Mastermilboa noite05:40
studio-user771ubuntu studio is awsome!!!!!12:06
studio-user771i'just new in it but it looks awsome!!!!12:06
LambdaDuskanyone knows which options to put to avconv to have a convert from h264 to libx264 with minimum loss of quality? -c:v copy refuses to work, so I have to re-encode14:00
maurohi everyone17:14
=== mauro is now known as Guest10397
Guest10397I need some help on ubuntu studio17:15
Guest10397can anyone help?17:15
Guest10397I need some help on ubuntu studio17:18
alex_Hello #Ubuntustudio. I have an odd problem with my USB Wireless Adapter -- it is recognized and finds neighboring Wireless Networks, but can't find my own. Does anyone have any guesses?22:42
alex_Before I installed Ubuntu Studio, I used Windows 8, and I had no problems connecting to my home network.22:43

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