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ubottucgtdk called the ops in #ubuntu ()01:32
ubottuIn #ubuntu, mumpitzel said: !ops TirixTa is messaging GNAA spam03:15
Myrttiwell look at that07:15
Myrttihe's actually asking the question he had yesterday07:15
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  Tm_T, tritium, elky, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, imbrandon, PriceChild, Madpilot, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, tsimpson, gnomefreak, jussi, topyli, or nhandler!12:00
ubottujdorfler called the ops in #ubuntu-ops ()12:00
k1lstein? what do you want?12:01
jdorflerhey k1l12:01
jdorflerunban me12:01
jdorflerI need some help dude12:01
jdorflerI need some help from #ubuntu12:01
jdorflernow I can't get help cause you banned me, man12:01
Myrttididn't ikonia go through this behaviour with you earlier?12:01
k1lnope. you have proven quite alot now that you will not stick to the guidelines. you even ban evaded alot of times.12:01
jdorflerI will stick with the guidelines, man.12:02
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steinnow I am stein.12:02
k1ljust because you need help now doesnt mean you can join and troll the other times again12:02
Myrttido not hilight ops with the ops trigger when you enter then channel12:02
steinI will never troll, k1l12:02
steinI promise, man12:02
steinban me if I do12:02
steinor zline me12:02
k1lsorry, i dont believe that with your behaviour you showed the last weeks.12:02
steinI am sorry.12:02
steinI really am.12:02
steinI will not do this kind of childish behavior.12:02
steinnever again.12:02
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LanserI am originally Lanser.12:03
k1li know your nicks. the bantracker is full of your entries12:03
Lanseraw man.12:03
Lanserplease dude.12:03
Lanserunban me :(12:03
LanserI need some help on ubuntu.12:03
LanserI shall now act professional and be extremely serious, sir k1l.12:04
LanserI just need help.12:04
Lanserreal quick.12:04
k1lthat is not part of the deal: troll as much as you can and get unbanned when you need help12:04
Lanserno k1l12:04
LanserI will not do that again12:04
k1lyou spoiled the irc community.12:04
Tm_TLanser: the answer is "No", please leave the channel if you don't have anything else you need from us12:04
LanserI will not troll, and I will only go to #ubuntu when I need help.12:04
Lanserk1l: how can I get unbanned?12:05
Lanseris there anything I can do prove that I will not troll again?12:05
Tm_TLanser: how about reading what has been written for you? that would be a good start (:12:06
LanserTm_T: alright, mate.12:06
Tm_TLanser: I'd say if we can see you not causing any issue for a couple weeks, there's could be a possibility to consider letting you to the channel12:06
LanserTm_T: I see.12:06
LanserTm_T: well, i'll stick with the guidelines from now on.12:07
Tm_TLanser: see you in couple weeks then12:08
Lanserdoes anybody got a time machine that runs on sudo?12:09
Lanserhaha :p12:09
Lanserand alright, tm_t.12:09
LanserI'll be back after a couple of weeks.12:09
Tm_TLanser: bye12:09
ikoniajust like to point out that less than 30 seconds after leaving this channel lanser did this in #kali-linux15:31
ikonia13:10 < Lanser> how the fuckin' fuckity fuck do I fix this?15:31
ikonia13:10 < Lanser> !ops15:31
ikonia13:10 < Lanser> oh that didn't work15:31
ikonia13:10 < Lanser> !penis15:31
ikonia13:10 < Lanser> and that didn't work out either15:31
k1l_that clearly shows how much he doesnt want to troll anymore :/15:42
ubottuIn #ubuntu, babinlonston said: ubottu: no ufw is not working here15:42
GiGaHuRtZthat was rediculous17:54
ikoniano - it really wasn't17:55
GiGaHuRtZWhat rule did I supposedly break this time?17:55
GiGaHuRtZI don't know why you have a grudge with me. But whatever.17:55
GiGaHuRtZGo fuckyourself (there, I broke a rule for real)17:55
ikoniareally, you think a.) using "shat" is acceptable language and b.) calling people gestapo is acceptable17:55
GiGaHuRtZYou really are a dick17:55
ikoniaI don't have any grudge with you17:55
Pici*!*@84.64.* seems just a smidgen too wide.17:56
ikoniait's not going to be there longer than another 6min:35 seconds17:58
ikoniagot a clock running on my desktop17:58
Piciokay :)17:58
bazhanghe's a huge issue network wide17:58
bazhangalso goes by the nick N0yd17:58
geniibazhang:   Ah, that name I've seen before18:01
bazhanggenii, yep. feels entitled to "Free Speech!!!11"18:02
* genii opts for free beer instead.18:03
DJonesFree speech is fine, it doesn't mean people have to listen to it though18:04
IdleOneWhat is the point in having free speech if i can't force you to listen :/18:07
IdleOneI have rights!18:07
ikonianot sure what's going on in ##linux any more18:14
ikoniadiscussion about weed and drugs ?18:14
ikoniait's only just had a fresh set of rules which looked really good drawn up18:14
ikoniaoops, wrong channel18:15
bazhang@mark #ubuntu more nonsense from <wilee-nilee> daftykins, The per session boot works dummy wilee-nilee> moron20:06
ubottuThe operation succeeded.20:06
bazhanghe has a penchant for very loud "YER ON MY IGNORE LIST NOW" as well20:07
PiciI hate when people announce that.20:07
bazhangreally against the coc and super annoying esp in a support channel20:07
Picibazhang: did you talk to him?20:10
bazhangPici, not today, but have done so in the past; he's not malicious, just very high-spirited20:12
bazhangused to be fyodorovna iirc20:12
jribis linking to apt.ubuntu.com/... not allowed for some reason?21:27
jribe.g. http://apt.ubuntu.com/p/cinnamon21:28
LjLjrib: if those are not a good idea, then it wasn't a good idea for Ubuntu to add them - but since they're there, i don't see why one wouldn't use them21:37
LjLi.e. if there is a problem then problem lies upstream21:37
bazhangwilee nilee making it up?21:37
jribthat's my view and I don't see them as problematic anyway21:37
jribbazhang: that's what I thought, but wanted to double-check21:37
bazhangwhat a surprise!21:38
jribLjL: I do raise my eye a little when someone gives out a wget command that downloads and executes a shell script (from dropbox)21:38
LjLwell sure21:39
LjLto me actually, having normal HTML pages *redirect on timer* to an apt:// link (and the latter then working) seems like a recipe for trouble - but it's also pretty clear Ubuntu explicitly decided to include that "feature"21:40
LjLwhile on the other hand, wget and bash weren't necessarily intended to download&run malware as a "feature"21:41
jribyeah, what was wrong with just having the apt:// links?21:41
LjLbesides, wilee-nilee might not have this entirely clear perhaps...? he talks about not giving "direct downloads" and using the repositories instead - but this *is* the repositories21:42
LjLjrib: no idea21:42
jribyeah, I missed the context but I assume wilee-nilee was helping and someone else also tried to help, so he disagreed, and then wouldn't back down21:43
jribmoving on...21:43
bazhangso he called him "moron" or announced the IGGY BOX22:04

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