phunyguyDoes anyone know if the XFCE team plans to implement control of keyboard backlight? KDE is including it with version 4.11, so I am curious if XFCE is doing the same thing... and if not, if there is a good way to get it to work otherwise.03:00
maitakegod xubuntu rules04:00
maitakeor XFCE04:00
nantouI have proxified all my traffic in xubuntu. How do I start an application not proxified?12:50
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Guest92476hi, i install xubuntu on my laptop, but after reboot a saw "no operating system". i try to install again, but it was same. Can some help me?13:35
ubottuGuest92476,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."13:36
Guest92476i have some problem with english but i try to explain))))13:37
Sysiyou can try at #ubuntu-ru13:38
Sysior whatever's your native language LoCo13:39
Orauglerunning xubuntu on eeepc 1015pn, everything goes smoothly., but battery life is very poor13:57
Oraugleany ideas?13:57
FoxBJKnothing eating up your CPU or anything?13:58
Orauglenot really, just reviewed it with powertop13:59
FoxBJKhow old is the battery, just so we know13:59
Orauglefans are normal, cpu 5-8%, temp 61ºC13:59
Orauglenearly 2 years14:00
FoxBJKhmm, well hopefully it's not been through too many cycles (assuming not). what's normally done on your machine, and whats the battery life? what are you expecting?14:01
FoxBJKi'm on a tower, not really having battery issues :-D14:01
Orauglejust web navigation (emailing, social networks, nothing heavy). Battery life is no more than 1h40min. I was expecting at least 2h30min, is that too much?14:03
FoxBJKdepending on the machine I may expect as much as 4 undeal ideal circumstances! certainly more than 2 hours.14:03
FoxBJKmy old macbook could get 5 hours if i turned everything off14:04
Orauglei've tried some tips from eeePC users, like installing Jupiter and so on. But I can't get more than 1:4014:05
FoxBJKthough, you said the CPU is 5-8 % normally? I'd expect the machine to idle if you're just browsing, or are you using active pages/videos?14:05
Orauglenot really, just newspaper sites, a web-video sometime, 3-4 tabs maximum14:06
FoxBJKso similar to what I do, is it FF, Chormium or something else?14:07
Oraugleit really drains quickly, can't find why14:10
FoxBJKoh ok, i'm not sure about that, haven't used it in a LONG time, I'm on FF14:14
FoxBJKand for the power issues, no clue at all, sorry :(14:14
xubuntu408What is the minimum system requırements of 13.0414:31
knomexubuntu408, you should have at least 512MB ra14:32
xubuntu408which version need 256 ram14:33
knomexubuntu408, you could try lubuntu or some even smaller distiributions14:34
xubuntu408or 128 mb enough for which one?14:34
xubuntu408is it fast14:34
knomei don't think any ubuntu will run on 128MB.14:34
xubuntu408ı ask for xubuntu14:35
xubuntu408now ı use Lınux mint 1114:35
knomeby "any ubuntu", i mean any ubuntu flavor, including xubuntu and older releases of xubunu14:35
knomeif you only have 128MB ram, you should look at very small and lightweight distributons, or if possible, try to get more ram14:37
xubuntu408ı need a operating system which doesn't send a message which says "your HDD has a problem"14:38
knomeare you sure it doesn't?14:38
xubuntu408my computer's HDD got a problem after i sat Windows 714:41
xubuntu408in fact, my computer 8 years old14:42
ali_Hello. İ have a question. can I use Lubuntu 13.04 like same as Ubuntu14:54
pleia2I think you want #lubuntu14:54
pleia2this is the channel for Xubuntu14:54
ali_thank you14:54
xubuntu694can someone help me with xubuntuttings  12.04 and cam4.com i have no settings at right click only global se14:56
xubuntu694someone can help me14:58
pleia2never heard of cam4, sorry14:58
knome!patience | xubuntu69414:58
ubottuxubuntu694: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/14:58
xubuntu694bad thanks14:59
knomexubuntu694, i would imagine you need flash to get that site working. please install xubuntu-restricted-extras and retry. and in the future, keep the links family-friendly.14:59
[0gb_us]Is there a way to prevent an application from taking over your entire monitor? Like, a way to force it to run in windowed mode when it wants to run in full screen mode.15:04
FoxBJKwhat's the app?15:16
[0gb_us]In this particular case, it's Indie Game: The Movie run in Steam, which is in turn run in CrossOver. But I mean in general, how do I force any application that tried to possess my entire monitor to run in a window?15:17
[0gb_us]Okay, I managed to get CrossOver to run in windowed mode, fixing the current delema. But in general, I don't like things monopolizing my screen. And sometimes the application that takes over is a native GNU/Linux application, so CrossOver settings won't always help.15:23
maitakecrossover any good?15:24
[0gb_us]It runs most of the stuff I need for school. It doesn't run some of the Windows games I try, but it does run others.15:26
FoxBJKran WoW just fine for me15:28
FoxBJKit's not perfect, but it's far easier to get working than wine was15:29
[0gb_us]There's also PlayOnLinux if you don't want to pay for CrossOver. The issue with PlayOnLinux is that it installs several versions of Wine locally to your account. If you have multiple accounts on your computer, each will get its own copy of these Wine versions.15:30
[0gb_us]One issue with CrossOver is that it doesn't play nicely (or at all) with Winetricks. But if you install CrossOver, Wine, and Winetrick, they can be made to work on the same bottled applications.15:32
maitake0gb_us: yeah I realized that about PlayonLinux15:35
maitakeKind of annoyed the OCD in me. why not just installed wine 1.5 and be done? It had copies of 1.4 installed too i thought15:36
[0gb_us]Okay, I just Yeah, it seems to use local copeis even if you have global copies, I think.15:37
maitakethat's annoying i think :(15:38
maitakebut i'm kind of a newbie at setting up wine efficiently so i kept using playonlinux anyway15:39
[0gb_us]Indeed. Which is one of two reasons I use CrossOver instead.15:39
[0gb_us]It turns out today's full screen issues were caused by a bug in Xubuntu, a bug I've had issues with in the past. Windows keep getting jammed under the upper panel.15:39
[0gb_us]Is there a way to prevent that from happening?15:39
mark2013Has anyone reading this heard of malware being distributed via the (hacked) ubuntuforums.org? Or has anyone heard, seen, read that Google Chrome or Google Chromium has been sabatoged?15:59
[0gb_us]I haven't.16:01
Sysiubuntuforums has been down for a week because user names and passwords were leaked, (I) haven't heard anything about chrome(ium) recently16:01
elfyneither have I16:03
mark2013On the day before the hack, I got an update from Up Mgr. (btb I use Xubuntu). The update was for google chrome or chromium, I can't remember which, but it was the only update. After it d/l'd and installed, neither Chrome nor Chromium would run. Firefox would not run until deletion of profile.ini. FF and Opera now my browsers.16:04
Sysiwell, repositories and forums have close to nothing to do with each other16:06
Sysitry running from terminal and see if you get an error message16:06
mark2013I have uninstalled both Google products, re-installed them, uninstalled, re-installed, using several methods to no success.16:06
mark2013Both not installed.16:07
elfyI'd be extremely suprised if they had anything to do with each other16:08
SysiI'd remove conf/cache from user's directory16:08
mark2013Thank you for your advice. Out.16:14
xubuntu836anybody out there know what could be the problem with video and dvd playback after upgrading from 12.10 to 13.04? I fixed it in vlc by selecting the option "x11" video, but banshee, parole etc are still foobarred17:05
polo_i need help locating te c++ sdk18:59
polo_anyone here?19:00
bekksWhats a c++ sdk in Linux?19:05
well_laid_lawnI just use gcc19:36
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