pleia2jjfrv8: doh, finding major bugs while writing testcases14:02
jjfrv8Don't know about 'major'.  It looks like that bug has been around forever.14:02
Unit193Yep, I've hit it before too.14:03
Unit193(Not the help one, nobody read help right? ;) )14:04
pleia2well, it sounds like quite the broken experience14:13
Unit193If you don't have ntpd, it can be a little less than helpful.14:14
knomepleia2, ta14:28
knomewhy am i typoing today?14:36
knomeGridCube, yes, i can send my screenshot at some point.15:59
GridCube:) excellent16:00
knomeGridCube, i was also thinking that if we are really short on images, we can do "the different desktop of the week" -series with IRL desktops from the team16:00
GridCubei would like to have a bunch so people who reads the news and goes to the site can see something and its more interesting16:00
knomewhat news?16:02
GridCubethe xubuntu-showcase project news16:03
GridCubewasnt pleia2 going to announce it tomorrow or later this week?16:03
knomeoh, right16:03
knomebunch of desktops16:03
knomeyes, sure16:03
knomei'll get you one tomorrow or before the news announcement tomorrow16:03
GridCube:) great16:03
knomemy stomache is aching (three nights of 4/4/6 hours of sleep)16:04
elfyGridCube: if you need desktop shots I can let you have one16:04
GridCubeim asking everyone XD16:04
GridCubethe more the better, having them in proposed doesnt mean having them in featured :916:05
elfyGridCube: do I have to create an account to do so ?16:05
knomeelfy, we can handle uploading for yo16:05
GridCubenah gimme an imgur link and ill upload it for you16:05
elfyok - png? size? dirty? clean? 16:06
knomeelfy, see the guidelines :P16:06
knomeelfy, basically, biggest possible resolution, safe for work, no copyrighted material16:06
elfyguessed so :)16:07
elfyknome: in a testcase how do you make something bold ? <whatgoeshere> 16:58
elfyor anyone else who might know :)16:58
knomeelfy, either <b>bold</bold> or <strong>bold</strong> should work20:00
elfythanks boss :)20:01
knomeheh, np20:01
elfy<b>bold</b> doesn't work then? I love logical things ... 20:03
knomeerr, yes that20:06
knomeof course you need to use the same closing tag20:06
elfytry and remember who you're talking to :D20:07
knomei can't, i'm tired20:08
knomeas i just said in #shimmer, 4/4/6 hours of sleep during last three nights20:08
elfyooh not good 20:09
pleia2knome: go sleepies20:09
knomei need to watch some videos20:10
knomewe were wakespotting (wakeboarding with a rope pulling you around a track20:11
knomewatching videos from that now20:11
* pleia2 looks up "wakeboarding"20:11
knomelike waterskiing with a board20:11
pleia2that seems like a lot of work20:11
elfyseems like something elfy would fail at - balance required... 20:12
knomeelfy, see -ot ;)20:14
elfyonly 9 testcase bugs with xubuntu tag not being worked on - 3 of those are more than xubuntu21:47
elfysaw - cya 21:47

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