crocketUbuntu Edge for the winners00:18
ericYHi all.01:43
ericYI just flashed Ubuntu Touch onto my Nexus 4.01:43
ericYIt works, but I can't seem to change my time zone...01:44
ericYDoes anyone have experience with this?01:44
wilee-nileeericY, I think you have to chroot in to make any changes.01:45
wilee-nileenot sure really01:45
ericYWhat do you mean by chroot in?01:45
wilee-nileeericY, Chroot is getting in to make changes, for example if I wanted to mess with my ubuntu install from a live cd I have to use chroot to access and run the OS.01:47
ubot5A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot01:47
ericYI've chroot'd before, but I'm trying to change the time zone _on the device_01:48
ericYDo I still need to chroot?01:48
wilee-nileeericY, Not sure to be honest, I believe the touch needs one to do much at all, just a guess is all.01:48
wilee-nileeI don't know if it is setup like a standard desktop with sudo, or a easy click for that.01:49
ericYWell, there's an app called "system settings" on the phone.01:49
ericYAnd a time zone setting within.01:50
ericYBut when I try to click on a different time zone, nothing happens.01:50
wilee-nileebeen about 2 months since I tried it, so at that time it was to limited and I was on a nexus 7, should be more developed now, probably a wiki with info somewhere.01:51
ericYAlright, I guess I'll look around.01:51
wilee-nileeericY, take a lokksie here. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes#Timezone01:52
wilee-nileea ssh01:52
ericYThank you so much!01:52
ericYI can just adb shell into it, right?01:52
wilee-nileegoogle is our friend, on a good day. ;)01:52
ericYAlright, it works!01:52
wilee-nileenot sure01:52
ericYWell, adb shell anyway.01:52
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Andre_Hey all03:40
kotuxHi Andre_03:41
Andre_Hey, do you have any more information about logging bugs for ubuntu touch? Is Ubuntu touch basically 14.04?03:43
Andre_I have it set up on my nexus 4 phone03:43
Andre_and found some strange things...i.e. bugs03:44
kotuxI'm actually not quite sure, sorry. I'm quite new around here too.03:46
Andre_Cool, I also have so cool UX design ideas that I wanted to share. I hope someone around here could help us.03:47
Andre_have some*03:47
Andre_Just found out that the Nexus "touch" is 13.1003:59
wilee-nileeAndre_, I believe you can load saucy or the touch04:02
wilee-nileetouch may be based on the saucy repos as well.04:02
Andre_I found out in the settings area. It said OS was 13.1004:04
kotuxglad you found it, Andre_ :-) I just restored my Nexus 7 to Ubuntu touch.04:10
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w-floso.. yay! my flipped desire z port *finally* boots to shell. turns out I should start "sensorservice" not by simply running the sensorservice binary, but rather use "start sensorservice" in the android container. Now I need to figure out why it fails to autostart09:40
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user82does ubuntu touch work with new android 4.3 radio/bootloader on nexus 4?10:00
ogra_  no10:02
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UbuPhillupcan i run system-settings in ubuntu desktop?10:40
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w-flohi :)10:47
ax562how's everyone doing?10:48
* UbuPhillup will check if everything is fine translated10:48
w-flogreat! I've just seen the unity8 shell work on my flipped port :)10:49
ax562w-flo, that's cool.  I'm personally not a big fan.10:53
ax562I don't have it on 10.10 but have it on 11.04 and meh10:53
w-floax562, a big fan of what?10:54
w-floax562, oh. Maybe you should try unity in 13.0410:54
w-flo11.04 is not supported with security updates any more AFAIK, so you should update to 12.04 at least!10:54
ax562yeah but my cd drive took a dumb10:55
ax562bios doesn't support usb boot10:55
w-flooh.. that sucks. you could use the update manager and upgrade via internet though. Just hope it doesn't break anything and you'd have to reinstall.. :)10:55
ax562yeah that is my issue.  I have 32 bit 11.04 and want 64 bit 12.04LTS10:56
w-flowithout USB boot or a cd drive that's probably difficult.. :(10:56
ax562but I have duo boot with windows10:56
ax562yeah imposible to update to 64 bit10:57
ax562eventually though10:57
ax562how is the ubuntu touch front...OK so is it officially called ubuntu os or touch10:58
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w-floI guess it's "Ubuntu Touch", not sure :D11:00
ax562lol I just realized this whole time my highest freq table on my overclocked phone was never being used...duh11:01
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ax5623trying out this xchat11:07
ax5623usually use irssi lol11:07
ax5623gui can be nice11:07
w-flothe xchat gui could be nicer though :D11:08
ax5623well coming from irssi any gui is good11:12
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svnindiahi, is possible to install ubuntu on lumia 520 windows 8 phone11:22
w-flosvnindia, if cyanogenmod supports that phone. so probably not :(11:22
UbuPhillupcan i run system-settings in ubuntu desktop?11:24
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ax5623anyone remember robot jox?11:33
magemelloI'm trying to install ubuntu touch on my iocean x711:59
magemellowithout success12:00
magemellomaybe someone have some advice for me?12:00
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w-flomagemello, so it fails to boot after flashing?12:04
magemelloyes....still start in android12:06
w-floare you sure you flashed two zip files?12:07
magemellono only one12:08
magemellobecause the second fail12:08
w-floah, it can't work without the second one12:08
w-flowhy does it fail?12:08
magemelloBefore all I changed in the updater-script file the first line to make the script compatible with my phone12:10
magemelloBut after that...If I try to install the file I recieve "Installation aborted" error12:12
w-floyou changed the line that looks like this? assert(getprop("ro.product.device") == "vision" || getprop("ro.build.product") == "vision");12:12
w-floI don't think that's a very good idea.. you need a zip file that was created for your device12:12
magemelloI know but I have not found...and so I decided to use the more similar12:14
magemellomy phone is an Iocean X7 (china phone)12:14
magemelloI think install ubuntu on a low cost phone like this it'is important12:15
w-floUnless the phone is *very* similar I don't think it will work like that12:15
magemelloDo you know how I can make an custom Rom for my phone?12:16
w-flonope, sorry :( maybe ask the cyanogenmod people if they can help you12:16
magemelloWhere I can find them?12:17
w-flomagemello, no idea :D I guess they have an IRC channel, it's probably mentioned on their web site12:18
magemelloOk thank you w-flo  ;) I apriciate that12:19
magemellobye bye12:19
w-flobye magemello, good luck!12:19
magemelloThank you12:20
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Ragnar105Busy channel... :P15:11
RobbyFweekends are slow15:12
k1leveryone is busy getting drunk and busy with the hangover after that :)15:13
Ragnar105Fair enough.15:14
Ragnar105Are notification settings (SMS) not yet working on Mako builds?15:16
kylewooten99I have aquestion about Porting Ubuntu Touch to HTC DESIRE HD.17:30
Ragnar105What's the best way to ensure my device is running the latest build?  Can I do update/upgrade from the terminal, or do I need to download new builds and flash them over?18:58
j3r1ch0Ragnar105: good question, was wondering myself...19:27
j3r1ch0I was using the images from here in the hope that Daily Build means exactly that: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/19:28
j3r1ch0Am using Nexus4 and am using "adb push" to upload saucy-preinstalled-touch-armel+mako.zip and saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip to the device.19:30
j3r1ch0Then I installed them using TWRP.19:30
j3r1ch0(Hope that's the right way...)19:30
Ragnar105Well, I did the same, but I'm wondering if I'll have to do that every time, or if I can just update as I would with any other ubuntu OS19:32
n-iCehello guys is ubuntu finally stable?19:51
n-iCefor at least the nexus 4?19:51
deiudefine stable :)19:51
n-iCeall working19:52
deiuit's stable enough to be used as a normal phone, with some additional advantages of a smartphone (partial WiFi support, data)19:52
deiubut it's definitely worth flashing, if that's your question19:53
n-iCedeiu: is there a .zip we can flash with our custom recovery?19:53
deiuto restore your Android?19:55
deiuafaik, you can only use the images provided by google19:55
deiuI never tried with a custom image19:55
n-iCeno to install ubuntu phone19:55
n-iCeare you currently using it?19:55
n-iCeok, so all I need is to download all the .img files? for my device?19:56
n-iCeI mean, I'm here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/19:56
deiujust the most recent one :)19:56
deiu4.3 I think19:56
n-iCeI have been always flashing roms by flashing a single .zip19:56
n-iCewhere is that zip in here19:56
n-iCeno no19:57
n-iCeI don't want to restore19:57
n-iCeI want to install ubuntu os19:58
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deiuthen read above :)19:59
deiuStep 419:59
n-iCeDevice detected as /sbin/sh: getprop: not found20:03
n-iCeUnsupported device, autodetect fails device20:03
n-iCeWhen working on flipped images, detection does not work and would require -d20:03
n-iCewhat's that deiu20:05
n-iCeso all I need is http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130726.1/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip20:09
TragynErrr, nowhere in what I just posted is that stated at all.  There are steps you can follow.20:10
n-iCephablet-flash is just downloading the file I posted above20:11
n-iCeso if you think, you can just download the file and flash it with twrp or cwm20:12
n-iCeshould work20:12
TragynYou need that file as well as this: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/20130726.1/saucy-preinstalled-touch-armel+mako.zip20:13
TragynFlash the device zip (mako) then the armhf20:13
n-iCethanks, I did the phablet-flash -b command20:15
n-iCeshould do it all right?20:15
TragynYeah that should handle everything.  Hopefully you've already done a backup.20:15
n-iCeI wipe all20:16
n-iCeNo backup needed, nothing to save20:16
n-iCeTragyn: does it connect to play store?20:16
TragynOnce you've run that command it'll go through the whole installation process and boot to unity.20:16
TragynNo, as it's not Android, it's Ubuntu...20:16
n-iCewhere can I check all the ubuntu apps?20:17
TragynThey're on the phone already.  There are 12 core apps, and right now that's all that's available for your phone.20:17
TragynUnless you build your own. ;;)20:17
n-iCeso there is no app store20:17
n-iCeso I will not have whatsapp?20:17
TragynNo...the Ubuntu Phone OS is still very new, in Alpha dev stage, so there's little available.20:18
TragynIn its current state, only basic functionality exists.20:18
n-iCedamn, I really need whatsapp20:18
TragynThen this isn't the OS for you, yet.20:18
TragynShould have done some more research before installing an Alpha stage OS. ;)20:18
Tassadar_I think there is whatsapp already20:18
Tassadar_it's called...dammit, I don't know, but I saw people talking about it20:19
n-iCeI can always go back to android20:19
j3r1ch0How about OpenWhatsApp? That was a Qt build, no?20:19
n-iCewhosthere ? Tragyn20:19
n-iCeTassadar_: ?20:19
TragynWell, maybe someone else knows more than I do, but I don't think the app is available for Phone OS20:20
n-iCeseems it is20:21
n-iCe5m and the zip is downloaded20:22
n-iCewhat device you got guys20:22
TragynNexus 420:22
n-iCeTragyn: good, me too.20:23
n-iCewhy not android?20:23
TragynWhy am I not using Android?20:23
TragynI like to try new things.  I like the idea of a different approach to the UI.20:23
n-iCebut you are not that a social user right?20:23
n-iCeI mean is twitter facebook instagram foursquare at least working?20:24
n-iCeeven G+20:24
TragynTechnically Twitter and Facebook as far as I've noticed, but I think they're just webkit20:24
n-iCebut you can't use instagram webkit20:24
n-iCewhy is people not developing apps?20:24
TragynWell, they are...like I said, though, is still very new.20:25
TragynOnce it's ready for an official release candidate, it'll support more apps.20:25
n-iCe30 seconds20:25
n-iCedownloading new .zip20:26
n-iCejust like you said20:26
n-iCeTragyn: where are you from20:29
n-iCeDo you code?20:29
n-iCeWhere in Cánada20:29
n-iCeI lived in Montreal/Quebec/Ottawa for 6 months20:29
n-iCeI'm from México20:29
TragynAh, cool.20:30
n-iCeloved it, but they are French native speakers20:30
n-iCethey kinda don't like english native speakers, so I need to use spanish before english so they won't hate me haha20:30
n-iCeis there an off topic channel?20:30
n-iCe30 seconds20:35
n-iCedone, downloaded.20:36
n-iCeoh come one, another file20:37
n-iCebooting UBUNTU OS20:40
n-iCeTragyn: still here?20:42
n-iCeTragyn: you have any trouble with colors?20:43
TragynI don't think so.20:44
n-iCeblack seems to be red for me20:44
n-iCekinda red20:44
n-iCeit is installing the os I guess, but black seems kinda red20:44
TragynHmm, no idea.20:45
n-iCehow do I go back Tragyn20:56
TragynBack in the OS?  Depends on where you are.20:57
TragynIn an app you can swipe up from the bottom edge and press "back"20:57
n-iCethe whole os is slow20:58
n-iCeand buggy20:58
TragynYes, it is...20:59
TragynThat's why it's in Alpha dev stage...what did you expect?20:59
n-iCewhen did the os was released?21:00
TragynIt wasn't released.21:00
TragynThe alpha preview for developers was released a month or two ago21:00
TragynIt's not officially available unit October..21:00
lopuhtcHi, anybody there?21:36
lopuhtcJust wanted to ask about ubuntu dev for the htc one m721:36
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jaltis it a problem if it says secure boot is enabled when i try to install ubuntu touch on the nexus 4?23:35
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