CarstenGHi all.15:28
CarstenGhannie: are you there?15:38
hannieCarstenG, now I am ;)15:46
hannieGood evening15:46
CarstenGWhere are you :-)15:46
CarstenGIn Germany  is afternoon :-)15:46
hannieok, here in France too15:47
CarstenGWhat does your Dutch translation of the Saucy manual do?15:47
hannieI haven't worked on Saucy - nl yet15:47
hannieDo you want to know how many fuzzies it has?15:48
hannieI should merge it with raring first15:48
CarstenGI mean Raring :-)15:49
CarstenGSaucy is not yet free for translation …15:50
hannieAh, raring is finished, but we are not going to publish it because we have no screenshots and it is rather late15:50
CarstenGIt is never to late ;-)15:50
hannieAs I said before, we will only publish the LTS version15:50
CarstenGah, ok15:51
CarstenGWE have also finished the German version of Raring15:51
hannieI am currently trying to get the 12.04 version in USC. It is a hell of a job15:51
CarstenGAn Kevin want to publish it soon...15:51
hannieGood, it is still usable for about 3 months15:52
CarstenGOh yes, to get PDFs to USC is bad.15:52
CarstenGKevin showed me some weeks ago the pending packages for USC and there was no progress15:53
CarstenGHe gave up :-(15:53
CarstenGAnd I can understand him.15:53
hannieI have packaged the pdf file and am trying to get the attention of some motu guys to review it15:54
hannieI am afraid the packaging people are understaffed15:54
hannieSee https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/120727315:55
manualbotLaunchpad bug 1207273 in software-center "add ubuntu manual nl to software center" [Undecided,New]15:55
CarstenGI hope someone will help you here.15:58
hannieMe too. I did get good help on the motu mailing list and #ubuntu-motu and #launchpad15:59
CarstenGIf I remember correctly, Kevin told me, that the Ubuntu guys want to change the package process so that external stuff like our manual comes faster to USC...15:59
CarstenGWe will see, when this happens.16:00
hannieWell, they have plans.......Since january 2013!!16:00
hannieMeanwhile, I find information scattered all over the place. Can't see the wood from the trees :)16:01
hannieAnd I get plenty of error messages in the terminal because it is hard to figure out what happens behind the schene16:01
CarstenGJust an idea: Could you write a summary of this process to the list, so that the other translation teams can make it too?16:06
hannieYou mean the packaging? I have 20 pages of instructions and terminal output :(16:08
CarstenGSound really complicated.16:09
hannieone example:16:09
hanniedpkg-source: error: add ump_logo.png in debian/source/include-binaries if you want to store the modified binary in the debian tarball16:09
hanniedpkg-source: error: cannot represent change to ubuntu-handleiding_1.0/ubuntu-handleiding12.04.pdf: binary file contents changed16:09
hannieThis means I have to go through the process all over again :(16:10
hannieThe problem is that the documentation is outdated and contains errors16:10
CarstenGmmmh, really annoying16:10
hannieSo I keep on trying. Some tests were successful, others failed16:11
hannieAnd I also want to spend some time on the saucy version of our manual (as an author)16:12
hannieI am going to take a break now (temperature outside = 34 degrees)16:13
hanniesee you soon16:13
rreedjoin #ubuntu-beginners18:15

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