joshuMidnightNinja2 unfortunately someone with more grub experience will have to chime in on that. sorry00:00
arisdarioWhy ubuntu use 2.8 GB from 8 GB ?00:00
MidnightNinja2its all good, thanks00:01
arisdariowhat if i have only 2GB ?00:01
KromiXFIXED it!00:04
BenxyzzyHow do I add a file to initramfs using update-initramfs? Where do I have to put the file, to be included in the boot filesystem?00:04
KromiXhad to do this: http://www.unixresources.net/linux/lf/12/archive/00/00/13/92/139242.html00:04
crocketDid anyone preorder ubuntu edge phone?00:04
Awaken$800 :(00:05
Awakenor rather [insert $600-$800] :(00:05
KromiXpain in th ass!00:05
FahUbuntu on 6,2 macbook in eufi mode on 13.04? Anyone happen to be running this? The help.ubuntu.com site doesn't really go past 12.04 on that hardware00:07
daftykinsKromiX: any progress?00:07
KromiXgot it00:07
daftykinswhat was it?00:08
KromiXwindows bs error00:08
KromiXregedit fix...00:08
FloodBot1KromiX: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:08
KromiXnot sure what IrpStackSize does yet, gonna read about it00:08
KromiXbut setting it to 30 worked00:09
daftykinsKromiX: cool :) thanks for sharing00:09
KromiXyea, that 1 was pretty obscure lol00:09
KromiXThe IRPStackSize parameter specifies the number of stack locations in I/O request packets (IRPs) that are used by Windows00:09
KromiXno idea why it was an issue never had this issue before on any windows install, and this was a fresh format, no changes on system00:10
arisdarioAti Radeon 6490M is supported by ubuntu ?00:10
wilee-nileearisdario, Take a look for yourself. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=6490M00:11
awptiSo, dumb question. I've been through the manual and I can't figure this out. I've installed some apps via the software center and now I can't find them anywhere since rebooting. How do you find installed applications?00:12
smgordonMy nvidia 9800gt 128mb card works perfect00:13
arisdarioso AMD, f*** you!00:13
arisdariothats the final word on askubuntu00:13
wilee-nilee!language | arisdario00:13
ubottuarisdario: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:13
PalSalanybody here have blogs and want quality backlinks for free msg me !00:13
Aprelawpti: type the name of the apps in the dash? Do they come up?00:13
arisdarioSorry, i coy paste that language00:13
arisdariofrom ask ubuntu00:13
awptiAprel, yes.00:14
alexanderWawpti /usr/share/applications00:14
wilee-nileearisdario, Enough if that and they will ban you.00:14
arisdarioyes, sorry, my mistake00:14
KromiXty daftykins for the help btw00:15
smgordonAwpti: dash, type in app name, it will show up00:15
arisdarioSo no, Ati Radeon doesn't support 6490M Graphics video00:15
arisdarioon Ubuntu00:15
awptiIs there a way to add them to a bar of some sort? Seems rather silly that I have to type the name of an app i've installed to use it.00:16
wilee-nileePalSal, That is considered spam.00:16
thiebaudearisdario, i tried everything to get catalyst control center on ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop and its a no go00:16
arisdarioand if i install some apps like apache, mysql, and playing youtube video my laptop go to 100 degrees00:16
Aprelawpti: you can drag the icons to the launcher on the left of the screen and they'll stay there. If the app is running, right click and click 'lock in launcher'00:17
smgordonArisdario :  http://askubuntu.com/questions/185548/open-source-driver-for-amd-radeon-hd-6490m00:17
pvl1gnome-panel has a lot of dependencies, is there a good alternative?00:17
thiebaudearisdario, install tlp00:17
crocketUbuntu Edge phone for the winner00:17
crocketiOS for the loser00:17
wilee-nilee!ot > crocket00:17
ubottucrocket, please see my private message00:17
snake2243hello guys00:18
thiebaudehey snake00:18
arisdario@thiebaude: with tlp my laptop is an old car :(00:18
wilee-nileepvl1, gnome panel what desktop is that?00:18
arisdarioi agree that it save a lot battery, but is worse than power saver from windows00:18
snake2243hey you guys I am looking for a group of peaple that like to use the shell, I am still currently learning the basics but it would be nice to have friends that have the same hobby as me00:18
thiebaudearisdario, i noticed on my laptop, its much cooler00:19
snake2243any one instrested?00:19
marlincAnybody who would like to take at my first blog thing I've written? marlinc.nl/uncategorized/third-party-login-and-you/00:20
arisdariofor dev things is not recommended to have tlp00:20
thiebaudesnake2243, maybe check with #ubuntu-offtopic00:20
Kitt3n!ot | snake224300:20
ubottusnake2243: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:20
wilee-nileemarlinc, This is ubuntu support.00:20
snake2243oh, my bad00:20
snake2243first time using irc00:20
kostkonmarlinc, unrelated to ubuntu, thus spam00:21
marlincAh well thats right :p where would I ask something like that mm00:21
Jinx_sweHeya. Can anyone help me with X forwarding via ssh? I get "no display specified" error. If I export DISPLAY=:0.0 or the like I get "display not found" error.00:21
marlincThe offtopic channels?00:21
marlincWell whatever never mind :p00:21
rombuntutuNew with ubuntu . recently can't boot : " Target filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init /bin/sh: 0: Can't open ro"  , I've tried boot-repair and fsck  on live CD, someone has another ideas.00:21
FahJinx_swe: you doing "ssh -A <host>" or "ssh -X <host>"? Does the host have xinit on it?00:22
wilee-nileerombuntutu, The details leading to always help.00:22
wilee-nileefor the channel not me00:22
pvl1wilee-nilee: im trying to use metacity if thats what ur asking00:23
arisdarioseem to be much faster ubuntu 1300:23
Jinx_swe@Fah doing ssh -xy {host}00:23
wilee-nileepvl1, Not really the desktop.00:23
FahJinx_swe: add a -v and see what it says about X1100:23
arisdarioor im so tire and the computer is so fast00:23
pvl1wilee-nilee: well im trying to stick to gnome... maybe im missunderstanding the question00:24
wilee-nileepvl1, The gnome shell, or fallback, gnome3 underlies unity as well00:24
pvl1wilee-nilee: i removed unity00:24
pvl1and compiz00:24
arisdariosomebody know why i see a lot of folders with found.0,found.01, found...00:25
pvl1wilee-nilee: tryina make a custom livecd00:25
wilee-nileepvl1, Would that seem pertinent in your original posts? Can't really help there myself.00:25
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wilee-nileepvl1, I like the cairo-dock, not sure if that works for you, other docks are out there.00:27
pvl1wilee-nilee: well my main problem right now is that i want a panel in my session, but gnome-panel has a large list of dependencies, most of which i dont want... so i wanted an alternate00:27
pvl1wilee-nilee: ill check that out actually00:27
wilee-nileecairo may have problems in metacity not sure realy00:28
pvl1wilee-nilee: do you remember ubuntu prior to unity? it had a bar at the top, apps, places, system00:28
rombuntutuwilee-nilee,  thanks, first question : what are the commands I should try first from the ubuntu liveCD in order to make ubuntu boot again00:28
pvl1wilee-nilee: thats kinda what im looking for00:28
kostkonpvl1, give us an example of the unwanted deps00:28
wilee-nileepvl1, Yeah gnome2, not sure of a panel though.00:29
veryhappyhi guys -- might there be any possiblity to setup a home server to go to sleep and wake up when needed by a computer in the local net on a specific port?00:29
wilee-nileerombuntutu, Not sure you have tried what I would a fsck, and check grub, a bit out of my knowledge area without googling.00:29
pvl1kostkon: evolution, cups, gstreamer00:29
pvl1kostkon: and it install libunity00:30
kostkonpvl1, are you trying to install the gnome-fallback-session metapackage00:30
daftykinsveryhappy: you could use WOL to trigger a system to wake up on command - not so sure about scheduling auto though00:31
pvl1kostkon: remove unity for a custom livecd00:31
kostkonpvl1, ah. now i get it ok00:31
Dr_Williswake on lan - can be a bit.. finicky00:31
pvl1kostkon: sorry shouldve been more clear00:31
kostkonpvl1, np00:31
pvl1kostkon: any reccomendations?00:31
veryhappydaftykins: that's why i asked. used to wake up computer by command but not auto...00:32
wilee-nileerombuntutu, NO image of the OS running fine or backups?00:32
daftykinsveryhappy: some proper server systems have settings to allow power on at given times00:32
kostkonpvl1, hmm i can't help you with that sorry :/00:32
pvl1kostkon: its kool thank you tho00:33
kostkonpvl1, :)00:33
wilee-nileerombuntutu, Did you save the bootinfo summary generated by bootrepair?00:33
veryhappydaftykins: but what about me want to go use the computer and the proxy isn't on at this time? i don't need it randomly i need it when i send a request00:34
rombuntutuwilee-nilee, I think i did only backup of my files, yes I have one : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5914764/00:34
daftykinsveryhappy: so it's a web proxy?00:35
veryhappydaftykins: yep.00:35
veryhappydaftykins: squid3. used as cache proxy00:35
st12so is ubuntu better then windows00:35
rombuntutuwilee-nilee, I tried to "read" it but I don't understand... my skills are usually limited to google researches and the ubuntuforum post00:36
veryhappyst12: it always depends what you want to do with a system.00:36
daftykinsveryhappy: why turn it off? power conservation?00:36
veryhappydaftykins: i'm living here with my mom, i also need to look out on the power conservation, cause SHE pays the bills.00:36
wilee-nileerombuntutu, Looks okay, yeah not a easy read for sure, have you tried both kernel sets?00:37
daftykinsveryhappy: and you run a local proxy? :) why not turn it into a VM that runs when you boot your system...00:37
veryhappydaftykins: good point, but me having a lot of computers and a nettop wanted to try out if it works that good like it should.00:38
daftykinsveryhappy: mmm, i used to run a caching proxy atop my dedicated router PC :) back in the day. it was neat because me and housemates read the same news sites so it reduced the repeated requests for the same site. a setup for a single person seems a tad overkill though. anyway, can't come up with any better ideas i'm afraid00:40
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Dr_Willisuse a raspberry pi for the server. :) it uses like less power then your nightlight. ;P00:41
savagejenIs Mir in saucy already?00:41
veryhappydaftykins: what's "atop"?00:41
rombuntutu<wilee-nilee, sorry  I m slow, I try to learn at the same time ( I was not  sure to know about kernel sets) If it when you open ubuntu and choose between the different kernel available ? Or is this something you do with the terminal commands ?00:41
trismsavagejen: no00:41
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Jinx_swedaftykins - that's overkill for newspapers too you know :-)00:41
PalSalJinx_swe what is a overkill ?00:42
wilee-nileerombuntutu, You will see this in the grub menu, you may need to tap the shift to get the menu if you only have one OS.00:42
rombuntutuwilee-nilee, ok ok yes I tried all and always the same "Target filesystem doesn't have /sbin/init /bin/sh: 0: Can't open ro"00:42
wilee-nileerombuntutu,  one of the choices is the previous kernels I forget the name you have two sets altogether.00:42
wilee-nileerombuntutu, Did you fsck the partition?00:43
daftykinsJinx_swe: ...what? that doesn't even make sense...00:43
daftykinsveryhappy: 'on top of'00:43
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sam113101I can't run wireshark as non-root, it doesn't pick up any interface00:47
Jinx_swePaSal: Overkill - Destructive nuclear capacity exceeding the amount needed to destroy an enemy. Apparently. According to the free online dictionary =)00:47
wilee-nileesam113101, This ubuntu?00:48
rombuntutuwilee-nilee, I use  Gparted with ubunutu liveCD and the command sudo fsck /dev/sda1..00:48
sam113101wilee-nilee: yes, on ubuntu00:48
daftykinssam113101: that's pretty normal. run it as root...00:50
rombuntutuwilee-nilee, is there a best way to fsck the partition other than using the ubuntu LiveCD ?00:50
Dr_Willisrombuntutu:  from recovery/rescue mode00:51
wilee-nileerombuntutu, I have had to only fsck a couple of times so not real familiar, here is a link. The partition has to be unmounted to at boot or a live cd is the norm.00:51
Dr_Willisrombuntutu:  but i use live cds00:51
wilee-nileerombuntutu, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SystemAdministration/Fsck00:51
sam113101daftykins: it warns me not to do that00:51
Dr_Willissam113101:  it needs to run as root to get full access.. running stuff as root is dangerous ;) so you decide00:52
sam113101Dr_Willis: I was able to run it as non-root by adding myself to the wireshark group, usually00:52
Dr_Willisyou normally wouldent want users running wireshark.. that could be even mroe dangerous00:52
Dr_Willissam113101:  perhaps time to check its docs/wiki/faq00:52
daftykinssam113101: as long as you close it at the end i don't see any issue.00:53
daftykinsyou want to run it with gksudo though, not sudo00:53
veryhappydaftykins: sorry was just away00:53
veryhappydaftykins: thank you, i think i'll have to figure it out for myself, are there any functions that i can enable like network reducing and prefetching?00:54
veryhappydaftykins: squid3 i mean00:54
rombuntutuwilee-nilee, thanks, I think Gparted fsck the partition...I guess It doesnt repair enough for my issue00:54
daftykinsveryhappy: i'm afraid i'm still struggling with how any of that is useful for one or two users :)00:55
wilee-nileerombuntutu, I wondered if it does, a regular fsck might be the answer.00:55
veryhappydaftykins: it IMPROVES the speed.00:55
daftykinsonly on repeated accesses surely00:55
veryhappydaftykins: and anyway when i want to become an administrator just good for my future you got it?00:55
veryhappydaftykins: when i learn it now i'm able to setup stuff in no time.00:56
rombuntutuwilee-nilee,my fsck resuls is : "/dev/sda1: clean, 661870/30269440 files, 28235447/121056768 blocks"00:56
rombuntutu wilee-nilee, I found the post about the same problem I have on ubuntuforums... do you know how long the website is still down?00:58
veryhappybtw does it make a difference when i install the minimal version and set it up with another kernel for server usage or should i install a server version from a cdrom?00:59
jribveryhappy: what?01:00
Awakenthe kernels are identical now apparently01:00
veryhappyjrib: what didn't you understand?! i wrote clearly what i want to know01:00
Awakenthe -server is just there for compatibility01:00
jribveryhappy: it's difficult to parse what you mean.  Rephrase it01:00
rombuntutuwilee-nilee, I guess I ll wait for the ubuntuforums, thanks for your help!01:00
veryhappyAwaken: thanks, cause i'm using the minimal version of ubuntu and always install the stuff i need to keep the system clean and fast.01:01
Awakenthat'll be fine01:01
veryhappyi guess that's the best way01:01
Awakenonly difference is surrounding packages, installer, and default configs01:01
Awakenand i dont think theres much difference there01:01
Awakenbut it wont report itself as ubuntu server01:02
Awakenwhich would bug me :D01:02
Awakenim sure u can change that tho lol01:02
veryhappyAwaken: why wouldn't it?01:02
Awakencos its not01:02
Dr_Willisreporting as a 'server' ? makes me wonder how theres any differance..01:02
jribwhere does it report as "server"?01:02
Dr_Willisdesktop and server differances are  rather minimal as far as ive seen.. getting smaller every release01:02
Awakencat /etc/*-release01:03
veryhappyah got it that's why01:03
* Dr_Willis makes his pc report itself as Skynet.01:03
veryhappyAwaken: well, i'm exercising for now. later i can take the server version and everything will be fine.01:03
jribAwaken: what am I looknig for?01:03
Awakenactually, my ubuntu server doesnt report itself as ubuntu server anyway lol01:04
Awakenjust Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS"01:04
Awakenthought it used to say Ubuntu server xxxx01:04
* Dr_Willis wonders why it really matters01:04
veryhappyAwaken: is there actually any way to let firefox automatically recognize on another computer where the proxy server is located? like as an example?01:04
Awakenive never done it01:04
Awakenits done through dhcp01:04
Awakenyou can assign a config server for proxy settings01:05
Awakenlike assigning a PXE boot location for network boot01:05
Awakeni decided it was easier just to enter it manually :D01:05
veryhappyAwaken: well, how does firefox know when i'm statically configure the ip addresses and setup in firefox automatically recognize the proxy server?01:05
Awakenit's a systemwide thing01:06
Awakenor you could setup a transparent proxy of course if you wanted01:06
veryhappyAwaken: what's a transparent proxy good for?01:06
Awakenforcing all http traffic to go through a proxy01:06
Awakene.g. in a workplace to enforce blocking websites01:06
Awakengoogle transparent proxy for info01:07
Awakenfirefox though does let you set manual settings ignoring systemwide settings01:07
Awakenchrome / ie dont01:07
Awakenwhich is why i have firefox on my machine lol01:07
veryhappyAwaken: well that's not the idea in this case. i just wanted a cache proxy and want to let it automatically recognize if the home server is down or up and can provide the service.01:07
Awakenyeah you can do that01:07
veryhappyAwaken: but: i'm not using dhcp for my computer01:08
Awakenwell you should be :D01:08
veryhappyeven not for the other computers...01:08
Awakenmakes it easier01:08
veryhappyAwaken: i'm the administrator here at home.01:08
Awakendhcp isnt hard01:09
Awakenjust means you dont have to set IP's lol01:09
veryhappyAwaken: i'm using static ip addresses for my own computers other pcs get dhcp adresses01:09
Awakenyou can bind a mac address (ie physical network card) to a particular IP01:09
Awakenachieving the same effect01:09
Awakenonly it'll still have that static IP in any OS you boot up on that box, and it will still have it if you reinstall the OS01:09
veryhappyAwaken: you don't seem to know i know what dhcp is, i just decided not to use it for my own reasons01:09
veryhappyAwaken: dude, i want to become administrator. if i don't know anything i'll ask you ok?01:10
Awakenwhy the sudden flaming ?01:10
Awakenyou wanted proxy auto conf, u can do that with dhcp01:10
Awakenand if you want static IP's you can still do that through dhcp01:10
Awakenonly you never need to set them up again01:11
veryhappyAwaken: cause i don't like people to think i don't know about technics and informatics ok? that's all.01:11
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:11
veryhappyjrib: stop teasing us.01:11
Awakenfine. I was just pointing out you could still have the benefits of a static IP through DHCP01:11
Awakenand also get proxy auto configuration01:11
veryhappyAwaken: and how does firefox find the right proxy?01:11
AwakenI dont know ive not tried it but I guess it will default to the initial system wide configuration first01:12
Awakentherefore it would work the same as other browsers01:12
Awakenjust because you can save a separate configuration for firefox doesnt mean it ignores the system proxy settings01:12
Awakenalthought it might, i've not tried it :D01:12
Awakenthe actual auto config though is a javascript file on a web server01:12
veryhappyAwaken: i just wondered because i was checking the traffic on the server monitor and didn't see anything when i checked automatically use the proxy.01:12
Awakennot sure what you mean by that01:13
veryhappyAwaken: i was looking up on iftop if there's any traffic coming from my notebook, nothing, i checked "use proxy for every address" and bam! everything came up01:13
Awakenstill dont really get the relevance01:14
Awakenlike i said i dont know if firefox grabs the system proxy01:15
veryhappyAwaken: when i use my nettop for example i don't always want to switch it on, and so i get an error but if firefox would automatically detect if there's a proxy or not, it would have to use it or not.01:15
veryhappythe nettop IS the proxy btw01:16
Awakentbh you probably dont need a proxy01:16
Awakenfor a home01:16
Awakenunless you want to block sites from your kids or something01:16
veryhappyAwaken: i'm adminstrator i'm trying out stuff...01:16
Awakenweb browser caching on every system will do most of the grunt work01:16
Awakenwell i have no idea if it will auto failover to NOT using a proxy if you've set it up to use a proxy01:17
veryhappyAwaken: i got no kids :D i'm 25.01:17
Awakenit's not something you'd normally need01:17
Awakeneither you have a proxy, and you make sure its up, or you dont01:17
veryhappyAwaken: ok then i have to enable or disable it manually... thanks anyway and don't worry about my last statement i'm thankful i just wanted to state that i know what dhcp is and other as well :)01:18
Awakenif you setup proxy auto config via dhcp or something I guess it would do a check every time you turn on the system and it gets it's IP01:18
Awakenand if it cant find a config, would presumably not try and use the proxy01:18
veryhappyAwaken: good. i'll check it out01:19
Awakengood starting point, quite a detailed article actually01:19
veryhappyi'll read it01:19
veryhappytake care buddy thank youi01:19
Awakennp, have fun :D01:19
veryhappysure will01:20
shahanhey guys, this is interesting, i have currently an extended desktop with two monitors of different size01:24
shahani'm using the laptop's the smaller one as the extension and the bigger one has the launcher01:24
shahanwhen i blowup a youtube video fullscreen with firefox or chromium on the bigger screen it's odd and wrongly fitted01:25
shahanbut with google-chrome it works fine, the youtube video fits perfectly01:25
wilee-nileeshahan, You have the resolution separated for each monitor01:26
shahanindeed, and that "error" shows with firefox and chromium01:26
shahanbut  why does chrome work well?01:26
Aprelfirefox and chrome use a different version of flash01:26
shahani understand firefox and chrome, but chromium and chrome?!01:27
shahanit's clearly imitation the laptop's resolution when skewed, maybe if i switch the launcher placement, so weird...01:28
wilee-nileechromium would be using the ubuntu repos flash I believe if that is the problem.01:28
shahanwilee-nilee:  ahhhhhh yes, both firefox and chromium are the ubuntu apps, chrome is different01:28
shahanthat's so odd, I wonder if it'd be quick fix to have chromium working with this, it's not a big deal at all though.01:29
wilee-nileeshahan, I 'm not really sure, so will leave this for those that may have more insight. ;)01:29
shahani'll post it with pics, on the forums01:30
shahanonce they're back...01:30
shahanwilee-nilee:  thanks though01:30
Awakenyeah chromium would surely not use the same flash as chrome01:30
Awakenbecause its entirely free isnt it? and flash not free :P01:30
wilee-nileegoolgle just forks the latest adobe into theirs, pepper flash, would be my guess it is the same release number generally.01:32
wilee-nileeboth are free in cost but not fee as in open source01:33
shahanswitched launcher to smaller monitor that didn't work, i thought maybe emphasis or something...01:33
shahanand same resolutions doesn't work either, so very odd... lol01:35
shahanand what's the whole deal with chromium and chrome??  one comes with ubuntu and the other doesn't?  Chromium is more frequently updated and possibly more buggy or something?01:36
San1tyHi, Can I install ubuntu TO a usb stick FROM a windows install?01:37
San1tyso it should be a fully installed persistent version on that usb stick01:37
shahanSan1ty: i used some bootable usb creator called Lili or seomthing01:37
Awakenthat will load it all into RAM though same as a live CD01:38
Awakenyou dont really want to have the system actually installed onto USB01:38
San1tyI haven an issue01:38
joubinSan1ty: just go through a normal install and choose usb as the install point. if your hardware supports it.01:38
Awakenthe way an operating system uses its filesystem would rapidly kill the sort of memory used on USB sticks01:38
shahanyeah sounds like you want to get rid of windows and have ubuntu only on the machine?01:38
San1tyI need to have a persistent install somewhere01:38
San1tybut I suspect my HDD to be broken01:38
wilee-nileeSan1ty, Unetbootin will do that and a handful of othere pendrivelinux has some of them.01:38
Awakenat the very least dont make a swap partition :D01:38
shahanyou could install on some kind external hard drive...01:39
San1tyI wish I still had one available01:39
shahannot usb ..stick. flash drive .. or what have you, though01:39
wilee-nileeSan1ty, A persistent will fill up and a ISO load had limitations, if you have a usb big enough a full install may be better01:39
San1tyall my drives are used up01:40
San1tyand the HDD on that machine has a windows install01:40
Awakenbuild a fileserver and clear up :D01:40
San1tyand that windows install is doign crazy things01:40
shahansurely not any kind of regular USB device, something specific01:40
San1tycontrol panel breaking etc01:40
San1tyso I suspect a broken disk01:40
shahantry dual booting ubuntu?01:40
wilee-nileeyou can get fairly sizable flash drive cheap, if you have an extra 20$ us01:40
San1tyhmm gonna think about it tomorrow with a clear head01:41
San1tybit too tired now01:41
San1tythanks anyway guys01:41
Awakenif you just want to get to your stuff01:41
San1tybest option would be01:41
shahanyou could install ubuntu on a small partition of the HDD01:41
FloodBot1San1ty: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:41
San1tyget a new HDD01:41
San1tyis there an easy way in windows to check disk integrity01:41
San1tyor disk HDD erros01:41
wilee-nileeSan1ty, Get a SSD if you can.01:41
Awakenand back it up etc, boot off a live CD, and you'll be able to browse your hard drives etc01:41
San1tyjust to know if something is wrong with it01:41
shahanwilee-nilee:  oh man i'm dying to get one of those01:42
San1tyI don't need an SSD guys01:42
San1tyI'm trying to run a very small server with horrible specs01:42
San1tyit just needs to work01:42
shahanSan1ty: could try running the chkDisk for erros at the startup01:42
San1tyeither windows or ubuntu01:42
San1tyyeah but isn't checkdisk mostly BS?01:42
San1tyisn't there a better tool that just tells me01:42
San1tyyour HDD is broken or it isn't01:42
San1tyI don't want to know if every windows file is ok01:43
wilee-nileeshahan, I got a nice crucial 256 gig for about 200$, but I had financial aid sitting around, best investment yet01:43
shahanwilee-nilee:  that's a great deal, damn youz and your fast as hell startup!01:43
* wilee-nilee loves amazon, especially prime purchase.01:44
shahanSan1ty: uhh i think something like smartDisk... or something on partableApps.com01:44
Awakenprobs hdtune01:44
FloodBot1Awaken: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:44
San1tyI installed diskcheckup from passmark01:45
heroesgud morning01:47
San1tyI've head the worst experience ever with that machine I'm setting up01:47
San1tyinstalled windows 7, ubuntu, Win 8, Win 8 again, Win 8 refresh01:47
San1tyall due to strange errors I didn't understand01:47
San1tygoogling gave me nothing01:47
San1tymight have been fucked up hdd all along :(01:47
heroesdo u know.?01:48
San1tyno I'm still nto sure it's the disk01:48
San1tybut it's an ancient disk01:48
Dr_Willishard drives seem to be the weakest link these days.01:48
San1tyfor sure 10 years old01:48
Dr_Willis10 yr old?  definatly time to replace it then.01:48
heroeshow to install ubuntu on my android phone?01:48
Dr_Willisheroes: totally depends on what you expect and the phone.01:49
San1tybut there's no surefire way to know01:49
San1tyis my HDD broken or isn't it01:49
San1tyWindows isn't giving any IO error01:49
Dr_Willisevery hd WILL fail eventually01:49
San1tythat's also strange IMHO01:49
Dr_Willisits just a matter of time and how badly.01:49
pvl1how can i start an xserver on tty801:49
Dr_Williswindows tends to crash so much for other reasons.. its often hard to point to a single reason.01:49
heroesdr_willis: whats do u mean?01:49
irssi-mikeSan1ty: I had the worst time with an install turned out to be the heat issue01:50
Dr_Willisheroes:  it depends on the phone and what you mean exactly by 'install ubuntu' theres vm's out there in the play store that let you do it easially.01:50
San1tyCPU runs at 30 °C01:50
irssi-mikeSan1ty: blew into the machine for an hour just to get things up and running.01:51
San1tybleh the hdd tool I downloaded01:51
San1tysays my HDD is ok01:51
heroesmust to i have ubuntu applications?01:51
San1tybut my windows install is completely borked01:51
irssi-mikeSan1ty: did you run badblocks01:51
San1tydunno what it does01:51
San1tyit's a disk self test utility01:51
Dr_Willisheroes:  theres various 'install linux/ubuntu/whatever' apps on the android market that give you a ubuntu session in a vnc session inside android.01:52
irssi-mikemaybe a virus in the master boot01:52
jhileis it better to use the free nouveau drivers or the proprietary nvidia drivers =?01:53
smgordonjhile : worked for me  have an nvidia 9800gt that works just fine01:54
irssi-mikejhile: i've got CUDA and nvidia, i could look around for that link i used hold on01:54
jhileso it is better using the actual drivers?01:54
San1tybleh the HDD seems to be fine01:56
San1tywtf is wrong with this windows 8 install then :s01:56
jhiledoes your computer support windows 8?01:56
jhilemay sound stupid but samsung screwed everyone who purchased a computer before the day of win 8 release01:57
smgordonwindows 8 is screwy dumped it for ubuntu01:57
jhilewin 8 does suck and i went back to win 7 partition01:57
jhilebesides the fact that 50% of my drivers didnt work because of samsung01:57
San1tyit's a desktop custom hardware01:57
San1tyso should be fine therre01:58
San1tyI'm really experiencing the strangest things ever01:58
San1tynever had this happen to me before01:58
San1tyI have win 8 on my main desktop01:58
jhileid check the actual hardware man, im telling you my i5 system worked awful with win 801:58
San1tyno issues everything works01:58
San1tybios has text on box (for WIN 8)01:58
irssi-mikejhile: https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/522699/cuda-setup-and-installation/installing-cuda-on-ubuntu/01:59
jhilewireless kept disconnecting, nvidia kept crashing etc01:59
jhilegoing to check into that now thank oyu01:59
San1tywhy are the ATI drivers01:59
San1tyin linux so horirble01:59
Dr_WillisSan1ty:  ask ati/amd?02:00
San1tyyeah I know02:00
irssi-mikeSan1ty: did you install windows first02:00
San1tyit's their fault02:00
San1tyinstalled win 7 first02:00
San1tythen ubuntu02:00
San1tythen win 802:00
Dr_Willisim assuming you mean the 'fglrx' drivers.02:00
FloodBot1San1ty: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:00
jhileif i were to guess its because intel is destroying the market right now especially in laptops02:00
jhileintel hd graphics / nvidia are all  i see anymore02:00
irssi-mikeSan1ty: i don't remember the reason for it but i remember someone telling me that windows had to be first02:00
joubinHas anyone tried this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Apt-Cacher-Server ?02:00
wilee-nileeCan we stick to support and not opinions on stuff02:00
jhileif you install windows after ubuntu usually the grub gets removed and such02:01
Dr_Willisjoubin:  ive used the apt-cacher-ng server in the past. it worked very well for my home lan.02:01
jowangping localhost02:02
joubinIll look at that too02:02
Kuroganeanyone knows the cause of this problem? http://pastebin.com/10HEv9eX02:02
pvl1i accidentally made uck crash... does that mean i have to start over?02:02
San1tyI'm probably going to install ubuntu on the hdd tomorrow02:03
San1tyand go from there02:03
San1tyubuntu was performing pretty slowly when compared with windows tho (celeron "ivy bridge" cpu)02:03
San1tyI was a bit surprised that ubuntu felt laggy02:03
San1tyand windows was fast on that lowend HW02:03
pvl1answered my own q02:05
jhileirssi-mike, hey is that guide better to follow than the guide on help.ubuntu?02:05
jhileirssi-mike, the one on the help.ubuntu is saying i should install the nvidia driver first than cuda02:05
irssi-mikeirssi-mike: when you use the cuda install it will prompt you to install nvidia, just say no and install the latest drivers first02:06
irssi-mikeoops i meant jhile02:06
jhileirssi-mike, so it is better to follow the nvidia site guide and stop the gui environment and such?02:07
irssi-mikejhile: to be perfectly honest i used this http://sn0v.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/installing-cuda-5-on-ubuntu-12-04/02:08
irssi-mikejhile: but i felt like the information was more to the point at the first link02:08
shahanhey guys just making sure02:09
shahanusing the update manager to upgrade from 12.04 to 12.1002:09
shahani keep all personal files right?02:09
Dr_Willisits always a good idea to have backups.02:09
jhileirssi-mike, sweet ill check them all and see what make most sense to me. nvidia 310m is a card that supports cuda so thats a good first step lol02:09
Dr_Willisa release upgrade should not touch the users files02:09
shahanah crap, well even it goes wrong it's only a couple of venture bros. epsiodes lol, on this partition02:10
shahandoes ubuntu have like a create a restore point thing?02:11
shahanor backup02:11
wilee-nileeshahan, Backups yes restore no02:11
wilee-nilee!backup | shahan02:12
ubottushahan: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:12
wilee-nileeshahan, You can also make clones, I use clonezilla02:12
cfarrierany  help for a brand new user?02:13
Dr_Willisshahan:  its often faster to just do a clean install then do a upgrade02:13
Dr_Willis!manual | cfarrier02:13
ubottucfarrier: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/02:13
wilee-nilee!1 on fresh installs02:13
ubottuwilee-nilee: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:13
wilee-nilee+1 lol02:13
wilee-nileewe love you just the way you are ubottu02:14
shahanso... wipe everything and install?02:14
shahanwhere do you guys keep most of your files on a external?02:14
Random832home directory, easy to make backups of02:14
wilee-nileeshahan, Yes here I have 4 OS.02:14
cfarrierI'm appreciated, I'm trying to burn an ISO. i'm in 12.04 - tried to give myself root access, using sudo - so that burning a dvd was "ok" but nothing seems to be working02:14
curatrixcfarrier: unetbootin?02:15
shahanwilee-nilee:  4 operating systems?02:15
wilee-nileecfarrier, sudo should  not be needed, what is the disc02:15
wilee-nileeshahan, Yeah.02:15
wilee-nileecfarrier, Err the ISO rather.02:16
cfarrierwhachu mean wilee nilee02:17
cfarrieryou think the iso is bunk?\02:17
wilee-nileecfarrier, "I'm trying to burn an ISO" what is it?02:17
shahanso i just used the update manager..  is that default a clean install?02:17
cfarrierit doesn't matter what i'm burning though02:17
curatrixcfarrier: Is it a win7 iso?02:17
wilee-nileecfarrier, Use brasero burn as an image no sudo02:18
Dr_Willisshahan:  no.. that would update your system.. whch is differnt then a release upgrade...02:18
Dr_Willisshahan:  so what are you doing exactly?02:18
cfarrierwell, i'm 2 hours north of trying that02:18
shahanDr_Willis:  it says im installing 12.10 through the update manager02:18
cfarrierfurious ISO mount and k3b02:18
cfarrierdon't work02:18
wilee-nileecfarrier, Easily put on a usb as well.02:18
Dr_Willisa normal user can burn iso files in ubuntu by default02:18
cfarrierwell, dr.willis02:18
Dr_Willistheres even some 'right click on the iso - select burn to disk' add ons.02:18
cfarrierthat's just not the case02:18
curatrixcfarrier: Use unetbootin and run as root          sudo unetbootin                   this wont work with a winblows ISO though.02:19
cfarrierI agree, the option is there, but in practice...02:19
Dr_Williscfarrier:  my users have not had issues burning ISO files in the past.  dont hunderds of them as a user. no root needed02:19
wilee-nileecuratrix, using the term winblows is not good etiquette here.02:19
shahan3 hours and 31 minutes??!  to upgrade... fuck me!  can i cancel now and start later without waiting for packages?02:20
wilee-nilee!language | shahan02:20
ubottushahan: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:20
Dr_Willisshahan:  if its still downloading - yes..02:20
Dr_Willisshahan:  i mentioned how its often faster to do a clean install.02:20
Dr_Willisstarting later - will still want to download the packages.  theres also a chance  the upgrade manager has made changes to the system allready so stoping the upgrade may break things02:21
shahanDr_Willis:  ahh so with that you'd make a bootable usb with or w.e. with 12.10 and install that way?  choosing the partition again and everything?02:21
Dr_Willisshahan:  12.10? i would use 13.04 if you want the latest02:21
shahanyeah i'm at the start upgrade window02:21
shahanDr_Willis:  oh yeeeah... i have 12.04 currently, so i have to upgrade to 12.10 THEN 13.04  OR  download the inso for 13.04 and clean install, cuz02:22
shahanit's wayy faster..  lol02:22
Dr_Willisshahan:  you do LTS to LTS.. OR each step in between02:22
Dr_Willisif you want 13.04 - it would definatlybe faster to do a clean install, if you dont need to keep any customizations02:23
genial3Can I mount a drive so that everyone can write to it, and every new file/dir that gets written to the drive gets the same user:group, no matter the user who wrote it?02:23
newhoaI'm using gmusicbrowser and while it's great, it doesn't seem to transfer files to mass storage devices. Is there a program that does just that - transfer music from PC to MSC device?02:23
curatrixgenial3: Yes02:24
shahanDr_Willis: clean install being from an ISO right? and having to get rid of my current ubuntu 12.04 partition and make a new one for 13.04?02:24
Dr_Willisshahan:  the installer can reformat the partions02:24
Dr_Willisboot the cd.. start installer.. tellit to  replace existing ubuntu02:24
Dr_Willisif you have a seperate /home/ that makes it easier.  your home files wont get trashed then.02:24
genial3curatrix: Fantastic, would you happen to know which param I should use? Have been trying out uid=nobody,gid=nogroup,umask=0 but can still only write as root02:25
Dr_Willisgenial3:  what filesystem is the drive using?02:25
genial3Dr_Willis: ext402:25
shahani think i do... how do i know if i have a separate /home/?02:25
Dr_Willisgenial3:  i dont think you just override the uid/gid of a ext2/3/4 via fstab options02:25
Dr_Willisshahan:  check output of 'mount'02:25
curatrixgenial3: Make a new user group and make all users members of that group ....then set permissions for the drive so that it is owned by the group02:25
genial3Alright, I'll give that a shot! :)02:26
shahanDr_Willis:  "gvfs-fuse-daemon on /home/shahan/.gvfs type"02:27
shahanthat's a line from what came up02:27
Dr_Willisshahan:  thats not /home/02:27
Dr_Willisthats your .gvfs in your home02:27
Dr_Willisshahan:  if you dont see an entry in fstab or mount outut for /home/ then im guessing you DONT have  a seperate home partition02:27
shahanDr_Willis: so i have Eclipse installed on ubuntu right now, anyway i could keep that going to 13.04 whilst doing a clean install?02:30
cfarrierdoes anyone have a min. to help a new ubuntu user? I'm having troubles doing basic stuff like burn a disk02:30
cfarrierwhen getting root access and sudo dont seem to work, perplexing02:31
curatrixcfarrier: Is it a linux iso?02:31
cfarrieroh, hi curatrix02:31
Dr_Willisshahan:  easier to just reinstall it.02:31
Dr_Willisshahan:  save your imporantant files to ubuntu one is what i normally do.02:32
qincfarrier: why would you want root to burn?02:32
cfarrierI want to dual boot win8, i'm not tied to an os at the moment, got a brand new pc, been a mac'er02:32
wilee-nileecfarrier, Windows discs have a lock on them, however brasero run as a regular user should burn it as an image to a dvd, if you want it on a usb I can tell you how easily.02:32
cfarrieri don't have a need to qin, but k3b and furious both give me permission errors when i try an burn02:32
Dr_Willisxfburn is rather straight forward burning app.02:33
wilee-nileecfarrier, Where did you get the ISO?02:33
cfarrierthanks wilee, but i'm its not happening as a reg user, its just errors02:33
Dr_Willisk3b is like the all-in-one cd/dvd/burn/other stuff app. ;)02:33
cfarrierit looks great, i agree02:33
veryhappyhey guys i'm back for one more question: kdm is getting me started, i used to use this nettop that i have as a desktop pc and server pc but now i want to disable kdm at boot, how can i do this? update-rc.d -f kdm remove doesn't work at all.02:34
wilee-nileecfarrier, Do to some sort of user error, but well good luck.02:34
cfarrierwhich is why its frusterating02:34
shahanDr_Willis: thanks for answering all my q's man, so let me get this straight, most people, when upgrading...  or while using ubuntu between upgrades don't  keep files on the same disk as ubuntu?02:34
wilee-nileeshahan, A smart user will have backups off the HD.02:34
Dr_Willisveryhappy:  its handled by upstart i imagine these days. look in /etc/init/ for a kdm.conf file and rename it to be like kdm.dontrun or use the 'text' boot option if you dont want ANY  *dm to run02:34
qinveryhappy: Do you want to boot to tty or lightdm?02:35
wilee-nileemost hard to say unmeasurable02:35
Dr_Willisshahan:  my /home/ partion is on its  own seperate 3TB hard drive. ;)02:35
shahanwilee-nilee: on the cloud02:35
Dr_Willisshahan:  that makes it much easier for me to install a new ubuntu02:35
veryhappyqin: plain text mode02:35
wilee-nileeshahan, I have mine on externals02:35
Dr_Willis!text | veryhappy02:35
ubottuveryhappy: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode02:35
Dr_Willisveryhappy:  that makes it easy ;)02:35
shahanDr_Willis: so but the stuff in your home is just files but no like programs... right? you just re download the packages?02:36
Dr_Willisalter the /etc/default/grub and change the 'quiet splash' to be like 'noquiet nosplash nofb text'  and rerun update-grub and it will be the default02:36
shahanwilee-nilee:  nice, because i have a bigg ass external02:36
Dr_Willisshahan:  since they are all updated with each new reelase. it dosent make much sence to 'save' the old installed apps.02:36
shahanDr_Willis:  ahhh i noticed that, man i'm learning so much right now02:37
veryhappyDr_Willis: i'm a little confused now, does noquiet and nosplash like nofb also exist?02:37
wilee-nileeshahan, Cool, I also make Installed package list to just run on a fresh install, with saved PPA's and keys, so  fresh install is like an hour at the max.02:37
shahanDr_Willis:  but your /home/ is mostly just files, right? like pictures music videos and w/e exe software?02:38
Dr_Willisnoquiet and nosplash = hides the fancy boot gfx so you see the text messages, nofb disables the framebuffer console so you dont get a fancy highres console02:38
Dr_Willisshahan:  my own personal software canbe in my home.02:38
Dr_Willisveryhappy:  some of those options may be outdated.  i used them on and off for years.02:38
veryhappyDr_Willis: haha Dr_Willis kde starts right through02:38
wilee-nileeshahan, And a favourite package install list to just run.02:38
shahanwilee-nilee:  woha woha, what? how do that? does it show up on the installer?  so like a list of preferred software to carry from installation to installation?02:38
shahan*do you do02:39
Dr_Willisshahan:  i just make a script that installs what i normally alwyas want.02:39
veryhappyDr_Willis: so text as a parameter doesn't work at all, sorry man02:39
Dr_Willis 'sudo apt-get install whatever'02:39
Dr_Willisveryhappy:  'text' should definatly work and keep gdm/kdm/lightdm from loading02:39
Neozonzhow do i automatically add a script to be run after login?02:39
qinveryhappy: it does. maybe you did not ctrl-x ?02:39
Dr_Willisthe other options are optional.02:39
veryhappyqin: i did... i know how to use the editor btw.02:40
Dr_WillisNeozonz:  put it in ~/.config/autostart/ is one way02:40
qinDr_Willis: with nofb its like '90 again ;)02:40
wilee-nileeshahan, Yeah you can have a list of the extras you use and make one of the installs with "dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages"  this can be reloaded to install, depends though on the previous install with a release change for the install list.02:40
Dr_Willisqin:  yep. i still see some framebuffer issues every so often02:40
ldurosis the ubuntu forum going to come back up at some point?02:41
ldurosit's been down for days now...02:41
wilee-nileeshahan, Ubuntu loads from repos, so if you add extra repos you want to be sure a new release supports it, and you can save thise and the keys.02:41
Halyardlduros: 2013-07-26: the forums are up running again and being tested privately by Forum administrators.02:42
Alegreyalol the forum is still down?02:42
ldurosHalyard: so hopefully soon02:42
ldurosyeh it's still down02:42
wilee-nileeshahan, Err that an extra repo like a PPa supports the new install that is.02:42
NeozonzDr_Willis, put the script in there?02:42
SunStarim playing around with a cms script and it needs an ftp account with access to /var/www/xyz   how do i do this? im seeing stuff on how to install vsftp and proftpd, but nothing about how to create a new user and give it access to a subdirectory in my webroot02:42
wilee-nileeAlegreya, Back up being tested by staff as of now.02:42
vee_hey guys, every time i try to launch wicd-gtk, it fails saying it was unable to connect to dbus. but dbus has already been started02:43
shahanwilee-nilee:  i see, basically compatibility?02:43
Dr_WillisNeozonz:  put it in ~/.config/autostart/  .. yes02:43
Alegreyagrat e ned new words for the cracking dictionary02:43
Dr_WillisNeozonz:  or a link to it. or a executable file. or a .desktop file02:44
veryhappyDr_Willis: renaming to kdm.dontrun did the trick, is there any command how i can end kdm when i started it over command...?02:44
Dr_Willisveryhappy:  time to read up on upstart ant the 'service' command02:44
Dr_Willissudo service servicename stop02:45
newhoagtkpod looks interesting... anything like it for MSC/mass storage devices?02:45
veryhappyhaha! didn't work!02:45
Dr_Willisbut since you renamed the kdm.conf  you cant start it that way. ;P02:45
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/02:45
veryhappyDr_Willis: it didn't work that way i just can make start kdm but not stop02:45
Dr_Willisveryhappy:  how are you starting kdm?02:45
wilee-nileeshahan, Yeah as far as using previous install with a release upgrade, some 3rd party repos have support limitations. Do you know what I mean with PPA?02:45
kostkonvee_, there should be 2 dbus instances running on your system, the system bus and the session one, i assume wicd tries to connect to the system one.02:45
veryhappyDr_Willis: ~# kdm02:46
shahanwilee-nilee:  yeah basically programs right? personal package archs?  essentially like... google-chromes comes through this and firefox and eclipse and ccsm?02:46
Dr_Willisveryhappy:  then you did NOT start the kdm 'service' you ran kdm. kill it as you would any other app via kill, or other ways02:46
NeozonzDr_Willis, i put the .sh script in there made it executable02:46
Neozonzand it doesnt run..02:47
wilee-nilee!PPA | shahan  these02:47
ubottushahan  these: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge02:47
veryhappyDr_Willis: wouldn't there be a way to start and stop kdm as a service but don't make it run on boot?02:47
veryhappyDr_Willis: that's actually just what i want, keep kdm but don't start it02:47
Dr_WillisNeozonz:  have the script do somthing so you can see if its running, or failing. (make it log somewherem or use the osd-notify command, and it may need to sleep for a few moments to get ran after the desktop is ready.02:47
Dr_WillisNeozonz:  what is the script doing exactly/02:47
qinveryhappy: sudo service kdm start | stop02:48
Neozonzrunning another application02:48
Dr_Willisveryhappy:  the upstart docs mention several ways to 'disable' a service. you may want to look into the override files02:48
Neozonzcalling another executable after setting some env variables02:48
shahanwilee-nilee:  ohhh so stuf like restricted extras?02:48
veryhappyqin: if you don't get what i want, please don't write something at all. ok? for next time, thanks02:48
wilee-nileeshahan, Restricted extras are in the repos supplied in a install PPA's are 3rd party you add them.02:49
veryhappyDr_Willis: but why keeps it booting into kdm though i entered update-rc.d -f kdm remove?02:49
Dr_WillisNeozonz:  its possible the  shell enviroment is not what you are expecting for the script.   be sure to use full paths, and  have it start with #!/bin/bash if its using bash features02:49
Dr_Willisveryhappy:   thats the OLD sysv way.. ubuntu uses upstart  now.02:49
veryhappyDr_Willis: there we go... now i got it02:49
Dr_Willisupstart has been used now for some years. ;)02:49
kostkonsince around 2009 i think02:50
Dr_Willisupstart does have a sysv 'emulation' type setup. so many people dont notice the switch02:50
veryhappyDr_Willis: i just don't seem to get this /etc/init crap "start on ..[]) and stop"02:50
Dr_Willisveryhappy:  read the 'upstart cookbook' web site. its very well done docs on the topic02:50
qinveryhappy: You want to start kdm as service after booting into text mode: sudo service kdm start; to stop kdm and drop bask to text mode: sudo service kdm stop; did I got it wrong somewhere?02:50
veryhappyDr_Willis: ok i think that's better...02:51
boumahello, i did a mv from ~/videos to a flashdrive, and the flash ran out of space. there are files with the wrong size and files that are zero. how do i know which to remove?02:51
veryhappyqin: the problem was you didn't get at all that i know how to use the old sysv type and stuff, i just don't know how to manage the /etc/init scripts.02:51
wilee-nileeshahan, Basically you want to have access to what ever repo you pulled a install from originally, all have gpg keys generally, so if you save lists you want to be sure you have those extra repos loaded and the keys set.02:52
Dr_Willisthings are really going to get fun whenever we switch ubuntu over to that systemd (i think thats the name) system.. ;P02:52
veryhappyDr_Willis: wasn't systemd outdated or only used on arch linux?02:52
Dr_Willisother disrtos are adopting it.  i think arch was just one of the first.02:53
veryhappyDr_Willis: nice.02:53
veryhappycan you give me the link to the upstart cookbook please?02:53
shahanwilee-nilee:  okay i see, but since i haven't been using 12.04 and ubuntu in general for that long... i may just clean install 13.04 and set a list on software center and let that go overnight lol02:53
veryhappyDr_Willis: if i still don't get it i'm gonna call for a pizza and switch off my damn pc.02:54
wilee-nileeshahan, I would not do unattended installs my self, but thats me.02:54
dangerousiceHey guys, so I just did a huge noob mistake. I ran the command, find -iname "*.png" -exec mv -v {} ~/Downloads \; and of course it started to move all my png's on my system. I'm taking a chance by asking if there's a way to reverse it even though I'm 99% sure the answer is no?02:54
veryhappyDr_Willis: the upstart not systemd?02:54
qinveryhappy: http://wiki.gentoo.org/wiki/Comparison_of_init_systems02:54
jhilehey i installed the nvidia driver 304, is that more stable than the 319 (tested)02:54
Dr_Willisfirst google hit for 'ubuntu cookbook' ;P02:55
shahanwilee-nilee: i see your point i'll just take anything of value off the disk partition then.02:55
shahanwilee-nilee:  thanks  alot man and Dr_Willis ! :D02:55
veryhappythanks Dr_Willis02:55
Neozonzstill not working...02:55
veryhappyqin: what shall i start with ... Comparison ...02:55
Neozonzwhy is this so complicated, i just want t run an SH script upon login02:55
wilee-nileeshahan, I use the terminal and I install synaptic, synaptic has a history in case you want to remove stuff and need a histiry, there are other histories on board as well.02:56
wilee-nileeshahan, Good luck.02:56
Dr_WillisNeozonz:  i have several scripts in my autostart dir that run when i loging to my X desktop02:56
Dr_WillisNeozonz:  they are very simple scripts however.02:56
shahanWill|: ah yeah i have synaptic, i've been looking for something like windows 7's control panel and install/uninstall programs02:57
shahanstill have wrap my head around this 'packages' thing xD02:57
Neozonzwhat is the exec line u use in autostart?02:57
shahanwilee-nilee: *02:57
shahan*to wrap02:57
Dr_WillisNeozonz:  most of them i do start with 'sleep 20' so they always start after the desktop is up and running and settled down.02:57
Neozonzis it bash /path/scriptname.sh ?02:57
veryhappyDr_Willis: ok thanks, Dr_Willis i'm gonna try it out now, take care.02:57
Neozonzor is it /path/scriptname.sh02:57
wilee-nileeshahan, You will figure it out. ;)02:57
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
Dr_WillisNeozonz:  if its ececutable you dont need the bash part. if the first line is correct.02:58
Dr_WillisNeozonz: example here.02:58
Dr_Willis pastebinit start_conky02:58
pvl1how do i stop apt from install recommended by default02:58
Neozonzok added a sleep line02:58
Neozonzthis better work02:58
wilee-nileepvl1, Why would you need to.02:58
Dr_WillisNeozonz:  or you could give details like posting the script...02:58
Neozonzits very simple02:59
pvl1wilee-nilee: trying to make a minimalist custom livecd02:59
wilee-nileepvl1, Ah, I forgot.02:59
Neozonzsleep 2002:59
wilee-nileeI'm lucky to remember my own name02:59
Neozonzexport GPU_MAX_ALLOC_PERCENT=10003:00
pvl1i sometimes remember my birthday, so its ok i can relate03:00
shahanhow much space does Ubuntu One give you?03:01
Dr_Willisshahan:  5gb03:01
curatrixshahan: four cubic meters ;)03:01
flickwhat are some nice 3D applications that i can show off. i remember in old days there were some stunning screensavers...03:01
flickgames, demos03:02
qinflick: fgfs (flight gear)03:02
shahanlook google wants to give us free cloudspace, so does ubuntu, why can't we just get one amalgamate all the free cloudpsace one user can get.03:02
curatrixUrban Terror is pretty good03:02
Dr_WillisNeozonz:  you can toss in a 'notify-send "Starting your thing in 20 sec"' in your script to be sure its actually getting launched.03:04
chalcedony`*hugs* Dr_Willis :)03:04
Dr_Willisshahan:  i think theres some fuse tools for that. ;)03:04
cfarrierhmm can't see any files in UNetbootin03:04
cfarrieranyone know why?03:04
Dr_Willis!find bb03:04
chalcedony`how long should it take to install ubuntu 13.04 from a cd? (it seems to be taking forever!)03:04
ubottuFound: bbdb, binutils-dev, libb-keywords-perl, libbabl-0.1-0, libbabl-0.1-0-dbg, libbabl-dev, libbabl-doc, libbackport-util-concurrent-java, libbackport-util-concurrent-java-doc, libbamf-doc (and 604 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=bb&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all03:04
Dr_Willisflick:  check out 'bb'03:05
wilee-nileechalcedony`, depends on your download speed and if you tick updates,03:05
=== scott is now known as Guest56881
Dr_Willischalcedony`:  since its been out for a bit. theres more updates for it to download  at teh start. so its a trade off. :) you want to be up to date when you are installed..or wait later03:06
cfarrierI failed burning a win8 ISO to a dvd...so i'm trying to get a USB working03:06
cfarriergot Unetbootin, but it doesn't see any of my files, what gives03:06
flickchecking out - installed - running - gibberish coming on screen03:07
chalcedony`he started at 10:35, it's 11:05, he did not tick install updates03:07
Dr_Willisyou can 'dd' the windows8 iso straight to usb i thought.  you may want to check in #windows to verify that03:07
wilee-nileecfarrier, is easy if you want help, I never use unetbootin on a MS iso.03:07
flickoh huh. strange patterns - how cool is that03:07
Dr_Willisdd = a fancy tool to image  data.03:07
cfarrierwillee- love some help03:07
Dr_Willisflick:  keep watching ;P03:07
chalcedony`er he's installing 13.04 alongside 12.04 LTS .. so that migh take longer03:07
wilee-nileecfarrier, I format the usb as a ntfs with a bootflag and extract the iso using archive manager with a right click on the iso.03:08
cfarrierok, i'll use Gparted. and give that a go03:09
chalcedony`Dr_Willis, is there some average time for that, to see if it's working?03:09
wilee-nileecfarrier, Yeah just make it a ntfs and add the boot flag there then exstract to the usb with the archive manager.03:10
Dr_Willischalcedony`:  never really noticed.   I tend to install when first released. so  theres not a lot of updates03:10
chalcedony`he didn't click  updates03:10
chalcedony`i think we want to see if it works, then do that03:11
Dr_Willischalcedony`:  then about 20-30 min is a normal install for me with no updates, from a usb i recall..03:11
cfarrierhow do i add the boot flag03:11
chalcedony`from DVD03:11
Dr_Willisgparted has a manage flags menu item cfarrier03:11
wilee-nileecfarrier, Goarted has a right click add flags to partitikons03:11
StarOnDHello I want to upgrade my libboost to 1.53 from 1.49, how can I do this ?03:11
wilee-nileebad spelling sorry03:12
pvl1so uh anyone know how to disable recommended install within apt03:12
wilee-nileeStarOnD, Looks like a downgrade.03:12
wilee-nileedoh missed the wording my bad03:12
Dr_Willislibboost1.53  is the current here it seems03:13
wilee-nileeStarOnD, You have a source to the upgrade?03:13
flickbb is not playing any sound though it seemed it said it would when it started03:13
Dr_Willis!info libboost03:13
ubottuPackage libboost does not exist in raring03:13
flicki need to check if my sound system is working03:13
StarOnDI mean to go rom 1.49 to 1.53, this packages > libboost-all-dev03:13
Dr_Willisseems the repos have both versions..  if im looking at the info correctly03:14
Dr_Willislibboost1.49-all-dev  libboost1.53-all-dev03:14
x_Hi all. Does anyone know how to indent a block of code in gedit?03:14
curatrixx_: ins key (insert)03:15
curatrixx_: Then space03:15
x_curatrix: I did tab after but that worked too03:16
x_curatrix: Thanks!!!03:16
=== din2 is now known as din_
EmmEightwhats the word with the forums?03:23
wilee-nileeEmmEight, Same here as the splash.03:23
wilee-nileeno exact date of opening again, but up and running being tested by staff.03:24
EmmEightAny word on who the attacker is?03:24
wilee-nileeEmmEight, All that info is linked to the splash03:24
wilee-nileeEmmEight, #ubuntuforums would be the place to discuss. ;)03:25
qininsync vs grive? or someone had mercy and there is proper client.03:27
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=== joel_ is now known as j0elo
jpmhI am running rsync to backup = on my laptop I have my home directory encrypted and the direvtory where this is happening is beneath my home. On my office system I do not encrypt home but use encfs for things I want encryped.  It appears that the rsync is MANY times faster with encfs than the encrypted home dir.  Does this make sense?03:37
=== joel_ is now known as j0elo
j0elojoin #ubuntu03:38
StarOnDhow can I add a directory to the PYTHONPATH?03:40
Dr_Willisexport PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH:/path/to/new/dir     perhaps? thats how it works for the bash paths.03:42
=== dacs_ is now known as dacs
shastenSo, I am using Ubuntu Ultimate Edition, and I like it but it seems to be a little buggy, and I am not sure why.03:51
shastenI was wondering if maybe on of you fine gents knew anything about Ultimate Edition.03:52
ubottuThere are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)03:52
Dr_Willisid say avoide it and stickto normal ubuntu shasten03:53
tdruskI need help getting my fn keys to work. Currently, it seems only sound works. Toshiba Satellite. lspci http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=54nQm5fJ04:01
=== mbegum is now known as kubunnee
CovertOpshello i am having an issue with ubuntu 13.04 and the HDMI output. video and sound quality are very poor.04:08
CovertOpsis anyone familiar with the intel-linux-graphics-installer?04:09
wilee-nileeCovertOps, this, http://imagebin.org/26577704:12
CovertOpsit keeps failing04:13
CovertOpssomething wicked happened when trying to resolve ppa.launchpad.net04:13
wilee-nileeCovertOps, Hmm, well when I ran mine on a toshiba a205 s5818 I had no problems, not sure here to be honest, what are the errors?04:14
wilee-nileeCovertOps, Might try checking your sources list and maybe a repo change is needed.04:14
wilee-nileeCovertOps, How does a standard update go?04:15
harderalguien habla español?04:16
CovertOpsusually goes through fine04:16
CovertOpsif i do apt-get update --fix-missing i get the same error as the installer04:17
CovertOpsactually video appears to work fine now04:17
CovertOpsnot sure what fixed it04:17
iLogicalShould I be concerned that I have a ssh-process running, which I can't kill using sudo killall -9 ssh-agent?04:18
iLogicalI don't remember ever installing this daemon04:18
DWSRiLogical: It's installed as part of the openssh package.04:19
DWSRiLogical: And it's not really anything to worry about normally, though the fact that you can't kill it is somewhat odd.04:20
DWSRiLogical: It's used as a keyring for ssh identities.04:20
iLogicalI can't kill it with the said command04:20
DWSRdid you try killing it by pid?04:21
iLogicalI tried to kill, stop and end it using system monitor04:21
iLogicalbut nothing04:22
guzzlefryIs ssh-agent something that would would restart once killed?04:23
guzzlefryIs ssh-agent something that would restart once killed?04:24
IdleOneprobably not04:24
guzzlefryiLogical: ps -eaf | grep ssh04:25
guzzlefryDoes it show it as <defunct>?04:25
iLogicalguzzlefry, yes,  user      5548  5493  0 Jul27 ?        00:00:00 [ssh-agent] <defunct> /n   user     15887 15772  0 01:25 pts/0    00:00:00 grep --color=auto ssh04:26
guzzlefryiLogical: yes, that's what happens when I try to kill it as well. So that's normal.04:27
guzzlefryAs to why, I'm not sure.04:27
iLogicalok thanks04:28
guzzlefryiLogical: Logging out then back in should fix it.04:29
guzzlefryIt's process is under gnome-session.04:29
guzzlefryiLogical: run pstree to check that out.04:29
=== James0r_ is now known as james0r2
iLogicalguzzlefry, kthanks brb04:32
vlt000Hello All!04:34
hewhomusthi vlt04:35
vlt000I am currently running lubuntu 12.04 and I regularly upgrade to the latest kernel --- I am currently running, 3.10.0-031000rc7-generic. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with pointing to the latest repo's, saucy at this time, and running an apt-get update, apt-get upgrade with success?04:35
=== Awaken is now known as Awaken|zzz
hewhomustyou want to get the latest kernel?04:36
holsteinvlt000: that is not the latest 12.04 kernel04:36
vlt000I know.04:36
vlt000I run mainline kernels as it usually fixes things.04:36
cmck193Need some assistance.  I installed xubuntu 13.04 and don't have sound.  I have a HDA intel hd04:36
holstein!sound | cmck19304:37
ubottucmck193: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:37
vlt000I am running 3.10rc7 on 12.04 as it fixed a few things.04:37
holsteinvlt000: it can also break things.. and its not supported04:37
holsteinvlt000: if its working for you, and solving an issue, thats great04:37
excelsioraHow do you invert colors in unity?04:37
hewhomusthttp://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ this has all the kernels just pick one and download the kernel headers image then put them into a folder and run dpkg on them04:37
vlt000I thought about pointing to the latest repo's ... I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it.04:38
=== Clydelin is now known as cbot
vlt000So, instead of running a distro upgrade ... I wanted to just point to the latest repo's to get more recent software versions.04:38
hewhomustoh i thought you just wanted kernel04:38
=== cbot is now known as Guest11740
hewhomustwell you can always get ppas04:39
=== Guest11740 is now known as cyBot
vlt000Yeah, I have the kernel part down04:39
holsteinvlt000: you dont.. if you want 13.04, you should install, or upgrade to it.. if you want 13.1004:39
hewhomustsorry lol04:39
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+104:39
holsteinvlt000: if you want to piece together something on your own, thats fine as well, but you will be on your own with it04:39
vlt000I have modified a few things which is why I don't really want to run an upgrade on it.04:40
vlt000I really should just make my own distro...04:40
excelsioraSo is it possible to invert colors in unity? Or was that only before Unity? My screen is too bright and my dimmer doesn't work.04:40
hewhomustwell just go into, /etc/apt/sources.list and just add raring instead of precise04:40
vlt000hewhomust --- that is what I was thinking...04:40
hewhomustthen run update and upgrade04:40
vlt000So, will that replace any changes under /etc/ or /usr/share that I have made?04:41
holsteinvlt000: you should have backups04:41
vlt000Yeah, I did a full backup yesterday...04:41
vlt000Well, I think I shouldn't undertake this tonight... I will do it and pop back in here to let you know how it goes...04:42
wilee-nileeeasier ways to do that, that are safer lol.04:42
vlt000Matt Willy?04:42
wilee-nileeI am carnac. ;)04:43
vlt000bye everyone... I will be back...04:45
chalcedony`my husband is getting the same error with 13.0405:08
chalcedony`you have no idea how frustrated he is05:09
chalcedony`can it be hardware related?05:09
lotuspsychjechalcedony`: can you please explain whats happening exactly?05:13
chalcedony`lotuspsychje, i'll try, thanks so much for answering :)05:13
chalcedony`"verifying DMI Pool Data.. and then the eroror05:14
chalcedony`"the system is running in low graphics mode"05:14
lotuspsychjechalcedony`: does your computer have an older graphics card?05:15
chalcedony`over and over,  he downloaded 13.04, 3 hours, and then installed it with 12.04 .. another hour etc05:15
lotuspsychjechalcedony`: he upgraded from 12.04 to 13.04 and got the low graphics trouble?05:16
chalcedony`lotuspsychje, he had 12.04 working, we went away for a few days, came back and got that error05:16
chalcedony`he upgraded to 13.0405:17
qubozikIs firefox laggy for anyone else? Just switched back to it from Chrome a couple months ago. For some reason it seem slaggy on Ubuntu 13.04. Works fine when running Windows on the same machine. Same extensions etc. Anyone have lag issues?05:17
chalcedony`we went home and got another hard drive05:17
lotuspsychjechalcedony`: well sometimes it can help clean install 13.0405:17
lotuspsychjechalcedony`: you can also try holding shift at boot, enter grub and try the failsafeX from recoverymode05:18
chalcedony`lotuspsychje, it's a different hard drive and new cd install of 12.04 / 13.0405:18
chalcedony`darn cord. - got disconnected when i let him read that05:19
chalcedony`<chalcedony`> lotuspsychje, it's a different hard drive and new cd install of 12.04 / 13.0405:22
chalcedony`lotuspsychje, it's not letting him get to recovery mode05:22
lotuspsychjechalcedony`: howso?05:22
chalcedony`lotuspsychje, it starts to boot but the text is all squished up.. the it oges to Verifying dmi pool data ,purple screen and messed up text05:23
chalcedony`then the errors05:23
lotuspsychjechalcedony`: did you try hold shift at boot for entering grub?05:23
chalcedony`he's going to try it, moment05:24
kyanif i install ubuntu on 32bit05:26
kyanwill it see my 8gb ram?05:26
chalcedony`it's doing  memtest 8605:26
=== kyan is now known as Kyan`
lotuspsychjeKyan`: he just told you yes05:27
Kyan`i'll go install it05:28
Kyan`thanx :D05:28
sonofzeusHey there05:37
sonofzeusWhen I try to write a iso file to a flash drive on ubuntu it says cannot create regular file permission denied.05:37
nomicosHey guys. I use wvdial to connect through my USB modem, but the notification bar icon shows there's no connection. How do I fix that?05:38
ubuntu76hi all i needed help with this error on my graphics card05:44
ubuntu76X Error of failed request:  BadRequest (invalid request code or no such operation)   Major opcode of failed request:  153 (GLX)   Minor opcode of failed request:  19 (X_GLXQueryServerString)   Serial number of failed request:  12   Current serial number in output stream:  1205:44
ubuntu76how would i fix this issue this is what i get when i type fglrxinfo05:45
sonofzeusHey there05:46
sonofzeusCan anyone help me?05:46
Equinox3sonofzeus: whats the problem05:47
ubuntu76Hi can anyone help me with ati video issue05:47
sonofzeusWhen I try to cp an iso to my usb drive it says: cannot create regular file permission denied05:47
ubuntu76im trying to get at least open gl driver to show05:48
wilee-nileesonofzeus, What ISO?05:48
sonofzeusdebian iso05:48
Equinox3sonofzeus: are you sure the usb isn't locked or something05:48
sonofzeusthe write protection is off05:48
wilee-nileesonofzeus, debian I believe has a loader05:48
wilee-nileeor use unetbootin05:49
Equinox3are you trying to copy or use it as a live boot05:49
wilee-nileesonofzeus, Two options, can you elaborate your goal here in the end.05:50
sonofzeusIm following this: http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch04s03.html.en05:50
sonofzeuscp debian.iso /dev/sdX05:50
wilee-nileesonofzeus, What OS are you doing this in?05:51
sonofzeusI want to put debian on a spare laptop05:51
wilee-nileeunetbootin would load it I would thin k05:51
wilee-nileeor the multisystem loader at pendrivelinux I know would I have used it on debian05:52
Equinox3sonofzeus: sdX refers to a drive like sd1, sd2. i think you're supposed to find the one for your flash drive05:53
sonofzeusYeah i know that05:53
sonofzeusIt still doesnt work anyways05:53
wilee-nileesdX is the usb without a partition05:54
wilee-nileeor the mbr if there is one05:54
wilee-nileeits just the usb05:55
wilee-nileeanyway good luck gotta go05:55
Equinox3tried copying anything else05:55
BillyZanehi, something strange is happening. I use Ubuntu 13.04, and i'm running gnome system monitor and xfce's task manager and both of them say that my CPU useage is fluctuating between 35% and 90%, but when i see the processes running and the amount each take, they both say 0% for all and 2% for one of them05:58
smaug42_BillyZane: try opening a terminal and running top06:07
BillyZanedamn it i knew it, boinc is running!!!06:08
BillyZanei thought boinc doesn't run unless i have the manager on06:08
BillyZaneit's doing all this stuff in secret, wtf06:08
smaug42_BillyZane: can't help you there.  I've never ran boinc.  It's prob set to launch as a daemon... a service06:09
BillyZaneyeah i believe so06:09
BillyZanethanks smaug42_06:10
smaug42_BillyZane: this page explains the pref settings  http://boinc.berkeley.edu/wiki/Preferences06:10
BillyZaneoh well, i installed it because i wanted to contribute to it06:11
BillyZanemy PC is so fast, i wouldn't even notice a slow dow06:11
aeon-ltdBillyZane: 2-3 years from now your pc will just barely be midrange...06:13
aeon-ltdtruth is nothing is ever fast enough for long06:13
BillyZanethat's a fact of moore's law06:14
BillyZanebut, in those few years, i'll have a very fast PC and i'll be able to enjoy my computing experience06:14
BillyZaneand eventually, i'll retire this PC as a secondary computer06:15
BillyZanelike my old one serves me now06:15
aeon-ltdheh even with moore's law, it's a gamble on whether to jump on onto intel's tick or tock considering socket changes are now frequent06:16
BillyZaneyeah it is06:16
BillyZanei have a 3770k06:16
BillyZanemy old PC was a pentium 4 single core 3.2ghz that i used for over 7 years06:17
BillyZanehi krz06:18
BillyZaneaeon-ltd, are you familiar with qemu by any chance?06:18
krzi just plugged a usb stick. how so i start copying files into it via the terminal?06:19
BillyZanekrz, are you trying to get in to the USB stick's directory?06:19
BillyZanei believe it's in /media06:19
krzBillyZane: yeap06:19
krzthanks BillyZane06:20
BillyZaneyou're welcome06:20
BillyZane^ that was the first time i was able to help someone in here06:20
BillyZanei'm a huge n00b06:20
gordonjcpBillyZane: everyone is learning, all the time.  Unless they're dead, of course06:22
aeon-ltdBillyZane: qemu not really, but i've played around in vms a little06:24
BillyZaneaeon-ltd, oh it's cool06:25
MinnitiHello have someone online06:28
holsteinMinniti: ask if you have a question, and a volunteer may respond with an answer06:29
Minnitihello holstein, i'm new on linux, irc.. and i want know, what are the best channels06:30
Minnitiyou know:?06:30
Minnitiman i'm totally newb sorry06:30
Minnitibut i like that06:31
zeestDoes Ubuntu keep a log of all commands executed in the terminal?06:34
lotuspsychjezeest: i dont think so mate06:35
smaug42_zeest: open a terminal... type history06:35
lotuspsychjeoh it does06:36
lotuspsychjemy bad06:36
lotuspsychjesmaug42_: tnx for nice tip06:36
smaug42_it's stored in the file .bash_history in your home06:36
zeestCool, it does go back far enough. I couldn't remember the command I used earlier that worked. Thank you smaug42_06:36
zeestDoes it have a max size?06:37
smaug42_When you look through teh hsitory... see the numbers?  you want a specific command that's way back inyour history, note the numebr and type: !!67 (where 67 is teh number of the command you want to repeat)06:37
zeestThat is also very nice.06:38
smaug42_zeest: it depends on what window environ, and what temrinal settings.  Most are default set to 1000 lines06:38
zeestAh, ok06:38
smaug42_you can set to unlimited if you want06:38
smaug42_or none at all06:38
zeestI think 1,000 is plenty. In 3 days I am only to 85006:39
timfrostzeest: the maximum bash history size is configurable.  I have 'HISTSIZE=1000' and 'HISTFILESIZE=2000' in my bash environment.  The terminal scrollback is independent of those06:40
smaug42_wait, i'm thinking scrollback... I've never thought about lines in history....06:40
smaug42_ah, timfrost corrected me... thanks06:40
robotofor some reason using samba shares my network files have server icons. I'm trying to connect to Synology DSM 4.2 DS212j with ubuntu 13.04. I think I have tried almost everything...no change06:42
robotoI would be laughing to if I didn't get <Failed to retrieve share list from server: Connection refused> everytime I tried to access a file on my NAS06:45
_tockitjanyone here from africa? I'm interested on how does commodity hardware behave in env temperatures between 30-50C06:56
rubino123how can I search for just executables from the command line?06:56
Nimbledepends on if your device normally heats up to near it's max temperature or not06:56
Nimbleif you have a desktop with your parts overclocked to the limit going into an environment like that will reduce the cooling ability of your heat sinks06:57
Nimblesame goes for laptops06:57
Nimblemost hardware runs well above 50 C under load06:58
Nimblebut it becomes harder to cool it as the ambient temperature rises06:58
_tockitjNimble, electronic parts usually declare temperatures under which whey will fail - but actually even slighter higher *environmental* temperature (like +10C) is going to reduce effectiveness of heat sinks dramatically06:59
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
_tockitjso in effect it will cause the heat to buildup on heat producers (like cpu/memory) and cause them to fail07:00
_tockitjI think that current hardware does not work very well in that part of the world07:00
_tockitjthing is - my hw is going to be subjected to similar conditions, so I was wondering if there is anyone here from hotter part of the world :)07:01
timfrostrubino123: if you are using the find command, the options '-type f -a -executable' should work (-executable will pick up directories as well as files)07:02
timfrostrubino123: try '-and' rather than '-a'07:04
krzanyone using linux mint?07:04
tigrangkrz: i am07:04
krzthought  this would be the right channel to ask, since its based on ubuntu07:04
tigrangkrz: mint has its own server/chanel07:04
krztigrang: so mint uses packages from ubuntu right?07:05
amarsainihow to calibrate laptop screen on 12.0407:05
amarsainimy screen screen doesnot show correct white color07:06
amarsainiits dull07:06
amarsainibit towards red07:06
amarsainihow to get correct white color07:06
amarsainiusing ubuntu 12.0407:06
shahanguys just installed 13.04 and can't log into main account....  only just plays the drum sound..... but can log into guest07:09
shahanoh god and now i've switched to .. 'require no password to log in, automatic log in'  and now i can't authenticate anything... FFF07:10
kevdogI'll ask a stupid question that's probably been asked 1000 times.  When are forums going to be back up?07:11
aeon-ltdkevdog: unless something happened in the last 24hours, the answer is they will be up when they are up07:12
kevdogFigured that would be the response07:13
kevdogNothing to enlightening then.07:13
aeon-ltdkevdog: if you need support, here and other linux forums can be useful until the forums are back up07:14
kevdogHey anyone know of any extension, add on, app etc, that would stop the automatic saving of drafts in Gmail when composed in the browser?07:14
wilee-nileekevdog, we know no more than the splash at the website reveals.07:14
shahani can't log into my main account!07:14
shahanjust does nothing and plays login sound07:14
shahancan login to guest though07:14
shahanplease help07:15
kevdogI was hoping for you super top secret inside information from the crowd here ;)07:15
timfrost!patience |  shahan07:15
ubottushahan: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/07:15
shahanJUSt installed 13.0407:15
wilee-nileekevdog, Don't tell anyone but elvis returns for the next presidential race.07:15
aeon-ltdkevdog: 99% of the users here are just regular users07:16
wilee-nileekevdog, I know you from the forums do I kid, ;)07:16
kevdogWhere is those damn one percenters?07:17
Zah_do-release-upgrade fails to find any new releases running on Ubuntu 12.10.07:17
Zah_Does anyone have any debugging tips?07:18
wilee-nileeZah_, Go to software sources and set i to all releases and try the update-upgrade gui.07:18
Zah_The system is otherwise up to date. Both do-release-upgrade and do-release-upgrade -d have been tried with full root priviledges07:18
Zah_wilee-nilee: Does this have a CLI equivalent?07:19
wilee-nileeshahan, What desktop, have you tried logging in in a tty and then startx?07:19
kevdogsudo apt-get dist-upgrade or something like that?07:19
wilee-nileeZah_, I would have to look it up on the web I fresh install always, but know some don't set the all releases and have problems07:20
wilee-nileeZah_, You have no X07:20
timfrostkevdog: try 'sudo do-release-upgrade'07:20
kevdog@timfrost: really?07:21
=== dan_ is now known as Guest26395
Zah_Zah_: Not readily available.07:24
wilee-nileeZah_, Here is various methods and info, might help. http://askubuntu.com/questions/279620/how-do-i-upgrade-from-12-10-to-13-0407:24
Zah_Damn tab.07:24
timfrostkevdog: oops. I was mis-targeting a message that I now see that wouldn't have helped Zah_07:24
timfrostZah_: did you run the do-release-upgrade commands as root (or using sudo)?07:26
kevdognight guys07:28
timfrostZah_: can you !pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list?07:30
Zah_I'm tempted to just modify /etc/sources.list to use the repositories for 13.0407:30
Zah_I've heard this is not recommended, but never the reason why.07:30
=== calmyournerves_ is now known as calmyournerves
auronandaceZah_: silly question: did you try sudo apt-get update before trying the do-release-upgrade ?07:32
Zah_Yep. Upgraded the kernel as well.07:32
timfrostZah_: There are configuration settings that are not guaranteed to be correctly updated if you don't do the release upgrades correctly07:32
Zah_Do you know which settings they might be?07:33
Zah_Or where I can find more information07:33
wilee-nileeZah_, Is this a server?07:33
Zah_It is not the server edition of Ubuntu.07:35
wilee-nileeZah_, What is is exactly?07:35
Zah_according to `cat /etc/lsb-release`: Ubuntu 12.10 Quantal07:36
wilee-nileeZah_, Is this a release by another like mint ZorinOS or something?07:38
wilee-nileeor other ubuntu derivative07:38
Zah_Nope, plain-vanilla Ubuntu.07:39
Zah_Ah, this is hopeless. I'm going to hack /etc/apt/sources.list.07:39
Zah_I'll let you all know how it goes ;).07:39
wilee-nileeZah_, Cool the others have additional repos is all.07:39
hewhomustcould someone please tell me the offtopic channel name07:43
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:43
lemonsparrowI am running ubuntu 10.10 is there a way I can upgrade to 12.04 without losing my data... ??07:47
lemonsparrowI mean not having to format and all that... just update via terminal or something like that /?07:48
aeon-ltdlemonsparrow: jumping ahead 3 version? how much data do you have?07:50
lemonsparrowaeon-ltd:quite a few... and github private keys and stuffs07:50
auronandacelemonsparrow: it would be very very tedious and not worth the effort, better to just backup what you need fresh install and then restore your data07:50
lemonsparrowauronandace: can I use windows installer ?07:50
auronandacelemonsparrow: wubi is getting abandoned07:51
lemonsparrowauronandace: oh,..so whats the best wat07:52
lemonsparrowauronandace: I mean in my lappy now I have both windows and ubuntu 10.10 I had installed 10.10 using windows installer so how can I remove it now through windows and then install 12.04 LTS using windows ?07:52
auronandacelemonsparrow: installing like normal (from a cd/dvd or usb)07:52
lemonsparrowauronandace: dont have one07:53
auronandacelemonsparrow: you don't (unless you want to put it in a vm in windows)07:53
lemonsparrowauronandace: so what should I do now considering internet being my only source for ubuntu now ?07:53
auronandacelemonsparrow: get a usb stick07:54
lemonsparrowauronandace: isnt my machine 32 bit ?07:54
lemonsparrow$ file /sbin/init /sbin/init: ELF 32-bit LSB shared object, Intel 80386, version 1 (SYSV), dynamically linked (uses shared libs), for GNU/Linux 2.6.15, stripped07:54
lemonsparrowauronandace: and ?07:54
auronandacelemonsparrow: and install via usb07:54
lemonsparrowauronandace: hmm good idea07:54
auronandace!usb | lemonsparrow07:55
ubottulemonsparrow: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:55
lemonsparrowubottu: but first I need information on how to remove existing ubuntu 10.10 from windows 707:55
ubottulemonsparrow: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:55
auronandacelemonsparrow: what you just posted only shows that that specific binary is 32bit07:56
paul5ciao a tutti07:56
auronandacelemonsparrow: use the add/remove programs thingy07:56
ubottupaul5: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».07:56
lemonsparrowauronandace: All this is assuming that you didn't use Wubi, if you did all you have to do is go to Add/Remove programs or whatever it is in Windows 7, find Ubuntu, and uninstall it like you would any other program.07:56
auronandacelemonsparrow: be sure to backup what you need first07:57
lemonsparrowauronandace: ok but need to backup first07:57
lemonsparrowauronandace: and then I would use wubi again for 13.0407:57
weizhaohow to create a web server in c? anyone give me a tutorial07:57
auronandacelemonsparrow: no07:57
lemonsparrowauronandace: hey which is the most stable version now ?>07:57
aeon-ltdweizhao: go to #c07:57
aeon-ltdweizhao: ##c07:57
auronandacelemonsparrow: wubi is being abandoned, don't use it period07:57
lemonsparrowauronandace: 10.10 isnt any longer supported :(07:58
robertzaccourHow do I set my sound to hdmi output? I don't see it in the settings.07:58
auronandacelemonsparrow: up to you what you want: 12.04 lts or 13.04 (current release)07:58
lemonsparrowauronandace: cant even install mysql07:58
lemonsparrowauronandace: and how to get ubuntu image into usb?07:58
auronandacelemonsparrow: the support terms are very clear, its your responsibility to have upgraded when you could have07:59
auronandace!usb | lemonsparrow07:59
ubottulemonsparrow: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:59
lemonsparrowauronandace: it still asks me to upgrade to 11.04 in update manager07:59
lemonsparrowauronandace: but then when I try to do so it says network issue or something and fails... although network is fine08:00
lemonsparrowauronandace: Fetching the upgrade failed. There may be a network problem.08:00
lemonsparrowauronandace: this might help http://askubuntu.com/questions/52793/do-release-upgrade-stopped-and-couldnt-re-run08:01
wilee-nileelemonsparrow, The standard repos do not contain the upgrade from 10.10, it is end of life.08:02
auronandacelemonsparrow: look at the topic, those are the supported releases08:02
auronandacelemonsparrow: the release you are attempting to upgrade from isn't supported or the release you are trying to upgrade to08:03
lemonsparrowauronandace: wilee-nilee this is what I get now on apt-get update http://pastie.org/private/qjmrhteb8rhrbhmr0kieza08:03
robertzaccourHow do I set my sound to hdmi output? I don't see it in the settings.08:03
lemonsparrowauronandace: can I update the repo links and have a work around ?08:03
auronandacelemonsparrow: i've already told you what you should do: backup what you need then fresh install (either 12.04 or 13.04)08:04
=== bro is now known as Guest27846
lemonsparrowauronandace: ok I know I need to do that sooner or later but for now I can get my work done if I am able to install mysql but this is the log I get when I try install mysql http://pastie.org/818312508:05
auronandacelemonsparrow: the repos are no longer there because 10.10 is NO LONGER SUPPORTED08:05
lemonsparrowauronandace: ok.. so no choice :( got it08:06
gordonjcplemonsparrow: maverick is dead08:06
gordonjcplemonsparrow: install 12.04 LTS08:06
lemonsparrowauronandace: should have installed mysql long back in 10;10 lol08:06
lemonsparrowgordonjcp: yep08:06
auronandacelemonsparrow: you should have upgraded long ago08:06
gordonjcplemonsparrow: that wouldn't help, because it's still outdated and no longer supported08:06
=== babilen_ is now known as babilen
lemonsparrowgordonjcp: hmm08:07
gordonjcplemonsparrow: this is a thing that people coming from Windows sometimes run afoul of; XP has been around since before Ubuntu even existed08:08
gordonjcplemonsparrow: in fact, I think XP came out about the same time as Debian 2.208:08
lemonsparrowgordonjcp: hmm08:08
llutzgordonjcp: between potatoe and woody, but xp is still supported ...08:09
gordonjcplemonsparrow: you're expected to do stuff like keep backups and a separate /home partition, so it's (relatively) easy to replace the OS and maintain continuity08:09
lemonsparrowgordonjcp: hmm08:10
gordonjcpllutz: it was 13 years ago or so, I can't remember quite what I was doing 13 days ago these days08:10
timfrostlemonsparrow: check out old-releases.ubuntu.com, because that may have the unsupported intermediate releases that you need to use in the upgrade sequence08:10
lemonsparrowu guys donating ? http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/questions?distro=desktop&bits=32&release=lts08:10
* gordonjcp supports Ubuntu in various ways08:10
reisiollutz: "supported", for a whole 'nother year08:10
gordonjcpreisio: heh08:12
gordonjcpwhen XP came out Pentium II and AMD K6 chips were current08:12
wilee-nileelemonsparrow, The majority of development is done for free and all this support is as well, your asking the wrong people if they donate money, we donate out time, which mine in my own business is $100 per hr08:13
gordonjcpI paid some scandalous amount of money for a K6-2/500 at the time08:13
lemonsparrowwilee-nilee: thats awesome08:13
gordonjcpnow I use embedded microcontrollers that are the size of my fingernail, take 4W to run, and cost less than a tin of beer08:13
gordonjcpand still outperform my K6-2/50008:14
=== DocGrooveAway is now known as DocGroove
aeon-ltdbut i'm guessing they aren't x86 like the k608:15
gordonjcpno, ARM08:15
gordonjcpman give me 80W worth of ARM to replace this bloody Core 2 Duo08:15
gordonjcpmassively massively multiprocessor desktops with 20 cores?  Oh yeah...08:16
aeon-ltdwouldn't help08:16
robertzaccourOk I figured it out08:16
robertzaccourthanks for nothin08:16
aeon-ltdno one runs that many things in parallel, nor is anything written to take advantage of 20 cpu cores08:16
gordonjcpaeon-ltd: I do a lot of compiling08:17
anonymous_good morning every anon08:21
lotuspsychjeanonymous_: morning what can we do for you?08:22
anonymous_talk to me08:23
lotuspsychjeanonymous_: you can use #ubuntu-offtopic for regular chatting08:23
anonymous_what meaning that08:23
lotuspsychjeanonymous_: meaning this channel here is for ubuntu support questions08:24
anonymous_and what is aprolblem08:25
anonymous_can i ask help please08:27
lotuspsychjeanonymous_: yes if its ubuntu problem08:28
anonymous_first how are you08:28
lotuspsychje!ask | anonymous_08:29
ubottuanonymous_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:29
anonymous_ok man i like to be anonymous can i08:30
lotuspsychjewhat can we do for you08:33
=== RagSoul is now known as Hrakleaz
anonymous_hi anon08:34
LeonWPis ubuntu working on a fix for CVE-2013-4854?08:34
ubottu** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2013-4854)08:34
LeonWPall i could find was http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2013/CVE-2013-4854.html but nothing in launchpad08:35
LeonWPwondering if it's useful if I report it into launchpad or if it's being taken care of already08:36
lotuspsychjeLeonWP: maybe this can help? http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/08:42
lotuspsychjeLeonWP: there's an email to contact on security issues08:43
=== joubin is now known as sigmapi
japanizedhow can i play the mp3 format?08:44
lotuspsychje!mp3 | japanized08:45
ubottujapanized: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/ubuntu-help/media.html  - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:45
lotuspsychjejapanized: installing vlc can help you out aswell08:46
raven_how to adjust cpu frequency?08:46
lotuspsychjeraven_: in bios08:46
lotuspsychje!info psensor | raven_08:47
ubotturaven_: psensor (source: psensor): display graphs for monitoring hardware temperature. In component universe, is optional. Version (raring), package size 56 kB, installed size 392 kB08:47
lotuspsychje!fr | guillaume_08:47
ubottuguillaume_: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.08:47
raven_how to adjust cpu frequency in 13.04 (there is no jupiter applet any more)08:47
lotuspsychjeraven_: http://askubuntu.com/questions/296653/ubuntu-13-04-cpu-frequency-scaling-stuck-on-lowest-frequency08:49
japanizedubottu is a bot?08:50
ubottujapanized: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:50
japanizedyou're very kind08:50
anonymous_fix fix fix08:52
japanizedvlc? is that music player?08:52
lotuspsychjeanonymous_: please stop that, this channel is for ubuntu questions only08:52
lotuspsychje!info vlc | japanized08:52
ubottujapanized: vlc (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.6-1 (raring), package size 1059 kB, installed size 3356 kB08:52
raven_lotuspsychje, ok tnx08:53
anonymous_iam sorry08:53
anonymous_what is mean this channel is for ubuntu questions only08:54
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=== DocGrooveAway is now known as DocGroove
lotuspsychjeguillaume__: please english only here08:58
lotuspsychje!fr > guillaume__08:59
ubottuguillaume__, please see my private message08:59
s1gm4Do any of you guys use a particular virus/malware scanner for your systems?09:10
lotuspsychje!info clamav | s1gm409:10
ubottus1gm4: clamav (source: clamav): anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.97.8+dfsg-1ubuntu1.13.04.1 (raring), package size 124 kB, installed size 564 kB09:10
lotuspsychjes1gm4: you can tight your security on ubuntu with many other tools aswell09:11
lotuspsychje!security | s1gm409:11
ubottus1gm4: Security Updates are dealt with here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Security - See also !root, !firewall and !server09:11
s1gm4Yep. Thats the one im using right now. Was just hoping for something new.09:11
s1gm4thanks lotuspsychje09:12
lotuspsychjes1gm4: rootkithunter is pretty handy aswell09:12
lotuspsychjes1gm4: and snort09:12
s1gm4Oh, I hadnt head of that. I use chkrootkit09:12
lotuspsychje!info rkhunter | s1gm409:12
ubottus1gm4: rkhunter (source: rkhunter): rootkit, backdoor, sniffer and exploit scanner. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.4.0-2 (raring), package size 206 kB, installed size 876 kB09:12
llutzpretty pointless, when installed on the system you want to check09:14
s1gm4alias rkhunter='sh -c "for i in range(1,100); echo nothing wrong"'09:14
lotuspsychjes1gm4: the security trigger shows alot of usefull tools :p09:15
japanizedI found out that C++ programming is possible under Ubuntu OS. After compiling the source file, how does the executable file look like?09:18
Znooseywhat do you mean japanized?09:19
feitingenjapanized: like an ELF executable09:19
japanizedELF file can run under Windows?09:20
feitingenjapanized: no09:20
feitingenjapanized: if you compile it for linux, it will run on linux, if you compile it for windows, it will run on windows, you can do both on linux and windows09:21
japanizedI am not sure my laptop has problem on display. i cannot see the full text you type. feitingen09:22
feitingenjapanized: look here if you want to make windows programs http://www.mingw.org/09:23
japanizedhow can i upload the screen capture?09:24
ShapeShifter499I just noticed something... I downloaded a android rom from dev-host ( http://d-h.st )  and the site shows it being 116.20 mb big but nautilus says its 122mb big however the amount of bytes big it shows matches what the site shows. Is there a bug in nautilus or could this just be a site issue?09:24
japanizedmaking the application for Linux can make money? I heard of free license about Linux.09:28
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest4596
feitingenShapeShifter499: nautilus is using 1MB=1000000 bytes, and the site is using 1MB=1048576 bytes. There is nothing wrong with your file.09:31
excelsioraSo is it possible to invert colors in unity? Or was that only before Unity? My screen is too bright and my dimmer doesn't work.09:32
ShapeShifter499feitingen, thanks for the info09:32
ssfjhhcan anyone help me? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17905179/how-can-i-insert-two-pictures-on-the-first-page-in-xelatex09:32
mozaHello. I'm trying to make space for ubuntu on a dual-boot system, but it seems neither gparted nor the disk utility are up to the task. Are there other options?09:38
hewhomustmoza what do you mean?09:38
mozaI had one 30Gb partition for linux09:39
mozaalongside one 90 Gb for windows09:39
mozanow i'm trying to downsize the windows one09:39
mozabut gparted doesn't show the partitions and the disk utility only offers to erase and recreate partitions09:39
mozaIt is probably linked to having small errors in the disk or the partition table, but i am not sure if i can fix that and how.09:40
ruslan_osmanovHi, how do I install this https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libevent/2.0.21-stable-1/+build/4591770 via command line? I mean `sudo add-apt-repository ppa:SOMETHING`09:41
mozaI have a backup of the windows system, and the ubuntu system only has some new mails.09:41
hewhomustrus that is the right command09:42
ruslan_osmanovhewhomust, `sudo add-apt-repository ppa:...`. What should be instead of "..."?09:42
jostHi! I've tried to build a FakeRAID 1 setup on my machine, adding a mirror disk to an existing one. I've set up the raid in BIOS, and then reinstalled XUbuntu 12.04. Everything worked fine after that, but when updating to 12.10, an error occurred when updating GRUB and now the machine won't boot anymore. I've tried to install XUbuntu 12.04 again, but it does not work - it is not able to write something to the RAID disk in the partitioning09:43
linelevelHi guys. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04. My install of postgresql became messed up, so I tried to `purge` and re-`install` it with apt-get, but the installation gives me an error: "Error: could not create default cluster. Please create it manually with  pg_createcluster 9.1 main --start"  -- But that command fails with "Error: move_conffile: required configuration file /var/lib/postgresql/9.1/main/postgresql.conf does not exist"09:43
mozajost, are you able to mount anything through a live cd ?09:43
linelevelCan anyone please help?09:43
hewhomustrus could you show me your /etc/apt/sources.list09:45
HypnotiXhello, im a windows user trying to switch to ubuntu and i am frustrated as hell :)09:45
hewhomustit seems like you need to add the saucy source09:45
hewhomustwhat is the problem?09:45
HypnotiXafter spending 4 hours trying to install 13.04 and getting cannot install swap bla bla errors09:45
HypnotiXi managed to install 12.04 without any problems on the same unpartitioned space09:46
hewhomustlol could you please tell me more info, how exactly did you install it and what is the error?09:46
HypnotiXwait :D09:47
HypnotiXon 12.04 i have a problem09:47
jostmoza: Booting from Live CD works09:47
HypnotiXmy max rezolution is set to 102409:47
HypnotiXi install the current nvidia driver from the repo09:47
HypnotiXand still nothing09:47
HypnotiXi have two monitors btw09:47
hewhomusthypnotix paste the results from sudo xrandr -q please09:48
=== carla is now known as Guest72900
hewhomustyou might just have to make a custom resolution09:49
mozajost : i had a similar problem and ended up reconstructing things from the live cd09:50
jostmoza: ok, what was the problem? GRUB not correctly set up?09:50
mozajost : first thing is to make a backup before trying to reinstall or reconstruct anything, are you set on that?09:51
jostmoza: thats done09:51
=== rigved is now known as Guest99192
bawank_hi, im newbie, and i've installed ubuntu 13.04 on my laptop, and i wanna make a conky+colors, anyone can help me to explain it? i need link to read :_09:51
amyassinThis is my first IRC login09:52
mozajost : in my case, it was an upgrade that had messed up the grub configuration, and one part of the raid, so i had to reconstruct the raid and reinstall the new version (while keeping /home)09:52
amyassinppl say find help on freenode but actually ppl need help to get in freenode in the first place!!!09:52
HypnotiXhewwhomust: ok i will login to linux and paste the xradr09:53
hewhomustok thx09:53
LXLEis there a terminal command to execute a hotkey combo?09:53
imarkLXLE: what are you trying to achieve? Most keyboard short cuts are just mapped to commands anyway09:55
LXLEimark: i'm trying to use the terminal to execute a hotkey combination which activates a program09:56
HypnotiXok im back09:56
HypnotiXso i just paste here09:56
HypnotiXScreen 0: minimum 8 x 8, current 2048 x 768, maximum 16384 x 16384 DVI-I-0 disconnected (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) DVI-I-1 connected 1024x768+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 480mm x 270mm    1024x768       75.0*+   60.0      800x600        75.0     60.3      640x480        75.0     59.9   DVI-I-2 connected 1024x768+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 530mm x 290mm    1024x768       75.0*+  09:56
hewhomustHypnotix could you please install pastebinit09:59
hewhomustand then run xrandr -q | pastebinit09:59
ssfjhhcan anyone help me? http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17905179/how-can-i-insert-two-pictures-on-the-first-page-in-xelatex09:59
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com09:59
imarkLXLE: Which program, as I said most hotkeys merely run a command, so you don't need to figure out how to run a command that maps a keyboard shortcut that runs another command, you just run the final command, if you follow me10:00
LXLEactually i do because i'm creating a shortcut that executes the command that will activate the hotkey10:01
LXLEimark: actually i do because i'm creating a shortcut that executes the command that will activate the hotkey10:01
HypnotiXty too :)10:01
hewhomustyup you probably need to add another resolution10:01
HypnotiXbut why... i installed the lastest video drivers10:02
hewhomusti dont know lol10:02
HypnotiXthis is why most people dont switch to linux :(10:02
imarkLXLE: and what does the hotkey do? whats the overall result?10:02
HypnotiXok so how do i add my resolution10:03
LXLEimark: its a hotkey combo that activate an app launcher10:03
hewhomustwell whats your resolution?10:03
HypnotiX1920 108010:03
hewhomusthypno, well first run this command sudo cvt 1920 1080 6010:04
imarkLXLE: so you want to have a keyboard shortcut that activates a launcher? why not just launch the app directly with a keyboard shortcut? forgive me for not directly answering you question but it seems like you're trying to go the long way round here10:05
LXLEimark: i need an icon that executes a hotkey combo so i can put that icon in the panel so its clickable. icons can be manipulated to execute terminal commands , so i need a command that activates a hotkey so i can make an icon thats clickable in the panel10:07
dharinihi is anyone online ?10:08
=== memenode is now known as memepie
=== DocGroove is now known as DocGrooveAway
hewhomustlol no10:16
imarkLXLE: okay I get you, well it still depends on the exact result you want to achieve, hotkeys are just keys, they don't have commands themselves but all hotkeys will just execute another command, you jsut need to find out what that command is, so back to the start, and be specific, what do you want the clickable icon to do?10:16
hewhomustdharin whats the problem10:16
LXLEimark: to execute a hotkey combo10:18
=== DocGrooveAway is now known as DocGroove
hewhomusthi dell10:20
dellc'est la premiere fois que j'utlise IRC10:21
k1l!fr | dell10:21
ubottudell: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.10:21
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!10:21
dellok, sorry...10:21
k1lhewhomust: that wasnt german :)10:22
hewhomusti know10:22
hewhomustjust didnt know that you could do that awesome10:22
imarkLXLE: yes I get it, but what I asked is what do you want that hotkey to do,  your not helping me help you here, if you want to continue to do this the difficult way, look into xbindkeys http://www.butlerpc.net/blog/2011/01/using-xbindkeys-on-ubuntu-linux-to-remap-key-commands/ the easy way is to still figure out the command that this hotkey is running, all launcher/hotkeys/shortcuts lead back to a simple command, if you figure10:22
imarkout what that command is then you jsut make a simple launcher for it,10:22
fooman2011hello guys, I have a question about wake on lan and ubuntu server, is it the appriopriate chan ?10:23
LXLEimark: oh for god sake, i know what the hotkey does, i just need an icon that executes the hotkey10:24
LXLEthat is irrelevant information10:24
imarkLXLE: okay, so I won't try and save you the hassle and ball-ache look into xbindkeys on your own, sometimes it best to just let other people help you rather than pretend you know better than everyone else10:27
joshuhow do you enable display brightness changing at the lightdm unity-greeter screen?10:28
LXLEimark: there is no other way to explain what i need to you, i know what the hotkey does, i know what program its tied to, it doesn't simple launch the program the program is a daemon which runs in the background, the hotkey activates the daemon to bring up a dialog box,   therego i need a icon that executes the hotkey, i don't need to figure out what the hotkey does or what its tied to10:29
imarkLXLE: clearly you know better so I'll let you get on with it, not that it matters now but if you just answered my questions you would have had this finished by now10:31
LXLEimark: lol ya ok10:32
jostwhats the correct way to install grub from a live CD to a FakeRAID 1 array?10:35
ikoniajost: it should show the meta device as a "disk"10:36
ikoniajost: so you just install to that meta device10:36
jostikonia: yes, it looks like /dev/mapper/nvidia_sadasdasd10:36
jostbut when running sudo grub-setup /dev/mapper/..., I get a segfault10:37
ikoniajost: why are you running that, the install should install grub10:37
jostikonia: the installer installed grub, but after that I've updated from 12.04 (last version with alternative installer) to 12.10. After that, grub does not find files anymore and such things10:38
jost12.04 worked10:38
ikoniajost: what do you mean "grub does not find the files"10:38
jostit boots and says "error: file not found"10:38
ikoniajost: if it boots it can't not find the file10:39
ikoniajost: what point of grub fails10:39
occcan i make ubuntu configuration files link somewhere else? for example say my ubuntu is installed on my HDD, can i put my /etc/hosts file, in a seperate usb stick, and have /etc/hosts on my HDD file-link to the usb stick10:39
ikoniaocc: no10:39
dotcom420Hello there. Can i run iphone games and apps on ubuntu?10:39
ikoniadotcom420: no10:39
jostI don't get the grub selection screen, only a prompt where i may enter a boot line10:39
ikoniajost: ok, so it doesn't boot - grub can't find the menu/config file so doesn't have a menu option10:40
jostOk - How would I fix that one?10:40
jostgot a Live CD running10:40
ikoniajost: first thing is to check if the files are there10:40
dotcom420ikonia: I heard from someone that by virtualization, we can do that. But i am not sure. What  are your thoughts?10:41
ikoniajost: however I suspect this is going to end up being a problem with fakeraid as it's support is terrible10:41
ikoniadotcom420: no, you can't do that10:41
jostikonia: next problem: I can't mount the raid10:44
ikoniajost: that's probably why grub can't find th efiles10:44
jostikonia: I meant from a Live CD... but got that, was my own stupidity10:45
joshuno suggestions on how to enable keyboard brightness keys at the lightdm unity-greeter prior to login?10:45
ikoniajoshu: you're too stripped down for that10:45
joshuikonia hi but even on a standard ubuntu install I can't change brightness prior to login10:46
joshuonly after I've logged in and can see the desktop10:46
ikoniajoshu: I suspect because the config for the keys will be a per user setup10:46
ikoniajoshu: so until you login the keys/daemon controlling it are not started10:46
shastenhey on ubuntu ultimate edition 3.5, I can´t pull up frostwire.  It downloads, but when I click on it nothing happens.  Any possible explanations?10:47
joshuikonia no way around that?10:47
ikoniajoshu: depends what's configuring/controlling the keys10:47
ikoniashasten: ubuntu ultimate is not an official ubuntu distribution, we don't support it here, it's not ubuntu10:47
VP1Using 12.04, Dell Inspiron, Core2 Duo, TAB key continuously autopresed with fast pace. unable to work. pl help10:48
joshuikonia how can I find out how the keys are controlled?10:49
shastenpardon me, it is kubuntu, but it still comes installed with System 76 systems so it is ubuntu.10:49
ikoniashasten: ubuntu ultimate edition is not kubuntu10:49
ikoniajoshu: a good question, i've not looked at hot keys for a long time10:50
shastenyes it is, it is Kubuntu 12.04, and it downloads off KDE.  I just thought someone would know a quick fix.10:50
ikoniajoshu: I'm wondering if it's xorg mapping for special keys10:50
VP1pl help10:50
ikoniajoshu: or it can be / used to be a stand alone daemon listening for events10:50
ikoniashasten: ubuntu ultimate edition is NOT an official ubuntu build and we don't support it here10:51
=== mnvwrzc- is now known as mnvwrzc
joshuikonia if it's xorg then there should be a config /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?10:51
joshubut on my test default ubuntu standard install I can't find that file10:51
ikoniajoshu: depends, if it's part of the xderver (doubtful) then yes,10:51
shastenwhatever...I don´t mean to argue, just thought someone would have a quick fix.  I got other places I can look..10:52
ikoniajoshu: xorg.conf is dynamic for a long time now, so you only have that file if you need to hardcode/force10:52
ikoniashasten: I suggest looking in other places as we don't support ultimate edition here10:52
napscshasten: if it comes with System 76, why not check with them.10:53
Kevin`how can I make the ubuntu gui connect to a wireless network that doesn't have a dhcp server?10:55
ikoniaKevin`: setup a static ip configuration for the wireless network10:55
Kevin`can I have two wireless networks with the same name? I just want to do this temporarily10:56
ikoniaKevin`: sure10:56
=== luke is now known as Guest11305
imarkjoshu: its the gnome libraries that monitor for  input on the brightness buttons, but gnome doesn't start until after you login10:56
ikoniaimark: super, thank you10:57
imarkive just googled around a bit for things like "lightdm custom keyboard shortcuts" and i dont think its something that can be easily done10:59
joshuikonia imark hmm.. when I tail /var/log/syslog and hit the brightness keys when I'm logged in I see kernel: atkbd seri0 events11:00
ikoniaimark: it must be a specific daemon that does it though11:00
ikoniajoshu: yes, it's sending a keyboard event, but nothings listening11:00
joshuikonia and when it says in the syslog…"use setkeycodes e02b to make it known" is that something I can use?11:03
imarkjoshu: perhaps xbindkeys could help, you can install xbindkeys from the standard repos and configure it to listen for any keyboard command, and it can be set to run as soon as the system boots rather than when you log in, I've never used it this purpose and its probably a bit heavy duty but in theory it can do it11:03
=== rigved is now known as Guest85328
imark*used it for this purpose11:03
ikoniajoshu: you can't do much with it, but something listening for that keyboard event can11:03
joshuimark ok I'm wiling to try as I'd really like my users to be able to change the brightness when not logged in and when the session is not gnome as well11:04
imarkjoshu: if you get it working I would advice disabling the gnome shortcut for brightness control otherwise after you log in every hit on the brightness button will register twice11:05
imarkshould be able to do  that in the normal keyboard shortcut sections11:06
joshuimark so after I install xbindkeys. I need to create a.xbindkeysrc file and in that specify the event which I see in syslog and then what to do on that event?11:07
ikoniajoshu: be very interesting to see if that works, I'm not sure it will11:08
japanizedhow can I play the asf format?11:10
imarkit should work, its just figuring out the specific keyboard command to up or down brightness that could be tricky, apparently it varies considerably depending on the machine in question11:11
MonkeyDustjapanized  i read here, it's a MS thingy and can be played with VLC11:12
joshuimark so I've install xbindkeys now and trying to figure out the xbindkeysrc file.11:12
japanizedmonkeydust i can hear but cannot see11:13
imarkyeah its a fiddly one, but there are many guide available, i would test it just doing something simple like open terminal, trying to figure out how to get xbindkeys working and working out the correct command to change brightness at the same time could get messy11:14
MonkeyDustjapanized  use winff to convert it to avi or so, then try again11:14
japanizedmany trouble things while converting from Windows to Ubuntu11:15
japanizedMonkeyDust anyway thanks11:16
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kephramoin - where does ubuntu precise store its wifi passwords?11:17
kephrato edit them by shell cut'n'paste11:17
kephrathe /etc/network/interfaces only contain loopback - but neither eth0 nor wlan011:19
bekkskephra: They arent store in plain text, so you cant edit them as plain text.11:19
kephrastill ethernet works out of the box - but wlan does not (likely because of typos of my very long password)11:19
MonkeyDustkephra  yes, ethernet is the fastest, safest and easiest way to connect, it does not require extra configuration, as opposed to wireless11:21
kephrawell - my plan now is: login via ssh, and cut'n'paste the wlan passwd11:23
MonkeyDustkephra  sounds like poor security, if that were possible11:23
kephraso the question is, if there is any way to edit/change the wlan password of the ubuntu system for an ESSID by commandline, shell, editor?11:23
kephratyping 128 characters is to prone to errors11:24
kephraother question is: is it possible to disable to ubuntu way - and use plain old wpa config11:24
=== rigved_ is now known as rigved
bekkskephra: Even WPA is the ubuntu way. And even for WPA, the password is stored encrypted, and not in plain text.11:26
=== some1 is now known as Guest12860
japanizedwhere can i find GCC launcher?11:27
japanizedGCC is GNU C compiler.11:28
bekksThere is no gcc launcher. There is a program called "gcc" which is sufficient.11:28
japanizedI can see gcc is installed. but I do not know how to start it11:28
bekksjapanized: Open a terminal, type gcc, press enter.11:28
BluesKajHiyas all11:29
excelsiorajapanized: probably before you do that, type man gcc11:29
kephrajapanized, create a source code and name it like ttt.c - then in same directory type: make ttt11:29
napsckephra: if you're using network manager: man nmcli11:29
napsci haven11:29
napsci havent used it myself11:29
=== teeceepee is now known as bullicon
japanizedmy first problem is my laptop canot display the full text you guys typed.11:30
japanizedeven what I typed is not fully displayed.11:30
kephranapsc, is the ubuntu GUI using network manager? (the thing in precise top bar)11:30
japanizedwhere can i upload the picture?11:31
kephra*ok* it loos so11:32
joshuI can get xbindkeys to launch say gedit, but I can't get a command to run such as "sudo /usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/gsd-backlight --set-brightness 100"11:33
japanizedi wanna give you the link after uploading picture11:33
MonkeyDustjapanized  http://imagebin.org/index.php?page=add11:35
=== motto is now known as m8
joshuikonia so without a doubt I can change the brightness at lightdm greeter by doing ctrl+alt+F1 to get to the virtual terminal and then running the above command, but now how do I run this command with a keyboard shortcut?11:40
joshuikonia I tried with bindkeys as imark suggested but maybe I've created my xbindkeysrc file wrong11:40
ikoniaI've never really needed bindkeys, so no used it beyond a 5 minute play11:41
joshuso close but yet so far awey11:45
dbuggerHello guys. Can someone please tell me what is the best hassle-free problem to start developing after installing Apache? I mean it because I dont want to be sudo-ing all the time to get access to "/var/www"11:51
imarkjoshu: any luck with the xbindkeys, ive just switched over to my netbook running mint with mdm and it would seem mdm supports brightness controls11:54
joshuhi imark no luck I might be doing something wrong not sure.11:55
joshuAs I told ikonia I can change display brightness at the lightdm greeter by going to the virtual terminal and executing sudo /usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/gsd-backlight-helper --set-brightness 25511:55
joshuimark just need to find a way to do this without dropping to the virtual terminal as I don't want users to do that ;)11:56
imarkjoshu: ah right it needs sudo, that requires sudo, that could be a problem,11:56
somsipdbugger: if it's for local dev, add yourself to www-data group, then chgrp www-data -R /var/www, and finally chmod g+s /var/www. Logout and in again, and you should be able to create files in /var/www as www-data which Apache will be able to read11:57
imarkhhhm, typing hings twice, clearly i need a coffee11:57
joshuimark hehe11:57
joshuimark so xbindkeys won't work?11:57
imarkjoshu: well yes but youll have to edit the sudoers file so that can be run by any user without the need for sudo password, or figure out another way of changing the brightness without sudo, it must be possible11:58
joshuok let me try the sudoers option and see if that work11:59
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Lee1234is der anyone11:59
Lee1234need help12:00
joshuimark this is where I found the gnome-settings string http://virtuallyhyper.com/2013/03/update-chrubuntu-12-04-to-13-04-on-the-samsung-chromebook/12:00
joshuhe uses pkexec in a script12:00
Lee1234i cant install any software from software center12:00
hewhomustlee, have you tried the terminal?12:01
Guest80044Hi guys. Is there any way to get back unity 2d on 13.04?12:01
=== Guest80044 is now known as brotakul
brotakulHi guys. Is there any way to get back unity 2d on 13.04?12:01
SenorHow can I save binary array to mysql db?12:02
Lee1234i cant install any software ... it shows some error like "Require installation of untrusted packages"12:03
Lee1234pls help12:03
hewhomustLee, perhaps this website will be of use to you, http://askubuntu.com/questions/184117/requires-installation-of-untrusted-packages12:04
Lee1234i tried to install gparted n xchat from terminal .... it worked bt .. from software center its not... wt to do ..12:04
Lee1234ok  .... wait12:05
Guest46150I always getting error about some .gpg file when updating12:05
Guest46150says that's something is broken12:05
dbuggersomsip, how do I add myself to www-data?12:05
rage_Hello, I'm there is a fix recently commited to Compiz 0.9.10 that I'm eager to get. Is Compiz 0.9.10 likely to end up in 13.04 ?12:06
joshuimark ok it seems to work with /usr/bin/pkexec /usr/lib/gnome…….12:06
joshumaybe it's that xbindkeys isn't starting up12:07
nannes!gpgerr | Guest4615012:07
ubottuGuest46150: Getting GPG errors after adding custom repositories? Find the GPG keyword for the repository (it's 437D05B5 for the standard ones) and run « sudo apt-key adv --recv-keys --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com <key> »12:07
Guest46150nannes: how do i found the key?12:07
=== scott is now known as Guest30102
nannesGuest46150: It should be shown in your error message.12:08
nannesbrotakul: Why do you wanna get back to unity 2d?12:08
Guest46150nannes: ah, thanks, ill try it12:09
Guest46150W:GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net precise Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG A8AA1FAA3F055C03 Launchpad PPA for Daniel Richter, E:Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_danielrichter2007_grub-customizer_ubuntu_dists_precise_main_binary-i386_Packages.IndexDiff - open (2: No such file or directory)12:09
imarkjoshu: gnome tools again though, I'm not confident that will work until you're logged in,12:09
imarkit may do, I'm not sure12:10
Guest46150nannes: i posted my error message12:10
brotakulnannes: i got mobility hd2600 on my laptop and the legacy drivers doesn't seem very fast. and the proprietary ati drivers seem to be troublesome to install, from what i read on the internet. i hope unity 2d to be easier on the video card12:10
joshuimark I think the problem might be that xbindkeys isn't starting till I login but I'm not sure12:11
nannesGuest46150: mm very long key.. it should be that one, but I'm not sure. Just try12:11
joshuwhen I'm logged in the shortcuts I've created work fine.12:11
imarkokay, open up your crontab "crontab -e" and add a line to start xbindkeys at reboot12:12
gregor_sup ?12:12
nannesbrotakul: In "hardware drivers" menu you can see available proprietary drivers for your card?12:12
noregretso i'm on precise, and the plowshare package requires curl > 7.24 and by default, 7.22 is installed, so i removed it and installed it from source (latest), now the issue is that when i try apt-get install plowshare, it doesn't detect that curl is installed at all, is there a way to add curl to teh system as a package or soemthing like that.. any ideas ?12:12
gregor_i just booted up xchat on linux for the first time :))12:12
hewhomustlol nice12:13
Guest46150nannes: it says that key key iwas unchanged12:13
brotakulnannes: no, i already checked that, as i always did when installing new version of ubuntu, but in 13.04 nothing appears there12:13
gregor_do you guys come here often ?12:14
Guest46150gpg: requesting key 3F055C03 from hkp server keyserver.ubuntu.com12:14
Guest46150gpg: key 3F055C03: "Launchpad PPA for Daniel Richter" not changed12:14
gregor_brotakul are you trying to instal linux ubuntu ?12:14
brotakulgregor_: i'm on 13.04 here, just trying to get unity_2d for more speed12:15
cfhowlettgregor_, general chitchat in #ubuntu-offtopic please.  Thank you.12:15
Guest46150nannes: still same error12:15
gregor_ah ok12:15
gregor_i over run my xp windows machine with linux thought i give it a try12:16
hewhomustyeah if you've got a problem come here lol12:16
hewhomusthi planete12:17
gregor_its going not to bad12:17
planeteit's fabulous12:17
planetethis 'chatbox'12:17
Guest46150can someone help me?12:17
nannesOk brotakul.  Well in my opinion unity2d lacks in all the good features that original unity can offer, being even too "spendy" in hardware resources. So I would suggest you to directly switch to another DE (a light one)12:17
ikoniaGuest46150: people won't know if they can help unless you ask a question12:18
Guest46150ikonia: W:GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net precise Release: The following signatures were invalid: BADSIG A8AA1FAA3F055C03 Launchpad PPA for Daniel Richter, E:Could not open file /var/lib/apt/lists/ppa.launchpad.net_danielrichter2007_grub-customizer_ubuntu_dists_precise_main_binary-i386_Packages.IndexDiff - open (2: No such file or directory)12:18
nannesOk brotakul.  Well in my opinion unity2d lacks in all the good features that original unity can offer, being even too "spendy" in hardware resources considering what it can offer. So I would suggest you to directly switch to another DE (a light one)12:18
gregor_i like how you can search for apps in the ubunto software center12:18
ikoniaGuest46150: the PPA maintainer needs to update it12:18
Guest46150ikonia: are u sure?12:18
ikoniagregor_: read https://help.ubuntu.com for an introduction to how to use ubuntu12:18
nannesikonia: He's already asked his question12:19
ikoniaGuest46150: "no such file"12:19
Guest46150so all ,my PPAs habe suddenly been outdates?12:19
Guest46150over one night`?12:19
gregor_thanks il have a look at it ikonia12:19
Guest46150it still works on my second computer12:19
ikoniaGuest46150: that looks like one PPA and it's complaining about the GPG key change and a missing file,12:19
Guest46150on my system, yes12:20
ikoniaGuest46150: the missing file could be due to the gpg key change and it "appears" missing, which is just an invalid signature12:20
Guest46150so, how do i fix it?12:20
ikoniaGuest46150: update the gpg key12:20
nannesGuest46150: Yours is a known issue. You should solve it by simply removing the PPA and re-adding it again12:20
ikonianannes: is this a known issue with launchpad ?12:20
ikonianannes: is there a bug for it ?12:21
Guest46150nannes: how do i remove it?12:21
auronandace!ppa-purge | Guest4615012:21
ubottuGuest46150: To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html12:21
nannes!bug 16415812:21
ubottubug 164158 in prj2make-sharp (Ubuntu) "Please sync prj2make-sharp (universe) 0.95-4 from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/16415812:21
nannesit's not that, sorry, it's this one  https://answers.launchpad.net/grub-customizer/+question/16415812:21
cplxhi guys - I have a macbook pro running ubuntu 13.04 - anyone been able to enable AHCI??12:22
ikonianannes: that's not a "known issue"12:22
planete"# A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment" ?12:22
ikonianannes: and if you look it's the same repo that the user was having12:22
Guest46150auronandace: thanks, i will try that12:22
ikoniaso it is a problem with this guys PPA12:22
hewhomustcould anyone help me, I'm running ubuntu 12.04 and when I add ppa's to my system the software package doesn't seem to update the version, It works perfectly on my ubuntu 13.04 though12:23
ikoniahewhomust: what do you mean, doesn't update the version ?12:23
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ikoniahewhomust: what is not happening that you expect to happen12:24
gregor_whats dose ppas stand for ?12:24
auronandace!ppa | gregor_12:24
ubottugregor_: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge12:24
ikoniagregor_: personal package archive12:24
hewhomustikonia, sorry well for example the ppa https://launchpad.net/~n-muench/+archive/vlc has vlc 2.07 but the vlc in the precise repo is 2.05, when I add the ppa to my system I can still only install 2.0512:25
ikoniahewhomust: that repo does not have 12.04 packages12:26
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hewhomustI just read the ppa right then12:26
ikoniahewhomust: what ?12:27
hewhomustthe ppa details12:27
ikoniahewhomust: the PPA has packages for 12.10 and 13.0412:27
ikonia"you're welcome"12:27
cplxHi guys - how do I enable AHCI?12:30
ikoniain the bios12:30
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cplxhi guys - I have a macbook pro running ubuntu 13.04 - anyone been able to enable AHCI??12:35
amyassin_hey guys12:35
ikoniacplx: it's done in the bios12:35
noregretso i'm on precise, and the plowshare package requires curl > 7.24 and by default, 7.22 is installed, so i removed curl and installed it from source (latest), now the issue is that when i try apt-get install plowshare, it doesn't detect that curl is installed at all, is there a way to add curl to teh system as a package or soemthing like that.. any ideas ?12:40
ikonianoregret: you've made a mess12:40
auronandace!checkinstall | noregret12:41
ubottunoregret: checkinstall is a wrapper to "make install", useful for installing programs you compiled. It will create a .deb package, which will be listed in the APT database and can be uninstalled like other packages. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall - Read the warnings at the top and bottom of that web page, and DO NOT interrupt CheckInstall while it's running!12:41
ikonianoregret: things installed by source have the potentical to cause conflict, and will not be picked up by the package managers12:41
Swii117see in ubunto is there a command like in xp for the command line where you go net view  to view your accounts on the machine ?12:41
cplxhi guys - I have a macbook pro running ubuntu 13.04 - anyone been able to enable AHCI??12:43
Swii117what can ahci do ?12:43
noregretikonia: well, what can I do if the package in the repo isn't up to date..12:44
Guest46150Now I'm getting this error: E:The package index files are corrupted. No Filename: field for package aptdaemon.12:44
ubottuqweasd,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:44
ikoniaGuest46150: again, PPA maintainer needs to tidy up his repo, clear your package manager cache, re run apt-get update and check the problem is still there12:45
ikonianoregret: depends on a few things,12:45
Guest46150ikonia: remnoved all ppas12:45
qweasd /join #ubuntu-cn12:45
Guest46150so that's not the problem12:45
qweasdjoin #ubuntu-cn12:45
ikoniaGuest46150: do what I said though, clear the cache, and re-reun apt-get update to get the current package definition files12:45
Guest46150apt-get update doesnt leave any error12:46
ikoniaGuest46150: it shouldn't leave an error12:46
Guest46150update manager does12:46
ikoniaGuest46150: possible because it's trying to update packages for repos that no longer exist12:46
ikoniaGuest46150: clear the cache, re-run apt-get update to make sure your cache is current, then check12:47
Guest46150how do i clear it?12:47
ikoniaGuest46150: should be a cache file in /var/lib/dpkg (I think, you'll need to check that)12:47
Guest46150shall i just rm it12:47
joshuimark yeah doesn't seem to work. Another option is to echo 5 > /sys/class/backlight/radeon_bl0/brightness12:48
ikoniathere is also a command in apt-get for cleaning the cache12:48
ikoniaI've not got an ubuntu machine here to check12:48
joshubut I keep getting permission denied even with sudo12:48
ikoniajoshu: shouldn't be done into sys12:48
ikoniajoshu: should be the proc interface12:48
joshuikonia how do I do it to the "proc interface"?12:49
ikoniajoshu: look in /proc12:49
Ampelbeinjoshu: echo 5 | sudo tee -a /proc/sys/class/backlight/....12:49
Guest46150ikonia: man apt-get | grep clear only founds apt-cache12:49
ikoniaGuest46150: maybe read the man page, instead of grepping for key words12:50
AmpelbeinGuest46150: Are you looking for "apt-get clean"?12:50
Guest46150Ampelbein: maybe12:50
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joshuAmpelbein I don't have a class/backlight directories under /proc/12:51
Guest46150APT is a management system for software packages. For normal day to day12:51
Guest46150       package management there are several frontends available, such as apti-12:51
Guest46150       tude(8)  for  the  command line or synaptic(8) for the X Window System.12:51
Guest46150       Some options are only implemented in apt-get(8) though.12:51
FloodBot1Guest46150: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:51
Guest46150the man page says this, nothing else12:51
Guest46150E: Invalid operation clear12:51
ikoniaGuest46150: http://linux.die.net/man/8/apt-get12:51
ikoniaGuest46150: man page seems to say a LOT more than that12:51
AmpelbeinGuest46150: clean, not clear.12:52
Guest46150Ampelbein: no output12:52
ikoniaGuest46150: read how to use things12:52
ikoniaGuest46150: don't just type random things12:52
joshuikonia no brightness under /proc/ is that odd?12:54
ikoniajoshu: depends on the machine12:54
joshuikonia so although it's available under sys I can't change it there?12:55
ikoniajoshu: no12:55
stioccobuon weekend12:55
Guest46150ikonia: well, apt-get update works12:55
ikoniaGuest46150: we know this, you've told me this multiple times ,it's expected to wokr12:56
joshuikonia worked with echo | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight ....12:56
ikoniawork even12:56
ikoniajoshu: very surprised that worked12:56
Guest46150ikonia: but not apt-get upgrade12:56
Guest46150E: The package index files are corrupted. No Filename: field for package aptdaemon.12:56
ikoniaGuest46150: I know this,12:56
ikoniaGuest46150: we know the problems - we've confirmed it12:57
Guest46150and i have executed apt-get clean12:57
ikoniaGuest46150: hence why I told you to clean the cache, and re-run apt-get update to get a fresh cache file12:57
yannick__hey guys, i compiled ruby via make && sudo make install and now i want to remove it. what is the best way?12:57
Guest46150i have cleaned the cache12:57
ikoniayannick__: manually remove every file it installed12:57
ikoniaGuest46150: ok, so which repos is it complaining about bad index file12:58
yannick__ikonia: but that would be a messy uninstall right?12:58
yannick__ikonia: whereis ruby and then delete them?12:58
ikoniayannick__: yes, thats why people dont install things with "make install"12:58
AmpelbeinGuest46150: "sudo mv /var/lib/apt/lists/* /tmp" then apt-get update && apt-get upgrade12:58
Guest46150ikonia: it doesn't say anything about ppas now12:58
ikoniayannick__: no, you need to manually remove every file/library/header the make install updates12:58
ikoniaGuest46150: I didn't ask you about PPA's12:59
ikoniaGuest46150: I asked which repo it was complaining about12:59
LynoureAre there any tools in ubuntu that tag music files with their BPM?12:59
yannick__ikonia: sorry i do not understand. "the make install updates"?12:59
Guest46150ikonia: it doresn't say anything about that12:59
paynemaxHi The best client for irc is?12:59
ikoniayannick__: when you do make install it puts many files in many different location12:59
rage_Is there a list of what package versions will be in 13.10?12:59
ikoniayannick__: you need to manually remove those files12:59
Guest46150only that the index file is corrupted12:59
ikoniaGuest46150: for which repo though12:59
Ampelbeinyannick__: Sometimes the source contains a "make uninstall" target.12:59
yannick__ikonia: how should i know which files are affected?12:59
ikoniayannick__: this is information you should be aware of before typing "make install"13:00
Ampelbeinyannick__: So, go to the source directory (where you typed make install", and type "make uninstall".13:00
Guest46150ikonia: it doesn't say that13:00
Guest46150E: The package index files are corrupted. No Filename: field for package aptdaemon.13:00
AmpelbeinGuest46150: "sudo mv /var/lib/apt/lists/* /tmp" then apt-get update && apt-get upgrade13:00
Guest46150Ampelbein: i'm trying13:00
Guest46150but failing13:00
AmpelbeinGuest46150: What do you mean, failing. Does the mv command not work?13:01
Guest46150Ampelbein: yes, i can move the file and perform an update13:02
Guest46150but an upgrade is impossible13:02
amyassinhey guys13:02
ikoniaGuest46150: please pastbin your sources.list13:02
AmpelbeinGuest46150: And you made sure that after you moved the files, the /var/lib/apt/lists directory is empty?13:02
amyassinIs there anyone has some issues with heat with Ubuntu 13.04 ??13:02
Guest46150Ampelbein: yes13:03
Guest46150totally empty13:03
amyassinMy laptop became an oven ever since I started 13.0413:03
AmpelbeinGuest46150: Are you using a proxy?13:03
Guest46150Ampelbein: nope13:03
Guest46150no vpmn13:03
Guest46150no proxy13:03
Guest46150no firewall either13:04
AmpelbeinGuest46150: Ok, do what ikonia says and please pastebin your sources.conf file13:04
Guest46150i will13:04
ikoniaGuest46150: are there any files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d either ?13:05
Guest46150ikonia: nopp13:05
Guest46150the directory doesnt even exist13:05
amyassinIs there anything I can do to cool the machine? or is it a problem in the OS and/or my hardware?13:06
ikoniaGuest46150: what version of ubuntu is this ?13:06
gord_Hi, I'm a Widows user converting to Ubuntu so am a real newbe - AND - I'm even newer to IRC chat!!  But I'm tryinh to connect a network printer connected to a windows computer on the same network as this Ubuntu machine is connected to.  I seem to get it connected -BUT- I get this message in the printer setup window "Idle - Unable to connect to CIFS host, will retry in 60 seconds...".  What...13:06
gord_...can/should I do now?  Nothing is happening at the printer end.13:06
yannick__ikonia: no make uninstall for ruby :(13:06
ikoniayannick__: I know this13:06
Guest46150ikonia: it's actually 12.0413:07
Ampelbeinyannick__: Does https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/65612 help?13:07
ikoniaGuest46150: can you post the output of the command "uname -a" please.13:07
Guest46150Linux <hostname> 3.2.0-32-generic #51-Ubuntu SMP Wed Sep 26 21:33:09 UTC 2012 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:08
ikoniaGuest46150: there should be an /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory13:08
Guest46150yeah, i know, quite old kernel13:08
Guest46150ikonia: it isn't13:08
ikoniaGuest46150: the kernel is fine13:08
Guest46150it all worked perfectly yesterday13:08
AmpelbeinGuest46150: Can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.conf ?13:09
Guest46150and i wasn't even online then13:09
ikoniaGuest46150: ls -la /etc/apt/sources.list.d and pastebin /etc/apt/sources.list please13:09
Guest46150ikonia: owned by root, as i should be13:10
ikoniaGuest46150: what is ?13:10
Guest46150the file is emppy thoigh13:10
ikoniaGuest46150: you said it didn't exist 30 seconds ago13:10
ikoniaGuest46150: your attention to detail is unacceptable13:10
Guest46150ikonia: yea, it's exists now13:11
ikoniaGuest46150: it existed in the first place13:11
Guest46150i created it13:11
ikoniathis is nosnese13:11
ikoniaI'm not progressing this any more13:11
ikoniaI can't trust what you are saying13:11
CiscoNinjahello , i have a subscription to a website that the content i would like to dump. how can i do that please which software to use?13:12
Guest46150CiscoNinja: wget13:12
mumpitzelCiscoNinja: wget13:12
CiscoNinjamainly the text13:12
ikoniaCiscoNinja: it will depend how the website authenticates and how it's content is generated13:12
CiscoNinjabut how would i provide my useranme and password13:12
CiscoNinjaikonia, all end with extension .cfm13:13
AmpelbeinGuest46150: Can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.conf ?13:13
ikoniaCiscoNinja: that doesn't really mean much13:13
mumpitzelCiscoNinja: http://username:password@url.com13:13
jribCiscoNinja: how do you provide it now...?13:13
ikoniaAmpelbein: it's sources.list not sources.conf13:13
Ampelbeinikonia: Right.13:14
CiscoNinjai go to the main site and enter my username and password13:14
AmpelbeinGuest46150: Can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list .13:14
savagejenFor the life of me, I cannot figure out how to access the accelerometer data on my laptop.13:14
Guest46150Ampelbein: sure13:14
on5slanybody here who can tell what to do if i just want to share files with samba4?13:14
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on5slsince i'm reading all kinds of AD DC story's..13:15
th0rsavagejen: why would anyone want an accelerometer on their laptop?13:15
mumpitzelon5sl: why use samba4 in the first place?13:16
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savagejenth0r, a lot of laptops have accelerometers actually13:16
on5slmumpitzel: performance, it's allasync now and they use the newer SMB protocol which is faster13:16
savagejenth0r, some have them built in for hard drive protections like this: https://code.google.com/p/tp-smapi-dkms-module/13:17
mumpitzelthere hasn't been a new SMB protocol in years, probably decade. it all uses CIFS now including samba 3.613:17
CiscoNinjamumpitzel, when i do wget and the url i dump the page that ask for login13:17
amyassingord_: Is the permissions are set correctly for the printer?13:17
savagejenth0r, others are used for screen rotation, primarily on the newer touch-screen ultrabooks13:17
mumpitzelCiscoNinja: I told you how to put the username and password into the url for wget13:18
th0rsavagejen: really! I never gave it much thought...and would not have expected a hard drive to respond fast enough to avert a disaster <smile>13:18
mumpitzelgord_: check if you can access the printer with smbclient -L13:18
savagejenInterestingly enough: accelerometer data is also made available in browser in javascript. See http://isthisanearthquake.com/13:18
mumpitzelth0r: newer hdds often have this built in13:18
mumpitzelsavagejen: what laptop is it?13:18
CiscoNinjamumpitzel, do it in the wget as option or include in the url itself13:19
savagejenI have a Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 1313:19
savagejenIt uses SSDs so I doubt the accelerometer is in the hard drive.13:19
CiscoNinja'wget --user=foo --password=bar url13:19
mumpitzelsavagejen: try to use the thinkpad accelerometer software then13:19
MonkeyDustsavagejen  found this in a youtube comment about accellerometer http://paste.ubuntu.com/5921681/13:19
AmpelbeinGuest46150: How is that pastebin of your sources.list coming along? Just "pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list"13:20
savagejenmumpitzel, MonkeyDust I have no HDAPS13:20
Guest46150Ampelbein: pastebinit, command not found13:20
savagejenI did know about the command line commands to change the screen orientation, but I need system level event based accelerometer data13:21
savagejenI think the yoga doesn't use the same accelerometer as the other thinkpads13:22
mumpitzelsavagejen: and where do you need this data? for what purpose?13:22
AmpelbeinGuest46150: Ok. What is taking you so long, mate?13:22
savagejenmumpitzel, to script automatic screen rotation :)13:22
savagejenmumpitzel, when I rotate my laptop13:22
OerHeksAmpelbein, he cannot install pastebin with these problems, let him use paste.ubuntu.com13:22
Guest46150Ampelbein: rebooting13:22
AmpelbeinOerHeks: That might be, I just don't understand why it takes 10+ minutes to copy text to paste.ubuntu.com.13:23
AmpelbeinOerHeks: I mean, hey, my computer is working, I just wanted to provide help.13:24
ikoniaAmpelbein: I'd advise caution here, I don't trust what is going on, which is why I've abacked away from it13:24
ikoniaAmpelbein: directorys that are "root - as they should be" - but didn't exist a minute ago, how can they be "as they should be" if they didn't exist and the user didn't know they where meant to exist13:24
ikoniaAmpelbein: and a "reboot" to get a sources.list13:24
ikoniaAmpelbein: something is missing here - I don't believe the truth is being shared13:25
Ampelbeinikonia: Yeah, it sounds a bit fishy.13:25
Kai_p_IEhi im trying to use ubuntu 12.04 via HDMI and the top seems cut off13:25
savagejenmumpitzel, oh, I see, the package doesn't automatically install13:25
AmpelbeinKai_p_IE: On your TV?13:25
Kai_p_IE<Ampelbein> yeah on my TV13:26
bittyxhi all! i have ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop, and some sound issues. when i plug my headphones into the output jack, i can hear sound just fine, but when nothing is plugged in, i can't hear anything on the built-in speakers. some research has shown that the likely culprit is the output jack itself - after some time, it malfunctions and doesn't register that nothing is plugged in, so the OS thinks something is plugged in all the time.13:26
Kai_p_IE<Ampelbein> i own a 15inch sharp aquos13:26
AmpelbeinKai_p_IE: Ok, what is the graphics adapter?13:26
bittyxis there any software way to active the speakers themselves, and disable the output jack altogether?13:27
AmpelbeinKai_p_IE: i.e. Nvidia or AMD or Intel?13:27
Kai_p_IE<Ampelbein> AMD/ATI13:27
CiscoNinjamumpitzel, it didn't work! so, the page i want to dump before i login the url is "https://www.site.net/members/login.cfm?hpage=LACP_Port_Modes.cfm" and after i login it is "http://www.site.net/members/LACP_Port_Modes.cfm"13:27
AmpelbeinKai_p_IE: Ok, open the catalyst control center (if you are using the proprietary drivers), then look for the overscan slider.13:29
IsodoomHi, I have problem to install Ubuntu with wubi: errot: substring not found. :(13:30
Kai_p_IE<Ampelbein> i got this Sorry, the installation of this driver failed.13:30
Kai_p_IEPlease have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log13:30
MonkeyDustIsodoom  wubi is a windows application, it's not a real installation, better install ubuntu on its own partition, next to windows, not inside windows13:31
AmpelbeinKai_p_IE: Ok, can you put the contents of /var/log/jockey.log to paste.ubuntu.com ?13:31
cfhowlettIsodoom, why use wubi? if you want to dual boot, install a proper dual boot.  if you only want to test ubuntu, install virtualbox for windows and put ubuntu in a virtual machine13:32
MonkeyDustIsodoom  wubi will give you headaches and you will think Ubuntu is no good13:32
mumpitzelCiscoNinja: if it uses non standard login methods you need to write your own script to dump it13:32
mumpitzelthen normal methods like wget won't work13:32
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Kai_p_IE<Ampelbein> dont seem to hsve jockey13:33
IsodoomOk, will do like this.13:34
cfhowlettIsodoom, "this" ? meaning? ...13:35
AmpelbeinKai_p_IE: open a terminal, type "jockey-gtk" . Does your graphics card come up in that list?13:36
ubottulizheng,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:37
Isodoomcfhowlett, sry, I mean I will do like the people say ^^*13:37
cfhowlett!dualboot|Isodoom, ah.  OK.13:37
ubottuIsodoom, ah.  OK.: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot13:37
Kai_p_IE<Ampelbein> http://pastebin.com/7agYKRx913:37
Random832!cn | lizheng13:37
ubottulizheng: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:37
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mumpitzel!pm | gord_13:38
ubottugord_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.13:38
IsodoomThx :D13:38
Kai_p_IE<Ampelbein> 3D-accelerated proprietary graphics driver for ATI cards.13:39
Kai_p_IEThis driver is required to fully utilise the 3D potential of some ATI graphics cards, as well as provide 2D acceleration of newer cards.13:39
jpmhon my laptop I use "encrypted home folder" on my desktop I use encfs.  Each machine periodically syncs from a cloud store using rsync.  It seems that the overhead of encrypted home folders is HUGE, it takes 3 mins, the desktop 30 seconds.  Both machines have similar hardware specs.  Is there a performace hit with encrypted home directory13:40
AmpelbeinKai_p_IE: Yes. Is that driver activated?13:40
kurtcokeWhere can I get the source code for the Amazon Integration Ubuntu spyware?13:40
Kai_p_IE<Ampelbein> nope13:40
cfhowlettkurtcoke, ubuntu source is available.  "spyware" is a misnomer, but feel free to examine the ubuntu code13:40
Ampelbeinkurtcoke: https://code.launchpad.net/unity-lens-shopping13:40
mumpitzelkurtcoke: apt-get source <package>13:40
AmpelbeinKai_p_IE: Ok. Activate it.13:41
Kai_p_IE<Ampelbein> i cant13:41
AmpelbeinKai_p_IE: Ok. Exit the program, type "sudo jockey-gtk". Does it work now?`13:41
kurtcokecfhowlett: https://www.fsf.org/blogs/rms/ubuntu-spyware-what-to-do13:41
Kai_p_IESorry, the installation of this driver failed.13:41
Kai_p_IEPlease have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log13:41
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kurtcokeAmpelbein: THanks13:41
Kai_p_IE<Ampelbein> nope still geting  "check the logs"13:43
joshuanyone know how to get xbindkeys to work when startng a lightdm session, e.g. in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf I have session-setuo-script=/path/to/myscript. my script has xbindkeys &. But the keys don't work13:43
AmpelbeinKai_p_IE: Ok.13:44
AmpelbeinKai_p_IE: There should be a menu option for "additional drivers". I don't use Unity, so I don't know where to look.13:44
Kai_p_IE<Ampelbein> i M IN THERE13:45
smaug42_Here's an interesting problem.  I've got a tablet PC with a Bluetooth keyboard.  I can connect it if I put it in pairing mode and use hidd --connect at the command line (which is hard to do without a second keyboard). I cannot pair it. They keyboard generates a PIN, and it's 50/50 I can see the PIN, and 100% fail on entering the pin.13:46
=== Daenerys is now known as Guest82685
lotuspsychjesmaug42_: is it running ubuntu?13:46
smaug42_lotuspsychje: yes at the moment13:47
AmpelbeinKai_p_IE: I can't help you further. Maybe restart and go into "Additional Drivers" again?13:47
Kai_p_IE<Ampelbein> i am there but i keep geting the same box13:47
smaug42_lotuspsychje: same results/behaviour on all ubuntu derivatives...13:47
cfhowlettalesibaia, greetings13:50
ikoniaAmpelbein: did you ever get that sources.list pastebin ?13:50
Ampelbeinikonia: Nope. He probably had some ubuntu derivative that isn't supported here.13:51
dixoncxHi all.. I need to convert some music files from .ape (Monkeys Audio) to flacc. Can i use ffmpeg ? or something else?13:52
dixoncxHi all.. I need to convert some music files from .ape (Monkeys Audio) to flac. Can i use ffmpeg ? or something else?13:53
alesibaiaanyone here speak Portuguese13:53
DJones!pt | alesibaia13:53
ubottualesibaia: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.13:53
MonkeyDustdixoncx  winff is a GUI for ffmpeg, find it in the repos13:53
cfhowlettdixoncx, ffmpeg would be the tool to try.13:53
LambdaDuskdoes anyone know if in avconv, is it possible to convert h264 -> libx264 without loss of quality? -c:v copy refuses to work at all13:54
cfhowlettLambdaDusk, I haven't converted those exact codes but I transcoded an HD video without degradation so ...13:55
LambdaDuskcfhowlett: I would use -c:v copy but it refuses to work, when I use -c:v libx264 it works fine... do you know which arguments to give to have maximum possible quality?13:56
cfhowlettLambdaDusk, sorry I don't know but #ubuntudio would be a good place to ask13:56
dixoncxOk, i tried in ffmpeg, it works.. "ffmpeg -i song.ape song.flac". But will it be exact copy / same quality ? Or do i need to specify any additional options ?13:57
LambdaDuskcfhowlett: That's an empty chat13:58
mumpitzelLambdaDusk: #ubuntustudio perhaps then?13:58
DJones!studio | LambdaDusk13:58
ubottuLambdaDusk: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org13:58
mumpitzeldixoncx: converting lossless to lossless. just think13:59
LynoureUbuntu has no easy way to get BPM into music file tags?13:59
LynoureActually, a harder way would also do, as long as I don't have to manually click out the beat for the songs14:00
lotuspsychjeLynoure: maybe this can help?: http://askubuntu.com/questions/86113/how-can-i-detect-the-bpm-beats-per-minute-of-a-song14:00
DJonesLynoure: I don't know if its been suggested (or even if it has the capeability) but I've used Easytag in the past which seemed to have quite a lot of options14:01
dixoncxmumpitzel, Hmm, i got it...:) thanks..14:02
OerHeksthere is bpm and beats per minute.14:02
LynoureOerHeks: where?14:04
LynoureDJones: installing that to see.14:05
OerHeksLynoure, bpm is metadata, beats per minute you need to calculate each mp314:05
Lynourelotuspsychje: some of the sets of tools that were recommended downstream from there no longer existed, but some others still seem online.14:06
mumpitzelOerHeks: huh? bpm has nothing to do with the mp3 format. it is important for the music but NOT digital representation of that music. the mp3 only cares about things like frequencies, sample rates, etc14:07
LynoureOerHeks: quite many do shorten the latter into BPM (not bpm).14:07
LynoureOerHeks: Recommendations for the tools, too?14:08
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lotuspsychje!info easytag > lotuspsychje14:08
pitoowdeluge is closing by itself on my ubuntu 12.04. what can be happening?14:08
randomaussiehi all... i'm being infuriated by getting my nvidia drivers working... been trying for days... i keep getting the error "you do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver. blah blah" doesnt seem to matter what i do i cant fix this.... someone please help me14:09
FrankDanyone here have experience with openswan/xl2tpd?14:09
gord_Sorry I don't even know how to reply here.  Need help with that too <|8-(14:09
mumpitzelrandomaussie: what hardware? is optimus involved?14:09
lotuspsychje!tab | gord_14:10
ubottugord_: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.14:10
lotuspsychjepitoow: can you try starting deluge from terminal, maybe to see an error?14:10
gord_ubottu: Thanks I needed that!14:10
ubottugord_: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:10
lotuspsychje!nvidia | randomaussie14:11
ubotturandomaussie: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:11
randomaussiemumpitzel: i have an asus eeepc 1205n, usees an ion2 chipset.. i believe it does use the optimus hardware... i'v been following guides with cuda, or bumblebee drivers. and i just cant seem to get it all working14:11
mumpitzelrandomaussie: it does not use optimus.14:11
mumpitzelbumblebee is wrong and so is using cuda which is not for videocard output14:12
labsinLynoure,  you can also try `apt-cache search mp3 tag`in the therminal. It'll give all the apps in your repositorys that have mp3 and tag in the description.14:12
mumpitzelrandomaussie: you will need a very old nvidia driver since you have a very old nvidia chip14:12
mumpitzelrandomaussie: dpkg -l |grep nvidia14:12
Lynourelabsin: the tagging is less of a problem, detecting the beats per minute more.14:12
randomaussiemumpitzel: i'm pretty sure it does cause windows reported it as a intel chipset yet it could still do nvidia stuff14:13
LynoureDJones: Could not find BPM in easytag, though it otherwise looks pretty fine for tagging.14:14
labsinLynource: that'll be up to the music library software then? I remember that I had many problems with getting my ratings synced in my ID3 tags. It seems that there are so many different tags for the same purpouse.14:14
GiantGrubberGRUB says can't find GRLDR, keeps the error for 15 seconds, then goes into using stage files and loads fine14:15
gord_mumpitzel:  I get the following message after smbclient -l= Printer10 "Unable to open new log file 'Printer10/log.smbclient': No such file or directory exists14:15
FrankDhttp://pastebin.com/SHNPWQsp <-- any ideas?14:15
GiantGrubberHow do I reduce the wait from 15 seconds?14:15
Lynourelabsin: well, my files don't have that info to start with, I'm pretty sure. I don't think standard ripping does that14:16
GiantGrubberI know how to reduce the menu wait, but not the error wait14:16
randomaussiemumpitzel: paste.ubuntu.com/592183014:16
mumpitzelgord_: that's nice but I didn't write anything about -l. -L and -l are different things, linux is case sensitive14:16
gord_mumpitzel: So the command I'm to use would be smbclient -L=Printer10 ?14:18
labsinLynoure, so you wan't to find the bmp of your audio and put them in the tags so you can easily find good workout music or something like that?14:18
mumpitzelrandomaussie: these are all drivers for current geforce cards. you have a very old geforce 9400M from 5 years ago. you need something like a nvidia 173.x or 180.x driver. NOT a 303.x version14:19
mumpitzelgord_: no. smbclient -L <ip of server>14:19
mumpitzelgord_: that's for simply checking if the printer is shared, can be seen, the password/username is right, etc14:20
GiantGrubbermumpitzel: Do you know how to make Grub show the error for a shorter time?14:20
mumpitzelGiantGrubber: what error? if there is an error it simply won't work and shows the error forever14:20
GiantGrubbercan't find grldr - that is the error14:20
randomaussiemumpitzel.. ok the default repository has drivers of that erra14:21
GiantGrubberbut after 15 seconds, it works finely with stagefiles14:21
mumpitzelrandomaussie: uninstall all the shit from nvidia you have installed so far first14:21
mumpitzelGiantGrubber: are you using uefi?14:22
GiantGrubberBIOS machine here, mumpitzel14:22
GiantGrubberAMI BIOS14:22
jostSo, I've built this FakeRAID 1 on my machine. I've marked the Array for rebuild in the RAID management tool of the BIOS, but that was finished within some seconds. How would I trigger a real rebuild?14:22
randomaussiemumpitzel: yeah already on that... i'll get back to you after i install the drivers14:22
mumpitzelGiantGrubber: you are using grub4dos?14:22
lotuspsychjeGiantGrubber: thats grub4dos loader right?14:22
GiantGrubberEXT2 HDD14:23
Lynourelabsin: yes, so that I can choose music for my dance students that slow enough for them, without listening through all.14:23
mumpitzelGiantGrubber: if so, use the ubuntu grub2. or ask for support with grub4dos folks. not us14:23
mumpitzelGiantGrubber: you answer questions no one has asked. please don't do that14:23
eaxxaeanyone here running ubuntu on their macbook pro ?14:23
lotuspsychje!mac | eaxxae14:23
ubottueaxxae: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages14:23
eaxxaeubottu: I've read those... thanks.14:24
ubottueaxxae: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:24
GiantGrubbermumpitzel: The Grub1.914:24
eaxxaelotuspsychje, read em.. ty.14:24
GiantGrubberGrub channel is of no help, and it's not g4d14:24
gord_mumpitzel: OK got it and yes it sees the printer but I get this.  Called name not present14:24
mumpitzelGiantGrubber: how did you install grub2 then?14:25
GiantGrubberIt's Grub1.9-something14:25
CommunistChinais 20k turnover good for a business for 1 month14:25
BosiHello everyone, can anyone give me a help? I have an iPod Shuffle 4th gen and I'd like to use it on Linux... but gtkpod does not support this version... is there another software that might work with it?14:25
labsinLynoure, you could look into bpm-tools (just found it when searching the ubuntu repository's) At least that's what the discription says. It uses the ID3v2 libs so I guess you could directly write the tags somehow.14:25
DJonesCommunistChina: This is Ubuntu support14:25
DJones!ot | CommunistChina14:25
ubottuCommunistChina: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:25
GiantGrubberwell, I am trying to avoid the error, as AFTER the 15 seconds, it works just fine14:26
ozzloyi got 99 problems and bluetooth is one.14:27
PessimistCan someone give me tips for ubuntu power management? Intel i5 cpu with hd4000 integrated graphics. The battery lasts for 3 hours max even when I reclock my cpu to 1,2GHz and lower the brightness14:27
mumpitzelGiantGrubber: grldr is part of grub4ods. so if you don't use it, you have no problem. and if you do use grub4dos you need to ask them for support, not us.... see what the problem is?14:27
GiantGrubberYet Grub load sequence ASKS for it14:27
mumpitzelGiantGrubber: so install the ubuntu grub to your harddisk MBR and be done with it. if you then have problems, then you can get support here14:27
ozzloymy bluetooth headset isn't working.  i tried https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup but the instructions are old.  can someone help me troubleshoot my bluetooth headset which was working until just a few days ago?14:27
dirtydaw1hello all14:28
mumpitzelGiantGrubber: cause you have installed grub4dos some time in the past14:28
labsinLynoure, the tools are: bpm, bpm-graph and bpm-tag. All terminal applications. You can install then and try them out with 'sudo apt-get install bpm-tools'14:28
eaxxaeanyone ever able to run a screensaver on just one display ?14:28
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ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.14:30
dirtydaw1csn snyone help im very new to linux and tried using apt-get install for xchat and it couldnt find said proggram how do i know what depository xchat is located in?14:31
sharpshooterhi friends how to re-install ubuntu os with out deleting my application ?14:31
DJones!info xchat14:31
jribdirtydaw1: it's in universe14:31
ubottuxchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.8-7ubuntu2 (raring), package size 348 kB, installed size 891 kB14:31
dirtydaw1^^ flash drive14:31
jribsharpshooter: what application?  Why do you want to reinstall ubuntu os?14:32
sharpshooterwith out deleting installed applications14:32
dirtydaw1what do you mean by the universe?14:32
jrib!repos | dirtydaw114:32
ubottudirtydaw1: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.14:32
dirtydaw1^^ tyvm14:32
sharpshooterjrib:  with out deleting installed applications14:33
jribsharpshooter: and my second question?14:33
Lynourelabsin: I installed the bpm-tools manually, got Unable to locate package bpm-tools from trying to apt-get it.14:34
labsinLynoure, What version of ubuntu do you have?14:34
smgordontheres a screen saver?  where does one find that ?14:35
mumpitzelsmgordon: apt-cache search screesaver14:35
mumpitzelsmgordon: apt-cache search screensaver  rather14:35
sharpshooterjrib:  last few days I'm having issues in my ubuntu os 13.04. after 10 - 20 min of login the os is freezing and the mouse is working but and I can also use the alt+ctrl+f1 login14:36
Lynourelabsin: raring14:36
jribsharpshooter: start by replicating your issue on a fresh new user account.  If it persists there, change video drivers.  If it still persists, see if it happens on a live cd14:37
mumpitzelsharpshooter: so you're still getting freezes with the old kernel?14:37
smgordonmumpitzel: not sure what to do with that . terminal?14:37
mumpitzelsmgordon: yes. that searches for a screensaver in the ubuntu repositories14:38
sharpshootermumpitzel:  yeah I reinstalled the video drivers from this ppa  ppa:xorg-edgers14:38
Lynourelabsin: 13.04, that is. and both partner, universe and  multiverse repos enabled.14:38
labsinLynoure, it seems to be only in sausy. You can try the buid for sausy. I think it'll do just fine. For AMD64: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/145499041/bpm-tools_0.3-1_amd64.deb i386: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/145498985/bpm-tools_0.3-1_i386.deb14:38
Lynourelabsin: thanks.14:40
labsinLynoure, To be able to use it, you'd also need libsox-fmt-all. It's not required, but I needed it to be able to use mp3 files with it14:40
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sharpshooterjrib:   not tried with fresh user account but tried reinstalling the drivers (not the perfect solution but now the time to freeze is around 1 or 2 hour) and also tried with  live session (dont have the freezing issue with live session)14:41
linelevelHi guys. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04. My install of postgresql became messed up, so I tried to `purge` and re-`install` it with apt-get, but the installation gives me an error: "Error: could not create default cluster. Please create it manually with  pg_createcluster 9.1 main --start"  -- But that command fails with "Error: move_conffile: required configuration file /var/lib/postgresql/9.1/main/postgresql.conf does not exist"14:41
linelevelCan anyone please help?14:41
=== dixoncx is now known as Guest12135
mumpitzelsharpshooter: why did you install the videodriver from a ppa on a machine with problems?14:42
jriblinelevel: did you at some point decide to delete files manually without using apt?14:42
lineleveljrib: Yes :-(   Accidentally, but carelessly.14:42
jriblinelevel: dpkg -S /var/lib/postgresql/9.1/main/postgresql.conf14:42
lineleveljrib: What I deleted was actually not in /var but in /etc/postgresql/ (that entire dir tree) and /etc/postgresql-common/14:43
jriblinelevel: ok, run « dpkg -S /etc/postgresql » then14:44
sharpshootermumpitzel:  I just found the similar issue in this post : http://askubuntu.com/questions/141606/how-to-fix-the-system-is-running-in-low-graphics-mode-error and after installing drivers from this ppa the system only freezing 1 or 2 time maximum14:44
Lynourelabsin: already got that14:44
Lynourelabsin: lynoure@lalli:~/Audio/Zouk$ find . -type f -name "*.mp3" -exec bpm-tag {} \;   and now I am quite happy14:44
lineleveljrib: dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /etc/postgresql.14:45
labsinLynoure, I'd first try bmp-tag -f -n on a few to see if it's actually accurate.14:45
jriblinelevel: grep etc/postgresql /var/lib/dpkg/info/postgresql*14:45
dirtydaw1whats bmp?14:46
Lynourelabsin: the number looks plausible, at least.14:47
randomaussiemumpitzel: ok runnnig 173 version of nvidia driveres... still having the same issue does it matter what shell i'm running?14:47
Lynouredirtydaw1: how many beats a song has, in a minute.14:47
dirtydaw1ahh thought you was being linux related lol14:48
mumpitzelrandomaussie: what issue exactly?14:49
mumpitzelrandomaussie: check if your nvidia driver is loaded: lsmod |grep nvidia14:49
dirtydaw1just out of interest gents are the repositorys safe from damaging fies ie im not going to download a corrupted file / trojan/ malware? they are all trusted?14:49
auronandacedirtydaw1: the official repos are all fine14:50
jriblinelevel: any results?14:50
dirtydaw1how do you know if your d/l from a trusted source ? im very new so im sorry if this is day one qeustions14:50
lineleveljrib: http://pastebin.com/0BiUApSG14:50
jriblinelevel: alright, purge and then install again the following packages: postgresql-9.1, postgresql-client-common, postgresql-common14:51
auronandacedirtydaw1: if you are installing anything from outside the official repos thats your job to assess whether or not they are trustworthy14:51
auronandacedirtydaw1: we only support what is in the official repos here14:51
jriblinelevel: for the "install again" part you just need to install postgresql, you don't need to specify all those packages14:52
dirtydaw1agreed wasnt sure how you slect different repos though so thought by usigbn apt-get i was openign up to possible danger14:52
lineleveljrib: Okay, I've tried that before with everything other than `postgresql-client-common` -- let me try it this way.14:52
lineleveljrib: I got "dpkg: warning: while removing postgresql-common, directory '/var/lib/postgresql' not empty so not removed." -- Is that okay?14:53
z8zdirtydaw1: If you want 100% safe paranoid trusted packages upgrade those trough dvd every new bugfix release14:53
jriblinelevel: that's ok.  What's in /var/lib/postgresql now?14:53
jriblinelevel: hold off on the "install again" part14:54
dirtydaw1tyvm z8z is there ever a need to use non offical repos?14:54
auronandacedirtydaw1: if there is something you require and it isn't in the repos then its up to you14:55
lineleveljrib: http://pastebin.com/KwvRDZ5b14:55
z8zdirtydaw1: I don't do because i'm quite paranoid on that but sometimes if you know developer team you can do14:55
z8zdirtydaw1: But is up to you then14:56
dirtydaw1thankyou all very much a new endeavour this linux life so very fresh faced atm all will sink in in time anyone reccommend a good linux forum i can embedd myself with?14:56
jriblinelevel: do dpkg -S there.  If nothing gets returned, rename /var/lib/postgresql14:56
z8zdirtydaw1: There are many useful software that are not included in official just because too small and not trusted by ubuntu team14:56
lineleveljrib: Same error as earlier. I ran: sudo mv /var/lib/postgresql/ /var/lib/postgresql.bak14:57
linelevelShould I install postgresql now?14:57
z8zdirtydaw1: wondering why some other superbugged are trusted though.......  like "Krusader"14:57
jriblinelevel: alright14:58
lineleveljrib: /etc/postgresql/ still exists too, but it's empty.14:58
NickolasI am trying to uninstall apache but when i run apt-get purge apache it says cannot remove virtual packages like apache14:58
jriblinelevel: that should be ok, but you can rename too if you'd like14:58
Nickolashow do i uninstal apache?14:58
jribNickolas: why do you want to uninstall it?14:58
lineleveljrib: Okay, so install time?14:58
NickolasNeed to reinstall14:58
Nickolaskinda broke it14:58
jribNickolas: why?14:58
jriblinelevel: yep14:59
jribNickolas: broke it how?14:59
dirtydaw1can you only run the apt-get command while in the /bin dir?14:59
jribdirtydaw1: no14:59
jrib!path | dirtydaw114:59
ubottudirtydaw1: path is The $PATH variable tells the shell where to look for the commands you tell it to run. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables#File-location_related_variables14:59
lineleveljrib: It appears to be working. Thanks!15:00
Nickolastried to reconfig it to for transfering files jrib15:00
jribNickolas: do you care about saving any old configuration?15:00
jriblinelevel: good luck ;)15:00
Nickolasjrib,  i want everything totally gone and a fresh start15:00
jribNickolas: sudo apt-get purge apache2.2-common; then you can install apache2 again15:00
smgordonmumpitzel: thank You .. works15:01
Nickolasthanks jrib15:01
Nickolasjrib, would you know the key differences between postfix and sendmail?15:03
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jribNickolas: there different programs for the same thing, like chromium and firefox.  I'm not familiar with the subtleties15:03
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jribNickolas: https://help.ubuntu.com/13.04/serverguide/email-services.html there should also be guides on help.ubuntu.com/community for each15:04
Nickolasas far as i know they do exactly the same am trying to choose one, and then configure it, why i tried using sendmail things didn't go so great but it may be bc im anoob15:04
Nickolasthanks ill check it out15:05
jribNickolas: I've always used exim15:05
Nickolasexim for mail?15:05
Nickolasjrib, would like to set up something like roundcube but not sure how to do that15:06
jribNickolas: I don't know what roundcube is15:06
Nickolasis like an online thingy15:06
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smgordonlike a boomerang its coming back to me  ....15:11
=== fansubs is now known as Azumi
newuserguyhello, i've just upgraded to13.04 and when the login screen first appeared again i clicked my main account and it only does nothing, plays the lgin sound and sends me back to the login screen15:13
newuserguyi can, however still log into guest15:14
newuserguyhow do i get back into my main?15:14
Nickolasjrib, thanks so much for helping me15:15
Nickolasyou have a good day15:15
Nickolaswill probably be back with more noob questions15:15
jribNickolas: bye, you too15:15
newuserguybasically locked out of my administrator account, and i know the password i have is correct.15:16
jrib!password | newuserguy15:16
ubottunewuserguy: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords15:16
newuserguyjrib: well, i have not forgotten it, it's just the password isn't working15:18
jribnewuserguy: reset the password15:18
jribnewuserguy: or explain what you mean by "isn't working"15:18
newuserguyjrib:  well, i just upgraded from 12.04 to 13.04 and the first time i saw the login screen, i tried logging into my administrator account and the screen just went black for a second then sent me back to login15:20
jribnewuserguy: that's not a password issue15:20
newuserguyjrib: right now it's set to require no login password so i just hit enter and it does the same thing15:20
yeatsnewuserguy: sounds like a configuration issue if the guest account works15:20
newuserguyjrib: oh... yeah im on guest currently in recovery mode...  yeats15:21
yeatsnewuserguy: you could try creating a new user for yourself, then moving the files back over once you're logged in15:21
jribnewuserguy: create a fresh new user in a virtual console (ctrl-alt-f2), then return to lightdm (ctrl-alt-f1) and log in there with the new user15:21
newuserguyhow do i create new user in virtual console?15:21
jribnewuserguy: adduser mycoolnewuser15:22
jostHi... I've still got some problems with my FakeRAID 1 setup. The bootloader now works correctly, and Ubuntu boots. But it does not find my disks - on the recovery console I can see that they are not available in /dev/mapper yet.15:31
jostwhats the reason, and how to solve that?15:32
ikoniajost: I find it hard to believe ubuntu boots without the disks15:32
ikoniajost: please clarify15:32
jostikonia: it boots, but gives the message "the partition to be mounted as /home is not yet available. Continue to wait, press S to Skip mounting and Press M for a recovery console"15:34
ikoniajost: any what do you press ?15:34
jostif I go into the console, the devices are not there under /dev/mapper. If I skip mounting, I get the login prompt (graphical), but can't log in on it. Using a console interface, I can log in (with / as HOME), and mount the devices without a problem15:35
jostso it seems there is something done out of order, but I can't tell what15:36
ikoniajost: is your core OS on the fakeraid ?15:36
jostikonia: yes15:36
ikoniajost: ok, so the fakeraid is being assembled as you can boot the OS, but the home partition is not15:37
jostand just now, the devices were available in the recovery console?!15:37
ikoniajost: have you got 1 fakeraid device, or multiple ?15:37
chunkyheaddoes anyone know how to patch wine15:37
jostone RAID 115:37
ikoniachunkyhead: it needs to be rebuilt15:37
ikoniajost: ok, so it sounds to me like it's not booting off fake raid15:37
auronandacechunkyhead: ask in #winehq15:37
chunkyheadso i finished downloading wine, downloaded the patch as well. now what to do15:37
chunkyheadauronandace, people not replying :( no one online i guess15:38
jostikonia: Oh, and I have told the fake raid to rebuild15:38
ikoniajost: can you boot to recovery mode please and do "mount"15:38
jostbut can't see any process indication anywhere15:38
ikoniajost: see what / is mounted from15:38
ikoniachunkyhead: wine would need to be rebuilt.15:38
chunkyheadikonia, how do i do that15:38
ikoniachunkyhead: it's not a simple process15:38
ikoniachunkyhead: where did you get wine from ?15:38
chunkyheadikonia, i dont remember lol. i guess i just typed sudo apt-get install winehq15:39
chunkyheadi dont remember though15:39
temptedquick question, i run a headless server that I constantly ssh into, just tired of typing 192.169... is there a way to make it so I can just type ssh tempted@media ?15:39
deadweaselHey guys, anyone know what's up with Transmission-gt?  I did a fresh install and the software center version is virtually unresponsive.  It will come back to life every few minutes...15:39
ikoniachunkyhead: so that's going to get Wine from the ubuntu repos, you'd need to totally re-package and rebuild wine for that patch to be applied, which is not something to be undertook lightly15:39
deadweasel12.04 lts15:40
ikoniatempted: setup an entry in your host file15:40
temptedthought so...15:40
jribtempted: yes!  man ssh_config.  Let me know if you have questions or want an example15:40
chunkyheadikonia, downloading wine tarball would be easier?15:40
ikoniachunkyhead: no15:40
jostikonia: / is mounted from the fakeRaid (/dev/mapper/nvidia_blah1 on / type ext4,rw,errors=remount-ro is the line)15:40
ikoniachunkyhead: that would also be unwise15:40
chunkyheadikonia, any solution?15:40
temptedcan't wait to put this in, so painful15:40
ikoniajost: how can that be when you've told me /dev/mapper is empty15:40
gord_Got the printer working!  It's all in a name!15:40
auronandacechunkyhead: why do you want to patch wine?15:41
SylarioI have an empty /var/lib/dpkg, every apt-get command fails (not surprising), how can i reinstall Dpkg?15:41
ikoniaSylario: why do you want to re-install dpkg ?15:41
jribtempted: you could also go with the hosts file route, but using ~/.ssh/config will let you do things like also setup options you always want to be set when you ssh15:41
chunkyheadauronandace, certain windows application require wine to be patched15:41
Sylarioikonia: because it seems the install folder is empty15:41
jostikonia: its not anymore, everything is there - the system behavior seems to change over time15:41
ikoniaSylario: re-install dpkg won't change that15:41
Sylarioikonia : :/15:41
ikoniaSylario: what is the error when you use an apt-get command15:41
Sylarioikonia : what can i do?15:41
auronandacechunkyhead: are you sure that patch isn't already in the wine thats used in ubuntus repos?15:42
ikoniajost: it was probably just rebuilding15:42
jostand I can manually mount /home now, but it does not happen automatically15:42
Sylarioikonia: E: Impossible de verrouiller /var/lib/dpkg/status - open (2: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type)15:42
Sylarioikonia: status file does not exist15:42
Sylarioikonia: the folder is empty15:42
AmpelbeinSylario: In /var/backups there are saved backups of the dpkg status file15:42
chunkyheadauronandace, yea. because im getting an error. and on wine page it says you'll get this error unless it's patched15:42
ikoniaSylario: what happened to empty this ?15:43
SylarioAmandil: there is no backup folder,15:43
auronandacechunkyhead: out of curiosity whats the app?15:43
AmpelbeinSylario: What Ubuntu version are you using?15:43
Sylarioikonia: i do not know, there was a problem, i've been given access, nobody  knows what happened15:43
SylarioAmpelbein: a server version15:43
chunkyheadleague of legends auronandace15:43
ikoniaSylario: please show me the output of "uname -a"15:43
ikoniaSylario: and I suggest if you do have an idea what happened you share it please.15:44
AmpelbeinSylario: ... What does "lsb_release -d" say15:44
auronandacechunkyhead: what you want to do isn't straightforward for somebody who doesn't know how to compile anything15:44
spanner3003how do i  export kernel header file on ubuntu 13.0415:44
ikoniaspanner3003: export it ?15:44
auronandacechunkyhead: #winehq should help you with that15:44
SylarioAmpelbein: Description:    Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS15:44
* rusbear is using a I7500 running Android 2.2.1 (FRG83)15:44
ikoniaSylario: please show me the output of uname -a15:45
ikoniarusbear: please diable that script15:45
temptedthink I will need an example of /etc/hosts, i put in the ip.. a couple of spaces and put the name... then when I type tempted@media, nothing happens.15:45
temptedmust be missing something15:45
ikoniatempted: you need to type "ssh tempted@media"15:45
ikoniatempted: you still need "ssh"15:45
temptedthat's what i did15:45
ikoniatempted: pastebin your host file please.15:45
Sylarioikonia: Linux stagingserver 2.6.27-gandi-2777 #14 SMP Sun Jan 17 19:09:24 CET 2010 i686 GNU/Linux15:45
spanner3003how do i  export header files from the kernel on ubuntu 13.0415:45
ikoniaSylario: yeah, this isn't an ubuntu build15:45
ikoniaSylario: this is a custom build someone has put together, probably from some virtual image15:46
deadweaseli just tried qtransmission also, it has the same symptoms, unrespnosive for 30+ seconds at a time....15:46
spanner3003for use in android building15:46
ikoniaspanner3003: what do you mean "export them"15:46
jribtempted: here's what my ~/.ssh/config would look like: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5922112/15:46
* tempted feels stupid.. wrong ip..15:46
temptedi got it.15:47
temptedthanks guys15:47
temptedsuch a simple thing so make my life easier..  amen to screen, ssh and irssi!15:47
spanner3003to userspace15:47
SylarioSo, how can i put back what is needed in /var/lib/dpkg ?15:47
ikoniaspanner3003: you're not making any sense15:47
ikoniaSylario: is this a vps ?15:47
Sylarioikonia: Yes15:47
ikoniaSylario: talk to the people who host/sell the vps to you15:48
ikoniaSylario: they should support it - it's a custom build15:48
JoeSomebodyhp 530 laptop intel 950 graphics (vista basic) under kde is a video nightmare, will that work ok here?15:48
AmpelbeinSylario: http://www.solengtech.com/solengtech/opensource/howto-repair-ubuntu-dpkg-status-file You can try that script. It's the only way to get dpkg status information back.15:48
AmpelbeinSylario: Since it's not a static file but dynamically generated by dpkg upon installing/removing packages.15:48
AmpelbeinSylario: Your vps host will probably not be able to help you either since it's clearly not a kernel problem.15:49
spanner3003i need file msm_kgsl.h for my build project15:49
Sylarioikonia: infortunately they do not support it if you need to be root, you need root to install , so they do not support15:49
ikoniaAmpelbein: who said it being anything about a kernel problem15:49
ikoniaAmpelbein: this is a custom ubuntu build we don't know what has / has not been changed15:49
ikoniaSylario: then you need to buy support of it15:49
ikoniaSylario: this is a custom - non standard ubuntu build we don't know what's standard, what's not15:50
Ampelbeinikonia: You really think they changed how dpkg works? Like, the most basic program in any debian/ubuntu installation?15:50
ikoniaAmpelbein: no, I don't think they changed that, but I have seen things changed with the package managagment system to stop packages being installed, or shared /var/lib/dpkg to make sure certain things are in place15:50
SylarioThey do not sell support ...15:51
ikoniaSylario: who is the hosting provider ?15:51
AmpelbeinSylario: Again, http://www.solengtech.com/solengtech/opensource/howto-repair-ubuntu-dpkg-status-file try that script to repopulate your status file - if the information in /var/lib/dpkg/info is still intact.15:52
SylarioAmpelbein: i'm doing that15:52
SylarioAmandil: the info folder is no longer here15:53
AmpelbeinSylario: Then you are out of luck and need to restore from your backup.15:53
ikoniaSylario: https://www.gandi.net/hosting/vps/emergencyline15:54
SylarioAmpelbein: there is only backup of the website and databases, i guess it will be a fun reinstall....15:54
AmpelbeinSylario: Unless you have software depending on 10.04, you should also consider installing Ubuntu 12.04.15:54
SylarioAmpelbein: i think i'll buy another server and nuke this one15:55
ikoniaSylario: do you not think it's wise to buy from someone who offers support15:55
ikoniaSylario: and someone who doesn't do modified ubuntu builds15:56
ikoniaor you'll end up in this situation again15:56
Sylarioikonia: well i use OVH15:56
ikoniaovh ?15:56
Sylarionot my choice15:56
mumpitzelikonia: ovh is a big european hoster. recently in the news for a password db hack15:57
Ampelbeinikonia: Where did you get that custom ubuntu build from btw? All I can see is a modified kernel, which is kinda required for cloud server hosting.15:57
Sylarioikonia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OVH15:57
ikoniaAmpelbein: it's not required at all15:57
Sylarioit's just the world biggest one15:57
ikoniaSylario: if you need to use them, why are you using gandi.net that offers no support15:57
Sylarioikonia: again, not my choice15:58
ikoniaactually - I don't care15:58
ikoniaup to you15:58
ikoniabut we don't support the custom builds here15:58
Umairis there a package to share lcd screen over lan with other computers? I am running ubuntu on laptop.15:58
Sylarioikonia: not my server, i've been called because i did one of the website some time ago15:58
Ampelbeinikonia: If the hoster runs xen, yes, of course.15:58
ikoniaAmpelbein: then it would be a xen kernel provided by the distro running xen15:58
ikoniaAmpelbein: no a random custom kernel15:58
mumpitzelUmair: about a dozen different vnc servers for example15:59
Umairmumpitzel: any quick to setup and use?15:59
Ampelbeinikonia: And having a different kernel isn't having a custom ubuntu build, the userspace is most certainly never changed.15:59
Ampelbeinikonia: Or else you wouldn't be able to use the official repositories.15:59
ikoniaAmpelbein: it is normally changed, hence why I said I've seen things changed with /var/lib/dpkg to lock packages, (as an example)16:00
mumpitzelUmair: vino probably16:00
ikoniaAmpelbein: I've often seen custom packages installed that conflict with the ubuntu repo ones breaking compatability16:00
ikoniahence why we do'nt support the custom vps builds16:00
Ampelbeinikonia: Well, ok, I only have experience with amazon, ofh and jiffybox, so I don't know about all.16:00
ikoniaAmpelbein: amazon is a good example of not using custom kernels16:00
ikoniaor changing anything16:00
Ampelbeinikonia: Exactly.16:01
AmpelbeinNot changing the userspace.16:01
ikoniait changes nothing16:01
ikoniahence why there is no need to change anything in these cloud builds that are appearing more often and have sloppy custom builds in16:01
=== _BJFreeman is now known as BJfreeman
Ampelbeinikonia: For amazon, we in ubuntu provide the "custom" kernels. But you can't just take the normal run-of-the-mill kernel to run an amazon instance.16:03
ikoniaAmpelbein: yes, so it's official from the official repos, and compatible.16:04
Ampelbeinikonia: Well, that means that only amazon cloud services would be supported in here.16:04
ikoniaAmpelbein: no it doesn't there are generic -virtual kernels in the repo16:04
=== DocGroove is now known as DocGrooveAway
Ampelbeinikonia: Can you tell me a VPS provider who changed /var/lib/dpkg ? I'd be really interested to see how they do it.16:05
ikoniaAmpelbein: not off the top of my head.16:05
ikoniaAmpelbein: and they just mounted a read only partition from a shared disk16:05
ikoniato stop people making changes to the package lists16:06
dirtydaw1hello all :)16:06
Ampelbeinikonia: That doesn't seem to make sense to be honest. Unless it's some weird managed server, who buys a virtual server without access to the packaging system?16:07
ikoniaAmpelbein: you'd be surprised16:07
tonytare there any ubuntu releases that install the OS with ati vid card drivers too ?16:07
ikoniatonyt: they are available, just not installed by default16:07
joecool. I just got warty running on a VM16:08
tonytk . ive been having a problum . every time i go to install the vid card drivers and then reboot the machine , i get a black screen and an error from the lcd im using "out of range"16:08
tonytits like a resolution is set that is higher than what my lcd is capeable of16:09
FrankDdo you use VGA?16:13
Voii got some executable  ~/j64-701/bin/jconsole and i want to start it in shell without having to cd navigate to that folder first, so by just typing jconsole into shell, how do i do that?16:14
tonytyes vga16:14
Ampelbein!path | Voi16:17
wilee-nileeVoi, Is the jconsole part of java/16:17
ubottuVoi: path is The $PATH variable tells the shell where to look for the commands you tell it to run. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables#File-location_related_variables16:17
Voiwilee-nilee, no, its a programming language called J16:17
wilee-nileeVoi, Ah, I don't know code, and it brings up a java access here from synapse, just checking,16:18
Voiyea theres a java "jconsole" thingy too :P16:18
Voithx ampelbein16:19
VoiAmpelbein, that means i have to add the folder with my executable to the PATH?16:21
AmpelbeinVoi: Yes16:21
VoiITS MAGIC! it worked thanks :316:23
deadweaselHey Folks, 12.04.02 x64, fresh download, fresh install, unity2d, all forms of the transmission bittorrent client are nearly unresponsive and rates are slow...16:23
deadweaselqtransmission, transmission-gtk both act the same.16:23
deadweaseluninstalling, reinstalling has not helped.16:24
=== Guest67353 is now known as TJ
=== TJ is now known as Guest22426
wilee-nileedeadweasel, Is your hardware up for it?16:25
shu_a little help...16:25
deadweaselamd quad core, 16gb ram, 128 ssd?16:26
shu_How can I display the free disk space of a partition in the Gnome panel in Ubuntu 13.04... something like: (13GB)...16:26
shu_the indicator-multiload only shows the disk read / write accesses...16:26
deadweaselit was working fine before I hosed my system and did a fresh16:26
deadweaselof course, this time I am using the XORG ati drivers, not proprietary.....16:26
shu_Having searched for half an hour... couldn't find anything  for such a so simple task???16:26
deadweaselthat could be it.16:26
deadweasel^ wilee-nilee , I think that could be it.  I'll look into that.16:27
wilee-nileeshu_, You using the fallback desktop?16:27
danibotWelcome danibot :)16:27
danibotWelcome __operator :)16:28
shu_I think I use normal 13.04 with Unity?16:28
danibotWelcome flugger :)16:28
danibotWelcome freedomrun :)16:28
wilee-nilee!ops | danibot16:28
ubottudanibot: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!16:28
danibotWelcome statl :)16:28
danibotWelcome mircea :)16:28
danibotWelcome amal :)16:28
shu_wilee-nilee, I think what I am looking for is a applet in GNOME-panel?16:29
=== mircea is now known as Guest32863
htpc_anyone running mythgame successfully?16:29
wilee-nileeshu_, Sure the term gnome panel actually pulls up the gnome shell though, so there is a webud8 page on many panel options16:31
Myrttiamal: take your bot away16:31
amaljust was testing it16:31
DJones!testing | amal16:31
ubottuamal: To test your hardware, you can use the packages memtest86+ (for memory, can be started from the !GRUB boot menu), smartmontools (for hard drives), cpuburn (which MIGHT damage your processor if cooling is not adequate!). Additionally, lm-sensors can be useful to monitor temperatures and fan speeds - See also !benchmark16:31
DJonesGrr, wrong one16:31
ubottuTesting... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )16:31
DJonesamal: See above16:32
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:32
Myrttiamal: please don't bring bots to this channel without asking the ops first. Pre-emptively, the answer to the request is almost always no.16:32
Myrttiamal: this, or any other channel.16:33
shu_oh, so How can I display the free disk space of a partition (ex. 13GB free) in the system tray of a normal Ubuntu 13.04 ?16:33
shu_It shouldn't be too difficult, right?16:33
Guest30461anybody there? i need help16:34
amalokay Myritti16:34
amalI was just experimenting with IRC bots16:34
wilee-nileeshu_, I can't find the link for a bunch of applets but I believe it was on a webud8 page, you might find it.16:35
htpc_what's needed to get SDL application running16:35
wilee-nileeGuest30461, You get help if you stste your issue to the channel and someone knows.16:36
wilee-nileestate* doh16:36
shu_wille-nilee, I did find several pages with bunch of applets for system tray, but none of them is for showing disk space of a partition!!!16:36
Guest30461I installed ubuntu but after installation when i boot ftom hard disk, it boots alright, but after booting, ubuntu doesnt rub properly, there are only two options under the power button on the top right corner, where the settings button should be, i cannot start terminal or any other component of ubuntu16:36
wilee-nileeshu_, You could use a conky maybe.16:36
Guest30461can anyone tell me whats wrong and how i can rectify it?16:36
shu_wille-nilee, thanks... that could be a plan-B... if I really cannot find any...16:37
wilee-nileeshu_, I think there is something I just use the shell is all, so I forget what the options may be.16:38
Guest30461I installed ubuntu but after installation when i boot from hard disk, it boots alright, but after booting, ubuntu doesn't run properly, there are only two options under the power button on the top right corner, where the settings button should be, i cannot start terminal or any other component of ubuntu16:39
shu_wille-nilee, OR how can I write the shell cmd in the system tray?16:39
shu_wille-nilee, because this command can give me what I want: df -H /dev/sda6 | grep -vE '^Filesystem' | awk '{ print $4 }'16:39
wilee-nileeGuest30461, We would need more details in general, what release, what desktop, maybe an image would help at least to start with. Beyond that have you checked if you have the correct graphic driver and if one is available in additional drivers.16:40
dirtydaw1hello all quick question where will i be required to use xterm in lue of terminal?16:40
wilee-nileeshu_, I know no code, so can't help there.16:40
joshuneed some help install a brother's printer according to these instructions from Brother http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/instruction_prn1a.html#cwi_img116:41
deadweaselwilee-nilee, as I test things out, I believe this is directly related to XORG versus proprietary drivers.  I'm going to attempt to switch back, although this is what messed up my system so bad I had to nuke it.16:41
Guest30461Its ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS 64-bit, on an AMD Bulldozer processor16:41
joshuIn step 2 there are two pre-requisites before installing the drivers. http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/before.html#004 and http://welcome.solutions.brother.com/bsc/public_s/id/linux/en/before.html#00216:41
dirtydaw1hello all quick question where will i be required to use xterm in lue of terminal?16:42
longcat__A Bug Crowd T-shirt + sticker give away, first come first serve :P http://swag.bugcrowd.com/?kid=1Y8V916:42
wilee-nileelongcat__, Don't spam16:42
wilee-nileejoshu, YOu have checked the printer app for drivers locally?16:43
raven_xubuntu 12.04 + Terratec Tstick+: tutorial ttp://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/TerraTec_Cinergy_T_Stick%2B       build failed at line 454 - any ideas?16:44
Guest30461 Its ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS 64-bit, on an AMD Bulldozer processor16:44
Guest30461 How do i check for graphic drivers16:44
Guest30461 I installed using a USB drive16:44
Guest30461 After installation when i booted from the hard disk, there is simply no settings button on the top right corner as there is in the demo mode, instead there is a power button, with only two options under it, "suspend" and "shut down"16:44
Guest30461 Pressing Ctrl+Alt+T doesnt bring up the terminal16:44
FloodBot1Guest30461: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:44
Guest30461 Don't know how to go about it16:44
joshuwilee-nilee I'm following the instructions provided by Brother and just wanted to ask about the two pre-requsities which are to execute sudo aa-complain cupsd and sudo mkdir /usr/share/cups/model" and then for 64bit ubuntu install ia32-libs or lib32stdc++16:45
Guest30461I installed using a USB drive16:45
Guest30461After installation when i booted from the hard disk, there is simply no settings button on the top right corner as there is in the demo mode, instead there is a power button, with only two options under it, "suspend" and "shut down"16:45
Guest30461 Pressing Ctrl+Alt+T doesnt bring up the terminal16:46
Guest30461Please help16:46
wilee-nileeGuest30461, Be careful to not use enter as punctuation, go to the ubuntu software center-edit-software sources and far right tab is additional drivers16:46
bazhang!helpme | Guest3046116:46
ubottuGuest30461: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude16:46
bekksGuest30461: Its ctrl+shift+T isnt it?16:46
wilee-nileejoshu, Right but did you check if ubuntu has a driver already in the printer app?16:47
joshuwilee-nilee no I have not as I'm doing this on an ubuntu install without a GUI16:47
wilee-nileejoshu, Ah, can't help there myself.16:48
Guest30461Went to ubuntu software center-edit-software sources. Far right is statistics16:48
wilee-nileeGuest30461, Do you see additional drivers in software sources at all?16:49
Guest30461Of course, this is in the Demo version running from the USB, can't open software centre from the installed version of ubuntu16:49
Guest30461It has a tab called "other softwares", but thats all16:50
wilee-nileeGuest30461, " I installed using a USB drive" looks like an actual install16:50
Guest30461" " I installed using a USB drive" looks like an actual install" Didnt understand you16:51
wilee-nileeGuest30461, Check the sum on the loading iso to begin with16:51
dirtydaw1hello all quick question where will i be required to use xterm in lue of terminal?16:51
joshuso installing ia32-libs is fine on ubuntu 64bit?16:51
Guest30461Sum on the loading iso? what do you mean by sum?16:51
wilee-nileeGuest30461, You said you installed now you say it is a usb that is a demo what is it, and what is a demo; the live cd?16:52
Random832dirtydaw1: what do you mean16:52
syntroPiGuest30461, look for last tab in software & updates (where you can enable repos and such=16:52
wilee-nilee!md5sum | Guest3046116:52
ubottuGuest30461: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows16:52
dirtydaw1well they look overly similar but im nto sure what its use is for me and wether i should be using terminal or xterm16:53
deadweaselwilee-nilee: It was the video drivers.  Proprietary are where it's at.  UI delays are rampant in the ubuntu supported stuff.  Thanks for lettting me bounce ideas off you!  o/16:53
Guest30461Didnt use a LIVE CD, used a LIVE USB to install it, but when I run the installed version, it doesnt work, so right now using the LIVE version from the USB16:53
uvalahello everyone! is there a FOSS alternative to bookmark sharing widgets like sharethis, addthis etc..? (hope this straying from support-themes to be pardonable!)16:53
Random832oh you mean the gnome terminal or xterm16:53
syntroPiGuest30461, should be fine from live usb too, did that many times16:53
Random832i don't know - some people like xterm better so it is installed by default16:53
wilee-nileeGuest30461, Can't help sorry.16:54
deadweaselwilee-nilee: cancel that, it's back.16:54
syntroPiGuest30461, what exactly is your problem with the installation or the live usb?16:55
Guest30461I installed using a USB drive16:56
Guest30461 After installation when i booted from the hard disk, there is simply no settings button on the top right corner as there is in the demo mode, instead there is a power button, with only two options under it, "suspend" and "shut down"16:56
dirtydaw1you in guest account?16:56
Guest30461The problem is in the installed version16:57
=== Monkey is now known as Malimbar
syntroPiGuest30461, hmm cant you just type "settings" in the lens, cinnamon menu or gnome3 search?16:57
syntroPichoose system settings then16:57
Guest30461There is no lens or cinnamon menu or gnome search16:58
Guest30461I can only see the background, with the top right power button, the system clock and accessibilty options16:58
=== Morgan is now known as Guest16662
syntroPiGuest30461, hmm which gfx card do you have in there?17:01
Guest30461Its the onboard AMD grafix card17:01
dirtydaw1is notepadd++ in the offical repos as i tried to apt-get it and failed through not bwing able t find it??17:01
parapanhi fellows, using 12.4 on a dell laptop and the SD reader doesn't work anymore . . . what should I do ?17:01
bekksdirtydaw1: What was the entire command and output of "I tried to apt-get it"?17:02
r000Can someone tell me how to set nautilus as standard-filemanager in xubuntu?17:02
dirtydaw1"sudo apt-get install notepad++"17:02
bekksdirtydaw1: And what was the entire output? Use a pastebin please.17:03
syntroPiGuest30461, ooh actually im not quite familiar with AMD/ATI gfx card, but maybe you just have to install the right driver on terminal via "sudo apt-get -y install <whatever_driver_suits_your_card>"17:03
wilee-nileeparapan, I had this problem on an acer, had to upgrade the bios, however you might look on the web with that model and that problem to see if this is common.17:03
wilee-nileewhile you wait that is17:03
parapanwilee-nilee: today it was working, rebooted the laptop, now it-s not working anymore17:04
dirtydaw1"[sudo] password for dirtydawg:17:04
dirtydaw1Reading package lists... Done17:04
dirtydaw1Building dependency tree17:04
dirtydaw1Reading state information... Done17:04
dirtydaw1E: Unable to locate package notepad+17:04
FloodBot1dirtydaw1: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:04
dirtydaw1E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'notepad+'17:04
syntroPiGuest30461, also you could choose the fallback mode in lightdm login manager when you clock on the wheel in right corner of the login prompt17:04
bekksdirtydaw1: Use a pastebin. Not this channel.17:04
bekks!pastebinit | dirtydaw117:04
ubottudirtydaw1: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com17:04
dirtydaw1no idea whata paste bin was my bad all :(17:04
wilee-nileeparapan, gotta start and stop at some point, do you get my point?17:04
=== Sickki_ is now known as Sickki
syntroPiGuest30461, then you should be able to launch the system settings gui17:05
wilee-nileeparapan, Might be the ssd card have you checked it on another computer?17:06
parapanwilee-nilee: not quite ..it was working fine in 10. and after that .....foar at least 5 years ....I didn't done any upgrade or sys administration ....it simply stopped working17:06
=== DocGrooveAway is now known as DocGroove
wilee-nileeparapan, Right might be the card, and there may be a common problem with this reader easily found on the web, you have to do some research. Start with seeing if the card works elsewhere if you can.17:08
wilee-nileea history of working is a history of working not really related here except it did work.17:08
Dr_willis:) make sure the thing actually works somewhere.. befor fighting/spending time looking for a software bug - is always a good idea.17:08
dirtydaw1tyvm all for your time see you laters logging for now :)17:10
parapanwilee-nilee: just did the check it's working fine with a card reader on a 10.04 system; ...and it';s working also on th smartphone ...so it's not the card17:10
wilee-nileeparapan, Cool, may be the hardware, hard to say really at least for me.17:11
abadyfuck all17:12
parapanwilee-nilee: k17:12
abadyasl plz17:13
DJonesabady: Please don't swear in the channel17:13
abadyhow r u17:13
parapanabady: ?17:13
wilee-nilee!enter > abady17:13
ubottuabady, please see my private message17:13
ubottuThe official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Also see http://ubuntu.com/support and http://ubuntuforums.org and http://askubuntu.com17:14
=== mauro is now known as Guest10397
Guest10397hi everyone17:15
Guest10397i need some help on ubuntu studio17:15
abadyhi 217:16
Dr_willisGive us details as to the exact ubuntu issue Guest10397  - and youmay want to change nicks.17:16
=== ThomasJ02_ is now known as tjj
asteveI have a netbook on 10.10 that I would like to upgrade to 12.04 or something newer if possible17:18
asteveit appears that my only recourse was to upgrade to 11.04 which is now EOL17:18
bazhang!eolupgrades | asteve17:18
ubottuasteve: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:18
bekksasteve: Then you have to go through 10.10 -> 11.04 -> 11.10 -> 12.04 to get a supported version. I'd just reinstall 12.0517:18
astevereinstalling will be difficult because I don't have a flash drive nor a burner that I can use17:20
asteveand the netbook doesn't have a cdrom17:20
Guest10397hi everyone17:20
Guest10397i need some help on ubuntu studio17:20
asteveI can't upgrade to 11.10 because that is EOL as well17:20
asteveI was hoping to go 10.10 -> 12.0417:20
bazhang!details | Guest1039717:20
ubottuGuest10397: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:20
bekksasteve: Then please read the links given above.17:20
wilee-nileeasteve, Not possible, a cd or usb of ubuntu is about your best tool as well.17:21
Guest10397I can't connet my oxygen 8 midi keyboard to ububtu studio 12.0417:21
bazhangGuest10397, just repeating that without a great many details wont get any support17:21
Guest10397it does not apeear on jack17:21
wilee-nileeasteve, YOu can download 12.04 and boot it from grub. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2/ISOBoot17:21
Guest10397I installed ubuntu studio yesterday. been testing it. connected my guitar to an input port and it worked fine. then i tried to conned my oxygen 8 midi keyboard and i cant get to see it on qjacck17:22
=== andrea is now known as Guest30318
gregor_dose anyone know why the writing is invisable on the webrowser on ubuntu is there a seeting  i can change that to normal ?17:23
wilee-nileeasteve, The bits message on eolupgrades also tells you how to upgrade from where you are at, it is a specific process.17:23
Guest10397I installed ubuntu studio yesterday. been testing it. connected my guitar to an input port and it worked fine. then i tried to conned my oxygen 8 midi keyboard and i cant get to see it on qjacck17:24
asteveya, I'm reading it now; thanks17:24
wilee-nileegregor_, Have you changes your themes, what leads you to this problem?17:24
htpc_What does .Xauthority do?17:24
asteveI had to install aptitude17:24
wilee-nileeasteve, Cool.17:24
Guest10397can anyone give my some pointers on this?17:24
gregor_oh i have but in a diffrent theme im trying to change the font color is it possible ?17:25
=== andrex is now known as andrex|off
Guest10397I installed ubuntu studio yesterday. been testing it. connected my guitar to an input port and it worked fine. then i tried to conned my oxygen 8 midi keyboard and i cant get to see it on qjacck17:25
wilee-nileegregor_, This firefox?17:25
gregor_yeah firefox the default web browser for ubuntu17:26
raven_xubuntu 12.04 + Terratec Tstick+: tutorial ttp://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/TerraTec_Cinergy_T_Stick%2B       build failed at line 454 - any ideas?17:26
gregor_il try changing my theme and see dose anything happen17:26
wilee-nileegregor_, YOU might ask at #firefox as well since it is self contained unless you switch that off in general.17:26
DJonesGuest10397: I've not used Ubuntu studio or the hardware so I can't help with the problem, however you may find some support in #ubuntustudio17:26
gregor_il give it a try brb17:26
Dr_willisgregor_,  firefox has some font extensions that change its gui fonts and colors and sizes.  Unless you mean the colors of the fonts IN the web pages17:28
gregor_yup my writing is back agen i changed the theme and it made my writing insviable so i changed to another and now its working agen17:28
Dr_williswhite text on white background - can be annoying.17:29
Dr_willishtpc_,  its a X security type file.  some times it gets confused and owned by root,17:29
gregor_is there a way to have diffrent font color on firefox ?17:30
gregor_like not the usual boring black one ?17:30
htpc_Dr_willis: For a mythbuntu install, is there any danger to give it 644 perms?17:31
Dr_willishtpc_,  you shouldent need to mess with it at all.. if it gets goofed up.. delete it and relog back in17:31
Dr_willisgregor_,  theres firefox extensions to tweak the GUI fonts firefox uses. Not sure about the fonts for in the web pages. often the pages can override any colors like that.17:32
gregor_thanks il give it a try17:32
htpc_Dr_willis: it's owned by me, but mythtv runs as a mythtv user. It needs to run fceux and that needed to read my .Xuthority. It only had 600 though17:33
asteveshould I reboot the machine after installing the kernel updates and prior to running do-release-upgrade?17:35
Dr_willishtpc_,  somthing seems odd with the whole setup. Ive ran mythtv befor and never had to mess with it.17:36
Dr_willishtpc_,  there is the #mythbuntu channel17:36
spycrab0I'm  trying to install my Broadcom WLAN-Drivers via jockey on Ubuntu 13.04(I'm using an HP 625) but it fails /var/log/jockey.log contains this line multiple times "2013-07-28 19:28:07,534 DEBUG: BroadcomWLHandler enabled(): kmod disabled, bcm43xx: blacklisted, b43: blacklisted, b43legacy: blacklisted" What am i doing wrong?17:37
Dr_willisbroadcom uses several differnt drivers, blacklisting means the driver/module is 'not going to be loaded'  - seems like allof them are blacklisted?17:42
Dr_willisYou may want to check askubuntu.com for your specific broadcom chipset as to what driver its supposed to beusing17:42
spycrab0the crazy thing is to make sure wlan works on ubuntu i ran ubuntu from an livecd and wlan worked!17:43
wilee-nileespycrab0, Sounds like you have looked at the broadcom wiki, am I right?17:43
raven_xubuntu 12.04 + Terratec Tstick+: tutorial ttp://www.linuxtv.org/wiki/index.php/TerraTec_Cinergy_T_Stick%2B       build failed at line 454 - any ideas?17:44
Dr_willisspycrab0,  use the live cd, and see what module its using17:44
tleI can't seem to compile gtk+3.0 programs. I have libgtk-3-dev installed but gcc still can't find the headers. Am I missing a step?17:44
ripthejackerhi everyone need help with AMD Radeon HD6450 Gpu , with open source radeon drivers17:44
spycrab0how can i grep the modules related to wlan?17:44
trismtle: can you pastebin the failing output?17:44
Dr_willistle,  often i use the 'build-deps' option to apt-get to pull in all needed packages to compile a specific app.  'sudo apt-get build-deps some-gtk3-app'   Should have the system pull in any needed dev packages that the app would need. You might have missed one or more.17:45
Dr_willisspycrab0,  lsmod shows loaded modules. compare the working and non working systems lsmod outputs17:45
wilee-nileeripthejacker, Here is some askubuntu threads to ponder while you wait. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=HD645017:45
ripthejackerthsi https://copy.com/LEWLGhDK0stR17:45
tletrism, http://pastebin.com/c7vsiDvP17:46
tleDr_willis, yeah this is for a hello world program from source though, not a pre-packed program17:46
Dr_willistle,  pull in the dev packages for any other gtk3 app and it should install most of the needed dev packages.17:47
MichaelPis there anything better then virtualbox to load windows in ?17:47
yalexhi how can i make file permissions inherit on a cifs share?17:47
trismtle: you have to put the -llibrary lines at the end, so this will work: gcc -o base.app base.c $(pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-3.0)17:47
Dr_willisMichaelC|Percona,  vbox or vmware. are the normal ways17:47
yalexpermissions are always group read when i need them to be group read+write.  It works for directories just not files17:47
MichaelPDr_willis: what one is better ?17:47
wilee-nileeMichaelP, The one that serves your needs.17:48
tletrism, yeah that did it17:48
Dr_willistry themboth. you decide. i dont use vmware at all.17:48
ripthejackerwilee-nilee: none of the threads is related to the issue i am having17:49
wilee-nileeMichaelP, You setup the guest additions in vbox and gave it enough ram...etc17:49
MichaelPI need windows but don't want to do boot just for photoshop.. gimp has a crapy cloning tool17:49
pvl1if i want to permanently remove a module, do i remove with modprobe and delete the corressponding file?17:50
ripthejackerthe display is all broken when I use open source radeon driver17:50
bekksMichaelP: Then setup a virtual machine.17:50
holsteinMichaelP: you can always ask for a native photoshop from the creator17:50
ripthejackerthis is how it looks17:50
holstein!wine | MichaelP17:50
ubottuMichaelP: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu17:50
wilee-nileeripthejacker, Cool I have not had to mess with graphics so not the best help. If you can be detailed as to what the problem is it will help. Have you looked in additional drivers to see if any are available?17:50
ripthejackerans also x is too slow17:50
Dr_willispvl1,  best to just blacklist the module17:51
MichaelPAlready tried wine with photoshop CS5 wont install17:51
wilee-nilee!imagebin | ripthejacker This is easier to see17:51
ubotturipthejacker This is easier to see: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.17:51
ripthejackerwilee-nilee: the driver section says that my card has 3d acceleration support with radeon drivers17:51
wilee-nileeno one is going to download stuff17:52
pvl1Dr_willis: im trying to make a small live usb, so im customizing a livecd17:52
holsteinMichaelP: it might not, if the vendor dosnt provide wine support.. wine is a bit of a "hack" sometimes..17:52
wilee-nileeMichaelP, I believe earlier versions run17:53
wilee-nileecs3 or something I recall17:53
holsteinMichaelP: wineHQ is where to go if you want more information.. i did install an older version17:53
MichaelPholstein: yeah.. i use facebook video call as well.. facebook don't suport likux yet.. so i tryed windows firefox in wine. had no webcam...17:54
medoo2001hi , i have a laptop with windows 8 built in os , i want to install ubuntu 13.04 along side windows 8 how i could?17:54
ripthejackerwilee-nilee: the card has 3d acceleration support but the opengl renderer string is showing galium on llvmpipe17:54
wilee-nilee!uefi | medoo200117:54
ubottumedoo2001: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:54
yalexDirectories are inheriting permissions on  a cifs share but files are not how do I fix this?17:55
wilee-nileeripthejacker, I see, not an area I can help in with confidence is all, all  could do is google for info. ;)17:55
MichaelPSucks when there is still few things windows is needed for17:55
medoo2001wilee-nilee , is there any easy alternative?17:56
wilee-nileeMichaelP, I don't bother with wine I dual boot it, seems like the best use.17:56
ripthejackerwilee-nilee: do you know where I can get help17:56
ripthejackerwilee-nilee: amd channel?17:56
medoo2001wilee-nilee , is there any easy alternative?17:56
medoo2001wilee-nilee , is there any easy alternative?17:56
wilee-nileemedoo2001, A virtual machine is the easiest, otherwise that is a bit of a challenge.17:57
bekksripthejacker: Using gallium, the only thing that is helpfuk is changing the hardware. That chipsets arent capable of much more than the driver already implemented.17:57
bekks*helpful even.17:57
ripthejackerbekks: but the documentation says that my card has 3d acceleration support17:57
medoo2001i  can't make vm , i need ubuntu for wirless secuitry so my card is integrated17:58
ripthejackermy driver is listed in the CAICOS row17:58
=== ckp is now known as chespo
medoo2001does wubi works in win8?17:58
bekksmedoo2001: There is no wubi anymore. So the answer is "no".17:58
=== scx_ is now known as scx
bekksmedoo2001: You should use a dualboot instead.17:59
pvl1can you install ubuiqity from the market and just install ubuntu on other drives from an install?17:59
wilee-nileemedoo2001, The uefi wiki is where you would start, there is a good thread at the ubuntu that will be there when back on line this is the url. Save this link. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729517:59
=== chespo is now known as ckp
heinzhi, anyone here  who can help me with my webcamproblems?18:00
medoo2001wilee-nilee : any website that i can check that i have uefi?18:00
wilee-nileemedoo2001, READ THE WIKI.18:00
heinzok, by18:00
medoo2001Ubuntu Forums is down for maintenance18:00
ripthejackerbekks, wilee-nilee: will using latest kernel version solve my issue in any way?18:00
pcbryanmedoo2001: planned maintenance?18:01
bekksripthejacker: No. A new kernel will not change your hardware.18:01
wilee-nileemedoo2001, If this is a oem you have uefi.18:01
medoo2001There has been a security breach on the Ubuntu Forums. The Canonical IS team is working hard as we speak to restore normal operations. This page will be updated with progress reports.18:01
pvl1medoo2001: the forums are not the wiki18:01
ripthejackerbekks: did you check out the link i shared?18:01
ripthejackermy card is listed in the supported section18:01
bekksripthejacker: Yes I did. But that wont affect what I told you.18:01
wilee-nileemedoo2001, Right I metioned that are you taking the time to read what is posted to you and the links and critically thinking?18:02
ripthejackerbekks: because 3d acceleration works fine with proprietary drivers18:02
bekksripthejacker: Then use them. The FOSS drivers dont implement more than you have currently.18:03
medoo2001is this video is right http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LokDqte3sA4 ?18:03
wilee-nileeripthejacker, You can use the proprietary drivers however they generally do not follow kernel updates and upgrades so be prepared.18:03
bekksmedoo2001: Whats your actual support question?18:03
ripthejackerbekks: but they are not recommended , right18:04
wilee-nileecorrect ripthejacker18:04
ripthejackerwilee-nilee: yes every time I have to install the drivers after a kernel update18:04
ripthejackerthat's one of the reason I want to use the foss drivers18:05
wilee-nileeripthejacker, most graphic drivers have to be reversed engineered, they are rarely written for linux so that is the conundrum18:05
=== ckp is now known as rusty
mumpitzelripthejacker: if you use the proprietary drivers properly, they will update automatically everytime you install a new kernel18:05
=== rusty is now known as Guest12048
wilee-nileemumpitzel, Than why does ubuntu not provide that info, I have never seen that, can you actually describe what correctly is?18:06
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto18:07
mumpitzelthat's how. it will then use dkms18:07
wilee-nileemumpitzel, Not a nvidia card18:07
mumpitzelan ati tho18:07
ripthejackerthe proprietary drivers in the repos are outdated, so I install the ones directly form amd's site18:07
=== Guest12048 is now known as rusty101
maitakehm.. virtualbox hates windows 7 aero effects apparently18:08
wilee-nileemaitake, There is a #vbox channel18:08
maitakeoh oops18:08
wilee-nileeripthejacker, Sounds like you are familiar with loading them so that is a good thing. ;)18:09
ripthejackerwilee-nilee, bekks: which file do I examine so that I can troubleshoot the errors18:10
mumpitzeland you absolutely need the newests most current drivers? really?18:10
wilee-nileehello distro18:10
wilee-nileeripthejacker, Not sure myself, is there a ppa on these?18:11
distroone question do someone know where I can find irc about rooting android mobiles or like xda18:11
ripthejackernot sure , I download from their site18:11
wilee-nileedistro, #android-root18:11
mumpitzeldistro: #android-root. you need to be registered with nickserv to join18:11
distrotnx bro18:12
=== scott is now known as Guest20737
wilee-nileeripthejacker, Here is a google search on a PPA take a look at the first two, just a reference here I know very little on graphic drivers. https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&output=search&sclient=psy-ab&q=amd+ppa&btnG=&gbv=1&sei=_F71UYeTMuahiQLbxYC4DA18:14
allantwice I’ve had a dovecot-postfix upgrade make a mess out of my config, this makes me wonder that perhaps I am doing it wrong18:18
allanI notice that most things in config files are commented18:19
allanshould I create a new config file with just my changes?18:19
allan(and name it so that it gets included via the conf.d/* directives)18:19
allanthis is a general question, i.e. applies to setting up postfix, dovecot, apache, mysql, php5, etc.18:19
jimi_When I do vga out from my laptop, the TV puts the image in a box. How can I get it to be full screen?18:20
allanit seems that while many default config files will include conf.d/* it’s often not that easy to override the proper things via that mechanism18:20
allanany best practices wrt. maintaing config in /etc for ubuntu (to allow graceful upgrades)?18:20
ripthejackerdon't want proprietary drivers18:21
bazhang!info etckeeper | allan18:22
ubottuallan: etckeeper (source: etckeeper): store /etc in git, mercurial, bzr or darcs. In component main, is optional. Version 0.64ubuntu1 (raring), package size 27 kB, installed size 225 kB18:22
mumpitzelthen don't use them. you have to actually do stuff to get proprietary drivers18:22
bekksripthejacker: Then you - unluckily - have to live with the situation.18:22
allanbazhang: thanks, though I already keep my config under version control — that doesn’t change that some updates make a mess out of things18:23
magneticduckis this is a good place to ask about mouse config problems under ubuntu?18:24
ripthejackerbekks: any place where I can look for help?18:27
bekksripthejacker: A hardware shop.18:27
magneticduckI'll go ahead and ask it; I bought a new mouse with 2800 CPI and nothing is working to tune the polling down!18:28
magneticduckxset --list-props doesn't have anything useful18:28
magneticduckand xset m <accel> <t> doesn't do a thing18:28
blue_pearlmagneticduck: what is the problem with mouse18:28
magneticduckI'm using xmonad with no gnome wrapper18:28
wilee-nilee !patience | magneticduck18:30
ubottumagneticduck: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/18:30
blue_pearlI take it to be a USB mouse18:30
wilee-nileemagneticduck, Please just post what is needed don't swamp the channel.18:31
magneticduckwilee-nilee: <_>18:31
magneticduckblue_pearl: yes, it's a USB18:31
wilee-nileeand don't use enter as punctuation.18:31
magneticduckmm, I should probably start trying to fix that habit18:31
* mecool :)18:33
raven_mythtv: trying to set up a hauppauge nova-t stick 3 (2040:7070) in backend on xubuntu 12.04 it gets the model description now but no way to select "video source" and to scan - any ideas?18:34
blue_pearlmagneticduck: seems odd it should work out of the box18:36
magneticduckblue_pearl: what do you mean?18:36
magneticduckit's a USB mouse; they usually work out of the box. My only problem is that it's 2800 CPI...18:36
magneticduckmuch higher than my previous one18:36
HypnotiXubuntu newbie here in need of some help18:40
HypnotiXi just installed 12.04 and my max resolution is 102418:41
magneticduckHypnotiX: apt-get install arandr18:42
magneticduckeverything you need for displays =P18:42
jalhallayou should mention 'sudo apt-get install arandr'18:43
HypnotiXok i will try :)18:43
HypnotiXshould i restart now?18:45
jalhallastart the program arandr in console18:45
magneticduckand use the mouse to navigate the window18:45
yshidoes anyone know how to install onto a SSD raid? I did it a year ago with 12.10 and cant get it working again18:46
HypnotiXwell my max resolution in that program is still 102418:47
jalhallaHypnotix, what graphic card do you have?18:47
HypnotiXnvidia gtx 46018:47
jalhalladid you install the proprietary driver for that card?18:48
HypnotiXwell i would like to think i did :)18:48
HypnotiXi installed the latest nvidia from the repo18:48
yshiwhen i boot to a live environment i open a terminal and apt-get install mdadm; mdadm --assemble --scan to create the disks i previously used (20GB / and 220GN /home), then run through the installation and set /, /home and /boot (to sda1). when the install is over i go back to the terminal and mount the new install and chroot to it, then install mdadm inside18:49
yshiwhen i reboot i end at a minimal openbox system18:49
HypnotiXwhy does it have to be so difficult to switch from windows18:49
bekksHypnotiX: Because Linux isnt Windows.18:51
Terabytethere's a piece of software called activemq which can be installed with apt-get on ubuntu12.04+ but it's currently only 5.5.0. Where can I check if there is a later version available via apt-get in ubuntu? (alternative repos/ etc)18:51
HypnotiXwell yeah i get that but linux uses the same hardware as windows18:51
yshiHypnotiX: that may sound like sarcasm but it is really the answer. the reason most people find it hard to switch is because they are expecting it to act the same way while acting different at the same time18:52
HypnotiXwell i tried for 4 hours to install 13.04 then gave up and installed 12.0418:52
HypnotiXnow on 12.04 i cannot use my monitors max resolutions18:53
jalhallaHypnotiX, can you start the program nvidia-settings?18:53
HypnotiXafter following 3 guides i found on google18:53
HypnotiXnvidia xserver settings yes18:53
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto18:53
magneticduckso nobody got anything on my question eh18:53
bekksHypnotiX: Thats the only guide you need.18:53
jrib!helpme | magneticduck18:54
ubottumagneticduck: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude18:54
=== tiger is now known as Guest86164
Dr_willisthe archlinux wiki used to have some nice guides on tweaking weird/highres/gameing mice18:56
HypnotiX30minutes to get my normal resolution working wtf linux18:56
magneticduckfun fact: there are literally no links on google involving using Krom (my mouse) mice on linux of any sort18:56
Dr_willismore like wtf nvidia HypnotiX18:56
jribmagneticduck: did you see what ubottu said?18:57
HypnotiXthats like the biggest manufacturer of videocards isnt18:57
Dr_willisHypnotiX,  and if  THEY are lacking in THEIR support of linux    thats the issue.18:57
Dr_willisthey wont even release specs for a lot of their stuff18:57
HypnotiXi see18:58
HypnotiXi  so wish to get rid of windows18:58
Dr_willisMS actually 'charges' companies to have windows-certified drivers..   ATI and NVIDIA and other hardware companies are often relying on  the linux coders to make drivers for free. and often with very little to no actual support from the hardware makers18:58
POVaddct...that's why i use intel gfx cards only18:59
Dr_willisJust for the record - i have no issues with my older nvidia cards. (about 2 yrs old now)18:59
HypnotiXgtx460 is about 2 years old now18:59
Dr_willisthe new Optimus nvidia stuff has barely any support at this time. Nvidia has made promises - but not really delivered18:59
Dr_willisI just install the nvidia-current package, reboot. run the nvidia-settings tool and tweak what i need.19:00
HypnotiXfunny enough when i tried to install 13.04 the resolution was set to 1920 by default19:00
Dr_willisI think mineis a gtx 320, im not even sure any more19:00
HypnotiXbut that didnt work because of some swap scsi error19:00
afotekHello. I was moving files from my hard drive, then it suddenly started making i/o errors. GParted shows that some clusters are referenced multiple times. I can't run chkdsk with any parameters - it shows that hard drive is write protected. What can I do?19:03
afotekFS is NTFS.19:03
magneticduckoh hahahah, I figured it out; I was targeting the "virtual core keyboard" instance of the mouse device in xinput19:03
mumpitzelafotek: run chkdsk under winodws. you can't run it properly under ubuntu. but it looks like you have some hardware failure19:03
hazardousi put in $1500 for ubuntu edge does nayone know when it will be dleivered?19:04
afotekmumpitze, I can't run chkdsk since it shows that hard drive is write protected.19:04
HypnotiXok before i proceed to bash my head against the wall to get ubuntu to work properly19:04
magneticduckhazardous: that is a hilarious question19:04
HypnotiXhow is linux with ruby and node ?19:04
HypnotiXgood support or ?19:04
mumpitzel!info ruby19:05
ubotturuby (source: ruby-defaults): Interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby (default version). In component main, is optional. Version 4.9 (raring), package size 4 kB, installed size 31 kB19:05
vectrahazardous   maybe never             did you read the whole thing19:05
bekksHypnotiX: Most webservers are running non-Windows. So rephrase your question ;)19:05
afotekmumpitzel: I was using win7 installation dvd for chkdsk. Does that matter?19:06
mumpitzelafotek: we cannot help you. you cannot run chkdsk under ubuntu. CAN NOT. ntfs is a proprietary, undeocumented windows filesystem19:06
mumpitzelafotek: we don't know and don't care. ask #windows channels about windows software19:06
oothatshotis there a linux command that refers to the directory your in such as the ~ refers to your home directory?19:06
MonkeyDustHypnotiX  the whole internet is running on non-linux, only for the desktop is there some other dominant OS, i forget the name19:06
afotekmumpitzel: alright, thanks.19:07
bekksoothatshot: pwd19:07
magneticduckooh, mumpitzel is steaming; don't talk about nfts in this house, afotek >:019:07
oothatshotnice thanks bekks19:07
babinlonston1Hi Will u guys any one Describe how to understand the load average  in Linux using time command uptime what im getting19:07
babinlonston1 00:37:13 up 3 days, 16:52,  2 users,  load average: 0.15, 0.27, 0.4619:07
MonkeyDustnon-windows ^^^^19:07
bekksbabinlonston1: The load is - in fact - totally useless.19:07
mumpitzelmagneticduck: talking about ntfs is fine. just that ubuntu can't fsck any ntfs volumes. it's perfectly fine to talk about ntfs-3g for example19:07
magneticduckMonkeyDust: what?? Most servers run on Linux O.o19:08
mumpitzelbekks: not useless19:08
bekksbabinlonston1: It tells you how much "stuff" is going on to fill up one single core with 100% of work. Doesnt matter wether you have 16 cores in fact.19:08
MonkeyDustmagneticduck  typo.....19:08
magneticduckah k19:08
bekksmumpitzel: It is. Totally useless. If you want to know whats going on, use vmstat, iotop or sar.19:08
ReAzemAnyone here knows how I should setup my mouse sensitivity so that it behaves like in windows?19:08
bekksbabinlonston1: So in theory, a load of 16 would use your 16 cores to 100%. And even thats not true, due to context switches, nice levels, etc.19:09
babinlonston1thank u19:10
netlarWhy does certain file extension have different color like bz219:13
bekksnetlar: Thats for making them recognizable.19:13
magneticduckthis is some xinput output: http://pastebin.com/4bF0L2zX19:14
netlarbekks: Just wondered becuase if I use bzip2 does not show a color19:14
magneticduckmy problem: nowhere in either of the devices coming from the mouse have any mousey settings19:14
=== andrex|off is now known as andrex
magneticduckand the button device seems to be in the wrong place..?19:14
bekksnetlar: I disable those colors by default :)19:15
magneticduckoh wait, I just actually read the text; it seems that everything's all bundled in one >_> I can be so silly19:15
magneticduckeverybody can calm down, my mouse is alright now19:16
fooman2011Hi. I have a Wake On Lan problem on my ubuntu server 11.04. Sometimes (not always) when I start my server using WOL magic packet, the server start boot but then it is blocked. I just have a black screen and nothing else. Any idea ?19:16
netlarbekks: So is there some place where I can set those19:16
bekksnetlar: http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/dircolors19:17
bekksnetlar: The language might be difficult, but the commands remain the same.19:18
netlarbekks: I will try to figure it out, was curious19:20
fooman2011Nobody can help me ? :(19:20
bekksfooman2011: 11.04 is EOL. Please upgrade to 12.04 first.19:20
bekks!eolupgrades | fooman201119:21
ubottufooman2011: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades19:21
fooman2011I'm not a Linux expert, updating version is easy ?19:21
fooman2011what happend to the scripts that I have modified ?19:21
bekksfooman2011: Just read the links.19:21
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents19:22
shiftshiftrevshianyone available to help me with a boot issue on an acer aspire one zg5 running ubuntu 12.04?19:22
fooman2011Thanks for your help19:23
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto19:23
shiftshiftrevshianyone available to help me with a boot issue on an acer aspire one zg5 running ubuntu 12.04?19:26
mJaykWhats the issue shiftshiftrevshi19:26
shiftshiftrevshicomp improperly shut down and rebooted to black screen, I REISUBed a couple of times, LiveU19:27
shiftshiftrevshiSB ran boot-repair19:28
shiftshiftrevshithen it booted fine.  i shut it down over night and this morning it's booting to initramfs19:28
shiftshiftrevshii have the url from boot-repair if you want it19:29
wilee-nileeLooking for a spam filter19:33
wilee-nileeUsing thunderbird to gather email accounts19:34
=== n0c is now known as Tragyn
planeteHow have you changed your nick, Tragyn ?19:35
TragynI typed /nick Tragyn19:35
=== planete is now known as Neo
TragynNo problem.19:36
=== Neo is now known as planete
TragynBut careful, if the name is registered you can't use it.19:36
Gh0stRATI'm on a liveCD of 11.04 trying to dd a drive, but I want to use pv to monitor the progress. `apt-get install pv` tells me "Unable to locate package pv", but trying to run pv tells me "The program 'pv' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing: apt-get install pv"19:42
Gh0stRATany idea why apt-get can't find pv?19:42
trismGh0stRAT: do you not have universe enabled? or haven't run apt-get update yet?19:42
trismGh0stRAT: oh wait, 11.04, there's your issue19:42
trismGh0stRAT: it is no longer supported19:42
Gh0stRATit's the only LiveCD I have :/19:42
Dr_willis!find pv19:42
ubottuFound: ipvsadm, apvlv, blacs-pvm-dev, blacs-pvm-test, blacs1-pvm, blepvco, helpviewer.app, hmmer2-pvm, ipv6calc, jiipview (and 30 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=pv&searchon=names&suite=raring&section=all19:42
Gh0stRATtrism: so the consensus is to go DL a new LiveCD?19:43
PrinceOfLightcant you update to OS on the live CD straight from the CD?19:44
Gh0stRATdoes it just update stuff in RAM?19:44
Gh0stRATbecause I'm trying to recover this drive and don't want a swap file or anything on it to get overwritten19:45
trismGh0stRAT: if you want to check the status you can just send SIGUSR1 to the dd process and it will tell you19:45
Gh0stRATtrism: thanks, I guess that's good enough. `kill -USR1 <pid>` would do it?19:46
trismGh0stRAT: yep19:47
Gh0stRATtrism: thanks. I just checked the progress and it seems to work alright...19:48
Gh0stRATtrism: well, looks like I have 29 hrs left to go....19:51
Dr_willis29 hrs to download a cd?  what you on? Dial up?19:52
jribcarrier pigeon would be faster19:52
Gh0stRATDr_willis: no, 29 hrs to dd one 2TB drive to another19:52
Gh0stRATseems too slow...... whatever19:52
bekksdr_willis: RFC 1149/2549 ;)19:53
=== dyCrazyEd is now known as CrazyEddy
dr_willisheh.  i dd-ed a 3tb over usb2 on my raspberry pi..  toook like 2 weeks.19:54
OlMightyGhi, im trying to install a needle-printer (pinwriter p20, nec) and im using a lpt to usb adapter. but i just prints rubbish with the ppd from the system. i also tried the one from openprinting (should be the same)19:55
OlMightyGany ideas19:55
Gh0stRAT20MB/s seems really slow. would increasing the block size or something make this dd faster?19:57
=== FrankD1 is now known as frankd
=== frankd is now known as FrankD
AtlantisIs anyone there?19:59
Gh0stRATAtlantis: yes, people are here19:59
ZIPYistn 12.04lts stable?20:03
jribZIPY: it is20:04
ZIPYbut i still get crashes on bootdiskcreater for example20:04
ZIPYwants me to send reports20:04
Gh0stRATbumped-up my block size. 20MB/s to 144MB/s20:05
ubottuStable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates20:05
jribZIPY: stable just means the software is mostly unchanging (in ubuntu it means only security updates), not that it is bug free20:05
ZIPYah ok20:06
shiftshiftrevshi@ZIPY that's realtalk20:06
ZIPYthen my question was wrong20:07
=== cubix``66 is now known as cubix`
ZIPYis there a version that is bugfree? maybe an older lts or sth20:09
MonkeyDustZIPY  is there any OS or anything at all bug free?20:10
ZIPYi switched to linux to get rid of crashes :(20:10
ZIPYMonkeyDust: i dont know, but i know debian has unstable, testing and stable for example20:11
=== Guest88661 is now known as nitrodex
ZIPYwhere testing and stable are pretty "stable" (no crash)20:12
ZIPYsince ubuntu is based on debian, im wondering why its not the same in ubuntu20:13
MonkeyDustZIPY  did you have a ubuntu support question?20:13
guest976wondering if i could get some help with my installation?20:13
ZIPYyes, is there a version that has not so much crashes20:14
ZIPY10.04 lts maybe?20:14
guest976i manually created a separate partition on my Windows 7 laptop, installed Ubuntu to it using a live USB, and during installation made a swap partition also, but when i reboot i dont get am option after the Acer splash screen to boot into either Windows 7 or Ubuntu, just automatically boots to Ubuntu, is there a way i can set up the bootloader to allow this option?20:16
MonkeyDustguest976  esc to get the grub menu20:16
guest976alright ome second i had to do a startup repair20:18
guest976it should show the option though correct?20:18
K1rkAny of you ever used an HP P410 RAID card?  I can't get mine to detect any hard drives.20:18
th0rZIPY, the LTS releases are as a rule more stable than the interim releases. The lastest LTS is 12.04, and the next is due out in April of next year20:18
guest976when i press esc it boots only into Windows automatically20:19
guest976should i just delete my partition and start over but create the ubuntu partition from the installation screen of the bootable windows screen?20:20
MonkeyDustguest976  try alt or ctrl to get the grub menu, i forget the exact key20:20
ZIPYguest976: are u using 2 hdds or are both os' on the same?20:20
guest976i mean the installation of Ubuntu20:20
ZIPYand u dont see any grubloader at boot?20:21
ZIPYu can download bootrepair in ubuntu which will install the grub boot loader20:22
ZIPYu may have no grub installed20:22
San1ty_Wow I found out why my pc was doing the strangest things20:23
San1ty_HDD was dieing and losing data20:23
guest976yeah that's what i figured but i cant boot into Ubuntu20:23
Dr_willisthat boot-repair live cd /usb is a 'must have' in your pc toolbox. ;)20:23
San1ty_if somebody ever notices strange behaviour on your pc check the frikkin HD20:23
San1ty_took me days to figure out20:23
ZIPYyes there is a livecd too20:23
ZIPYguest976: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair20:24
ZIPYu can use ubuntu livecd too and grub-install20:24
guest976thank you for the help!20:25
MonkeyDustZIPY  and don't say 'u', but 'you', please20:27
emkanubuntu is the best!!!20:27
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jasuntoiSCSI target or NFS for 13.04, should I use NFS since it is popular in Linux, I have the option to do both.20:34
=== DocGroove is now known as DocGrooveAway
MagicarpDoes the kernel affect the performance of the blob GPU driver?20:36
Dr_willisMagicarp,  i imagine it can20:38
jonathan583hi all. I'm attempting to do a ubuntu upgrade, and I got the following "Congfiguring libc6 Running services and programs that are using NSS need to be restarted, otherwise they might not be able to do lookup or authentication any more (for services such as ssh, this can affect your ability to login). Please review the following space-separated list of init.d scripts for services to be restarted now, and correct it if needed. ... Services20:38
RayWizard|2Is there a way to select custum program  for opening a file in nautilus, when i select "open with"  ->other applications there is no way to browse files20:40
Dr_willisaskubuntu.com may have some info on that RayWizard|2  - im not on ubuntu to test. but i Think there was some way.20:41
Dr_williswhat are you trying to open - with what app?20:42
RagingHello Everyone20:42
Ragingi need help with my Ubuntu20:43
Dr_willisgive us details of the ubuntu issue.20:44
motaka2hello, I have installed 12.04 on my system , and it was working quiet well but recentely it keeps freezing netbeans, seems the graphical perfomance is not well, how can I fix this?20:45
YamakasY_motaka2: check your x11 logs20:45
YamakasY_or X logs20:45
RagingIt's my TOR is is not connecting when i try to connect it. the Vidalia can't connect20:46
=== WebSearchingPro is now known as Aqua682
=== Aqua682 is now known as WebSearchingPro
motaka2YamakasYI am newbie can you tell me how ?20:47
aaron_hey all20:47
Dr_willismotaka2,  and what is your Video chipset?20:47
motaka2i dont know the name20:47
aaron_i am trying to make xscreensaver span both monitors with th same screensaver instead of having two instances of it , one on each screen.  Anybody know how to fix it?20:48
Raging@Dr Willis do you know any idea about the Vidalia?20:48
Dr_willisRaging,  other then refollow the tor install docs/setup guodes.. i got no suggestions. i dont use tor.20:49
shysoft`What's a a mac or OSX channel I can join without having to be invited?20:50
bekksshysoft`: Just register your nickname.20:50
caersithRaging: Do you use the package from Ubuntu?20:51
aaron_anyone know how to span screensaver across two screens?20:52
motaka2help me20:54
motaka2Dr_willis: hello, I have installed 12.04 on my system , and it was working quiet well but recentely it keeps freezing netbeans, seems the graphical perfomance is not well, how can I fix this?20:58
Raging@Caersith i downoad from the Ubuntu Software center it worked at first but is stopped working it says can't connect to TOR20:58
motaka2Raging: do u know the answer to my question ?20:59
tigrang1So anyone elses cd drive on laptop randomly decide at times to open on its own?20:59
MonkeyDustRaging  i tried it too, tor for ubuntu does not work well, it is advised to use the debian version, but that disabled all my sources, slash ruined my system20:59
Dr_willismotaka2,  we need to know what your video chipset and driver is befor we can even begin to answer. we asked that earlier..20:59
motaka2lemme check21:00
DeLorean719I'm having problems booting due to my retardation when it comes to grub. I have Ubuntu Server installed on /dev/sdb, and when I select it as the boot device I get the "grub> " prompt. How can I get it to boot automatically into my Ubuntu Server install?21:00
Ragingsorry @Motaka2 i use 11.04 the 12 am afraid it will not worjk to my satisfaction21:00
caersithI use the one from the site and use torify/usewithtor ie, usewithtor firefox21:00
shysoft`My new retina macbook pro crashes about once very ten hours of usage (so, like every other day). According to what I've read this is called a 'kernel panic'. Should this be a cause for concern? Can I expect this problem to persist or get worse over time?21:00
Dr_willisDeLorean719,  easiest fix would be to use that boot-repair tool/live cd and have it reinstall/fix grub.21:00
MonkeyDustRaging  first upgrade to a supported release, then try again21:00
DeLorean719Dr_willis: thanks, I'll try that now21:00
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub221:01
Raging@monkey thanks i will try that.21:01
caersithRaging: +1 MonkeyDust , upgrade to a supported release.21:01
alex_Hello! I hope someone can help me? I am using Ubuntu Studio. I have a Netgear USB Wireless adaptor, that will recognize SOME wireless access points, but NOT others, including my home one.21:02
Raging@caersith i have the one from the Official site it supports firefox but i have not tried that yet.21:02
cam_Hey there.21:03
Dr_willisalex_,  compare the security settings the points are using wpa/wep/whatever the others are.. ive seen some issues with some wifi drivers and some kinds of security.21:03
cam_Are there any other Elementary OS users, here?21:03
Dr_williscam_,  this is ubuntu support.. so doubtfull. they have their own support channels.21:03
alex_Dr_willis, thanks for the response. Do you mean the security settings on MY PC, or on the Router?21:03
cam_Ack. Just realized it, LOL. Sorry.21:03
deadweaselJul 28 16:05:02 FREEDOM kernel: [ 1293.983465] transmission-gt[16550]: segfault at 18 ip 00007f356c9ed59f sp 00007fff21af2a30 error 4 in libgtk-3.so.0.400.2[7f356c7ea000+47a000]21:03
deadweaselpls help21:03
deadweasel12.04 lts x6421:04
Dr_willisalex88,  your pc wifi has to match what the router wants.. so check them both.. some drivers have issues with SOME security settings.  try disabling security on the router as a test.21:04
deadweaselfresh install, transmission has failed to work no matter how it is installed.  it comes in and out of availability.21:05
alex_Dr_willis, thanks.21:05
caersithRaging: I'm using Tor not Vidalia, https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en option two.21:05
gregor_how can i bride a conection with a computer on my network with ubuntu ?21:08
ubottuIf you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing21:09
gregor_thanks il cheack it out21:09
Dr_willisi was thinking one of the firewall gui tools - had a checkbox or 2 thta enabled it.. but i cant recall which one21:10
Dr_willisIll stick to using my ddwrt enabled router these days. ;)21:10
gregor_do you have to have acces to the other computer on your network to do this ?21:10
Dr_willisip-masquerading guides may give some old school fundamental knowledge on the topic also. thats what it used to be called i recall.21:11
motaka2Dr_willis: it is gforce xfx series21:11
Raging@Caersith it's now working thanks21:11
Dr_willisfor ICS - you setup the main PC to be the  dhcp server and set it where it forwards the info from the clioents to the internet..21:11
Dr_willisthen the otherpcs use it as their gateway i recall.,21:11
Gh0stRATalex_: depending on what country you're in, channels 13 and 14 may or may not be available to you. (so if your router is using one of those channels but your computer thinks you're in the US, you won't be able to see it)21:12
motaka2Dr_willis: help me too21:14
Ragingis there any Good Coding apps available for Ubuntu users, is yes please anyone help me with the link?21:14
alex_Gh0stRAT, thanks for the response. My router is using channel 12, and I'm in Denmark. I just disabled wireless security temporarily on the router, so that the network was completely open... but my computer still did not recognize its existence.21:15
alex_Gh0stRAT: Although... it had the option of Channel 13 earlier. I wonder if it's defaulted. I had best check where my PC thinks it is.21:16
pvl1ddwrt FTW!!!21:16
Lopeon previous versions of ubuntu I could press tab in the terminal for auto-complete. now it doesn't work at all. any idea why? running Mint 15 Mate x6421:16
Lopeisn't openWRT better than DDwrt?21:17
xangua!mint | Lope21:17
ubottuLope: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:17
MonkeyDustLope  that factoid is not correct, go to linuxmint.com, click Community and the Chat Room21:18
pvl1MonkeyDust: they mean we dont support it in this chatroom21:18
pvl1furthermore canonical develops ubuntu21:19
pvl1not mint21:19
MonkeyDustpvl1  i know, but the factoid must be updated21:19
motaka2Dr_willis: are you there?21:19
pvl1MonkeyDust: gotcha21:20
caersithRaging: I suggest Emacs or Vim. http://lifehacker.com/5911460/the-best-programming-text-editor-for-linux21:22
Gh0stRATmotaka2: when you say NetBeans freezes, can you go into more detail? Is it a momentary freeze, or a long freeze?21:23
motaka2Gh0stRAT: it wont work any more, i have to xkill it21:24
Gh0stRATdoes it freeze after a random amount of time, or right away?21:25
motaka2Gh0stRAT: a fetr a random amount of time, usually after it tries to open suggestions for auto complete21:26
motaka2Gh0stRAT: I have 2GB of RAM and I think AMD 3200 hertz, is that low?21:26
bekksmotaka2: No.21:26
Gh0stRATmotaka2: That should be totally fine for Netbeans21:27
Gh0stRATmotaka2: All I can really think of is starting NetBeans from a terminal and then looking at the console when it freezes to see if there are any errors.21:27
motaka2Gh0stRAT: how can i do that?21:29
Gh0stRATmotaka2: Applications --> Accessories --> Terminal21:29
motaka2Gh0stRAT:no I mean how to run it from therminal21:29
Gh0stRATmotaka2: I don't know what the command to start NetBeans is, but I assume it's jsut `netbeans`21:30
Gh0stRATmotaka2: Did that work?21:31
motaka2Gh0stRAT: no21:31
Maple__Is there some command to locate the audio driver files?21:33
Gh0stRATmotaka2: Try /usr/local/netbeans-X.Y/bin/netbeans21:33
Gh0stRATmotaka2: (where X.Y is your version of NetBeans)21:33
motaka2Gh0stRAT: it worked21:34
Gh0stRATMaple__: I don't know what it's called in modern Ubuntu distributions, but there should be some sort of "Additional Hardware" wizard you can start21:34
Gh0stRATmotaka2: Great, now try to get it to crash21:34
gregor_how do i get to the network settings on ubuntu ?21:34
alex_gregor_: What desktop environment are you using?21:35
Raging@Caersith am newbie i cant install it21:35
ineedarobothey all. I have apt-get installed clamav and python-pyclamav yet my pip install pyclamav is failing: "pyclamav.c:25:20: fatal error: clamav.h: No such file or directory"  Does anyone know how to resolve this please?21:36
gregor_Ubuntu 12.04.2 @ alex21:36
jribineedarobot: you need the -dev libraries.  But if you already have python-clamav, why are you now also using pip?21:37
ineedarobotjrib: thanks for your response.  Should I install libclamav-dev?  BTW i was installing python-clamav out of desperation21:38
aaron_anyone know how to span screensaver across two screens?21:38
ineedarobotjrib: should have known better :D21:38
jribineedarobot: I don't know what you want to accomplish21:38
caersithRaging: sudo apt-get install emacs21:39
ineedarobotjrib: I want to scan a file for viruses using django21:39
jribineedarobot: so why don't you just use python-clamav?21:39
caersithchange emacs with the package to install ie, vim, etc.21:40
ineedarobotjrib: I am using virtualenv and using python-clamav will install the library globally.21:40
jribineedarobot: you're using virtualenv with --no-site-packages?21:40
DeltaPlayHi eveyone21:40
ineedarobotjrib: yes21:40
Raging@Caersith it says (E: Some packages could not be authenticated21:41
jribineedarobot: do "sudo apt-get build-dep python-clamav", then you should be able to use pip to install clamav21:41
aaron_anyone know how to span xscreensaver across two screens in Ubuntu 12.04?21:41
ineedarobotjrib: thanks for the tip.  That has gotten me over the first hurdle.  Now I am getting: pyclamav.c:305:29: error: invalid application of ‘sizeof’ to incomplete type ‘struct cl_limits’21:43
akrlHas anyone install bar (bar ain't recursive) on ubuntu? I'm getting an error when I run make21:44
caersithRaging: I'm not sure maybe it's because of your connection?21:44
jribineedarobot: that's probably some issue with dependency versions.  You should take a step back, download the source package for python-clamav, build that from scratch (make sure it works), then re-evaluate21:44
ineedarobotjrib: I am going to start again with a new vm.  I need to be able to build this environment on demand.  thanks for your help!21:45
Ragingyea maybe that he problem21:45
RagingThanks anyway i appreciate the help21:46
wilee-nileeCurious about spam filters using thunderbird to gather mail21:47
dingohey guys, what command can i use to copy just the folders and their subfiles but not the loose files in the main folder. i want to move just the folders from the working directory and not the loose files that are in the working directory. of course the folders will take their files with them. cp -rv folder1/ folder2/ folder3/... is all i know. plz help. Thanks.21:49
jribdingo: use the glob: */21:49
dingojrib: thanks. you are always there to help. one time i ran across a command that had a --no-action command. is that just specific to that one command? (cant even remember what that was)21:52
akrlCan someone look at this make output to see if they can find the problem please: http://pastebin.com/xLsydZiY. I have installed xcb, xcb-proto, libx11-xcb* and libxcb* but the problem persists.21:53
reisiodingo: probably21:53
mattwj2002hi people21:53
reisiohi mattwj200221:53
mattwj2002well I am going back to 12.0421:53
energizerI want to switch left-right on my audio output. Any idea how?21:53
mattwj200213.04 has too many bugs21:53
reisiomattwj2002: that seems backwards21:54
reisioenergizer: mmm, good question21:54
reisioenergizer: why?21:54
Dr_williscomputers have bugs.. thats the nature of the beast21:54
Ampelbeinakrl: cc -lxcb -o bar bar.o is wrong order, "cc --o bar bar.o -lxcb" will work.21:54
Dr_willis12.04 had bugs when it was released.. and still has some21:54
mattwj2002but 12.04 has less of them :)21:54
Shadowandlighthey guys .... very new to ubuntu and linux, trying to install a custom web app on my vbox ubuntu install.... heres my problem - https://privatepaste.com/c09e75e83421:54
reisiomattwj2002: just going to stick with 12 forever?21:54
Dr_willisit has been worked on for over a year longer..21:54
Ampelbeinakrl: ubuntu passes "--as-needed" per default to ld, so the libraries need to come after the object files.21:54
mattwj2002I am having some gui issues with 13.0421:54
energizerreisio: the cable from my headphones has to go across my body otherwise, which is somewhat disruptive.21:55
Dr_willisdo what you want. it dosent really matter to us. ;P21:55
mattwj2002I don't use unity I use the fall back21:55
mattwj2002windows don't even want to minimize or close....I have had enough :)21:55
reisioenergizer: heh21:55
Dr_willisi imagine the fall-back will be gone in the next release or 2 also.21:55
Dr_willisand it will be the official gnome-shell gnome2 look/theme/thang.21:56
reisioenergizer: http://superuser.com/questions/59481/how-to-swap-stereo-channels-in-ubuntu21:56
jeremiahWhen I installed Ubuntu, I did not get a GUI, so I ran sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop. but then I got an error message repeating for like 8 hours and reset my computer. Now every ttime I start Ubuntu up it tells me I have errors on my system. How do I find out what failed or what the problem with my box is?21:56
reisiomattwj2002: well there are other DEs you can use21:56
mattwj2002unity sucks!21:56
reisiomattwj2002: like Xfce21:56
Dr_willismatthewvz,  ranting sucks! ;P21:56
Dr_willisunity works quite well for me - wife has no issues with it either.. even the 4 yr old can handle it.21:56
energizerreisio: thanks. how do i know if im using alsa or pulseaudio21:56
mattwj2002thanks Dr_willis21:57
Dr_willisof course the 4 yr old keeps hacking into my system.. ;P21:57
reisioenergizer: Ubuntu uses pulse by default21:57
reisioenergizer: (on top of alsa, FYI)21:57
reisioDr_willis: gj21:57
Dr_willisPulse audio uses Alsa.21:57
reisioShadowandlight: find . -iname '*djcelery*'21:57
wilee-nileemattwj2002, Many desktop options use what makes you happy and move on.21:57
mattwj2002maybe I'll give unity another try21:57
* matthewvz rants about people pinging the wrong person21:57
mattwj2002I was not impressed though21:58
reisiomattwj2002: many were not, try Xfce21:58
mattwj2002okay reisio21:58
* wilee-nilee wonders why people use real name in nicks21:58
reisiomattwj2002: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexubuntu21:58
reisiowilee-nilee: clean living21:58
Dr_willisfor an old skool desktop - i tend to use Lubuntu.21:59
mattwj2002thanks reisio21:59
Shadowandlightreisio: no such file or directory for both .-iname and '*djcelery*'21:59
mattwj2002but I am going to go with 13.04 xubuntu free install21:59
reisioXfce is more like GNOME 2 than LXDE21:59
Dr_willisjwm + Rox-filer21:59
Shadowandlightreisio: the instructions never mentioned installing djcelery until later down the list21:59
napscwhy use desktop when you can just use shell ;)22:00
reisioShadowandlight: install...22:00
reisioShadowandlight: python-celery and/or python-django-celery22:00
mattwj2002has anyone tried lubuntu?22:00
reisioShadowandlight: then try again22:00
reisiomattwj2002: yup22:00
Dr_willismattwj2002,  lubuntu is quite popular.22:00
=== wilee-nilee is now known as troglobite
reisiocompared to nothing at all :)22:00
happyfaceanyone know about monit configs? I want to restart AND exec on the same "if" check. Is that possible or do I need 2 ifs?22:00
mattwj2002I like that but it is almost too scaled back22:00
reisiomattwj2002: hence Xfce :p22:00
akrlAmpelbein: yes, that was it. Thank you so much.22:00
reisioShadowandlight: should be the former alone, really22:01
Shadowandlightsudo pip install python-celery ?22:02
Shadowandlighti ran sudo pip install celery, which worked, re-ran the command, no dice22:02
Shadowandlightsame error22:02
jasuntoNFS or iSCSI target22:02
mattwj2002I am going to give lubuntu another try22:03
reisioShadowandlight: it's in the repo, so you don't have to use pip, use apt-get/etc.22:04
Awakenjasunto, it depends :P22:04
Dr_willisjust install lubuntu-desktop on top of your ubuntu or xubuntu install and try them all out22:04
mattwj2002what is uefi?22:05
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI22:05
mattwj2002a replacement for bios oh my22:06
Shadowandlightreisio:  "sudo apt-get celery" and "python-celery" returns invalid operation22:06
ZIPYmattwj2002: u can try xubuntu too, its running xfce22:06
jribShadowandlight: apt-get install...22:06
Shadowandlightsorry i am so new at this22:06
ZIPYi liked xubuntu more then lubuntu somehow for my eee22:07
reisioZIPY: because it does more / is more like GNOME 2? :p22:07
Shadowandlightok that ran.... still getting "importerror: could not import settings 'evewspace.settings' (is it on sys.path?) no module named djcelery"22:07
mattwj2002okay xubuntu it is22:07
mattwj2002I will get a ubuntu downloaded here eventually22:07
deezedHey I recently installed mint here, which is based on ubuntu, but I cant connect to network. Do you know what can I do, or where to ask this?22:08
reisioShadowandlight: mmm, k it might be someplace the code you have isn't expecting it to be22:08
Dr_willisdeezed,  the mint homepage should mention its support channels.. i suggest dumping mint. and using ubuntu22:08
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org22:08
ZIPYreisio: i dont know i think lxde is a little "too light" buts its just a matter of taste22:08
reisioShadowandlight: actually, you did try python-django-celery?22:08
motaka2Gh0stRAT: Are you there?22:09
numnumCan anyone help me with my usb network driver?22:09
reisioShadowandlight: it's part of universe22:09
mattwj2002I have tried mint22:09
reisioShadowandlight: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu22:09
mattwj2002not a bi fan22:09
Dr_willisnumnum,  for what chipset?22:09
mattwj2002*big :P22:09
ZIPYfor me xfce looks more nice then lxde22:09
ZIPYi like gnome 3 for my desktop :D22:09
numnumDownloaded drivers of asix and ran the makefile22:10
reisioZIPY: heh22:10
jonathan583Hi everyon! I'm having a bit of trouble. I just did do-release-upgrade and the computer got all weird during it. The toolbar stopped responding, and I waited for about 30 minutes for it to do something. When it wouldn't change, I was able to restart it. Now the computer boots up ok, I can log on using my credentials from 10.04 LTS, but the X server doesn't seem to be working properly22:10
numnumbut i still get nothing22:10
reisiomattwj2002: but it's greener...22:10
danny4wayI need help with some kind of drivers.22:10
Dr_willisnumnum,  well you have looked at askubuntu.com for that exact chipset to see if others have had issues and potential fixs for any problems with it? ive never heard of that chipset22:10
Shadowandlightreisio: install python-django-celery now22:10
danny4wayI bought this cooling pad. But it requires mac or windows.22:10
numnumis askubuntu down or is that just the forums and whatnot22:10
Dr_willisdanny4way,  we need you to be a bit more specific then that.22:10
Dr_willisaskubuntu.com is up.22:10
numnumi couldn't really find anything for that chipset elsewhere22:10
mattwj2002danny4way: how can it require windows or mac?22:11
jonathan583I opened dash, and now it's stuck on the screen, for example. It won't go away22:11
mattwj2002it is just a fan for your laptop right?22:11
=== solid is now known as Guest85753
danny4wayI am not sure about that. But on the box it says windows or Mac is requirement22:11
Dr_willisnumnum,  last usb wifi dongles i bought. i made sure they had linux support. :) Best $15 usb dongle i got. (well i got 3 differnt ones)22:11
mattwj2002I would think usb should be the only requipment :P22:11
reisiojonathan583: ESC?22:11
Dr_willisdanny4way,  they always say marketing stuff like that.. give us details of what this cooling pad is actually doing..22:11
danny4wayCooling pad is to cool my laptop down22:12
danny4wayBut right now when i plug in the USB, its not working22:12
danny4wayFan isn't working.22:12
Shadowandlightnice.. progress... now i am getting "django.core.exceptions.improperlyconfigured: error loading mysqldb module: no module named mysqldb"22:12
numnumDr_willis: probably had the same one i used to, didn't even need to install drivers, just plug and play.22:12
Dr_willisdanny4way,  so.. its just using usb for?... Power?22:12
motaka2Dr_willis: why dont you help me?22:12
Dr_willismotaka2,  i dont even recall the details of your problem.22:12
danny4wayI am not sure if i should return or if there is some modification i can do to make that cooling pad work22:12
numnumbut it got fried in this storm and I needed a new on so I just went to bestbuy22:12
danny4wayIt's USB cooling pad22:12
Dr_willisdanny4way,  all those ive ever seen just use usb to power the fans.. unless it has some sort of fancy controller built in22:13
danny4waySo is it cooling pad problem?22:13
danny4wayIt might be possible because I haven't tried with Windows or Mac yet22:13
danny4waySince I also don't have windows or mac22:13
Dr_willisdanny4way,  with out more details.. we dont know. I cant imagine why a cooling pad would need anything on the OS.. did it come with a drivers disk?22:13
reisiodanny4way: most laptops only have some usb ports with power22:14
motaka2Dr_willis: the graphical perfomance of my ubuntu 12.04 is low and sometimes netbeansd freezes22:14
reisiodanny4way: typically only one, actually22:14
reisiobut that's probably growing over time22:14
danny4wayOh wait.22:14
danny4wayYes. There is a CD22:14
Dr_willismotaka2,  i rarely mess with nvidia/drivers any more. mine just work.. i am on 13.04 and i dont use netbeans..   i basically ONLY use the nvidia drivers straight from the repos.22:14
danny4wayBut that driver CD isn't working on my laptop. it's not running.22:14
mattwj2002a cd for a coolin fan?22:15
danny4wayBut I googled about it a few days ago that I can use wine for that.22:15
Dr_willisdanny4way,  LOOK on the cd.. dont run/install stuff from it.. see whats on it.22:15
reisiodanny4way: you don't need a driver for a cooling pad22:15
numnumDr_willis, this is what I get when I run the makefile through konsole22:15
reisiodanny4way: just put it into a _powered_ usb port22:15
danny4wayIs it possible for me to use wine for drivers?22:15
numnummake -C /lib/modules/2.6.38-16-generic/build SUBDIRS=/home/numnum/Usb modules22:15
numnummake[1]: Entering directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.38-16-generic'22:15
numnum  Building modules, stage 2.22:15
numnum  MODPOST 1 modules22:15
numnummake[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.38-16-generic'22:15
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:15
Dr_willisdanny4way,  wine for drivers - unlinely.. unless its some weird device.22:15
numnumand thats it22:15
motaka2Dr_willis: so what do u suggest ?22:15
danny4wayOH OKay. I see. I think I need to return that and buy another one that just have USB22:16
danny4wayThe one that i bought was pretty cheap.22:16
danny4wayI bought it with discount.22:16
Dr_willismotaka2,  test with 13.04 perhaps? it may just work22:16
Dr_willisdanny4way,  ive never seen a USB cooling pad for a laptop that needed any support software.. unless it has some sort of software based on/off switch22:16
danny4wayOh okay. I see. Thank you very much Dr_willis22:17
Dr_willisdanny4way,  or just stick the laptop up on some blocks of wood. ;)22:17
danny4wayDoes it work?22:17
Dr_willisa little $5 desk fan works wonders also.. moves a lot more air.22:17
danny4wayI really don't know. I totally turned my laptop into Ubuntu from Windows a few months ago.22:17
Shadowandlightugh now i ran out of HD space on my VBox install22:17
Dr_willisI have to keep telling the wife and kids.. DONT set your laptop on the bed or couch..   they cant seem toundersand why they keep crashing.22:17
danny4wayFirst month i used, it was so fine.22:18
danny4wayAfter that, it just start slowing down and over heating22:18
numnumSo is there anyone here that can help me with actual software questions and not BS about cooling pads22:18
danny4wayAnd when i type in sensors in terminal it's more than 90 degrees22:18
motaka2Dr_willis: I should upgarede? how long would that take? 13.04 is not LTS22:18
Dr_willisdanny4way,  a good dusting with compressed air - may help.22:18
Dr_willismotaka2,  i dont worry about LTS. why are you worried about LTS.. you could test 13.04 and the hardware may 'work' out of the box.. thats what i suggested.22:19
danny4wayOh yeah. My laptop has a lot of dusts. I really ddin't know that dust can actually slow down the laptop22:19
Dr_willisdanny4way,  lint and dust can STOP a fan from turning.22:19
Dr_willisi would of said clean it - befor you even tried a cooling pad.22:19
danny4waySo when i buy that compressed air can, where should I spray? Do you recommend to spray the fan that exhale or inhale first?22:20
Dr_willisdont go berzerk with an air compressor. :) you can blow stuff apart.22:20
=== rsc1 is now known as rstacruz
Dr_willisdanny4way,  perhaps hit  up youtube on 'how to clean a laptop'22:21
=== rstacruz is now known as rstacruz_
danny4wayOh okay. Thank you very much for answering .22:21
danny4wayyou actually helped me a lot.22:21
Dr_willisblow air the right way.. then reverse.. then back...22:21
Dr_willisgive it a good cleaning. ;)22:21
danny4wayOkay. I will. Thanks.22:21
jonathan583numnum: what's your problem. I might be able to help22:21
jonathan583(even though I'm actually here looking for help myself)22:21
jonathan583can anybody see this typing? (testing if I'm still connected- thanks!)22:25
odd1hey guys I installed zorin os(based on ubuntu) on my secondary pc via the "replace windows xp", it deleted both partitions :(, which i ofc didnt expect and i lost my data... can someone point me in the right direction on how to salvage my data(or atleast part of it)???22:26
jonathan583odd1: I used to use an application for windows called "getdataback"22:27
Shadowandlightyea getdataback is pretty amazing22:28
* Dr_willis wishes odd1 good luck.22:29
odd1can it search through an image?22:29
jonathan583odd1: if you're a high level linux user, you can try "dd" but I'd recommend against that for all but the most advanced of users22:29
Dr_willis#windows may offer other suggestions22:29
odd1cause someone suggested to me to first make an image of the entire hdd22:29
jonathan583odd1: you'd have to read up on it. I haven't used it in a few years.22:30
Dr_willisyou can always try to image the hd to some location adn try to recovery from it. but not all tools can do that22:30
odd1yeah someone suggested dd, but im not nearly advanced enough22:30
Dr_willisif you reformated the windows paritons. the data may be gone.22:30
odd1kinda scared to lose it all22:30
Dr_willisIt may allready be gone.22:30
nmittalis there a way to replace noveau with a specific driver for the onboard vga chip on my motherboard22:30
Dr_willisdata worth keeping. is data worth backing up.22:30
odd1it deleted 2 partitions22:30
odd1and made one 70gb22:30
odd1ext3 or whatever...22:31
Dr_willisyou told it  'replace' and it did.. it deleted the 2 partions and made one for linux22:31
odd1both were ntfs before22:31
iampozis aircrack-ng off topic here?22:31
zykotick9nmittal: do you have nvidia?  noveau is the free nvidia driver - it's for lots of chipsets.22:31
Dr_willisiampoz,  it normally has its own support areas since its a very specific tool22:31
odd1Dr_willis: do u think i lost everything... it did not turn the bits to 0 since it was fast format...22:32
iampozwell i am in the #aircrack-ng channel, does not look like anyone is home at the moment22:32
odd1but it changed the partition types22:32
odd1from ntfs to ext22:32
Kitarihi there I'm trying to install ubuntu and I get an error saying something like missing com3222:32
ikoniaiampoz: here is not the right place22:32
Dr_willisodd1,  fast format? you are thinking in windows terms.. it made a ext4 partion and formated it to ext4 - that would not take very long at all22:32
ikoniaKitari: get the exact error22:32
iampozikonia, k22:32
genialCan anyone recommend me a http-downloader with multi-segment support, run from CLI? :)22:32
zykotick9genial: do you mean something wget doesn't do?22:33
Kitariikonia that would mean rebooting -_- but yeah brb22:33
nmittalzykotick9, i have 2 nvidia gtx cards on the machine but I dont want to use them for display (only computation).. i want to use the onboard vga chip for display22:33
zykotick9nmittal: what chip is the onboard vga exactly?22:34
man6 watch movies while browsing p0rn, most user friendly interface, no spyware, totally FREE - http://www.6play.xxx22:34
genialzykotick9: yeah, don't think wget supports multiple connections to the same file22:34
vinnyzeeis ubuntu 12.04.2 really so much more stable that its worth having the outdated software compared to 13.0422:34
nmittalzykotick9, not sure.. its the ASUS Z87-Pro motherboard22:34
zykotick9genial: well, i'd say, if wget can't do it - you probably shouldn't need it ;)  good luck.22:34
zykotick9nmittal: "lspci -v | grep -i vga" should show you.22:35
Dr_willisvinnyzee,  most peole seem to be 'scared' to have to upgrade again to the next release in a few months.. sort of  unjustified i think.22:35
genialHehe thanks zykotick9 :) Downloading some huge files from across the globe, and connection speed is subpar. Seems aria2c will do what I want tho, I'll check that out!22:35
Dr_willisvinnyzee,  and a seperate home partion. makes upgradeing, or a clean install rather trivial22:35
nmittalzykotick9, http://fpaste.org/28461/13750509/22:36
vinnyzeeDr_willis, I am planning on reinstalling with a home partition. do I just shrink my 80gb partition to 20 gb / 60 gb /home22:36
nmittalzykotick9, i want to use the 1st one for display..22:36
zykotick9oh man, nmittal if i open this link and there are ads - i'm not gonna be happy...22:36
vinnyzeeor do i have to tell the installer whats going on22:36
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=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
danny4wayI need help with putting up Refresh option on right click22:37
danny4wayI have no way I can refresh my computer.22:37
nmittalzykotick9, no its the result of the lspci command22:37
hewhomustvinny, you can just resize your partitions then mount them with the installer22:37
Dr_willisvinnyzee,  basically yes.   but with that small a  hard drive..  id personally leave it as one partion for /22:37
Dr_willisvinnyzee,  of course my /home/ is its own seperate 3TB hd. ;) i need space.22:38
odd1Dr_willis thanks for your help btw!¨22:38
* Dr_willis blushes 22:38
mattwj2002hey guys22:38
mattwj2002installing xubuntu22:38
zykotick9nmittal: fedora - all good ;)  so that "Intel Corporation Haswell Integrated Graphics Controller " is i'm guessing your onboard graphics, i don't think intel and nouveau will conflict with one another, but propretary nvidia might?  (is this a hybrid/bumblebee type thing? or is that an actual separate MB video card?)22:38
vinnyzeeDr_willis, i have a 500 gb HD  currently about 330 gb of shared files and about 90/90 win linux22:38
vinnyzeeDr_willis, than obviously external drives too22:39
kitarilouhi again so the error message is failed to load com32 file menu.c3222:39
Dr_willisvinnyzee,   i moved my main linux setup to its own 128gb SSD for /   :) so i decided to keep /home/ on the old hard drive.22:39
ikoniakitarilou: that looks like you are trying to pxeboot syslinux22:39
ikoniakitarilou: how are you trying to boot ?22:39
Dr_willisdanny4way,  we dont really know what you mean by  'refresh your computer'22:39
vinnyzeeDr_willis, if i am giving linux 80gb pretty much just for installation how many should go to / and how many for /home (all files will be saved on other HD / partitions)22:39
kitarilouvia a usb drive I made with unetbootin22:40
danny4wayDr_willis, I mean like on windows, we have refresh option when we right click.22:40
nmittalzykotick9, the 1st one is currently running my display but is using the noveau driver..22:40
ikoniakitarilou: looks like it's not created properly22:40
kitarilouand I got this error message on 13.04 and 12.04 if I'm not mistaken22:40
nmittalzykotick9, but noveau conflicts with nvidia so i am not able to use the other two cards for computation22:40
zykotick9kitarilou: unetbootin might not be your best choice for creating USB images... you might want to try another method of creating the USB22:41
kitarilouit happenned twice on 2 versions22:41
ikoniakitarilou: then it looks like it's not making them correctly22:41
hewhomustvinny, I would just make one root partition since all of your data will be on another partition22:41
kitarilouit is the only one I know -_-22:41
kitarilouand it always worked before22:41
Kitt3nIs there a reason for only getting max 10 fps in Minecraft with the ATI open source driver?22:41
kitariloudo you know what I should do?22:41
ikoniakitarilou: remake the images22:41
zykotick9nmittal: so can you use the MB intel for you graphics output?  and the propritary nvidia on the other two?  (i wish i knew ; try it and see)22:42
troglobitekitarilou, What OS are you loading th usb in?22:42
vinnyzeehewhomust, wouldn't adding a /home partition basically mean i could reinstall ubuntu at any point and not even notice any settings and software changes?22:42
kitariloutroglobite, I first used 13.0422:42
nmittalzykotick9, thats what I want to do.. but when I try to install nvidia drivers (to use the other two cards for computation).. it complains that there is noveau installed... and tries to replace it.. which is a problem!22:43
zykotick9nmittal: ahhh, are you installing the driver from nvidia.com?22:43
hewhomustvinny, yeah but the software will be deleted anyway and it's probably only worth it if you have a lot of config files, since you have data on your other partitions22:43
kitarilouwhen i got the error message I thought it was a problem with the download so I used 12.0422:43
Lopeis there any way to force apt to do hash checks on all the files in /var/cache/apt-get/archive?22:43
nmittalzykotick9, yes22:43
vinnyzeeah alright22:43
troglobitekitarilou, I don't know your history here so you are loading what ISO using 13.04?22:43
zykotick9nmittal: 'cause installing the nvidia driver (the ubuntu way) will auto blacklist nouveau...22:44
MaseratiRUSIAN SOCCER LEAGuE on stream... on www.refectori.com22:44
kitarilouoh you meant from what os I was making the flashdrive?22:44
kitarilouwin8 -_-22:44
zykotick9nmittal: if you've installed the nvidia.com driver (at any point).  I consider your ubuntu to be broken.  i can't help you further, best of luck.22:44
nmittalzykotick9, but if noveau is blacklisted my display would stop working.. rt?22:44
nmittalzykotick9, i havent installed nvidia22:45
hewhomustkita, can you check the hash sum on the iso it might be a bad iso22:45
troglobitekitarilou, Yes, a number of usb loaders for windows here check the md5sum of the iso as well. http://www.pendrivelinux.com/22:45
troglobite!md5sum | kitarilou22:45
ubottukitarilou: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows22:45
zykotick9nmittal: sorry, i "won't" help further - i asked, did you install nvidia.com and you said yes!?!  good luck (don't include my nick in any other posts, i won't even see them).22:46
troglobite!tab | hewhomust22:46
ubottuhewhomust: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.22:46
kitarilouI'm getting lost here what are those?22:46
vectrakitarilou,        i have used unetbootin a lot  in other OS               just tried in win 8 last night   and had failures22:46
troglobite!who | kitarilou22:46
ubottukitarilou: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)22:46
=== Guest85887 is now known as LoganCloud
Dr_willisdanny4way,  no needs to msg me.. and F5 in the nautius file manger refreshes the same as it does in windows I belive.22:47
troglobitekitarilou, You are trying to load a usb with 13.04 in W8 I sent you a website with several usb loaders that runin windows.22:47
kitarilouvectra, k thanks than I'll just use another os then and if that doesn't work I'll comme back and bother you again22:47
kitarilouthanks to you all*22:48
danny4wayOh. Sorry Dr_willis22:48
vectrakitarilou,     win 8     May be the issue22:48
troglobitekitarilou,I also included the wiki on checking if the iso you have is good, by checking the md5sum.22:48
hewhomusthes gone22:48
danny4wayI have another question. Why doesn't sudo apt-get update doesn't work on my ubuntu terminal22:48
troglobitevectra, W8 can load usb you just need the correct one to you.22:48
Dolphin-mani just got the boot from #debian22:48
Dolphin-mani guess they dont want my business22:49
Kitt3ndanny4way, what happens when you run it?22:49
ikoniaDolphin-man: neither do we22:49
Dr_willisdanny4way,  without us posting an error emssage.. we dont know.22:49
Dr_williser you posting an error message to us. ;)22:49
Dolphin-manjokes on you22:49
Dolphin-manim already using ubuntu22:49
nauticsIt's not too tricky to setup a bootable thumb drive with ubuntu using a mac, is it?22:49
hewhomusthmm, I'm on debian I didn't see you lol22:49
ikoniaDolphin-man: this is your only warning - no messing around like in #debian22:49
danny4waydanny4way@Danny:~$ sudo apt-get update22:49
danny4wayHit http://us.archive.ubuntu.com raring Release.gpg22:49
danny4wayHit http://us.archive.ubuntu.com raring-updates Release.gpg22:49
danny4wayHit http://security.ubuntu.com raring-security Release.gpg22:49
danny4wayIgn http://ppa.launchpad.net raring Release.gpg22:49
FloodBot1danny4way: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.22:49
danny4wayHit http://us.archive.ubuntu.com raring-backports Release.gpg22:49
troglobiteDolphin-man, A boot is proceeded by a problem, I would not use it as bragging rights22:49
vectratroglobite,        could be    he was using unetbootine and I had the same issue last night22:49
Dr_willisnautics,  you can image the iso file directly to the usb using differnt tools. the pendrivelinux site has guides22:49
nauticsgotcha, thanks22:50
Dr_willisnautics,  making a persistant save  setup will be a little tricker. but you dont need that to make an installer-usb22:50
troglobitevectra, right but without specifics it is just more confusing.22:50
=== troglobite is now known as wilee-nilee
vectrathe issue well may be unnetbootin is not win 8 compatable22:51
hewhomustit is i have used it22:51
Dr_willisusing unetbootin to make a windows8 boot usb? I think you can image the windows 8 dvd straight to flash also. (id check in #windows however)22:51
vectrawell it was   win 8.1   trial really22:51
Dr_willisive used windows 8 for like exactly 5 min..  once...22:52
dirtydaw1evening all22:52
Dolphin-man>come to #ubuntu22:52
Dolphin-man>ask for windows support22:52
Dr_willisDolphin-man,  troll elsewhere please.22:52
vectraDr_willis,    no      using unetbootin on win 8 to make a ubuntu   live USB22:52
flipper88_fli beleive that channel would be #windows22:52
gschillerHi, I'm new to Ubuntu22:53
Lopehow do I use debsums without checking my entire hard drive?22:53
hewhomusthi g22:53
Dr_willisvectra,  theres dozens of alternative tools  for the same task at the Pendrivelinux web site. I tend to use those.22:53
gschillerI'm a young rails and python dev22:53
gschillerIs Ubuntu >  Windows for dev. and why?22:53
barrett__does 'diff -qr' work on folders with binary files?22:54
reisiogschiller: yes, in every possible way it'd take all year to list22:54
vectraDr_willis,     yes and   some of those dont work on win 8 either22:54
vectrai tied22:54
reisiobarrett__: course, if they're different22:54
Dr_willisvectra,  simpleist way would be to use a imageing tool to make a straight image of the iso to the usb. those most always work for me22:54
reisiobarrett__: if you wanted to be 100% sure you'd want to use cmp, though22:54
jrib!ot | gschiller22:54
ubottugschiller: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:54
barrett__reisio, so the fact that the manpage keeps pointing out it does 'line comparison' doesn't mean its bad for binaries?22:54
jonathan583Hey, I've been working on my upgrade issue, and I think there's something wrong with the video card driver settings in X. Is there a command line utility that goes through it or do i have to manually edit xorg.conf22:55
reisiobarrett__: it's not bad, it's just not 100% perfect22:55
gschillerSorry, all22:55
barrett__reisio, well why would cmp be better?  the problem is cmp doesn't work on folders,22:55
barrett__reisio, so the only way to compare folders of binary filse is to write my own script then?22:55
reisiobarrett__: yeah you'd probably want to parse diff's output, or use find + cmp22:55
wilee-nileevectra, I happen to be in W8 and am loading supergrub with no problems using unetbootin. I would not use unetbootin to download any iso though.22:55
reisiobarrett__: probably not, but, probably the easiest way is22:55
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:56
vectraDr_willis,     sure     I would    and did do that            I just tried   on win 8 because I downloaded to that machine22:56
wilee-nileeloaded without a problem vect0r22:56
jonathan583(my desktop is totally unusuable. I did restart lightdm but it didn't help)22:56
wilee-nileevectra, loaded without a problem22:56
wilee-nileesorry vect0r22:56
barrett__reisio, thanks.  can I ask when you say diff wouldn't be 100% can you give me any specific details of what you mean by that?  how might it not work, i mean?22:56
LopeI'm trying to use debsums to scan my apt-get cache directory, but its scanning my entire hard drive. how do I make it JUST scan the specified folder? this is the command I'm using:22:56
vectrawilee-nilee,      ok   good          but mine was 8.1     and maybe different22:57
barrett__because it's EXACTLY what i'm looking for, except the 'line comparison' thing scares me22:57
wilee-nileevectra, I doubt that.22:57
gschillerIs booting ubuntu from usb going to be adequate?22:57
Lopedebsums -p --deb-path=/var/cac/apt/archives22:57
vectranot my issue anyway              i have lots of other options22:57
vectralike    LINUX      hahaha22:58
wilee-nileegschiller, For what?22:58
wilee-nileevectra, Not your issue, my point is just don't post a did not work for me.22:58
reisiobarrett__: :)22:58
barrett__reisio, when it finds differences in binary files, apparently it says "binary files differ" instead of showing a line difference22:58
reisiobarrett__: http://superuser.com/questions/125376/how-do-i-compare-binary-files-in-linux has some good looking stuff22:58
barrett__gives me a little more confidence22:58
barrett__ah thank you22:58
vectrawilee-nilee,     rthe person that i told that to had the same issue as i did22:59
gschillerwilee-nilee for programming22:59
wilee-nileegschiller, Honestly that makes no sense.22:59
Dr_willisgschiller,  totally depends on the details. You can do a FULL normal installto a good enough sized usb flash drive. or usb hd.22:59
Dr_willisgschiller,  it will be slower then a HD install. but it can work fine for many people23:00
gschillerI currently have it on a usb23:00
gschillerfrom linux live23:00
Dr_willisa full install is differnt then a live-usb setup23:00
reisiogschiller: works fine IME, you might get speed gains by using ext4 without its journal23:00
reisioor some other FS designed for solid state23:00
Dr_willisi ran off a 32gb usb flash for several months23:00
gschillerif I boot and install with bios will that work well?23:00
gschilleror will that overwrite shit?23:01
reisioDr_willis: why didn't it just leave?23:01
reisiogschiller: hrmm?23:01
=== tigrang1 is now known as tigrang
gschillerif I install ubuntu from usb with bios23:01
gschillerwill it overwrite other shit23:02
reisiofrom usb?23:02
reisiowhat do you mean by with bios23:02
gschilleror will I be able to have two os simultaneously23:02
reisioyou can have two simultaneously23:02
reisioI don't know what you're asking other than that23:02
gschillerin bios23:02
reisioin bios23:02
reisioin bios what?23:02
gschillerI can install the os right?23:02
hewhomustlol I have 4 oses dont worry23:02
reisioyou don't install an OS "in bios"23:02
gschillerokay I mean23:02
gschillerI boot23:02
gschillerhit f1023:02
gschillerthen what?23:03
ikonia!langauage | gschiller23:03
reisiothe bios boot menu23:03
ikonia!language | gschiller23:03
ubottugschiller: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.23:03
reisiogschiller: you can boot from the usb explicitly via such a menu, yes23:03
reisiogschiller: for the install media23:03
reisiogschiller: after you install, it'd be more... normal to just let the boot loader give you the choice23:03
reisioif you install, that is23:03
gschillerHow does the data storage work with 2 os?23:03
reisiogschiller: some data's here, some is there :p23:04
Dr_williswhich 2 os's ?23:04
* wilee-nilee fires up stop making sense by the talking heads23:04
reisioyou have to have disk space somewhere for each OS23:04
jonathan583if I do a system upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 LTS do I need to reinstall my nvidia driver?23:04
gschillerubuntu and 723:04
reisiojonathan583: most likely but not necessarily23:04
wilee-nileejonathan583, This a desktop or server23:04
Dr_willisjonathan583,  very likely yes. it depends on how you installed it in the first place23:04
gschillerbut do I manually separate the amount of diskspace23:04
reisiomore importantly: it doesn't matter if you need to :p23:04
reisiogschiller: that is the normal course if you have only one disk, yes23:05
Dr_willisgschiller,  you can if you want a swperate data partion for stuff23:05
Lopecan someone help me with debsums please?23:05
reisiogschiller: I believe the installer can also attempt to automatically resize23:05
reisioLope: no, but probably some people can23:05
gschillerah okok23:05
^MikeIs there a directory where you can drop a file that specifies a cronjob and it'll be found and run on schedule? That would seem to be easier for automated tools, rather than trying to edit the same cron file as a human23:05
gschillerIs it hard to repartition if I need more/less?23:05
wilee-nilee!details > Lope23:05
ubottuLope, please see my private message23:05
reisiogschiller: resizing partitions isn't 100% safe, so you should backup any critical data beforehand23:05
reisiogschiller: it's quite simple, you can do it manually before running the installer, by selecting 'try' from the install media23:06
reisiogschiller: and running gparted23:06
ikonia^Mike: you can do crontab filname and replace the crontab with a pre-made file23:06
gschillerWish me luck friends23:06
jonathan583!details > jonathan58323:06
ubottujonathan583, please see my private message23:06
reisiogschiller: it's quite a lot simpler if you just have a spare disk23:06
ikonia^Mike: there is also the cron.daily, cron.monthly, cron.weekly directories23:06
Shadowandlightanyone ever get copy-paste to work from a windows host to ubuntu server via virtualbox / guest additions23:06
reisiogschiller: and since you'll almost certainly need more storage space eventually anyways, you might just go get another disk23:06
gschillerlaptop dude23:06
Shadowandlighti've followed all the instructions i can find and it refuses to work23:06
reisioShadowandlight: an ubuntu server with a DE?23:07
reisioShadowandlight: the guest additions are more targeted towards desktop installs23:07
reisioShadowandlight: did you try middle-mouse-click to paste?23:07
ikoniamake sure gpm is running23:07
Shadowandlighti suppose i can try to ssh into the box eh?23:07
reisioShadowandlight: also you could just ssh in yes23:07
hewhomustreisio, yeah but it's still pretty easy to manually do it I have 4 oses, and two ntfs partitions23:08
AndroidFanboyhey can u guys help me???23:08
ikoniaAndroidFanboy: if you have an ubuntu question, we can try23:08
Gh0stRATAndroidFanboy: It depends. What is your question?23:08
reisiohewhomust: yes, still23:08
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
AndroidFanboyI tried to install backtrack on my asus g75vx but when i try to boot it only boots windows 823:08
ikoniaAndroidFanboy: that's not an ubuntu question23:08
LopeI'm trying to use debsums to scan my apt-get cache directory, but its scanning my entire hard drive. how do I make it JUST scan the specified dir? this is the command I'm using: debsums -p --deb-path=/var/cac/apt/archives23:08
ikoniaAndroidFanboy: we only deal with ubuntu questions in here23:08
jonathan583maybe, what's the problem?23:09
AndroidFanboyis there a channel for backtrack?23:09
ikoniaAndroidFanboy: #backtrack-linux23:09
AndroidFanboythanx bro23:09
reisioAndroidFanboy: /msg alis list *backtrack*23:09
reisioAndroidFanboy: /msg alis list *whatever*23:09
reisioAndroidFanboy: /msg alis list *muffins*cheese*23:09
wilee-nileeheh /msg alis list rasbery scones23:10
hewhomustgschiller, how big is your laptop's hardrive?23:10
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.23:11
Aqrtahttp://www.naked-julia.com/?uid=935734   -> click this link please, it's for a good cause (boobs)23:13
jonathan583ok, that was the problem. When doing the 10.04 lts desktop -> 12.04 LTS desktop, the video driver got kicked out and I needed to reinstall the proprietary driver23:13
Streuselwhat the..23:13
wilee-nilee!ops | Aqrta23:13
ubottuAqrta: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!23:13
wilee-nileePici, Sorry to bother you most times they log off immediately.23:14
Piciwilee-nilee: no bother23:15
wilee-nileejonathan583, The proprietary is not usually the one used, but if you know whats up it is okay.23:16
=== ckp_ is now known as rusty
=== rusty is now known as Guest44734
Shadowandlightoh god ssh into this box and using copy/paste has just dramatically improved my life23:17
=== Guest44734 is now known as rusty101
jonathan583thanks guys23:17
wilee-nileerusty101, Whay are you just posting that?23:18
rusty101screwed up23:18
Lopenight night, thanks for the help23:19
=== rusty101 is now known as password
Gh0stRATRusty: wtf do you keep changing your name all the time?23:21
wilee-nilee!language > Gh0stRAT23:21
ubottuGh0stRAT, please see my private message23:21
SunStarMySQL server was upgraded to 5.5.32-0ubuntu0.13.04.1 by software updates yesterday and now server monitoring through phpMyAdmin is broken23:26
pcbryanthat makes sense23:27
tekkbuzzanyone know why when I do - apt-get dist-upgrade  It doesn't include kubuntu and I still get a System Notification saying a newer version of kubuntu is available?23:29
jrib!dist-upgrade | tekkbuzz23:30
ubottutekkbuzz: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.23:30
tekkbuzzokay jrib : thanks a lot, appreciate that.23:31
newuserGuyguys in vim when i try 'd$'   it says 'd'  should showup on the lowest line but it doesn't23:37
newuserGuybut 'd$'  does what it should23:37
wilee-nileeHave a tar extracted correcty cd'd to the folder the read says this Run script ./install as "root" not sure what to do at this point.23:38
jribnewuserGuy: you said you tried 'd$' and it does one thing then you said you tried 'd$' and it does another thing... you said the same command twice23:38
jribwilee-nilee: what is your goal?23:39
wilee-nileejrib, Install23:39
Emmanuel_ChanelI cannot "modprobe nf_nat_irc" or "modprobe_nf_nat_ftp" ... :(23:39
jribnewuserGuy: do you mean that you want the partial command 'd' to show up in your status bar?23:39
Emmanuel_Chanelon Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS amd64...23:39
Emmanuel_ChanelHow can I help that?23:40
jribwilee-nilee: install what...?23:40
wilee-nileejrib, It is mail wash beta23:40
jribwilee-nilee: do you understand the risks with running random things from third parties as root?23:40
wilee-nileejrib oh yes this is a legit app.23:41
gregor_how do i get skype for on ubuntu do i search it in the software center ?23:41
SunStarits in software center, its also available for download from microsoft23:41
jribwilee-nilee: then you have to follow its documentation. There aren't universal install instructions for random apps.  If it says you should run ./install as root, then that's what you need to do (you can read "as root" as "with sudo" in ubuntu)23:42
jrib!skype | gregor_23:42
ubottugregor_: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga23:42
ubottuThe Instant Messenger client Pidgin (formerly Gaim) (http://help.ubuntu.com/community/Pidgin) supports MSN, XMPP (Jabber, GTalk and variants), AIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ, YIM, IRC and others. See also !Kopete23:42
wilee-nileejrib, Cool I tried but this is out of my general use area I rarely have installed using a tar is all, no biggie though.23:42
SunStarhey there is a trigger. sweet23:42
sternwandererdoes anyone in here usy yahoo mail? the shortcut for sending mails in ubuntu firefox (ctrl + return) doesn't work, in windows it does :/ any suggestions?23:47
sternwanderer*usy = use23:47
Dr_willistheres not a send button to click?23:48
sternwandereri want to send by keyboard shortcut and avoid using the mouse23:48
gregor_there is no resulats for skype in the softwere centere should i downlaod it via terminal ?23:48
Dr_willisits very likely that  shortcut is being grabbed by the window manager, or desktop.23:48
Shadowandlight"./manage.py collectstatic --noinput" outputs ""Could not find backend '%s': %s" % (backend, e))23:49
Shadowandlightdjango.core.cache.backends.base.InvalidCacheBackendError: Could not find backend                    'infinite_memcached.cache.MemcachedCache': No module named infinite_memcached.c                   ache"23:49
sternwandererinteresting, thanks for that hint, Dr_willis23:49
sternwandereri'll investigate on that :)23:49
gregor_ Unable to locate package skype thats what it saied when i tryed the terminal23:50
Dr_willistest it by trying a very minimal window manager like jwm  thats not grabbing any shortcutskeys23:50
wilee-nileeso if one has a extracted tar in home that needs the install run as ./install as root what is the cli path?23:50
heslamhi guys. i've accidentally turned an ext4 partition into a fat16 one, and although the data is all still there (i used file recovery software to pull it out), i'm not sure how to turn it back into an ext4 partition safely, preserving the directory structure. what's the best way to say "mount this partition *as ext4* no matter what"23:50
Dr_williswilee-nilee,  whever/whaever the tar extracted to23:50
Dr_williswilee-nilee,  ./whatever   imples you are IN the same directory as the 'whatever' binary.23:51
Dr_willisthats what the ./ part means.. thats the relative path.  ./ = current directory23:51
MathCubes_Can any one help me23:51
wilee-nileeDr_willis, In this area I am a noob, lol23:51
Dr_willisMathCubes_,  only if you ask a real question23:51
wilee-nileebesides all the rest23:51
Dr_williswilee-nilee,  its rather bash basics..  time to hit a bash tutorial or 2. :)23:51
MathCubes_mount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only mount: /dev/sr0: can't read superblock23:52
MathCubes_mount: /dev/sr0: can't read superblock23:52
MathCubes_I do I remove it ?23:52
Dr_willisMathCubes_,  so what sort of cd is in the drive?23:52
Dr_willisMathCubes_,  you mean how to you 'eject' the disk?23:52
Dr_willisformating a cd? you mean a cd-rw? dvd-rw?23:52
MathCubes_cd-rw rewritablr23:53
* Dr_willis is getting sick of playing 20 questions.23:53
Dr_willisYou use one of the cd burning apps to erase the disk.23:53
Dr_willisyou DONT mount it to erase it.23:53
MathCubes_not working23:53
Dr_willis'not working' tells us nothing... give more details..23:53
MathCubes_when I go to mount it it says in the terminal ^^^^23:53
Dr_willisyou do NOT MOUNT a cd-rw to 'erase' it..23:53
Dr_willisyou would mount it to read data from it.23:54
MathCubes_it wasn't mounting23:54
MathCubes_in root23:54
Dr_willisso.. start from the beginning.. you want to do what exactly with this  cd-rw disk?23:54
^MikeApparently adding a file to /etc/profile.d that declares a shell function causes logins to fail. Any idea why? I would have expected the file to be sourced just like any other, creating a shell function accessible in the terminal after the user logs in.23:54
jrib^Mike: be more verbose23:55
^MikeIf I want to add a shell function that's accessible globally on the system, where should I be putting it other than /etc/profile.d?23:55
* wilee-nilee now knows how the noobs feel on this channel. ;)23:55
MathCubes_it has write-protected so how do i remove that?23:55
Dr_willisMathCubes_,  you only write to cd-rw disks  when you burn an image to them. or other wise burn them the first time. You do not treat them like big floppy disks.23:55
^MikeWell, what do you want to know? When you try to log in, the password is accepted, and it looks like login has succeeded, but then you're kicked back to the login screen with no error message or anything.23:55
reisio^Mike: skel?23:56
jrib^Mike: exactly what are you doing...?23:56
^Mikejrib: I did an experiment to show that it was this file -- if I comment out the function, login succeeds.23:56
jrib^Mike: ok /I/ will be more verbose.  Pastebin what your file actually looks like.23:56
MathCubes_@Drwillis I want to elease what I have on the disk?23:56
Dr_willisMathCubes_,  then i suggest using the cd-dvd-burner apps to erase (ie: blank) the disk23:57
^Mikejrib: I created a file /etc/profile.d/sublime_text.sh which contained one line: function e() { "/opt/Sublime Text 2/sublime_text" "$@" &>/dev/null & }23:57
Dr_willisMathCubes_,  you do not mount them and treat them as a big floppy, or normal drive.23:57
jrib^Mike: you keep saying "the function".  I don't know what "the function" is.  If you prefer guess, in general /etc/profile get sourced by lots of different shells so it should probably only have things that would work on sh23:57
jribsh being dash23:57
^MikeI just showed you the function I'm talking about -_-23:58
^Mikethat is the exact source23:58
Dr_willis^Mike,  i think theres a /etc/profile file that has default alias's  and functions like that in it.23:58
MathCubes_@Dr_willis I can't use a app because it woun't work I try and in the terminal as root. it says it is write-protected,23:58
^MikeDr_willis: Yes. I know. I'm trying to add a new one. And then logging in got broken O_o23:58
Dr_willisMathCubes_,  you use an app.. thats how you do it.23:58
MathCubes_I try k3b23:58
Dr_willisMathCubes_,  theres dozens of burner apps in the repos23:58
jrib^Mike: get rid of the &> stuff23:59
MathCubes_@Dr_willis how can I remove write-protected on the cd?23:59
Dr_willisMathCubes_,  you dont.. you write to it with a burning app and thats it.. you do not treat it as a hard drive/floppy disk.23:59
Dr_willisthe burnibng app burns/writes to it.. and its done.23:59

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