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pleia2#chair dholbach17:00
meetingologyCurrent chairs: dholbach pleia217:00
dholbachwelcome everybody :)17:01
dholbachthanks coolbhavi for turning up17:01
pleia2welcome to the Community Council meeting!17:01
coolbhavihello dholbach and the CC :)17:01
dholbachpleia2, it escaped me, who apart from the Dev Advisory Team are we meeting up with today?17:01
pleia2IRC Council17:01
pleia2#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda17:01
dholbachanyone from the IRCC here?17:01
dholbachmaybe we start off with the DAT - it must be late in India already17:02
coolbhavi:) 10 30 PM here17:02
pleia2#topic Catch up with the Developer Advisory Team17:02
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dholbachcoolbhavi, how have things been going since the last time we met? (and I guess I'll put on my DAT hat in a bit too :-))17:03
Picidholbach: re: ircc, myself and Tm_T should be here.17:04
coolbhavidholbach, the major work was dat v217:04
dholbachPici, great17:04
Tm_TI'm somewhat around anyway (:17:04
dholbach(dat v2 means the Dev Advisory Team overview page we use to track who we're in touch with, who progressed how far on their journey as a developer, etc.)17:04
coolbhaviand we have a cool instance up here  http://ec2-50-19-67-12.compute-1.amazonaws.com17:05
pleia2that's really cool17:05
dholbachup until we mostly used Trello cards for that and a list of uploads per developer, which got slightly out of hand after a couple of cycles17:05
pleia2no doubt :)17:05
coolbhavitrello overflow :)17:05
dholbachAndrew Starr-Bocchicchio did a PHENOMENAL job on this17:05
coolbhavidholbach, +117:06
dholbachone stumbling block we're currently having is the deployment17:06
dholbachI said I was happy to host this on holba.ch17:06
dholbachbut just ran out of time looking into it17:06
dholbachsorry about that17:06
pleia2I assume it's on some random person's ec2 account?17:06
AlanBellhi Pici and all17:06
dholbachpleia2, yes, but it might get a bit too expensive over time17:07
pleia2no doubt17:07
dholbachit crunches quite a bit of LP data, etc17:07
pleia2jcastro is using hpcloud for discourse, I wonder if you could get a similar deal17:07
dholbachI'll have a chat with him later on17:07
coolbhavidholbach, if anyone needs hosting space m ready to give as I bought a new physical server17:07
dholbachI'm no expert when it comes to these things17:07
pleia2dholbach: he might make you juju deploy it17:08
dholbachand "normally deploying" it is not my forté either ;-)17:08
dholbachthat's probably why we got stuck where we are right now17:08
dholbachin between a transition where I'm blocking things :)17:08
* pleia2 nods17:08
dholbachthat's also why activity went down quite a bit17:08
dholbachso we have to figure this out soon17:08
dholbachI'll talk to jcastro tomorrow17:08
dholbachpromise! :)17:09
pleia2thanks dholbach!17:09
dholbachcoolbhavi, we could probably also do with some restaffing17:09
dholbachhuats stepped down17:09
pleia2coolbhavi: also, looking forward to seeing you at fosscon next week :)17:09
dholbachand some other members got busy with other projects as well17:09
coolbhavidholbach, sorry here too as m sucked into HPUX and HP labs17:09
coolbhavipleia2, same here :)17:09
dholbachcoolbhavi, I could imagine that as soon as we set up the new tool, start using it and fixing a few bugs, we might as well train a few new contributors in the team17:10
coolbhavidholbach, yes +117:10
dholbachand being on the DAT is wonderfully social task17:10
dholbachso we might just want to pick and ask the right people :)17:10
dholbachcoolbhavi, that's something the two of us could probably look into together?17:10
coolbhavidholbach, yes can send out a email reg restaffing and a dat overview17:11
dholbachthat'd be fantastic17:11
dholbachshall we have a chat tomorrow after I talked to jcastro?17:11
dholbachI think apart from that there's not much to report - just that we should get on the tasks mentioned above quite urgently :)17:12
dholbachpleia2, any more questions? :-D17:12
pleia2nope, thanks coolbhavi and dholbach!17:12
* dholbach hugs coolbhavi17:12
dholbachthanks a bunch!17:12
* coolbhavi hugs dholbach back 17:12
pleia2#topic Catch up with the IRC Council17:12
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Catch up with the IRC Council
coolbhavithanks CC17:13
pleia2welcome Tm_T, Pici and AlanBell!17:13
pleia2we haven't heard much from the IRCC lately, hopefully this means all is well :)17:13
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pleia2any concerns, challenges, success stories you'd care to share?17:14
AlanBellyeah, we have been a bit quiet17:14
sabdflo/ sorry to be late17:14
dholbachhey sabdfl!17:14
AlanBellI think things are generally OK, we have been missing a few meetings though17:14
PiciWe approved a new Ubuntu Member recently (m4v) though :)17:15
PiciLong overdue17:15
dholbachWhat's been keeping you busy since we last met? :)17:15
AlanBellwe are on top of most general issues like assigning cloaks, and yes, we approved M4V for membership, there are no outstanding applications17:15
pleia2another "oh, they weren't already a member?" :)17:15
PiciPretty much.17:15
pleia2I do notice that next cycle we will have some restaffing to do17:16
* AlanBell checks on launchpad17:16
PiciThere hasn't been many disputes that have needed the IRCC itself to intervene, which is nice.17:16
pleia2that's great17:16
AlanBellend of December we expire17:16
AlanBellthere was a bit of a dispute in the norway loco channel, but we worked with the loco leader to resolve that17:16
dholbachdid you have any plans or tasks from one of the last UDSes?17:16
Tm_TI think one of the ongoing tasks is we should have a session or two on every cycle about IRC17:18
dholbachdid you get feedback in those sessions? like anything that needs changing? or are you at a stage where you take care of normal business and everything's fine? :)17:19
Tm_Tmaking us visible, so to speak17:19
Tm_Tdholbach: more like I think we should make them more often17:19
dholbachah, gotcha17:20
Tm_Tone form of communication that is17:20
AlanBellwe were doing new operators every UDS, in line with the dev cycle, then the UDS cycle changed a bit wiht the online UDS17:20
AlanBellso, when do we start the restaffing process given that we expire at the end of the year?17:21
dholbachright, that makes sense17:21
dholbachlike 2-3 weeks before the expiry?17:21
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncil/Restaffing should have more info17:21
AlanBellah OK, so plenty of time still :)17:22
dholbachis there any help the IRCC needs or feedback or anything else?17:22
PiciThe only thing I can think of is with the recent Edge announcement, we didn't have anywhere to route people initially.17:23
AlanBelldon't think so, and I should note that I am pretty happy about the increased communications around the Ubuntu Edge thing compared to other surprises17:24
AlanBellPici: yeah we did :)17:24
pleia2that's good to hear17:24
PiciAlanBell: well, we did, but I don't think we were all in the loop from the get go.  Anyway, it was much better than prior releases17:25
Tm_Timprovement, definitely17:25
Tm_Talso I liked much of the contact relating the forums incident17:26
dholbachTm_T, you mean the analysis? or the communications during the incident?17:26
Tm_Tcommunication that it happened and that it might affect irc channels by increasing traffic17:27
AlanBellare the forums back to normal now? I haven't been tracking that one closely17:27
PiciAlanBell: I believe so.17:27
Tm_TAlanBell: up and running17:27
Tm_Tjust that login is changed, I have two accounts now17:28
dholbachyes, you log in through SSO and through some magic you can reconcile accounts17:28
PiciWe had a spike in traffic, but it wasn't as bad as I had expected.17:28
dholbachI didn't check for too long how that exactly works, I must admit17:28
Tm_Tanyway, improvements on communication, I like17:29
dholbachI'm done with questions for the IRCC - I'm very happy with the work you're doing.17:29
IdleOneWould be nice to get some communication about how to reconcile the forums accounts (sorry for speaking out of turn)17:29
pleia2the forums council has been handling that17:29
dholbachmaybe you can ping elfy about this17:30
AlanBellIdleOne: it is available if you try to log on to the forums looks OK to me17:30
IdleOneAlanBell: my account had a 2 added to it17:30
pleia2yeah, elfy helped me out17:30
Picipleia2: but... you normally have a 2 ;)17:30
AlanBellor idlethree perhaps :)17:30
IdleOneanyway, not a big deal and I'll ping elfy. thank you :)17:31
dholbachperfect :)17:31
dholbachpleia2, sabdfl: any more questions for the IRCC from you?17:31
pleia2I'm all set17:31
pleia2thanks Pici, AlanBell and Tm_T (and IdleOne!)17:34
dholbachnot sure if we lost sabdfl17:34
PiciYou know where to find us if you need anything :)17:34
AlanBellthanks o/17:34
dholbachthat's right :)17:34
dholbachthanks a bunch!17:34
pleia2#topic Any other business17:34
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Any other business
pleia2does anyone have anything else?17:34
dholbachI'm all set17:34
pleia2ok, thanks everyone17:37
pleia2meeting up with the Doc team next meeting17:37
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dholbachthanks a bunch!17:38
sabdflstepped afk to take a call, sorry17:40
sabdflAlanBell, you did catch that there was an announcement brewing, thanks for the nudge in that case :)17:41
bkerensa#startmeeting Ubuntu 22:00 Membership Board https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards#A22:0022:00
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bkerensa#chair bkerensa22:00
meetingologyCurrent chairs: bkerensa22:00
bkerensa#voters chilicuil PabloRubianes Pendulum cjohnston bkerensa22:00
meetingologyCurrent voters: PabloRubianes Pendulum bkerensa chilicuil cjohnston22:00
bkerensaHello All, Welcome to the August 22:00UTC Membership Board! We have two applicants today. We will hear each application in the order they were received.22:01
nik90Should I start?22:01
bkerensaCarlosNeyPastor: are you there?22:01
CarlosNeyPastorsi, estoy acá22:01
bkerensanik90: Can you briefly introduce yourself to the board?22:01
nik90bkerensa: sure22:01
nik90Hi everyone! This is Nekhelesh. I am an aerospace masters student studying in The Netherlands.22:02
CarlosNeyPastordisculpen pero mi manejo del ingles es pobre22:02
nik90In my free time, I contribute to Ubuntu by developing, triaging bug reports, blogging and supporting community members.22:02
nik90You can find my wiki page at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nekhelesh%20Ramananthan22:02
bkerensaCarlosNeyPastor: you will be next22:02
nik90Some of my official contributions to Ubuntu including hosting a session during the Ubuntu User Day on "Switching to Ubuntu from Windows",22:02
nik90creating a Ubuntu Manual for 12.04 and more recently being involved in the development of the clock core app for the Ubuntu Touch project22:02
nik90I have also been blogging about my developer experiences and regular updates about the core app project development at22:02
* popey is here to cheer for nik90 22:03
* bobweaver echos 22:03
popeyI have worked closely with nik90 on the core apps project. he's been professional, reliable and efficient through the whole process.22:03
bkerensanik90: your application looks great and I really like the work you are doing on Ubuntu Touch22:03
popeyHe's been a great example of what an Ubuntu member should be.22:03
* nik90 feels good22:03
WebbyITI started to collaborate to Ubuntu Core Apps development few weeks ago, and I'm very thankful to nik90 , who has helped and encouraged me. I think he fully represents the Ubuntu Spirit and totally deserves the membership22:03
bkerensado any other board members have questions for this applicant?22:04
nik90bkerensa: thnx22:04
PabloRubianesEs really nice22:04
bkerensa#vote Application of Nekhelesh Ramananthan (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nekhelesh%20Ramananthan)22:05
meetingologyPlease vote on: Application of Nekhelesh Ramananthan (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nekhelesh%20Ramananthan)22:05
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meetingology+1 received from cjohnston22:05
bkerensa#votesrequired 422:05
meetingologyvotes now need 4 to be passed22:05
meetingology+1 received from PabloRubianes22:05
meetingology+1 received from bkerensa22:05
chilicuil+1, great work22:05
meetingology+1, great work received from chilicuil22:05
meetingology+1 received from Pendulum22:05
meetingologyVoting ended on: Application of Nekhelesh Ramananthan (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Nekhelesh%20Ramananthan)22:05
meetingologyVotes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:022:05
meetingologyMotion carried22:05
nik90Wow! Thank you everyone.22:05
bkerensanik90: congratulations!22:05
WebbyITyeah, congrats nik90 :D22:06
popeyCongratulations nik9022:06
bobweavercongrates nik90  you deserve it22:06
chilicuilwelcome abroad, keep inspiring us, nik90 =)!22:06
nik90thnx WebbyIT, popey, bkerensa, chilicuil, bkerensa22:06
nik90It means a lot to be accepted22:06
bkerensa#topic Application of Carlos Ney Pastor (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CarlosNeyPastor)22:06
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nik90PabloRubianes: thnx :)22:06
bkerensaIs anyone here in support of CarlosNeyPastor?22:07
CarlosNeyPastordisculpen pero mi manejo del ingles es pobre, si me pueden ayudar22:07
chilicuilCarlosNeyPastor: si, no hay problema, presentate en español22:07
bkerensaCarlosNeyPastor: no problema proceda22:08
CarlosNeyPastorSoy CarlosNeyPastor , soy de Uruguay22:09
CarlosNeyPastorhace años utilizo Ubuntu hace años, trato de ayudar a las personas que estan comenzando a utulizar Ubuntu22:10
CarlosNeyPastorhace un año soy integrande del consejo de Ubuntu Uruguay22:11
bkerensaCarlosNeyPastor: ¿Puede decirnos eres un estudiante o lo que su profesión es? ¿Tienes un hobby?22:11
CarlosNeyPastorSoy tecnico en reparación de PC, estoy terminando la carrera profecional la cual me falta un año para concluirla.22:12
CarlosNeyPastorMis hobbies son ayudar a personas en los foros, hacer documentaciones de uso de cosas relacionadas con el software libre, principalmente Ubuntu22:13
bkerensaDo any other board members have questions?22:14
chilicuilCarlosNeyPastor: hola, veo que has hecho algunos manuales para principiantes, has pensado en colaborar con doc.ubuntu-es.org ?, la ultima vez que revise hacian falta personas22:14
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CarlosNeyPastorPersonalmente me gustaria participar en algun proyecto como por ejemplo doc.ubuntu-es.org, actualmente no dispongo de mucho tiempo como para tener una constancia, pero es algo pendiente uqe tengo22:16
CarlosNeyPastorhasta el momento he relizado manuales de uso de cosas puntuales y actualmente estoy haciendo una guia de uso y configuracion de Ubuntu22:16
bkerensaCarlosNeyPastor: Pues bien, parece que está muy dedicado a ayudar siempre que sea posible22:16
CarlosNeyPastora nivel muy basico22:16
bkerensaShall we vote?22:17
bkerensa#vote Application of Carlos Ney Pastor (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CarlosNeyPastor)22:18
meetingologyPlease vote on: Application of Carlos Ney Pastor (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CarlosNeyPastor)22:18
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)22:18
bkerensa#votesrequired 422:18
meetingologyvotes now need 4 to be passed22:18
meetingology+1 received from PabloRubianes22:18
meetingology+1 received from cjohnston22:18
meetingology+1 received from Pendulum22:18
bkerensa+1 Espero sus continuas contribuciones! Buen trabajo!22:18
meetingology+1 Espero sus continuas contribuciones! Buen trabajo! received from bkerensa22:18
chilicuil+1, colaboracion extensa en varias actividade22:18
meetingology+1, colaboracion extensa en varias actividade received from chilicuil22:18
meetingologyVoting ended on: Application of Carlos Ney Pastor (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CarlosNeyPastor)22:18
meetingologyVotes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:022:18
meetingologyMotion carried22:18
PabloRubianesCarlosNeyPastor, vamo Uruguay noma!22:18
nik90congrats CarlosNeyPastor!22:19
bkerensaCarlosNeyPastor: ¡Felicidades22:19
chilicuilCarlosNeyPastor: felicidades!, bienvenido al club ;)22:19
CarlosNeyPastorMuchas gracias!!22:19
bkerensaThanks to our applicants who are now new members and to the board members!22:19
chilicuilCarlosNeyPastor: tengo entendido que Naudy tambien ha estado trabajando sobre manuales para principiantes, tal vez quieras ponerte en contacto con el22:19
nik90thank you board members and all who attended22:20
bkerensaPlease be sure to see Membership Perks that may interest you here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership22:20
CarlosNeyPastorchilicuil: gracias por el dato, no he podido hablar con Naudy mucho, aunque establecimos una buena relacion de amistad luego de la UbuConLA 201322:21
chilicuilCarlosNeyPastor: =)22:22
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