tony-smlrgood morning snap-l12:30
snap-lgreets from pyohio12:40
tony-smlrSMLR is Live now!  Video: http://youtu.be/rj7De8PN53812:54
snap-lchdcking out in a bit15:03
snap-lwell, soon-ish15:12
derekvwhat should I do with a laptop with 240m ram21:22
derekvdad wants it for playing his XM radio (off the internet stream) which i'll just assume requires flash21:22
derekvpeppermint? puppy?21:29
derekvor i could leave XP on but then there's just like antivirus etc21:35
derekvoh, wait, ha21:37
derekvthis thing has no wifi21:37
derekvi remember throwing away a handful of cardbus cards21:41
derekvthinking "welp, no way I'll ever need these"21:41
derekvnice, this thing has firefox installed.21:50
derekvmy basement basically looks like ghana22:37
derekvits pretty depressing22:38
derekvi found a p2 laptop, an unopened 1gbe purchased from microcenter, a palm pilot and serial sync dock22:39
derekvsome of the hilights22:39
derekvan asus slot-1 motherboard22:39
derekvno wifi adapters though22:39
derekvi guess one costs about $10, $13 for a wireless-N22:43
derekv"There has been a security breach on the Ubuntu Forums"23:06
derekvah here's the kicker23:29
derekvit doesn't even boot from usb23:29

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