ZinnSorry I don't know about mythgame13:41
htpc_Does anyone have mythgame working with fceux (or any nes emulator)?13:42
htpc_anyone have to change .Xauthority perms to get game emulators to work?17:40
htpc_Steve-Goodey: is it normal to have to change .Xauthority perms in mythbuntu?17:45
Steve-Goodeyhtpc_: Not sure, what makes you thing I'll know? :-)17:52
Number6Hey guys. I'm on 12.04 Mythbuntu. It looks like upgradinf lightdm broke a number of things for me18:08
raven_trying to set up a hauppauge nova-t stick 3 (2040:7070) in backend on xubuntu 12.04 it gets the model description now but no way to select "video source" and to scan - any ideas?18:31
Patrickdkno idea what you did, lightdm works perfectly fine for me18:48
Number6Patrickdk: Some update seems to have horribly broken things :-(19:01
Number6I think I might just reinstall Mythbuntu. Great way to spend a Sunday!19:02
raven_Number6, tnx but already solved - now i am trying to find out why the frontend does not connect to the backend mysql19:04
raven_still no connection to mysql backend - edited my.conf and mysql.txt already with restarts - nothing!! need help please19:18

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