gary_posterhey huwshimi, another thing to put after icons but before SASS is to style the settings page, if you could.  The ghost styles are perfect, and the same code is producing the html for post-deployed settings, so I suspect there's something fairly simple to do to get it working there.  It might be a re-fix for you--ISTR you might have already done this. If so, sorry about us missing that :-(00:18
* gary_poster runs away into the night00:18
huwshimigary_poster: I'll take a look, I haven't touched this at all.00:20
hatchhuwshimi: just to elaborate on the settings stuff a bit - there is also a IE10 bug ticket about the settings layout issue01:42
hatchso if you are going to tackle that might as well keep that in mind01:43
huwshimihatch: OK thank01:57
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teknicogary_poster: one on one now, right?12:33
gary_posterteknico, yes, almost12:33
bacrick_h: have you ever seen the charmworld test suite get wedged where things ran very slowly and known good tests started failing with elasticsearch errors like (paraphrasing) ShardNotAvailableError?  i rebooted, blew away the fake HOME directory and all tests pass now.12:43
* frankban lunches12:44
gary_posterbenji, will be late.  I have extra time at end so we will have time :-)12:54
benjigary_poster: that12:55
benji's fine12:55
gary_posterok thanks12:55
benjithe enter key and ' key are closer together this morning12:55
rick_hbac: yes, I've seen that. I didn't have ES running13:20
rick_hends up I had to update the ppa and install it13:20
rick_hI *thuoght* I had ES, but figured maybe I'd missed an upgrade or something after doing what you did.13:21
bacrick_h: thx13:22
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sinzuiabentley, bac: do either of your have time to review https://code.launchpad.net/~sinzui/charms/precise/juju-gui/nagios/+merge/17758813:29
bacsinzui: i will in a bit13:30
sinzuiExcellent news. A train has derailed and if I smell ammonia I am too turn off the air conditioners13:32
jcsackettsinzui: eeee.13:34
hatchyesterday wasps, today ammonia....might be time to move if  the danger level keeps increasing at this rate13:35
teknicoon a positive (?) note, the ammonia might kill the wasps13:37
hatchand flys13:37
jcsackett...what keeps setting me as away...13:50
jcsacketthatch: danger follows sinzui whereever he goes.13:50
sinzuiWe've kept the shootings to a minimum since I had children13:51
* jcsackett laughs13:52
sinzuiLittle does jcsackett know that I was held under suspicion of attempted murder13:54
jcsacketteh, i've always suspected.13:54
jcsackettyou're a suspicious character, sinzui. :-)13:55
jcsackettno one with that many tie-tacks could be an innocent.13:55
sinzuiLittle do people realise that I am a geek in disguise. Paving the way for all geeks to look good and get dates13:56
hatchall geeks can get dates it just takes us longer....like 10 years13:56
sinzuiSee, I beat that by 5 years13:57
sinzuior maybe 913:57
sinzuior 1 13:58
jcastrorick_h: click-results thing fix today? 13:58
sinzuiI cannot think which what this works13:58
rick_hjcastro: coming, waiting on one other branch to get through. Last I heard an update was planned to get out this afternoon under an updated release13:58
* jcastro nods13:59
jcastrothanks man13:59
rick_hbac: is comingsoon all fixed up? 13:59
jcastrothat's really my only "kicks me in the face" bug. 13:59
rick_hjcastro: yea :/13:59
jcastrorick_h: after this I promise to not bother you for at least another 24 hours. heh.13:59
bacrick_h: it was yesterday13:59
rick_hjcastro: :P yea you can see it fixed on comingsoon13:59
rick_hbac: cool, I missed what was up with that. 13:59
jcastrorick_h: oh indeed.14:00
bacrick_h: upgrade to d3 caused 'make build-prod' to fail.  cleaned out the old and it was happy again14:00
rick_hbac: ah, good stuff. 14:00
jcastrorick_h: generally speaking if I see something fixed on comingsoon it hits prod __X__ days after? What's X usually?14:00
rick_hjcastro: hmm, only recently had this going and so far it's 4-6 days?14:01
rick_hjcastro: so working that out I think. 14:01
hatchjujugui looking for two reviews and a qa https://codereview.appspot.com/12205043/14:11
hatchgary_poster: what do we do with the Needs Reboot and Security Upgrades Available? Should there be a link to landscape?14:42
hatchhey luca how was your time off?14:42
gary_posterhatch, yes.  luca could we have inspector icons for that, btw?14:43
gary_posterhatch open in new window14:43
gary_posterhatchj oh no14:43
gary_posterdon't open in new window :-P14:43
lucahatch: gary_poster hey guys, It was good thanks :)14:43
hatchgary_poster: no? Won't they have to log in separately anyways?14:43
gary_postery, though they can stay logged in on gui and landscape.  last time we said it would be in same window.  don't remember why, but was just sticking with past decision.  obv I still kinda agree with you :-)14:45
gary_posterhatch, luca, if you want to make a different decision together +1 :-)14:45
lucagary_poster: hatch they link to landscape but I was going to email you a request to make them open in a new window14:46
gary_posteryay :-)14:46
gary_posterI wish I remember the argument to have it in the same window14:46
gary_posterjust so we would know14:46
hatchso a single button 'go to landscape' or some icon of some sort14:46
gary_posterbut...yeah.  prefer new window14:47
hatchgary_poster: I 'think' it had something to do with the session storage14:47
hatchbeing window specific14:47
gary_posterhatch, ah right14:47
gary_posterso if you go from LS back to GUI14:47
gary_posterthen you have to log in again14:47
gary_posterlet's try this instead :-P14:47
hatchyep new winder is is14:48
jcastrorick_h: I was pointing out mysql as one that works14:50
rick_hjcastro: ah, read it as another example of fail. 14:50
rick_hjcastro: cool, so yea, simple file extension issue14:50
gary_posterhatch, please ask me about css name changes on noon call.  rick_h has to do with deployment, you might care too.14:57
gary_posterhatch sorry I mean on weekly call (@ my noon ;-) )14:58
rick_hhas to do with deployment? ok15:01
lucagary_poster: I think I remember a conversation on changing Hooks to Source but is there any document for it15:19
rick_hluca: I thought gary_poster did that at the sprints15:20
rick_hluca: yea, the tab is already called Source and the description/info at the top of that tab updated15:20
gary_posterluca there was a bug about it filed by Nick Veitch.  I decided that it was nicer to rename the tab to "Source" rather than remove all files that were no a hook15:20
gary_posterso addressed the bug in that way15:20
lucagary_poster: that's right, I remember seeing the bug. We can discuss it next week :)15:21
gary_posterluca, cool, thanks, look forward to it.15:21
benjigary_poster: I swear.... The juju-gui-charmers charm trunk appears broken.15:23
benji        agent-state: error15:23
benji        agent-state-info: 'hook failed: "start"'15:23
benjiI'll diagnose but this will likely cause a delay in landing my branch.15:23
gary_posterbenji :-( :-(15:23
gary_posterbenji please give me more details when you have them.  pyjuju or juju core?15:23
benjigary_poster: juju-core; I'll keep you apprised.15:24
hatchgary_poster: created a card in the second row of inspector for the viewlet docs15:27
gary_posterbenji, seesm like the change would be in juju core if so.  we haven't changed lately15:27
gary_posterthanks hatch15:27
gary_posterbenji, I mean, in a way that should affect that15:27
hatchour webserver is based on tornado right?15:38
rick_hhatch: rgr15:39
benjigary_poster: we did this to ourselves: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5936817/15:44
gary_posterbenji...yes but if so... :-( been that way a looong time and nobody told us15:48
benjithat's because they can't start the gui to click on the feedback tab15:48
gary_posterbenji and it was definitely working relatively recently15:48
benjiwe just made this change yesterday I think; I reviewed the branch that removed the charm world URL config setting (I didn't think it would have this side-effect of course)15:49
gary_posterbenji did you deploy with any special options15:49
benjijuju bootstrap --upload-tools && juju deploy --repository ~/juju-charms local:juju-gui -u15:50
gary_posterbenji this change would not cause that key error: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~juju-gui-charmers/charms/precise/juju-gui/trunk/revision/6915:50
hatchrick_h: have a second for another hbs q?15:51
gary_posterof course the fact that this happened yesterday makes me sad.  I though we had done that a long time ago--was sure of it in fact, because we had used this for jujucharms.com15:51
rick_hhatch: sure15:51
benjigary_poster: I think this was a change in the gui, not the charm; this is just an initial reaction at this point though, I'm trying to confirm15:51
hatchrick_h: thx ok here is what I'm trying to do https://gist.github.com/hatched/7bbbc76b881fa20d7b92 which obviously is not supported15:52
gary_posterbenji, but we haven't made a release since 0.8.115:52
benjithat's a good point; I wonder why this is happening15:52
hatchrick_h: basically i need it to parse an array to see what buttons are to be shown, and if it's in that array then show it15:52
bacsinzui: branch for review when you have a moment.  https://code.launchpad.net/~bac/charmworld/bundle-search/+merge/17810715:54
rick_hhatch: so you have to build it in the View layer before you pass it to the template. See  _buildQAData in the subapp browser charm.js view15:54
gary_posterbenji fwiw I'm trying to dupe with pyJuju now15:54
bacabentley: would like for you to look at it too.  ^^15:54
rick_hhatch: it sucks, but it's the best way to do it and that way you can test it as well. 15:54
hatchrick_h: ahh - yeah that's exactly what I was trying to avoid :)15:54
hatchthanks for sanity checking15:55
rick_hhatch: yea, try as you might. I've had to break down and do it in several places. 15:55
Makyojujugui call in 5 kanbaaaaaan15:55
gary_posterhatch I am in guichat if you want to talk early about css thing15:55
gary_posterMakyo, thanks :-)15:55
sinzuibac: I wont be able to get to it today15:57
bacsinzui: ok15:57
gary_posterjujugui weekly call in 215:58
gary_posterorangesquad weekly call in 215:58
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hatchluca: in the unit lists in the new inspector the resolve/retry/replace section....16:11
hatchnot all sections need all buttons16:11
hatchshould they be left or center justified?16:11
lucahatch: centered please :)16:11
hatchsounds good....and for the landscape statuses16:11
hatchwhat do you want the 'go to landscape' button to say?16:12
hatchor look like....16:12
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bacgary_poster: after lunch i'd like just a few minutes to nail down exactly what you want for IoM bundle deploy demo.16:56
gary_posterack thanks bac16:57
* benji lunches.17:09
gary_posterhatch, rick_h wanna talk now, in 15 min, or 1 hr? :-)17:15
hatchI'm good whenever17:17
rick_hgary_poster: just cooking up lunch, 1hr?17:18
rick_hor you guys can watch me eat on google-cam :)17:18
hatchwhat are you having?17:19
rick_hskillet meal 17:19
hatchyeah I have no idea what that is17:20
rick_hlol, frozen meal in a bag you stick on the stove for 10min and then eat17:20
hatchohh haha17:20
hatchI'll probably have a sandwitch17:21
hatchalthough a grilled sandwitch also sounds good17:21
gary_posterhatch, rick_h cool thanks :-) talk to you in 1 hr17:21
rick_hhatch: had grilled cheese/ham earlier in the week :P17:24
Makyo"This version of SublimeText 2 has expired"?   Boo >:/17:24
rick_h:P vim never expires17:25
Makyorick_h, +100017:25
hatchMakyo: expired?17:47
hatchusing a demo?17:47
Makyohatch https://twitter.com/bzr_pull_makyo/status/362988795529940992/photo/117:47
Makyohatch, their demos don't expire, per their website.  I think it's just "please please use the most recent"17:48
hatchohhh right17:48
hatchvim needs a paid version17:50
rick_hthey do, it's called vim. Just pay to their selected charity17:50
hatchI mean so that they can develop the product to make it more user friendly :)17:51
rick_hthere are two sets of tools in the world. consumer grade and pro grade. Consumers can't easily use pro grade. (camera, sound equipment, ... editors) :P17:51
hatchthings aren't "discoverable"17:52
MakyogVim is prosumer17:52
hatchand editing the config is....well.....heh17:52
hatchI thought I found somewhere that had a config manager17:54
hatchfor vim17:54
MakyoThere's a few.17:56
MakyoThere's https://github.com/spf13/spf13-vim which sits on top of a manager thing, I think.17:58
MakyoThat had too many features for me, though.17:58
MakyoI couldn't see the code for all of the extra STUFF in there.17:58
MakyoI just use stock vim, my vimrc, and ctrlp.18:01
rick_hjujugui review time please. https://codereview.appspot.com/1227204318:01
rick_hand hatch sorry, I forgot I said I'd do your review. Looking for it now18:01
hatchyeah...that's right!18:01
rick_hhatch: linky?18:02
hatchMakyo: the time to setup the vimrc I think is what ultimately drove me away from it18:02
rick_hhatch: booo, that's back to back "error old chunk mismatch" 18:02
rick_hhatch: next sprint, we'll take care of you18:02
hatchI'll repropose18:03
rick_hhatch: I'm on 3rd generation of my vimrc setup18:03
Makyohatch, I've not had a single one of your reviews work, tbh, been going off MPs.18:03
rick_hhatch: k, thanks18:03
Makyohatch, but yeah, vimrc is something you can build off others; I think both rick_h and I have good ones you could maybe crib from.18:03
rick_hyea, but don't ever copy anything you don't understand wtf it is. That lead from gen 1 to gen 218:03
rick_h"my vim's not working, wtf...it must be one of these 200+ lines of crap I copied from some dude"18:04
* rick_h deletes all18:04
hatchrick_h: Makyo missmatch fixed18:06
rick_hhatch: thanks, looking now18:07
hatchtons of results about the chunk missmatch error, must be a reitveld error18:07
hatchI was actually considering webstorm ide18:09
hatchhas some really cool api docs parsing stuff18:09
hatchrick_h: btw I'm reviewing your branch, will also qa18:09
rick_hhatch: ty18:10
hatchlol nice test file diff18:10
rick_hyea, warning in the description18:10
rick_hhad hoped reitveld would just show the indentation change, but nope :(18:10
hatchI bet the bzr diff shows it as all new18:11
rick_hbzr hates indentation changes18:11
jcsackettrick_h: looking at your MP now.18:13
rick_hjcsackett: ty18:13
jcsackettrick_h: making sure i understand, the important bits of the test changes are the setup/teardowns for the display tree suite?18:16
rick_hjcsackett: correct, the browser dom create method is shared among all suites in the new closure. The setup/teardown is adjusted to take care of things that showView auto did before. 18:17
hatchChrome has an update....50 tabs open....not updating :P18:18
rick_hhatch: no tests?18:18
hatchrick_h: where we are going....we don't neeeeed tests18:18
hatchbut really though there is a card to write the ghost tests18:19
hatchit's still a little to much in flux imho18:19
rick_hhatch: up for a chat on the branch then. I'm missing some changes and really ugh about a no-test branch that goes into modifying form elements/config data18:19
hatchyour branch also failed qa....dun dun dunnnnn18:21
rick_hgary_poster: we up to chat ?18:21
rick_hhatch: doh! I qa'd. Curious what was found. Did you hit a back button again? /me always forgets to test that part18:21
hatchjust getting repro18:22
hatchrick_h: ok updated the review18:23
rick_hhatch: rgr, thanks18:23
hatchguichat about my branch?18:24
rick_hsure thing18:24
gary_posterhatch, rick_h 18:26
gary_posteryeah, guichat18:26
rick_hgary_poster: rgr18:26
* Makyo has to go take the dogs to dogcamp. Back in a little bit.18:27
gary_posterMakyo, bac either of you ready/able to talk?18:42
bacgary_poster: i am18:43
gary_posterbac cool.  guichat is busy let me make a hangout18:43
gary_posterMakyo, you're the only one left.  :-) I saw you are out; np.  ping on your return.18:52
gary_posterbenji, what's the status?18:52
rick_hgary_poster: guichat empty18:53
benjigary_poster: I've been successful in deploying the juju-gui-charmers trunk against pyJuju, but goJuju gives me the same error; I'm going to chalk it up to my goJuju being broken somehow and am moving forward QAing against pyJuju.18:53
gary_posterrick_h, :-) thanks18:54
gary_posterbenji, super weird since that looks like such a bltant python error.  but glad you can move forward18:54
Makyogary_poster, back.19:10
hatchbenji: kind of like your termbeamer but for sublime, vim and emacs https://floobits.com/19:11
benjiI saw that the other day.  It looks really cool.19:11
hatchalso found http://codeshare.io19:12
rick_hbenji: mentioned termbeamer 3 times at PyOhio19:13
rick_hI should have done an open space demo'ing it. 19:13
rick_hbenji: one question came up I wasn't sure about, can you use it with your own jabber server? (mozilla folk wanted to know)19:13
benjidid it appear and offer to help you get back to the land of the living?19:13
benjiyep, it only needs xmpp, it doesn't do anything google-specific (AFAIK)19:14
rick_hbenji: cool, told them I thought so but only used it with my google account19:14
benjiand there's a new option to use a purpose-built server; one runs on termbeamer.com or they can run their own19:15
rick_hyea, had mentioned you were working on that. You need a blog post we can reshare around the inter-webs :)19:15
benjifinalterm looks cool, especially the context-sensitive menus; I haven't given it a try yet though19:19
hatchso many things to try out, who has the time19:19
hatchthis is why I have so many tabs open19:19
hatchbecause I also have 100s of bookmarks so things just get lost haha19:20
hatchone of these days I'll put them into evernote or something19:20
MakyoThere are probably better solutions for bookmarking.  Just a guess, though ^^19:21
MakyoEr, hatch ^^^19:21
rick_h*cough* bmark.us *cough*19:22
MakyoWas gonna say :)19:22
abentleysinzui: chat?19:22
sinzuiabentley, in 2 minutes?19:23
abentleysinzui: okay19:23
hatchI have a lot of stuff in evernote19:23
hatchbut I know the featureset rick_h has in bmark is pretty darn close :)19:24
hatcheven if it is in python :P19:24
rick_hhey, I updated YUI for you :P19:24
hatchhaha I saw that19:24
rick_hit's nearly 50% JS 19:24
hatchis there a bmark.ca?19:24
rick_hno, but you can deploy your own19:24
hatchshould modernize the styles of it, put it on bmark.io or something and then charge /yr :P19:25
hatchuse bootstrap 3 even!!!19:27
rick_hnevar! die bootstrap19:27
rick_hI should update to pure though. Using older responsive YUI grids19:27
hatchman I wish I could open up the rietveld comments in my code19:29
hatchunlikely they have an api though19:29
rick_hvery simple api https://code.google.com/p/rietveld/wiki/APIs19:29
rick_hwould have to fetch the issue metadata, with messages, and then parse those out I think. 19:30
hatchehh too much work19:30
gary_posterbenji, please keep me up to date on charm progress.  I should be stopping now but I need to make sure we have a release in progress20:01
benjigary_poster: I am doing what I hope is the last test now... we'll see.20:02
jcastrogary_poster: I have no problem making the README file a documentation thing, I just need to know which ones are valid?20:07
jcastroREADME, README.md and ... ?20:07
bacabentley, benji: i have changed my plans to work tomorrow so i'll be around to help with the demo20:09
abentleybac: Cool.20:09
bacabentley: changes per review have been made.  diff is updating now20:09
jcastrohey sinzui 20:10
abentleysinzui: I haven't figured out how to make juju-deployer export an environment.20:10
sinzuihi jcastro20:10
jcastrosinzui: is there a way we can generate a list of charms in the store that have READMEs that either are .rst or .markdown?20:11
jcastroI can go through and fix em all up20:11
* sinzui thinks20:11
sinzuijcastro, I can run a query on staging to do that. I can do that tomorrow.20:12
jcastrorock and roll20:12
jcastrosinzui: hey so, actually20:12
jcastroremember how we wanted to do a charm audit anyway?20:12
sinzuijcastro, I think you mean all charms owned by charmers20:12
jcastromaybe start seeding the queue with stuff like that?20:12
* sinzui copies scrollback to keep the task20:13
jcastroyeah so now that we're not smoked from OSCON maybe we should chat like tomorrow about how to seed the queue with audit tasks, etc?20:13
sinzuiabentley, :(20:14
* sinzui tries to remember what he did20:15
hatchbcsaller: kickin around?20:16
bcsallerhatch: yeah20:16
hatchreturn view.createServiceInspector(service, {databinding: {interval: 0}});20:17
hatchwhat does the interval effect?20:17
bcsallerwe delay the updateDOM unless interval is 0 so its needed to test sync style20:17
bcsallerotherwise updateDOM will fire only after some period w/o calling, 150ms I think20:18
sinzuiabentley, jitsu export > staging.jc.com.deployer20:18
sinzuiabentley, https://pastebin.canonical.com/95362/20:18
hatchahh ok thanks20:18
abentleysinzui: thanks.20:19
sinzuiabentley, so I think there might be version issues between what I did lat May and today's deployer20:19
bacabentley: what does a deployer file branch look like?  does it just have a single .yaml or .cfg file in it?  special naming?20:26
gary_posterthanks jcastro.20:34
abentleybac: Yes, it's a single file named "bundles.yaml".20:35
bacthanks abentley20:35
abentleysinzui: Yes, there has been skew.  In current configs, there is an outer dict of bundles, and services is a dict, not a list.20:39
sinzuiyeah, services is what looked wrong20:39
abentleysinzui: Also, relations looks wrong.20:42
abentleybac: Have you run "make lint"?  Some of the indentation looks like it would be rejected.20:45
abentleybac: r=me aside from that.20:49
hatchrick_h: do you happen to still be around?20:51
rick_hhatch: kinda, booking a flight for the wife but EOD. I know your branch needs a look. I'll try to peek here in the next 20ish20:51
hatchthanks, it's proposing now20:52
hatchissues are fixed and I added ghost-inspector tests and the outline of what is to be followed once this lands20:52
BradCrittendenthanks abentley for the re-review.  it is lintfree.20:52
hatchI also moved the ghost inspector test card onto the board under me20:52
=== BradCrittenden is now known as bac
hatchso I'll be on it right after this lands20:52
benjigary_poster: QA looks good; I'm doing a gui upgrade (from 0.8.0 or 0.8.1) now to QA my change specificially, but I think we'll be in the clear20:52
gary_postergreat thanks benji!20:53
hatchrick_h: updated20:55
hatchgary_poster: this will be 0.8.2 right?20:55
gary_posterhatch, I guess so, yeah20:56
hatchsave 0.9 for the inspector :)20:56
hatchOR should 0.10 be the inspector20:56
hatchit's so much work that we jumped 2 spots20:56
gary_posterI'm trying out lp:~gary/juju-gui/hackreleasefiles now20:57
benjigary_poster: QA looks good (no style or sprite issues)20:59
benjiI'll do the merge in the morning (deployments near EOD being a bad idea)21:00
hatchare Friday morning deployments better than Thursday night?21:01
hatchdebate! :P21:01
benjiYes.  Debate over.21:02
benjiTuesday morning deployments being the holy grail.  After all, who wants to create problems on a Monday.21:02
hatchtrue true21:04
bacsinzui: do you have a deployer file for deploying jujucharms?  i hear you do.21:06
sinzuibac. I do.21:06
bacsinzui: would it be compelling for an IoM demo?  if so, can you share it with me?21:07
sinzuibac, the file is from IS and I think it is the old format though21:07
bacsinzui: ok.  wiki.yaml from the deployer configs looks serviceable21:07
gary_posterbenji, ok thank you.  21:10
gary_posterit appears building a branch now requires that g++ be available21:17
gary_posterso the charm is broekn for that use case atm afaict21:18
rick_hhatch: I've got to head to swim class in a minute. I don't have time to go back over the branch, sorry. Please rope someone else in to help get it in for huw21:22
gary_posterhey hatch, seen this node error before21:22
rick_has temping as code review on the lake beach might seem21:22
hatchrick_h: haha ok21:22
hatchgary_poster:  looking21:22
hatchgary_poster: what version of node are you running?21:23
gary_posterhatch this is on the charm.  0.8.2321:23
hatchok one sec lemme check out node-sass21:23
gary_posterhatch fwiw that came from bin/generateTemplates21:23
hatchengines: { node: '>=0.10.0' },21:24
gary_posterhatch, ah :-(21:24
gary_posterhatch I have that on raring but in charm...21:24
gary_posterlooking at PPA...21:25
gary_posteryup https://launchpad.net/~juju-gui-charmers/+archive/stable21:25
gary_poster 0.8.23-1chl1~precise1 21:25
hatchwe should really try to upgrade node again21:26
hatchdo we have time?21:26
gary_posterpfft, not before Friday morning :-P21:26
hatchwhat's odd is that I run the most recent 'stable' node on my desktop/laptop and can deploy just fine21:27
hatchmaybe the error we ran into has been resolved21:27
hatchof course the easiest thing to do would be to comment out node-sass21:27
gary_posterhatch, that's what I was thinking. :-/ are we using it for anything?21:28
hatchit was a setup branch for the following sass changes21:29
hatchso in lib/templates.js you can comment out the require('node-sass')21:30
gary_posterhatch, could you tell me the least invasive way to disable it?  I need to go help with dinner and will investigate afterwards21:30
gary_poster:-) thanks21:30
hatchand one more21:30
hatchremove the node-sass line from the package.json21:30
hatchthen you'll need to remove the shrinkrap file and regenerate it21:30
hatchwhich is simply `npm shrinkwrap`21:31
gary_posterhatch shrinkwrap not available in my local npm :-/21:33
gary_postermust run will be back iab21:33
hatchjujugui anyone around able to do areview https://codereview.appspot.com/12205043/21:40
hatchbcsaller: the tests are coming up right after this lands, card is already in active coding :) just FYI21:41
MakyoHeading down to the hotel, back to work after check-in.21:57
hatchbcsaller: lol "scary scoping, and it get worse."22:13
hatchmorning huwshimi22:26
gary_posterhuwshimi, hatch, bcsaller, call in 1 in guichat22:29
hatchhuwshimi: I'll probably be hangin around cleaning up some stuff and reading blogs so ping me if ya run into any issues23:15
huwshimihatch: Thanks.23:15
hatchoh huwshimi also if you're working on the inspector be sure to pull in trunk as I did a bunch of css stuff today23:21
* gary_poster restarts hoping that chrome will be ok again...23:57
gary_posterback soon23:57
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