* StevenK peers at this doctest00:05
StevenK    >>> transaction.commit()00:05
StevenK    >>> flush_database_updates()00:05
StevenKwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~stevenk/launchpad/destroy-some-sampledata-constants/+merge/17797701:36
wgrantStevenK: k02:07
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stubSo rather than having the Librarian write to Swift when uploading a file, I was thinking I wouldn't modify that code path at all and always write to disk. The garbage collector processes would be responsible for pushing files into Swift. That way, the only modification to the twisted daemon is to attempt to stream the file from Swift, and if that fails, fallback to streaming from disk.12:09
stubThis also writes the migration-of-existing-files code - two birds with one piano12:09
stubwgrant, StevenK : How does that sound?12:09
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cjwatsonwgrant: https://code.launchpad.net/~cjwatson/launchpad/series-alias/+merge/17810315:25
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