dholbachgood morning07:18
smartboyhwGood morning dholbach07:30
dholbachhi smartboyhw07:30
smartboyhwAs in *your* morning:P07:30
dholbachthought so :)07:31
dholbachjono, nice interview at oscon (just saw it on slashdot )07:43
jonothanks dholbach :-)07:57
jonoI wondered why I was seeing a lot of tweets :-)07:57
dholbachjono, I'm just blogging about the phablet-flash changes and touch porting clinic we have today07:57
jonodholbach, awesome :-07:57
dholbachsome early birds already pushed their image info to LP: https://code.launchpad.net/phablet-image-info07:58
dholbachand Sergio pushed his phablet-flash changes to https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/flash_change/+merge/177927 - it was a bit more work than expected initially :)07:58
dholbachfor the clinic, people will be able to branch it and test it locally07:58
jonodholbach, has someone been able to use phablet-flash to flash those images?08:01
jonoon those unofficial handsets?08:01
dholbachjono, Sergio posted the merge proposal last night, but I'm in touch with a lot of port maintainers and I'll ask them to test it with their handsets - Sergio tested it locally and it worked for him08:02
dholbachI'm just writing up the instructions for port maintainers to test it for their handsets08:02
jonodholbach, awesome08:02
jonodholbach, so will your blog post explain how people get their images supported by phablet-flash?08:03
dholbachI documented it here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/MakingPortsAvailable08:03
dholbachthe process is basically: publish a file with this info in an LP branch: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~i9100-image-dev/phablet-image-info/i9100/view/head:/manifest.json08:03
popeydholbach: does this support the new image based updates?08:09
dholbachpopey, in the new world order I'd expect you'd use phablet-flash to flash and then upgrade in-session using the image based updates thing in the system settings, no?08:11
popeyah hang on, it is all okay in new world order because the ported bits are outside the image aren't they08:11
dholbachthis might be more of a #ubuntu-touch question ;-)08:12
dholbachI feel like I'm lacking some of the technical information myself - but to me the separation of tasks should be something like 1) use phablet-flash to flash initially, 2) do system upgrades using the system settings thing08:13
popeyso you know the new phablet-flash --ubuntu-bootstrap option?08:13
popeyyes, I agree08:14
popeybut some of us flash daily using phablet-flash08:14
dholbachxnox has been packaging up some of the android bits, which are going to go into the archive, so they'd still be on top of the ubuntu system and part of the system-based updates08:14
jononice work dholbach08:14
popeyits all good ☻08:14
dholbachwell...  I just tried to get out of people's way when they worked on it ;-)08:15
dholbachjono, I'll have a call with beuno and dsowen regarding click/appstore planning later on - just in case you happen to run into them and want to join in08:15
jonodholbach, awesome08:15
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* dholbach → lunch and moving over to the office :)12:37
smartboyhwdholbach, I thought Canonical home-working people don't have an office:P13:51
dholbachsmartboyhw, I work from a shared office with friends13:51
dholbachit's not a "Canonical" office13:51
smartboyhwdholbach, ah13:51
popeyquite a few do13:51
jcastrothere's a coworking place close to here I need to hit13:58
dholbachwhenever I see "coworking" I read "cow...something", always14:10
* popey goes or ork come cows14:24
* dholbach hugs popey14:24
* popey tickles dholbach 14:24
jcastrodholbach: it's cowsayworking14:37
jonomhall119, want to do a quick catch up call?16:20
mhall119jono: sure16:28
jonomhall119, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/N5mZXjwHfSVA8KhGsj7meQ?hl=en16:31
mhall119jono: will be there in one minute16:31
jonomhall119, np16:31
dholbachall right my friends - have a great rest of your day and see you tomorrow!17:38
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