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melmothhola, if when i bootstrap (openstack provider) i got the following:05:20
melmothjuju.errors.ProviderInteractionError: Unexpected 404: '{"error": {"message": "The resource could not be found.", "code": 404, "title": "Not Found"}}'05:20
melmothhwo can i know wich resources it cannot find ?05:20
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freeflyingmelmoth_: can you access to nova's api10:42
melmoth_freeflying, it s fixed, there was a missing / in my keystone endpoint10:54
melmoth_thanks though :)10:54
freeflyingmelmoth_: np :)11:10
marcoceppihazmat: you around?13:10
hazmatmarcoceppi, yup13:32
marcoceppihey hazmat, could you create a ppa in ~juju called "tools", I think we're going to depricate the pkgs ppa in favor of a generic tools ppa for charm-tools, juju-deployer, etc13:33
hazmatmarcoceppi, sounds good13:36
jcastromarcoceppi: did you guys get around to fixing up memcached?13:36
marcoceppiI think, once that's moved over, we can start a discussion on the list about removing all the other ppas that are no longer needed. I think stable, devel, and tools would be what's left over ultimately13:37
marcoceppijcastro: whos the other guys in that sentance?13:37
jcastroweren't you talking to pavel or something about it?13:38
jcastroyou mentioned it in passing at the  g+ hangout13:38
hazmatmarcoceppi, done13:38
marcoceppijcastro: ah, he has some merge requests to memcached and haproxy I think13:38
marcoceppiI believe they were merged13:38
marcoceppihazmat: thanks!13:39
jcastromarcoceppi: oh ok, so as far as you know it works with wordpress now?13:39
marcoceppijcastro: that's another thing, that's not uploaded yet. I'm still wrapping up Amulet for the release this week13:40
hazmatmarcoceppi, we should get a copy of ahasenack's build recipes for jujuclient/jujudeployer to populate13:40
marcoceppihazmat: ack, for sure13:40
ahasenackhazmat: I can swich the target ppa in the recipes, or you can create new recipes, I'm ok with either13:41
hazmatahasenack, if your up for switching the target that sounds good for now..  do the recipe packaging branches need bumping on version increments of the underlying packages? if so i'd like to move them to a group branch account.13:42
ahasenackhazmat: they do need that, in the debian/changelog file13:43
jcastromarcoceppi: looks like your comment to the VPN endpoint bumped it to the end of the queue line. :-/13:43
marcoceppijcastro: I know, I have a few charms on my short list for review this week13:43
jcastroahasenack: you're experienced with juju now, you should consider joining ~charmers and helping us review incoming charms!13:43
marcoceppithat being the top of the list13:43
ahasenackhazmat: I think it's best you copy the recipe and the packaging branch, I'm not in ~juju and can't upload to that ppa, and it sounds betterto have the branch and recipe owner by a group, not a person13:44
ahasenackjcastro: I'm not so sure, I don't even have a charm of my own yet13:44
jcastroahasenack: let me know when you start one. :)13:45
ahasenackhttps://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/+recipe/python-jujuclient-daily and https://code.launchpad.net/~ahasenack/+recipe/juju-deployer-daily13:45
ahasenackhazmat: ^^^13:45
ahasenackpackaging branchs are in the recipes13:45
ahasenackjcastro: :)13:45
hazmatahasenack, will do, thanks again for packaging these up13:46
ahasenackthe websocket client has no recipe, as I would have to first mirror it in LP, by creating a LP project, and then have the recipe13:46
hazmati've been tempted to just include it in the jujuclient .. its a signle module.13:47
ahasenackmarcoceppi: I'm not being successful in asking juju to use my custom image, like those two askubuntu questions from yesterday also weren't14:05
ahasenackmarcoceppi: I sent an email to the list14:05
marcoceppiahasenack: saw that, thanks. I'll keep an eye on the list in hopes of answering those two questions14:06
ahasenackmarcoceppi: it's also blocking me in further openstack tests, due to bug #118812614:07
_mup_Bug #1188126: Juju unable to interact consistently with an openstack deployment where tenant has multiple networks configured <canonistack> <serverstack> <juju:New> <juju-core:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1188126>14:07
ahasenackmy custom image has a workaround, but I can't launch it with juju14:07
ahasenackso, kaput14:07
ahasenackon to something else14:08
marcoceppiahasenack: So, I wonder if it's a recent bug. With 1.11.1 I was able to upload custom image metadata to az3 of hp cloud which doesn't have any juju-dist information14:08
ahasenackmarcoceppi: I don't even know where to download it14:09
ahasenackmarcoceppi: I tried juju-dist/, and streams/ directly14:09
ahasenackso, I have juju-dist/streams/v1/stuff14:09
ahasenackand streams/v1/stuff14:09
ahasenackcompletely ignored14:09
ahasenackmaybe the product-streams service from keystone catalog is overriding that, and that's the bug14:10
marcoceppiahasenack: So with az3 I've got a juju-dist bucket I created with a streams/v1/... directory14:10
marcoceppiahasenack: but I dont' think hp cloud has product-streams, that's something I can't confirm.14:10
ahasenackmarcoceppi: "keystone catalog" doesn't work against it?14:10
marcoceppiahasenack: I haven't tried14:10
marcoceppiI wish I had more time to play with this problem this week. If you dont' get an answer by Monday I may try to poke at it for a bit14:12
ahasenackhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1185143 would help if it were fixed14:13
_mup_Bug #1185143: bootstrap -v needs to show the swift/s3 action <debug> <ui> <juju-core:Confirmed> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1185143>14:13
hazmatmarcoceppi, so some discussion and the desire seems to be push the tools directly into the core ppas ie (devel and stable)15:01
marcoceppihazmat: my concern with that is we don't have a very clear release cadence on most of the tools. So they're basically all "devel"15:02
bloodearnestheya all - is there any way to make 'juju ssh <service>/<unit> "command"' return output from the command?15:03
hazmatmarcoceppi, true, but the key distinction might be that  it works with the juju in the same ppa15:03
bloodearnestseems to swallow it by default15:03
jcastrohey marcoceppi15:05
jcastroso brandon put the wrong jorgecastro in the github group but you appear to be in there, we need to redirect jujutools.github.com to the right place15:05
marcoceppijcastro: I have no idea how to do that. Let me just see if i can add you15:06
marcoceppijcastro: what's your gh username?15:07
jcastroIf you can add me I can handle it15:07
marcoceppijcastro: added15:08
TheMuejcastro: ping16:08
TheMuejcastro: just working on juju set --default to simply set an option to its default value16:08
TheMuejcastro: background is to also use juju set <svc> option= to set an empty string16:09
TheMuejcastro: but this would also lead to a change of of the charm configs16:09
jcastroso are you asking if we should do that or if we're doing that already?16:10
TheMuejcastro: today empty strings remove a value, so no empty strings16:10
TheMuejcastro: yep, you got it ;)16:10
TheMuejcastro: I don't wonna break compatibility16:10
jcastroI think that's list material there16:11
jcastrosee what other charmers think16:11
TheMuejcastro: ok, will do16:12
TheMuejcastro: thx16:12
marcoceppiTheMue: I think quite a few charms would probably break if you could "unset" a configuration value16:12
TheMuemarcoceppi: yeah, I  feared that16:13
rogpeppemarcoceppi: unsetting a config value should cause it to revert to its default value from the charm hook's point of view16:15
marcoceppirogpeppe: I don't think I grasp the scope of this change then. I look forward to the list post for clarification16:16
TheMuemarcoceppi: set option= today leads to a reset to the default. with the introduction of set --default option it isn't needed anymore and set option= can be used to set option to an empty string (not possible today)16:20
rogpeppe TheMue: good point16:21
rogpeppemarcoceppi: you can already unset a configuration value16:21
marcoceppiTheMue: Oh, interesting. I don't think that'll have much of an impact actually. Since, and I may be wrong, I was under the impression that set option= in pyjuju set it to an empty string and not hte default16:21
rogpeppemarcoceppi: but if there's a string config value with a default that's non-empty, you can't currently set it to empty16:21
rogpeppemarcoceppi: ha ha16:22
rogpeppemarcoceppi: that's what we want to make it do!16:22
TheMuerogpeppe: yep16:22
blackboxswthinking on uptime of our services, I see juju upgrade-juju in juju-core. I'm about to test a deployment from ppa -> trunk...  is a simple juju-core upgrade-juju all I need for a seamless upgrade that will leave my running units intact?16:22
rogpeppemarcoceppi: i think that it's possible that *was* the py juju behaviour, but i'm not sure16:22
marcoceppirogpeppe: right! TheMue I'd email the list just for general awareness but I don't see many people putting up a stink about this :)16:22
marcoceppirogpeppe: I could pull out pyjuju and test, but I don't need anymore pain for today ;)16:23
TheMuemarcoceppi: ;)16:23
rogpeppeblackboxsw: i'd upgrade to 1.12 before upgrading to trunk16:23
marcoceppiblackboxsw: what version are you using currently?16:23
* rogpeppe needs to write an email to juju-dev about that16:23
* rogpeppe goes off to do that16:23
* TheMue too16:24
rogpeppeblackboxsw: i advise downloading https://launchpad.net/juju-core/1.12/1.12.0/+download/juju-core_1.12.0-1.tar.gz16:24
marcoceppi1.11.4 more or less is 1.12. I'm not sure of the nuances for upgrading juju in place to trunk with upload tools, etc16:24
rogpeppeblackboxsw: then building that and upgrade-juju to that (using --upload-tools)16:24
marcoceppirogpeppe: so you need to run upgrade-juju --upload-tools?16:25
* marcoceppi adds this to list of things we need to document16:25
rogpeppemarcoceppi: hmm, actually, perhaps it's easier than that16:25
blackboxswwill do I saw https://code.launchpad.net/~fwereade/juju-core/fix-upgrade-carnage/+merge/173972 which looks like it address a similar upgrade path issue16:25
blackboxswbut I think that was 1.10 that was a problem16:25
blackboxswokay in either case. I'll give both a whirl as its a dev deployment anyway... will report on the success of 1.11.4-1514~raring too16:26
marcoceppiblackboxsw: according to the release notes, minor version increments should work 1.11.1 -> 1.11.2, etc16:26
marcoceppiblackboxsw: Yeah, I'd be interested in your experience with the upgrade process16:26
rogpeppeblackboxsw: if you're using an environment with a public tools bucket, you should be able to do juju upgrade-juju --version 1.12.016:27
rogpeppeblackboxsw: then wait for all the units and machines to report 1.12.0 as their version16:27
rogpeppeblackboxsw: then juju upgrade-juju to a later version16:28
rogpeppeblackboxsw: e.g. current trunk16:28
blackboxswahh, and if I use --upload-tools?16:28
rogpeppeblackboxsw: that should be ok *after* you've upgraded to 1.1216:28
blackboxswmakes sense16:28
rogpeppeblackboxsw: because 1.12 has some specific code (hacks) in it that propagate some information that 1.10 didn't propagate16:28
rogpeppeblackboxsw: i've just removed those hacks from trunk because they were making things hard16:29
rogpeppeblackboxsw: which means that any upgrade path from 1.10 needs to go through 1.12 to make things work ok16:30
rogpeppeblackboxsw: i've just tested that it works ok16:30
blackboxswahh got it ok16:30
marcoceppijcastro: I feel a bit silly16:36
marcoceppiwrt to the subordiante discussion16:36
marcoceppijcastro: so, the implicit relation works pretty straight forwardly. If no previous interfaces match, and there's a juju-info interface with a scope:container it'll deploy the subordinate to the other matching service in the add-relation command16:37
marcoceppijuju add-relation wordpress subordinate should "just work" unless there's another matching relation, in which case `juju add-relation wordpress subordinate:juju-info` should suffice16:38
dreverriis there anyway to find out from a juju bootstrap node why machines are stuck in pending status?16:49
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sidneidreverri: which provider are you using?16:56
dreverriI am using the OS X client if that matters16:57
sidneidreverri: probably unlikely to be the case, but did you check with the ec2 api that the machines have been started successfully?16:57
dreverrithey have not been started16:57
dreverriI only see the bootstrap node16:57
hazmatdreverri, probably best is to login to the bootstrap node and inspect the provisioning agent log16:58
hazmatin /var/log/juju16:58
dreverrican juju tell me the public address of the bootstrap node?16:58
dreverrior just grab it from aws console?16:59
hazmatdreverri, juju status should have it16:59
dreverrijuju status is only showing the deployed machines in pending16:59
dreverriperhaps I broke something16:59
dreverriin my config16:59
hazmatdreverri, machine 0 should be running16:59
hazmatdreverri, else juju status wouldn't work17:00
dreverrimachine o refers to the first unit of the deployed service17:00
hazmatdreverri, the bootstrap node is provisioned from the client, subsequent ones are done by code running on that bootstrap node17:00
hazmatdreverri, can you pastebin your juju status output17:00
dreverri@hazmat any thoughts?17:05
hazmatdreverri, that's quite strange17:06
hazmatrogpeppe, ^ is that status even possible.. what's the client even connecting to17:07
hazmatdreverri, yeah. get the addr from the console, i'm very curious to see the machine/juju log from that machine17:07
dreverriok; I'll grab that in a sec17:08
dreverrithank you17:08
hazmatit looks like status reports based on the db state only, not provider queries, and in this case the db doesn't have normal provider machine state stored17:08
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bryanmoylesHey, can anyone help me figure out why juju is telling me that it can't find the precise image?17:46
ahasenackbryanmoyles: something with simplestreams data I suspect, is it pyjuju or juju-core? Also, which cloud?17:48
bryanmoylesjuju-core, on a private openstack installation. I've setup the proper access via the swift ACL to allow public access but I still get the same error17:48
bryanmoylesI have the images in juju-dist/tools/IMAGE, I'm going to try to move it to the root level of the container, I just feel like my structure is off somewhere17:49
ahasenackhm, yeah, that's not going to work like that17:49
bryanmoylesare they supposed to be called "juju-1.10.0-precise-amd64.tgz" ?17:49
bryanmoylesWhy wouldn't it work?17:49
ahasenackthere are two things you need, tools and simplestreams17:49
ahasenackjuju-dist/tools is for the tools, those tarballs, not images17:50
bryanmoylesOh okay, I don't have simple streams, is that a juju init command?17:50
ahasenackno, it's way more complicated than that, I'm also fighting it at the moment with a private cloud17:50
ahasenackbryanmoyles: it's what juju uses to lookup the image id17:50
ahasenackbryanmoyles: see if you have juju image-metadata command17:50
bryanmoylesI actually do have that, I have that setup in /streams, not simplestreams, sorry17:51
bryanmoylesI do have an image-metadata file as well17:51
ahasenackok, so the theory is that you have to upload those two json files it creates to swift17:51
ahasenacknow, I'm not sure about where exactly. I *think* to juju-dist/17:52
ahasenackso you would have juju-dist/streams/v1/<json files>17:52
bryanmoylesright, that's exactly where I have them, but where do the actual images belong?17:52
ahasenackI did that and it's not working for me, but it might be because my cloud does publish product-streams in the keystone catalog and that a bug is preventing me from overriding that17:52
ahasenackbryanmoyles: the images are in openstack proper, glance17:52
ahasenackbryanmoyles: you supposedly did a glance image-list to get the id of the image you want to use17:53
bryanmoylesjuju image-metadata -a amd64 -e -i d7e2ea12-cb50-4687-b5e1-d90f0656164a -n openstack -r RegionOne -s precise17:53
bryanmoylesthat's the command I ran, so I need to have first created an image and put that image's ID in place of the d7* ?17:53
ahasenackwell, yes, what is d7e2ea12-... if you didn't do that?17:54
bryanmoylesstraight from a blurb on the web, I made a very large assumption there haha, one sec let me try that with the image id for the os I uploaded17:54
ahasenackyeah :)17:55
bryanmoyleshem, I'm still getting the same error, why does it complain about " no "precise" images" when the meta data has given it an image id? Is there something I need to do on the image itself to identify that it's a "precise" version of ubuntu?17:58
ahasenacknot that I know of, but of course, if it's not precise things might break as soon as it's launched17:59
ahasenackbut it should be found and attempted to launch18:00
ahasenackso you regenerated those two json files and uploaded them again to juju-dist/?18:00
ahasenackdo you also have public-bucket-url set in environments.yaml for this env?18:00
bryanmoyleswell here's the question, as an image I uploaded my own version of a ubuntu12.04 iso, how would I use their 2MB .tgz files as "images"? Yes to both of your questions :)18:00
ahasenackI have a glance command line to import images18:01
ahasenackdownload a file like this: ubuntu-12.04-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img18:01
ahasenack        glance image-create \18:02
ahasenack            --container-format bare \18:02
ahasenack            --disk-format qcow2 \18:02
ahasenack            --is-public True \18:02
ahasenack            --name ${name%.*} \18:02
ahasenack            --file "$image_file" > /dev/null18:02
ahasenackfile is the .img one, name is whatever you want18:02
bryanmoyleshttp://uec-images.ubuntu.com/precise/current/precise-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img should be suitable, right?18:03
bryanmoylesk one sec, downloading and trying your command18:03
ahasenackthen get the image id with glance list-images18:03
ahasenackand use that in the metadata command18:03
ahasenackI didn't need to specify -e, it grabbed that from the environment (I had that openrc.sh sourced before)18:04
ahasenackhm, try not using -n18:04
ahasenackthat will prefix the files with that string, I don't think it's right18:04
ahasenack-n openstack, I mean, in the metadata command18:05
ahasenackthe files should be index.json and imagemetadata.json18:05
bryanmoylesso try dropping -e AND -n? or just -n?18:05
ahasenackmostly n18:07
ahasenackif you have openrc sourced, -e shouldn't be necessary either18:07
ahasenackmaybe you got the wrong value for it, for example18:07
ahasenackis that the keystone endpoint?18:08
ahasenacklooks like it18:08
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bryanmoylesYeah it's the keystone url, just got the image uploaded, trying the image-metadata again18:10
bryanmoyles2013-08-01 18:13:18 INFO juju tools.go:52 environs: filtering tools by series: precise18:13
bryanmoyles2013-08-01 18:13:18 INFO juju tools.go:75 environs: picked newest version: 1.10.018:13
bryanmoyles2013-08-01 18:13:19 ERROR juju supercommand.go:234 command failed: cannot start bootstrap instance: no "precise" images in RegionOne with arches [amd64 i386]18:13
bryanmoylesThat error confuses me, when I'm explicitly telling it what image to use18:14
bryanmoylesIs it possible that this is because juju's tools are for 11.10 and I'm using an 12.04 image?18:14
ahasenackno, I don't think it's about tools18:16
ahasenackcan you paste the two json files that were generated?18:16
sarnold11.10? really? that's been out of support for almost three months..18:16
bryanmoylesI have both files pasted into there18:17
ahasenackbryanmoyles: that one still has the openstack prefix from -n18:17
ahasenackline 1918:17
ahasenackwas the index file named index.json, or openstack-index.json?18:18
bryanmoylesjuju image-metadata -a amd64 -e -i 97967ab3-9312-493e-8487-e78c2d822ac9 -r RegionOne -s precise18:18
ahasenackI don't think it knows how to lookup anything other than index.json18:18
bryanmoylesoh goodness18:18
bryanmoyleslol, I just uploaded the old files, I never realized new ones were created along side, one second lol18:18
ahasenackjust rm -f .juju/*.json18:18
bryanmoylesthank you for dummy proofing me :-P18:18
bryanmoylesnew-host-4:~ bryanmoyles$ rm -rf ~/.juju/*.json18:19
bryanmoylesnew-host-4:~ bryanmoyles$ juju image-metadata -a amd64 -e -i 97967ab3-9312-493e-8487-e78c2d822ac9 -r RegionOne -s precise18:19
bryanmoylesuploading now18:19
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bryanmoylesbarge, same error, pasting the new file contents18:20
bryanmoylesis this because I don't have a "release" name?18:21
ahasenackhm, relase is empty18:21
ahasenackI wonder18:21
ahasenacktry editing the file before the upload, put precise in there18:22
ahasenackmine is also empty18:22
* ahasenack tries18:22
bryanmoylesI tried that, still didn't work, I wish juju -v was more verbose18:22
ahasenackme too, I wanted to see from where it is fetching the simplestreams data18:23
ahasenackmaybe there is a silly 404 happening in there18:23
ahasenackI tried tcpdumping the traffic, and in my case it was actually peeking at my index.json file18:23
ahasenackbut it gave up for some reason, never loaded the other file which is what has the image id18:24
bryanmoylesso did you also get stumped at the stage that I'm at?18:25
bryanmoyleswait, what the heck is this ip?
bryanmoylesI never put that there, is juju making a bad assumption?18:26
bryanmoylesor is that just the region's ip once juju is on that device18:26
ahasenacksorry, was on the phone18:32
ahasenackbryanmoyles: that ip is your -e parameter18:33
bryanmoylesdarn it, another terrible assumption lol18:33
bryanmoylesthese stream json files definitely go in juju-fist (public bucket), not the control bucket right?18:34
ahasenackright, juju-dist18:35
ahasenackwell, I don't know about "definitely"18:35
bryanmoylesis this where you ultimately got stuck, or were you able to get past this error?18:35
ahasenacknot past th eeror yet, but I just got a tip I'm trying18:36
ahasenackbryanmoyles: got it to work!18:38
bryanmoyleswow! how?18:38
ahasenackbryanmoyles: so did you fix -e?18:38
bryanmoylesI used localhost instead of 10., not sure if I should have that be the local or external ip18:38
bryanmoylesotherwise, I would need to change it with
ahasenackbryanmoyles: in my case, the url from -e and the one in environments.yaml had a tiny difference18:39
ahasenackbryanmoyles: a trailing slash (/)18:39
ahasenack:5000/v2/ versus :500/v218:39
bryanmoylesshould it have one or be without it?18:39
ahasenack:5000/v2/ versus :5000/v218:39
ahasenackdoesn't matter, it has to be the same18:39
bryanmoylesso should the  -e IP be localhost, or the IP from the machine hosting juju?18:39
ahasenackit has to be the same in .juju/environments.yaml, in the index.json file and in the OS_AUTH_URL shell environment variable18:39
ahasenackbryanmoyles: it's the keystone auth url from your openstack cloud18:40
ahasenackbryanmoyles: do you have a openrc.sh file or something that you source so you can run nova, glance, etc, commands18:40
bryanmoyleskk, btw I can confirm that mine are also different18:40
bryanmoylesI believe I do on the machine ". openrc"18:40
ahasenackbryanmoyles: ok, so source that file, don't specify -e in image-metadata18:40
ahasenackbryanmoyles: and check that the one from openrc is identical to the one in environments.yaml18:41
ahasenackbryanmoyles: the image-metadata command will grab the one from the environment if you don't specify -e18:41
bryanmoylesso I need to install juju-core on the openstack machine?18:41
ahasenackbryanmoyles: do env | grep OS_AUTH_URL18:42
bryanmoylesoh k one sec18:42
bryanmoyleslooks like I don't have an openrc.sh, could have sworn I did18:44
ahasenackthat doesn't look right18:45
ahasenackgo to horizon, login, grab the openrc file from there (api credentials)18:45
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bryanmoylesThat's in the Admin panel?18:46
ahasenackin the project one iirc18:47
ahasenackon th left18:47
ahasenackyou should use a regular user, not admin18:47
bryanmoylesis it okay to use admin for now just to get the hang of things?18:47
bryanmoylesI sound like a sudo (ab)user18:47
bryanmoyleskk downloaded the file18:48
ahasenacksee what it has for OS_AUTH_URL, just to check it's not localhost18:48
bryanmoylesexport OS_AUTH_URL=
ahasenackok, that looks better18:48
ahasenackis that what you have in .juju/environments.yaml too? as auth-url:?18:49
bryanmoylesnew-host-4:~ bryanmoyles$ cat ~/.juju/environments.yaml | grep auth18:49
bryanmoyles    auth-url:
ahasenackdo you have public-bucket-url in environments.yaml too?18:49
bryanmoyles    public-bucket-url:
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ahasenackdrop juju-dist from that18:50
bryanmoylesdoes that look right? Should I have juju-fist in there?18:50
ahasenackbryanmoyles: do this18:50
ahasenackbryanmoyles: keystone catalog | less18:50
ahasenackbryanmoyles: look for Service: object-store18:50
ahasenackbryanmoyles: grab its publicURL18:51
ahasenackbryanmoyles: and use that as public-bucket-url18:51
ahasenackmind the slashes18:51
bryanmoylesexactly like that?18:51
ahasenackbryanmoyles: is that in keystone catalog like that?18:51
bryanmoylesyeah, in the block for object-store18:51
bryanmoylesBY GOLLY!18:51
bryanmoyles2013-08-01 18:51:54 INFO juju provider.go:781 environs/openstack: started instance "4cf7253b-b06f-404d-ab77-e1cc925d69dc"18:52
bryanmoyles2013-08-01 18:51:56 INFO juju supercommand.go:236 command finished18:52
ahasenackthe impossible happened18:52
bryanmoyleswow man, how would you rate yourself 1 - 10 on openstack?18:52
ahasenackmany things I don't know about it18:52
bryanmoylesTears to my eyes to see an instance running!18:54
bryanmoylesso when it launches these instances, can I ssh right in (granted I have a security group established)? ie. do the juju cloud instances fully bootstrap?18:56
ahasenackbryanmoyles: the bootstrap instance has no deployed service per se, you shouldn't need to ssh into it18:58
ahasenackbryanmoyles: the fun begins now with juju deploy commands18:59
bryanmoylesduh! so just try "juju deploy wordpress" per se?18:59
ahasenackbryanmoyles: bootstrap is the coordinator18:59
bryanmoyleslet me try this19:00
bryanmoylesshould I be able to curl and see a wordpress page from the openstack machine?19:00
ahasenacknot yet, wordpress needs a database, mysql19:01
ahasenackthen you need to relate them (juju add-relation wordpress mysql)19:01
ahasenackand then you can hit the wordpress ip after all that happened19:01
bryanmoylesjuju deploy wordpress takes quite a while, should that be the case?19:01
sarnold(no expose?)19:01
ahasenackyou might need expose too, yes19:01
bryanmoylesokay, let me find that walkthrough guide for the hello wordpress example19:01
ahasenackbryanmoyles: it will download stuff from the internet, if it's taking too long maybe internet access is blocked?19:01
bryanmoyleshmm, should be from that machine19:02
ahasenackbryanmoyles: you can ssh into the wordpress unit after deploy and debug things19:02
bryanmoyleswordpress unit?19:02
bryanmoylesthe launches juju instance?19:02
sarnoldI think my deploys on amazon ec2 took ~five minutes?19:02
ahasenackbryanmoyles: juju deploy deployes a service and one copy of it, which we call unit19:02
ahasenackbryanmoyles: that becomes wordpress/019:02
ahasenackbryanmoyles: that will get its own cloud instance19:02
bryanmoylesso what was the point of juju-openstack-machine-0, just to make sure it worked?19:03
ahasenackbryanmoyles: with its own ip. You can ssh into it and look around19:03
ahasenackbryanmoyles: the machine 0 is the bootstrap node, it's needed to coordinate the deployments19:03
ahasenackbryanmoyles: it's also the api endpoint that your juju commands use19:03
bryanmoylesah alright, is it a scary thing to CTRL C the juju deploy?19:03
ahasenackno, but just the deploy command is quick19:03
ahasenackit's a request, when the command returns it doesn't mean the deployment is complete19:04
ahasenackbryanmoyles: run juju status to check things19:04
bryanmoyles2013-08-01 19:04:25 INFO juju provider.go:117 environs/openstack: opening environment "openstack"19:04
bryanmoyles2013-08-01 19:04:26 INFO juju open.go:68 state: opening state; mongo addresses: [""]; entity ""19:04
bryanmoylesjust stalling there19:04
ahasenackbryanmoyles: you might have a network problem, you need to be able to reach the instances that you bring up19:04
bryanmoylesso I should add a route on my machine to proxy to the openstack instance?19:05
ahasenackI don't know how your cloud was deployed, sorry19:05
ahasenacktry sshing into the nova compute node and reach that address from there, or into quantum-gateway (if using quantum networking), and try from there19:05
bryanmoyles2013-08-01 19:05:42 ERROR juju open.go:88 state: connection failed, will retry: dial tcp operation timed out19:06
ahasenackor the cloud controller actually, i think the net is reachable from there19:06
ahasenackyou can just telnet into that address and port to see if it connects19:06
bryanmoylespinging from the controller node returns a "No route to host" even though the subnet is masked to br100 properly19:06
ahasenackor plain ssh on port 2219:06
bryanmoyleswhen I connect to the console via openstack, it's just a black screen, perhaps the instance is stalled?19:09
bryanmoyles[  303.551013] [  209]     0   209     3288      135   0     -17         -1000 udevd19:09
bryanmoyles[  303.551737] Kernel panic - not syncing: Out of memory and no killable processes...19:09
bryanmoylesoh man19:09
bryanmoyleshow do you specify a flavor for the bootstrap node on juju?19:10
bryanmoylesit's running nano right now, must be too small19:10
bryanmoylesI don't see anything in the imagemetadata.json specifying a flavor19:11
bryanmoylesdefault-instance-type: m1.small19:13
bryanmoylesis in the sample for juju's docs page, but juju -v shows that it's deprecated19:13
ahasenackbryanmoyles: try a constraint19:30
ahasenackbryanmoyles: after bootstrap, juju set-constraint mem=2048M19:30
ahasenackor set-constraints, I don't remember19:30
ahasenackthen deploy again19:30
ahasenackor at deploy time, see help docs for juju deploy, it takes parameters19:30
bryanmoylesI just resized the instance manually, but now I think I'm running into hardware limitations, but you guys have gotten me to the point where I can safely try our huge machines instead of my 5 year old laptop as the compute & controller lol19:30
ahasenackbryanmoyles: now, i'm not sure how juju finds out about the image sizes, I suppose it uses the openstack api19:31
ahasenacks/image sizes/instance sizes/19:31
ahasenackyou can also specify the constraint during bootstrap19:32
ahasenackbut that's usually a waste, since the bootstrap doesn't need a lot of resources. I usually bootstrap with the smallest instance size, then set constraints after that so the newly deployed services get a bigger machine19:32
adam_gnoodles775, any chance you have a charm you can share that makes use of ansible?19:47
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