Kilosmorning guys06:15
georglmorning Kilos06:29
Kiloslo georgl 06:29
Kilosyo JoTraGo 07:52
Kiloshi kbmonkey 08:18
* Kilos throws bananas08:19
kbmonkeyhallo kilos08:20
* inetpro gets hit by a banana10:14
inetproKilos: eish!10:14
Kiloshehe sorry10:14
inetprowhat was that all about?10:14
Kilosthats what monkeys eat10:14
Kilosi see your tap is reseated10:14
inetproyou threw it in the wrong direction10:14
Kilossorry but they healthy anyway10:15
inetproahh, thanks10:15
Kilosi gotta go twit place to see that10:15
inetproKilos: yep, the tap all working again10:15
Kilosgood man10:15
inetprothat photo I placed there was not the final version... forgot to take another snapshot before I closed it10:16
inetproand was to lazy to go turn off the water again et all10:16
Kilosas long as its fixed10:17
inetprothe tool very handy indeed10:17
Kiloshows work catching up?10:17
inetpromaybe next year I'll be rustig again10:18
inetproor maybe never10:19
inetproalways more to do10:19
* inetpro wbb10:19
Kiloshi psychicist 11:36
Vince-0jeebers, connekie is kak vandag11:39
Kiloshi Dreen georgl 14:08
Kilosand hi there superfly 14:08
superflyKilos: hi and bye14:09
Kilosgo well14:09
Kiloswhere you going??14:09
Kiloshi nlsthzn 14:58
Kiloswb Vince-0 14:58
nlsthznuncle Kilos, how are you?14:58
Kilosgood ty nlsthzn  and you lad?14:59
nlsthznat work so yes, bitter sweet :p14:59
Squirmit is cold15:01
Squirmreally, really cold15:01
Kilosrequest some warmth from nlsthzn  Squirm 15:02
Kiloshe has lots15:02
nlsthznSA has too many taxes not worth exporting15:04
SquirmI get my AutoPilot tomorrow!15:06
Kilosmaybe there will be less crashes15:07
Squirmheh, I haven't crashed the quadcopter badly15:08
Squirmonly broken 1 prop in learning15:08
Kilosnote badly15:08
* nlsthzn must remember to go watch some of the vids from Squirm on youtube...15:09
Squirmand that's just because it fell badly15:13
SquirmKilos: I have crashed, many times15:13
Squirmbut nothing(besides a prop) has broken15:13
Squirmbbl, food15:13
Kilosyo zeref 15:39
zerefhi Kilos 15:43
Squirmnlsthzn: videos aren't exciting but they are cool :P18:47
nlsthznk :)18:47
Squirmgive me a week or two and they'll be epic.18:59
Squirmdata recovery\19:59
Squirma video was deleted on an iPad20:00
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