ubot5seb128 called the ops in #ubuntu-mir ()08:17
seb128can somebody ban "morphis" from the ubuntu channels?08:21
Tm_Tseb128: all?08:22
seb128it's doing join/quit in loop08:22
Unit193(He's Excess Flooding excessivly.)08:22
seb128well, at least #ubuntu-mir -devel -touch08:22
seb128he's join/quit flooding08:22
Unit193-mir has a very short access list, but has the council on it at least.08:22
seb128Tm_T, ^08:25
Tm_Tsorry, busy with other stuff, I'll try get into it in a second08:26
seb128Tm_T, can somebody else on this channel help, if you are busy?08:38
seb128nobody here?08:52
Unit193I am, but can't help.  Sorry.08:53
Unit193Only dpm, tvoss, and an IRCC'er can in -mir, and didn't check -devel access.08:53
Unit193And he seems stable now.09:04
Tm_Tseb128: I have a moment now, still issues?09:19
seb128Tm_T, no, it stopped, thanks09:20
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