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chrisccoulsondoes anyone have any idea what is going on with https://launchpadlibrarian.net/146197457/upload_4836181_log.txt ?08:11
chrisccoulson(from https://launchpad.net/~mozillateam/+archive/thunderbird-next/+build/4836181)08:11
chrisccoulsonnote, i can't find any evidence of those package versions existing anywhere08:11
wgrantchrisccoulson: Something is dropping the epoch when generating the ddebs. I thought pkg-create-dbgsym handled it correctly, so maybe thunderbird's doing something special.08:37
chrisccoulsonwgrant, ah, quite possibly. we add an epoch to the language packs, which is a leftover from merging 2 source packages08:39
chrisccoulsonbut this has been the case for ages, did something else change recently?08:39
wgrantchrisccoulson: No08:40
jgdxwallyworld__: ping, could you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/js-oopsd/conditional-setuptools-import/+merge/178017 ? Thanks08:40
wgrantUnless pkg-create-dbgsym did08:40
wgrantNothing in Launchpad's changed08:41
chrisccoulsonwgrant, ah, it looks like pkg-create-dbgsym started creating -dbgsym packages for the thunderbird language packs, which it never used to do08:41
chrisccoulsonso that probably explains it08:41
wgrantI found that sort of weird08:42
wgrantIt's only failing because the epoch was there before, but isn't any more08:42
wgrantSo something's changed since the dbgsyms first appeared08:42
stubSo rather than having the Librarian write to Swift when uploading a file, I was thinking I wouldn't modify that code path at all and always write to disk. The garbage collector processes would be responsible for pushing files into Swift. That way, the only modification to the twisted daemon is to attempt to stream the file from Swift, and if that fails, fallback to streaming from disk.10:46
stubThis also writes the migration-of-existing-files code - two birds with one piano10:47
stubwgrant, StevenK : How does that sound?10:48
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saiarcot895Is there a way to have the Apport Retracing Service make a stacktrace after a bug has been reported and is public (CoreDump.gz is still attached)?18:46
dobeyi think it just looks for a tag on the bug. one of the apport-* tags. should autocomplete18:54
saiarcot895dobey: apport-crash and need-amd64-retrace?18:58
dobeyyeah, sounds right19:04
dobeyassuming it's an amd64 core dump19:04
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CoreyIs launchpad having issues with uploads? dput keeps timing out.22:21

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