popeySo it turns out I do have jetlag after all03:38
ali1234i have permanent jetlag03:44
ali1234that's why i'm posting on r/ubuntu at 5am even though i know the fanboys will downvote me to oblivion03:45
ali1234there seems to be some confusion about the edge specs04:03
ali1234they are roughly in line with what you would expect from a high end smartphone in Q2 201404:03
ali1234bt for some reason people think that it is massively more powerful04:03
ali1234people are just comparing it to existing phones, ignoring the fact that there will be a new iphone and a new galaxy by then. either that or they think they'll get the thing next month. i dunno04:05
ali1234i was gonna make that, but someone already did it05:39
* ali1234 bets everything on red05:42
popeygosh my bitcoin is 14 weeks behind05:42
popeyi like that they tell you in dates now rather than giving you the blockchain number05:42
popeyin the bitcoin client05:42
ali1234you use the gui client?05:42
ali1234i have never even seen it05:43
popeynot often, clearly ☻05:43
ali1234whoever made the bet, bet for positive outcome05:45
popeybitcoin now 4 weeks behind... takes a while07:36
popey2 hours to do 10 weeks of blockchain07:36
MooDoomorning all07:53
MartijnVdSmoo-rning ;)07:54
MooDooanyone else up this time of the day on a sunday lol07:56
MooDoobesides you MartijnVdS :)07:57
MartijnVdSI've already been on a 10km run07:57
MooDoocrazy fool :)07:57
MartijnVdSMooDoo: nah, sane sleeping schedule ;)07:58
MartijnVdSMooDoo: also, I'm playing with https://metacpan.org/module/Dancer08:04
MooDoocool, nice n heavy for a sunday morning ;)08:04
MartijnVdSnah nice & light-weight08:04
MooDoosomething to think about before breakfast08:15
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:17
ali1234http://www.mustonscarecrowfestival.com/ nope, the music doesn't make the whole thing any less creepy08:20
MooDoohehe :D08:21
MooDooit's just like well dressings, weird country folk ;)08:25
brobostigongood morning evevryone,09:25
MooDoomorning brobostigon :)09:31
brobostigonmorning MooDoo :)09:31
MooDoobrobostigon: how are you?09:35
brobostigonMooDoo: yes, good, had a good birthday yesterday, partied with friends last night, hangover. family stuff for my birthday today. and you?09:36
MooDoobrobostigon: i'm ok, at work today, but it's not that stressful at the moment.09:38
brobostigonMooDoo: ah. ohwell. ok, thats good.09:42
MooDooquite in here though09:47
brobostigonquiet ?09:47
MooDooyeah sorry not enough coffee yet :D09:51
MartijnVdSlunch o'clock!09:53
MooDoonot for me, it's only 1109:54
brobostigonmorning MartijnVdS09:54
brobostigonMartijnVdS: it behaved really well, thank you for your advice yesterday.09:55
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: np :)09:55
=== joshmyers is now known as bubu
HoT|2fC^neuro: Hey dude :) just to confirm that I do have 4 cores!12:00
HoT|2fC^@ 2.80Ghz12:00
MooDooooo nice12:01
shaunoI'm going nuts trying to get debian to install :/  anything that can go wrong, has12:10
MartijnVdSnon-free hardware?12:11
shaunothat's come up, complains about a missing blob12:11
shaunonow it's telling me it can't get a dhcp response, despite being booted from PXE  (because I couldn't make a working usb stick ..)12:11
MartijnVdSshauno: was the blog for the ehternet driver?12:12
shaunostarting to suspect that .. off to google the filename it was asking for12:12
penguin42yeh the firmware blob would be my guess, pxe is done before it gets there12:12
shaunoI couldn't make a working ubuntu stick either.  today just isn't my day12:13
penguin42shauno: Sometimes the computers are against you12:13
MartijnVdSpenguin42: s/computers/debian devs/12:14
shaunooh I know.  this whole weekend has been one of those times you start to suspect linux is one giant hoax12:14
MartijnVdSshauno: it's probably in a .deb in non-free somewhere12:14
penguin42shauno: Just set your ntp server back a couple of days and try the day again12:14
shaunohah, that's come up too.  I have an appliance with expired ssl certs.  so I have to set my clock before June to login to it12:15
shaunoso tempted to jsut go back to bed12:15
penguin42much safer12:15
penguin42can someone tell me what their /etc/modprobe.d/qemu-kvm.conf says ?12:16
MartijnVdScat: /etc/modprobe.d/qemu-kvm.conf: Bestand of map bestaat niet12:16
penguin42do you have kvm/qemu installed?12:17
penguin42right, it looks like it went in recently12:23
MartijnVdSwhat's in it?12:23
* MartijnVdS is running saucy, considering setting up some vms12:24
penguin42MartijnVdS: On saucy it says options kvm_intel nested=112:24
MartijnVdSmakes sense12:24
penguin42MartijnVdS: However, it's not working for me - the module complains about unknown param even though modinfo shows it and I can see the entry in /sys12:25
shaunohm, nested is good to know12:25
MartijnVdSpenguin42: stränge12:25
MartijnVdSpenguin42: maybe your hardware doesn't like it?12:25
* penguin42 has run nested on Ubuntu before - I think I've had 3 deep working in the past12:25
* penguin42 is running 1 point version of kernel behind saucy at the moment, the .6 version doesn't like my USB storage12:26
MartijnVdSthe latest one seems to have problems with my (MTP) phone on USB3 ports12:27
shaunonested is a godsend when you need it12:27
MartijnVdSor switching beterrn USB3/2 or something12:27
penguin42MartijnVdS: What version was that - 3.10.0-4 seems ok for me on usb12:28
MartijnVdSpenguin42: could be my motherboard/bios misconfiguring bits12:32
MartijnVdSpenguin42: I've had problems since 3.1012:33
MartijnVdSlots of:12:33
MartijnVdS[339014.071764] xhci_hcd 0000:00:14.0: Timeout while waiting for stop endpoint command12:33
penguin42MartijnVdS: Maybe, I'm just on USB2 though12:34
penguin42MartijnVdS: Bug 1205827 is the one that I reported12:34
lubotu3bug 1205827 in linux (Ubuntu) "Regression: USB storage broken on 3.10.06-generic" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120582712:34
MartijnVdSpenguin42: at least it's not as bad as Win 8 on my old machine12:34
MartijnVdSpenguin42: which doesn't detect the USB ports on the back 75% of the time, but USB ports on the front work fine :)12:35
HoT|2fC^Whos used Webmin?12:35
HoT|2fC^I have fallllen in LOVE!12:35
penguin42HoT|2fC^: I used it a LONG time ago12:35
MartijnVdSHoT|2fC^: it's a very scary piece of software, imho12:36
HoT|2fC^Pendulum, really? anything better then it maybe more GUI / Graphical side of things?12:36
penguin42HoT|2fC^: Be a little careful, it doesn't help you learn what's going on underneath so if something really breaks you can be in trouble12:36
HoT|2fC^Pendulum, but I wont mess with alot of things...12:36
shaunoalso be careful not to leave it internet-facing12:36
HoT|2fC^shauno, how do you mean?12:36
* penguin42 takes away HoT|2fC^'s tab complete12:36
penguin42HoT|2fC^: I wouldn't trust it from a security point of view12:37
penguin42HoT|2fC^: On an internal network where only you can get to it, fine12:37
shaunoyeah, exactly12:37
shaunowe have a VM going where my sole use for webmin is that I can add myself a root account with metasploit12:37
shaunogranted it's a year or so out of date, but that taught me to distrust webmin12:40
penguin42yeh it's been like that for years12:40
shauno\o/  I have firmware12:45
shaunoI oughta figure out how those pxe menu things work and leave this setup.  handy12:46
HoT|2fC^Its ok wont brake anything :)12:47
penguin42shauno: Oh they're great - we've had one at work for years12:48
penguin42shauno: Be careful however, it's just too easy to netboot a critical box and nuke it....12:48
shaunoI shouldn't have a problem with that, my dhcp server is normally turned off because it's too damned noisy12:48
shaunoit takes a pretty conscious decision to turn the mouthbreather on for anything12:50
shaunough, new problem, it won't let me pick which disk to put grub on.  and its' numbered them backwards12:51
penguin42shauno: 'backwards' - that's a matter of interpretation with the bios13:00
shaunoI'm not sure what it's done to be honest13:00
shaunoit's showing as /dev/sdb, it's usually sda.  but now it's numbered the usb stick I put the firmware on as sda13:01
penguin42shauno: The sd numbering is entirely undeterministic these days13:03
penguin42shauno: You shouldn't use the sd naming devices for anything13:03
shaunotell the d-i guys that, not me13:03
penguin42shauno: Well do they actually use it - as long as they use UUID or labels in the kernel stuff they're ok, and as long as the bios map is figured out OK then grub should work13:04
shaunowhat I mean is the installer never gives you any options for that13:05
penguin42ah, I wonder if the ubuntu-server install does it more sanely13:06
shaunoI mean it creates grub entries to UUIDs.  but when it goes to install grub, it does grub-install /dev/sda13:07
penguin42hmm I left the freezer on rapid freeze for too long for this sorbet - I had to cut it with a knife13:11
shaunospeaking of -server though, I was surprised how many dead links they have on ubuntu.com :/13:18
penguin42well that's what hypertext is for - making dead links!13:18
RaycisCharlesMartijnVdS, my Dutch friend.14:09
brobostigonhi diddledan14:51
diddledanello :-)14:51
brobostigonthere we go, i cheated, google goggles helped me solve my diabolical sudoku,14:52
penguin42textual one?14:58
brobostigontextual ?14:59
penguin42well why did you need to google for a sudoku?15:00
brobostigonpenguin42: to help me solve it, it takes a picture of the sudoku grid, and works out the missing numbers.15:00
penguin42haha ok, I wrote some prolog to do it some years ago when sodoku's first arrived15:01
penguin42brobostigon: http://www.treblig.org/daveG/sudoku_fd.pl15:02
penguin42heck - is it that long - 9 years ago!15:02
penguin42brobostigon: That was a christmas/boxing day when they printed the first Sodoku in the Times (or the 1st I'd noticed) and I came down spent an hour or more solving it with pen and ink and spent the rest of the day dusting off my prolog knowledge15:06
brobostigonpenguin42: ah, interesting project.15:07
penguin42brobostigon: Nod, it turns out to be pretty easy - the dumb plain Prolog version was damn slow, the GNU extensions were usably fast; I'm not sure if a better Prolog writer would have been able to do it fast using portable prolog - but I hadn't written any for ~12 years at that point since my 2nd year undergrad prolog lab15:09
brobostigoni am not familier with prolog at all.15:09
penguin42brobostigon: It's very much a 'state the rule' and let it figure it out language15:10
penguin42so there I tell it that there are a set of things from 1..9 and they all have to be different and then just apply that to every row/column/square and then give it the constraints and let it figure out a set of values that satisfies those rules15:13
brobostigonalmost how your own mind works it out, also.15:13
penguin42maybe, I suspect the brain takes some shortcuts15:15
penguin42haha - classic; http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leeds-2348258715:28
* webpigeon recently got two prolog books of his boss to learn it15:38
penguin42webpigeon: I don't know much about it - I mean it's a long time since I formally looked at it, I'd assume newer stuff has happened in the last 20 years15:40
webpigeonThe books I have are quite old - it's from when she leared it at uni and thought it might be something I'd be intrested it (considering I studied java, c, c++ and friends at uni)15:42
penguin42well Uni we did Pascal and asm, but we had one semester courses on other stuff; so a prolog, one on haskell etc15:43
webpigeonThere were a few other languages in ours but most of the other modules were focused on topics rather than langauges (data structures, computer security, robotics, AI, etc..)15:48
webpigeonLUA was just wtf :P15:49
ali1234oh boy someone asked slashdot to recommend books about how computers affect society16:18
ali1234the answers are hilarious and sad16:19
MartijnVdSwell it's slashdot16:23
* penguin42 hasn't really followed the detail of Edge; but is there anything which says which SoC (or family of ) that's being looked at? Also given that Touch is dual licensable has anything said which license Edge will be under?16:49
MartijnVdS"a top of the line one"16:49
penguin42it's quite possible they have but can't say because the chip isn't released yet publicly yet - that's a fairly common problem16:50
ali1234there isn't even an official source stating whether it is ARM or x8616:51
penguin42nod, I was wondering that - bit short on details16:51
ali1234though the actual quote "the fastest multicore CPU available" suggests that x86 is unlikely, as I don't think an i7 will fit inside a phone16:51
penguin42well, it might but it might get a bit toasty :-)16:52
penguin42quad-core Atom isn't out of the question though16:52
ali1234but that wouldn't be the fastest then, would it?16:52
penguin42ali1234: Well no, but then there are Xeons with 20MB cache that I don't think will fit either16:52
ali1234yes, good point16:53
ali1234and that's why it won't be x8616:53
penguin42ali1234: Well it doesn't say fastest multicore CPU within a particular family; so it's no less valid16:53
penguin42ali1234: I'm reading that as fastest multicore CPU that will fit16:53
penguin42you'd think you'd have people more ready to part with the money if you gave some details16:54
ali1234probably not16:54
penguin42you mean the people who are fast on their credit card got their first without reading and making them think is a bad idea?16:55
ali1234more like they just don't care16:55
ali1234the smart money is on exynos 5 octacore btw16:56
penguin42yeh, although the challenge is which airside interfaces you support16:56
penguin42yeh I mean that would make it more attractive in my book if they said that16:56
penguin42although I'm too tight to pony up that much probably16:57
ali1234if you haven't bought it yet, you're not going to be convinced because they told you exactly what model of SoC it has16:57
ali1234i mean who even cares about that?16:57
penguin42well it depends if you fancy doing dev with it16:57
ali1234whatever they choose it's going to be overpowered for a phone and underpowered for a desktop16:57
penguin42those octacores aren't bad for a netbook level/small laptop - they'd beat a 2 core Atom on a good day maybe even bottom end Core2 if really lucky? (although probably not on graphics)16:58
ali1234unless by "dev" you mean reverse engineering and writing open source drivers, i think the SoC model is completely irrelevant16:58
penguin42true, I guess that's the way I think - but it might be nice to have something you were reasonably confident could run more than one OS17:23
Azelphurso much for bringing ubuntuforums back up ;), epetition is here if you haven't signed already, http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/5174618:21
penguin42oh dear18:34
* penguin42 assumes that now feeds some GCHQ classification system18:37
dwatkinsthey really don't seem to have thought this all through18:40
dwatkinswhat if I have a friend who is in danger of alcoholism or something else on the list?18:40
dwatkinsI can't help them because I can't look up information etc.18:41
* dwatkins goes shopping in disgust18:41
Azelphurdwatkins: yea, that legislation would kill some really really /good/ projects, like /r/suicidewatch18:41
Azelphurin other news, I have a lifeboat crew hanging out outside my window, https://www.dropbox.com/s/eqg7v941x6rbaw7/2013-07-28%2019.39.54.jpg18:43
AzelphurI wonder what they are up to.18:43
MartijnVdSAzelphur: not drowning18:43
Azelphurtrue :p18:43
penguin42well if you get the storms like we've just had then they can probably rescue people on land18:43
Azelphurlooks like they decided to leave, think perhaps they came on shore to pick something up18:44
penguin42is ars misrendering for anyone else ? Looks like missing all css to me on ff19:07
penguin42hmm and chrome19:08
ali1234i would be in favour of having all internet connections limited to a whitelist consisting of only twitter and facebook by default19:12
ali1234but only if applied world wide19:12
ali1234if this happened we might finally see an end to eternal september19:13
dwatkinsfor some people that's all the internet is19:23
* penguin42 assumes it'll get reduced to pictures of well behaved kittens19:27
popeyAzelphur: 2013-07-26: the forums are up running again and being tested privately by Forum administrators.19:48
ali1234popey: will it be possible for me to find out my old password (by trying it?)19:50
ali1234because otherwise i won't know which other ones i need to change19:50
Azelphurpopey: I said that in reference to David Cameron now adding "Web forums" to the list of things he'd love to block ;)19:50
popeynot my department19:50
popeyoh i see19:50
HoT|2fC^iPadMy processe has detached its self how do I use screen to get it up again? I want to run /usr/local/games/doom3/doom-dedicated.sh +set fs_game emz +exec server.cfg21:06
HoT|2fC^iPadI tried screen -A -m -d /usr/local/games/doom3/doom3-dedicated.sh +set fs_game emz +exec server.cfg and it wont run :/21:08
moreatiHoT|2fC^iPad: run "screen", on it's own, no arguments to start a new screen session21:10
moreatiHoT|2fC^iPad: then run the command you want to be inside the screen session21:11
HoT|2fC^iPadmoreati, I am new to screen sorry :-)21:11
HoT|2fC^iPadah nice but what about location?21:11
moreatiwhat do you mean by location?21:11
HoT|2fC^iPadDo I need to add screen then -A -m -d?21:11
HoT|2fC^iPadof the dir's for the game21:12
HoT|2fC^iPadI was told on here to use -S option21:13
moreatiHoT|2fC^iPad: do you already have a screen session running?21:13
HoT|2fC^iPadyes emty21:14
HoT|2fC^iPadsays New session or screen21:14
moreatiso now run /usr/local/games/doom3/doom-dedicated.sh +set fs_game emz +exec server.cfg21:14
moreationce you have your script running inside the screen session you can detach from the session with ctrl a d21:18

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