lanoxx_highvoltage, are you around07:44
highvoltagelanoxx_: yep!07:47
highvoltagelanoxx_: I *just* replied to your email07:47
lanoxx_highvoltage, haha thats fast :)07:47
highvoltagelanoxx_: yeah a bit of a coincidence that you pinged me at the same time hehe07:47
highvoltagelanoxx_: so, in a nutshell, I'm going to try on debian unstable on saturday.07:48
lanoxx_i have been thinking to try debian as well, it seems that on ubuntu for some reason building gnome stuff is extremely difficult07:49
highvoltageI don't know, I think those jhbuild dependencies might be wrong07:50
lanoxx_highvoltage, everytime i try to build something it litterally takes hours or days to setup everything such that there are no errors07:50
lanoxx_highvoltage, yes, possibly, but i dont know enough about jhbuild to verify it, i would expect to just type jhbuild build and it starting working away ^^07:50
highvoltagelanoxx_: I think we might run into that on debian too.07:51
lanoxx_highvoltage, hmm, it its a bug in the build dependencies than yes07:51
lanoxx_highvoltage, it seems your mail hasnt arrived here yet07:52
highvoltagelanoxx_: weird, yes I see it's not in the list archives yet. perhaps gnome list servers are running slow, will forward it to you directly so long and check back there later07:54
lanoxx_highvoltage, if required 2.5 means that it needs to have exactly 2.5, then the requirements are wrong i think, python should be backwards compatible and 2.5 is not even in the repositories as far as i know07:57
lanoxx_btw, are you also using the gnome-world-3.10 moduleset to build stuff?07:58
lanoxxhighvoltage, re10:04

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