ChexMagicFab: hellos there18:20
Chexwhats the haps?18:20
Ankmanfor some reason lynx wants to connect to an FTP site when i use this link18:57
MagicFabsorry! http://blog.digital.telefonica.com/?press-release=Firefox-os-Latin-America-launch18:58
MagicFab(missing "/")18:58
Ankmanyes, i am blind19:02
MagicFab~100$, no plan.19:04
Ankmanmy guess is firefox os will same the same way like "linux foundation"19:08
ChexMagicFab: *reading*19:08
ChexMagicFab: telefonica... doing open-source.. thats kind of rich, but OK, whatever19:09
Ankmanor why there is no real competition next to ebay. the well estsblished big players get it all (iOS and Android for smart phones)19:09
ChexSlim is _not_ about open-players.. 19:09
IdleOneWill it run ubuntu phone?19:14
MagicFabIdleOne, I doubt it, the Firefo OS spec are only OK for low-end Android. The Edge requires much more.19:17
MagicFabChex, what's Slim?19:18
ChexMagicFab: sorry, wrong company19:19
ChexMagicFab: was this Carlos Slim from Mexico19:20
MagicFabChex, doubt it, telefonica is from Spain.19:22

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