QIIIIs anyone who uses the Ubuntu Forums still having difficulty getting to your old user accounts?04:24
holsteinQIII: i havent tried yet04:25
QIIIGo ahead.  If you have problems, let the Admins know in the Resolution Center.  Right now I think Cariboo907 is the only Admin on, but others will be cycling through.04:27
holsteini mean, i'll test something if you want/need QIII04:28
holsteinotherwise, im not a big forum guy04:28
QIIINo big, then.  We've just had a lot of people confused and getting new accounts generated.04:28
josehocky: may we help?05:53
geezenslaw_I have performed an ftp put using a command-line client. The ftp server has replied: acknowledgment waiting. Anybody know the ftp command to acknowledge the file xfer?17:52
holsteingeezenslaw_: i would just use scp, if possible.. over sftp22:15

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