dholbachgood morning07:18
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josepleia2: ping, you have the ticket number? doesn't seem like it's on the RT22:37
pleia2jose: no, deej filed it22:38
pleia2(and not all of RT is public)22:39
joseoh, well22:39
pleia2they've been pretty overwhelmed with the whole forums situation22:39
joseyeah, I can understand that, but the archives thingy is getting us really back22:40
pleia2it's awful, I use the archives for everything22:40
joseif you need a hand with something just let me know, I'm on vacations now :)22:40
pleia2linking announcements in loco events, sharing news from the list on twitter22:40
josemaybe the external archives?22:41
pleia2I've started using 3rd party mail archiving sites :\22:41
josemaybe mail-archive.com can help a bit :)22:42
pleia2that's what I've been using22:42
pleia2or just avoiding linking altogether, I linked to the fridge post for the alpha2 announcement (and the fridge post about it itself was generated manually - couldnt use our script!)22:42
joseouch, that must've been hard22:45
pleia2yes, it's been unpleasant :)22:45
pleia2life before scripts, so tedious!22:46
joseas I said, if you want something done just poke22:48
pleia2thank you22:48
pleia2oh, did you have a chance to look at comment queue?22:48
pleia2that and our out-of-control user signups could use some love22:49
pleia2oh, and security+updates for our last UWN were a disaster22:51
joseI'll look at comments now22:51
pleia2no updates, woo! :)22:51
joseand for user signups, are we deleting the ones as subscribers?22:51
pleia2pretty much, unless they look legit for some reason22:51
pleia2I've been pretty draconian with my user deletes22:52

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