bikerbkerensa: o/00:51
c_smithhey there, biker00:53
bikerc_smith: zup (01:00
c_smithnot much.01:00
c_smithjust installing Gentoo on my laptop whilst listening to Fight Or Flight.01:00
bikerhehe sweet :p01:07
bikersomeday with much time ill try gentoo :p01:07
c_smithbiker, make sure it's a time with at least 2 days to figure it out, and that you read about USE flags.01:08
c_smiththe USE flags make life a hell of a lot easier.01:08
bikerc_smith: sweet thx :p01:09
bikeri used slackware for some time01:09
bikerthat was also a hell of a distro01:09
c_smithbiker, no prob.01:21
c_smithand yeah, that's what I hear about slackware.01:21
c_smithyou can use an Ubuntu/xubuntu/lubuntu/kubuntu/whatever other liveCD you need for the initial installation until you need to reboot and use the Gentoo kernel.01:22
bikerlol xD01:45
bikerc_smith: i dont use ubuntu :p01:45
bikeri have never used ubuntu as the main OS for my computer :p01:45
bikerI use fedora now (:01:45
c_smithbiker, cool01:49
bikerbut i used slackware and arch for long time01:51
c_smithArch is nice, breaks too much for me, though.02:03
bikerc_smith: thats the reason i left it02:07
c_smithhaha, true.02:07
bikerthere was a time when i liked it because it crashed a lot and i liked to fix it and everything :p02:08
bikerbut now that i work and have to develop some stuff for the end of the week,., i cant lose time fixing the os :(02:08
bikerso i came back to fedora :p02:08

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