waterycolaim young and want 2 learn bout ubunt00:57
waterycolais anyone speaking in this chat00:58
waterycolaor is this one of those "bufferchats"00:58
Noskcajwaterycola, hello00:59
josewaterycola: how may we help?00:59
waterycolai want to know how i instal ubuntu00:59
waterycolai clicked on the file but00:59
waterycolaits like01:00
waterycolai dont know01:00
waterycolamaybe my computer is 2 old01:00
Noskcajwaterycola, #ubuntu is normally a better place to ask for support. a01:00
josewaterycola: instructions can be found here http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-desktop-latest01:00
joseNoskcaj: if you can help here, just do it01:00
waterycolais it really this complicated01:00
waterycolathis guide uses way01:00
Bill1998like what words01:01
jose!enter | waterycola01:01
ubot5waterycola: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:01
Noskcajwaterycola, it's something like 5 steps01:01
Bill1998I have been told I know some big words01:01
joseBill1998: pardon?01:01
waterycolalike id dint no it was a sin to not  know what "third party software" is01:03
waterycolaits weird cuz thats like a political buzzerword01:03
Bill1998is that like, software with three times the party?01:03
waterycolaway out, far dude01:03
NoskcajBill1998, You aren't funny01:03
Bill1998I need to get my hands on some party software01:04
waterycolahey man01:04
Bill1998my life is too dull without it01:04
waterycolabill's a funny dude imo01:04
Noskcajwaterycola, please speak in english.01:04
* Noskcaj facepalms01:04
waterycolaAh, my dear sir,I did not know I was conversing with one proficient in mine native tongue!01:04
Bill1998ouch, that probably hurt your face, noskcaj01:04
joseNoskcaj: hey, have time for a PM?01:05
Noskcajwaterycola, overkill, but an improvement01:05
Bill1998why would you do that to yourself01:05
josewill be quick :)01:05
Noskcajjose, sure01:05
waterycolaIt just so happens that I am in fact a learned englishman of the highest caliber,I had simply become indubious!01:05
Bill1998and I thought I knew some big words01:05
waterycolanaw dog dnt break out the dictionary lol01:05
waterycolait took 4ever to figure out the sentence01:06
waterycolayeh but i got it you know01:06
waterycolaso how was ur day01:06
Bill1998it was ok01:06
Bill1998I saw a squirell today01:07
Bill1998it was pretty01:07
josehey guys, please try to write in proper English on this channel. we do not ask you to use a lexicomplex, but do try to use proper English01:07
* Noskcaj has never seen a squirrel01:07
waterycolaoh i photographed some trees01:07
waterycolaits cool cuz01:08
waterycolathey give webcams in the laptops01:08
waterycolaso u can use it as a camera and go take photos01:08
Bill1998acording to this book i found on my dads desk01:08
Bill1998that was a proper sentence01:08
waterycolaBy photos, I of course am indicating photoelectric spectroscopy utilized towards the end of measuring the fermi level of a material!01:09
Bill1998of course01:09
waterycolaAh yes my dead sir, that sentence does in fact include all of the basic concepts needed to form a complete thought!01:09
waterycolaI suppose my colleagues hold the sameopinion?01:10
Bill1998wait my foster dad is yelling at me to come downstairs01:11
Bill1998cya later guys01:11
waterycolaoh no i hope he doesnt get caned again01:12
josenow, going back on-topic, did you need any help?01:12
NoskcajIs there anyway to find out if i am the youngest ubuntu member?01:36
joseNoskcaj: you're surely not.01:39
Noskcaj14 and 5 months?01:39
Noskcajcorrection, current youngest member01:40
joseNoskcaj: actually, it's Benjamin Donald-Wilson :)01:42
joseI can say I was, originally, the youngest01:42
Noskcajwas he the one that started when he was 12?01:43
Noskcajwow. I just looked at his wiki page and he got his own timezone wrong though.01:45
josedst corrections are off01:47
joseanyways, I can say I was the first 'youngest', plus, what's the need to know? :)01:47
Noskcaji was just interested to see if i was.01:48
waterycolafor the record im 901:58
waterycolaso i deserve a medal rite01:58
josewaterycola: if you're 9, you should not be here.01:59
waterycolawell how come everyone else gets a medal for being under the legal cannabis combusting age and i dont02:04
josewaterycola: enough.02:05
waterycolaoh no dont kick me02:05
waterycolathat would be like the blistering judgement of an ancient grecian deity02:05
waterycolai am quaking in anticipation of your crushing ircblow02:06
waterycolayesh bitch02:06
joseit'd be great if everyone could contribute to making this a channel friendly for everyone, but some people don't02:07
Noskcaj+1 to that02:07
Unit193jose: IP bans will block auth'd and non, it will also work on webchat and normal.02:27
joseUnit193: problem with IP bans is I don't want the rest of the IP addresses starting with 24.47 to be banned02:28
Unit193Of course you wouldn't.02:29
Unit193182f9286 maps to anyway.02:29
joseoh, well02:30
joseanyways, I'll remove the quiet in a day from now02:30
UnderControlNoskcaj I haven't had a chance to change my tz on the wiki page yet. ;)02:44
NoskcajUnderControl, ok. May i suggest you just leave it as +10 UTC, rather than changing for daylight savings02:45

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