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dholbachgood morning07:18
Rhondayay, Laney will be at debconf  \o/10:50
RhondaLaney, I book you for a packages.ubuntu.com work session.   :P10:50
Laneysure will!10:50
LaneyHAHA, a what?10:50
RhondaI'll put you in a room and you won't get out before saucy packages appear on the site again. ;)10:50
Rhonda*rubs her hands evily*10:51
LaneyI'm guessing you have a better idea of the issue than I do, but OK :P10:51
RhondaI need peer preassure.10:51
* Rhonda . o O ( or was it beer preassure? )10:51
LaneyI hope there will be a bar there ;-)10:52
RhondaWe will see. :)10:54
RhondaLaney: "We are still looking for volunteers to staff the bar" - there will be bar  ;)11:01
RhondaErm, there be bar.11:01
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gesernamed "Foo Bar"?14:04
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