rgomesjelmer: hello. I'm sorry for delay. Yes: bzr info informs about the parent location. It also informs about stacked branches, if it is the case. thanks a lot :)00:03
rgomesjelmer: I found this information in bzr explorer, but had trouble to find via command line. I assumed that it was much more 'hidden' than it actually is.00:04
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andrewuk1Hello Vila, I thought it might take a while for someone to read my question so i did make sure to check the irc logs :)06:15
SamBandrewuk1: maybe you should have mentioned your intention to do so before so people would still bother to take a stab at your qustion despite your not actually being here06:18
andrewuk1yes true i should of done so06:18
andrewuk1is it worth me posting the question again or are people likely to look back through the logs and spot it?06:19
SamBso what exactly isn't working that you were hoping to get to work?06:20
andrewuk1I am trying to setup Bazaar on a Synology NAS drive. I have installed py26-bzr and py26-bzrtools06:23
andrewuk1but now that i have done that i am unsure what to do next as simply typing in bzr just returns an error as if nothing has been installed06:24
andrewuk1i have have installed py26-bzr and py26-bzrtools through ipkg06:24
andrewuk1right time for me to go and start my working day but i will keep track of the logs until i finish work06:30
vilaandrewuk1: Damn, I've not started my day yet, but you need to be able to run bzr first before we can really help ;) I don't know how synology works nor which kind of OS it is (though I guess it's some sort of GNU linux so you need to find *where* the 'bzr' script has been installed and make sure the containing directory appears in your $PATH)06:39
vilaandrewuk1: From there we can help but you're almost done (especially if you have ssh access)06:41
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jelmervila: IIRC synology is basically linux on ARM with a fancy GUI on top of it in a dedicated device13:07
vilajelmer: yeah, but which distro, what's an ipkg ? (And HI ! ;)13:09
jelmervila: hey :)13:09
jelmervila: it's something custom, not sure what it's based on. I think it has ports13:09
vilaright, so we need andrewukN to come back or read the log ;)13:10
jelmervila: oh, and congrats on getting 2.6 out the door :-)13:16
vilajelmer: thanks ;) Will finalize this week-end13:34
davekongCan anyone point to a guide for adding a new command to bzr? I want to hook in some static analysis code that leverages bzr's knowledge of what files have been updates or created that will be part of the next commit.17:31
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andrewukHello again17:41
andrewuki am just trying to check where bzr has been installed to and if that path is in my $PATH17:42
andrewukAs for details of the Synology nas drive it runs a distro called busybox and ipkg is a package manager that seems to be the most popular one to use amongst the Synology community.17:43
davekongandrewuk: if you type 'which bzr' in a unix shell, you will get the path to bzr if it is in your path.17:52
davekongandrewuk: you can search for the location of a bzr with 'find / -name bzr'17:55
andrewukhello davekong:17:55
davekongandrewuk: hello :)17:56
andrewuk'which bzr' is not returning anything so i assume it is not in my path17:56
andrewuki will try searching  for it now17:56
andrewukNAS drive is whirling away now :)17:58
yoh_Hi bzr gurus.  is there anything like 'git reflog' to discover at which revision I was before recent "bzr pull" so I could revert back to that state?18:04
andrewukfound where bzr has been installed to by ipkg it lives at /volume1/@optware/bin18:04
andrewukcd /volume1/@optware/bin/bzr-2.6 rather18:05
andrewukso when i am inside the folder cd /volume1/@optware/bin i can run bzr and brings up all the options for the basic commands etc18:07
smw_hi all, I modified a bzr lib and committed the change to my local repo. What is the best way to share it with the original author?18:12
smw_Is there an easy way to make a patch so I can email it to him?18:12
andrewukso do i need to add the path to bzr-2.6 to my $PATH?18:31
yoh_and I guess the answer to my question is: https://launchpad.net/bzr-tiplog  which is probably of no use "post-portem" (i.e. I should have enabled it before I did the pull)18:41
andrewukYay i have bzr working on my nas drive19:11
andrewuki just need to work out how access bzr over the network instead of just through ssh19:12
vilayoh_: there is a bzr-reflog plugin for the pull use case (I resort it to it a few days ago).19:40
vilasnw_: bzr lp-propose19:40
vilayoh_:  bzr lp-propose is one19:40
vilayoh_: ghaaa, yeah, bzr-tiplog and yes, no post-mortem. But you can inspect your !/.bzr.log for hints19:41
vilaandrewuk: so, if you have ssh, you're almost done, you probably need to specify:19:42
vilabzr_remote_path = /bin/bzrssh19:43
vilabzrssh being a wrapper if you need to setup additional PATH or PYTHONPATH or whatever19:43
vilaI only ever needed it when bzr was run from sources (i.e. a non-standard location but you seem to have it installed in a non-standard location ;)19:44
yoh_vila: thanks... I see no .bzr.log though anywhere19:44
vilajust noticed my tyop: it was ~/.bzr.log 'bzr version' will tell you the exact path19:46
vilayoh_: ^19:46
andrewukthanks vila:19:48
andrewukjust having a play round trying to connect  through a simple http;//19:49
vilaandrewuk: http is far harder than ssh19:51
vilaandrewuk: for ssh you just need... ssh access19:51
andrewukhaha yes maybe your right as i haven't got it working yet19:51
andrewuki will give ssh a go now19:51
vilaandrewuk: say you have ssh access to andrewuk@nas.local, all you have to test is bzr push bzr+ssh://andrewuk@nas.local/~/testbzr19:52
yoh_vila: thanks -- got it now... but unfortunately nothing which would help me is there ;)19:52
vilayoh_: damn, sorry completely forgot that hole once I started using the plugin :-/19:53
yoh_no problem! thanks19:58
vilayoh_: depending on how many time it's worth spending on it, I see hints in .bzr.log in the pull commands: 0.096  fetching: <SearchResult search:(set(['vila@XXX-20130731091908-1ruz29rkl90gmz4v']), ['vila@XXX-2013019:58
vilathose revision were pulled, you should be able to locate them with 'bzr qlog'19:58
andrewuki am getting the error 'ash: bzr: not found' i think because on my nas i have to use bzr-2.6 instead of just bzr19:59
yoh_'grep fetch' on mine is empty ;)19:59
vilayoh_: aaaargh, could be a from a debug flag I set locally, damn, you're a hard sale ;-D19:59
vilaandrewuk: good, so you need bzr_remote_path set as mentioned above20:00
yoh_vila: LOL ;)20:00
vilayoh_: install bzr-tiplog for the *next* time you'll corner yourself ;)20:01
yoh_vila: it is in place already ;)20:01
yoh_but also tried git clone "bzr::lp:python-mode" python-mode.gitbzr -- unfortunately failed ;)20:02
andrewukthink i am setting this correctly i have tried BZR_REMOTE_PATH=volume1/@optware/bin/bzr-2.620:19
andrewukas volume1/@optware/bin/bzr-2.6 is the path to where bzr-2.6 resides20:20
vilaandrewuk: with a leading / right ? That is 'BZR_REMOTE_PATH=/volume1/@optware/bin/bzr-2.6 bzr push bzr+shh://a@nas:~/test' ?20:27
vilaandrewuk: damn forgot another one ;) 'BZR_REMOTE_PATH=/volume1/@optware/bin/bzr-2.6 bzr push bzr+shh://a@nas/~/test20:29
vilaaargh and that's ssh not shh, damn it my very first bzr tyop is coming back ;-D20:29
vilatime to sleep ;)20:30
vilahave fun all !20:30
andrewukthanks vila20:31
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andrewukyay success :)20:52
andrewukjust need to learn how to use all the bzr commands now20:52

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