
jbicha(it was restored in because that was an accident)21:59
jbichaI instead recommend lightdm-gtk-greeter for those computers21:59
darkxstoh I see22:01
roastedwhy are you guys so awesome22:01
darkxstjbicha, right, currently its kind of hard to even use the fallback greeter...22:09
darkxstjbicha, lets go straight to gjs 1.37.422:47
darkxstI will prepare updates in a bit23:03
jbichadarkxst: do you know whether cinnamon will work with that?23:18
darkxstjbicha, just needs one small patch23:19
darkxstgjs 1.37.4 is largely just bug fixes and JS17 cleanup/optimisations23:19
darkxstthere is one small api change as part of the improved logging (see packages on gnome3 ppa)23:20
roasteddo you guys use the Gnome VMs to aide in testing?23:20
darkxstroasted, I run jhbuild for upstream testing23:21
roasteddarkxst: is that different than ostree?23:21
roasteddarkxst: I spoke to a Gnome dev who said they have (or will have) a Gnome VM that is bleeding edge which contains everything uploaded by git.23:21
roasteddarkxst: said Gnome devs of different distros and devs of extensions can use it to test ahead of time23:21
roastedinstead of waiting for 3.10 to get released and THEN begin testing, etc23:22
darkxstthey do release VM's from time to time23:22
darkxstand probably those images use ostree23:23
roastedI see. I was just curious.23:23
darkxstjbicha, cinnamon is actually broken even with gjs 1.3623:42
jbichawhich shows that no Ubuntu developer cares about whether it works23:45
darkxstand that no actually uses it, since I can't find any bug23:46
jbichamaybe by beta 1 or 223:46
darkxstmaybe bug 1180638, but it had no apport info or logs23:48
ubot5bug 1180638 in cinnamon (Ubuntu) "blank desktop at login" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118063823:48
darkxstbasically needs to be ported to Gio.dbus23:54

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